Barbara Walters wants Sherri Shepherd off The View

Sherri Shepherd publicly apologized on air for saying in an interview with a Christian Women’s magazine that she hoped her boss, Barbara Walters, could “get saved” by a televangelist. She said in the same interview that she went through a very rough time when she was young and that she’d “had more abortions than I would like to count.” After the details of the interview were widely publicized, Shepherd clarified her remarks, saying that she was not glamorizing abortion and that she hoped to inspire women who also felt extreme guilt and shame over having an abortion. She also claimed that her quotes were taken out of context and that she was joking about wanting to have Walters saved.

Shepherd said she called Barbara Walters ahead of time to warn her that the quote was going to be published, and that Walters laughed and acted like it wasn’t a big deal. A show source tells the National Enquirer that Barbara is fed up with with Sherri and the idiotic things she says on air and that the “saved” comment was just Sherri’s latest gaffe to piss her off:

“Barbara has had it with her,” said the source. “Barbara was shocked that Sherri would say she needs to be ‘saved’. She’s dumbfounded by the stupid things that keep coming out of Sherri’s mouth…

Barbara has been saying that Sherri’s a “loose cannon,” added the source. “And after hearing what she said to a Christian magazine, word came back from Barbara that she wants to boot her off the show.

“Barbara thinks Sherri has become far worse of a problem than Star Jones and Rosie’s O’Donnel when they were on the show – and that’s saying a lot!”

While Barbara is ready to see Sherri move on from “The View,” insiders say it’s unlikely there will be a dramatic firing.

“Barbara may first give her a chance to shape up before shipping her out…

“And if Barbara does let Sherri go, expect a fun farewell with the whole gang saying only nice things about Sherri in public.”

[From The National Enquirer, print edition, August 11, 2008]

Everyone else on The View may be smarter than Sherri – and that’s not saying much considering that Sherri thinks Jesus came before the Romans – but Barbara Walters’ personality is shrewish and she sticks out on that panel. Barbara is constantly making the celebrity guests on the show uncomfortable with blunt questions. The View is a roundtable talkshow with an audience, it’s not a one on one interview like Walters is used to and she has to tone down the personal questions.

The show is so much more watchable when Whoopi is there running everything without Barbara. Yes Sherri says stupid things, but she’s earnest about it and she’s not really hurting anyone. Sherri’s dumb observations are a kind of comic relief and the other women make excuses for her and help her out. Barbara would do better to retire than to try and get rid of Sherri. Sherri isn’t the one who’s dragging the show down.

The cast of The View is shown at a panel discussion on 4/9/08. Credit: MLM/Fame Pictures

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  1. Chrissy says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more. As for Sherri, her comments were to a CHRISTIAN magazine … what do you expect her to say? She apologized and really … Barbara Walters is the boring one on the show. I hardly ever watch the View anymore and a day that Barbara is there wouldn’t be one of them. If Barbara wants a really intelligent person on that show, why doesn’t she screen them better? The first “young” woman (who is know a reporter on E!) used to kill me with her dumb statements. And now Sherri … well … maybe Barbara should interview her people a bit better. I personally think she must like it because then people will continue to talk about what has become a really pointless show.

  2. daisy424 says:

    Good riddance 😕

  3. Leandra says:

    I did like the show a lot better when Barbara was not on monopolizing the conversation. But between her, Elizabeth and Sherri, I don’t watch it anymore. It’s just overkill with three annoying women on there.

  4. Jesa says:

    Well I watch the View because of Sherri and Joy, they are both hilarious and Sherri gets under Babwa’s skin and just annoys her and I love it. But my favorite days are when Babwa is not there, she just brings the whole show down, she needs to retire. Last week it was obvious that Elisabeth was getting Whoopi Joy and Sherri worked up with her idiotic political comments and going off and not letting anyone else get a word in. They went to commercial and came back and all explained that they really did love each other just did not agree. I would love Babwa and Elisabeth off the show and bring on Kathy Griffin and THEN the show would be amazing!!!!

  5. daisy424 says:

    Jesa, If you want to see that, change the channel to MSNBC

  6. All Adither says:

    Interesting body language, Barbara.

  7. SixxKitty says:

    I haven’t watched the view since Rosie left. I only watched it then to see her put her foot in her mouth..along with some-one elses!

  8. Nouvel says:

    ONE MORE TIME, it goes to show you the bible thumpers christian conservatives are the ones that are really wierd.. it gives honest good hearted christians a bad name. It is such a shame.. it really is.

  9. Missy says:

    Barbara should’nt throw any stones in a glass house. She engaged in an affair with a married senator by her own admission. They all have issues and that in itself creates high ratings.

  10. OXA says:

    I would like to see Kathy Griffin on the panel. Elizabeth and Sherry need to go, they are both threatened by opinions different from theirs and try to force their view.

    • Toni A. Beard says:

      I am appalled by the question B Walters asked our President. When do you lie? Her need to stay relevant and provocative is in such poor taste. The entire show has lasted far longer than I ever thought it would. I rarely watch anymore but when I heard the advertisement for the upcoming special with the first family I was mortified at the level of disrespect demonstrated by B. Walters in her attempt at shock and awe. POOR TASTE!!!

  11. Cinderella says:

    Sherri adds nothing intelligent to the show, and she isn’t very funny. Elizabeth isn’t as smart as she thinks and isn’t funny at all. Barbara needs to retire and write more trashy books.

    Keep Whoopi and Joy, and let them pick a new panel.

  12. kate says:

    this show sucks no matter who is on it.

  13. Jinxy says:

    I hate that show and never watch it, but that woman is a moron who should NOT have a national platform for her buffoonery. See ya Christian Lady from hell!

  14. Anastasia says:

    I agree with whomever said the show sucks no matter what, but I do like Joy. And sometimes I like Whoopi. The rest of them can kiss my ass. I ESPECIALLY dislike Elizabeth Hasslecrack the worst and Sherri next.

    Ug. I don’t watch it, period.

  15. Donna says:

    I have tried to watch the View since Star Jones left but it has taken a downward spiral. In my opinion, Star Jones brought the show to a higher intellectual level. The viewers were making such a too doo about her getting free bees for her wedding. As far as I know a lot of celebrities get free bees. Who isn’t excited about their first wedding?

    I agree with the other comments about Elisabeth voicing her opinions and not listening to anyone else.

    Sherri must realize when you air your dirty laundry to the public, people will begin to see you in a different light.

    The same goes for Barbara Walters. I have watched Barbara on television for a number of years and have/had great respect for her as a newswoman but since she aired her business on the View, Oprah and in her book, my respect for her has lessened to some degree.

    I knew when Rosie O’Donnell was coming to the view that it wouldn’t work. She was totally too agressive for the show. Rosie did not fit in with the pinkness of the room, if you get my drift.

    Disclosing your whole life to the media and the public can be a tricky business.

    Although, Wendy Williams has her own show, Wendy Williams would be a perfect fit for the View. She is beautiful, intelligent, savvy, knowledgeable, up on current events and humorous.

    If anyone leaves the View, Wendy Williams should be selected to take their place.

  16. Judy says:

    I have NEVER liked the View and never will. it is ignorant and abrasive. Why Elizabeth left her success on the Style network is beyond me. I don’t know anyone who likes the show but I guess people are watching it or it wouldn’t still be on the air.

  17. Jody says:

    Sherri is basically harmless – it’s Elizabeth that totally gets under the skin. Barbara should rethink who she’s getting rid of.

  18. Leab says:

    I briefly watches the show because Whoopi and Sherri are on it. They are the two co-host that does not kiss Barabara Walters behind. They are the ones that lively up the show. I did not watch it until they came into the picture.

  19. Peggy says:

    I don’t like the show when Barbara is there, but I really detest Joy. She is the one who is totally intolerant of any political opinion other than her own and I would love to see her go.

  20. yvonne ward says:

    Why do talk show host have to be celebrities ? Why is it that someone cannot have a show like the view, keep joy and whoppi on it and from week to week let regular ordinary everyday women sit in on the panel.. Everyday people have things to say also. Sometimes it gets very boring looking at the same people and hearing the same dumb ignorant responses ( Elizabeth) constantly. I think that would make the show alot more interesting. I used to watch everyday, but I cant stomach Elizabeth.

  21. Nan says:

    …And I want this show off of the air! Phony-ass Babs. She acts like she’s the = of Tom Brokaw. Ugh!

  22. Nan says:

    They needed to hire Mario Cantone for that show. There’d be ratings and laughs. Stupid Barbara!

  23. jean davis says:

    I liked Rosie and the program was much more lively when she was there. I thought Whoopi would be good but she’s boring along with Sherri. I think Barbra adds to the show as does Joy. Eliz should be shipped to China. I don’t watch much anymore; they don’t offer much of interest to me. It needs more energy.

  24. Buwahahaha says:

    Wait – Barbara’s the shrew, not Joy BigMouth Behar?

    Joy was hired because of her comdeic “talents.” Elisabeth was the young Conservative.

    Elisabeth returned from maternity leave with the role of all around political reporter, but is stymied by Whoopie and Joy at every turn. No wonder she’s pushed to tears!

    Lose the nasty redhead. Her time passed long ago.

  25. beth says:

    I could have done a better job at picking the new host. I knew it should have been Kathy Griffen. I would watch every day to see her.
    Barbara and the View master should be kicking themselves in the …

  26. HC says:

    Personally, I think the show has gone down hill. I can’t stand to watch the show anymore. I loved it when it was the “fat” Star, Merideth, Joy & Elizabeth. Now that was a show. Get rid of the show & Barbara, retire. I can’t stand you

  27. lou howard says:

    I think Elisabeth should go. I have just about quit watching but if she left I might give it another go. Sherri does add to the show but she needs to leave her religious beliefs out of it.

  28. Belle Epoch says:

    Joy Behar is awesome! So smart and funny. She is the ONLY reason to watch The View any more! Sherri is stupid but at least she admits it. Crybaby Elisabeth is an idiot but somehow believes she’s smart. That’s like an Olsen twin thinking she’s tall. If Barbara wants a conservative point of view, get rid of the loudmouth Survivor and find someone with a brain.

  29. rafi says:

    I feel the show is funny. It’s prepared in evrey sense of the word to what they will say and how they going to present it to the viewers Sherri is funny. Yes, she can say some very silly comments. But aleast she knows it ‘s sillyand keep on step’in… 😆

  30. Bran says:

    The show definately needs to be re-cast. it needs one more element.. a gay guy to keep them all in check

  31. shirley pope says:

    Walter’s is self promoting and is a “Snake Oil

    I do not watch it if she is on…she has no shame

  32. Stacey says:

    I really dont watch the view that often anymore. I cant stand when Barbara is on. She is snobby to her guests and thinks she is better then her co-hosts. They really need to bring Kathy Griffin back and develop a better panel.

  33. Kink says:

    There’s only two things I hate about the view…Barbara WaWa and Elizabitch. NO ONE says stupider things than them. Sherri is hilarious, and REAL, you can’t help but smile when you watch her. Barabara should just make an infomercial to run repetively late nights if she’s only interested in self promotion. I am so effin tired of them hyping her stuff on the show!

  34. get rid of... says:

    I’d like to see them get rid of Hasselbeck. She is immature and doesn’t know how to comport herself in a debate. It sounds like she is rattling off talking points sent to her by the McCain campaign (and prior to that, the Bush administration). She starts screaming and attacking people right away. Surely the folks at the View can find someone to share the conservative point of view without acting like a bratty moron.

  35. Annoyed says:

    It’s so convenient to “feel extreme guilt and shame after having an abortion”. Where would her career be if she’d not had one or her claimed several abortions? So, she benefited from her right to choose (she IS on television making several hundred thousand dollars a year) and now is not only woeful over her choice but is also preaching to a Christian magazine that, ostensibly, she regrets her choice. Again, where would she be if she hadn’t had that choice? I would bet the family farm that she certainly wouldn’t have the life of luxury she now enjoys.

  36. Robin says:

    I agree that Elizabeth has got to go. I would rather listen to nails on a chalkboard than her obnoxious voice and her moronic statments. Whoopi and Joy bring a lot to the table.

  37. Elisabeth Hastogo says:

    What is up with Elisabeth? She is totally annoying. She needs to bounce. I love it when Joy and Whoopi gets down on her I KNOW IT ALL attitude.Sherri is clueless but, harmless. Barbie needs to sit back and enjoy the $ that rolls in from the show and STOP backing up poor little spoiled Elisabeth. 🙁

  38. jen says:

    why you americans are so hypocrite. you speak the truth you gets crucified and the truth about it most american women slut around before they married. dont hide behind religion. 😆

  39. Casey says:

    Sorry but I like Elizabeth.. I do NOT agree with her political views, but I don’t believe in Joy’s either. They both are extremists. I think if you’re going to have political extremists on a show — you need to have one from both parties to balance things out.

    I think the show went downhill when Rosie left. She can be annoying but she is ALWAYS entertaining..

    and Baba doesn’t ever seem to loosen up.. and the times she does – it seems forced. When the other girls are having fun — she is always the dead weight that reels them in – I guess it is needed but she’s extreme…she’s a buzzkill, to be honest.

    and YES! Please hire Kathy Griffin!! The ratings would skyrocket..(but baba is too prudish for Kathy.. sigh)

  40. Mavis Davis says:

    I am a towards the middle republican, but I miss Star. I enjoyed hearing Star and Elisabeth talk politics because they LISTENED to one another. Not everyone agrees all the time and the way they held discussions showed that you could disagree and still be amiable towards one another. That’s what this country needs, 2 different points of view blazeing a trail with mutual understanding to show the rest of us how to deal with each other. I myself hear people out, but have a hard time finding anyone who wants to listen to me. It’s a 2 way street people. Oh and Joy really needs to go. She is so angry and obnoxious, she can’t see past her own views. Just because you think your right, doesn’t mean you are.

  41. JDS says:

    Get rid of that over opinionated and under thought Elizabeth Hassell-all-the-time wench. Then deal with the Abortion Queen.

  42. VICTORIA says:


  43. lindee says:

    It’s time for the entire cast to be replaced and get some new Views.

  44. zamora says:

    oh please!

  45. Real DARLING says:

    I have been watching Sherri for a couple of years now. I have also been fortunate enough to visit a taping of “The View” and meet her personally, along with the rest of the cast (except Elisabeth and Barbara), and I found everyone to be simply delightful. Sherri makes me smile, and she really is a kind and very friendly person. She works her *** off for ABC and has literally travelled the world, making appearances on various ABC shows, including the Daytime Emmys. I think Sherri is just finding her “place” in the new group of Daytime “A” listers of which she is now one of those on that list. I admire her, and wish her the best as she continues to skyrocket into daytime success. I am not too concerned about this story, because I KNOW the real person, and I have made my own conclusion, which is very positive and supportive of Sherri. Since I am the one who watches the show, supports the advertisers, and literally helps to pay Barbara’s salary and everyonee elses, I think that should count for something. My vote is, THUMBS UP, for Sherri.

  46. Zoe says:

    It’s interesting that the show is called “The View” which means differing views and yet a member of the panel is dissed if their view is different. I have no respect Barbara Walters who has admitted to having an affair with a married man. People who lives in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. My biggest problem with the View is that they all talk at the same time. It’s rude and they all do it.

  47. Susan says:

    There would be no show or jobs for so many people without Barbara.. Why ask her to retire???? STUPID!!!!! Barbara/Whoopie/Joy and maybe Elizabeth make the show, why look for a 5th? And yes Sheri should go ASAP!!!

  48. bebe says:

    I’m not sure why Sherri was hired in the first place. She has little knowledge, education or intelligence, and it shows – and she’s not funny enough to make up for that.

  49. Sheridan Douglas says:

    Sheri is OK. It is Elizabeth who grates on the nerves. SHE IS ONE CONSTANT”BLONDE MOMENT”.Just joking about the blondes.

  50. barbara says:


  51. mom says:

    Sherri and Elisabeth you don’t need the “View”. I don’t care for the show because of Barbara and the others. I’m glad to see that we have Christian people in the media such as Sherri. Everyone has a right to voice their opinion. We don’t have to agree with these ladies all the time. Stop watching the View and the rating will fall, then they can take the show off the air. I say stop watching so much television and get outside and enjoy the outdoors and your families and friends. Go to church, get involved in bible studies or prayer groups. Who needs the view to survive? Not this lady. God Bless you all and Sherri keep the faith.

  52. januaryM says:

    shut up!
    fire babs…and lizzie(borden) b4 she goes postal .
    keep the “real women”
    Joy,Whoopster & sherry
    we’ve all had our moments….
    so has Babs…nasty old girl
    ohhh yeah and ring back Rosie….but you wont bcuz you have no balls!
    but she had great ratings.

  53. ts says:

    she is disgusting anyway. Not funny and just gross. I can’t even watch that show anymore. I haven’t watched in about 7 months. Everyone on there is annoying.

  54. jackie says:

    Sherri needs to go and after her, Elizabeth! One who knows it all and one who knows nothing at all…………

  55. Me says:

    Are you kidding me? I like Sherri. She’s sweet and naive, in a cute sort of way. I can’t stand Elisabeth, but I suppose her viewpoint is needed to balance things out. They need to get rid of Whoopie. I used to like her, before she came on this show and showed what a blatent, extreme racist she really is. Plus, she’s arrogant and thinks her opinion is the only one that’s right.

  56. Dawn says:

    Eliz only seems annoying because NOONE EVER LETS HER TALK! i feel bad for her and think shes shown shes a very strong woman because all 3 on there never let her get a word in edge wise (the show is calld the view and they never let her speak HER view) barbara looks/talks to her like shes scum joy makes faces like shes going to puke whenever eh speaks and whoopie?? shes the WORST she actually believe SHE IS THE “ONLY” one who is right? if you dont agree with her look out!! when shes talking she DEMANDS ALL the attention but..when anyone else esp EH speaks she constantly cuts her off saying NO EH IM RIGHT! Its a sin how they treat EH..thats why she SEEMS to be annoying cuz she has to YELL to get her point across. she gets absolutely no respect at all!. and YES THE SHOW ABSOLUTELY SUCKS WHEN BARBARA IS ON ugh..she is sooooo boring shes snippy she thinks shes Gods gift to the universe! she knocks them all down EXCEPT WHOOPIE poor joy stuck with her ALL these years thru all the crap and barbara has the NERVE to say if we’re ever going to win the emmy this year will be it because…OF WHOOPIE!!! that was rude and insensitive to joy and EH! Hate her!

  57. dave says:

    Elizabeth is the only one with any sense on the panel. Whoopi’s defense of the N word, as if it were principled (when she obviously intends it as nothing but a pejorative, claiming never to have met a N) was just insipid, and Sherri jumped right in to defend her. Sherri didn’t know the earth was round; she’s just stupid, and she makes Christians look stupid. Elizabeth’s stances are unpopular but principled; she’s courageous.

  58. barbara says:


  59. John says:

    Well I went to see the VIEW in July it was a awesome show to see in person. If you or who ever thinks Sherri should go doesnt know what they are talking about.People always try to find a fault with someone on a show,I think if anyone should go would be Eliz.she is always opening her mouth when and doesnt give anyone a chance to talk their oppinions!! that is my “VIEW”
    thanks for the time to write what we think.

  60. Nancy Halverson says:

    I’d rather eat ground glass than listen to Elizabeth.
    Its not her viewpoint that annoys me, its her manner of speaking, continually interupting the others when they are speaking and she is totally obnoxious when she puts on that holier-than-thou attitude. Get rid of her…and I’ll be back. AFter her behavior last week, I pulled the plug on THE VIEW. Luv Joy and the Whop….Sherrie doesn’t bother me but think there are other better choices out there!!!

  61. bj says:

    I am so glad to voice my opinion. Elizabeth H… as phony as a three
    dollar bill, so condescending. Her
    tears on the air make me nauseous.

    Her political viewpoints are straight
    from the Fox news anchors. I realize she is a hopeless conservative, but I
    think any other conservative could present their views in a more mature
    manner. Give me a break, I am a Republican,but Elizabeth just rubs me
    the wrong way. Find a mature Republican

  62. Clif says:

    I’m so sick of Elisabeth I could scream. First off, her voice is like nails scratching on a blackboard. Every time I hear it, I get sick. She’s too opinionated (it’s called The View, not Elisabeth’s View) and she won’t let issues die. If I have to hear about Rev. Wright one more time… I mean she can’t quit flogging the dead donkey – O-KAY! First she runs off Rosie and now every time we turn around she’s hitting Whoopie with comments. I can’t wait to see the can-O-Whoop@$$ that Whoopie pulls out on her one day! They need to get rid of Elisabeth before they even think of getting rid of Sherrie – she’s the loose cannon and Sherrie… well, she’s a breath of fresh air compared to Lissie. 😛 I’m so sick of Elisablecht I could puke!

  63. Just to let everyone know that I really enjoy the view very much. And for the comment on getting rid of Sherri, please just stop it. These ladies are great each one has a right to speak their mind which they do.. I love that Whoopi is hosting the show too. And for
    Elizabeth I believe that she is very careing and fantastic in her own way. She’s perfect and Joy and Barbara are great. I wish I can get tickets but unable too. So Please leave the ladies along they are doing their jobs…..Lov Marivel fr Brooklyn,

  64. Bonnie Pointer says:

    Thank God!!!

  65. Bill says:

    Sheri is clearly the show’s irrelevant lightweight. If you want to get rid of her, that’s fine with me, but Joy Behar is the panelist who should just disappear without a trace, not unlike some old “Twilight Zone” episode. She’s just plain stupid, uninformed, blindly ideological and not at all funny. Whoopi and Elizabeth make nice foils for each other. Even though she’s lost her fastball, Baba Wawa will always be a TV icon.

  66. Carol says:

    Sorry to hear it wasn’t Elizabeth that Barb wants to get rid of.

  67. Sue Simmons says:

    I stopped watching The View after Ro left. I do not like Barbara or EH. Joy is tolerable and I love Whoop. Sherri sounds like a dimwit. IMO the show isn’t nearly as important as BW makes it out to be. It’s a daytime talk show with a few yentas sitting around gossiping, what’s so groundbreaking about that? I always hate watching their celebrity interviews because it’s like they’re each trying to one up the other.

  68. Annette says:

    Barbara Walters needs to get over herself. She is behaving as if she never made a comment that was taken out of context.

    And if she can’t take the humor, why did she hire Whoopi, Joy and Sherri.

  69. Dawn says:

    I just read someone wrote sherri is sweet and innocent? this has to be a family member writing that? shes had so many abortions she lost count? she murdered all those children just for a quickie with joe blow? and shes sweet and innocent??. She constantly lies about Jehovahs Witnesses she hasnt a clue about them at all everything she ever said was wrong! shes an idiot! and i think the MOST STUPIEST THING I EVER HEARD COME OUT OF “ANYONES” MOUTH IS>>>SHE SAYS>>>her friend told her…OMG this is the dumbest thing ever…”DONT WORRY SHERRI WHEN YOU GET TO HEAVEN (HAHA SHERRI IN HEAVEN) WHEN YOU GET TO HEAVEN..”ALL” THOSE BABIES YOU ABORTED WILL BE WAITING FOR YOU CALLING YOU MOMMY????? OMG!! i dont know how bill getty didnt come out and pull her off the show! is she aware of what happens during an abortion? she thinks these babies r going to be in heaven greeting the woman who killed them?? like i said that was the dumbest thing i ever ever heard in my entire life! she talks constantly how shes so religious but ALL her talk is sexual! UGH shes sickening! yet they say shes sweet and innocent? PLUHLEEESSEE!

  70. Shelia says:

    Sherri is comic relief. Regardless, I love the show!

    The stupid one is that Elizabeth! WOW! Could they have picked a stupider Republican for that slot? I doubt it.

    Talk about dumb statements, Elizabeth actually has said (on the show) women should not dress nice, because the only reason we do is to turn on men and the only men we should worry about turning on are our husbands!!! Ok, then Elizabeth, take off the make up, the nice clothes and start wearing baggy pants and shirts or better yet put on some of those prarie clothes and cover your hair!

    I love the show, but the stupid one is Elizabeth and I am very sure they can find an intelligent Republican with some experience for her seat.

  71. Elisabeth H. says:

    Sherri is ignorant…not funny at all. Either she goes or I go.

  72. Brenda Dishon says:

    I happen to like them all! I don’t always agree with their views but that’s life. There would be no point in the show if they were all alike and had the same view on everything. People have to learn that you don’t just banish someone because they don’t share the same opinions as you. I do wish they wouldn’t all talk at the same time because I like to hear what each one says. And I do get bored with all the sex topics but that’s just me some may enjoy that. If they truly wanted a variety of people and opinions and backgrounds they got it and if Barbara Walters fires Sherry or Elizabeth for anything they say my opinion of her will crash and burn.

  73. angela says:

    No one ever seems to stay on this show too long.

  74. ms.r says:

    get rid of woopie . double standard biggit. every woman on there has issues

  75. Amadeus says:

    When the View comes on in the morning, I look to see if Barbara walks out with them. If she does, I automatically know that the show is not going to be as good. It’s like she is a teacher and everyone has to stay “good” around her. Then she takes up half the talking time because she is old and entitled.

  76. Denise Yesland says:

    They will never get rid of that obnoxious Elisabeth Hasselcrag as long as BW and Bill Geddie are the producers. BG is in serious lust with Elisabeth, and sees her as some sort of mouthpiece for the Repubs.

  77. shelly says:

    i can truly understand everyones point on elizabeth she is a winning adult to me.She complians about what everyone on the show says she thinks her points are always correct srry elizabeth you annoy far as sherri i like her she is funny to me and sometimes she has good points barbara MUST GOOOOOOOOO ahe is so boring i change tha channel when shes talking.

  78. Yes, yes get rid of Sheri! While you are at it, get rid of Joy with her cocky attitude! She thinks the View revolves around her! It is her way or the highway!..The View has become too political one way – the Democracts! Elizabeth doesn’t stand a chance being the “only” Republican on the show. The View is to share opinions not critizied someone who believes differently.(I am not a Republican either but the discussions should be respected for both political parties). Stop talking over each other. It is very annoying!

    Whoopi is the BEST!! If it wasn’t for her, I’d quit all together watching the View!

  79. nancy jones says:

    pleaSE Barbara get rid of yourself…I enjoy sherri and joy and whoopi its that b—- assback I hate

  80. Mindy says:

    Every time I watch a clip from that show I lose an IQ point-the ignorance is astounding, and I would never be able to sit through the entire show. I would rather watch paint dry.

  81. Bryan says:

    I record the view, but whenever I see Babwa is on, I wont watch unless there is a guest I want to see. She continually dominates the conversation, can be rude and belittling to the others, and if I have to hear one more of her plugs for ‘Audition’ or 20/20 when she has an interview on there..I will go out of my mind. In short..I will sign the petition for mandatory retirement for her! ‘The old gray mare ain’t what she used to be!’

