Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast wants Camille Grammer off the show

Just yesterday we saw Life & Style’s cover story on insufferable Camille Grammer, and how she’s the “most hated” housewife to ever emerge from any “Real Housewives” show. That’s certainly saying something considering there are five other shows filled with narcissistic tight-faced bitches. Like the fate of her fellow nemesis-es on the other shows, the castmembers on the Beverly Hills version are reportedly keen to kick Camille off. Given her high profile divorce and how much mad-eyed drama she brings every week, Producers are said to advocating for Camille. Her crazy brings the ratings. Here’s the story from Star:


“They’re all campaigning for her to not come back for season two,” dishes an insider, noting that Kim’s sister Kyle Richards is the ringleader of the campaign to oust [Camille]. “Kyle would love to say bye-bye to that woman once and for all!” Lisa VanderPump agrees, telling Star, “There were lots of humiliating moments, and the fights between Kyle and Camille were intense. Sometimes it felt like we were on an express train to crazy, and I wanted off!” But if producers get their way, all the ladies may have to keep chugging along, dealing with Camille’s outrageous antics, reveals the insider. “The producers are fighting to keep her on the show because her over-the-top behavior generates so much buzz!”

[From Star Magazine, print edition, January 10, 2011]

This is in Star Magazine of course, but I could really buy this. Even the cast members that Camille calls her “friends,” Adrienne and Taylor, are sick of her. Adrienne tried to extend an olive branch with that lunch that was shown last week but ended up exasperated that Camille couldn’t let go of the feud with Kyle. Taylor is nice to Camille’s face because she doesn’t want to rock the boat, but she’s easily influenced and probably doesn’t care.

As for the fate of the series, first of all I want to know how many episodes there will be this season. (It’s to be determined, according to Wikipedia, and doesn’t have a new episode listed. There won’t be a new one tonight due to the holiday, although I was pleasantly surprised it aired last week.)

I could see Camille being the villain this season and then leaving for season two, similar to the way that Danielle Staub left between seasons two and three of RHONJ. Camille is really interesting and easy to talk about, but she’s not easy to watch. We’re hooked on this show, and I know that I would watch it just for Lisa and Adrienne.





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  1. LT says:

    I’ve always watched the Housewives, but I’ve never been as hooked to any of them as much as Beverly Hills! This show is like crack to me! I will talk about it with anyone who will listen and am constantly trying to get my friends to watch it because once you watch it once it’s over, you’ll be addicted too.

  2. Marjalane says:

    Of course the producers would never let her go! Who wants to just watch the others go around town spending money and getting drunk at lunch? B.O.R.I.N.G.! Camille’s hateful, but it’s a good, “lets eat Taco Bell for lunch” kind of hateful.

  3. Tess says:


    In the last episode of WWH Andy C. said something like ‘keep watching Camille…she’s going to redeem herself soon…’

    Could be producer-speak for “she’s a golden goose, let’s keep her around.”

    I’d have to agree. She’s just so transparently and ridiculously vain, venal, and stupid, she’d be tough to replace.

    Tho the idea that she’ll “redeem” herself is a stretch.

  4. LT says:

    @Tess – yeah, I don’t think there’s any “redeeming” for this woman. although her idea of redeeming is probably actually spending time with one of her kids for an hour(just one, the other still has the 2 nannies) and then narrating what a caring and hands-on mother she is and how Kyle shouldn’t verbally abuse her. You know she’ll work Kyle in somehow!

  5. bros says:

    the reason why Camille is hated above all other terrible housewives is that she is actually super rich. Staub is an unhinged paranoid trashy and Michaela is a delusional grifter, but Staub and Michaela are both hustlers. Camille has absolutely no reason, no excuse, to come off as nuts and vile as the other 2 most hated, and YET! its the inexcusability of her behavior that makes her so terrible because of all these women, she had it completely made, and still will after her settlement.

  6. grazi says:

    I hope she leaves, then the show wil be boring, and I will finally be able to be proud of myself for not watching any reality show!

  7. the original bellaluna says:

    Don’t watch, don’t care…Camille is a despicable bitch. That is all.

  8. LT says:

    @bros – no, the reason she’s the most hated is because she’s one of the worst women ever. Lisa & Adrienne are just as rich as her, if not moreso, and no one hates them because they aren’t shoved up their own asses. I find the other “worst” housewives to pale in comparison to Camille and it has nothing to do with the amount of money in their checking accounts.

  9. Pix says:

    They can’t let go of Camille because I am dying to see her life post divorce. I’d love to see how she spins her new reality.

