Alexander Skarsgard wants to marry Kate Bosworth, if she stops “partying”


Did you realize that Alex Skarsgard and Kate Bosworth have been together for a year? I think I blocked that out of my mind. But it’s kind of true – they met a year ago on the set of Straw Dogs, and rumors started floating around almost immediately that they were “together”. At first I thought The Bos was just riding The Skars to kill two birds with one stone – as a way to deflect from the rumors she was riding Chris Martin (Goop’s husband), and to get a little attention for herself, considering her career’s in the toilet and Alex is a rising star. Anyway, their union has been drama-filled, at least according to the tabloids… which, let me just say, I think get a lot of their “insider” stories from Team Bos, if not Bosworth herself. We’ve already heard various engagement rumors, and how Kate had given Alex an ultimatum about their relationship, and how she might even be screwing around on him. The latest tabloid rumor is that Alex thinks The Bos is “The One” and he wants to marry her, but he’s got an ultimatum of his own: Stop Partying.

Alexander Skarsgard is ready to propose to his gorgeous girlfriend Kate Bosworth, but there’s a catch – he wants her to cut down on the partying!

Although Alex already knows Kate’s “the one” he wants them to live together before they get married, revealed a source close to the couple.

“Alex is very serious about marrying Kate,” said the source. “But he thinks it would be best to move in together and test the waters first. Kate like to go out with her girlfriends and have a good time. Alex isn’t a player – his parents were divorced, and he wants to make sure that he marries only once. He wants to be certain she is ready to settle down – then he’ll propose.”

Alex and Kate began dating more than a year ago, when they worked on Straw Dogs. Kate recently accompanied Alex to Sweden in May to meet his family.

“Kate wants to marry Alex and is fine with living together before they get engaged,” added the source. “She says she’s over the Hollywood party scene anyway – and she’s not going to let Alex get away.”

[From The National Enquirer, print edition]

Does anyone else think “partying” is a euphemism for “getting all coked up and calling the paparazzi”? But yes, this story could be true. Or it could be The Bos’s coked-out delusion. Or Alex could truly be this dumb. Take your pick.



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  1. spinner says:

    sniff, sniff…bullshit!!

  2. katie says:

    What about him? He’s kind of an alcoholic.

  3. dread pirate cuervo says:

    These are all lies put out by lollipop head. Vampire Eric won’t marry her.

  4. Marjalane says:

    I was surprised at how she came across when I saw her on Chelsea Lately- she actually seemed kind of…likeable. Or maybe that was just in comparison to Chelsea.

  5. katie says:

    “revealed a source close to the couple”

  6. brin says:

    Can we get him for HGF before his dong is officially Bosworthed?

  7. Mia says:

    This is funny. I bet her people put this story out there to explain why she didn’t get engaged over the holidays.

    Poor Kate. All her famewhoring, chasing Alex across continents, putting up with his non-acknowledgment of their relationship & she doesn’t even get a ring for all her efforts. I cry for her. I really do. There’s still tomorrow, Kate. Don’t give up!

  8. the original bellaluna says:


    And who the hell is calling her “his gorgeous girlfriend?” They must be using the same good shit she is, ’cause girlfriend looks like Skeletor with itty-bitty boobies and a lollipop head!

  9. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    This cannot be allowed. I refuse to believe that he would marry this woman. Just REFUSE!

  10. Maria says:

    Oh please. Us swedes aren’t marriage crazy. We don’t feel that need to get engaged/married just because we’ve been dating for a year.

  11. Lexi says:

    Great couple!

  12. JM says:

    I agree with Katie. “Source close to the couple”= Robyn Baum/Publicist.
    Coke-Ho is getting desparate.

  13. Love Story says:

    Well, maybe he could propose to her at Joan’s, Chateau Marmont or Doughboys so we all can be filled with joy? Oh wait, he’s going to fall onto his knees on the beach in Playa del Carmen where some paps are hiding in the sand to give us a full photo love story….*lol*

  14. Megan says:

    My husband looking over my shoulder…”Who’s Kate Bosworth?” Me: Exactly. ;)

  15. JoJoK says:

    Why shouldn’t they get engaged? If she makes him happy more power to them.

  16. Squirtle says:

    Come on now; let’s try to stay positive, even if he makes the very unfortunate mistake of marrying her, we all know that won’t last! He’ll be back on the market in no time at all and I’m sure the second time around he will find someone truly worthy to love, worship, and adore….like me!

  17. JM says:

    @ JoJok
    That’s the problem. We’ve not seen happy Alex since Scream Awards 2009.