  82. MS.E says:

    I agree with all those that want E\elizabeth Hasselback off the show!! She is irritating and makes me want to switch channels. She argues so much as if what she says is the only right one and everyone is not. She is not a nice person and acts like a spoiled brat.

  83. Frances Hines says:

    When Rosie was on the View I nearly stopped watching. I got tired of her constant “I’m gay, respect me!” attitude.
    Now with Whoopi, Joy, Sherry, Elizabeth and Barbara there is a good balance. Each can get on your last nerve on any given day, but for the most part they are all good together.

  84. lindee says:

    Someone should’ve told Sherrie multiple abortions can lead to handicapped children. Like her son who lives 3,000 miles from her and is being raised by his Dad.

  85. Matt says:

    Get rid of Elizabutt! She is an air head bigot! Get Kathy Griffin back. She was fun!

  86. kelly says:

    I’m turned by that skinny blond girl, whats her name (Elizabeth?). Its just gotten too mundane with her. I know the producer supports Mccain, but if thats the only reason they have her on, they need to seriously reconsider that approach. 😕

  87. dre says:

    bascily the show is garbage when babs is there.

  88. dre says:

    babs has to go.. her era is long gone

  89. Marcia Kukral says:

    I agree that Sherri and Elizabeth should take a hike. Barbara…well she’s okay. I get disgusted with Elizabeth on a daily basis and turn the show off half the time because of her. Sherri…I don’t know why they hired her in the first place…she is boring, loud and should not even be a guest host let alone on the program daily. Joy and Whoopi, keep up the good work.

  90. shine says:

    Sheri is undereducated compared to the rest of the panel, however she is head over heels above in life experience, along with Joy, Whoppi and Barbara compared to Hasselbech. Elizebeth is so preppy, opinionated and unable to listen to comments without ‘defending’ HER position, makes me turn her off. Yes, it is time for Barbara to retire to her night time specials, and let someone else grill her in a hot seat.

  91. Tamara says:

    I refuse to watch the show anymore after yesterday with Obama on it. He was trying to answer that stupid ass Elizabeth and she would not shut her fing mouth.. I can NOT stand her.. she is the loser on the show not anyone else.
    PLEASE do us all a favor and kick her ass to the curb..i say we all write to ABC requesting her to be kicked off the show.. lets send in dum dum lolipops until they get rid of her!! maybe when they get 20 million of them maybe they will wake up and get rid of her!!

  92. It's Me says:

    It’s obvious that most of you don’t know that Barbara is co-producer of The View, and it’s up to her to retire when she wants to retire.

    Barbara, Whoopie, and Joy, are the only hosts who have anything worthwhile to say and are also intelligent.

    Sherri contributes nothing meaningful or important, and Elisabeth is very annoying and likes to hear herself talk.

    Isn’t it obvious who should go and who should stay?

  93. Ree says:

    Everyone has their “opinion” – …… personally, I don’t feel that Sherri is the problem … Whoppi is cool; Joy gets under my skin at times – but most of the time I enjoy what she has to offer the show; Elizabeth is does annoy me most of the time and I could live without her on the panel; and in my opinion – Barbara ALWAYS puts a damper on things!!! As a news host/reporter she is good, but she just doesn’t belong on “The View” – it’s just NOT a good fit!!! So, I say replace both Elizabeth and Barbara at the same time!! (P.S. As for putting Kathy Griffin on the panel – oh my gosh…. well, she’s just too disrespectful!

  94. NB says:

    Whoopi is the greatest. She is so very smart, and presents herself very well in every situation. She has brought so much to the View. I think without her the View would take a dive. She knows when to make things funny and knows when to be serious and also puts a stop to things when they get out of hand. She could do this show alone. She is a source and talent to be recognized and I believe already has, but not nearly enough. Joy is very smart also and just adds so much to the show and compliments Whoopi. Sherri is just plain funny and the View without her would be boring. And by the way, why should she leave her religious comments at home, after all isn’t that what the View is all about? A round table open discussion about, well everything? But Elisabeth, well, I agree with the majority, she needs to go. She is just to weepy. A tear once and a while about something sad, but give us all a break. Most of us women put on our big girl panties when we get up every day but obviously she is still in training pants. She really needs to grow up and just resign from the View. She is REALLY dragging the show down. Barbara, do what you do the best, 20/20. It is not that I do not like you, but you are definately not suited for this venue. You are far to serious. Lighten up, laugh a little, that is what life is all about. Don’t miss your calling, write another book. And PS Barbara, think twice about which one of these women need to leave the View, it is NOT Sherri it is Elisabeth. You need a good balance of discussion and all but one brings that to the show.

  95. weenie says:

    Sherri is a breath of fresh air as compared to Elizabeth’s stiff right wing pole -up -her -ass demeanor. Sherri is the real thing, what you see is what you get. Joy is a riot, Whoopi is a fabulous mediator. Barbara’s forte is one on one interviews; this venue is not her cup of tea, she doesn’t have the personality to connect with the rest of the panel. I say, keep Sherri, dump the self-righteous big mouthed Elizabeth. Bring in Kathy Griffin who’s funny, smart and not afraid to hold her own with the “suits”.

  96. Red says:

    DO ALL OF US A FAVOR AND GET RID OF ELISABETH (shes a nobody and who cares her opinion on anything, just because you went on a reality game show, Survivor, does NOT make you a TV show host!)

  97. Ruthie says:

    Cherri is ok she’s is more of a comic, I love Whoopi and Joy on show those 3 can stay….

    Please let whinnie behind self righteous Elisabeth go and Barbara can retire…. I disliked Elisabeth on survivor and she definately doesn’t belong on view …. frankly the view is not somehting I watch too much because of Ms. self righteous Elisabeth and miss holier than thou attitude Barbara Walters….

    Neither can walk on water but they don’t know that yet lol….

  98. daisy424 says:

    Love Whoopie, but her and Sherri’s comment’s about the N word were racist, in my opinion.
    Not a balanced panel.

  99. Lee says:

    I have to say I’ve watch almost every show, thanks to DVR’s. I love Joy she is the intelligent one and make me laugh. Whoopi thinks she is smarter than the others and maybe she is but has an attitude and it shows. It looks like she bites her tongue a lot, and cuts herself off from saying what she really wants to say. “Network”? Just say it. Elizabeth gets under my skin, it must be her annoying voice, it is so high, when she is speaking it reminds me of nails on a chalkboard, her opinions are hers not to ram them down every one’s throat, give up, she needs to GO. Now I love Sherry what a breath of fresh air, but she will be corrupted if she stays on , but I think she tells it like it is and that’s what gets her foot in her mouth. We all made mistakes in our lives, move on please. She is so cute, leave her alone! So Babs should not be on the show, she is a downer. I think she has had her day and should just stick to her interview shows. Lastly Keep: Whoopi, Joy, Sherry, dump Elizabeth, and have Babs only once a month, too keep her happy. Just three talking at the same time not four is easier to watch. Chow

  100. Grace says:

    Barbara is ALL about BARBARA!
    She’s the one who needs to GO –
    go back to reporting and interviewing.

  101. ❓ ❓ 😉 😉 ❓ 😐 😐 ❗ ❓ 😐 :mrgreen: i agree i have been waching this summer elisabutt was great when she first started now she is a royal pain in the ass trying to force her ideas on everyone interuppting and trying to monopolize every conversation., it is called the view not elizabeth speaks, maybe it is time babbarba walters retires every person she has had on since she so needlessly got rid of star has been awesome, maybe she is the problem not them., elizabeth get the next bus or train out along with babs,. the rest carry the swhow any way and are the best,.mm 😳 😳 😳 😳 😈

  102. Hanna Cushman says:

    OK, my take is that the show is OLD. It has seen its best days. Time to move on. The only people I admire are Whoppie and Joy. The rest of the hosts, historically seem to be jockeying constantly for seats at the table THe last five years The VIEW has turned me off. I no longer watch it. Just too chaotic; it’s analagous to a bad dinner party without the food. .Bill Geddes, I am sure you’ve tried. Find some new venue/distraction for yourself. It isn’t working.

  103. Loretta says:

    Sherri before Elizabeth? Come on now…Liz is a royal pain with all of her political comments and not letting anyone else express their opinions. Sherri says stupid things but at least she is LIKEABLE. Whoopi rocks…the voice of reason, and I have always loved Joy.

    No..get rid of LIz.

  104. diana says:

    Get rid of Elisabeth……. she is ignorant. Her views are racist and extremely one sided.

    Everytime she speaks, I change the channel.

  105. Stella says:

    Bring Rosie O’Donnell back!!!!
    She was the BEST!

  106. Ruthie says:



  107. wanda says:

    I think they should get rid of Elizabeth, Sherri is the fun one and yes she is honest and religious but we still like sherri. Barbara needs to just come on once a week instead of as much as she does now. I like Barbara but the others are so much cooler. who would they get to replace sherri. I think the woman from the sopranos Lorraine Bracco. I think she should replace Elizabeth.

  108. solomeeeo says:

    I will sat this about Sherrie. When they are doing a food segmant, her gusto for food always makes me laugh!

  109. george mitchell says:

    This is so retarded. Barbara wants to kick her off the show for saying that? Well hmmmm, it’s true. Thats the whole problem with this country now. When someone says anything about God or being saved it’s like they are committing a crime. Where is the crime I say? The crime is that Barbara has had more abortions than the woman in America. This woman has had affairs on a grand scale. She really needs to look in the mirror before she boots someone for saying an innocent comment like that. How about kicking of that pain in the *!@$ Elizabeth with her out landish views. How about old B leaving for putting the stars in the most awkward states when she is there. Since when did you need a PHD to be on this show? As far as I know none of them have them. So who is old B to questions anyone’s intelligence? just because she is an old bag and has been the first to do many things in this country. Well some old bag had to do it. But really who cares. Her @$$ needs to retire and leave the nice group of different ladies be. The show is much better with out her.

  110. Cherry says:

    I so dislike Elisabitch. Just looking at her collagen-filled lips with lip gloss dripping off of them makes me want to vomit. And then of course she spews out ignorance every chance she gets. Oh no, the Democrats want to raise your taxes! Yeah, well, so what? The Republicans only want to spend spend spend and borrow borrow borrow. We’re mortaging our future for Bush’s crap war in Iraq. And Elisabitch defends these policies? Just because you watch these news shows (how does she fit in all of those news shows with the crap reality shows she’s hooked on when raising two small children?) doesn’t mean you actually understand what’s going on.

    I don’t mind Barbara so much but the show is different when she’s around. It takes her so long to tell a story and it turns out to be boring.

    And stop promoting your book! It’s been out long enough, I think your audience knows it’s available if they want to buy it, we don’t need to be reminded every time the Queen Bee is on the show!

    I also don’t mind Sherri but I do think it’s quite ignorant that she told a magazine that she wants Barbara to be saved. As if that’s any of her business what another person’s religion is. And quit being so stupid, saying you have to go home to look up whether the earth is round. Duh!

  111. Terissa says:

    What Sherri said was really sad but why didn’t the poor girl get on the pill so it wouldn’t happen over and over? Don’t hate Whoopi but she and her black views are getting on my last nerve, Vince dog incident and also because we are black we can degrade ourselves and call ourselves N?! What an ignorant excuse. Trust me it’s okay that they want to seperate themselves, by all means go and take that Vince guy with you. Always making excuses for black behavior is never okay. I don’t see Jews behaving like that and trust me they deserve too!! I feel much worse for what they had gone through losing most family members. Don’t get me started on the American Indians. Thanks but no thanks Whoopi. I used to like her until her racist mouth opened.

  112. sam says:

    I love the show but seem to always turn and walk away when Elizabeth opens her mouth. Once she does seems forever before she closes it.

  113. Dee says:

    I’ve watched the show from the beginning & ususally enjoy it. here lately, the only time I enjoy it is when that self-righteous Elizabeth isn’t on! Where does she come off acting like such a goddess? She needs to be replaced! She’s got issues…serious ones. (I’m not a democrat either) I enjoy Barbara Walters, however, I feel she should only appear once a week & as a fill-in when needed. Take time to enjoy life, Barbara. It’s coming to the point, that the show’s ratings will eliminate everyone! Please don’t let that happen. Thanks.

  114. KB77 says:

    At most I’ll tivo the View. I preferred it when Rosie was there, and Star too. It has definitely fallen off. Kathy could revitalize it, but I think she’s going to end up being the next Larry King host someday. Elizabeth does annoy, but I appreciate them having a different opinion represented–maybe someone else could do it in a way that’s less of a put-off though.

  115. Shirley Bowden says:

    I am one of those who only watch when Barbara is not on the show. When her book came out it was just plain stupid to hear her every day plugging her book or her very rarely now interviews. She should just stay behind the scenes if she doesn’t want to retire.

  116. dana says:

    Look I don’t agree with Elisabeth all the time, but she is entitled to her opinion as much as anyone else. Just because she is the only conservative on the show doesn’t mean her voice shouldn’t be heard. It seems that she annoys the people who think differently from her… that’s not what this country was built on gang!!!! She isn’t the problem anyway… it’s Barbara. First of all she has an archaic view of everything… it’s the 21st century babs !!! She is slightly out of touch. I agree with someone earlier who said it should be regular people…. but then no one would watch…. so there goes that idea. Just remember it is the VIEW… everyone has one and they aren’t all the same.. what a boring place it would be if they were !!!!!

  117. April says:

    I like Sherri. It is Elizabeth that I can no longer take. I have quit watching the show due to her endless babbling and arrogance.

  118. momma says:

    Elizabeth is the ONLY reason I watch. If she goes; I go, too.

  119. ghosthunter says:

    How about getting rid of Barbara? She is so friggin old I am sure she is starting to smell. She needs to stop complaining about everyone else and retire already. That show needs young blood and babs is not it. Joy may want to consider retirement too although I like her alot more than babs. Give up the ghost Barbara time to retire to old hagsville.

  120. DEE S. says:

    Wow. Some of you amaze me. The “VIEW” is supposed to be a (female) round table discussion about all the “DIFFERENT” views that exist. Yes, Elizabeth can be very annoying at times, but without her there would be no “BALANCE”. As it is, she’s pretty much on her own most of the time, as far as “views” go, so technically the balance is somewhat lopsided. It is also an entertainment show, so the comedy, the drama, the fights, the lovefests, etc. gives it variety. However there is one thing that I personally believe all the participants should be required to have and that’s a reasonable amount of intellect. Unfortunately, that’s where Sherri fails miserably. For that reason, I don’t think she adds anything to the show. I don’t think they need another “comedienne” either. Again, they need more “balance”. I would like to see an intelligent “MODERATE” female on the show who knows how to “RELATE” and “LISTEN” to “ALL SIDES”, as well as being able to express her own views in a calm and reasonable fashion.

  121. Kathy says:

    Sorry, but I think the shows works better when Barbara is not on!! Joy, Woopie, Sherry and Elizabeth are a joy to watch. . . but Barbie is a real stuffed shirt (or skirt)! Sherry is a doll and I just love Joy’s remarks!
    😆 Sorry, Babs, but I think you’re wrong! How long has it been since you’ve been happy with anyone?

    All topics should be allowed; after all it is THE VIEW – everyone has a view – good or bad, it’s still their opinion. It would be very boring if we all had the same view or were alike in any way!!

  122. Terissa says:

    Certainly different standards when it comes to age with men and women in show business. They beg and plead to keep Bob Barker and turn around and call Barbara old? Come on now that’s so unfair. Nothing like pushing to keep older men but wanting to replace Barbara with another younger more attractive woman? I’m only 38 but I still like Barbara and I’m glad she inspires older women.

  123. Shirley says:

    Oh I need to say it’s called the View and barbara forgets that. It was suppose to be four women with four different points of view but it’s now just the view that Barbara wants at the time she wants.

  124. Mary Jo says:

    Get rid of Elisabeth!!!! She is a royal PIA. A real know it all; tight butted major BI. I can’t stand to watch her or listen to her spew her ignorant “views” on everything especially politics. Get rid of her & the ratings will go up!

  125. Therese says:

    I agree. Leave Elizabeth alone. She is outnumbered as it is and more often than not, has her opinion squelched. This show is so unbalanced. They need to have as many conversatives as they do liberals on this panel. Hey, how about Ann Coulter? That should liven things up!

  126. Ellie says:

    I Think That Sherri Is A Breath Of Fresh Air, And That Barbra Walters Should Be Forced To Retire. The Show Would Be One Hundred Percent Better If She Wasn’t Running It Anymore. It;s Great When Whoopie Runs Evrything. I Think That Elizabeth Should Be Thrown Out On Her Ass, For All Her Opions That She Try’s To Force Down Evryones Throat, Day After Day. She Is A Bitch From Hell And The Show Would Be Great Without Her As Well.

  127. MJM says:

    No one was better than Meredith.She was relaxed, funny & real……no one is worse than SHERRI. I can’t stand the moronic statements she makes (I’m not sure the world is round”…) and Whoopi constantly seems annoyed with her and embarrassed by her. Yes, she’s nice, but not bright, funny, or poised. Elizabeth is a rightwing, dogmatic, self righteous nightmare & needs to be muzzled.HOWEVER, I do think having a consrvative on the panel is important to include all points of “View.” Whoopi is totally overrated in my opinion. I never liked her as a comedian, though I think she brings a valuable componant to the show….BUT NOT HUMOR and she’s just as overly opinionated as Elizabeth. Finally, I like Joy because she’s interesting, funny,& fearlessly inquisitive & I agree with her politics to a tee. As for Barbara, I may be in the minority but I like her very much. She’s seasoned, smart & has class & style. Is it a crime to be sophistcated & successful?

  128. Pamela Himot says:

    I do wish there were a way to get thru to Sherri and Elizabeth that there is no room for their brand of Evangelizing on this or any other non religion based show. I am sure that I am not the only person who finds it to be offensive. As to Sherri &/or Elizabeth’s intellect.. well they are sadly typical of their upbringing. They have been woefully undereducated and it is a pity. As to Barbara Walters, may I remind you all, It’s HER show.

  129. I think that Elizabeth should HIT THE ROAD, and stay home with her kids. Her SQUEAKY VOICE DRIVES ME CRAZY!As far as Barb is concerned, Barb took advantage with that whorish book she wrote! SHAME ON YOU, BARB WALTERS! Sleeping with all those men, and bragging about it,and making millions from book. I love WHOOPI but Joy should NOT put NcCain down SO MUCH! Sherri is funny,and like her….OMG..PLEASE NO KATHY GRIFF! Barb is not good on THE VIEW-she stares out in space! Get rid of Elizabeth,not Sherri.

  130. Terissa says:

    And exactly how many of you cried and pouted when the thought of Regis leaving? I guess it’s just a matter of opinion but I find that women push older women out more than men. We only have ourselves to blame.

  131. rudewaitress says:

    Sherry is annoying, plain and simple. She’s rarely funny, always relying on the same tired schtick. For God’s sake woman, we KNOW you’re black and divorced. Give it a rest!!!!

  132. Babs says:

    I rarely watch the show anymore.

    When I do I am amused by Whoopi and Joy, fyi Babara and Joy are Jewish!

  133. Jana says:

    Omg, you want to get a loose cannon off the show? Boot Elizabeth! That woman needs meds!
    The whole undercurrent of “I’m a better Christian than you are” thing is just a bit much. There are people of strong faith that don’t go spewing it with venom into the faces of others. Pathetic.

  134. Donnie says:

    Hello Everyone, I as you have an opinion I would like to express concerning the view. First, it’s suppose to be entertaining. Second, I think it’s hard for a bunch of women to get along daily being together for hours. Have you ever heard the saying about to many hands in a POT…..
    I think the show needs at least 2 men on the panel then you wouldn’t have all the cat fights that you have.

  135. shirl k says:

    I Think Whoopi and Sherri are great and I respect Barbara for her years of experience in reporting. But I have to admit Elizabeth really needs to leave the show I think she is terrible.She seems so phony and she really is not a asset to the show.

  136. Steven says:

    Why did Sheri say that Barbara needs to be saved? Is it because Barbara Walters is Jewish? Can you say Anti-Semite? I bet Sheri can!!!

  137. Margo says:

    The View is better with Whoopi, Joy, and Sherri make the show good and funny. Elizabeth is the one that should leave the show. Elizabeth should not be on the show and I don’t like to hear her view who cares. At least with Whoopi, Joy and Sherri you can get a good laugh and an honest opinion.

    The Show is a lot bette without Barb on as well.

  138. JDS says:

    Joy is Roman Catholic. Juust because she reminds you of a YNJ, she is not. Sorry to break your bubble

  139. Deryl says:

    Wow. I worked during the day but based on these comments I have missed some interesting tv. I have seen the View once or twice and I am surprised at how it evokes such emotion. It [The View] seems to be more dramatic than a Latino Novella (soap opera) and I really enjoy those.

  140. marty says:


  141. DEE S. says:

    Joy may have some Jewish ancestry, although I am not at all aware of that. But I do know for sure that she is Italian and Catholic.

  142. louise says:

    Elisabeth talks too much, too fast, interrupts everyone, doesn’t listen, enjoys her own irritating voice and is the most egotistical and annoying woman on television. She needs some Ritalin to calm her down. It is no wonder the other hosts eventually blow up at her. She should be fired. Obviously, the show needs a conservative point of view in order to survive, but the producers should find a better advocate. Elisabeth is totally annoying and is stopping many people from continuing to tune in.

  143. Nancy says:

    Jen, if you want us so called “slutty” American females to understand what you are saying, then learn how to speak and type. We may be “sluts” in your opinion, but we have intelligence and know how to spell on open chats. Go back to kindergarden Jen, and make sure it is in an American school. Gooooooo Barbara and gang on the View.

  144. barbara says:

    Barbara acts like a prude, Elizabeth is the biggest Bitch. Love the rest of the girls. The show is so controlled to what they say now, it’s become a joke.

  145. vdantev says:

    Keep screaming Marty, I’m sure Babs reads this blog every day for your valued insights. 🙄

  146. Lisa says:

    I havent watched The View since Elizabeth joined!!!! Someone tell me again why she is there? I dont think being on Survivor and marrying a pro-football player makes you qualified for this show. Once in a while I will tune back into the show, only to be quickly reminded of why I dont watch.

  147. JB says:

    This thread is good evidence of why we need to repeal women’s right to vote. Morons and their “View”.

  148. Julie says:

    Elizabeth is the one that needs to go, the viewers post on every web site that they cannot stand her. Why does Barbara continue to keep the most annoying person on the show while getting rid of other people?

  149. Sean says:

    If Sherri keeps making mistakes or she seems that things could be a little over her head then maybe someone should teach her the correct way. I love Barbra but think she does bring the show down sometimes. She can be a bit boring at times and needs to get with the times. Also the comment Jesus being here before the Romans…. well that true. Jesus was here before anyone else. I have proof!!!!! So Sherri does know some of what she is talking about.

  150. cindy says:


  151. PATRISHA says:


  152. Pat E. says:

    I agree that the show is better without Barbara. How much money does she need?

    I cannot stand JOY. All her liberal bias is just so annoying.
    Whoppi has been a pleasant surprise-she’s very good at being the moderator and really funny.
    Elisabeth is very bright and I feel she is always ganged up on by the liberals.
    Joy just tries to talk over anyone who doesn’t agree with her.

    They are all such Obama lovers it’s disgusting. Whatever happened to having a panel that is balanced?
    Elisabeth is clearly on her own.

  153. Michelle says:

    I like Sherri, Joy and Elisabeth. I think Whoopi tries to dominate the conversation too much and Barbara seems out of place because of generational reasons. Sherri is a breath of fresh air and there is no reason for wanting to can Sherri. Everyone has skeletons in the closet and Barbara is no exception. For her to make millions of dollars from a book on the back of an affair with a married man is no worse than anything Sherri may have said about her personal life. I hope these comments that Barbara allegedly said are not true. I hope she has more class than to go to a the media to speak against someone who works for her. The show is so much better with Sherri on and it is volumes better on the days Barbara isn’t. I realize it is Barbara’s show, but at this point, it seems as if you do or say something Barbara doesn’t like, she gets rid of you. Sounds like Barbara is the one with the problem.

  154. Julie Jackson says:

    Sheri Shepherd can be quite funny with her comic wit, and I love her for that. She’s made me laugh out loud on many occasions. With that said, I must confess that she says maddening and ridiculous things at times because of her lack of education. (I’m assuming that she is not well-educated, because she appears to be naive and ignorant about history and other subjects.) To be good at comedy, she need to not censor herself; however, when discussing subjects of a more serious nature, she has opinions that are unfounded because of her religious beliefs and lack of knowledge.

  155. R. D. says:

    I have always thought of Barbara Walters as the ultimate media whore. With her latest book, she has proven to be just that….and worse. She is a whore and happy to admit it. At this late stage in her life, she seems to think that divulging things that are best kept secret is the “hip” thing to do. That just goes to show that she has lost touch with reality and with her audience. The fact that she told the world about her affair with a married man, with no regard for him or his family, tells the whole story. As for her lackey, Elizabeth Hasselbeck, she is useless to the extreme.

  156. Jean says:

    I agree She should not be on the show. This show used to be very interesting but since this election it has gotten to be very racial and I find it hard to watch any more. Whoopie has a lot to say that upsets me too. Is this country getting so divided by this Presidental race that no one can get along any more? I hate to see what the future has in store for us.

  157. MC Brooks says:

    Sherry needs to think before she puts her mouth in gear. Elzabeth needs to shut the crap up even after she thinks!! Eliabeth is dumber than a bag of hammers…and it is embarrassing to watch her in action. Every time she opens her mouth, I cringe. Can’t we get some intelligent, seasoned women on the View. Whoopi is the ONLY reason I tune in….and the look on her face sometimes conveys the question, “What am I doing here?!” GO WHOOPI!!

  158. Lady Louie says:

    I agree with Cinderella. Keep Joy and Whoopie, change the rest of the panel.
    I sick of hearing about Jeffery and Sherri’s divorice. And Lizzie never shuts up she just talks and talks and know one knows what she saying, Babs’s need to retire from the View. Just do 20/20 interviews. The only reason I watch is Whoopie. But lets stop with the “N” word discussion. Enough is enough.

  159. Pat E. says:

    p.s. before she joined the 4th hour of the Today Show, I thought Kathie Lee Gifford would have been a great moderator on The View!

  160. Crystal says:

    Since Whoopi and Sherri have joined the show I never miss it. They have brought a refreshing veiw that I enjoy. If any one should go I think it should be Elizabeth and Barbara. There is nothing wrong with having a different opinion but elizabeth goes on the attack every time Obama’s name is said, have a opinion but bon’t beat it to death. As for Barbara when she’s on the show it loses some of it’s life and moves slower. I think it would be a big mistake to get ride of Sherri, I love her and miss her when she not there.

  161. Viewer says:

    At the end of most shows, I remind myself why the title of this show is called “The View.” Each co-host was hired for their individual entertainment history. It is difficult at times to agree with each of their viewpoints. However, keep in mind that this is an entertainment show with something to offer that no other show I’ve seen presents. Five different views from five women of various life experiences. With all the changes this show has made, there may not be a panel on earth that will please us, “The Viewers”.