  10. blinkblue says:

    I don’t get why people are so against Camille. She is by far the most interesting one of the beverly hills bunch. What are they going to watch if she leaves? Taylor planning parties for her daughter or Kyle taking out her frustrations on her sister yet again? And by whose standards is she the “most hated housewife” of all time? Life & Style magazine? Really? Please…. have people forgotten Jill Zarin or Ms.”Everything-I-say-is-a-lie” Michaele Salahi?
    Camille has the best houses and she is also the sexiest and best dressed. It’s fun to watch her and the drama she provokes. It makes for entertaining television and if she were to leave, RHOBH would become as insipid and uninteresting as the Atlanta version..

  11. LT says:

    People are so against Camille because she sucks as a human being. But she does make for good television.

  12. Jayna says:

    Why would you want someone off that generates buzz for the show. She’s a huge part of why I watch. Same for Kelly on NY. Why do people want off the ones that help make it interesting. I don’t believe this story. It’s Star for God’s sake. Most of their stuff is made up.

    Plus, she’s single next season. Can’t wait to see how that plays out, not being able to throw around I’m Mrs Kelsey Grammer. LOL

  13. bros says:

    yah but LT, Danielle and certainly Micheala are terrible women. the difference is real money. Lisa and Adrienne are not in this category because they dont suck, so money’s beside the point. also, I think the grammers have more than lisa, dont they? they say hes worth about 100 million. i dont think lisa is worth that much.

  14. alexandra says:

    I love to hate Camille the lizard.

  15. LT says:

    @bros – not sure about the Grammers having more than fabulous Lisa; she has a dueling mansion across the street from Adrienne, who’s a Maloof, so they’re def. bank. I still don’t think money is what makes people hate Camille more, she just tops the other awful women in every way!

  16. dorothy says:

    I hope she stays. It’s fun to watch her mentally melt down every week. I am also excited about watching the divorce via reality show. Let’s be honest…is there anyone out there that doesn’t wish Kelsey Grammer well? She’s a piece of work and this show has all but proven why the man left her. She’s a nut.

  17. 4Real says:

    At first I hated it and it was BORING and every one of them were vapid waste of plastic but now I enjoy Camille talking about how great and solid her marriage is! LOL!

  18. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    I dont watch any of them anymore. If this is the way rich woman act, Damn, I’ll just stay poor.

  19. Lauren says:

    I can’t stand Camille but she does make for good tv. I’m addicted to RHOBH. It’s my favorite cast so far. I think Lisa and Cedric should have their own show. Those two are hilarious together! They are like the real life Jack & Karen from Will & Grace. Haha!

  20. dorothy says:

    I agree 4real…I especially loved when she had the psychic who stated that she could sense when someone was going to get divorced or whose husband was leaving them. Where was her sense then? What a crack pot.

  21. guesty says:

    adrienne is the one that seems the most disinterested in being on the series. almost uncomfortable & kinda bored @ times.

    aloof would be a good play on words for her…will be pleasantly surprised to see her return for a second season.

  22. Hannah says:

    There is one housewife on each show that is the lightning rod for problems. However, Danielle Staub brought the evil to a whole new level.

    Michaela didn’t grift the other housewives and Kelly imploded rather than exploded. Camille is just obnoxious and obviously does not have Kelsey’s weight to throw around anymore. I doubt Kyle’s husband lost any business. Danielle’s behavior was literally life threatening complete with gun toting bodyguards. Add the multiple court cases to the mix and it is easy to see why Bravo acquiesced to her castmates request to give Danielle the heave-ho.

  23. bluhare says:

    There’s one reason Camille should be gone. It’s Beverly Hills HouseWIVES. Getting divorced means she’s not a housewife. Simple!


  24. mojoman says:

    I live in Asia so I have no idea who these women are and their faces are scary enough to make me not want to watch them..

  25. Sumodo1 says:

    The scary plastic surgery took me a long time to muscle through. I am watching RHoBH again, and think Camille is hard to look at. She has a wonky, lazy eye, which bothers me. If she had a pleasant personality, she might be easier to take. Trust my instincts, though, Bravo has no intention of dropping her.

  26. jojo says:

    I was so grossed out when she said Kyle acted like a “homeless woman.” What a nasty thing to say from someone with five houses. Eww. The only thing I hope for next season is Kelsey continues to use Maurcio for his real estate needs.

  27. Henriette says:

    Ugh. I used to shoot Kelsey the side eye for cheating on his wife but after seeing Camille on Real Housewives, I’m screaming, “Run, Kelsey, RUN!” She’s a vile human being with scary hollow eyes and freaky implants.