  18. Lila says:

    I think the PR people like to “stir the pot” just to get controversy and reactions from sites like this. I doubt much of this is true. And Kaiser, she was likeable on Chelsea and in person they are both likeable and more “real” than the media paints them. You seem to always have an edge against her, possibly because you believe everything you read and hear and she’s dating a hot guy. People do change and grow-up, even in Hollyweird.

  19. veronica says:

    Look at the pathetic pics they put with the article..they say it all!! every other couple that got engaged the past 2 weeks has kissy face pics to accompany the post…these two are not even looking at each other!!!!

  20. Bodhi says:

    Man, that would be a really bad idea. Run Alex run!!

  21. okay says:

    sounds like a way for an out for me if Askars does not go along with ‘lets get engaged crap’

  22. Snort says:

    Don’t they have to actually go out in public alone (without ten of his or her friends) before they try to pretend like they’re ready for marriage? And maybe he needs to acknowledge she’s within ten feet of him? That would seem like the big next step for these two. Not engagement. Good try, Bosho.

  23. LolaBella says:

    Eric, how COULD you?? I thought this was just a phase???

    @Kaiser: I’d like to request a few of the older gents for HGF.

    Patrick Stewart
    Ed Harris
    Sean Connery

    …and you can balance that out with more David Gandy.


  24. original kate says:

    she reminds me of granny clampett with her skeletor body and her brittle, old-lady hair.

  25. Devon says:

    Definitely not a story I wanted to read first thing in the morning. If he’s happy, then great. But she’s so UGH. I so want a crack at him before this ever happens! LMAO!

    The story seems like shit and it’s from the Enquirer. They are usually bogus.

  26. Gwen says:


  27. Jason says:

    Didn’t she stalk Orlando Bloom outside Chateau Marmont when he left her…
    This is the same crap now, Skaarsgard left her, and her publicist is doing her dirty work.

  28. Jess says:

    Sign me up for Party Rehab then!!

  29. The Truth Fairy says:


  30. Jeri says:

    I hope Alex isn’t that dumb – he’s far too hot for that fame ho.

  31. Michelle says:

    Aww, come on, PR people love to print these types of stories. I doubt it’s true at all. Kate seems very likeable and was very normal on Chelsea. I can understand why girls who love Alex would be seethingly jealous of her though. Otherwise, they wouldn’t bother posting here.

  32. Eleonor says:

    It’s all right: they’ll move together, and they will split in a couple of months.
    But I still don’t know who is she.

  33. Boromir's bytch says:

    Has she traded in her fake British accent for a fake Swedish one yet?

  34. December says:

    Has anyone else noticed that the only time you see paparazzi photos of Alex are when he’s with Kate Bosworth? And he usually tries to avoid looking at them, while Kate makes sure to look at the straight on and make stupid poses?

    And then the only time you really hear of Alex or Kate Bosworth in the tabloids is when they’re referring to their relationship? Seems like Kate can’t make the news unless it invovles Alex in someway.

  35. Vi says:

    i have to admit his dong is a lot less appealing the longer he stays with her but there must be something good about her if she has hung on to him for a year now, right?

  36. veronica says:

    Oh Michelle(#33)
    you’re right, it must not be true, otherwise why would the one pathetic friend/employee of Kate Bosworth post here…seethingly jealous..yeah riiiight keep thinking that Kate, and it might actually come true..just like your engagement

  37. pr guy says:

    If they reversed the names, the story might be plausible. He doesn’t seem in any hurry to acknowledge her let alone marry her.

    Agree, probably a story planted by someone’s publicist.

  38. ScarecrowHunter says:

    “Skarsworth” is as fake as her cheap ass weave. No matter how much she & Robin Baum schemes & plans, Ms. Bosworthless will never be Mrs. Skarsgard. NEVER!!

  39. Michelle says:

    Veronica, I have no ulterior motive other than the truth. I’m no hard core fan or employee. But your post speaks volumes about your own negativity. This couple needs to left alone without YOU deciding what’s best for them. You might enjoy going to the PF where your useless venom will be appreciated.

  40. KV says:

    LOL! I highly doubt Kate is going to give up the “partying” mentioned above…

  41. summer_solstice says:

    Meh. Given the source and who its about, I think it’s fake. It was probably planted by Kate’s publicist.

  42. Kim says:

    Spinner – EXACTLY! You never see her out on party scene so what kind of partying does she do that he wants her to stop?

    Gee she weighs about 80 pds-i wonder what kind of partying she does.