  162. GJ says:

    Yes, “The View” is supposed to represent differing viewpoints. But shouldn’t the discussion be civil, and shouldn’t the panel be informed and articulate? Interrupting, pouting and crying have no place in adult discourse, which eliminates Elisabeth. Sherri is just not able to have an intelligent exchange; she has no knowledge of issues beyond what’s on her briefing sheet, and no insight at all. There is no depth to this woman. Surely there are any number of conservative women who could articulate that viewpoint in a thoughtful manner. I think replacing Sherri and Elisabeth with bright, high-caliber women would be a good idea. Joy is the most well-read woman on the panel and definitely tries to keep the discussion at a higher level, most of the time. Whoopi, I think, is not quite as smart as she thinks she is; factually, she is often off-base. But she isn’t annoying or irritating in the way that Sherri and Elisabeth are. As for Barbara Walters, she may seem anachronistic to younger viewers, but she is an accomplished woman who, I think, deserves some respect. Younger women really don’t appreciate the obstacles she had to overcome.
    I have watched The View from the beginning, but find I am enjoying it less and less and I don’t really mind if I miss it. Meredith Vieira was the best moderator; no one since has really done as good a job. But the biggest problems are Sherri and Elisabeth; they spoil it for me.

  163. HomeSchooler says:

    Barbara is definitely the weakest link on that show and I wish she would stop trying to pimp out her book.

    Next would be Elizabeth

  164. Jamie says:

    I love Sherri!! She is so funny. Its Barbra I dont like. She is so stuck up, and stuck on her self. Everything is about her. I dont watch it when she is on. I love the other 4. I wish it could be like that everyday. Get rid of Barbra please.

  165. It used to enrage me listening to Elizabeth but about two months ago figured it out why she is there. The same reason why I’m typing this, for the rating. Who the heck at that age would she have so much to say about life and feel as though we should all listen to her. IT WORKS! We get aggrevated, start talking and the rating go up if not stay the same. For all we know she might not belive all of what she says and might hate bush. She is intentonaly there to keep that position she has in the group. Rating, it works!

  166. My 2 Cents says:

    Let’s see. Sherri has had multiple abortions, Whoopi has slept with at least 50 men, Joy is a frustrated old hag that needs to sleep with a man, Barbara slept her way to to the top and ruined several marriages. Yep, that is a great “view” for this country to follow.

    I tuned that show out a long time ago, after Joy kept flapping her gums.

  167. Paul says:

    I have a hard time watching “The View” ever since Rosie left the show. It is so dam dull now. Whoopie always looks dirty and who the hell cares what Sherri has to say. I use to like Joy but ever since she turned on Hillary Clinton, I reject her as well. I’m a McCain supporter now, so Elizabeh is my favorite now. I was supporting Hillary but with her now out of the running, I go for McCain over the inexperience B. Hussien Obama. Sent that jack as back to Chicago in November as a loser. I urge all Dems to switch parties and vote for McCain. He is only running one term and Hillary will run again in 2012. Her time will come, so vote McCain 08. peace

  168. Ms. J.J. says:

    Please, please replace Elisabeth. Sherri is a breath of fresh air. Noone is perfect, but at least she doesn’t tick us off with her innane comments. Why does Elisabeth loudly bone in with a comment when someone else is speaking? She doesn’t listen and so the viewing audience can’t hear what the other person just said. It’s frustrating when someone as important as Senator Obama has something to say only to hear Elisabeth yack away. Her husband must want to scream like all the rest of us when we hear the whine. It’s like she has some kind of disability, and if that’s the case, she should be understood, if not, then replace her with anything, an empty chair would be better. Barbara should come on every so often, she changes the mood for the worse when she’s there so often.

  169. texas gal says:

    I use to watch the show then stopped due to all of the drama. Since Whoopi came to the show I have become a loyal viewer again. I say keep Whoopi and Joy and find new open minded members for the panel. Elisabeth needs to know that a intelligent person can not only view their own opinion but be open to accepting the views of others as well.
    Elisabeth gives off the persona that her ideas, opinions and views are absolute and are not to be questioned. When I get tired of hearing the constant bantering I change the channel.

  170. Jennifer says:

    I enjoy the watching the View….I have been watching that show since it started with Debbie….

    What I never did like was when Barbara Walters would show up….she made the show very tense and she had a stuck-up attitude. It should just be four ladies and let Barbara just either be the boss in the background or retire. I mean everyone knows she’s rich and if she thinks we don’t know…then she is dumber than I thought. She can’t take it with her…so how much money do you actually need. It’s like what Denzel Washington said “it’s a shame a hearst doesn’t come with a u-haul.

    Barbara needs to stop with the face-lifts and trying to look young so she can fit in with the rest of the panel…just give it up already! You don’t look good….we know you’re old and we know that you don’t belong!!!

    You are not fooling the rest of the world who continually watches this show!!!

  171. sweetroses says:

    I like to watch The View, when I’m home and I don’t think that taking Sherri off the show will change anything I feel that Elizabeth is the one that gets under my skin with her on going comments on political stuff some times it just sounds so idiotic and I wish she would just be quite and stop try so hard to talk over the others at the table and she does this with all the women at the table including Ms. Babara Walters, but you don’t hear her saying that she wants Elizabeth off the show if anyone should be kicked off it should be her I hate when she opens her mouth. As for Whoopi she the best choice The View ever made after letting the others go. I Love Whoopi and Joy and I think Sherri is just being herself let her be, this is a women that is just a down to earth women that is real and not fake or trying to be something that she is not. And to often many things that are said come out the wrong way or taken the wrong way it over it. And move on, or the show itself will be of the past and people will stop watching all together.
    Stop the madness with running to replace people all the time.
    If anyone should go it should be Elizabeth!

  172. Grandpasmare says:

    I used to love to watch the view untill Whoppie started cursing to much on there, seens she did it more when Barbara wasn’t there, seems Barabara is losing it more and more on the show, she can’t remember what she was last talking about, the other host have to help her, she seems to move very slow as if on some kind of meds. I do beleive Elizabeth and Sherri are saved (Christian’s) and if the other women haven’t been saved (not saying they are not) but if they haven’t recived Jesus Christ in their Hearts, beleive in him and take him by faith, I pray that they will. I’m a Christian, I’m not perfect and neither is anyone else in this world, only “one” perfect that is “Jesus Christ” himself. John 3:16

  173. Jo says:

    Sherri is a refreshing, hilarious kick in the pants and, though religious, does not cram it down our throats. Elizabeth, on the other hand, is not the wonderful person she perceives herself to be. She is immature, obnoxious and overbearing and does try to cram her opinions down our throats. Barbara is proof positive that plastic surgery is only skin deep. It is annoying and a waste of air time to sit and listen to her stutter and stumble around trying to remember the descriptive words she is searching for. There is no shame in becoming forgetful, we all do it as we age, but it is not acceptable from someone in the media to do this day after day. Barbara needs to accept the fact that it is time for her to step out of the limelight while we can all still remember her for the fine reporter she once was instead of the befuddled old woman she has become. For her to forget that a presidential candidate was on the View has to be the most gigantic faux pax of all time.

  174. el says:

    There is nothing wrong with Sherri Shephard. I think Barbara wants to intimidate Sherri, plus find a (black sheep)person to single out as the weak link. I say look in the mirror for that weak link. If Barbara can tolerate Elisabeth Hasselback, she can put up with anyone.

  175. Bessie says:

    I think Sherri makes her mistakes just as everyone else does. Barbara should be the first person to understand that.

    But I think Barbara is not used to people joking with her like that. I think that Barbara is used to being in control, and when she’s not in control she’s not happy.

    I think Sherri is a refreshing point of view on the show.

  176. I’m in full agreement with “Rudewaitress” and “GJ”, it’s time to replace Sherri Shepherd with a classy, intelligent, fun, and articulate woman. “The Powers That Be” won’t have to dig too deep to find that those four attributes aren’t mutually exclusive!

  177. Kevin Slater says:

    I must say that I was quite surprised to learn that there are problems on the show again… I have been watching the show for the last 5 years and it is like coffee to me. I truly enjoy the panel and their conversations. If this is true that Barbra would like to get rid of Sheri I think Barbra needs to get a grip…and stop looking for perfection. If there is one more change I truly feel that show will loose in the long run. The funny this about all of this is I really have not seen that much negative press about Sheri but I am always see and hearing negative things about Elizabeth…WHY is she not in question? Over all it is a very funny show and I have learned a lot about women as people. Barbra…We know who you are and what you are, so just be the person that you claim to be and be a mother to these women and show them the ropes…someone did the same for you or you would not be in the place that you are in now. You have a good formula with these women and you should try and put your ego aside…you can’t control everything…look at your ratings!!! They are better then they have ever been. Ladies all of you keep up the good work…I like my coffee strong.

  178. Connie in Houston says:

    What interesting reading here. Almost like watching the View itself. I guess this week with them showing reruns, has everyone wanting to continue it here online.

    Ok,the pictures here seem to be very interesting and show some interesting “body” language. Look closely. I can’t say I dislike anyone on this “panel” of women. I do hate the way they are talking over one another. I love Whoopie’s sense of humor, but was taken back with the way she is pushing how racism is still here. If that were the case, she would not be where she is..on TV. I like her and don’t want to see her go, but get over the racism “thing” it makes you look as low as Joy’s opinion of the Republican party. Give me a break, one man is not running the show in Washington. There is a Congress there and it is majority Democrats. Sheri is adorable, a little “excitable” but nice. Yes, she has strong religious beliefs, but that is her. No problem. Elisabeth is out-numbered. Hey she has to be pushy, otherwise she wouldn’t get a word in edgewise for loudmouth Joy, who thinks she is funny 100% of the time..give me a break. Barbara is Barbara. Hey, she is the boss. Co-producer has to step in. But recently I saw her “show herself” with Elisabeth. It was very “quiet” with her comment, but it was there. Don’t talk down to people you have hired, it is so below someone of your stature, Barbs…Frankly it is very lopsided when it comes to politics, that is very I applaud Elisabeth for hanging in there and going a very long haul with these women..that is not an easy task. As far as bringing back Rosie, I use to like her, but she has lowered her standards and I am tired of the “I am gay and you had better like it or too bad” attitude. If you have seen her on her own “whatever it is” website, you would see a “old cow” who should never come on line webcam without makeup. As far as Kathy Lee..people, she is on NBC at the same time The View is on, co-hosting there..don’t see any chance of her coming to ABC..and don’t want her anyway.

    What people seem to be forgetting, this is EVERYONE’S VIEW from that panel ..get over it..

  179. Guy says:

    Sheri should be called scary Sheri for her lack of intelligence..what confounds me is how this woman got past grade school and how she made it any profession that might require a brain to process information. Elizabeth is annoying, Joy tries to throw off cute remarks, Whoppi is intelligent enough to handle any situation, and Barbara is a bore…but Sheri..she’s just plain stupid (and annoying)

  180. A.E. Weiner says:

    Hope they do get rid of sherri. She his dumb and doesn’t offer anything to the show.

  181. M. Sylvester says:

    I like the View and was sad when Star Jones left. But, when Whoopi came in I was really happy. She is very funny and straight forward I love that. Anytime I turn on the television and there is a movie that stars Whoopi I would never change the channel no matter how old the movie is. I have always loved to see Whoopi act. One of the persons I can’t stand on the View is Elizabeth, she seems to be always angry and she hardly smiles and to me she also appears to be ready for an argument with on of her co-hosts. Sherri, honey next time keep your dirty laundry in the closet, but I still love ya and would not like to see you go.

  182. Sunni says:

    Lighten up people, it’s called entertainment! While I may not always agree with what is said or done on the show; I do fine it a bit refreshing and consider it a priviledge just to be able to sit down and watch the show from time to time. If you have eyes to see and ears to see… use your hands to change the channel to switch to a show you enjoy and leave the women of The View alone. No matter what we do there will always be someone who disslikes or disagrees with how you do, what you do. No matter how hard you try to do it well, you just can’t please all!

  183. Jerry says:







    JERRY, CA.

  184. Shaun says:

    Just a ideal I dont think Barb Likes blacks or Gays…. Star then Rosie and now Sherri. Next would be poor Wooopie maybe I am wrong but do you spot a trend here?

  185. Sherri Shepherd needs to remain on the View. After all, it is HER view… and her words were taken out of context I’m sure.

  186. Julie says:

    Why are so many of you so angry? If you don’t appreciate something than don’t partake in it. It takes courage to write about your life and admit your sins for all the world to see. Barbara Walters is still in that business and is successful for a reason. Elizabeth is in a position that few people could or would be able to handle. It is never easy or popular to go against the tide. The premise of the show is to have different “views” that should provoke some original thought.

  187. Donn says:

    Welllllllll, Let me say what I think of who is the loose cannon. It is under no circumstances Elisabeth. She has got to go. If she learnbed to shut her mouth and let someone finish there comment before issuing hers. Isn’t this program called the VIEW for a reason. I realize all has there own view and rightfully so, but one should not be interupting the person giving a view until the comment is over. THAT IS EXTREMELY RUDE. Anddddddddd Elisabeth is the rude one on the program. Andddddddddddd Barbara should allow her co hosts to be free to speak what they feel regardless if Barbara doesn’t like it or not. I detest rudeness and shouting. Both unessary and uncalled for. Leave Sherrie alone. She is histerically funny, as is Joy and Whoopi. Barbara lighten up and Elisabeth you need to control your
    emotions and temper. If you get rid of Sherie, Whoopi or Joy at any time, I will cease watching THE VIEW. Oh another thought, Elisabeth could be a reason why your show is not winning any emmys. H’mmmmmmmmmmm

  188. Guy says:

    Folks, face wouldn’t want your own children listen to the downright stupid things that come out of Sheri’s mouth..even eliminating her without replacing her would be a good move, call it “addition by subtraction”

  189. Kris says:

    I totally disagree about firing Sherri from the show. She may not add to the deeper political or social discussions but she adds the balance that the show needs. She is a breath of fresh air. She is funny and on occassion will contribute something intelligent. However, Elisabeth is extremely annoying, close-minded, and abrasive. When she gets on her white high horse and will not let others speak, I want to change the channel. She should go!!!

  190. Mark and Sonia says:

    We enjoy the show but have come to realize that Elizabeth Hasselbek is a very naive and opinionated ignorantly expressive girl not a woman as yet due to her frequent yellow brick road perception of the world.She should be removed from the show and have someone else put on that does not consistently overtalk the rest of the panel and openly becomes upset with those that don’t agree with her view. To put it simple she is the trouble maker!

  191. Leslie says:

    Whoopie is great, Sherri is real, Elizabeth seems to have never had to struggle in the real world. Her way of thinking, (no tolerance) is upsetting to me. I would like to see her replaced!

  192. Donna says:

    If Elizabitch would learn some manners I could take watching her. She won’t shut up when Whoopi tries to tell her to calm down. She yells at Barbara – and no matter what we think of her, Barbara blazed the trail for all of the women in TV jouralism today and she IS a producer. The opinions of all of the hosts are so different I think it’s interesting to watch them – when Elizabitch can stay calm.

  193. Guy says:

    Sheri is real..she’s real dumb (or she’s faking her stupidity). Anyone who does not know that the earth is not flat has to be missing some serious cell matter

  194. Guy says:

    Sheri is real..she’s real dumb (or she’s faking her stupidity). Anyone who does not know that the earth is not flat has to be missing some serious cell matter

  195. Stephanie says:

    The show is much better now. Whoopi’s has been a huge factor in making the women more likeable. She is intelligent and creates a nice as opposed to a combative atmosphere on the show. It is apparent that Joy and Elizabeth like her and they get along. Well Barbara is Barbara and I like her no matter what. As for Sherri, although
    she gave us more than we want to know about her private life, I see Whoopi as more of a mentor for Sherri, especially when she gently (and sometimes not so gently) sets sherri straight. I like the mix and wish the show all the best for the future.

  196. Jo says:

    I really enjoy Whoopi and Sherri. Elizabeth doesn’t bother me as much as Joy does. Joy used to be really funny but now seems very bitter about life in general. Barbara does create an uptight atmosphere so it would be best if she stayed behind the scenes or retire.

  197. Chris says:

    Get rid of the self-centered, self-worshiping Elizabeth! I stopped watching the show because I can’t stand how she never lets anyone else finish a sentence – talking over everyone one else. She is so rude it makes me sick. Didn’t her Mama teach her any manners at all? Can’t stand her!

  198. Julie says:

    Wow, Jennifer, I hope that you’re not judged in the same way that you judge and personally attack others that have never even met you. 🙄

  199. Dr. Shannon says:

    Barbara walters is a bitch to work for, i have heard that time after time, and now i see what ever one is talking about, you cant say that she is Prejudice, because back in the day she use to date a black man, so thats now the casem she is just a BITCH.

    Signing off Dr. Otis

  200. Edi says:

    Sherri is way less annoying than Elizabeth Hasselback. She needs to board the Exit Train, not Sherri! Bring back Rosie, and then you’d really have a show. Mario Cantone is funny, but how deep is hein current events. i’d like to see a trial run with him…Barbara, Stay contemporary.

  201. Michael says:

    Elizabeth is the real problem on the show. She behaves like a “little girl” trying to have a “grown up” conversation with women of whom she is not even in the same league with. Notice how she raises her voice or noticeably becomes upset when nobody listens to her.

  202. SunnyD says:

    At least Sherri does not come across as angry or malicious toward the others on the panel, but rather she wears that big smile and tries to keep things lighthearted. I think BW is upset over again not getting an Emmy for her precious show, so she is convinced someone other than herself is the problem. I don’t care for the show when Barbara is on because she is a downer in some ways. The age difference is part of it, but that shouldn’t be. I think she’s just arrogant.

  203. Mark says:

    Hey Babs! Your getting rid of the wrong douche bag! It is EH the work wants to see gone.

    And is it just me or is it just painful to watch when Ms. Walter’s tries to be cute or funny????

    Damn Barbara! You are 3 days older than dirt! Time to retire!

  204. LeeB says:

    I’ve called her HASSLEBUTT, but HASSLECRACK & ASSBACK had me lmao!!
    But that’s who gotta GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I almost broke my TV throwing sh*t at her!!! I can’t wait till the day Whoopi can’t take it no more and slide across that table and(whoopi) her ass! Whoopi must be taking some pills to keep her calm, cause she’s going through menopause. But one day she’s going to forget to take it, and stupid Assback-n-crack gone start, and that menopause gone kick in…….and we will all finally see the VIEW we been waiting for. Elizabitch getting the BEATDOWN!!!

  205. Valerie says:

    I like Sheri and Whoopi, The show Is so much better now you have Joy and Elizabeth added to that mix and the show Is much more down to earth. I look forward watching It every day!

  206. gale says:

    I dont mind Sherri at all its Elizabeth I despise if anyone should go its her.She is beyond annoying her voice grates my last nerve and she is stupid too.Everyone else is fine but she has to go and soon

  207. kw1 says:

    I tivo the View everyday, and I like to hear varying opinions.What annoys me the most about,oh you guessed it, Elisabeth dumb ass Hasselback, is that she is not even open to other views. She acts as if she cannot fit another idea into that tiny, blonde brain of hers. She is on McCain’s jock as if she is on his payroll. The truth is no one is all right all of the time, republican or democrat. Be open to the truth Elisabeth, and get another act. This one note republican song and dance is old.

  208. whoops says:

    I have come to appreciate both Elizabeth (for her youthful naivete(sp))and Sherri (for her unabashed non-smartness) because they are both typical American girls who one day will make fine strong women. I love the rest of the gals because they have paid their dues and they still look and sound great. What’s wrong with people? Scared of a few big-mouthed women? These old broads are tough as iron. I, for one, like a fiesty old broad. They’ll stand behind their word and they don’t BS you.

  209. Shawna says:

    Ever since Whoopi came on to The View, I have loved it. The only time I don’t like it is when Barbara is on. What is she–90 years old? Isn’t it time for her to become a behinds the scene girl? She makes the show so non-interesting. Sherri is the life. She reminds me so much of myself. I say some of the same things (except I don’t who came first-Jesus or Dinosaurs) Its a round table discussion so that everyone can hear everyone’s opinion, thought and oh yes–VIEW. If anyone should be told to pipe down it should be that Commy Elizabeth. I’m pretty sure damage control will take place soon and Barbara will act like she didn’t say anything. What a senile old hag. I LOVE YOU SHERRI!!!!!!!!Be strong girl!!!!!! 😉

  210. Hideguy says:

    Enough of Sherri and her I’m great because I’m black attitude.
    Everything she says has a black undertone to it.
    Hey Sherri, White, hispanic and Asians watch the show too.

  211. susan says:

    Barbara can really make the show unwatchable. She wants controversy, but every time the discussion gets the least bit heated, she shuts it down by piping in with some inane remark like “guess what, i’m not wearing any pantyhose!!!”.
    Oh, and Whoopi’s rant about what an excellent word the N word is was just horrible. Talk about wanting to have it both ways. Sheesh. I felt that Liz’s tears were totally fake, but my GOD, Whoopi, that was a disgrace.

  212. teresa says:

    i have not watched the show in years but don’t you think it is a little strange that the women barbra fires have been either black, gay or greek. and what a smart move by lisa ling to leave the show.

  213. BOOP says:


  214. Julie says:

    Valerie you seem like a nice person. I bet your glass is half full most of the time. For people to hate, despise, can’t stand, these women they don’t even know! Turn them off then and do some sort of meditation. I can kind of understand men disliking the show since there are no males, but ladies what about “women power?”

  215. I watch the view but ever since goldberg and shepard came on I can’t believe what comes out of thier mouths if that is what this country is striving for (multiculture) I for one want no part of it……

  216. Marti Kay says:

    I have watched this show everyday since its beginning in 1997. I also was one of the persons who campaigned for the show to return back to the ABC lineup in Las Vegas when it was briefly taken off the air. FABULOUS…….Now, as a veteran “Viewer” I have always adored Joy…she is the consistent comedic relief and never fails to break the tension that errupts more often than even I like. I liked Star…but turned against her when I saw what a phony she turned out to be. She truly learned a big lesson and still struggles to revive her “on-air” career. I ADORE Whoopi….agree almost all the time with her “VIEW” on things. She is so grounded, brilliant, and can keep things moving at a quick pace and with logical perspective almost all the time until Elizabeth has one of her MOOD SWINGS…..and begins to rant like someone who is basically Bi-polar and off her meds. Sherri embarrasses herself on a constant basis with her lack of world history and facts and her constant chanting about her FAITH. OMG she constantly shows her lack of education. So…..I am an ardent fan of the show….I adore all the girls for what they bring to the show. There is a woman for every generation…from the 30’s with Elizabeth to the 70’s with Barbara….who I also agree with the above comments…she should be on the show LESS! I genuinely hope this show goes on for another 12 years ….OMG some might be dead by then….LOL! (lets just hope not!)I will watch whoever takes the chair unless there is more like Elizabeth…I can’t take more of that!

  217. lisa johnson says:

    I don’t always agree with Elizabeth, however I feel she is more tolerent of the other panels views than they are of hers. I have to give her props for holding her own. Barbara is boring and too old for the show. Shes outdated and not current. Joy is a miserable person and gives the vibe of being jealous and vindictive and so not funny. I don’t see how she is a commedian.

  218. Bettty Burham says:

    I love Sherrie and all of them . The one they need to get rid of is that little stupid Elizabeth that thinks she knows everything and she needs to stay home with her kids . I know a lot of people white that hate her , including me and the whole nail salon people won’t watch because of her. When she was on baby leave we all watched now no way.

  219. Glisten Garbor says:

    If anyone should be off ‘The View’ it’s that sea hag Barbara Walters..Sherri is the least offensive of those women.

  220. A-one says:

    Whoopi is and always has been completely over-rated as a comedian and she dresses like a homeless person (….can’t she find SOMETHING decent to wear??)
    Joy is funny some of the time, has some intelligent things to say (most of the time) and she would probably have her own show, too….if she were young, blond and attractive, right??
    Sherri adds nothing, except occasionally she says something amusing.
    Elizabeth is more intelligent than she would appear, as she is seriously out-numbered by the other more liberal co-hosts. She also has virtually no on-air experience other than Survivor (ugh!). Couldn’t they find someone out there who is young, experienced, conservative and articulate?
    Barbara is too old for television, I’m sorry to say — her pitches for her book and for 20/20, etc., etc. are just annoying and embarrassing.

  221. Hype-Free says:

    “The View” targets a female audience, so why did Sherry give a shout out to Ludacris? A man who refers to women as “Bitch” “Bitches” “Hoes.” “Hoe” In his latest song championing Barack Obama he calls Senator Clinton “BITCH.” Much like Tracy Morgan yelled “BITCH!” about her on Saturday Night Live. These two African American men have no issue using the B-word, but what would happen if a white woman used the N-word in reference to Ludacris or Morgan? How is it tolerated that they or any man use the B-word?

    If countless CD’s/Music Videos/Films/ Mags/ Games…etc are used as evidence, Ludacris and Morgan are not alone. It appears to be absolutely tolerable for men of any ethnicity or religion to debase and demean women.

    Sherry should be fired for encouraging misogyny. Then again the future President of the United States likes to refer to unknown females as SWEETIE…so follow the leader I guess.

  222. skoviack says:

    I have to agree with Hnitsch about Elizabeth. She is a know it all and those tirads are just not what the show is all about. Sherrie may have her moments, but: the blonde is not worth watching. And I think Barbara needs to retire.

  223. John C. says:

    I still have not gotten over Sherri’s remark that She did not know if the world was flat or not.

  224. Sandy says:

    I have watched The View since it’s inception. Lately, I find that everybody is too ‘serious’. Can’t you just get along? I think that I relate to Joy so much because of our age. Maybe Barbara should work with Sherry and help her to learn the tricks of the trade, sometimes I feel Whoopie tries to help her, when she says something that is off base. As for Elizabeth, I have never seen a young person so rigid in their thinking. I wish that the show was NOT on vacation now, as this would be a great hot topic. Lastly, please stop talking over each other!!!!

  225. Lizzy says:

    This has been so interesting to read! I’m soooo glad that I’m not alone when it comes to my complete distaste for Elisabeth. Have you ever noticed that when she THINKS she’s being really thoughtful about a subject, she put’s her finger to her chin, as if to say…hell, I don’t know what she’s trying to say! Let me tell you, if her wannabe football playing husband should EVER cheat on her, or her perfect world happens to crumble for whatever reason, then she might have something to say that the rest of us “imperfect” people may find useful, and interesting. I totally agree that Elisabeth needs to go, Barbra needs to make a once a month appearance, and keep Sheri. She is the comic relief that that show needs.

  226. Val Nadeau says:

    Getting rid of Sherry???
    Shouldn’t the one to be hitting the highway be Elisabeth!? I have always loved this show, but I literally have to be “in the mood” to tolerate it because of her! Sherry is a wonderful breath of fresh air! At least she’s honest and open, unlike Elisabeth who is so judgemental and snotty. I mean it, I can’t even stand to look at a picture of her! Barbara, isn’t “The View” about views? Seems to me that all the trouble you’re having revolves around your little blonde goody two shoes!!