  28. sapphire says:

    Anyone else noticed that they all have the same nose and upper lip? It’s like the plastic surgeons cirulated a menu-one from colomn A…

  29. NayNay says:

    Kick the crazy bitch off. Now that Camille is no longer married to Kelsy, she is no longer a housewife, so there is no need to have this nutcase on the show. And while you are at it, please kick Kim, “I WAS A CHILDHOOD STAR”, off too!

  30. Kiska says:

    They can’t get rid of Camille. She is the glue to keeping the whole dysfunctional group together. In fact, I ask Bravo to sign on her crazy friend Allison!!!

  31. Mshuffleupagus says:



  32. Josephina says:

    I like Camille… she is over the top…and as women we should be able to handle it. She is a woman who is smitten with herself. She still thinks she is a hottie. So what? Let her be.

    She has not been getting the attention she should have been getting from her husband. That’s more than just embarassing, plus she has to deal with it alone. Her pending and expedient divorce will knock her down a few more notches.

    I have seen one too many episodes of bitchy Kyle insulting people face-to-face and then justifying why she does it. Enough already. That is who she is. No more excuses for this bottom-feeding, pondscum of a woman.

    Kyle does not get along with Camille nor does she get along with her sister. She puts Kim down entirely TOO much. Where is the love? If you really love your sister, please start acting like it and stop focusing on her weaknesses.

    Camille is super rich,… more rich than the other ladies and very catty. She spices things up so leave her on the show.

  33. guesty says:


  34. blinkblue says:


    Perfectly said.

    100% in agreement.

  35. 4Real says:


    Kim gets on my last nerve with all that “Being a child star” and “I was an icon before Paris was” at EVERY episode is SO annoying. She’s about as relevant as BENJI in the “child star” dept!

  36. wunderkindt says:

    Given enough time, anyone will reach thier saturation point with Camille and get turned off. . . watchinbg it may be fun, but could you imagine ever having to live with that??? I think everyone understands why Kelsey ran! Anyone would.

  37. LT says:

    @Josephina – I simply don’t understand how you can like Camille. Yes, I’m all for her making good tv, but The Dinner from Hell episode was all I needed to see that Camille is nothing but a bottom-dweller. She knew exactly what she was doing when she set that dinner up, and it wasn’t to bury the hatchet – unless it was to bury it in Kyle’s back. She was the puppetmaster of that entire charade. What kind of hostess calls a guest out for being in Playboy?! Talk about the pot calling the kettle black! And what kind of person who supposedly wants to “make up” with another woman allows her crazy drunk “friend” the medium to get out of control and say such things? Not to mention the nasty conversation that Camille, Allison and DD had after the others had gone when they went off on Kyle’s husband for absolutely no reason. But Camille is getting hers and then some. Karma karma.

    As for Kim & Kyle, well, I have 2 sisters and sometimes that’s just the way we act. Sometimes we get along great, sometimes we fight, sometimes we bitch about each other. I hate how Kyle gets labeled as putting Kim down, mostly because my relationship w/ my middle sister (I’m the oldest) is the same. Sometimes we try to be helpful but come off as bossy, and sometimes we’re just downright bossy or downright bitchy. But we’re sisters and love each other at the end of the day. I totally get their dynamic.

  38. edvard says:

    kim has a dog face and I would pay money to see pictures of camille pre surgery–but I love each and everyone of them for the joy they bring me each week!

  39. Sam says:

    I have travelled to so many countries in the world and believe me – there is no other place where I have seen the level of cosmetic surgery as it is done in the USA…… is this the cultural norm in the West that you cut something up and reshape it by surgery? The Brasilians and Venezuelians love a bit too but still not as much as the Americans! Also, why does it look so hideously done? In South America, I struggle to tell if a nose has been shaved down or a booty inflated, but in the USA, I can tell from 50 feet away that the boobs are false and the nose was shaved! Someone enlighten me please as to this plastic addiction.

  40. KG says:

    do ya blame them??? shes toxic as pge chemicals

  41. Sumodo1 says:

    @Sam — Yes, there is a lot of cheaply done surgery in Hollywood. Many of these women have had “revisions” done, as well. Let’s face it, some of these procedures look unnatural, almost as if noone was striving to make them look natural.

  42. TO BE OR NOT TO..WHATEVS says:

    @ PIX: They can’t let go of Camille because I am dying to see her life post divorce. I’d love to see how she spins her new reality.

