Michael Bay says Shia LaBeouf wasn’t drunk at time of car crash

Transformers director Michael Bay is defending the film’s star Shia LaBeouf after his recent arrest for drunk driving. Cops arrested LaBeouf after a pretty serious car crash landed him and his passenger, co-star Isabel Lucas, in the hospital. However it was later determined that the other driver was at fault for running a red light. Lucas’ mother defended Shia earlier this week, and now Michael Bay is also claiming that LaBeouf wasn’t drunk.

In a new interview with Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush airing on Access August 1 and “The Billy Bush Show,” Bay claimed LaBeouf was not under the influence when his green Ford F-150 truck collided with another car in the early hours of Sunday morning. While authorities have claimed in the media that officers believed the actor was drunk when they reached the scene of the accident, Bay said LaBeouf’s arrest on suspicion of driving under the influence will not stick.

“You’re gonna see — that’s gonna go away,” Bay said. “That’s fresh news… He was not drunk. He was drinking hours and hours before.”

In the hours leading up to the crash at the intersection of Fountain and LaBrea, LaBeouf attended a concert at the Los Angeles Troubadour music venue with his “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” co-star Isabel Lucas. A source claimed in Us Weekly the actor was drinking at the event.

“He was dancing around and acting really crazy,” the source claimed to Us. “He kept doing shots of whiskey.”

[From Access Hollywood]

I’ve been pretty confused about how anyone could argue that LaBeouf wasn’t drunk, even if he didn’t cause the crash. He was arrested on DUI charges, so it’s logical to assume he was given a breathalyzer test. After checking over several articles, I have yet to find any mention of a specific blood alcohol level, or any mention of a breathalyzer at all.

A lot of stories say Shia was arrested after exhibiting “visible signs” of intoxication, but one could argue that he might have been in shock and behaving irrationally. So Bay may very well be right, the charges might not stick. We’ll have to wait a bit and see what evidence comes out, but I wouldn’t be completely shocked if charges are thrown out.

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  1. J9 says:

    Just because the cops assumed he was drunk does not mean he was. Please dont perpetuate the “us against them” attitude that is pervasive in law enforcement already. Not all young people who have motor vehicle accidents are drunk or high. We’ve already found out the accident wasnt his fault, so easy there killer. Wait and find out what really happened.

  2. Vibius says:

    A DUI doesn’t require alcohol. High maybe?

  3. Celebitchy says:

    Considering the chick he was with, he might have been high, but there wasn’t a breathalyzer mentioned in any story, JayBird is right. It doesn’t sound like much is going to come of this but we’ll have to wait and see.

  4. Kaiser says:

    Regardless of the charges, I think we should be reading between the lines of what Bay is saying:

    “You’re gonna see [after I pay off the right people] — that’s gonna go away [given that executive producer Steven Spielberg will do and pay anything to protect his latest actor/asset],” Bay said. “That’s fresh news… He was not drunk [I mean, he was drunk, but by now the police report is "lost"]. He was drinking hours and hours before ["hours" meaning 10 shots of Jose Cuervo just minutes before he slid behind the wheel].”

  5. paris herpes says:

    Micheal Bay should not be taken seriously AT ALL, just look at his god-awful movies!

  6. elisha says:

    Cops are so quick to assume you’re drunk when you’re in an accident. I was in an accident this year and the officer said I had some visible signs of intoxiations. (My eye was bouncing when I looked all the way to the left). The problem is, I don’t drink. If they didn’t take Shia’s blood alchohol, I don’t think they can prove he was drunk. I won’t believe it until I see his Blood Alcohol level either.

    My brother spent a night in jail for DUI, they reduced the charges to wet & reckless.

  7. Codzilla says:

    Who knew Michael Bay had such bad hair?

  8. ri23 says:

    And then Michael Bay said, “The car his Shia’s car and went CRAAAAAASH!! Then the other car exploded and went BOOOOOM!! And then another car hit a building and went GAAAARRRRR!!! And then…” I just assume that’s how he really speaks. Oh, and Michael Bay’s movies suck.

  9. I choose me says:

    :lol: Kaiser you make me laugh, but I hope that’s not true. I like Shia and don’t want to see him spiral out of control at the start of a promising career. *Fingers crossed* that rehab is not in his future.

  10. Scott F. says:

    I was reading something on Yahoo that said his hand was ‘crushed’ in the accident. So badly in fact that they’re having to write it into the script.

    If that’s the case, that’s probably why no breathalyser was used at the time of the accident. If you’re seriously inured, they’re not going to stop and check your BAC. My guess is their ‘proof’ is that they smelled alcohol on him at the time.

    About a year after I got my license I was making a left turn when someone ran the red light and slammed into me head-on. I wasn’t wearing my seatbelt, and my skull slammed into the steering wheel so hard it bent it (’89 Cavalier, no airbags). I literally fell out of my car with blood on my head and the cop who had been parked at the gas station at the corner walks over, picks my ass up off the ground, sits me on the hood of my car, and starts grilling me about ‘how much have I had to drink’.

    Despite the fact the accident wasn’t my fault, and he flat out admitted he couldn’t smell any alcohol, the asshole wouldn’t believe me until I submitted to a breathalyser. He defended it later by saying the other guy was a doctor, so he believed him over some ‘punk kid’ who was claiming he ran a red light.

    Not saying he wasn’t drunk – just saying a lot of cops will assume the worst when they run into a young person in an auto accident. Considering the driving records of a lot of young people in Hollywood, that probably didn’t help either.

  11. vdantev says:

    So now we’re just gleaning opinions from random jag-offs who weren’t even at the scene instead of the actual people involved or their legal reps?

    I smell unimportant filler news. :roll:

  12. poky says:

    he went to the hospital, i have no doubt that they took blood and he either signed off on the BAC blood testing or he’d have gotten a suspended license for refusing. It will come out sooner or later. Breathalyzer isnt the only test

  13. darn Shia Labeouf is actually 1 fortuitous SOB to have got picked up along with smoking hot Meghan Foxx. She actually is gourgeous.