  227. BIG "J" says:





  228. Lynn says:

    I think it is time for the entire show to go. There has been so much controversary the past few years, time to call it quits.
    If Barbara wants to continue, she needs to rethink who is going.
    No one should throw stones, but Elizabeth thinks she doesn’t stink.
    Whoopie, Joy and Barbara, talk amongest yourselves.

  229. Disgusted says:

    barbara is a witch, substitute W with a B. she is snooty, snotty and rude. arrogant and so puffed up with her own importance it’s ridiculous.

  230. Cindy says:

    I actually am one of the few on this list of respondents that admits to watching The View … yet I’m amazed that so many have negative comments about the current panel. That said, this is a show consisting of opinions “spun” in the form of entertainment. I can’t stand the way Joy wants nothing to do with any political dialogue other than from people that agree with her! The election will pass, but my negative opinion about Joy will go on … and on … and on! She is definitely close minded, extremely opinionated, and needs to keep her facial expressions and body language in check while on the air! As they say … sometimes it’s not what you say … it’s what you don’t. As it relates to Sherri … she is merely stating in an interview for a magazine what she has openly stated on air. I’m not sure why Barbara has her “panties in a wad” over the statements. It’s really what she pays these people for and what the public tunes in for! Not to like the individual (as is my case with Joy (Miss I butt in on everyone’s comments, roll my eyes in disagreement, and am far a above the most sarcastic member of the panel) … to how some seem to feel about other panelists. This is why I love the USA … we are all entitled to our opinion and at the end of the day, it’s not our decision … but we get to state it!

  231. Cheryl says:

    Wow! Shame on you Babs! I grew up watching you on t.v. and grew to like you more over the years…especially when you showed to everyone that you are just like the average person through your tell all book. BUT, if you get rid of Sherri, you will show the world that you are an uptight person who cannot take a little harmless joke. Serri is an upbeat, cheery and personable individual who hasn’t lost the knowledge of where she came from, which is a rarity in “Celebrityville”! Don’t get rid of Sherri…if anyone, get rid of Elizabeth, she’s a downer who thinks she’s better than everyone. Elizabitch is the one who receives the negative points in the public opinion.

  232. poetofca73 says:

    well take sherry elizabith off the show there to stupid for for words a holy roller and a republican who just spouts off at a whim with Rosie she gave Liz a good what for lol bring back Rosie u won’t for u have no balls and what about Cathy griffin of d list she is funny and smarter there those two she could give them hell and them some and as for Barbra she was good on 20/20 but its time to let the young one’s have the spot light and is int she to old she needs to go shes past her time go sit in the sun and have a drink for i think u are done

    Torie cal gal

  233. Mike says:

    When the bloody Hell are you Americans going to Wise-Up and either Totally Ex-clude Africans from your Life style, or Educate and Control them! We Europeans have our troubles: But NOTHING like what you have with your Africans! Un-educated, terrible home-life, surrounded by Violence and Hatred of White People…Sorry, that’s Just…Wrong…Good Luck

  234. mike says:

    I think you should hire marilyn manson so he can frighten the crap out of daddy’s little right-wing prom queen Elizabeth. And he wouldn’t have to say a word!
    For one episode. Then, take this innocuous, stupidity off the air.

  235. Stud Kev says:

    I think it is time to get rid of Sherri and Elizabeth. They both are bitches!
    It is time to get someone new like a male so we can have different and male s view!

  236. Cpryce says:

    Babarba is the most boring person on the show. Keep Sherri

  237. martin says:

    5 liberals and one light weight conservative. WaWa’s balance. Ann coulter would shred all of them to bits.

  238. Bill says:

    Whoopi was a limited good addition. Elzabeth is a complete negative factor to the show and could destroy it. Please get rid of her. Sherry is so dumb that she cannot add to the value of the program and can only hurt it with her stupidity. Get rid of those two and give Joy more opportunity to speak so perhaps the show will continue successfully. Barbara means well and one or two appearances per week is ok. More than that is bad.

  239. Carol says:

    Sherri is shockingly ignorant… what trailer park did they find her in?

    As for Elizabeth, her holier than thou, smug self-righteousness is difficult to sit though. Thank goodness for Fast Forward. I feel sorry for her because she has no idea how young and stupid she comes across to the viewers. Yes, they need to re-cast!!

  240. JAN w says:

    I think Elisabeth should be gone. She just seems very immature to be on a talk show.

  241. maria says:

    Elizabeth has got to go. She is really stupid and takes up too much time with her ranting. Sherri is just there. She really doesn’t add much either way. I couldn’t figure out why they picked her last year. I know this is going back a long way, but the first year of The View they were having a different young girl on every day, or so till they could pick the permenant young one. Their was a girl named Rachel Campos that was almost picked, but Barbara dropped her because she got pregnant out of wedlock. I really couldn’t believe it when Barbara gave here reason. It blew me away, especially now that Barbara has wrote a book about her past life. If it wasn’t that she couldn’t get pregnant, there by the grace of God go her! Anyway, they ended up picking Debbie (something long, and Greek). She was okay. I liked Lisa Ling. But, Elizabeth has to go!!!!!!! Bring back Rachel Campos.
    The job was her’s from the start anyway, until Barbara decided to play God. BTW…I love Whoopi, and Joy. Although, Whoopi does have her moods, and watch out if she is in one.

  242. Pam says:

    I used to like this show back when Star Jones was on. As much as I want to like Barbara and I still do have respect for her hard-hitting solo interviews back in the day, I really don’t like her anymore. She interacts with the other hosts like she is their boss, which she is, of course, but it doesn’t work for the show’s premise. She used to be more of an equal, or at least that’s how it looked. Now, she looks constipated and offended and above it all. But beyond her, I don’t like Elizabeth’s rigid party line and I don’t like Whoopi’s serious side. Heck, I just can’t watch the View anymore. These women don’t work well together.

  243. JohnB says:

    Elisabeth bashers here are only showing off your jerk knees in public and it’s really unnecessary—Oaky so she clearly leans to the the right and this of course automatically means she’s an idiot loudmouth tool of the evil right wing conspiracy–BS…She’s as bright articulate and interesting as any other member of this horribly boring show—the fact she’s the lone right wing member means she has to get lound sometimes to be heard—so what?—the woman has moxie and I admire her for sticking to her convictions.

  244. JEANNINE says:


  245. mary says:

    bring rosie back get rid of elizabeth she should have left in the first place

  246. Ga says:

    I agree with most it is Elizabeth that needs to go like the say Miss thinks she knows it all

  247. Lisa says:

    Elizabeth really needs to go. She’s so argumentative. I’m so sick and tired of her always defending her polictical beleifs. That’s all I ever hear from her. blah, blah, blah. It’s enough already. We all know how she feels about her side. Good God, stop it, it’s enough.

  248. Julie says:

    I think there are a lot of jealous, hateful, and insecure people on this post. Aren’t liberals supposed to be open minded and caring of others? What’s up with all of the negativity toward Christians God for that matter? I hope that most of you aren’t at the pearly gates to judge me when I get there! I probably don’t have to worry about that too much.

  249. Nancy says:

    I think the person Barbara should be firing is Elizabeth. If she were off the show I would consider watching it again. I can’t believe she has managed to stay on this program for as long as she has. She has no other beliefs than her own and hates any one elses opinions. Come on Barbara. Fire someone who needs to be fired and not the ones who show some intelligence.

  250. Joanne says:

    I say dump Sherri and Elizabeth. They are both stupid, but Elizabeth is the dangerous one because she actually thinks she is intelligent with all her political rantings and we all know that after the last eight years anyone that goes along with those politics is a moron. So keep Joy and Whoopie they are smart and entertaining and get rid of the dead weight.

  251. Muriel says:

    I was a huge fan of the View for many years. However, when Meredith left the show, it went downhill from there. Sherri is a very likeable person and very funny. She lightens the air on the show. Elizabeth is nothing but a pain in the behind with her stupid comments about the Republcan party no matter how ridiculous she sounds. Bush is a total idiot and she doesn’t see that….how dumb can you be??? She’s got to go!!!

  252. Jean says:

    The View serves no useful purpose in airing the uneducated, irresponsible opinions that Sherry puts forth. The ultimate idiotic comment for me was when she hesitated in answering a question as to whether or not the earth is flat; I believe she said she wasn’t sure! I don’t agree with the conservative Christian Republican views that Elisabeth repeats like a broken record either. However, I do think everyone is entitled to air their opinion, but surely there is a better representative out there than Elisabeth. There is no excuse for the ignorance that Sherry spews. At least Barbara and Joy and Whoopi usually point out that there is a need for everyone to be informed and open minded to other views no matter what your opinion. Supposedly that was the purpose of the show originally.

  253. Steven says:

    Get Elizabeth off the show! I dont care if sherri leaves either but Elizabeth is a nobody and says stupid things all the time. Shes irritating as hell, doesnt know how to dress or what looks good on her and thinks shes an expert on everything. I cant stand her!

  254. Pam says:

    I used to love the VIEW, but Joy hates George Bush so MUCH, she injects him into every sentence and says the most horrible things about our President! When I was young ,whether you agreed with his views or not, the President deserves RESPECT!! People from other than the U.S. hear such horrible biased words about our country. If she thinks BUSH caused all this crap going on she is NUTS. At least we are safe (so far).Even our soldiers are, (for the most part),proud of what they are accomplishing. Even though Joy and her lefty friends won’t give the Pres. any credit for it. Elizabeth is good but does need to tone it down a bit. I think Sherri is hilarious!

  255. Lynn says:

    I think that they should get rid of Joy…she doesn’t know what she is talking about. I am sick and tried of her…but I do love Elisbeth she is a breath of fresh air…she is the only reason I watch the show..

  256. STELLA LOCKE says:

    Whoa, Sherry really? Get rid of her? Wow, if anyone needs to go its Elizabeth, I have had it with her. she is so far out, she won’t even consider anyone elses views…yes this is the view, but come on be open minded, she is so narrow minded, don’t know how hubby puts up with her, but I guess hes probably just like her, so sad for their kids, you can just see the bigotry in the house for those kids. GET HER OFF THE SHOW, I hate to stop watching, but I have had enough of her.

  257. Cindy says:

    African Americans have fought for equal rights and credibility for so long… to bring in someone so ignorant as Sherri sets everything back decades, and is an embarrassment to her race. How could so someone so unbelievably STUPID get on this show? No wonder the rest of the world hates us!!

  258. Kim says:

    Joy Behar and her obnoxious NY accent have to go.

    Her jokes are as old as she is, too.

  259. Barbara says:

    NO WAY!!! That stupid Elizabeth should be the one to go not Sherrie. I don’t seem to be the only one that feels the same as I do. I have never liked Elizabeth and hoped she would not return after having another kid, but we weren’t that lucky. Barbara Walters needs to stop being so sensitive. She wrote the book telling all, so what does she expect?

  260. STELLA LOCKE says:


    Big J you are so right with the above statement!!! NO ONE SHOULD SAY THAT HORRIBLE WORD…….THERE IS NO EXCUSE TO SAY IT.

  261. TX-G says:


  262. Someone says:


  263. Shane says:



  264. ray says:

    Barbara is the one who needs to go. after putting rosie on there she just showed how ignorant she is, i dont take nothing she says seriously anymore.
    As for being saved if she wants to burn in hell forever so be it. God gives everyone a choice.

  265. Nora says:

    I like everyone of them. They each have different opinions. That’s why it’s called “The View”. It’s like having morning coffee with entertaining and interesting friends. Barbara brings class to the program and is very respectful to all of those ladies. I look forward to it every day.

  266. Sharon says:

    Let us love one another except Sherri.

  267. LeeB says:

    Did I see a comment from Elisabeth H.???
    Saying either Sherri go or she go!???
    I don’t like Sherri either….But please let her stay until Elis-a-bitch GO!!!! Then Sherri ass can go too! But if it takes her to get rid of the bitch,get her done!

  268. Dan says:

    I thought Rosie was great on the show, but Whoppie is an awesome replacement. Joy lends maturity, and humor. Sherry is funny, sweet, and will improve. NOTHING will ever help Elizabeth!!! She’s a dumb, evil bitch, and Barbara should fire her, then, Barbara should retire!!

  269. Betty says:

    I LIKE SHERRY SHEPHERD! she’s so cool.. decent and funny too..

    It’s the bitch joy that needs to leave..
    she’s been there WAY too long WHY the hell is she still there…? Way past time to replace the old slut….

    well maybe she’s keeping her job by sleeping with barbara! hell who knows… Barbars definately is not the decent woman we all thought she was

  270. nell says:

    I have watched and liked the view since 2001 when I retired and love the show. I especially loved Merideth and now enjoy her on TODAY & MILLIONAIRE. I stopped watching it when rosie was on it because I could not stand how she brought the show down. Now I am back to watching it each day. Each of the ladies have a special part like a piece of a pie. They each make it complete. If Kathy Griffin comes on with her foul mouth I will once again be a non viewer

  271. Sandra says:

    Bon Voyage Sheri! I have loyally watched The View for ten years. After hearing Sheri comment on her cousin in jail and the number of abortions she has had, I have decided to use my time more wisely and turn the TV off. I will miss Joy and Barbara but enough is enough. Since Sheri joined the crew the show is now on a level as low as Montel or Tyra.

  272. Helen Dixon says:

    Sherri is uneducated and naive — she just doesn’t know any better than to come out with her remarks. At times she tries “too hard” to be funny, and that can be very annoying! I do think she needs to be replaced — she has ‘worn out her welcome’ with these drawbacks in her personality — her ignorance, and incurable naivety. But Elizabeth needs to go too!

    Elizabeth and her “Minnie Mouse” baby voice (that under the best of circumstances, no one wants to hear, anyway) should get booted along with Sherri! The day Shirley McLaine was a guest, she reminded me of the ‘impudent child’ who never knows when to keep quiet, and ends up embarrassing everyone around when she impolitely pop up with whatever is in her head at the moment (no matter what serious conversation might be going on)! She is supposed to be college educated, but she certainly betrays whatever education her parents paid for!

    She is pretty, and is good for “eye candy” when the View’s audience might want to check out her latest hair style, what she’s wearing for the day, or if her shoes match her outfit, etc. etc. But could she just not talk so much (or at all)? That would even be better!

    I’ll end with a question I’m always wondering about; “How do all of them stand to hear that high-pitched, “Munchkin” voice of Elizabeth’s, day after day? With the rat-a-tat delivery (she talks so fast you can’t understand most of what she says either) it’s just annoying! She is just too much to bear! Here’s a hint; if they’re going to keep her on the panel, maybe they should assign a voice coach to her, to bring that baby-girl voice of hers down a couple of octaves! 🙁

    Ta-ta from a “Sometime Viewer” (Only when Elizabeth isn’t trying to monopolize the conversation, that is! Then I quickly reach for the remote)!

  273. TERRY says:


  274. Nancy says:

    Give Elizabeth the boot and keep Sheri and send Barbara on a VERY LONG vacation!

  275. Mr. Ed says:

    The View???
    Probably the worste excuse for a talk show tv program on the air. With all the egos flying and Whoopies egocentric
    pushy attitude…. I wouldn’t mind if ALL of them were OFF the air!

  276. david p says:

    Um, I watch the view every day. Sherry is not the sharpest tool in the shed by far, but sometimes she evokes spontaneous laughter from me, like when they have party-planning segments and she chugs down the cocktails. Funny!! I hate Elisabeth’s politics but she acts as a counter-balance, and for the most part, spouts the Republican Propoganda effectively. Whoopie has a great brain. She can think on her feet and also knows how to add something different (and often witty) to the conversation/debate. She is sometimes like a chess player who thinks three moves ahead and either traps you– or not. She might just massage you depending on how strongly she feels about the Hot Topic. She needs to bone up on her pop culture though or be self-deprecating about being clueless instead of “not understanding.” Um, we all love to talk Britney, okay Whoopie?
    Joy is brash and liberal and I love that about her. Her humour is old-fashioned though, with those corny punchlines and “zingers.” I feel I should hear a drum roll after she delivers them: BadadaBoom!! Now to Barbara. She comes off as slightly bombastic and despotic at times, and the troops fall in line. But she is a smart lady and stays so current and seems surprisingly down-to-earth despite her status in NYC society and all her money, blahblahblah. Sometimes she’ll genuinely laugh at her or someone elses gaffes and hugs Sherry or Elisabeth, and we love that real side of Barbara. And she still has a great mind. Anyone who says they hate the show because of the “argueing,” etc. is a chauvinist. And if you are a woman, it’s internalized chauvinism. These women can debate with the best of them, and bring something different (something inherently “feminine?”) to the debate. More power to them!!

  277. Rosemary says:

    Barbara Walters had to endure sex discrimination for years, including from Harry Reasoner. I don’t care about an affair that she admitted. What I do care about is a so-called Christian woman who had numerous abortions is trying to tell a woman who is Jewish should try to be saved. Whatever beliefs Walters may have now, if you are born Jewish you are Jewish and it is an effrontery to want a Jew to be “saved.”
    I enjoy Elisabeth’s conservative views. Isn’t that what makes it The View? Rosie got on my nerves because of the obvious hostility she had for Elisabeth.
    Whoppi and Joy are great. Barbara still has all the right insight and questions. She is not the one who is interrupting and talking all the time and when she is not on the air she has asked Whoppi to stop the crosstalk when it gets too distracting.

  278. Gwen says:

    Barbara Walters needs to retire from television. She’s ignoarant


  279. Hank says:

    The View is an excellent show. Each one of the participants adds something special to the show. The only one ever on the show who did not fit in and took the show wayyyy down was Rosie. She had too many of her own personal problems she wanted to spout off about.
    Whoopie was a gold find! She is the best one. Joy adds a different perspective, Sherrie still another, Elisabeth is occasionally annoying, but you need someone with her perspective and intensity sometimes. Barbara brings the show a bit of seriousness when it is needed and also has her moments of dry humor. All in all, it is an excellent show, one of a kind. The mixture of the various personalities allows a variety of opinions on the various subjects they discuss. The very fact that each personality on the show is different makes for more interesting discourse, and also explains why some folks say they dislike certain ones on the show. The statements that some viewers are making regarding which one they dislike, etc. indicates the popularity of the show. They say they they don’t like it, but if they didnt watch it they wouldn’t know whether they do or don’t like it. Obviously, they watch it, and so do I. I love it. My whole family and I enjoy it immensely. Best show on TV.

  280. Juli says:

    I have been watching The View everyday from day one. Obviously there have been some people that I liked better than others. However, I love it when Barbara is on since she always sums up the table discussion so that it’s not all over the place. Also, Sherri is cute if not so intelligent that’s o.k., imagine if all of them were on the same level how boring that would be?
    Also, for some reason, I can’t take how Whoopie always looks like a slob and very manly. If you are on a daytime show, dress accordingly. You don’t have to give up your individuality, but dress nicer.
    I say…bring Rosie back and get rid of Elizabeth.

  281. Katie says:

    I really enjoy the show. Elizabeth gets on my nerves once in a while. She is very young and imature.Whoppi keeps the show moving and also keeps everyone in line, except for elizabeth. lol. There are alot of emails here that are really nasty. what kind of people are they anyway. they all sound like they need to get alife.

  282. Trudy Buck says:


  283. Jerry says:

    Give Sherri a break she is sincere, and I haven’t met a perfect person yet. I watch the show for entertainment. I enjoy the points each one make. They are all very interesting if you really listen to them. Barbara brings too much formality which inhibits the show. This is not a slam against her, she just does better on 20/20. also, I think if the panel would let Elizabeth finish her point without interrupting it might help. Its worth trying anyway.

  284. Bj Hickman says:

    You’re kidding me right? I don’t know who your “source” is but I’m not buying it. You’re going to tell me Barbara considers Sherri a “loose cannon” but has no problem with vengeful, hatemongering, ready-to-go-postal-any-second-now Elizabeth? Rrrrrriiiiight. Name your source or pull the story, people, coz this reeks of bullsh*t.

  285. chondra says:

    I love Sherri and don’t want to see her go. I think she is sweet and VERY, VERY funny.
    I also appreciate the show having two Christians instead of just one who gets bashed every time she says something moral.

  286. Angela Smith says:

    To All:
    I enjoy the View immensely and hope to see the panal continue. Each member is her own person yet make a good group of woman. Barbara, is surely an inspiration to many (especially me) to be still working at her lovely age and yet in tune with the world. Whoopie, you are surely a rounded person, even if you like staying on the ground, Joy is an intelligent/comedian, Sherri, is an open book/comedian, Elizabeth tries her best to be involved. I look forward to seeing the view, even more so since Whoopie is on. The openness of the panal is scary sometimes, enjoyable, funny, informing, etc. etc. Some may think others have ruff edges, so be it. Help each other to round the sharp edges. Take Time Out to See the overall view.

  287. Kate says:

    I like Whoopi! I don’t always agree with her, but she’s rational and logical and you can have an intelligent debate with her. Elizabeth? That over emotional, immature twit should be removed from the show. Now, how did a Christian magazine quote Sherri incorrectly? I have a feeling Sherri said her truths and the Christian magazine published it, much to her horror. Other wise, that is one anti Christian magazine if it misquoted Miss Sherri on purpose. I think both Sherri and Elizabeth should go bye-bye. After Sherri announced she had more abortions then she could count, my repect went straight out the door for her.

  288. Kate says:

    I enjoy The View. Each person on the panel is an irritant to someone. Liberals like Joy and hate Elizabeth. Conservatives like Elizabeth and dislike Joy. Whoopie, Sheri, and Barbara are all irritating at times. It makes great television. Lighten up everyone. The show is meant to entertain, not to inform.

  289. Debra E says:

    I like Sherry, Elizabeth and Whoopie. I just think the show needs balance, Elizabeth is the only republican and when she speaks you see Joy about to have a stroke, she gets so mad that not everyone thinks the same as her, it seems the jokes Joy knows is to critize Bush..I use to enjoy her until the last year or so, she reminds me of Rosie at the end of her own show.

  290. Bibi says:

    The one thing about this show is that they all talk at once, we can’t make sense out of anything they are saying at times. Give Me a Break!

  291. Dawn says:

    You’ve got to be kidding me? I think Bawbwa is just upset over the remarks that S. S. made in her interview for that Christian magazine. I for one can’t stand E. H. and if anyone should be let go it should be her. I’m so tired of her rants, and screaming and always having to be right. The only ones I ever laugh or smile because of on that show are W. G. and J. B. Whoopi does an amazing job! And Joy is SO funny! Blunt but funny! 🙂

  292. Christie says:

    I agree with the person who said that Elisabeth never gets to say what she wants without Bahbah or Whoopeeee or Joy cutting in and trying to act like they have the correct opinion. Bahbah talks down to EH and I can’t believe the producers allow that!! You need to have differing views. Joy was so for Hillary, but now is so Obama, it is comical. She couldn’t care less who is running for the Democrats; she just hates any Republican. Whoopeee also talks down to EH like she would a young child. How horrible! Let’s act like women and discuss opposing views without talking down. Get rid of Bahbah, for sure. Sherri is OK. She just says what she thinks and it is fine. At least she isn’t cut-throat like Whoopeee and Bahbah.

  293. Chloe says:

    I don’t enjoy Joy at all. The sound of her voice is like fingernails on a chalk board. I don’t find her funny. She wants to butt heads with
    Elizabeth any chance she gets. I’m sick of the election topics. Whoopie can be good but I’m sick of the “we live in different worlds” and the use of the n word (who can use it and who can’t).

  294. Lisa Clancy says:

    Bye Bye Barbara and take Elisabeth with you. Maybe they should bring back Rosie, I think, Sheri,Joy and Whoopie along with Rosie would make for great TV. But then again that’s my View.

  295. dawn says:


  296. lazzi says:

    They really should get rid of the pygmy. The dreadlocks and the big ego have always been a little hard to take.

  297. Ray says:



  298. PMM says:

    I watch the view but agree with so many of you about Elisabeth, I get so tiered of her trying to controll all topics but you have to love Woopi she will wip her into shape. I have sent my comments to the producer of the view and others should too she really needs to go!!!! As for Sherri if she has asked GOD for forgivness she is forgiven but Barbra is not God I know she thinks she is but NOT!!! At least she is asking about her past and if she will be forgiven from Christians and that is the right place to start. I don’t enjoy the show when Barbra is on because everyone seems scared and reserved and not having fun. Everyone has something in their past they need to be forgiven for and I felt that Sherri needed help and I quess Barbra forgot about her book and the fact she is an adulter and writing her book will reach even more people then the ones that watch the show. Remember don’t throw stones in glass houses

  299. Cindy says:

    I have watched the show since it first hit the airwaves. I feel that Elisabeth has always been the one who is very pushy on her ideas and just spoils the whole show. When she starts on her rants, I turn off the t.v. If anyone should go it is Miss Elisabeth! Get rid of her and the show will be much better. It seems she is the one who stirs up trouble on air and causes friction off. She probably won’t go because she probably has some kind of loop hole in her contract so she can’t get the boot. She probably has an aliance with Ms. Walters. As if it’s not obvious. They act very similar, to say the least. Joy and Whoopi are the best. As for Ms. Walters, she is probably over analizing things since the whole Star controversy and is very cautious. How many “personal” controversial issues does the show have to take? I really think the show will not last that much longer on the air any way. I give a year or so until that to tanks.

  300. Jan Novoa says:

    Dear Readers:

    What could possibly be said that would make a clean…on the level and to the point VIEW of these program:
    Whoopie: ” Great Addition..a woman who knows how to wear the pants…in a non glamourous but inteligent fashion…funny and not out to hurt anyone!…and yes very Funny! ”
    Joy: ” Funny…possibly smarter than most people care to admit…says her VIEW points when ever she felts she wants to and makes us laugh… in this TROUBLESOME world of OURS…Laughter is not only needed but who ever can acomplish that with ANY AUDIENCE..” Thats TRUE Talent ” .
    Sherry: Funny……a bit too human At times, but harmless!…And Yes the latest addition to the VIEW panel…If they(That would be producer Bill Gedes and his wife BABS! 👿 ) indeed force you out, remember This won’t BREAK YOU..but it will make you STRONGER
    EH: What does she ever had on her resume in TV LAND?…Survivor?( A total Bore then as she remains one Today :mrgreen !)…That pretty much sums it up with her!.
    BARBARA: ” As Bette Davies would Put It ” That ” B—H HAS GOT TO GO ”
    while dropping cigarrettes ashes all over the place!
    And I close these points of VIEW to you BABA WAWA : When the time has come to go…Do it gracefully ..and while at it……keep your words TIGHT and NEAT!..and yes Thank’s For The Memories!