    @ GUESTY:adrienne is the one that seems the most disinterested in being on the series. almost uncomfortable & kinda bored @ times.
    aloof would be a good play on words for her…will be pleasantly surprised to see her return for a second season.


  43. lin234 says:

    @Sam I was once roommates with a girl from Brazil and one day I was joking about my smaller assets when she got this really happy and proud look on her face and told me she had a boob job. She kept inviting me to touch them. I’ve got say that if she hadn’t told me, I would have never guessed. They were perfectly soft and looked really natural. She then proceeded to tell me how her 6 siblings all had nose jobs including her father and that she was the only one who kept her natural nose.

    I’ve heard Brazilians can be really open about their surgeries unlike the US where its kept hush hush.

    Adrienne’s face lift is so tight you can see she has trouble smiling and her husband is a BH plastic surgeon. I find it interesting that the US is supposed to have top medical schools but the plastic surgeons in Brazil seem to be better.

    A theory could be that Americans tend to overdo things. When they pay big money, they want to see very obvious results. Meaning rather than going from an A cup, people want to go to a D cup when a B or C cup would look a lot more natural.

    Maloof runs the marketing part of her family business so it’s obvious she’s just on the show to promote just that. I think her family business is worth a billion dollars so she’s got them all beat.

  44. TO BE OR NOT TO..WHATEVS says:


  45. Kim says:

    I cant tell if Camille is really a whack job or she hams it up because she knows it gets her higher ratings/will keep her on the show.

    I think she is certifiable but she also plays it up for the cameras.

    The more people talk about how crazy she is the more likely they will keep her on the show and im sure she knows this.

    Stop talking about her & she will go away. Same with the Kardashians, Lindsay Lohan etc.

  46. Kim says:

    Ive never seen more plastic surgery than in South America and BAD plastic surgery at that. Its big in Mexico also. I saw more boob, butt, nose jobs, botox etc in S America than anywhere. Way more than in America because Drs there can get a license with a fraction of the credentials you need in America. There are billboards everywhere advertising cheap cosmetic surgery and a plastic surgeon on every corner there! Many Americans go there for less expensive surgery which is is sketchy since their Dr’s dont have to adhere to the stricter policies in America and any whack job can perform a boob job! So Scary!

    Cosmetic surgery is an art and even the best dr may not be a good cosmetic surgeon. They have to know how to sculpt etc. Only the best of artistic Drs can do natural looking surgery.

  47. Amanda says:

    It’s hard to say I like Camille, as I don’t think that’s the right word. Camille is extremely entertaining, and I find myself waiting for her segments to come back on. She is over the top, nutty, a trouble-maker, and fascinating.

    I love Lisa and enjoy her segments. I like Taylor’s personality, but she’s a bit boring…same with Adrienne. I find Kim and Kyle to be extremely unlikable. I want to like Kim as she’s kind of the underdog, but dam- girl makes it hard.

  48. truthzbetta says:

    Hi Sam

    In Hollywood they’re exceptionally weird even for the US but also the most visible.

    It’s our biggest freak show because it’s a magnet for talent, but also no talent hustlers who’ll do anything to be noticed as much as people with real talent.

    You all have some terrible surgicized freaks too though and an awful obsession among normal people for surgery. I think Latin America might be even worse in general than the majority of the US where regular people don’t do as much desperate, unnatural procedures. If you had one place with the most cameras all your freaks would flock there and make you look bad too.

    We’re as horrified as the rest of the world by our freak show, but just like you watch ours gasping in horror so do we. Everyone needs a hobby.

  49. Lindsay says:

    edvard- That will be $20.

    For another $20: You can see all the housewives pre-surgery. :)

    Also, Lisa’s answer sounded like a general comment about the show, not anti-Camille.

    Bluhare – If they kicked people off for not being housewives they would need to replace like half of their cast.

    Johnny Depp’s Girl: That behavior is just how some people act regardless of money. Maybe money makes it so you have more time and energy to devote to being catty but, most people are smart enough to get the mean girls and drama queens out of their real lives. Also, editing plays a part. Most of the conversations you see are them talking about other housewives who aren’t there. A lot of them aren’t really friends, so either they found a whole bunch of people obsessed with talking about acquaintances or the non-dramatic, non-show related stuff is taken out.

  50. becky says:

    wow you guys should do your research. brazil has the best plastic plastic surgery in the world, and American doctors go there to learn

  51. FatJennyFromBurgerBlock says:

    They need to get rid of Paris Hilton’s blonde aunt. Talk about boring and lame. I don’t know why Camille is so hated. She definitely adds spice to the show and, yes, she is super rich. I actually think some of the the girls on the show are jealous of her. I hope she stays for season 2.

