LeAnn Rimes shows off her new boob job in Mexico


These are photos of LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian on vacation in Mexico yesterday. There are probably going to be lots of photos of LeAnn in a bikini, because I’ve already seen several groups, and she’s wearing different bikinis in each. She’s showing off. Speaking of, I’ve been seeing the comments about LeAnn Rimes’ alleged boob job, and I hear you. I had a twinge of wonderment when I saw LeAnn is that Christmas bustier – her bust looked slightly larger, but I passed it off on the bustier. Now I completely agree – she got her natural boobs (probably barely a B-cup) enlarged to a C or D-cup. Also, she’s lost quite a bit of weight over the past year, which only makes the new boob job look even more like they’re bolted on to her skeletal frame.

Many of you already did the investigative work and determined that LeAnn had probably gotten her boobs done shortly after Thanksgiving, when she and Eddie seemed to be uncharacteristically low-key for a few weeks. They were barely pap’d (meaning that LeAnn wasn’t calling them), and then suddenly, her new boobs get the press rollout with some Twit-pics and now bikini photos. So LeAnn isn’t pregnant, she just got some new boobs for Eddie. Oh, LeAnn. You can get all the C-cups you want, he’s still going to cheat on you.






Photos courtesy of Bauer-Griffin.

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  1. malachais says:

    At first glance, her body is now more like Brandi’s – skeletal and muscular. I personally think she looked better before.

  2. JenJen says:

    She’s so natural looking, NOT!!!

  3. JenJen says:

    She looks like she is starving herself and has some major bruises,hhmm….
    Is that Jen Anniston with her? It is Cabo and a holiday,are they having a 3-way? Kidding,like that would happen.

  4. Parisienne says:

    she looks like an ad for contra ana… just gross.

  5. Stephanie says:

    Twitter denials about breast implants in… 3, 2, 1…..

  6. fanny says:

    Poor girl … looks a little thin except for at top.

  7. N.D. says:

    Guys, it takes 4-12 weeks after boob job for swelling to stop and definitelly sunbathing doesn’t become possible as easly a few weeks after the surgery. So if she did it surely wasn’t this Thanksgiving.

  8. eja102 says:

    that bikini would drive me bats.

    she looks good, because you can’t see her face.

  9. Bubbling says:

    She really did lost (too much) weight. So, is there a single person out there that actually likes her?!

  10. skilo says:

    She should always were sunglasses always, everywhere wedding included. And she should also feel free to loose another 100 pounds or so. Think that would be enough for her to disappear?

  11. Rita says:

    The new thread’s here! The new thread’s here! Excuse my enthusiasm but I watched a movie last night about a guy working at a gas station who became excited when he found his name in the new phone book. Then someone started shooting at the jerk (movie title escapes me).

    Another explanation for the Mexican mammaries is that she’s lactating. In the animal kingdom when a female takes over a den occupied by another female’s young they instinctively become step varmints. This is true for many stubby leg creatures like opossums, wombats, and Tasmanian Devils. I’m sure the Kiwi and Down-under sisters will confirm (not that kind of down under).

    Anyway, LeAnn’s bullet train ride to Cra-Cra Ville is obviously accelerating as this amazingly confident, happy, and contented person systematically transforms herself into Brandi. However, Brandi is 6 inches taller so I have to say, good luck with that smurk-gurl. Such a humble person LeAnn is.

    One more question, Who the hell is doing all the tweeting while she’s in surgery?

  12. daisydoodle says:

    fyi, you can sunbathe and yes, she had a boob job

  13. mii says:

    If she is not object to plastic surgery, why doesn’t she change her mug?

  14. Marjalane says:


    I don’t know why you say it takes weeks to be out in a bathing suit and in the sun after a boob job- the girls I work with parade theirs around within a week or two. Breast enhancement has come a long way in the last few years.

    Also- while I think Leann is still one of the most hideous creatures on earth, she is in great shape- very toned. Skinny, but toned.

  15. lila says:

    Her bikini is falling down because she has a man’s body and those bobs accentuate the fact that she has no waist or hips.

  16. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    the top part of her body looks like a man from behind. Her body is strange looking.

    Bless her heart, she tries way too hard.

  17. munchies says:

    Shes a Shrimp. like in Export, they keep the body because its good, they throw the head because its useless.

  18. redlips says:

    She looks fabulous!

  19. lilred says:

    I know it’s supposed to be a string bikini but those would drive me crazy.

  20. Jayna says:

    That looks like a padded bathing suit top. But if it is a boob job, perfect. Not overdone big balloons.

    She has a beautiful figure, especially her legs.

  21. daisydoodle says:

    love the shrimp analogy!

  22. cthlcgrl says:

    She looks so bony in the picture showing her backside, not sexy at all. She is a truly narcissitic, shallow and self-serving. She can get the boob job to try to keep Eddie; but she may need to get pregnant also to try to keep him. He is still gonna cheat once he finds a better meal ticket. Also, did she get the squinty eyes fixed while getting the boob job? Those squints in every picture give me the creeps.

  23. anti says:

    she has no hips. weird.

  24. SRM says:

    Way too skinny, especially compared to recent bikini pics. But she does look very fit. Although, can I say I am a little envious of her lifestyle.

    Does anyone know what that tattoo says? Nasty tramp stamp too. Its like almost in her butt crack.

  25. LT says:

    D cup my ass! MAYBE a C. Maybe. Those things still look small, just obviously bigger than they were.

  26. LolaBella says:

    I think she has a nice body; muscular and fit.

    The new boobs are very nicely done,IMHO. They are not horrible looking (like Tori Spelling) or obnoxious looking (Katie Price, Heidi Montag, Omorosa).

    Brandi made this tweet last night after the pics of LeAnn came out:

    BrandiGlanville Brandi Cibrian:
    It’s every woman’s right of passage to get a boob job after she has had a kid or two (not b4)!!Child bearing can be hard on the girls!Uggg

    Yep, mature and adult. I wish BOTH these women would take their high school antics out of the public eye.

  27. bettygirl says:

    oh come on, she looks great you bunch of nit picking jerks!

  28. Dana M says:

    She got the boobs for him. Unfortunately, He will still cheat on her.

  29. aenflex says:

    cant do nuthin about that mannish face tho

  30. Heather says:

    This is where I’d hate on her for being a vapid crazy whore, but it looks good. =/ Really, it s does. Not overdone, no bolt ons. Tasteful.

  31. Rita says:

    @SAM #24

    I think its a ghost busters tatoo.

    If fit means no fat, then she’s fit but to me she’s a bit ematiated, with the tailbone sticking out. By nature, she’s always had meat on her bones so this look doesn’t look healthy to me.

    Eddie likes them young which means thin. In his mid 30’s he was boning a girl who had been out of high school just a couple of years. If LeAnn is so insecure in their relationship that she has to go through this, then she’ll marry him without a prenup which is Eddie’s real goal.

