Dave Navarro & Brooke Mueller have an Aspen makeout session


Does anyone else have a freaky Dave Navarro crush they would like to share? I have to admit, although Dave kind of grosses me out these days, I used to adore him. I was a huge Jane’s Addiction fan, and even now, just seeing a photo of Dave or Perry Farrell or any of those guys just takes me back to my old crush. But I kind of got over Dave when he married (and then divorced) Carmen Electra. And now the crush is dead as a doornail with this new news – Dave was all up on Charlie Sheen’s ex, Brooke Mueller. Yes, THAT Brooke. The one that is literally a crackhead, the one that friends with Paris Hilton, the one that STILL looks blitzed out of her skull, even after multiple rehab trips.

Dave Navarro helped Brooke Mueller get over the pain of her impending divorce from Charlie Sheen last night in Aspen — with a crazy public make-out session!

Our Aspen spies spotted the two downstairs at Nobu, at around 8:15 PM.

We’re told Jane’s Addiction band members and Brooke were at the table. Dave went outside to smoke and Brooke followed … once outside they began to “full on make out,” as Dave had his hand on her chest.

They came back inside, got their stuff and left together. Happy New Year!

[From TMZ]

This is just disgusting, it really is. Brooke is still heavy into drugs (allegedly), and Dave… well, Dave should just spend time bangin’ groupies instead of getting involved with Brooke’s mess. Maybe they were both blitzed. Could be. Ugh.

HOLLYWOOD - NOVEMBER 18: Brooke Mueller arrives at Us Weekly's Hot Hollywood on November 18, 2010 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Valerie Macon/Getty Images)

HOLLYWOOD - MARCH 03: Musician Dave Navarro performs onstage during Global Green USA's 7th Annual Pre-Oscar Party at Avalon on March 3, 2010 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by John Shearer/Getty Images for Global Green)

LAS VEGAS - JANUARY 09: Musician Dave Navarro arrives at the 27th annual Adult Video News Awards Show at the Palms Casino Resort January 9, 2010 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

48084, WEST HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA - Wednesday December 1 2010. Brooke Mueller - the estranged wife of Charlie Sheen - hits Las Palmas nightclub in West Hollywood with Paris Hilton. Paris was shooting scenes for her new reality show at the hotspot. Photograph:  David Tonnessen, PacificCoastNews.com

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24 Responses to “Dave Navarro & Brooke Mueller have an Aspen makeout session”

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  1. JenJen says:

    She’s desperate to be on any reality show even if it is “Married to Rock”. I always thought she was a man, lol.

  2. malachais says:

    Total WTF moment for me…he has had alot of work done to his face. I too adored Jane’s addiction, Dave used to be freakin’ awesome! Brooke on the other hand…well she’s still in cracktown. Poor kids.

  3. sickofit says:

    omg serious? that story seems to come directly from drugged out hell.

  4. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    I have a crazy crush on this guy. He has an exotic look that is sexy to me.

    He definately needs to stay away from this chic tho, she’s got a WHOLE lot of drama!!

    Hopefully it was a one night stand.

  5. bluhare says:

    Man, does she ever look tweaked in that photo. Yikes.

  6. OXA says:

    She spent Xmas in a sober house, she now is with him in Vegas. Charlie was with hookers and blow.
    They are both unfit parents who deserve to lose custody.

  7. brin says:

    They can double date/swap partners with Denise & Nikki Sixx.

  8. MSMLNP says:

    Apparently, you can do enough blow to deviate your entire septum, as evidenced by the last picture. YIKES!

  9. Jason says:

    These two hookin up is like the king and queen of std’s joining forces to create a whole new viral kingdom of gross. Nothing sexy about a random hook up with a crack whore and washed up sex addicted rocker. They’re probably running out of people to sleep with so why not each other?

  10. devilgirl says:

    Dave looks like a cat and not the hot rocker he was pre-Carmen Electra.

    Navarro would make out with a snake if it came on to him.

  11. the original bellaluna says:

    @ Jason – OMG, there are no words! That was a beautiful comment! I bow to your awesomeness!

  12. Whitey Fisk says:

    MSMLNP, glad I’m not the only one who was struck by her apparently collapsed left nostril.

    I guess that’s why she moved on from snorting coke to smoking crack.

    Denise Richards is seriously looking like mom of the year at this point.

  13. MNGIRL76 says:

    She looks rough. Don’t kill me but I like Dave & Carmen 2gether.

  14. JRenee says:

    On the floor laughing at comment #9!!!

  15. Justaposter says:

    Rule number one.. never date a guy who can apply makeup better than you can.

  16. original kate says:

    davey is waaaay too manscaped for me, not to mention i would need a dose of antibiotics just holding his hand.

  17. jane16 says:

    He’s a nasty, crazy, famewhoring troll. Ditto for her, altho, she used to be pretty. Drugs have really taken their toll on her.

  18. becky says:

    can someone explain the deviated septum comment to me? how do u tell?

  19. dread pirate cuervo says:

    Holy Cokey Eyes, Batman!

  20. Nova Scotia says:

    At first I wondered …where are the pictures? Then…Ewww!Never mind.

  21. JenJen says:

    These comments are hysterical. Jason and Original Kate get my vote for tops! Hehe…;)

  22. JenJen says:

    What’s not funny about her deviated septum is I saw an interview right after the twins were born and if you closed your eyes you would think it was a man talking. I hope to God she didn’t snort when she was pregnant and those boys are healthy and o.k. Or maybe she used one of Charlie’s ho’s for a surrogate. They always were a strange couple. Seemed like he paid her to say he was such a great dad, when Denise was claiming he had their daughter sleeping in bed with him while this thing was in another room. I believed Denise and the whole thing was shady. Denise has always proven to be at least a good mother. Maybe she can adopt the boys. In my opinion, that is the only reason she is “friends” with the him, to keep a close watch on her girls.

  23. kelly says:

    I totally loved JsA back in the day and Perry had some great ideas but if any parent ever needs a compelling argument against heavy long term drug use, just look at these fools now.

    Divorcing Electras and getting their pictures taken in designer kitchens for vanity fair and whathaveyou. So many freaks my age threw away their chance to fuck things up for real by shoving that shit up their nose and arse and into their arm etc. Damn you.

    I thought you were different.

  24. Roxanne75 says:

    Thank you @Jason.