  52. LT says:

    Lisa sent me a message on twitter yesterday and it made my entire day! I love that woman.

  53. les-nesman says:

    I LOVE to HATE her! She must stay on the show so we can see how poor insecure Camille handles being nothing without Kelsey Grammer.

  54. K-Burrrd says:

    Celebitchy says that I’m not allowed to wish death on anyone, soooo…….no comment.

  55. Aya says:

    When I first started to watch the show I was very sympathetic towards Camille, wondering how Kelsey could be so cruel! After the first episode I then wondered how he could have stood living with her for 14 years! Camille doesn’t seem to be dealing with a full deck. I hope she sees a therapist to help her deal with the news changes in her life. I still think she is a horrible person.

  56. april says:

    I agree with Josephina too. In the scenes where Camille was with Kelsey, she was very sweet and kind towards him. I feel sorry for her that he did not reciprocate. She definitely needs to develop her self-confidence. I find Kyle extremely irritating because she is so controlling.

  57. DiMi says:

    They need to back off. She is the reason they have a great show. She’s a s***-starter extraordinaire. Horrible human being. Great television.

  58. venicementor says:

    I watched the show today, because I had a house guest who watches the show. All I can say is un-bloody believable – that there is a show like this on television with these types of un-human beings. What in the world is happening to us – what in the world is happening to what we value as a community. None of these women have a face that came from the one they were born with and talk about vacant! Not any of them will age well as their insides will consume them like acid.

  59. Josephhays says:

    Love the house wife franchise.But that Camille.Has really worked my nerves.And taking things to financial level is just wrong.Glad I have it on DVR.When ever she comes on I just fast forward it.Plus keep it real.She’s not the one that makes all the money.

  60. ana says:

    Camille….let see, it to me is so obvious that she desperately wants fame like her husband and will do anything to get it, oh you know like smear herself on Bravo – but what gets me the most is the damaging intentional things she plotted to ruin reputation of Kyle’s husband, of which I think he should sue her “really ugly” face for and put her in her place, I would be more than willing to bet that Camille’s husband does not share her same gutter lowlife opinions or business tactics, lets be real, even though I believe Kyle did not say it, but truth hurts, common CAMILLE – WHO WOULD GIVE A RATS A about you if had not married Kelsey….you had to have other women have children for you, because you could not even do that on your own,,,,sad, sad. Its like Camille is using the Bravo show as some narcisitic interview to convience herself she is this naturally angelic person. I think GOOD FOR KELSEY FOR SEEING THE LIGHT AND DROPPING THIS DEAD WEIGHT CLAWING AT HIS BOOT STRAPS!

  61. Nana says:

    i live in the us but im brazilian i def think that brazilian plastic surgeons and doctors in general are better. they take time with the patient and really seem like they care about them plus the prices are way cheaper for better results

  62. jinks says:

    Taylor is one of the nicer ones on the show, but she has had so many procedures done she looks like a fish. She may have been pretty once…hard to tell. She needs to dump her husband as he is neglectful of her emotional needs. It is obvious she is lonesome for his companionship.

  63. Danielle says:

    Did you all know that Kim does some acting-she does do stuff other than drink! lol! I was watching Race to Witch Mountain a 2009 movie with the Rock & she plays a server! Besides that I like Camilla & she would be the one I feel I’d be friends with before thinking to befriend any of the others! I don’t feel she comes close to being a villian or should be compared to Danielle maybe Kyle could be though! I feel she’s a big bully & the one with the lips sorry can’t think of her name loves to start b.s.! Really you comfront some at a party, all these woman like most are drama hungry & it’s funny when they say their not!

  64. karen says:

    After the pure evil and immorality of Danielle Staub
    I am not offended by any of these women. I especially
    like Lisa and Adrianne.
    As long as Bravo keeps Danielle out of their “housewives” (she’s not married, either) I will watch.

  65. Cathy says:

    I love Camile and wouldn’t watch if she wasen’t on. Lisa needs to write a book on being elegant, classy and how to have fun in life. She is a class act.

  66. I like camille, you know if you don’t like her there is an off and on button on your tv. Kyle is a bully and if she owns 5 house’s they stole them like they did from kim. come on Kelsey is a AXXHXXX everyone know it. saw him at a bar once and he was just a waste with some tramp. everyone on that show are catty so let’s stop saying it is camille, take a good look at all of them. I would not want any of them for friends and i don’t believe any one of them knows what a friend is.