  32. guesty says:

    so sure all these pics are another pathetic attempt to make brandi jelli.

    so surprised she hasn’t been incessantly tweeting about her entire augmen experience.

    EDIT: @lolabella…& brandi’s responding??? oh no.

  33. deb says:

    @Rita Love ya your post is hysterical.
    Don’t you just love hypocrisy at it’s finest? Lets see when the subject was B’s chest she was slammed but oh how the worm has turned when it comes to Leann’s?

  34. Heavenbound says:

    @ Lolabella,

    Clearly BG has not gotten over the divorce (and that is ok) but why do you have to vent publicly? Do it with your closest friends or even your therapist.

    Anyway, when I saw these pics the first thing that came to mind was Boob Job. They are small I think maybe a C cup.

    And many women get boob jobs before having kids. BG has clearly done more than her boobs. Her face looks a plasticy, she should be talking.

    (And I am not a LR fan) just stating the obvious.

  35. Carrie says:

    Even if you’re the most beautiful woman in the world with a perfect body,it won’t stop a guy from cheating on you if he feels like it.There are hundreds of examples of that in the entertainment biz and other places.If Eddie wants to cheat,he will.If he doesn’t want to,he wont.That’s just how it is.LeAnn can’t prevent it no matter how much she tries.Just as Brandi couldn’t either no matter how much plastic surgery she got.

  36. Carrie says:

    Also,it’s not a big deal getting a small boob job.They’re not much bigger than her natural ones.It’s not like she went for double D.

  37. jc126 says:

    Is that tweet from Brandi real?? I sure hope not! She really ought to stop wallowing publicly, for the sake of dignity. Taking the high road is the best thing to do for one’s self.

  38. mimi says:

    I think they’re nicely done and thats about as nice as I can be with this one.
    Fact still remains that no amount of surgery can change a crazy, ugly personality…she just SOL there.

  39. Amanda says:

    Girl looks good- maybe a bit lacking in the curves, but those thighs! I would kill for those thighs!! That is a fug bathing suit, tho. What’s with all the ties?

  40. bros says:

    she has very broad shoulders and no hips and no ass, so she is very manly looking and looks like steven tyler from behind and on the belly. i would have had my nose and face worked on at the same time as the boobs.

  41. LolaBella says:

    @guesty: As soon as the pics of LeAnn walking on the beach with Eddie while wearing the red bikini came out Brandi made the tweet.

    I get that BG is hurt by how all of this went down and is going down (with LeAnn’s behavior involving BG’s kids) but these type of tweets make her seem publicly petty, IMHO.

    @Heavenbound: I’m no LeAnn fan either, however, I’ve constantly said that she and BG BOTH need to stop acting like they are still in high school and get off Twitter and STOP handling their business publicly.

    BG is also content with having her friends trash LeAnn on blogs (Celebitchy and quite a few others) but all of that still makes her look bitter and petty.

    I wish that part of BG and EC’s custodial arrangement was a gag order for all three of them to stop commenting/snarking/baiting each other in public.

    Just my two cents.

  42. Lukie says:

    This is not going to end well…

  43. Amanda says:

    WOWWWW, I looked at the link for her more natural looking B cups- LeAnn has a TOTALLY different body now. What a transformation. Geez! If you look at picture 8, it really shows the difference.

  44. Jezi says:

    Brandi was responding to the tweets she gets about “did see Leann has fake boobs”, it’s ok for Leann to comment on everything under the sun, but yet again Brandi is told to shut up. I guess that falls under the same hypocrisy deb was talking about.

  45. DGO says:

    Poor LeAnn. Even after a nose job, horse veneers, and fake boobs, she’s still one of the fuggest celebs I’ve ever seen.

  46. Nanneki says:

    OMG!! She is so now trying to be an “it Girl” she is super ugly and super gross!

  47. Peanut says:

    I think her body looks great.

  48. lucy2 says:

    Eddie does seem to have a type. Whiny, immature women who can’t stay private.
    LR seems to be trying very hard, but they won’t last.

  49. Tiff says:

    Everyone is entitles to opinions, but bullying and being nasty is a very sad way to use your opinion….. I’m sure all of you would think about what your saying if it was coming back around to you.. if you were in the “lime light” regardless of if you put yourself there or not… Bullying should never be accepted, age and status shouldn’t matter!! They are happy, let them be… you don’t have to like it… it’s not your life to live!

  50. brin says:

    I see she’s wearing the “assclown” hat now, too. It suits her assclown face.

  51. devilgirl says:

    She got a boob job? Where did they put the boobs?

  52. Carrie says:

    I actually took a look around on different forums that only post photos of female celebs and where basically all comments(if not all) are made by men.At least 90% of them DON’T believe she got bigger breast after looking at the photos of LeAnn in Cabo(they claim it’s the halter top bikini making it seem like she got implants),while most women think she did.I find that kinda funny.So who is correct?The women who have them or the guys who like to study them LOL?

  53. The Bobster says:

    She looks like a transexual after implants.

  54. REALIST says:

    Brandi’s comment was bitchy, but correct in one respect-Lee Ann should go through a pregnancy or two, then get tidied up. I went from a 36C (thought of breast reduction even then) to my current 40D after pregnancy #2. I am older, so there IS the sag factor. No surgery; after reading about all the people who go under the knife, I’m just riding this one out (and wearing very supportive bras). TMI, maybe, but this is how real women deal with pregnancies and post-partum and the delights of grower older.
    [I am single now, so I confess I am more self conscious than I would be otherwise-it’s like being “on the market”]
    Liked the Australian example: (whoa!-bizarre-good metaphors, too), all the partum and post-partum, etc., hormones can have an amazing effect on the female body-celebs are not excluded!

  55. Rita says:


    She went from only having nips to having cleavage so let’s get real on the boob job. Also, she’s lost 10-12 pounds (I don’t think it’s from diet and exercise)and her boobs got bigger. How does that happen without a visit to silicone city? With so many new LeAnn fans here and Brandi bashers, it’s obvious LeAnn sent in the troops to deflect attention.

  56. the original bellaluna says:

    There’s no way she’s a D, and I highly doubt she’s even a C. MAYBE a full B. Or a super-ultra-teeny-tiny C.

    I was a 36C when I got pregnant the FIRST time, and after my second, I settled nicely into a 38DD – once I was done nursing, that is; while nursing, I was a 42FFF. THAT is not fun! I returned to a 38DD (again, after nursing) after my latest (19 months old today!), and I’m ok with that. I can carry it, as I’m a woman who’s built to have kids.

  57. Darla says:

    I bet she bought her new bewbies at Walmart.

    Lolabel you are way off base. I’ve never met Brandi in my life. I just think that Leann is a self-entitled, selfish, crazy, white trash cheating homewrecker. I don’t blog for Brandi. I think it’s far more likely that Leanne employs drones to barf out these pathetic blurbs about how gottdamm hawt she looks.

