David Arquette checks into rehab for alcohol, broken heart

David Arquette went out partying for New Year’s Eve and then checked into rehab the very next day. I guess we know what his resolution is. Arquette’s been boozing constantly and giving weepy hungover tell all interviews to Howard Stern since his marriage with Courteney Cox went south. He’s also been leaking stories about how much he wants his family back while being photographed with cocktail waitresses in bikinis. Now he’s ready to get serious about sobriety and earning Courtney’s respect. He’s checked into rehab at an undisclosed location, with a source telling People that he’s getting treatment for alcohol dependence and “dealing with a broken heart.” This is pretty much exactly what Arquette told Stern a couple of weeks ago.

The actor, who separated from wife Courteney Cox in October, has entered a rehab program, his rep confirms to PEOPLE.

The rep had “no further information,” however a source says the actor needs help with alcohol and other issues.

“He is in there for drinking and depression, not hard drugs. Rehab was inevitable,” says the source. “He is dealing with a broken heart. He can’t handle all the changes in his life. All his inner demons came out.”

During a recent interview on Howard Stern’s radio show, Arquette, 39, said that his psychologist, whom he sees once a week, believed he was having a “nervous breakdown,” and the actor confessed he’d been “drinking a lot.”

“Everybody’s worried and concerned about me,” he added during the interview. “When I drink, I become a maniac.”

A source told PEOPLE recently that Arquette, who is dad to 6-year-daugher Coco with Cox, 46, was having trouble managing the separation.

“He’s just not handling this situation well,” the source said. “He’s really depressed.

[From People]

Courteney has issued a statement to People about David going to rehab. She said “I really admire David and his choice to take charge and better his life. I love and support him.” I doubt she’ll get back with him after he gets out. His sobriety might go a long way toward healing his pain, though. Drinking and partying like that only makes things worse.

I really feel for the guy, but I also get why Courteney wanted out. Sure she’s probably sleeping with that co-star guy who plays her ex husband on Cougar Town, but maybe she just couldn’t take it with David anymore and was trying to make it easy on him. It obviously isn’t, and the holidays must have been a tough time for him. Get well, David!

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  1. someone says:

    I feel bad for David…but hes always been borderline crazy…I don’t think sleeping with everything wearing a skirt is a way to win back your wife. I hope he tames his demons.

  2. mln76 says:

    Even though I still think Courtney had an affair there is no blaming her for this. He needs to get help so he can take care of his daughter. He also needs to accept that his marraige is over so that he can move on.

  3. Rosanna says:

    I don’t understand how rehab is supposed to solve the “broken heart” problem. If it’s a medical problem he needs medications; if it’s a psychological problem he needs a therapist. Rehab can be useful to some people dealing with drugs – but it’s mainly about growing out of codependency.

  4. brin says:

    This is sad but he really does need help and hopefully he can get himself together for his sake and his daughter’s.

  5. apsutter says:

    This is incredibly sad. My heart aches for him…….poor guy. He fell in love with a bitchy cold hearted cheater. Stilll, at least he is aware enough that he knows he’s falling off the deep end and how desperate his situation is. At least he’s not oblivious to his drinking

  6. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    Poor man. I wish him the best. Get well David!!

  7. Marjalane says:

    I’m not going to lay the blame of this at Courtney Cox’s feet; Have you ever heard any of the Arquette’s talk about their very unusual upbringing? They are somewhat bizarre by anyone’s standards. Sometimes Peter Pans have to grow up and join the real world. I wish him luck in his sobriety, but I don’t blame her for moving on.

  8. WYIJM says:

    DA comes across like an immature idiot and I can’t blame CC for getting tired of his infantile behaviour and moving on. She loves him and probably thought she could ‘fix’ him, but he’s the one who needs to make that choice and grow up.

    Been there, done that, but some guys remain mental children.

  9. Raven says:

    Rosanna, rehab includes counseling, because you have to deal with the factors that may cause you to relapse.

  10. Anon says:

    “Sometimes Peter Pans have to grow up and join the real world.”

    So true. He has been acting like he’s in his early twenties with no wife or child responsibilities, instead of the 39 year-old married father that he is.

    Back in 2003 Courtney and David did an interview with Barbara Walters and they talked about David’s problems with addiction. She said then that when they met she wanted to be with him, but she told him she would have nothing to do with him as long as he was in that world (of drugs). When Barbara asked Courteney if she was scared about David going back to those vices and how would she handle it, Courteney’s response was that she would not handle that – that she could not be around that.

    We have no idea about what led to their split other than what David has spoken of – that Courteney told him to go be himself that she was tired of being his mother. David was working on his club show last year and was partying to some degree as per pap pictures and accounts. Perhaps Courteney was tired of asking him not to, and worrying about him being around that lifestyle. David has been making a lot of empty statements about how he wants his wife and life back, and how much he cares about his family. While these may be true, they have been empty in that he doesn’t seem to be doing anything to prove them.

    He has said publicly that Courteney wants calm and quiet and he’s in a partying place. These things are quite at odds. From what we know Courteney didn’t want to impose anything on him, so told him to go be himself, figure himself out and what he wanted. So far, he has been proving to her he doesn’t want her and their old life by his constant partying and antics. As long as he isn’t hurting himself, there isn’t anything wrong with him choosing that road, but at the same time he needs to then take responsibility for his role in their relationship demise and own the fact that his actions are setting in motion that outcome.

    I’m glad to hear he’s entered rehab and is going to work on himself. Given his public antics I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that drugs were also an issue and not just alcohol. However, TMZ has a statement from a source supposedly close to David that he is doing rehab because “it’s the right thing to do for his family.” If this is really his motive, while admirable, it isn’t really the best reason. He ought to be doing rehab for himself first. The fact that he partied for New Year’s and then opted to go to rehab is also a bit suspect.

  11. MrsOdie2 says:

    Most people who go into rehab have a “last hurrah” right before. In fact, many show up to rehab drunk and/or high. It’s like when you start your diet Monday morning. You pig out all day Sunday, right?

  12. albeli says:

    He’s really immature, but I feel bad for him.

  13. fanny says:

    He seems like a lost soul. Hope he gets better soon. His little girl needs a healthy happy dad.

  14. Cait says:

    He’s always struck me as an immature man child, so while I wish him luck getting sober it’s a case of too little, too late.

  15. Moreaces says:

    I feel for him, Hope he gets his self together and moves on and finds love again.. Best of luck

  16. AB says:

    Rehab is about changing very little, just EVERYTHING. That’s what AA people say. So you have to figure out why you’re sad, mad, and want to die. The drinking is a kind of suicide and you know it, so therapy is definitely essential.

  17. lucy2 says:

    I feel bad for him that he’s struggling, and glad he’s getting help.
    My guess on the situation is like what Anon posted – Courteney had enough. I can’t blame her for not wanting to be a part of that, and maybe he was backsliding and she felt separating would be a wake up call to him. I’ve yet to see anything that convinces me she had an affair and that’s what broke them up.

  18. Trippin says:

    He’s not an alcoholic because he has a broken heart. Courtney has probably suffered and stuck by him for years with his addiction, hence the split. Maybe that’s what it took.