    Jan Novoa-Guirola 8)

  301. Kim says:

    I love the show! Elizabeth is the fly in the ointment, but they all play-off of each other. Why would anyone watch if everyone agreed with each other??? That’s the whole point & Barbara deserves respect for all of her years & knowing what sparks a conversation. That’s why it’s called “The View” [everyone is entitled to their own…]

  302. Crist says:

    Not a great loss if she goes. Sherri Shepherd is a homophobic hypocrite. Whoopi Goldberg has told her time and again to think before she opens her mouth but she doesn’t listen. I hope Elisabeth is next. You can tell that Barbara is often surprised at the stupid uneducated comments that spew from her big bazzoooo!

  303. margie says:

    How ironic that Barbara thinks Sherri is a pain in the butt over that obnoxious Rosie. The thing with Barbara if you kiss her butt then you are her favorite child but God help you if you have your own opinion and she doesn’t agree. Rosie use to kiss up to Barbara that is why she stuck up for her. I thought the name of the show was “The View”, hmm, I guess it’s Barbara’s point of view.

  304. Phyllis Pennington says:

    I stopped watching The View some years ago because it got nasty and everyone talked at the same time. There was a lot of shouting. I have rediscovered it and Whoopie is the main reason I make an effort to see it. Elizabeth is an air-head. She is young and can’t help showing her lack of maturity in a discussion.

  305. Hank says:

    All the members on the View are way out of line for middle America. Elizabeth, should move to Fox News Network. Elizabeth you are the best. Joy and the rest of the gang, get lost.

  306. sandi says:

    Sherri,Joy and Whoopi should stay! get rid of Elizabeth, barbara’s ok but get rid of hasselbeck.

  307. Theresa says:

    Get rid of Elizabeth. I can’t stand her. I stop watching because of her and her voice, her views and her phoney tears. Please, she she go.

  308. Diana says:

    I truly can’t stand Barbara or Elisabeth. Elisabeth HAS to preach every single show and no one can out talk her or over talk her. Barbara is a walking infomercial. Sherri has grown on me. Shes not overly bright but good hearted and what you see is what you get. I like Joy, but she had to grow on me. Whoopi is ok since she quit cutting sherri down all the time, but shes not a good moderator.

  309. scarey says:

    Hnitsch, if that’s the number 1 reason you are voting for Obama, you’re the idiot, not Elisabeth. Too bad you are just another in a big crowd that knows nothing about politics, and instead lets their “celebrity idiots” guide them about something so important.

  310. Terrie says:

    Sherrie is by far one of the stupidest people on tv. She proves it everyday on The View. Joy is one way and over opinionated, but she is a comedienne and at times is quite funny. Barbara is a calm in the storm and Whoopie who is a great actress and comedienne sure jumps on the BLACK CARD everytime she can. Elizabeth doesn’t have a chance whether you like her or not. Happens to be that I do, but Sherrie is nasty, ignorant and a slob. No amount of makeovers take away her true being.

  311. Kelly says:

    I agree with the many others that feel Barbara is the one that needs to go, along with Elisabeth. So many times when Barbara makes comments or brings up issues it seems I’m always making a face and wondering “What is she thinking or trying to prove?” When Elisabeth “rants”, many times I cringe, hold my breath, am embarrassed for her, turn my head and just want to say to her “just stop already”. Not that she shouldn’t speak and be heard, it just seems to come across wrong, unintentionally. Not sure I can even put my finger on how. She is trying too hard to be relaxed and at ease, and it shows. I’ve always enjoyed Whoopi and Joy, and feel Sheri is comfortable to watch, we just don’t know what goes on behind closed doors though. I feel Elisabeth could be replaced with someone with more composure and less “know it all” attitude, who still has similar ideals, values, opinions, etc., but would be better received. I’m glad school is starting soon so I can get back in my classroom and hope things get better for them all – soon!

  312. daisy424 says:

    Debra E; I agree.
    The panel needs to be more balanced.

  313. Noname says:

    Get rid of Elisabeth….. She’s the most annoying of them all. She never knows when to shut up !!

  314. Lisa says:

    Elizabeth is the annoying one It’s nice to have a show with so many views but when it gets to a point when everyone is talking over one another and shouting and not letting people get a word in edge-wise (Elizabeth are you listening/) the show becomes irritating. i think all views should stay just let everyone talk already!!!

  315. Mega Me says:

    Good for Barbara. I thought she was trouble a long time ago.
    Now, if Barbara can tone down Joy she will have a good show again. Whoopie is doing just fine!!


  317. Mega Me says:

    Good for you Barbara. She was trouble from the begining. I never thought she was, your type of show person anyway. Now, tone down Joy and you will be riding high again!!

  318. Marie says:

    I enjoy watching the show when Whoopi, Joy, sherri are there. I can’t stand Barbara or Elizabeth. Barbara is boring and a hypocrite and Elizabeth is the most inflexible and spoiled person I have ever seen. Whenever she can’t win an argument, she resorts to crying to gain sympathy. Grow up already!!! Sure Sherri is not smart and says some really dumb things, but she does bring a little humor to the show.

  319. DeeDee says:

    I have a sure cure for thr View. Cancel it.

  320. Brandon says:

    Elisabeth Hassellback is the worst thing to happen to daytime television. I could probably tolerate Anne Coulter better than her (even though I hate them both). Anne Coulter at least sounds halfway informed — and she would totally boost ratings.
    I agree the show wouldn’t have as much of an appeal if the women all agreed with one another, but Elisabeth is just plain dumb. Those who say she doesn’t get to say what she wants is just wrong…it’s not Whoopi and Joy’s fault that they are normally right and Elisabeth is just plain wrong when it comes to issues.

    As for Sherri, she is too new. They need to give her a chance. Babs needs to retire and concentrate on her documentary type interviews. Bring on someone like Chelsea Handler to replace Babs. Handler’s E! boyfriend could replace the producer who is Babs right hand. Just a thought….

  321. Julie says:

    I find it amazing how many of you are offended by someone speaking on the side of morality. If it bothers you turn on MTV or Cops. Elizabeth seems (since I don’t personally know her) like a well educated, informed, loving wife and mother. Any person with a modicum of intelligence would not feel threatened by her, but should enjoy hearing someone’s different “view” other than their own.

  322. Missy says:

    I’m really not interested in how many abortions Sherri has had. I found it sad that she felt the need to share that with all of us. Shame on here and she should feel bad. Actually she should feel worse then bad. Today there is no need for abortions or unwanted pregnancy. More then she can count? I’m impressed. Time to go!

  323. R says:

    Hey did anybody hear what Tobi Keith said about the view? He said he was going to say the “R”(redneck) word at least 3 times. But if Woopie said it he was going to tell her she can’t say that word only he can LOL booyaa Woopie!! How do you like that………..

  324. Jay says:

    I am so tired of barbara who has spent the past few months using The View for her commercials of her boring book and her 20/20 piece on Carla Bruni which was not a good interview. Face it Barbara, you are getting on in years and needs to pass on the torch. Barbara cannot stay on task during the show and constantly needs to read her blue notes. BE Prepared for the show BW. As for Elizabeth, who loves to kiss butt with Hannity, I find her, Gracely, the dog , Taylor, and Tim who cannot keep a job a bore. If she does not get all of the attention, she copies Grace and cries like a child. She loves that because then she gets all of the attention on the internet. Stay home and raise your kids. It obviously by Grace’s dog behavior that she needs some attention and a mom. As far as Sherri goes, I was appalled that she could not keep her many abortions to herself and the very inappropriate to talk about Barbara needing to be Saved. She should have discussed that Barbara needs to be in a home for dementia because she cannot remember what is going on during a program. Whoopi and Joy are on target. I am hoping Joy gets Larry’s job. She was great as a fill in….he’s another one who needs to move on.

  325. Dorelv says:

    The show is called The “View”. Barbara says it is because they all have different views. All races (or most) should be represented. Why not keep Whoopie (black with a low/middle class background), Barbara (white, rich), HIRE a hispanic, HIRE a middle eastern, HIRE an asian (Lisa was great). Right now whites are over represented (3), and they have two blacks. BARBARA, I HOPE YOU READ THIS. :

  326. marlene says:


  327. Char says:

    The one who MUST go is Elizabeth, she is so annoying.

  328. pistolpete says:

    barbara needs to get saved—that is the truth. Joy is the one who is intolerant and gets angry when they have a conservative on the show. if you had four conservatives on the show with one liberal to argue their veiwoint, they would annoy you and stand out. Whoopi and Joy are radicals and Babara needs to stay home. I like Sherri, but am disappointe that she is voting for obama simply because he isblack. If elisabeth said she was voting for McCain only because he is white, she would have been fired.

  329. Lynnda says:

    How on earth can Barbara Walters want someone off a show. If anybody should go it should be her. Sherri might say some wild, crazy and sometimes stupid things but she means no harm. It’s not like Barbara is a saint. Screwing married black men, having multiple men calling her house and not knowing which one it was. She ended up marrying one of them. She is nothing but an old glorified whore in my opinion. The show is terrific when she’s not there.

  330. Sandra says:

    I just think that there is the liberal view on The View by the majority and then the conservative view by one Elisabeth. Those of you who say you hate Elisabeth, be honest. You don’t hate her but what she stands for. I think it takes great courage for her to stand true to her views among those very powerful women whom she sits with each day. Do you really think the show would have the appeal it has if they all thought the same on those hot topics? I think not. So come on everyone admit that it’s what Elisabeth stands for that you hate. Oh, and for the record, I’m with her all the way! 😀

  331. judy says:


  332. Jan says:

    Good!!! Get rid of that bitch and take Whoopie with her!!! Maybe then I MIGHT watch The View again…After the show aboout the N….. word, I was done. Smug, self righteous witches. BYE!!!

  333. mimi says:

    Too bad Meridith Viera left. She was the rock that moved the show.
    Sherri appears to be an immature sensationalist.
    I don’t enjoy the show with her on. I hardly watch it anymore. Rosie was a disaster also.
    It is not the vibrant show it once was.

  334. Winnie Roybal says:

    Ok, we can bitch and complain all we want, but what good is that. Think about it, It is Barbara’s show, and she has a good one. We just really need to re-organize a little. First get rid of Elisabeth (nasty little girl) and Sherry if you want, but I think a guest co-host daily or weekly is what is needed. Joy and Whoopie are the rock of the show. Love the show.

  335. Lexis says:

    I think Sherri is very funny. Now Elizabeth I think she is very stupid and adds no value to the show.That’s who Barbara should be considering letting go. Elizabeth is a joke and very ignorant. I watch the show because of Sherri and Whoopie, keep up the good work ladies. I know that it is Barbara’s show but she is very boring and her book is a disgrace somethings or better not being told.

  336. David says:

    Time to move The View to the BET Channel.

  337. judy says:


  338. DanMan says:

    the National Enquirer? This source sucks. these people are dumber than Sherri … they believe the bat boy exists!

  339. Julie says:

    You have a lot of class Marlene. Maybe they’ll ask you to come on the show so that you can share with everyone how to speak like a lady.

  340. LeeB says:

    Scarey, if you are not voting for Obama….. you’re the IDIOT!!!!!And EH is still an a$$ too!

  341. its time to fire “elizabeth,now!!!
    LONG BEACH,CA.90801-3242 😀 😀 😆

  342. Dem08 says:

    I have watched the View on and off since it started..I watched every day when Rosie was on. The show became real, they talked about tough issues. Too bad the conservative exec could not stanf to hear someone else’s View. I like Whoopi, but do find her “views” contracdictory some times, especially when the N word is defended as only something a black person is allowed to say. If its wrong for one, its wrong for all. Finally, some of you comment that you hate the show and never watch. How can you hate something you don’t watch, therefor no little about. As for the other host, they are ok, Elizabeth has grown some, but she is no more annoying than Joy. I used to like her, but her way to left policies and views has this democrat cringing. Her distaste for Hillary was uncalled for. Anyway, isn’t it great we all can enjoy our Views….

  343. Sandra says:

    Elisabeth is not stupid. She presents a very conservative side of many Americans. Obviously not the many who watch The View. It seems you liberals can be mouthy and express all that you think is right and wrong with America but when a conservative speaks out they are stupid. Sounds to me like what she stands for frightens many of you and so you put her down and hope she will go away. There are many of us out here who believe as Elisabeth does. Funny, Joy and Whoopi couldn’t be more liberal but I don’t see them as stupid. Merely two women who are true to what they believe. If they can sit on that panel with Elisabeth, and not call her stupid then why can’t you all do the same?

  344. Sue says:

    I think Shari is a sweetheart shes had some rough times and she talks about them Shes so down to earth I havent watched the show too much since my favorite Rosie left I can not stand Elizabeths Hasslequacks MOUTH does anyone like her? Why do you keep her on the show? I love Joy anytime on any show I think some changes should be made or the shows not going anywhere

  345. Gypsy0005 says:

    If the show wants to dump someone it needs to be Elisabeth! I Tivo the show everyday and then play a little game when I watch it. I see how many minutes into the show I can watch before Elisabeth and her idiotic comments send me rushing for the delete button! The other day I only got 11 minutes in before I erased the video. I took the whole thing off my Tivo schedule. Show is sliding fast between listening to elisabeth abd her assinine ideas and then listening to Whoppi tell us later how much they love each other…DON’T CARE!!

  346. Ro says:

    Don’t you all get it? It’s called “The View” where 4 women discuss their own personal views – that’s what it’s all about. Young, older, black, white, liberal, conservative. Just listen & watch – you just may learn something new you guys. And by the way, Joy Behar is not Jewish, she is Italian-Catholic – and damn smart too.

  347. Shar says:

    I don’t want to see Sheri go. She helps liven up the show. When Barbara is on then it gets boring. Even though it’s “Barbara’s show”, when she’s on she’s too conservative and doesn’t let the ladies have much fun with their conversations. I think Babs should just sit back and relax and watch the show from home.

  348. shelby says:

    I tape the view to watch it when I come home from work. I used to love the show. I originally started watching because of Joy Behar. She is so sexy, and funny. As far as Hasslebeck, no one will be able to survive her. She is a headstrong republican and believe they can do no wrong. She only may be comfortable with this feeling because she doesn’t have any children of military age that can be sent to a jungle to fight for our rights to eat Corn Flakes (In a silly republican started war)! Hasslebeck and her opinions belongs somewhere else, or she should tone down her opinions. Barbera Walters should leave the show to the professionals, Whoopi and Joy, they got the right stuff. Sherri is so glad to be on Television, she may say anything!
    Bye, I have to watch View now to see if Whoopi or Joy can’t handle Hasslebeck anymore and Explode into Infinitum!

  349. Rafael says:

    I hope Barbara reads this, I think this websites name doesnt truly embody her charecter. Who the HADES cares about what she thinks!? Barbara is an old shrivelled up, botox infested wench! So great, she thinks this woman should be removed from the view….. Fine, thanks for thinking that Babs, after all, this is america and your welcome to think whatever you wish but it should stop there. Barabara is not the only viewer of the show and I personally didnt think what was said was so bad. She spoke upon her own personal past expieriences and the fact of how ashamed she felt. That doesnt mean she thought that every woman should feel the same. Wow, so her personal thought of hoping maybe Barbara would be SAVED, how the HADES can Babs take it personal unless she is a Satanist. If she belived in any benevelent being more powerful then herself, she should know better already. Anyways, this crap has me feeling like if I saw Babs in the streets Id spit in her face and let her know what I thought of her and she how she’d like that. LOL…..

  350. carol says:

    I’m a long-time “The View” watcher. It has gone downhill since Meredith and Star left (the “fatter” Star). Joy is funny and smart and the best member of the panel—I think we were separated at birth. Barbara is so boring and I wish she would only show up once a month. Elizabeth is a loud-mouth and I’m so tired of her endless babble, she should go. Sherri is pleasant, but doesn’t add anything to the show. Bring on Kathy Griffin and then things will get interesting. Whoopi is boring and preaches too much and monopolizes the conversations–I’m tired of her and her ugly clothes.

  351. Loretta Marie says:



  352. Kathy says:

    I used to watch The View when Meridth was on. Meridth brought CLASS to the show and was intelligent. Star could be very annoying at times but at least she was intelligent. I continued to watch when Rosie was on because she was funny and always doing nice things for people in need but there has just been too much anomosity and who told Elizabeth that she was smart? She is an incredible loud mouth with a low I.Q. and what is her claim to fame and Barbara’s days are over with The View infact The View is over and no one has the nerve to finally end it.

  353. LeeB says:

    Joy is the best thing they got going for that show. Whoopi is ok sometimes. Sherri can go bye-bye with a nice little parting gift. Elisabitch just kick her a$$ out litterally!!! And as for Barbara she can go out with Hasslebattle!!! She(Barbara)looks tired anyway-Did she have a stroke???

  354. Smart1 says:

    I mostly agree w/ poster Mavis Davis…Star was well-educated & thoughtful in her arguments. I like all of the gals, but Sherri seems to just be inhabiting some parallel universe, where the world is flat & it’s OK to publicly make cracks about your boss (Barbara…who isn’t likely to fire herself, folks!) I think Barbara has loosened up a little since her book & it makes her more approachable. Whoopi is the most rational person on the show. Elisabeth is a caricature of conservatism and is, I believe out of her league. Surely there are intelligent, well-educated and still attractive conservative gals that would be so much more interesting to watch (hey Elisabeth,,,check out Chuck Hagle…a realistic, moderate Republican…ya know, the one they talk about as Obama’s running mate..have your own opinion, instead of vomiting the party line every day…BORING!!! I also miss Meredith, who brought a degree of normalcy (working suburban mom in her 40’s) to the show. Rosie was a train wreck…she is not exactly a team player…best if she has her own show. And although I find Joy amusing her failure to ever listen to anyone else is very “Rosie” behavior. Take turns!!!!

  355. emo says:

    please,please we all know sherri wasnt gonna last,i did like her when she started but i dont appreciate the fact that ,because she is christian she should feel excused from her past mistakes,yes we all make them we are human but saying you would disown her own son if he were to be gay>?shes saved?-she says we are all gods children,not just saved abortion clogging loud mouths like herself-im just pointing out a fact -she revealed about her’multiple abortions’-and now she is so high and mighty-please and whats up with her making no darn sense making up her own words on the panel,yes please get rid off her BABS!!please do the right thing!Sherri hardly ever makes sense on any topic.she brings the show to an all time new LOW!

  356. Annette says:

    I think Whoppi has been the best thing for the show. Elizabeth is too pushy, and Sharri, cute in her own way, but not that intelligent. I agree that Barbara should be the one to leave. She’s having work done on her face, looks better, but that’s not the problem, it’s her attitude. I’d like to know why they need the whole month of August off when they already were to Vegas, and get every Friday off because it’s taped. Overrated and overpaid people.

  357. denise says:

    Elizabeth is great. She is always talked over because she has a different point of view. 1 against 4. Her educated opinions need to be heard – after all is it the VIEW. Sherrie is always good for a laugh.
    Get Kathy Griffin and it’s all over – yuk.

  358. Spitfire says:

    I did watch the view, when it first started, it was a really good show then. They had to ruin it by bringing that Elisabeth on. I cannot stand her & her politics. She always thinks she’s right, & never gives anyone else a chance to voice their differences..
    Take her off the show & i bet u get more viewers:-)
    God Bless her husband for putting up with her..I also watched her on survivor 1, she sucked there also… 😆

  359. Dem08 says:

    Why do any of is feel its okay to critize Barbara as if we just know this is true…Someone said they would spit in her face if they saw her on the street..This is gossip, most likely not even why do we get in a fighting mood over hearsay…Give us strenth..This is what is truly wrong with this country…we believe anything and everything we read on line and we love to tear anyone down..Thats why this election is so crazy this year..We tore down the best candidate because it was fun to destroy her..I am sure these women have issues..we all have issues..but unless Walters says it and Sherri goes, we should hold our judgement until we have facts.

  360. lynn says:

    Really Elizabeth is a little much, the rest are great and Sherri adds a down to earth quality

  361. cathy says:

    ELISABETH< IT”S TIME TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  362. Jonahh : ] says:

    We’ll dangg, barbra doses just need to retire. And she doese need to get off of celberties backs when she has them on the show. Either retire barbra or just interview. I mean really how old is she like 104. And i watch the “View” pretty much everydayy and i personally think sherri is funny. Agree Anyonee? Email me for any futher comments, Please leave headline about the topic. Or it will get deleated. 🙄
    P.S. Barbra FLIPPING RETIRE you have all the money somebody could ever want or just NEED, okayy. now i do like your look on things but please be alittle nicer towardsw people unlesss there doing something really bad come on. :]

  363. paul kelly says:

    Dump the lot of them! This show is nothing but air head PC`garbage, and “Babs” face is starting to look more and more like a “painted skull!

  364. Vickie says:

    I don’t understand how Sherri can be viewed as a loose cannon and not Joy! She is the one that cannot tolerate anyone that has a differing opinion from her own! Joy is as annoying to me as Rosie was. There are days that I do turn the tv when Joy gets started. She makes all of those childish faces and rolls her eyes…..ridiculous!!! Get rid of Joy and Barbara! Then you have an interesting panel…funny, intelligent and tolerant of others!

  365. Lakergregg says:

    The stupidest, yet funniest thing I may have ever heard is when Sherri Shepherd said her aborted babies are waiting for her in heaven so they can say,”hi momma we love you.”
    But in Sherri and Whoopi’s world it’ll sound more like, “hi nigga goin’ down?”

  366. Marilyn says:

    I used to watch the view all of the time when Rosie was on there..granted she and the Donald got into it quite a bit, but it was that Elizabeth is on the show, I hardly watch it at all……..she has a big mouth and most of the time cuts everyone off, she is rude and ignorant, and I believe that she is the one that needs to leave the show..all she can do is interupt everyone and then cry like a baby, go home and take care of your kids…..where is your television experience……….SURVIVOR…..I don’t think that makes you qualified to be a co-host for anything…..the View is meant to be for everyone’s opinions, not just yours Elizabeth….bring back Merredith……….she at least knew how to handle things, and was very intelligent……thank you.

  367. TC says:

    ONE MORE TIME, it goes to show you the bible thumpers christian conservatives are the ones that are really wierd.. it gives honest good hearted christians a bad name. It is such a shame.. it really is…………………………..IT IS AMAZING TO ME THE PEOPLE WHO SHOUT CONSERVATIVE BIBLE THUMPER, HAVE NO IDEA THAT GOOD HEARTED CHRISTIANS, LOVE EVERYONE, LEARN BEFORE YOU OPEN YOUR MOUTH. YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW.

  368. D.mJone says:

    Leave Sherrie alone – she is refreshing.

    Barbara, we like you too – but people feel the tension when you are on the show.

    Whoopie is wonderful and does a GREAT job as show’s moderator – let her run the day to day operations and the show is “Fun” and “Interesting” to watch

  369. Kimberly says:

    Kathy Griffin? Are you serious? She is PATHETIC. She’s crass almost to the degree of Joan Rivers. I think it’s Barbara who should go. The sooner the better. Hasn’t she got enough money in the bank already?

  370. TC says:


  371. TC says:


  372. christian lady says:

    I believe that debate is a good thing if the debaters can handle themselves in an adult manner, and recognize that their opinion is just that, and there are others with different opinions that they have every right to as well. Bottom line is that I have similar opinions with Elisabeth sometimes, but she presents them as if no one elses opinions matter, and she is always right. If she is hoping to win anyone over to either Christ or the McCain campaign, she needs to back off of her self rightous soapbox and recognize that others don’t always have to agree with her, and she is not always right! No one is!!

  373. Michael says:

    Star Jones brought the show to a higher intellectual level.

    good lord woman what planet are you on?

  374. Michael says:

    Get rid of her – who cares? and is she really valuable? Who’s gonna say – WoW! I really miss Sherri on the VIEW. In fact, just cancel the show all together…who’s gonna say, WoW! I really miss The View? Be honest…

  375. TV Guy says:

    The nicest thing I can say about Sherri is that she is a moron, probably a victim of public education. Too bad she is also annoying and by her “n” word comment, ignorant. Keep Elizabeth, she brings variety to the group.

  376. ccole says:

    OH MY LORD! It’s a talk show. I LOVE all of the ladies…It’s only boring to me when Barbara is on. No One cares about her Audition Book anymore. I bought it, Okay? But Barb is not a magnet to the show! I love the other ladies. They are all unique in their own way. I loved Starr…couldn’t stand Rosie but this group works! HOWEVER, if Barb decides to fire Sherree, which I truly believe is a lie since Barb isn’t a total idiot, that would be “The last journalist standing” or “the last reporter with a book to sell standing” Everyone just chill! Sherry isn’t going anywhere. HI JOY! Love you Whoopie! Respect and love you Elizabeth…You go girl Sheree…Relax Barb, you’ve got a winner!

  377. katerina says:

    I like them all except Whoopie. Whoopie is a serious racist and dresses like she just crawled out of bed in her pajamas with her hair matted to her head. I used to think she was ok in the movies I saw of her, but the true racist colors have shown up. I am sick of blacks saying we are held back too, uh were you alive in slavery times? They can always go back to the homeland, as can any of us that are mutts too. Just let all the colors leave each other alone already. Shame I can’t get hired for a job just because of my race & not my education or intelligence! Anyway, back to the point…leave them all alone, get Whoopie out and leave Elizabeth and Barbara alone…everyone is just jealous out there! Sherri is fine and real too and Joy is so patient dealing with all these people. I have noticed in the upper Northeast where I live a lot of people talk over each other, it is a fast paced area & we talk very fast up here. I think it is basically they are afraid they will loose their thought & impatient & excited & just want to get what they are thinking out. Although, I am not a fan of McCain for president, I would rather him than the alternative. Bush is a real person & unless you have met him you wouldn’t know he is such a family man & when the girls were younger he always wanted to know where they were. Bush is really funny too & everyone says he is dumb because of it. Bill Clinton however grabbed my daughters friends rear end when she was only 16 and then went on to grab her mothers too! So yeah Elzabeth lets support the Republicans! Great I went political! But, if you knew what it takes to run the U.S. you would too, we need someone that is up to the challenge as we have 1/2 dozen attempted attacks a day here. Get rid of Whoopie and find someone a bit more professional. It wouldn’t be a show without Barbara and if you don’t like the show don’t watch! I miss Meredith she was great too and such a loss for the show!

  378. JC says:


  379. tired says:

    I like watching the view and have been doing so for many years. There have been good days and bad. I only wish that Elisabeth would stop viewing the world in black and white and realize that sometimes things are gray. She is coming off like its her way or the highway. Elisabeth needs alittle more life under her belt before she can be so absolute about life.
    I like the five women on the show, but I do agree that Miss Barbara could cut down her apperance to once a week.

  380. Cathy Hoeffler says:

    I love “The View”! I do not like Elisabeth. She rants on and on expressing her conservative opinions ad nauseum. Sherri is not very smart and her eating manners (when you have food guests) are sickening! Joy is the best. She is well educated and funny! Whoopi does a great job diffusing “hot” discussions amongst the panel and smoothing things out, especially when Elisabeth ‘goes off’. Finally, I love the insight and comments brought to the table when Barbara is on. My days off would not be the same without “The View” to watch.