  58. malachais says:

    Dlisted: “…once she sashays down to the beach in her bikini looking like an extra malnourished Aaron Carter with two rock hard moon jellyfish sucking on his nipples…while LeAnn is desperately making sure the paps get a 360 of her hot “Mr. Burns on Muscle Milk” body.” LOL

  59. marie says:

    I’d be way more concerned about the lipo scars than the boobs, which look okay for crappy fake boobs.

  60. Emily says:

    I don’t need a before and after, those are obviously fake.

    How long before one them is on Dancing With the Stars, or some such bullshit.

  61. brin says:

    I don’t think you have to know either Leann or Brandi (I don’t know them), just the simple fact that one is a cheating liar and the other one victimized by said cheating liar is enough.

  62. jzhz says:

    She definitely lost a bit too much weight. She has a complete absence of butt, though I guess this is what some folks like and aspire to…

  63. Isa says:

    I thought the actual surgery only took about two hours? She can tweet from her bed while she recovers.

    Or she probably just handed EC the phone and said, “Here! Write something about how happy we are!”

    My boob perception may be off, but she looked like an A before and now a B.

  64. bluhare says:

    If she tries to deny the implants, all you need to prove they’re fake is Photo 3 above. The one from the side where you can definitely see the implant.

  65. judyjudy says:

    I think she looks pretty rockin’. If my body looked like that I’d pose for paps, too.

    She’s total nutters but she looks good.

  66. BeeCee says:

    ….Am I the only one that noticed? If these pics are from yesterday, why isn’t she wearing her “in your face” engagement ring??

  67. Maggie says:

    Since meeting Eddie, LeAnn has committed adultery, gotten multiple tattoos, a boob job and probable liposuction. LeAnn indicated a couple of months back she got a couple of movie gigs, my guess the body alterations are not only for Eddie, but a tax write-off to perform required nude scenes and sex acts on film, which would be the only reason a producer would hire her as a leading lady to have her first, officially released, nude scenes. Not withstanding that she has habitually worn and been photographed in see-thru clothing (including in front of Brandi’d boys). Also, with all the abuse LeAnn supporters have thrown at Brandi for having work done and calling her plastic, they now should just STFU IMO.

  68. deb says:

    @ tiff Do you really want to go there on the bullying seriously?

  69. MissyA says:

    I think going from a B to a small C is the most subtly and restraint we’ve ever seen from LeAnn. Too bad she’ll ruin her moment with a barrage of twat-denials.

    Rita = +1 🙂

  70. MNGIRL76 says:

    @ Rita- Wow! Hysterical & crazy insight totally LMAO!

  71. deb says:

    @ Rita I was right. Hypocrisy at it’s finest. Looks like LR has had more than veneers and boobs done.

  72. icantbelievethis says:

    ‘Brandi was responding to the tweets she gets about “did see Leann has fake boobs”, it’s ok for Leann to comment on everything under the sun, but yet again Brandi is told to shut up. I guess that falls under the same hypocrisy deb was talking about.’

    Since Brandi was the one advocating for going to mediation so they all got all better, etc when she went on The Talk I don’t understand why she keeps up the nasty tweets.

    It isn’t that Brandi has to “shut up”, but as she has pointed out SHE is those boys MOTHER and therefore she should hold herself to a higher standard. I would never trash talk my ex or anyone he lived with on a public forum. I prefer to set a positive example for my kids.

    Close girlfriends are for sharing a glass of wine (or something stronger) and venting about the ex and his needy girlfriend.

  73. Rita says:


    Interesting and your “Bashing Brandi” comment is right on. You see, LeAnn Inc. has been saying that Eddie “loves” LeAnn because she’s such a natural girl. Even when she stuffed her bra some of her supporters called her on it. So now when it’s obvious she’s had breast implants, lipo, tats, and god knows what else, what must LeAnn Inc. finally admit to? There’s nothing left but the money because it ain’t future income. If you want to see her latest record sales figures, you’ll need a microscope to find them.

  74. deb says:

    @ Maggie Thank you!!!! You think this is bad you should see whats tweeted to her.
    Post 41 had the nerve to talk about bullying. @Tiff the street doesn’t run one way and you know it.
    @Jezi hi there sista

  75. JRenee says:

    This chick must have really low self-esteem period. Those are not a good set of veneers- too large. She does look a lot smaller, almost unhealthy. The boobs aren’t bad but if she’s doing all of this to hold on to Eddie, she is in for a rude awakening.
    I would not give either of them the satisifaction of allowing them to publically getting under my skin if I were Brandi.

  76. archiepelago says:

    I don’t think they are fake. I think it’s like Paris, who has teeny ones but with the right gel inserts or padding, can make them go up two cups. I actually think her body looks good but I see stretch marks above her hips so it looks like she lost weight rapidly. If she stops the inane tweeting and just gets on with her life, then in the spirit of the holidays, I wish them well.

  77. djork says:

    Ding dang DONG, Cibrian.

  78. Eileen says:

    All I know is a few months ago a Leann “fan” sent Brandi a scathing message on Twitter about how disgusting she is because she is plastic and fake and to go fix her face, blah blah blah…and then Leann replied to the fan with a “lol ;)” comment. And now LOOKEY here!! She is the poster girl for hypocrisy.

  79. albeli says:

    Pic 3–they are so obviously fake.

  80. Shelley says:

    As one who had implants, yes, I think she got them. Her weight looks scary-low; when body fat drops, natural breasts diminish or at least, don’t enlarge! But someone with a decent computer, please tell me what that tattoo on her hip (front) says. And LOL, I know that isn’t Brandi in the blue hat but that was my first thought. And yeah, where’s the big ole ring?!

  81. why? says:

    Leann never learns.

    After being slammed for staging those photos of her and EC on a beach in Malibu for their People mag engagement spread, what does Leann do? She invites the paps to get photos of EVERY move she and her sweets make in Cabo as if this will once and for all make them into the next HW “IT” couple or convince people that they are happy and in love.

    Has all the papping she has done all this week actually helped her sales on Itunes?

    Why would we believe that EC and LR are sincere when they make out and kiss on a beach, when they were not sincere when they were doing that with their spouses?

    Is it me, or does LR friend look like BG? Do you also notice that LR has to invite her friends to attend just about every vacation with her and EC? That is the same friend that was with them when they went to Aspen and at the soccer games with them, right? So why is she always there?

    I can tell that these beach photo-ops must not be getting very nice reactions from the public because the “BG is a very, very, very mean person …BG hasn’t gotten over it…BG is making nasty tweets to and about LR” posts from “fans” that just show up out of nowhere are popping up like crazy when they think that things are “unbalanced” for LR.

  82. skibunny says:

    Wow! Fabulous figure.