  43. Dhavy says:

    He would be either desperate or stupid

    (or maybe he just wants citizenship)

  44. Snort says:

    Oh, good to see that the “we’re all jealous fangirls” argument makes its way here and not just JJ. “Likeable”? Hmm. And we’re all dying of envy because we’re not with him. Riiight. It would probably take a fumigation at this point to get her stink off his career. He’s pretty close to being known as a footnote in her career spiral, “that guy who dated Kate Bosworth”. And that is really too bad, because for all the lurve they show, he’s not getting much for it.

  45. Athena says:

    Ugh whatever. Straw Dogs will fail at the box office cause no one is buying this sh*t, and he doesn’t really have a career outside of naked Vampire guy. His base may be rapid but seriously he’s d list if that.

  46. Gwen says:

    It always sounds like he’s planning to return to Sweden to live at some point – can anyone seriously see KB giving up her life in Hollywood to live in Stockholm? I can’t..

  47. Maria says:

    @ truth fairy:


  48. Jason says:

    read a blind item that Bosworth loves the coke too much…

  49. Lila says:

    People can change and grow up. Kate may have made mistakes but she seemed very real and sincere on Chelsea. That’s the problem with growing up under the scrutiny of Hollywood–people hold you to your past mistakes. I think Alex represents a good direction for Kate. We all have skeletons in our closet (no pun intended) and it would be great to see something positive come out of this union rather than more hate against Kate. Don’t believe everything you read or all the rumors.

  50. veronica says:

    Now, Michelle,
    my venom is hardly useless if it riled you up enough to answer, or try to..and why are you picking on the pf? What is it? Oh wait it’s not like that yuku site with the old pathetic broads who have a thing for the Bosho? You might like it there..check it out:)

  51. davinci says:

    Bosworth was on Chelsea Lately for about five minutes. Most celebrities can come across as likeable in that period of time especially when the host flatters them the way Chelsea has been doing with all recent her guests. She was up also Gwyneth Paltrow’s butt the other week.

    Bosworth and Rachel Bilson both have reps. as pap princesses who are constantly photographed doing nothing. It occurs so often that you have to wonder if there’s some cooperation occurring on their part. When we see the constant pap set ups stop, then we can say we’ve seen real change or growth.

    As for Skarsgard, I’ve never understood why people find him so attractive. He’s cute but I don’t get the huge fuss. This article does sound silly and is probably the creation of an aggressive publicist. He’s looked miserable in the few photos I’ve seen of him with this girl so I hope the ‘something positive’ that comes out of this temporary union is that he figures out what makes him happy and is a gentleman when he breaks it off.

  52. Lila says:

    Do you really think that Alexander Skarsgard is naive? I don’t think so. Kate and Rachel must keep themselves relevant (as all the other Hollywood stars do) and I think Kate must have some sort of fashion contract because a lot of sites post about her clothes, etc. That’s why it seems like she’s always posing. I don’t get why people think this is a bad union. If it’s a showmance time will tell, but Alexander did tell the director of “Straw Dogs” that he might fall in love with her. I don’t think she’s been doing the chasing after him, sorry, but I think he’s been going after her.

  53. Isla says:

    That story is such an obvious plant it’s embarrassing. Alex likes a beer and his friends and has always been a social animal. If there’s an issue, it won’t be that he wants to stay home and watch the telly while Kate wants to go out with friends. I also doubt Alex has been chasing Kate around, given that she shows up at his events, rather than vice versa and looks nervously to see if he’ll allow her to hold his hand. Or stays in the green room while he parties with his cast at Scream. That said, it does appear the two of them do deserve each other. Dumb is not a good look on him.

  54. Jean McK says:

    I think that you really can’t tell what Kate and Alex personalities are like because all we the public see of them is what is published by the press. I don’t think anyone would like constantly being stalked by the press and having a camera shoved in your face. I know the thrill of a new romance and having some random person following you to take pictures or film you would really put a crimp in your love life. If they are falling in love good for them and if this is just a publicity stunt then the last laugh will be on the press. The only negative comment I have is Kate really needs to put on some weight, the poor thing is really way too skinny. About 20 pounds would be really good. Looking at her makes me worry that she will drop dead some day because she has starved to death.

  55. Dbeautyangel says:

    If he loved her he would not care who was around–he never hold her hand or helps her thru the crowd. She lingers and smiles at the cameras and he bolts ahead of her. Strange but maybe he is not a romantic guy……

  56. busty says:

    I think shes a bitch hes geogouse lmfao:-D

  57. Lil nik says:

    That Alex soo hot jus watched him on a movie omg don’t usually go for blondes but mmm he looks goood!

  58. Lil nik says:

    That Alex soo hot jus watched him on a movie omg don’t uFsually go for blondes but mmm he looks goood!

  59. Lil nik says:

    That Alex soo hot jus watched him on a movie omg don’t uFsually go for blondes but mmm he looks goood!