  381. Monica says:

    I like Sherri. Yes, sometimes I can’t believe what she says, but that’s what keeps it funny. Now Elisabeth…please get rid of her. She comes off as arrogant and obnoxious when there’s a conversation where she wants to be “right”. I just love how Whoopi can usually put her in her place. EH’s really worn out her welcome the View. I can’t believe her Survivor fame carried her this far. Go back to E! and your show where you could dress for less….Then I won’t have to think twice about not watching you.

  382. P A Murray says:

    Barbara Walters is a joke! How can someone who writes a book about her life as a “homewrecker” and unfaithful wife, and then makes the talk show rounds to promote that garbage pass judgement on someone else? Sherry is Sherry! Let her be. Barbara is a bitter old broad, afraid to retire and let go of her cotrol of the show. She’s not the power she once was (thought she was) and she just can’t go away because she’s afraid that no one will remember her. Give it up Babs, maybe the many viewers of the VIEW who have stopped watching will return if your sorry ass is out of the picture.

    Oh Yeah, Katerina…honey you do need to get a job…you have too much time on your hands and it’s making you crazy, baby!

  383. Bryan says:

    Whoopie is racist, but I don’t hate her for it she is just pitifully ignorant. Whoopie needs to go and they need to replace her with another normal human being(Laura Ingraham or Kathy Lee gifford). Barbara and Sherri and Joy and Elisabeth are the best. 8)

  384. L. Frick says:

    Sherri–To put it nicely “she is not smart” when she defended that the world was flat to make a point about her son–unbelievable–and she is on a show??? They pay her money that she does not deserve—and then because of it she hosted the daytime Emmys— I did’t watch that because she hosted—- They should have gotten rid of her long ago–I can’t believe it has taken this long to even have this article on the web—–Who cares what she thinks–I still feel they need one seat to be rotating–a new person of the week or month or whatever–I am sick of Elizabeth–Who does she actually speak for except herself….Whoopie—big whoop—Joy -needs a vacation–I say have Cher guest host–you’ll get people watching–have Katie Couric guest host–Have Brittany Spears guest host–At least people will perhaps start to be entertained–and not bored to death by the Whoop Elizabeth –and Sherrie–Bye Sherrie–get your resume on the street– WAKE UP Barbara–

  385. May says:

    Now there you go, add Kathy Griffin and Wendy Williams with Joy and Whoopi. Now that’s a team with a “Point of View.”

  386. Victor says:

    Why would anyone with any kind of meaningful life spend so much time watching and evaluating what a VERY small panel has to say, and has chosen as a topic on that particular day spend sooooo much time debating amongst themselves? Why spend so much time arguing over what this group of women think? Wake the Hell up!!!! It is not about what you as an audience thinks, its about how much drama this group of women, lead by Barbara who has already achieved an amazing amount of success and gained a tremendous amount of respect in her field (my own included,) are able to create and want you to hear. The more the response to the drama, the higher the raitings for the show. Think about it, and make your own friggin’ decisions. You have a brain, put it to good use.

  387. Cayman lady says:

    Don’t you all have anything better to do? I must admit, I find Joy EXTREEMLY annoying, and seldome do I agree with her positions, but isn’t that what we’re all about? Yea!! to Elizabeth and Sherri…we Christians have just as much right to have our educated views represented as anyone, and I grow weary of those who are intollerant of that. We are in an extremely sensitive political time, that I feel could have massive impact on everyone’s life. Let us learn from each other!

  388. Laurine says:

    Sherri is fine. At least she is human with strengths and weakness showing. I like Sherri. SHERRI PLEASE STOP TELLING TMI/ TOO MUCH INFORMATION. YOU ARE DAMAGING YOUR IMAGE AND SINKING YOUR OWN SHIP. SHUT UP PLEASE. WE DON’T WANT TO KNOW ABOUT YOUR ABORTIONS OR ABOUT HOW YOU WANTED TO KILL YOUR EX HUSBAND. YOU NEED TO GET SOME BOUNDARIES IN PLACE. YOU DONT SHARE PRIVATE MATTERS WITH ANYONE. ONLY WITH SAFE PEOPLE YOU HAVE A CLOSE TRUSTING RELATIONSHIP WITH. And sherri you LOOK better than you ever have with the stylist doing your hair daily and the clothes provided by the show. Cant you just shut up some and read some world history books and political books and magazines and brain up and make an effort to keep the job girl. ARE YOU OUTTA YOUR MIND. WHAT A GREAT GIG. DO IT FOR JEFFERY FUTURE GIRL!
    AND elizabeth please shut up about the republican party. You only mouth off because you are afraid of their being another 9/11. Get some faith in God and stop putting all your trust in the Republicans to keep you safe. Also, if anyone should be let go I hope it is Elizabeth. But no one seems to think the poor little white girl does anything wrong. But time the african american women say one thing, they are ready to get rid of them. Why is that Barbara? Play fair please and let Elisabeth go. She has mouthed off far too many times. If it had been a black fighting with Rosie O donnell both people would have been let go. Please stop the racism and favoritism and soft treatment of whites and harsh treatment of blacks on the show. We are all equal and all one and one all. LOL

  389. peggy rataski says:

    Please don’t get rid of sherri, her and whoppi where the best thing that has happen to The View in a long time. There is no way you can even compare Sherri to Rosie. Sherri is a true mom and she is far from a loose cannon. For once in a long time you guys finally have the right mix going on. PLEASE DON’T CHANGE IT NOW. They are the only reason I wanted to come back to the show.

  390. Blossom says:

    I like Sherri. Everybody can’t be smart and stuck-up. She makes me laugh because she is sincere. Get rid of Elisabeth….I hate conservatives with one view point. She needs to get out of her box. Whoopi and Joy makes the show. Barbara,,,,well its time to retire.

  391. anita says:

    i CAN’T STAND barbara or elizabeth, they are so uptight and take life toooo serious, barbara needs the companionship of a man, and then hopefully she’ll loosen up

  392. Uhhplease says:

    I have been watching The View since it first aired and have seen hosts come and go and I really don’t believe that Sherri is a problem on this panel of women. While I feel that Elizabeth truly believes “her view” she has become increasingly venomous in her delivery to the point where she can’t seem to even listen to a single positive thought about the democrats without attacking to distract what may have been said, and has at times become this “whirling dervish” of hatred spewing her views so loudly and vehemently that she over talks all around her. She needs to understand that just because you speak loud and fast that does not make you right! Whoopi is a great addition with enough strength and calmness to oversee the gang. And thankfully Joy has stood the test of time and is able to interject humor and whit along with her views. Sherri seems a bit naive and innocent for TV but is finding her way and is refreshingly honest. Barbara has seemingly changed over the years from the more quiet and self effacing yet sophisticated “overseer” of the panel to a much more self centered, aging wanna be starlet and I must say it is not becoming on someone with such an impressive and ground breaking career. I hope the view remains on air for many years to come but it is Elizabeth and Barbara that need to be reigned in, not Sherri and I hope that they see that before it’s too late for the show.

  393. Marc says:

    I am sure that Barbara Walters would vehemently disagree with the assertion that she wants Sherri Shephard off The View. This is obviously a comment made only to whip up a stink storm where none exists. This is the oldest worst form of paparazi tactics. Does it make “Celebitchy” feel important? Lord save us from dishonest sensationalism. Further, it is neither so stupid nor so bad that a Christian wishes someone would get saved. What is bad is when they damn us all to eternal Hell. You that don’t like The View really should just get lives and learn how to change the channel, instead of unduly taking time to bash the hosts. I would much rather listen to their “views” than yours.

  394. Ruby says:

    I enjoy the View and watches it when I can. It is refreshing to see the different personalities/views represented on the View. I would like to see more guest hosts representing different cultures. After all America is multi-cultural isn’t it. Elizabeth reminds me of myself and others when we were that young, naive and immature. Hey look at us today – we matured. So will she. Give her a chance. Joy is a blast. Barbara is the maternal type needed to remind us that we should never stop respecting each other even when we disagree with each other. I love Whoopi and Sherri as comedians but was deeply disappointed in their support and use of the N word. It sends a very negative message to all. The jokes would be just as funny if comedians would replace the N & B words with other nouns or pronouns.

  395. Lin says:

    Elizabeth H. is the most annoying person on television. She won’t let anyone else talk if they don’t agree with her idiotic, skewered version of things. Elizabeth is the one who should be let go. She is immature, loud, and ignorant. I do not believe the polls that say Elizabeth is the most liked. No one I know likes her. That “poll” is a fake.

  396. Jenni says:

    I used to like Joy but I watch her facial expressions and coupled with alot of what comes out of her mouth I have concluded she is not a happy woman and finds pleasure in making undeserved remarks about certain other people…also has her nose stuck up Whoopi’s behind so far it’s pathetic. Whoopi claims to have slept with 50 men in her life so far and I sure as hell can’t understand that…first of all, ‘ewwww’ and second, she looks like something the cat dragged in most of the time, Sherri is refreshing and is a breath of fresh air compared to these two…Elizabeth, yes, is opinionated but isn’t that what the show is about? Last but not least, Barbara Walters….I have no respect for her anymore, period. I hope Sherri never leaves.

  397. Karen says:

    I think Whoopi is the best person on the view. Sherri is harmless. Barbara is intelligent. Joy is pretty good. Elizabeth should go. She is immature and comes across as uneducated. (I’m not sure of her background. I am only commenting on the impression I get). In my opinion, Whoopi carries the show.

  398. DonnaLyssa says:

    I love Whoopi… it’s Elisabeth I have no use for. Sherri is fun.. she makes me laugh. I never liked it when Barbara is on.. Joy I can take sometimes. She never lets anyone forget that she resembles Bette Midler. That really bugs me… Bette is one of a kind.

  399. Debbie says:

    🙄 I think people reveal way to much about themselves. Its like stripping in front of the world, all the mystique is gonna then, and all that lingers in damaging forever. That is all people will remember from that point on. We think we are helping the world my admitting to OUR faults, but in reality we only hurt ourselves. Find someone to mentor one on one, not on TV and magazines to the whole world.

  400. solomeeeo says:

    Somebody give whoopie a makeover…………….PLEASE!

  401. Marty says:

    BAWAWAWA is a JOKE and so is the whole show. Television has become such a bunch of crap. They need to dump the whole show.
    She used to have integrity as a reporter although her speach impediment is a bit irritating. And how many years has it been since Whoopie last washed that mop on top of that Gourd of hers?

  402. Gail says:

    I am a big fan of the View. I’ve been to the show twice – and enjoyed it both times. I do agree that Barbra Walters slows the show down, and is very self promoting – but damn she looks good for her age. I don’t agree with Elizabeth’s views – but she does have a right to state her view. All in all – I will always be a fan!!!!

  403. Quin says:

    The show was the best when it was: Meredith, Star (during her heavy days before she began selling out and grabbing all the freebies that celebs do), Joy and Lisa Ling. Lisa Ling was the most intelligent young woman and well traveled/experienced tv journalist for her age. Elizabeth could never bring to the View table what Lisa Ling did. That was when The View was at it’s best (notice I didn’t include Barbara on the list).

    Never have liked Babs on that show. She drops names far too often (over the years, Joy has picked this bad habit up from her) & has a “Queen” mentality (for lack of a better phrase at this moment).

    I don’t like Sherry. I do like Whoopi. I can give or take on Joy. She’s picked up some of Bab’s habits like the name dropping every once in awhile but if Elizabeth stays, Joy stays most definitely. Elizabeth is a mess. I don’t think she watches anything on television but Fox. I think her heros are Hanity & Combs (who speak the gospel in her mind), the rest of the Fox crew…oh and lets not forget Limbaugh. I bet they all fax her talking points everyday and have trained her in monster mouth warfare.

    Oh well, I’ll look forward to Sherry’s big balloon party send off. We all know it’s coming. When Queen Babs wants something, she definitely gets it. I just hope she can find someone comparable to Lisa Ling—if that is even possible. 😐

  404. YuNgNtHa714 says:

    I’ve been watching the view off and on for some time now. and i think that STAR was a great addition to the show before she had that surgery, then i couldn’t stand to look at her or hear her talk about her wedding every five minutes. ROSIE never fit on the panel. SHERRI may not be that intelligent, but she’s honest and I believe she addsd to the show. JOY is funny and down to earth. BARBARA is old and when she’s on i usually don’t watch cus she’s irritating…..ELiZABETH NEEDS TO GO! she’s over opinionated, tries to shove her close minded views on others and whenever the conversation doesn’t go her way she starts crying like a child. She’s annoying to listen to and you alwasys know what rebublican, right wing, close minded, spoiled thing is going to come out of her mouth. If you want people to enjoy the show more GeT RiD oF hEr!

  405. Sandy says:


  406. vicki says:

    Women who watch The View are the dumb ones! Housewives or women with way too much time on their hands.

    I can’t stand any of the women.

  407. Quin says:

    Oh yeah and if I hear any one of them or Babs promote Babs’ book one more time, I think I’ll toss my cookies.

    Talk about shameless self promotion!! 🙄

  408. Quin says:

    Women who watch The View are the dumb ones! Housewives or women with way too much time on their hands.

    I can’t stand any of the women.

    Hope tags work here. ❓

    And yet here you are, Vicki, posting about The View. How do you know about the women if you never watch?

    Things that make ya go hhhhhhmmmmmmm:?

  409. KG says:

    Barbara Walters’ would benefit the show if they rid it of Elisabeth Hasselbeck, she’s the arrogant, obnoxious, immature, spoiled school girl, that have to speak over all, and rant nonsense, only her opinion is right, and the heck with the respect of other’s opinions! It’s Elisabeth’s way, or no way. Sherri Shepherd, shouldn’t push down the throats of others her religious beliefs, or her moral stance on abortion. At times, and forgive me if I read Sherri wrong, but most times, she does come off very bias, bigotted, and highly prejudice.
    This show should be open and objected of the needs and concerns of the viewers, and be compassionate and sensitive to the rights of others. Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg seem to be the mediators of this show. Without them, this show would certainly be awful! Barbara does need to stay behind the scenes, and for the sake of the show, hire an intelligent, worldly, and someone with a good sense of humor and sensitivity of the needs and concerns of the viewing audience, especially if they want the ratings to get better, or this may be the demise of the show!

  410. Aqua says:

    These women are disgusting and have no class. They are embarrassment for all women.

    You can’t see hot, young people having sex on TV but it’s OK for these middle aged, obese, pathetic women to discuss their hot flashes and menopause. Not to mention Oprah and her poop.
    Where’s censorship when you need it?
    Sherri, Rosie, what’s the difference? It’s dumb and dumber, anyway…

  411. Sheryl says:

    I stopped watching the day they showed how scripted the View really is, it all just seems so fake to me now, whenever I see clips on YouTube when I want to see a specific guest’s interview, I think, now is that real or scripted? Oh well, before I stopped watching, Elis was getting on my nerves with her know-it- all attitude, Sherri’s hand waving, miming everything she said, was driving me bonkers, Whoopie’s condescending looks to everyone were so rude, Barbara bored me to sleep when she opened her mouth. Joy, yes Joy, was the reason I kept tuning in, she’s the only one I miss.

  412. Joyce says:

    I was almost tempted not to watch The View when Star Jones was let go, but when Rosie came on it was wonderful. Now with Whoopi, it is wonderful, too. I think Sherri fits in very well. I can’t say the same for Elizabeth. Everyone tries to get where she is coming from but it isn’t easy. Joy & Whoopi make the show. When they have a day off, which is rare, it isn’t the same. I hope The View goes on for another 11 years!!!

  413. alice reyes says:

    i’ve stopped watching the view since rosie left.i can’t stand elizabeth and now sherri is the worst racist on the show.get rid of both of them.

  414. shari says:

    The View was at its best when Rosie was on the show. Elizabeth should have been shown the door long ago. I Do not watch it any more since Rosie left, because the show has gone down hill. Too much kisssing up to WaWa. Joy and Whoopie you are too good for the show…..leave as soon as you can.

  415. Lnyk says:

    I also think that Barbara needs to g-o!! 😀

  416. K'Lani says:

    i must say i was in shock to read the name sherri as the host to get the boot. i thought for sure ELIZABETH was finally going. She never gives anyone else a chance, embarrasses guests with her questions, is too YOUNG to be so OPINIONATAED. what has she ever done to get this job? Sherri is not educated or particularly bright but I don’t think she’s a problem ELIZABETH is. Get a new 20 something who likes to dress and keep up with fashions and get rid of blabber-mouthed, overly opinionated Elizabeth. Who cares about her view anyway. She is really annoying. the look on Shirley McClain’s face after being interrogated by Elizabeth, said it all. Joy is fun and smart and so is Whoppi. Sherri is funny and so what if she’s not as bright or educated, Barbara is Barbara – she started it all, but Elizabeth – PLEASE GET RID OF HER. She makes me want to change the channel.I would take Rosie over Elizabeth any day.

  417. SJN1111 says:

    At one time I was a daily watcher of the view. Now I turn it on only once in a while. Before going on the view I liked Whoopi, after listening to her not so much anymore. Joy is funny from time to time but thinks only her opinion is correct. I was happy when Sheri was hired. She may make dumb comments, but over all she is funny and I enjoy her. Walter’s uses the show shamelessly to promote her interviews and her poor taste, who cares about, book. The only thing I have against Elizabeth is her screechy voice. Others on the panel gang up on her and there needs to be one conservative in the bunch to balance the panel.
    The show needs to make some changes, getting rid of Sherri isn’t it.
    Viera was the best moninator the show had. Rosie was good until she would go off on one of her causes. Whoopi is out of her venue, the show needs a new leader.

  418. Hanna says:

    I have great respect for Barbara, what a shame that there are so many negative comments made about her. I am sure most of them are from the younger generation. Barbars is a very gracious women and has accomplished so much in her life, how many of us can say that?

    Now Elisabeth is another story. The right wing holy roller who acts like she is perfect also wears her skirts and dresses up to her butt and yet she always tries to show an image of being so pure. Get rid of her, she brings nothing to the show and is radical. I agree it is the view and all views should be heard but Elisabeth is so hateful about anything that she does not agree with. She is a very closed minded holy roller who thinks her “you know what does not stink” Get rid of her. I love Whoppie and Joy, they bring more to the show then Sherri and Eliz.

  419. Patty says:

    I LOVE Elisabeth, and while Sherri is not very intelligent, she means well. Barbara, however, is way too old and so annoying. She needs to hang it up. I love Whoopi, cannot stand Joy and think Elisabeth is definitely the most intelligent one on the show and Whoopi is next. 8) 😆 🙄

  420. angela says:

    Barbara is a little to uptight & she forgets that this isn’t 20/20 or 60 minutes, it’s a daytime show called the VIEW ! Frankly my friends, family & I watched it because of Joy & Sherri 😀 I was thrilled when Whoopie was selected to be a part of the team, but then she became too serious, not the same Whoopie that I remembered !

  421. Connie says:

    I personally think Babs is the one who needs to go. She is judgemental and about the most boring person I have ever seen on that show. I adore Sherri and Joy and Whoopi is a hoot! Barbara, get over yourself or retire is my suggestion.

  422. Shadoobee says:

    Am I the only one that thinks the “divas” sound like a mixture of hens cackling, cats in distress, sirens roaring and finger nails on a chalk board, when they speak? Kind of reminds me of the old beauty parlors in the 60’s and 70’s. The only thing lacking is the smell of hair dye and sound of hair dryers. Speaking of hair dye, Good Night, Baba Wahwah.
    1. Woopie- the only really famous person on the show.
    2. Sherri- who is she again?
    3. Elizabeth- why was she hired? Married to a back-up football player who had a better and more notable brother who is a minor football star. I read she was on the Survivor show. She looked muddy.
    4. Joyce or Jan, or whatever her name is- she’s a comedian? Funerals maybe. The hen cackling sound of the show. Didn’t she appear at some neighborhood comedy club a couple of times prior to this show?
    5. And last Baba Wahwah, of course she personally interviewed Jesus. He was the one who recommended hair dye for her, even back then.

  423. accent says:

    Barbara walters is a C*&NT and I refuse to watch anything she has on TV…What a looser C&*NT, She bragged about having an affair recently. WITH A MARRIED MAN.. C’Mon folks,,don’t you have better standards than this?????Look at yourself in the mirror???If you support Barbars walters than you support all that is wrong with the world today….Boycot her today…send her home…

  424. deb meek says:

    i have stopped watching the view because its sooo irratating watching poor liz trying to act just like her good buddy hannity over at fox news.
    just like him, instead of expressing her polotical views, she is determined to literally choke them down our throats, whether she is right or wrong.

  425. Chloe says:

    I for one was shocked that Barbara came out with a book and stated she had an affair in the 70’s. Is she proud of this? I feel for Sherry and her abortions. I don’t have a problem with Elizabeth or Sherry on the show. I have a problem with screaming women trying to out-talk each other. Go home Joy – your voice is annoying.

  426. U WISH says:

    Elisabeth is labeled annoying, WHY BECAUSE SHE TELLS THE TRUTH, AND USES HER FREEDOM OF SPEECH! We are quick to jump on her if we don’t agree with her, then she is labeled annoying. I for one say kick off Barbara let Elisabeth run the show. ANNOYING, SHRRI AND TOO MANY ABORATIONS, AND JOY WOW, SHE IS A PIP!

  427. MJ says:

    Shitcan the whole show. What the H are we looking at….bitch fights and the opinions of people we really don’t respect anyway. Barbara…probably, Whoopi…without a doubt, the rest…WHO ARE YOU?

  428. Estelle Stein says:

    Elizabeth is the one that I dislike. Barbara…………If you have learned anything in all your years…please display tolerance and understanding. Sherri appeals to a large number of people who watch the view; you are working with a bell curve here; your perception is a bit skewed toward genius.

  429. dianne burbank says:

    I think that Barbara is dead wrong. Since she wrote that stupid “Tell All” book she thinks that she is the queen!
    Elizabeth should have been fired before Star Jones or Rosie. I relly HATE her shrillily voice and how she doesn’t know how to have a conversation. It’s only her view or your view doesn’t count. (No pun intended VIEW). Get rid of both of them. (I really used to respect Barbara but now I don’t). 😮 😯

  430. Julie says:

    It takes great courage to admit our sins (mistakes) I wonder how many of the judges on this post have skeletons hiding somewhere?

  431. Whoopi is supposed to be the “lead” on the show. That does not give her the right to the last word in every argument. Her opinions are not always right nor always factual. Joy has seen better days and she has a terrible habit of using Elizabeth as the brunt of her jokes. Barbara and Elizabeth are the only ladies on the show; perfect entertainers. I like Shari very much, she is so humorous.Whopi’s comments about race were horrible, some role model. Put Bill Cosby on for a few days! The solution may be to allow less political time in the chat segment from now to the election. WE KNOW THEIR VIEWS ON THAT. I played a game recently “Blurt” with good friends. The people who won were the people who were loudest… sad, unfair,unfortunately…America

  432. Capt Kurt says:

    I think barbara should leave the show ,She slowes it down.
    Woman do you even know how to smile?
    Sorry Barbara but I didnt like you 20-30 years ago and still dont care to sea you now.
    and that other woman Joan Rivers good god.

  433. mary says:

    I love Sherri…Elizabeth is the one that Should leave. She’s so annoying & rude. She loves to talk over everyone. She always wants the floor/stage. Joy is wonderful too and Whoppi. Keep Sherri

  434. Grace says:

    Joy is full of tired old corny jokes, and can see only one viewpoint–her own liberal one. She really needs to retire…or at least tone it down.

  435. Trish says:

    Get rid of Barbara….she is such a high and mighty Witch. Shame on her…the girls were good enough to plug her book to a point of absolute sickening. Shame on you Barbara – you must be hurting for some publicity or money that you have to NOW publicize that you had an affair with a married man, then you want everyone to think you are a saint because you took care of your sister. I cannot tolerate when Barbara is on the show. You are just a busy body old woman that should sit somewhere out of sight and listen. You have had your mouth open way too long. You think that you can just ask Kate Hudson about her (past) affair with Lance Armstrong and then you want to correct her when she is talking about her skin line. SHUT UP! STAY AWAY FROM THE VIEW….SIT QUIETLY AND DEPOSIT YOUR NICE CHECKS. YOU WILL BE THE ONE THAT BRINGS THE VIEW DOWN. THE GIRLS DO QUITE NICELY WITHOUT YOU! Sherri is refreshingly innocent when it comes to her comments and views. Whoopi and Elizabeth have wonderfully heated debates and Joy…’re just delightful!

  436. donni says:

    Am I the only one who see a pattern. This is a publicity move. Every so often you read a comment that Barbara want to let someone go. She is just trying to hype the show up to boost rating. I never like Barbara she is a media BULLY. Hey Barb if things and the show are that bad release yourself from the project and walk await.

  437. Terri says:

    I think Barbara needs to rethink who to get rid of. Elizabeth is rude and talks over everyone. Sherry may not be up to snuff one everything that goes on. But at least she is not a loud mouth. Elizabeth has proved she only knows about one subject and not a lot about that. I like the show much better when Barbara is not there they all seem to let their hair down and we the veiwers have a much better time. Whoopie does a great job without Barbara.

  438. tvlover says:

    This woman is absolutely the most disgusting oinker on tv!!!!!

  439. Lolita says:

    What they need to do is get rid of Joy. She is so one sided and whoever told her she was funny? What would this no talent woman do if she didn’t have this show? As for Sherri, she is harmless but does tend to get under one’s skin. The only people that can hold a fair conversation is Whoopi and Elisabeth, the show is suppose to have all Views. As for Bab’s she needs to retire.

  440. Sara says:

    I love Elizabeth. She’s young, smart, refreshingly candid and gosh, lives in a country where there’s supposed to be freedom of speech. She brings controversy to the show, which is why there are all women on the set. No?
    I’m not a Whoopi fan since seeing her on her own show years ago, totally self-absorbed. Sherri should be able to say what she wants off the show, as does Barbara who’s making moolah bragging about sleeping with a married man over many years. Perhaps she does need to be “saved.”

  441. Claudia says:

    We all have our own views (in which we are entitled) and some of us try to cram our opinion down the next person throat. I personally enjoy watching the view, each of the ladies is different in every way, the show would be very boring if they all have the same personality. I find it very offensive when people make very strong negative dirty comments of people that they do not know. It’s my opinion people who are always negative very insecure about themselves. I will not pay attention to what these gossip magazines have to say. each of these ladies brings their own special thing to the table. Before I got disable, our lunch room was just like the view every lunch hour we talk about the latest news and celebrity gossip and I miss it. So I enjoy the show and often laugh out loud to myself. 8) 8)

  442. Deanna says:

    Whoopi is the brightest and best!!!!!
    She does not offend anyone and is eloquent and intelligent!!!!