  83. Jezi says:

    @deb hi, and here’s to indicate that bullying goes way past Brandi but to her supporters as well. Check out the nasty comments that are endured. Lucky us Brandi supporters are strong & take things with a grain of salt.


  84. hellen says:

    She looks awful, like she diets but does not exercise. She does not look rockin’, fabulous or hot.

  85. Eileen says:

    Also that’s the Hacienda resort on Medano Beach-where celebs go to be seen-there are a ton of resorts that are private so no shocker she chose that one for obvious reasons.

  86. LittleOat says:

    #44. Are you joking? Many commenters here are constantly complaining about Leeann’s constant tweeting and famewhore tendencies. Under the post about the EC/LR engagement, somone even wrote a pretty funny comment about what Leeann’s twitter will look like on her wedding day.

    And if it is real, I think Brandi’s tweet was just as obnoxious anything Leeann tweets. Just proves that Eddie has a type.

  87. DGO says:

    I’ll bet she got them when she faked having the flu and cancelled some concerts. She was going on and on, on Twitter, asking people to pray for her. Who asks for prayer for the flu??

  88. TeeTee says:

    she looks like a young MARE and that’s not including that horrible ugly face..

    horselegs and body–she is fugly!! and Eddie WILL cheat!!!

    nothing is sexy about her, except her money..YUCK

  89. betty says:

    There is nothing Brandi can say or do that would compare to the disrespect Leann has shown Brandi and I would never be a better person or take the high road for that chick my motto for people like her is” Do unto others as they do unto you.”

  90. archiepelago says:

    Why are people taking sides over Leann and Brandi? I don’t get it. Is this is K-Mart version of Angelina and Jennifer?

  91. Patrice says:

    Omg! You know what’s funny? Just before I looked at this post, I was reading a vintage InStyle from ’07 that featured LeAnn and back when she was much heavier, she was still almost completely flat chested! I only point this out because I’m sure she’ll have some superfans on here who’ll want to claim that she’s “all natural” or whatever. Sorry kids, proofs in the pudding: women don’t magically sprout post puberty, and if they do, it certainly does not coincide with weight LOSS. lol. She’s looking waaay too thin.

  92. elaine says:

    Fake horse veneers that flare out, no ass at all ,body of a young man, stringy hair, squinty eyes and now fake boobs bet Eddie has to tie a feed bag around her neck when they eat

  93. mae says:

    She looks deformed. Her hips and belly are so odd and she just looks terrible. Not the body of a happy healthy woman. Yuck

  94. Jezi says:

    @LittleOat Leann’s tweets are passive aggressive, Brandi’s tweets may be obnoxious but at least she is upfront and honest about them. Not throwing digs in “blessings” and sugar coated inuendos.

  95. JenJen says:

    That’s why she tweeted they were going to Cabo so the paps would snap her new boobs. She was flat as a board A cup so a B size projecting stands out. Her ass crack is bizarre looking,forget about the “property of Eddie” tramp stamp.

  96. LittleOat says:

    #94–Jez I think? Sorry, I can’t tell.

    The point I was trying to make was that people do constantly complain about Leeann’s tweets, so it isn’t like everyone was jumping to Leeann’s defense by calling out something Brandi did.

    And I agree with what you’re saying, but it annoys me to see people using twitter as a way to “attack” (for lack of a better word) others, whether they’re being passive aggressive or straightforward. (That’s what I meant with “he has a type.”) Though I think twitter as a whole is obnoxious 🙂

    I was ashamed enough that I commented on this whole mess once. Now twice. I’m sad. At least now I have a new year’s resolution!

    Happy New Year, everyone!

  97. Jennifer says:

    She gets phonier and more fake as time goes on. NOT ATTRACTIVE AT ALL!

  98. Jennifer says:


    “And she should also feel free to loose another 100 pounds or so. Think that would be enough for her to disappear?”

    Love it!

  99. LittleOat says:

    “And she should also feel free to loose another 100 pounds or so. Think that would be enough for her to disappear?”

    I forgot to say LOL!

    3 posts. Damn it! Oh well, it isn’t 2011 yet.

  100. Justaposter says:

    she is so tiny!

  101. flourpot says:

    Her tummy has medical suck written all over it.

  102. Jenna says:

    too skinny. she looks unhealthy.

  103. Jezi says:

    @LittleOat lmao!!! It’s ok, post away. It’s addicting right? Happy new year.

  104. JM says:

    Desperation is not pretty.

  105. Kloops says:

    Oh, eeeeew. Too thin. She looks like a teenage boy from behind. And of course those are implants, but golf claps for her uncharacteristic restraint in only going up a size or two. Poor little famewhore, so much talent wasted trying to convince the world she’s something other than a country crooner.

  106. why? says:

    Doesn’t she have Psoriasis?

    The alcohol and the DAILY beach shots showing her sitting in the sun to tan her skin are not a healthy thing for her, right?

    So why does she act like her Psoriasis is bad (which she seems to only remember the week her singles have made a debut or after she has gotten a huge amount of backlash) when we can clearly see her engaging in factors that will cause it to flare up?

    There are many actors who have Psoriasis and have such a hard time controlling it even when they have the best medication; Leann says that she has Psoriasis but we have NEVER seen her with a flare seeing as how she is kind enough to tip off the paps DAILY and post twitpics where we can see her skin. Just remember that some celebs have said that even with the best meds they still have flares, partly due to stress. We know that Leann has stress because of her twitter storms against any media outlet that isn’t fawning over her and EC.

  107. why? says:

    I don’t think that people are taking sides. I think that this is an instance where as usual the victims take the beating and all of the glorifying of EC and LR actions by People mag and all of LR other favorite mouthpieces, naturally makes the public side with the victims in this case.

    You have People magazine glamorizing EVERYTHING that EC and LR has done and continue to do(I remember one article that they had wrote where one of LR friends had told People mag that EC was going to leave his wife by their next anniversary-which he didn’t and resulted in Leann “stalking” EC until she made BG kick him out and another article where they called LR and EC official “We are a couple” photo-ops cute despite the fact that neither one of them had filed for a divorce yet), then you have those LR “Fans” who are so desperate to absolve LR and EC that they will literally open up several twitter accounts just to taunt and harass BG or make personal attacks against posters and their families, and then you have Leann who is constantly tipping off the paps and I have a feeling that the photo-ops are just going to get worse from here because she is on the quest to sell her music so that she can afford to spoil EC so that he doesn’t dump her, prove that EC loves her and isn’t cheating on her, and to make them one of HW top “royal couples”.

    And then you have the media outlets that seem to think that dehumanizing the victims will somehow justify EC and LR actions and make the public finally accept them as the couple because according to those people EC and LR had a reason to cheat because in according to these media outlets DS is gay and BG is a __________. I think that this sitution is the worst out of the cheating scandals because of the manner in which it is constantly being played out in the public and glorified by People mag and even ABC network.

  108. why? says:

    Carrie and Tiff

    Are you doing DAMAGE CONTROL because once again one of Leann’s “bright ideas” have backfired?

    Happy people don’t have to validate themselves by tipping off the paps and then paying various media outlets to say just how happy and love they look despite the fact that they staged the very same hand holding and smiling photos with the spouses that they claimed to be so unhappy and unfilled by.

    Leann is in the limelight because she tips off the paps. After everyone called her out for that STAGED People mag spread, LR continues to tip off the pap as if this photo-op will be the one to make people accept them.

  109. icantbelievethis says:

    ‘Why are people taking sides over Leann and Brandi? I don’t get it. Is this is K-Mart version of Angelina and Jennifer? ‘

    hahaha, yes!

  110. Luckylilgem says:

    She definitely had a boob job. Looks like a full B to small C. She looks great but if you’re going to go under he knife at least make it worthwhile. Interesting she’s making all these big changes for Eddie. Feeling the pressure of the roving eye maybe?

  111. DGO says:

    If you look at pics from the last time she went to Mexico (just a few months back) you can definitely see she’s had some lipo along with the boob job. That’s why her body is shaped so oddly now. Can she not afford a decent plastic surgeon?

  112. Rosanna says:

    She looks GREAT!

  113. Mouse says:

    Eeeeeeew! She’s so stretched out looking. Nice Megan Fox “next to my pie” tattoo. Tasteless. Gross. EEEW!

  114. archiepelago says:

    I retract my earlier statement. I just saw a photo of those puppies from the SIDE on DListed and there is not doubt that they are fakety, fake, fake. No doubt about it. They still have the line where bag meets bone (eew). No saline sniffing dogs were even needed to solve this crime against beauty! So now, I am off to toast the new decade knowing that another mystery has been solved.

    Happy New Year all!

  115. Heavenbound says:

    Who cares! her and million of american women have fake boobs.

    Happy New Year to all the Celebitchy readers!!

  116. csol says:

    hmmm i wonder y she hasnt taken to twitter to deny bewb job…since we all know her minions have gone to her and tattle taled about “what mean things people are saying now”…bless her heart…poor put upon most hated woman in America…I wonder when she will consider going in to have the nostril reduction surgery??

  117. Kim says:

    Cant stand her but i will say at least her implants are appropriate for her body size and she didnt get disgusting d’s. They are obviously fake but a decent surgery job none the less. I do like the bathingsuit alot.

  118. KatScorp says:


    The tattoo on her right front hip says “still I rise”; it’s taken from a Maya Angelou poem about being victimised and overcoming hardship. She got that when the affair became public.

    The tattoo just above her arse crack is “LovE” – L for LeAnn, E for Eddie. He had that necklace she wore in the Santa Clause outfit made for her (and paid by her) because LeAnn regards “LovE” as her and Eddie’s… I don’t know; symbol, talisman, Godly sign, thing-a-ma-jiggy.

    There’s also a tattoo on her left wrist that says “trust”. She also got that when the affair became public.

    LOL @ Rita’s Down Under comments. Did you know the Tassie Devil is facing extinction because a contagious form of cancer has occured in the wild? Poor little guys.

  119. kelly says:

    How can you be so fucked up? To have all that privilege, opportunity, support and then starve like a crazed monkey and throw some self mutilation into the bargain? I just don’t understand people.
    Does she look good? How many people think so?

    Hope she’s happy is all I can say.

  120. icantbelievethis says:

    @why If I remember correctly sun is actually good for psoriasis. I had a boss who had awful psoriasis (deep red patches up her hands, arms, neck and part of her face) and she was prescribed a tanning bed (this was before there were very many med choices). I have severe eczema outbreaks and one thing that helps clear them up in the winter is tanning beds and it is less severe in the summer.

    As someone who has an “unseen condition” and having dealt with judgements and skepticism, I don’t judge whether or not someone has a condition. She must have it under really, really good control though b/c psoriasis outbreaks are impossible to hide.

  121. Confuzzle says:

    I wonder how many of Leann’s tards are using the same IP.

  122. Salem says:

    I can’t stand her, but I have to be honest; I don’t get what people are talking about. I have studied her boobs for awhile and looked at older pictures, and I cannot see ONE BIT OF A DIFFERENCE. I honestly don’t see where she had a boob job, because there is NO difference in size, at all. None, WHATSOEVER. I think people are seeing things.

  123. Salem says:

    Carrie post 52, I agree! Where the heck is the difference? She’s always had boobs; just look at her in previous pictures. If she got them done then she should sue the living hell out of the surgeon, because he never changed them .001 of an iota. On some pics, they look SMALLER than before, even!!

  124. Rita says:


    The Tassie Devil comparison reflects my subliminal tendancy to see human traits in the wild kingdom. Tassie’s prowl under the cover of darkness and make the most God awful noise and comotion until they are well fed and well bred. Then they slip back into their den and purrrrr like gentle loving little creatures. Hope veternary medicine can help the little devils (the Tassie’s that is).

    PS-I know you’re in Perth but I watched the Sydney fireworks for the new year. Great show.

  125. brin says:

    @KatScorp…even her tatoos are lies….lol!

  126. jonsey says:

    Wide football shoulders ,no butt,shapeless legs, and now 2 oranges planted on the chest, and thats just Leann glad she was wearing a hat and sunglasses so we didn’t have to see the horse face .Eddie just stands around waiting for his next pay day. He sure looked wasted in the pic leann posted on her twitter page why do I care, you might ask, because its like waiting for the crash that is going to happen as sure as the fact that Leann had her boobs done and while EC does like boobs he does not like fake boobs. Why isn’t he back in L.a. making the rounds to get a job oh, wait football season isn’t over well, he has 2 kids to support and he had better jump on that little distraction he has in his life

  127. mina h says:

    She looks amazing!

  128. brin says:

    Frankenrimes! (the bolts went from the sides of the neck to her chest).

  129. Shelley says:

    @KatsCorp, thank you re: the tattoo!! That poem is about the heritage of slavery so I’m not getting the connection to LR but appreciate having
    the mystery solved 😉

  130. irena NL says:

    Brandi finally admits the obvious…that she has had a boob job. On the talk show “Talk” she also admits to botox. BG’s supporters tried to say she never had any work done, then Brandi herself comes forth and admits to it. So what!

    LeAnn looks good but a bit too thin.

  131. Rita says:

    Yes Belinda, after two children at the age of 35 Brandi had a little work done and she looks as great as she always has. Those new avatar pics of Brandi on twitter are just marvelous.

    Don’t feel left out Belinda, I understand the combined Dallas-Ft. Worth fire departments will be visiting you this week and bring with them every hose and vaccum pump in the department.

  132. deb says:

    @Rita So Glad you like the new pics on twitter. We proudly wear our new Tweshirts. The fit is puurrrfect 😉

  133. Jezi says:

    @Rita thx about the avatars. Funny that as soon as we changed our profile pics LeAnn did as well. She posted her “candid” People magazine engagement shot as her profile pic. I guess we got to her and she has to prove her love once again.