  443. Jacci says:

    I love Sherri, she brings a great energy to the show. I love Whoopi and Joy also. Elizabeth is over bearing but thats why they call it the view because everyone has one

  444. Jill says:

    I agree with most of the blogs…Elisabeth needs to go.
    I faithfully tivo The View just so I can fast forward when the girls all talk at once. Elisabeth is especially annoying. I say to keep Whoopi and Joy and recast the rest.
    I respected Barbara before her book. Rethink retirement ole girl even if this is your show.

  445. maryanne says:

    The view is a liberal political show that pretends it is fair by letting elizabeth comment every now and then. I like Sheri but you can’t have it both ways, she talks about being a good Christian then tells everyone no one is going to keep her from using and N word and btw, white people are racists if they use it but black people can have free reign to use it.. They are all hypocrits! 🙄

  446. beachgrl says:

    Replace Sherri with Kathy Griffin then work on finding someone to replace Whoopi

  447. PJ says:

    GET RID OF BARBARA & Whoopi!!! I used to like WHOOPI but can’t stand her opinionated attitude now. They are the reason I rarely watch the show!!Eliz only seems annoying because NO ONE EVER LETS HER TALK! I feel shes shown shes a very strong woman because all 3 on there never let her get a word in edge wise (the show is called the view and they never let her speak HER view) Barbara & Joy make faces like they’re going to puke whenever Eliz speaks and whoopie-?? shes the WORST she actually believes SHE IS THE “ONLY” one who is right? if you dont agree with her look out!! When shes talking she DEMANDS ALL the attention but..when anyone else esp EH speaks she constantly cuts her off saying NO EH IM RIGHT! Its horrible how they treat EH..thats why she SEEMS to be annoying cuz she has to YELL to get her point across. She gets absolutely no respect at all!. YES THE SHOW ABSOLUTELY SUCKS WHEN BARBARA IS ON ugh..she is a dried up old adultress whore! She thinks shes Gods gift to the universe…even though she wouldn’t give God credit for anything! She knocks them all down EXCEPT WHOOPIE. Barbara has the NERVE to say if we’re ever going to win the emmy this year will be it because…OF WHOOPIE!!! That was crazy and unlikely.

    Bring Star & Meredith back… Kathy G. would add alot to the show too!! Also, have some “real” women (not celebrities)rotate weekly the spots of Joy-(so TIRED OF her!) and Elizabeth. We want some different VIEWS!!! Just NOT EVER Whoopie or Barbara’s!!!

  448. Monique says:

    I Love Sherri and Whoopi. They are the Best. I love to hear what they have to say. Sherri is so down to earth and refreshing. It’s Barbara who is boring. She needs to loosen up. I like it when she’s not there.

  449. Elizabeth says:

    I love the view and everyone on it. I tape it everyday. I think you all should leave them alone. If they act or talk stupid that is the show. WHO cares and if you don’t like sherri, Barbara or Elisabeth, then don’t watch it.

  450. PJ says:

    YES- please get rid of Barbara & Whoopi… then the VIEW might be worth watching again!!!!!!!!!

  451. Elizabeth says:

    PG good going you are right.

  452. Elizabeth says:

    PJ I mean

  453. Lee says:

    I believe that they do need to take
    Sheri off the show. They didn’t need to
    bring another comedian on the show.
    Between, Joy, Whoopi and Sheri, too
    many comedians.

    They need Elizabeth she has a different
    point of view than the rest. This show has always been about different point of views.

    When they were interviewing replacements, they could have brought in the lady from George Lopez, or another Hispanic for their point of view, or a young successful Jewish woman.

    This is Barbara’s show, whether you like her or not, this show would not exsist without her.

  454. P Jenkins says:

    Hey, “View” ladies, pay close attention to what the majority of your viewers are telling you…!!!
    Remember….”stupid is as stupid does”!!

  455. terry says:

    I watch most of the time and think Elisabeth is the only normal one (morally) on the show. The rest are all very promiscus (immoral). They are trying to justify their actions by trying to make Elisabeth look like the odd one. Sorry it doesn’t work with intelligent viewers.

  456. Judy says:

    There is nothing refreshing about watching a woman with an iq of 40 on a talk show. Between Sherrie and Elizabeth they have made the show a joke. They yak yak and say nothing of importance. If anyone thinks those 2 are better than BW I can see the same IQ on their test scores. BW is an educated woman wo worked her way up in teh ranks. Tell me what has Sherrie or Elizabeth ever done??? Name one thing that they have ever contributed to the News or the Planet?

  457. Dale says:

    i think Joy only starts conversations she thinks will get Whoppei against Elizabeth,EH is the only one who stays true to her strong beliefs. all the others flip flop depending who is one that day

    maybe they should have some one different in the “hotseat” everday that will stop Karen from having the idea that she is the VIEW

  458. Kate says:

    I just started watching The View about six months ago. IMOP, there would not be shows such as this, if it had not been for Barbara Walters, who opened the door for females in a male dominated arena. Let’s face it, if this were five men, would we even be having this discussion. Barbara brings years of experience to the show, Whoopie and Joy are intersting as well as entertaining. Elisabeth reminds me of a STEPFORD WIFE, while am not sure if Sherri’s dumbness is an act or not.
    In a recent artile I just read, it stated that if you look closely enough when a guest comes on, the majority of them just walk right past EH. As far as Barbara promoting her book — hey, the others all promote whatever venture they are undertaking — why we even devoted a large portion of the show to Whoopie’s rehearsal for her starring role in Xanadu…… can’t have it both ways. Think about it seriously, the three over 50 hosts are professional and know what they are talking about — the other two, well, time they wised up and took a look at the real world — especially EH who can turn the tears on and off like a water faucet.

  459. Mike says:

    Joy needs to go. She has no sense in politics. She says stuff that is wrong. Every time her and Elizabeth get into she doesn’t know what to say. I think people are hating on Elizabeth for knowing what she is talking about and your just mad that out of the four of them she knows the most and supports it the best. I like the other two. Not big fan of Babara. Kathy Griffin has been banned twice and still is so i don’t think she will be on there for a while

  460. VG says:

    Really, really stopped watching every day because of Joy’s mouth and then THE wedding pushed me over the edge. Got a lil interested again when Rosie came only to be disappointed and now…….you mean it’s still on?? LOL

  461. Jacqueline says:

    If Barbara brings up that damn BOOK of her’s one more time I’m going to scream. How can she get rid of Star when she is doing the same thing by pushing that old ass book of her’s every time she is on the air. As for Elizabeth, I think she gets what she deserves. Who cares how she feels about her political views. She can cry every day who cares! I would trade her in for Sherry any day.

  462. VedderKat says:

    Barbara needs to go!!!!!!!
    Retire with a shread of dignity (if there is any left after that book). All she does now is self promote and wave her skinny little talon fingers at all the other hosts. I wish Whoopi would bite one off and show her who is supposed to be in charge. But, alas, Babs will never go until they carry her cold stiff body off the stage.

  463. gINA says:

    I dont understand who wants to sit and watch a bunch of women bitch for and hour. Get lives!!!

  464. LW says:

    It is not Sherri that needs to go from The View. Elizabitch is the one who needs to go! She is annoying, she has a shrilly voice, she is overbearing, extremely opinionated, and not nearly as smart as she thinks she is. Ms. Hasselbeck is the reason I cannot stand to watch The View! No wonder Elizabeth was voted the worst TV host according to a poll last year! It’s time to go Lizzy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  465. AnneMarie says:

    First off I think it should be Whoppi who should be fired. She was so racial when Elizabeth commented on no one should be allowed to use the “N” word. Then stupid Sherri says she was raised in a home using it and she uses it with her 2 yr old son in an endearing way. Joy just sits rolling her eyes and is so in love with Obama she can’t talk straight. Barbara needs to retire and the show needs to go off the air. I can’t stand Whoppi and her arrogance. She tries to carry on a conversation on topics she had NO clue about. I read online before watching the show and notice Whoppi is so ill informed then she gets angry with Elizabeth because she is informed and makes Whoppi look ignorant. Joy seems to have checked out the last two years. She is a broken record about Bush. That is so last year. Sherri quoting the Bible yet admits to having more abortions she cares to think of. Babs writing a book revealing her promiscuous life. Elizabeth is looking like the only sane, Christian, informed person on the show and I can’t believe I am agreeing with her more and more considering I WAS a democrat. But NO MORE…NO OBAMA.

  466. Susan Davis says:

    I am with everybody who says Barbara is the one that needs to go!! The View is so much better when she is not on, she thinks she knows everything about everyone. I guess she has been around long enough to know it all but don’t bore us with it. Let it go Barbara and retire how many more people are you going to fire?

  467. Joan says:

    I use to enjoy the view, with Star Jones and I thought Elizabeth was a breath of fresh air when she first came on but now she just sounds whinny & defensive, as for Barbara she is really not suited for this format. She should stick to behind the scenes on this particular show, she really drags it down to the point I usually get annoyed and change the channel when she is there. Sheri was good in the first few months but she to has become pouty and a bit of a diva. Whoopie is the best on the show, I love her except for her N word outbreak, her and Sheri both lost it and that was not plesant to watch but we all have melt downs. As for Joy, well she is just coming across judgemental and superior and that is annoying . I guess after all the years it has been on the air she has just become to comfortable and her true colors are coming out and it isn’t that pretty. Go back to having fun, and not trying to out do or over talk one another, you have all had your 15 minutes of fame plus more so just sit back and enjoy it and then the rest of us will enjoy it to.

  468. K says:

    I used to watch this show all of the time but now I can’t stand it. Who the heck cares about monkeys having sex and how many times you should have sex in a year? I would like to hear more interesting topics that have some value. As for Sherri and Elizabeth, I am just sick of hearing about their religious beliefs shadowing all of their opinions and used as reasons for their views. We all have our religious beliefs and don’t need to be preached at by those 2 losers. Please, get rid of them and put on some people who want to discuss more relevant topics.

  469. carmine says:

    I read a lot of comments by what I would say are really comments of hate because most of those comments are against Elizabeth and she is doing a great job getting under some of the viewers skin thats why they want her off, Elizabeth don’t say anything schocking like shepard or goldberg who by the way are two scums…..and should be taken off the view and never appear on daytime tv again I’m suprised no black leader as of yet never spoke to them for saying thing like “Im keeping the N word around to do what I want with it” or the other wizard “Icant count all the abortions I had” come on give me a break.

  470. sherry says:

    😮 i don’t like Barbara Walters on the View either. Star was one of the best that they had. Woopi and Sherri are great also and they are funny. Barbara is to serious and toooo Boring. And that Damn Elizabeth!:evil: I can’t stand her. She respects no ones elses opinion and she’s so self righteous. She makes me want to throw up. I even hate her voice. 😡 That’s who needs to go!!!

  471. Diane says:

    Sherri is a cutie. She may not be the brightest, but she’s sincere, funny and keeps the show from becoming a battle ground. Joy is a female curmudgeon, Whoopi isn’t as logical as she thinks, Elisabeth is wound a little tight and needs to voice her opinions without beating us over the head with them and Barbara needs to go, go, GO. Barbara is a phony, stern, hypocritical headmistress who brings the show down every time she’s on.

  472. Desertgirl says:

    Yeah! for Barbara Walters, If these wanta be super stars women want to ever be respected and admired. they need to learn how to treat others. Barbara is a class act.If you can’t behave with class and respect for your elders. get out of the business. enough said.!!!

  473. Bobby G says:

    Ever since one of Sherri’s first appearances on the show where she confesses she didn’t know the world was not flat, I have avoided that show like the plague. People in this country (and especially Generaton Y) are unbelievably stupid anymore. It is painful to observe. HOW ON EARTH could she think the world is flat?! Whoopie had to save Sherri in that instance by quickly changing the subject while the other women also awkwardly brushed it off. It’s just shameful that such ignorant people are put in the position as representing a view on national television. She doesn’t even have a proper view of the shape of her own planet, let alone the world in general.

  474. vivi says:

    please get barbara walters off the show i hate her babs sucks the other 3 are great just stay babs u suck leave the the 3 on not you your truly are the reason for ratings not being good its you babs!!!!!! stay home babs please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  475. Lizzy says:

    Seriously, this show needs to be done. Yes, I love Whoopie, but I feel like she has almost lowered herself to be on it. Look what it did to Rosie. I can’t tell you the last time I was able to physically make myself watch an entire hour of this show. I find myself yelling at the tv whenever Elisabeth opens her mouth, and then “off” goes the tv. Of course she is entitled to her opinions, but it seems like everything that comes out of her mouth is sooo ignorant, immature, and very often complete nonsense. Sometimes I find myself embarassed for her when she think she said something funny, but because she is constantly talking, she doesn’t realize that the audience isn’t laughing at what she said, but what someone else said. I think the only reason I ever watch this anymore is to see someone actually put her in her place once and for all. Rosie’s smackdown was what we were all waiting for, but we know how that ended.

  476. booboo says:

    Barbara said she was having this show to represent women of different views and yet she does not allow people of different views? How is this crew even different views when 4 of them are not married?

  477. Francine says:

    Yes get rid of Sherry, she is just annoying. But, who they really need to get rid of is Elizabeth. Can’t stand her mouth anymore. I just tune her out, but sometimes I want to scream at her to just shut up. Joy is my Favorite, and I enjoy Whoopi until she gets an attitude with someone, then I think shes just got a lot of nerve. Get rid of Sherry & Elizabeth, and replace them with two men, even it out a little. Might prove to be interesting.

  478. pquad says:

    I think that Barbara should remove herself from the show. The show is supposed to represent different views. Not just hers.

  479. Selvendra Thurairajah says:

    Can anyone quote atleast one episode where Sherri did not mention her Son Jeffrey and her Husband, Please.
    Sherri is off the charts on issues.

  480. Jackie says:

    Ok, Sherri is great. Its Whoopi I cant stand. She was funny when she was young, but now she is a big know it all.She needs to get rid of those freakin braids too. She had them in Jumpin Jack Flash didnt she? Geez. Joe is awesome too. Barbara maybe needs to go. She doesnt really add anything when she is on anyway.

  481. Mary J Fitzwater says:

    I watch this show EVERYDAY only because of Whoopi and Sherri. Whoopi and Sherri are a Joy to watch. Coin the phrase, I love Joy also. The 3 of them Make the show. Get rid of Elizabeth. She is the one without any intelligence. Who in the heck hired her! She drives me nuts. She speaks without thinking, does not know what she is talking about, I think they have her on there as the stupid person for stupid people on the planet. Whoopi and Sherri are Comedians, as well as Joy. They automatically simultaniously play off of one another, like Jack Benny and Chester, like Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr and all their Pals, I mean, they are so well matched…who in the heck cares about Barbara and her ancient past anymore????? I certaintly do not pay attention to Elizabeth an her stupidity. The only reason I watch the show is the comedic Sherri and the Wisdom Of Whoppie who is very intelligent and only states what she has to say when it is necessary when she has had enough of certain individuals crap on the panel. Need I mention names???? There are only two, really 3 people who carry the show as far as I am concerned…Whoopi, Joy and Sherri. You let Sherri go, Then goes Whoopi. Whoopi is a very loyal Intelligent person. I have followed Whoopi’s career forever. Do not mess with Whoopi. Barbara is a spoiled Brat. So…Barb is starting to go over the top, if this story is really true. She needs to spend more time at home with her dogs. Sherri after all is a comedian. That is what comedians do.
    Leave her the heck alone.

  482. ADOA says:

    I adore Sherri, Whoopi, and Joy. I could do without EVER seeing Elisabeth or Barbra again, on ANY show.

  483. Sandra Wayne says:

    I have watched The View every day since it was first available.I respect Barbara Walters and want to think about what she has to say when she is present. I am really missing Meredith Viera and Lisa Ling. I wonder if Lisa could be on when she is in the United States> It would even be interesting to have her participate by videophone.She and Meredith brought maturity and thoughtfulness to their contributions.I believe that it is important to include conservative opinions but there are more thoughtful and well informed conservative and also Black women such as those who appear on “To The Contrary”.Sherri and Elizabeth are not able to really back up their opinions with fact. Star was an intelligent conservative.Rosie was combative but fun. I love Whoppi’s way of being just herself whatever is happening around her and I feel she does a superb job of managing the segments when Barbara is not present. Barbara is aging but deserves respect and non-interruption when she decides to speak. It is so disrespectful when many speak over each other at one time. Whoppi and Barbara do not do that.
    Finally,I wish that Elizabeth could be replaced by a conservative young thinker and that Sherri could be replaced by a thoughtful conservative African-American or Asian young woman or a Jewish,Muslim or Indian woman. There are many.That would make The View that much more interesting.

  484. JudyEgendorf says:

    All of these comments because of a National Enquirer story. If I read it in the L.A. Times or the N.Y. Times, I may believe it.

  485. Crystal says:

    I dont care for Barbra much, never really have. Elizabeth I can’t stand, her close minded views irritate me and so does her voice!…but I didn’t have a problem with Sherri until I heard her comment about all the abortions she’s had. I think that is sooooo horrible! I know its wrong to judge someone, and its totally a right for a woman to choose BUT!!! I dont believe abortion should be used as a form of birth control! And if she was SO ashamed about what she had done SOOOO Many times she couldn’t count, then she should have stopped after one, OR learned to close her legs or make someone wear a damn condom! I now find her extremely selfish and irresponsible and I dont think she should be on the show any longer. I dont want to hear what someone thinks when they make such horrible decisions again and again. The only time abortion should be acceptable is for rape/incest or when you truely can’t care for a child or if you’re at risk of dieing…not because you dont have the self control to keep your legs closed or the assertiveness to tell a man to put a damn condom on! I think it’s truely sad!

  486. DB says:

    I think there are 2 people that need to go and the first is Barbara. She is so annoying with her pouting about getting a word in. The second would be Elisabeth she drives me NUT’s with the Obama and Rev Wright convo. She’s always talking over someone and that someone is usually Barbara. You can tell Bab’s get’s frustrated with her. There is no changing Elisabeth as she thinks her opinion is the only opinion anyone should have. She’s too conservative and narrow minded. She needs to shut up and listen for a change other than talking over everyone. I think the group would be great without Bab’s and Elisabeth and I would agree, put Kathy Griffin on there. The rating’s meter will jump off the chart! 🙄

  487. Don in Utah says:

    Would you listen to yourselves? you sound worse than what your accusing the cast of the view of. From the top, Some of you have a serious need to learn grammar. Quit saying you hope they will bring on Kathy Griffen, it will never happen, she has been banned from the view for telling a story about Barbra‘s favorite brand of lube during one of her live shows. Quit saying they should be rid of Barbra, That also will never happen, she created the show and will be on it till its canceled or she decides she is simply too busy to do it anymore. Quit bagging on Elizabeth. I like her views no more than the rest of you,(believe me, I don’t like her, I’m gay and a democrat two things she detests) but she has as much of a right as any to express her point of view.(although she need to articulate better so as not to come across as a robot for the republican party) Leave joy alone too, the woman may be hard left, but they need a hard leftist to balance out the hard right of Elizabeth. joy is also very keen in her observations and does her homework on the political commentary she makes.(see those cards she is always holding? that’s her homework she has done.)I don’t understand why you people feel the need to pick on Whoopi, the woman for the most part is intelligent and a great moderator(which is what she was hired to do, moderate the panel) Yes she has made a gaffe or two, but no more than the rest of the panel Actually less than the rest of the panel).finally, Sheri. The woman is fun and cute and comes off as naive, but, bottom line, she is a Liability to the network, She opens her mouth and eats her foot far too often just like Rosie did. (don’t get me wrong, I love Rosie, but that was not her platform.) So, to review, they have a good panel now, but their is nothing that can be done about Barbra, she is the matriarch and creator of the show, means she will be around forever, deal with it. Leave Whoopi alone, she is a great moderator(her job), leave Elizabeth and joy alone, their the hard line views of the political spectrum. They can keep or get rid of Sherri, I don’t care either way, but if they keep her, she needs to be told what she should and shouldn’t say because apparently her social filters are broken and she needs to be lead by the hand. If they do get rid of Sherri, they shouldn’t replace her, the show should continue with just a panel of 3 / 4 or with a 5th rotating personality. IMHO.

  488. Lorraine in CA says:

    I used to love to watch the view even when Rosie was on but now I cannot stand it. Whoppi and Sheri and the N word are sickening and enough is enough.
    The show has become very political with the hosts telling people to vote for Obama. This is so horrendous I cannot believe it. Who do they think they are telling people who to vote for and Joy has become obnoxious.
    Sheri is nothing more than an illiterate who has had so many abortions she can not count them. Throw her off the air since when do we need to hear such garbage on a show that when Meridith was on was so dignified. Barbara needs to reexamine
    her panel and replace each one.
    Whoppi is a mess who needs to clean herself up and look decent for TV. Joy needs to shut up along with Sherri and Elizabeth. They are No longer fun to watch or even intelligent to listen too.

    Time to call it a night girls.

  489. woodsie1673 says:

    i love everyone there at the view. i watch it everyday. keep all of them, except elizabeth needs to go!!!
    please dont get rid of sherri…
    the view rocks…

  490. M&M says:

    I have watched the View for about a year. I love Joy’s comments, I like Whoopi, I would frequently like to tell Elizabeth to wake up and find out how the other half lives, and I can’t figure out why Sherry was hired at all! I’m surprised only one person mentioned her doing food segments. Watching her grab everything in sight and stuff it into her mouth is a real stomach turning experience. Maybe that’s why I haven’t seen a food segment for a few weeks. This morning she commented on the Gideons’ plan to put Bibles on the room service menu instead of in nightstand drawers ini hotel rooms, and said she wanted to be able to put her hand out in the middle of the night and reach a Bible if she needed it. CARRY YOUR OWN BIBLE WITH YOU, YOU TWIT!!!
    I enjoy the show, but it is difficult to watch sometimes, and extremely hard to hear when everyone talks at once. I wish they would stop that.

  491. geronimo says:

    Holy crap. 495 comments. Someone’s had their people on serious overtime. 😯

  492. Denise says:

    Barbara is a buzzkill. When a good conversation is happening She interupts
    like she’s afraid something is going to happen…STOP BEING SO PRISSY…and stop playing by the rules of the 50’s and 60’s… TV journalism has come a long way Barbara.

    Elizabeth, certainly has a right to her opinions but…she doesn’t listen to the
    other person, ever, she talks over them.
    What is she afraid of, that she may change her opinion? I realize her conservative beliefs got her the job, but…and listening to those beliefs… she IS THE TYPE to drink the KoolAid…I’m just sayin’…

    Sherry, okay, not known for her smarts,
    but a lot of people are as unaware as she is sooooo…everybody learns here!
    That’s a good thing…right???
    Sherry, there is more to you than your boobs.
    Maybe living in NYC you will grow up and get some self confidence, the City did it for me,
    good luck!

    Joy and Whoppie…THANK GOD!

  493. Elizabeth says:

    I have watched The View since day one but sadly stopped when I could not stand one more day of Elisabeth. She should have never been allowed to come back after her first pregnancy leave.
    Then I was disappointed when Sherry got the job. She was sweet but dumb. My hatred of Elisabitch is just too strong!! I could go on about my many reasons for hating her but lots of people have already listed them.
    Sadly I will not be watching until she is off for good. Here is my plan to save the view so I can watch again. I really miss it.

    How To Save The View
    #1- Fire Elisabeth AKA Elisabitch everybody hates her for many reasons!

    #2- Fire Sherry she should never been hired in the first place. Everybody was stunned when Monique was not hired and she was.

    #3- Fire the idiot that convinced Barbara to hire them. They had no idea what viewers wanted. We did not want Elisabeth or Sherry!!!

    Barbara I hope you have one of your minions tell you about this email.

  494. Lin says:

    Is Walters nuts?! If anyone needs to be kicked off that show, it is Elizabeth! She ruins it. I am a conservative, but she refuses to listen to anyone else’s opinion. She is argumentative, stubborn, and not as smart as she thinks she is. She is a fool.

  495. Lisa says:

    The View could definitely benefit from a conscientious overhaul. Barbara Walters is always WONDERFUL–intelligent, insightful, and diplomatic–and definitely the best reason to tune in. The ongoing problem, however, is the unfailingly shrill and obnoxious presence of Elizabeth Hasselbeck. It is absolutely essential that this type of TV format be balanced with panelists on both ends of the political spectrum, but Elizabeth simply does not capably represent informed and articulate conservative viewpoints. She actually screams her positions at others in an offensively dogmatic manner, consistently blathers over every other panelist, and mindlessly repeats platitudes that she must have internalized in elementary school parochial training. She is consistently factually incorrect in her assertions, and is too often an annoying irritant to the guests–a case in point being Shirley MacLaine’s recent appearance on the show. Her political views might coincide with executive producer Bill Geddie’s, but she is consistently incapable of expressing them in any manner that enlightens rather than alienates–she is too often nothing more than an annoyingly angry presence in a trendy outfit. It is long overdue that she be replaced by a more intelligent and television-savvy conservative, of whom there is no shortage. The View’s ratings will inevitably benefit from the transition.

  496. Eve says:

    Sheri doesn’t contribute to the show because she can’t form an opinion legibly and clearly. Most of the time during the battle of babbles she remains quiet because she really has nothing to contribute. It seems to me that her Christianity is the only thing she may have an informed or somewhat informed opinion on and that is why it is always at the forefront with her.

    Elizabeth is a sheltered little girl that has had everything handed to her and clinches to whatever the popular gossip is to stake her claim. She needs to learn to be independant and grow some b____s.

    Barbara Walters is a journalist and a good one. I agree with the opinion of many on this forum. She should stick to that and let Joy and Whoopi and some other woman come on the show. It would be refreshing and enlightening.

  497. JJ Granieri says:

    Thank God. Sherrie is so off base most of the time she really needs to go. As far as the view goes Whoopi is wearing very thin with me. And as a school teacher Joy should know better. Barbara is naturally the Queen so what she says goes. Elizabeth may have her moments but her heart is in the right place. But Sherrie has got to go TODAY.

  498. Drue says:

    Sherri Shepard is an ignorant moron who perpetuates a particular stereotype of reformed ghetto ass street slut by mixing self righteous and proselytizing theological views with what appears to be an apparent lack of formal education and a complete disregard for scientific method.

  499. Pamela says:

    It’s a show with different opinion’s that’s why it is called “The View.”

  500. cathy says:


  501. joe tonelli says:


  502. Susan says:

    Perhaps Babs wanted to be top slut of the show, (having an affair with a married man then telling the world about it in her book), and felt Sherri was taking that position away from her. If I’m not mistaken, “most” of the women on The View have questionable morals to say the least, they can be proud. (Not)

    I’ve never been a big fan of women shows. They are boring and uninteresting. Are American women REALLY this dumb? Imagine a man spending an hour watching a show telling them how to dress. The little political talk is a good ice breaker at the beginning, but your time would be much better spent watching C-Span in the morning learning what REALLY goes on in our government.

    Whoopi doesn’t improve things — she feels her opinions are everyone’s opinions. I used to like her a lot but now she’s just another loud mouth like the rest. And Lis – well she speaks for herself — even when she doesn’t know what the heck she’s talking about LOL.