  134. deb says:

    Part 2…I seem to recall some LR supporters bashing Brandi for having a bit of work done. Oh how the worm has turned. Some on the other boards insist L didn’t have “work” done. I don’t know of any diet that makes your boobs get bigger as your weight drops. Hypocrisy is alive and well I see.

  135. Hakura says:

    I’ll try to cover my responses to what people have said without filling a whole page xD

    @LolaBella (#26)- I agree that both L+B need to grow up. They’re acting like highschool girls writing For a good time, call….” on the bathroom walls. B’s comment is obviously also passive-agressively implying a jab at L over the ‘MY kids’ thing. I didn’t fault her for doing it once or twice, but she needs to get a grip now.

    I disagree that women should always wait to have children before breast surgery. There are other reasons besides vanity at times. When someone is small chested, it can cause problems with how clothes fit (which can be frustrating & hurt self esteem). Also the issue of breasts being uneven in size, or an issue like ‘inversion’ of the nipple, that a small implant automatically corrects, most of the time. (without having to have a stitch put in.)

    Her body looks unbalanced now, though. Having no hips makes her look even thinner.

    But I think I can see that effect some people get when they’ve had liposuction on their stomach, where there’s little indentations that don’t belong. But that might be a trick of the light, or the way her abs naturally are.

  136. char says:

    In the picture of her in her GREY bikini, right above the bottom where her tattoo is It looks like a bunch of public hair sticking out gross guess thats a tattoo but yipes looks like something else

  137. char says:

    and I did mean to print public hair because I didnt think they would let me say pubic hair we’ll see

  138. KatScorp says:

    @ Salem: are you affected by the Qld floods? You doing OK? I’m not sure which earlier photos you are looking at, so I’ll provide some random links.






    @Rita: sadly, I missed out on the local fireworks in Rockingham and the fireworks at the city (Perth). I would have loved to see some fireworks, but I have a dog and when there are fireworks, he freaks out. I had to stay home. Besides, I still can’t cope with crowds. The Sydney show did look awesome. And they’re trying hard to save the Tassie devil… they need to for tourism, at least. Those little buggers are Tasmania’s cutest attraction. I love how you know about their snarling; I only get to see them at the Perth Zoo. They smell really bad 🙂

  139. Rita says:


    I can’t make out your name but welcome to Celebitchy. I assume you are new here because of your caution in using the term “pubic hair”. I assure you that the term is acceptable and probably one of the nicest referrences ever made on this thread. Ya’ll make sure you come back and see us. You can teach us something about modesty but you can be sure we’ll soon forget it LOL.

  140. JenJen says:

    At irena NL and all the other Leann fans showing up to defend your Queen-
    You all must be hateful women and likely do not have any female friends(I hope for the good of womankind). The way you are all attacking Brandi to try to make McSkank look good, just as she continues daily to try and hurt an innocent woman after she shamelessly stole her man. Leann is not INNOCENT,she deserves all the bashing she is getting, every bit of it.

  141. Nikki says:

    In a word: gross. It is blatantly obvious she got a boob job. And her body just looks sinewy and scary. Not to mention that yes, her shoulders are way broader than her hips (or lack thereof), and she has no butt, so she looks really mannish. EW.

  142. Hakura says:

    @JenJen (#136)- Karma is a bitch. Leann will end up getting hers eventually. (and Eddie is just as much to blame… it takes two to cheat. Leann couldn’t have ‘stolen’ him without his consent.)

    I just love the irony of their engagement. She’s so thrilled that they’re getting married… when their own actions prove that the concept of marriage doesn’t mean jack shit to either of them.

    He did that to Brandi… and she did that to her ex… neither one of them has any right to expect any different this time around.

  143. Lady D says:

    TMZ is running a Who’d you rather contest at the moment with Natalie Portman, Reese Witherspoon and FrankenRimes. (All engaged this week) Natalie has 51% of the vote, Reese has 46% and Rimes has 3%.

  144. Jennifer says:


    “just as she continues daily to try and hurt an innocent woman after she shamelessly stole her man. Leann is not INNOCENT,she deserves all the bashing she is getting, every bit of it.”

    Totally agree. LR has been merciless in her quest for EC and in her taunting of BG. No remorse for being involved in breaking up a family or lying to those who cared for her (her ex). Twittering and posting pics of her happiness when she hurt others. Twittering about another woman’s children. Then the Crazy Women. Posting what she thought was sexy Santa Clause. Her lack of tact and sensitivity is a long list and continues daily. Who wants to be happy for, wish the best for, or be entertained by that? She deserves all the backlash she is getting.

  145. Twez says:


  146. Hakura says:

    @LadyD (#141) – I’m shocked. xD
    Considering who they put her up against, there wasn’t a chance in hell.

    If they had done “Who would you rather… Lindsay Lohan, Kesha, or Leann Rimes”… She may have had better odds. Perhaps even by default, because you *know* you’d end up with an STD with Lohan or Kesha. (Likely with LR too, but at least there’s a *chance* you wouldn’t.)

  147. Laura says:

    She’s got great muscle tone. Pity about the non-feminine body. Oh, and the fact that she’s still a smug bitch.

  148. Salem says:

    Hi KatScorp, luckily we live in a mountainous area so were not affected much at all, just a soggy, squishy muddy drenched yard which has made a recovery. Hmmm, I’m going to have to reassess my opinion on LR’s boobs. I hadn’t seen THOSE pics before, and now I can definitely see a big (pardon the pun) difference.

  149. DrM says:

    I agree with the very toned and very skinny comments…the breasts do look a bit odd when the rest of her is so small…she needs about 5 kilos back on and she’d look much better…more proportionate.

  150. DrM says:

    Just looked at the old photos…MAN she did have quite sizable implants (compared to her natural size)…

  151. CB Rawks says:

    Le Twatter: “Be always at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and let each new year find you a better man.”

    I like the man I have.

  152. Jag says:

    The boob job looks good; it’s done well. As for the color of her bathing suit and the fact that she needs to add some weight, not lose it, that’s not done well.

  153. brin says:

    Did you guys see the tweet where she responds to someone & says Eddie loves her just the way she is? Then why the boob job leann?

  154. Dannnii says:

    I do not understand why ppl seem to hate on her so much…..ah, many women leave their unhappy marriages/relationships to be happier with someone else. Get over it…I’m sure he is long over it.
    I think she is adorable but those boney legs look 13 years old! Some women keep girly for awhile longer I suppose.

  155. Cinderella says:

    Wow, she’s starting to look like a woman Eddie would normally bone.

  156. JENI says:

    i think brandi has every right and SHOULD keep b**ching. if it were me, it would take longer than just a few months to let it all go. and i would CARE LESS if people at random thought i was petty. i would hit that C**T leann as hard as i could, with everything i had. i would NOT let it rest, i would make sure my kids HATED her guts and knew what a skank she is. so yea, you go brandi, you let FALCOR have it every chance you get. i am laughing at this DOUCHE eddie – hey, buddy, you’re disgusting, not hot, and women everywhere know what a scumbag you are, and a S**T father. do your kids and your WIFE BRANDI a favor, eddie, and WALK AWAY WITH YOUR LITTLE PIG NOSE SL*T, LEAVE THE KIDS FOR BRANDI TO RAISE.

  157. Heavenbound says:

    Wow! JENI

    Any therapist would caution you at the ill advise you are dispensing. You Should NEVER instill hatred in your children. No matter what was done to you. Let things fall into place and at the end Eddie will get his. No need to poison your life and the life of your children. The best revenge is to live well and happy, despite the wrong that was done.

    I now this is just a fun site and we have fun bashing the stars. But some of the stuff that I read….

  158. icantbelievethis says:

    @Jeni WOW! I must’ve missed the parenting books that stated it is good to teach your kids to hate.

    Wallowing in bitterness does no one any good.

    I don’t see BG as a victim. She married a cheater, found out and got divorced. She still gets her kids 50% of the time. Many, Many people have it much worse. There are single moms (and dads) who have to work 2 jobs b/c the other parent took off and doesn’t pay support. They see their kids less than BG b/c they have to put food on the table. When I first divorced I saw my son for a few hours at night and 1 hour in the morning (when he wasn’t at his dad’s) b/c I had to work 50 hours a week to pay the bills. And I was grateful for that time b/c I know single moms who had it much worse.

    BG is able to go to nightclubs, see Jay-Z for New Years. I’d say she’s doing just fine.

  159. Jezi says:

    First of all, the taunting on twitter is only half of it. I can guarantee Brandi deals with much worse than what we see. She doesn’t have it easy like some of you think. But that’s not my business to tell.

  160. deb says:

    @ icant how do you know this? Follow twitter? Or something else?

  161. Hakura says:

    I agree with those who have commented to JENI‘s post.

    That was… a pretty nasty post. ^^; At least as far as unfortunate language goes.

    And yes. Teaching your kids to hate someone… poisoning your own life, and their chance at a positive relationship with their father… is not the way to live.

    I wouldn’t try to make judgments on the aspects of this that she has to deal with on a daily basis, so wouldn’t judge her being angered by LR’s antics. But at least for her children’s sake, she should try to keep things civil (& avoid exposing the boys to the negative aspects).

  162. icantbelievethis says:

    @jezi My point is why promote the negative. Someone always has it worse and life isn’t about what happens to you, it is about how you deal with the crap that happens. You can choose to be drug into the negativity or you can rise above and choose to be happy.

    I know bad crap can happen after a divorce. My son is being lured with fun trips and told that I am the reason he doesn’t get calls from his other parent. So I get the fun of being painted as the bad guy, however, I know that if I am honest with him and keep things positive this will all impact him less. The last thing he needs is to have both sides of his family sniping at each other.

  163. icantbelievethis says:

    Deb I am just an outsider looking in. The only thing I know of any of them is what I see here or when I look at Twitter.

  164. wonderful says:

    #106: Sunlight is very good for psoriasis. One of the more widely-used treatments for it are essentially tanning beds. No one is 100% sure of why the disease flares, and there is no cure for it. There are at least 5 different types of it, and it manifests itself into many levels of intensity in each individual.

    It amazes me that people debate so many boob jobs – if it stands up on its own in a bikini top (it is OBVIOUS which ones have extreme boosting support, this is not one), it is FAKKKEEE. I have never seen a single natural boob that looked like hers in picture #3, EVER, not even in the super springy teen years.

    EDIT: Also, when you lose weight, even just 15 pounds, your boobs get saggier, not perkier. I think we all know this.

  165. why? says:


    Who cares?

    Leann’s “Fans” because they are always saying that EC likes LR because she is natural and not plastic and now that it looks like she had some work done, where does it leave those “fans” who were supported LR because she was so “natural”?

  166. Heavenbound says:

    @ Why,

    That was a very weak argument. I still say who cares. Try finding someone natural in Hollywood, good luck!

  167. why? says:

    Danni and irena

    Strange. Where are all of these LR “supporters” coming from? As the public reacts to these STAGED photo-ops, it seems like a new voice pops up out of nowhere to do some DAMAGE CONTROL.

    People are “hating” on Leann? No one likes these two and they are fully aware of this, so why do they keep trying to force feed us that they are so happy and in love? Real couples don’t do that because they are too busy enjoying one another to keep tweeting about how happy and content they are.

    So now you are trying to deflect by making this an issue about BG having breast implants just because because this little photo-op backfired LR little look at me stunt didn’t make people oh and ah over her, but just made everyone call her out for changing her body because EC doesn’t like her the way she is.

  168. Heavenbound says:

    @ Why?

    No wait let me rephrase that… WHY DO YOU CARE?

    I am not a LR supporter, but think what you want I get amused when someone says that. ** thanks for the chuckle**

  169. why? says:


    You were the one who asked “who cares”, so nowe that you didn’t like the response you pull the “weak argument” routine?

    Obiviously you do care, since you are here trying to do DAMAGE CONTROL.

    Is that your argument, that everyone in HW has work done? Well that is not the case for those LR “fans” who argued over and over that LR is natural and that was why EC picked her over his wife.

    You can downplay it all you want, but it doesn’t change the fact that LR has to change herself just to make EC like her.

  170. why? says:

    Tidbit on Psoriasis and the sun:

    “The sun is good for psoriasis as ultraviolet (UV) rays, and particularly UVB rays, help the skin to heal and reduce inflammation. They also slow down the over-production of skin cells, which is the cause of scaling. Areas affected by psoriasis heal by themselves after exposure to natural sunlight. A short daily period of exposure to the sun, avoiding burning, is enough to make plaques disappear. However, prolonged, unaccustomed exposure to the sun can be harmful, especially for people with fair complexions. Apart from the risk of cancer and damage to the skin, over-exposure can make the symptoms of psoriasis worse. For example, burning can trigger the Koebner phenomenon. It is also inadvisable to expose skin to the sun during a flare. So be careful when you go out in the sun: protect your skin, avoid exposure between 10 am and 3 pm and expose your skin to the sun for gradually increasing periods. Do not forget that the rays of the sun can pass through glass, clouds, water and light clothing and reflect off water and sand.”

  171. JenJen says:

    “The country singer could barely keep her hands off her fiancé as they celebrated together at Pink Kitty nightclub. The 28-year-old looked in high spirits as she took to the dance floor with her beau and even threw her hands up in air as they put their moves on show.”

    “After the festivities, LeAnn took to Twitter to share her joy, writing: ‘I want to remember exactly how I feel right now in this moment of tears.’I’m a fortunate woman. Remembering this at all times all year long.’ ”

    Twitter update from LR-
    Threatening someone is just the wrong way to go if you’re trying to get what you want. Playing nice in the sandbox works so much better 🙂

    Condescending Skank! She is mental if she thinks she plays nice.


  172. Shannon says:

    I kind of disagree with the description of the boob job as “bolt ons”. I think they look much more natural than a lot of boob jobs. I couldn’t tell immediately like I can with most celebs. It’s probably because she didn’t get WAY bigger boobs that look disproportionate to the rest of her body.

  173. DGO says:

    If LeAnn is on Remicade for her psoraisis (which she’s hinted about on Twitter), then she needs to avoid the sun. Sun is good for psoraisis but not if you’re taking Remi. She’s also supposed to avoid alcohol and pregnancy.

  174. Hakura says:

    *sigh* I know the things Leann says on Twitter are irritating, & they’re *meant* to be. But Brandi *could* stop reading those Twitter comments.

    Not everyone *has* to be on Twitter. It sounds like nothing but ridiculous frustration all around. But if Brandi let’s it get to her, then Leann is technically ‘winning’.

    Again, why I don’t have (and never intend to have) a Twitter account.

    (And no. I don’t think Leann’s boob job looks like ‘bolt on’s. They’re not disproportionate to the rest of her body, it just looks a bit odd because of how masculine her body shape is.)

  175. why? says:

    This is what I mean, if Leann was so happy and content and a fortunate woman, why does she go out of her way to validate her “romance” by paying her mouthpieces to write fluff and then to take to twitter as if she is trying desperately to compensate for whatever her romance is lacking?

    If you see those photos from the club, it just reminds you of those photos of EC and BG at LAVO. What she will remember is that she has to compete with BG because EC is more into her money than he is into, do you really think that EC was thinking about LR?
    It’s sad that LR always feels in competition with BG enough to set up her own engagement so that is was close to when EC proposed to BG.

    EC always looks so passive aggressive in those photos with LR, like he is telling us that he is “with” LR but he is only liking it for what he can get out of it and not because he actually loves LR.

    That is the problem, how can BG avoid or not read LR tweets when they are making it on blogs and even onto TV shows? One minute you are watching TV and the next a show flashes a the twitpic of LR kissing EC. I’m not saying that BG is an angel in all of this, I just think that some of these “expectations” that these posters have for her are not realistic. It would be appropriate to tell her not to look if LR was a private person and LR wasn’t contacting EVERY media outlet out there to give them the dish on her ring, her vacation in Cabo, and “her family”.

  176. why? says:


    Now, why do posters like you do that?

    You take the time and energy to ask other posters why they are here, despite the fact that you felt compelled enough to pop back in these threads even though you haven’t been posting in them lately?

    Yeah, yeah, we know, we know you are not a LR supporter, yet you are here making excuses and defending LR and even pulling the “weak argument” posts when what we say doesn’t fit into your scheme of things.

    Of course you are chuckling, I mean that is what people do when they come to these sites to pull the “why do you care so much” posts because people are not giving LR the benefit of the doubt.

  177. Crash2GO2 says:

    She’s built like a swimmer. Not all women are built 36-26-36 and that’s OK. She’s also obviously had a modest breast enhancement.

  178. Sandy says:

    The only thing sadder than Lean Rimes are the readers of Celebitchy that write novels in the comments. GET YOUR OWN BLOG!!

  179. MissVJJ says:


  180. icantbelievethis says:

    ‘That is the problem, how can BG avoid or not read LR tweets when they are making it on blogs and even onto TV shows?’

    Don’t watch them? I avoid anything that I know is going to irritate me.

    Does BG work? If not maybe that would help her focus less on LR and EC and more on accomplishments in her life. I know for myself I was much happier once I had my own career. It keeps me busy and keeps me from focusing on the bad stuff, plus it improves my self esteem to have something that is ‘mine’. It also helps that I love my job and I get to do it in my PJs:)

  181. Hakura says:

    @Why? – I do understand that. I know that especially of late, Leann has been doing everything in her power to advertise the ‘happiness’ of her relationship & new engagement, which has culminated in her even appearing to try to take Brandi’s place as the boy’s mother. (Which no one should be expected to tolerate.)

    She’s marketing her relationship like a commodity, which just further cheapens whatever they may have. I’m sure she’s trying to undo the damage of the ‘home wrecking double-team’ with romance & white picket fences. Her move on the boys is no doubt an attempt at an ‘insta-family’. Among women in the entertainment industry, nothing is more respected than a good mother.

    The more Leann has to talk about her relationship, the less authentic it appears. A couple who can’t enjoy time together without someone around to document it is not a real couple, something only constructed for appearances. Some may try to say that she’s just ‘excited’ about their relationship, but when someone has to insist upon something repeatedly… it’s usually because they’re trying to convince you of something that isn’t true.

    She’s disrespected Brandi repeatedly, & there’s no way to completely ignore it..With it all over newsstands & entertainment news. Even avoiding Twitter online wouldn’t prevent her from running into pictures of her ex frolicking on a beach with Leann (As she hangs on him, smiling & flashing her ring), playing up every minute.

    It’s frustrating to think about. I’m not sure what I would do, in her position.

  182. Matt says:

    @ 121 LMAO I was wondering the same thing! I find it hard to believe that one of LeAnn’s merry band of (salaried?) sycophants isn’t posting under multiple names here.

    Also LOL at the comment that LeAnn and Brandi are the budget Angelina and Jen!

  183. Lway says:

    I think they both look great and happy. Leave them – yes, LeAnne is so wrong for poaching Brandi’s husband – but Eddie is not brain dead and he has been a part of all this all the way – let it go. If they are happy then leave them be.

  184. brin says:

    @Hakura…ITA. This has never been a private relationship, it’s always been for the public to view. It’s more like a business deal than a romance.

  185. B says:

    Why “Why?” ? Chill out on your word count.

  186. why? says:

    I must have struck a nerve because out come the posts telling posters to chill out on the word count.

  187. why? says:

    I can’t believe that:

    That is not true.

    You are irritated by the fact that we don’t see LR as the victim, yet here you are reading our posts and constantly making excuses for LR.

    You are still missing the point. There is no way to avoid LR because she makes sure that her face and name our EVERYWHERE. She marketed her engagement and trip to Cabo like she was going to die or something.

    Where do you want BG to go? To a cave or something? Underground? To the southpole to a place where they don’t have TV, mags, or radios?

    Isn’t Leann doing a concert for the President? As we already know, she will make sure that her face are splashed all over the place.

    If you were busy not focusing on the bad stuff, you wouldn’t be here making excuses for Leann all the time.

    BG does work because EC doesn’t have the money to pay what he should be paying in alimony and child support, yet LR wants us all to believe that he has the money to buy a $85,000 ring?

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