    This show has run its course — do American women a favor and cancel it forever.

  503. Debbie says:

    Get Elizabeth off the show. Anyone that watches as I do daily can see that Elizabeth is the one making trouble every day. She is very nasty and is very rude. Always.
    Cheri is nice and polite and I just love Whoopi and Joy. Those 2 are my favorites. Do you notice that when Barbara is not there, that’s when Elizabeth is at her worse. Am I the only one noticing that. No

  504. Joanne says:

    I agree w/ Barbara. Sherry has got to go. I’m sick of these Jesus freaks trying to push their religion down your throats every minute. I had a friend like that and at first I went to church w/ her because she caught me at a hard time, then she called me at 8 in the morning and woke me up trying to get me to go to church and I had to finally hang up on her. Sherry was no angel herself when she was younger. Back when I was younger I had 2 abortions because I had not choice. I don’t believe in Elisabeths politics but Sherry has got to go. If anything she is a hypocrit.

  505. John From Florida says:


  506. oliver says:

    i used to love the show …………..
    i don’t watch it anymore because i can’t stand that elizabeth.
    put someone with more of a personality on like whoopy or joy ! i’m sure more people would watch again if you made it more morning friendly

  507. Sunni says:

    Sherri and Elizabeth are the only GOOD reasons to watch the show. ALso, SHerri was absolutely correct in saying that Barbara needs to be saved….we all need to be saved so that we can enjoy eternity…where none of this silly stuff will matter anymore.

  508. Linda says:

    BABA,don’t you thik it’s to retire and write some more tell all books.This is your forte,not being on the view,you are a boring woman.

  509. Linda says:

    Get rid of Whoppie,shari.Joy and Barbara,Keep Elizabeth,she is smart,real and knows her stuff,even the rest don’t want to hear the truth.Whoppie looks like she just stepped off the goodwill ramp,Sheri is ignorant,Joy thinks she is funny,NOT,Barbara is out of the loop.

  510. Mindy says:

    When Sherrie pointed her finger at Barbara Walters and said ” I never want to hear that word come out of your mouth.” I knew Sherri’s time on the view was limited. The word of course was the “N” word. The same word that stupid Sherri and ignorant Whoopi defends as ‘endearing’ to black people. These women are just plain ignorant. Star Jones would have never defended that word.

  511. Mary says:

    I refuse to watch when Barbara is on. she needs to stay behind the camera on this show. I enjoy the joking banter between the women. Barbara just brings it down, and you can see her stare down the ladies sometimes. I just want to smack her.

  512. Barb says:

    I like Sherri and Whoopie I think they were the best ones to add to the show. I think Elisibeth is the one to get rid of. She has to fight with everything that is brought up. Other than that I love the show and will continue to watch as long as Whoopie is there and Sherrie and Joy are there. They are all funny and are also smart. I love them all (but Elizabeth)

  513. sssuzq says:

    I love love love whoopi on the show she is real,honest,speaks from the heart,she speaks fairly and is brilliant. Now as for Sherri she is hilarious she is a pleasure to watch.
    As well as Joy I enjoy her humor. Barbra
    nedds to retire and do her specials and her 20/20 shows. Now the one who needs the boot in a big boot way is elisabeth
    she never lets anyone speak, she cuts everyone off it is all about her politics and i for one am sick of it. It
    is going to be a miserable fall with her on the show they should just boot her now and bring in guest hosts daily,weekly that would be more interesting than the same old arguements about he candidate. so abc and the view if you are at all reading these please take note elisabeth has to go!!!!! and now for the sake of the show you are loosing loyal watchers. Let elisabeth be let her be free from the view please please.or do you keep her for the arguements just for ratings not worth it with her talk is not civilized. again let her go!!!

  514. MARYANNE says:

    At least Meredith (who loved to announce that she didn’t wear underwear) and Star (the obnoxious ham who is madly in love with herself) could hold an intelligent conversation — or debate. They had brains and opinions!!!

    Elizabeth, whose sole credential is that she was on the show Survivor is, let’s face it, not too bright. She was brought on because she was young, pretty and about to have a family — adding that touch to the cast — and to represent ‘middle America.” Poor “middle America”…I’d hate to have her represent me.

    Joy is not funny anymore. She’s become obnoxious, rude and crude. And, she so obviously kisses Whoppi’s ass. Her day has come and gone. She’s an old lady now who is trying desperately to be young, hip and fun — that ship has long sailed.

    Whoppi — she wins the award for the biggest mess on TV. She too, is full of hot air. Her job is secure though — Barbara is way too afraid of her.

    Sherri — The day she revealed that she didn’t know if the earth was round or not — but, would gladly go to a library and find out if her son asked her that question — was the day I stopped listening to anything that came out of her mouth.

    Barbara — whatever class you might have had went out the window the day you published that book..a tacky, sordid affair…ewwww. Babs is wayyyy too boring…takes forever to make a point or to tell a story. Yet, the others still watch her talk with adoring eyes, hanging on every word she says — they know who signs their checks!

    I’d rather watch someone scratch their nails on a blackboard than watch that show.

  515. Danelle says:

    sherri keeps coming out with such stupid stuff…e.g., most recently: “antibiotics” in breast milk… what a hoot! um…that is antibodies, ya think ? good Lord… and her grammar is horrid… double negatives all over the place… oh, well…

  516. Barbara should Tread Lightly! says:

    Barbara should tread lightly because it would have the appearance that the co-host are being censored. We all make stupid comments but should not be fired for it.

    Barbara has made statements on the show that I am sure she wish she could retract. I stopped watching the view after Star left and would watch it occassionally when Rosie was on just to see who would attack on that particular day. But after Whoopi(who I do not always agree with) came on I tivo it and I love Joy. If anyone should be booted it’s Elizabeth who keeps up all the controversy; but Barbara would dare not boot her off because of the fear of backlash from the right wing conservatives. But Barbara also needs to also understand that she got away with it with Star. Sherrie is a different subject there would be some backlash! I know from Star’s experience that when these rumnors started circulating, Star was gone shortly thereafter. Barbara chill, your reputation has already been tarnished by your book.

  517. greg says:

    when i saw the headline i thought it was cant have a discussion when she starts ranting her mccain platform.she needs to go.

  518. Yvonne says:

    I have one recommendation for the view co-host. I would wish Whoppi and Sherri would more politically astute. Joy understands the politics and is able to rebut many of Elizabeths off hand comments and lies. But Whoppi and Sherri clearly does not read the newspaper or attempt to inform themselves regarding current events and therefore is unable to articulate an intelligent conversation during the show.

    Pick up the New York times sisters and research current events so you have the appearance that you are knowledgable of what’s going on in the world. You are informing the general public and sometimes I am amazed at how you allow Elizabeth to run off at the mouth and no one other than Joy is able to handle her. I think Elizabeth is bipolar.

  519. Theresa says:

    I like the View. I think it got better when Whoopi started. I liked Sherri,Joy and Elizabeth. No one on that show acted like they were prejudice. Well my thoughts have changed!
    sherri has really upset me because, it seems all she talks about is race. For awhile Joy wouldn’t let someone get a word in and she was always right. Now Whoopi has taken over that spot. Her opinion is a matter of fact! The day that Sherri looked at Barbara and said I DON’T want to hear the “N” word to come out of your mouth!! But it’s OK if I say it. And Whoopi backed her. Elizabeth was making sense and no one would listen-no one… And Whoopi’s remarked her Mother wasn’t allowed to vote. Neither was my Grandmother.Women weren’t allowed to vote!Black or white. By the time that show was over I felt as if I was there. I was exhausted. There shouldn’t be two different worlds. It’s time to change. And people like Whoopi and Sherri nothing will ever change. I never had a slave-never. How long ago did this happen? Why should everyone keep paying for this?
    Leave Elizabeth alone. She the only republican on the show. Just beccause she tries (as you democrates) to defend McCain is no different than all of you defending Obama. Sherri was for Clinton, until Obama came on the show. And right on the air she told him she changed her mind. And was going for him. Why? What did he say that day to change her mind. Nothing!!!
    So you all need to get back to the show that it once was………………

  520. Karine says:

    OMG.. 😡 All these lenghty Posts! 👿 I watched the View twice just to be fair – That’s all it took! Ladies on this board.. Get a frigging grip ! i.e. a Life ..
    Scary to know that you will be allowed to vote .. Phew !!!!!

  521. I love to watch the View……But there has been times I have or will not watch it. I have liked all of the panelist to a point. I could not stand Rosie. So tired of Gay comments being shoved in your face. Big deal she is Gay. Give me a break. I do not know why Sherri was hired on the show. She is not a breath of fresh air for me at all. Sherrie is just ok. Just needs to not push her Black issues. And her Divorce is old news. Please enough is enough. You never know what the heck she is going to look like when she comes walking out. I think she does need to be replaced on the show. As far as Elizabeth, oh my gosh. I can’t figure out why the heck she was hired for the show either. What a Putz. She is rude and only wants her voice heard. Shut the heck up all ready woman. Or just wait your turn, please and thank you. For one thing I can’t stand the Survivor show, and if that’s where she came from, well there you go. No wonder she is a no body. Duh!! Dumb show, Dumb blonde. So she needs to be replaced on the show. Well then there is Barbara. She needs to retire and just set back and enjoy watching the View instead of being on it. Because as far as I’m concerned I would rather listen to her on the 20/20 show any time. I like that kind of work she does and I admire her for what she has done with her work. But she must be replaced. Sorry. Now Joy on the other hand, she is cool. But she does seem to be bitter sometimes. I still like her but I think she is showing too much of her feelings on the show. Carrying it too far. I think she is funny and I like her opinions too. She is ok on the show. And for Whoopi, she is a delight for the show. I was so excited to see her come to the show. I have not missed a day since she has been on. I adore her and the opinions she has. But I did not like the N-word topic and I was sort of suprised by Sherri and her comments about it. I was disappointed. But I have to realize that she there thing and not mine. Everyone should have there say in what they believe in. The thing that really gets to me about the View is that all them women talk all at once. I can’t stand that. It is so rude to interrupt someone talking. And with that many women talking at once, it sounds so noisy, loud, disturbing, and sickening. I wish that would stop at once. Please, Please. I wish the View the best of luck in the future. Oh Barbara take care of business rightly and do what needs to be done. What the show needs to make it better. Good Luck. 🙂

  522. Chris says:

    Sometimes Sherri is funny and sometimes just plain stupid, but I’ll take her anytime before “thin” Star Jones. I’m getting to like Elizabeth a little more than in the past (just a little) My favorite is Joy, Barbara can change anyone on the panel but NOT JOY, she’s the major reason I watch the show since Ms Viera left.

  523. Dee says:

    Apparently, The View is working great as it is! Look at all these comments with different points of “view”!
    Isn’t that what this show is all about?
    I too don’t care for Elisabeth; however, I have to stop and think….would I like her if I were a republican? Maybe. The heated debates make the show interesting and I think the panel right now is working…

  524. BA White says:

    Barbara Walters needs to go! I agree Sherri says DUMB things sometimes, but no more STUPID than things Elisabeth has to say. Barbara is a DRAG on the show and as suggested she should retire and go away and let the other ladies have the show. If she can brag about have an affair with a married man then Sherri has a right to talk about her abortions. She’s worse than Star was about that book she wrote. Barbara if you read this women think you SUCK and you should leave the show to Whoopi, Joy, Sherri and Elisabeth!

  525. VL says:

    The show is called “The View”. If I remember correctly, the original intent was to have “different” viewpoints, thoughts and ideas; ie. liberal, conservative, christian, jewish, etc. They are all different and while I may agree with one and disagree with another, I don’t want to see one thrown off the show simply because their opinion differs from mine or because they don’t respond to a question with the same insight as someone else at the table. I think there is a good balance right now on both sides of the line. Personally, I think Barbara is the one that continually drags the show down. She has become monotonous and boring and when she’s on, she rarely lets anyone else complete a thought without monopolizing the table. Watch her with the guests. She looks at the camera bored. She looks at the guests like she is bored. They need to ask Barbara to give up control and let the show evolve without her; or at least have her on a lot less. I find the show more entertaining now than it has been in recent years. Just some thoughts….

  526. kai ahuna says:

    First of all, B. Walters is not going to get rid of Sherri. Don’t believe everything you hear or read. Tomorrow on the view, I am sure, they will cover the subject. I think all of the gals should stay for a variety of reason. B. Walters, for her elegance and sucessful life. Her book tells it all, but one thing is for sure, she is not sitting home in a rocker, letting life past her by like some of you are doing.
    Woopie commands respect, all tho the day the N word came into play she fell apart and sounded racist. But again maybe she will have found out that she still has some deep resentment toward the whites and needs to let go of the past. Sherri is just the girl next door from the getto. But she is definetly a survivor. Joy is a Joy. She has been their and done that. Elizabeth lives in a bubble, One day when her bubble pops she will be in for a rude awaking. She has all the answers to life, but can’t control her young daughter and needs nany 911. According to her, she seems to spend most of her waking moments with reading magazines, watching tv, who is paying attention to hubby and kids. I can just picture her at home, Yakking her kid and husband head of. Pretty soon husband is going to find somebody who listens instead of preaching, and maybe she willl wake up and understand what the older women were telling her. Youth is wasted on the young

  527. Jordan says:

    Still watch the view they all have their quirks like people do. But if someone must leave slash Elizabeth. So tired of her, her silly comments and thinking that she lives in a perfect world. She is so annoying.

  528. Josie Anderson says:

    Being a conservative myself, I’m relieved they even let Elizabeth speak. The show is obviously a voice for the Democratic party….and I do try to listen objectively. Elizabeth is always the one ‘token’ voice Barbara has allowed!!! IT seems like she talks so much because it is ALWAYS 3 (or 4 if Babwa is there) liberals against her(1). She is there to add tension to the other panelists….that is very clear! Without her, they would just be kissing up to each other and what great Socialists/Marxist candidates they have running for their party. Whoopi is an educated person, I’m happy to notice. She is a deep thinker which I appreciate…maybe the only reason I will sometimes listen anymore. Poor Elizabeth….she doesn’t have a chance in the lions den!! There is no objectivity among them. She is, I believe expressing more of the heardland’s feelings than the crazy people on the east and west coasts. Thanks Elizabeth….oh, and Sherry just is a simple, good hearted person, who wants people to laugh!! She doesn’t have a cruel bone in her body!! Arrogant BW can’t take a joke. She is too full of herself that is clear.

  529. Audrey says:

    GET RID OF ELIZABETH! That would make the show watchable. She’s overly opinionated, dumb and has a most annoying voice. I believe she’s being paid by the Republicans. I have a MUTE button and use it each time she speaks.

  530. Josie Anderson says:

    Oh, by the way….they review AHEAD OF TIME the subjects that will be discussed. THEY EXPECT ELIZABETH, and probably even COACH HER to be the lightning rod!! Who else do they have….that is why it appears she talks more than any other..because she is the ONLY ONE on the panel with an opposing viewpoint of morality, values and ‘normal’ outlook on life. Why don’t they get another ‘celebrity’ like her and share the pressure she has making these points alone. Oops, then they might loose some of their ‘liberal’ following.

  531. Irene says:

    The days when Barbara is not on the show are the BEST days. She takes over and interrupts everyone’s conversation. She behaves like the Mother Superior, and don’t dare cross her while she’s at the table. Yikes. Elisabeth is extremely annoying and should be replaced.

  532. Barbara says:

    I have to say, I couldn’t help but laugh when I read the headlines of Barbara wanting Sherri off the show. I have been saying that to myself for months. I enjoy Whoopie tremendously. She is not only funny, she is very intelligent. I use to not like listening to Joy, I thought she seemed so “down” on everything, but as I’ve got to know her personality a little more, she isn’t so bad at all. At least, I feel like she knows a little about what she’s talking about. Poor Elizabeth, she knows it all. I like her, but that mouth of hers needs to close every once in a while and she needs to just sit there and listen. I get so tired of her talking over everyone elses comments, until they finally give up and let her spout off. Barbara is ok. I don’t mind her at all, after all it is her show. Sometimes, if you listen, you might actually learn something – she has interviewed a lot of people. Her book? I haven’t bought it, don’t intend to. But, back to Sherri. She is not funny, she knows nothing that hasn’t got to do with her divorce or child. If she don’t know what she’s talking about, she should keep her mouth shut. She has yet to say anything entertaining or interesting. She needs to go home to Jeffrey and be a comedian, if that’s what she does. The woman is just “out of place” compaired to the rest of The View crew.

  533. RuthR says:

    BaBaWaWa is either delusional, blind or both. She is fed up with Sherri??? What about the millions of people who are fed up with listening to that whining Lizy.

    I think they should just fire evenone else and call it the BaBa and Lizy Show… That way it will get cancelled sooner. My view of the View is that it is boring and rates a second place to cartoons.

  534. Debbie B. says:

    Barbara W. is pretty full of herself these days and needs to be yanked down a couple of rungs. Sherri’s inexperience and mistakes make her more human and sincere. I like her. Joy is mean and hateful. Really, does that woman like anything? Joy, get some hormones. I don’t think she was like that early on. As for Elizabeth, she is the only conservative that sticks to her guns. Even Sherri, who is openly Christian, backs off of her faith when bullied by Babs or Joy. If you don’t want to hear a different viewpoint other than liberal, why not just put all liberals on the show. They don’t let Elizabeth or Sherri talk anyway without putting them down. I don’t like the show anymore.

  535. Jennifer says:

    I have a problem with people hating on Elisabeth Hasselback because she’s a republican. I like Elisabeth….one thing I don’t like about her is that she talks too much and tends to talk over people. But I really believe the only reason people want her off the show is because she’s a republican and that is no reason not to like her. What if the tables were turned and people did not want democrats on the show. I am neither a republican nor democrat. I believe in somethings that both parties stand for as well as not agreeing with things they stand for. I am not ignorant like some people who just vote based on their party…when you are supposed to do research on your own and put the best candidate in the presidency and not just based on your party. Honestly, I HATE MCCAIN….he’s a racist, self-righteous idiotic individual. Barack is very intelligent, well-spoken man, but I don’t think he has the ability to lead this country. The one man that should be in the primary was Mitt Romney…he was the best candidate for GOP…but I don’t know why some of these republicans were to blind to see it.

  536. Just My Opinion says:

    Elizabeth is the one Barbara should get rid of. She hasn’t a clue what the real world is all about. And Barbara is getting to be a pain, too. If you don’t agree with her views seems like you’re off the show. Sherri is a great addition, as is Whoopie. Me thinks it’s time for Barbara to call it a day and retire. Honesty is the best policy and Sherri was being honest. And where better than a Christian magazine.

  537. jrwin says:

    Sherri is no where near as bad as Elisabeth H.Shes truely pathetic and I dont see how she even got on the show to begin with. . She is the one who needs to go. Time to freshen up the VIEW again.

  538. jana says:

    Joy is far too liberal for me, Elizabeth is just right; Barbara is following Joy now and I have no use for any of the others, either. Of course, Whoopie is an “if it feels good, do it” kind of gal, too. How about getting your own conservative show, Elizabeth? I’ll watch!! (o:

  539. whatever says:

    Sherri is definitely not bright. She is bigoted (but not in the semi-respectful way that Elizabeth is), whiny and not well prepared. I would enjoy the show MUCH more if she left. Whoopi is the best host they have ever had. Joy and Elizabeth are fine (I like how they go at each other sometimes), and Barbara is just boring and pushy.

  540. Anita says:

    Have been watching since day one and don’t miss a show…DVR is a wonderful thing:-) As long as Whoopi stays (and I sometimes wonder why, since Barbara monopolizes the show when she’s on)andJoy remains then I will too….I’ve learned to tune out Elizbeths idiotic/psuedo intelligent comments because she’s got some appeal…I would have preferred Lisa Ling instead but I don’t pay the bills….As for Sherri, yes, she’s a loose cannon and has no filter but, she’s also refreashing in weird way…Needs to be toned down though ALOT!!!!Barbara is getting much more respect and made to look “with it” again since Whoopi arrived….She is the most diplomatic and charming host ever….KEEP HER or I may finally move on…..

  541. Donna says:

    Good morning. I’d just like to add that they can’t expect to bring a group of people together with different perspectives, and not expect them to have different perspectives. If they want people, all with the same perspective/beliefs on the show, then fine; it’s a free country. But if you bring a born-again Christian on the View, then yes, we want everyone to be saved, not because we’re trying to ram something down someone’s throat, for Jesus never forced Himself on people, but because we care enough about what happens to people in this life as well as the next. Now, I don’t know any of those people on the View, but if Sherry really is the Christian she professes to be, then she has those same beliefs about wanting to see everyone come to Christ out of love and concern. We don’t always present ourselves in the best possible way; we’re not perfect, and Sherry’s comments indicate that she knows that very well. So, outside of the fact that other people on her show don’t have the same perspective she has, I don’t see the problem here. Take care, all. Have a great day.

  542. karen says:

    I have always been a big Woopi fan up until last week when she said Obama did not need to be assocaited with them white girls (Brittney&Paris) I did think it was a racist comment what if one of the white co hosts would have said somthong on that line about black women. Black people across Amercia would be having a fit. Whats right for the black people to say should be right for the white people to say. As far as Elizabeth they have gotten rid of better co hosts than her. She needs to go!

  543. Jean says:

    Wow, alot of people watch “The View”, judging by the number of comments– I, personally, do not, but I do have a comment about Barbara Walters. She is, as they say, “a legend in her own mind,” and if this show is her legacy after a lifetime of breakthrough reporting then that is what is sad. Don’t fool yourself: all the negative publicity is carefully orchestrated her.

  544. Mary says:

    Sherri is a total racist everytime she gets a chance she brings it up or always saying what a hunk or chocolate that is not harmless. I havea problem with Elizabeth also she really doesn’t let anyone else talk and butts in. It seems like Woopie is always trying to stick up for Sherri because of her mouth. Really don’t care about her boobs.

  545. Karen says:

    Barbara just can’t stand it when someone is better on the show than she is. Sherri is terrific. Way back when Debbie was on & was great, Babs didn’t like it. She monopolizes the guests & it shows on everyone elses face. You want improvement?? Bag Babs!!

  546. Lara says:

    Is this thread for real?!
    I mean.. 545 posts, more than this weeks Brangelina threads all together.
    Who knew this would be the one thread to rule them all 😆

  547. Karen says:

    One more thing….Why is Elizabeth still on the show? OMG, she is someone who has needed to go for a long time.

  548. Joe says:

    There’s not a sharp tack among them but Sherri’s point is the dullest of the dull.

    I like to watch the first ten minutes so me and my friends can laugh and joke about ‘hot topics’ later on the phone. Yet I am all amazement that more than once this year I have agreed with Elizabeth. I am politcally on the opposite side of the fence from her but sometimes I just feel for her because Whoopi and Joy can be bullies and dismissive – especially Whoopi. I am a progressive and fully plan to vote for Obama but Elizabeth as brought up some legitmate questions concerning his past judgement and shifts in policy.The other three stooges just make excuses and step all over their past comments in support of him no matter what.I chuckle sometimes at the thought of Barbara perplexed at how she wound up as part of such a dog and pony show — completely destroying her reputation with this association. I wish I could say I was laughing with them but the honest impulse is to laugh at them.

  549. Vicki McConnell says:

    Keep Whoopi and Joy. They are so easy to watch–they don’t speak without knowing what they are talking about and are able to see both sides of the story. Barbra had her day in the limelight and should get off the show. It is much better without her. Elizabeth is too strait-laced in my humble opinion. I just don’t like her. Sherri is a breath of fresh air but then who needs religion thrown down your throat? She does need to think before she speaks. Maybe that is what Barbra objects to. But whatever you do, don’t bring back Rosie or Starr!!!!

  550. WANDA says:

    Whoopie,Sherri, and Joy makes the show. Sherri may not be as smart as the others but she add a lot to the program. When The View have guest to demonstrate anything, she is always the one to participate and make the guest as comfortable as possible. No one else even attempt to try the different foods and the other things that they have to show. She livens up the show. I never looked at The View until they added Whoopie and Sherri. Two different type of people to add to Joy and Barbara. A sort of a melting pot with a little of this and a little of that. I truly dislike Elizabeth, she is too snobby. She thinks she knows everything, and her opinion is always the right one. Her attitude simply clashes with the others. Keep Sherri, she helps make the show. And whats wrong with her being honest about her religion and her life dicision, if she had not told on herself the tabloids would have dug it up and reported. She just beat them to the punch. The name of the program is “The View” and everyone has a different one, even Sherrie and believe it or not some people agree with her on some of the issues.

  551. Robin H says:

    I’m ready for Sherri to leave as well. She strikes me as a fake person for some reason. I also wish she’d wear shirts that weren’t always showing so much cleavage… I’m tired of looking at her stretch marks on her boobs!!! Everyone else, I’m ok with.

  552. I feel Elizabeth should have been gone a long time ago. She should have left right behind Rosie or even Star. She is the most annoying and tunnel vision person in the world. She can aways see what the the Democrats do wrong in her eyes but has a blind side to the Republicans. I can’t stand her she makes me sick. And I know the guest on the show dred being interviewed by her for she asked the most stupid and dumbest questions. I could do better that Elizabeth what is her claim to fame a stint on survival, being married to a football player. What? I guess Sherri had to cleanse her soul I just would’nt have done it on TV, but I do feel she is harmless. Bar should’nt fire her she should promote her. Bar has told all her secrets she should ask for forgiveness for she really did some bad things. Joy I just love her. Whoopi tneeds make over as someone suggested earlier, but overall on a show like this I agree you don’t need everyone to agree. But Elisabeth is combative and tunnel visioned

  553. Linda says:

    Elizabeth must be doing something right,she has outlasted the dumb blond,the loud mouth Rosie,the egotistic Star,she should be the number one girl.

  554. tvlover says:


  555. DeeDee says:

    As a longtime View watcher, I believe there needs to be a variety of opinions but it is Elisabeth’s constant interrupting and talking over other people that drives me crazy. She obviously didn’t listen when her mama told her it was impolite to interrupt while someone else was speaking. There are many intelligent, well spoken conservative women in this country, Margaret Hoover comes to mind, who would better the present the Republican side than Elisabeth. I did not realize how annoying she was until she went on maternity leave.
    The others irritate me on occasion (Sherri is as dumb as a box of rocks bless her heart)but at least appear to listen to what someone else is saying and then responding.
    Lighten up about Barbara. She was a true trailblazer for women and deserves respect. Many of you owe your careers to people like her.

  556. LLOYD says:

    If you dfon’t share Liberal/socialism thinking (example – oil speculators, control profits) Then don’t watch because conservative thinking will be a big No No. Ask Elizabeth.

    The View is like most news/talk shows on TV today — Liberal

  557. Stephanie says:

    Boring show. Whoopie and Sherrei shud leave and go to BET with their own show. No one can relate to what those white bitches are talking about on that boring-ass show

  558. Lynn says:

    I love sherri, and this country was founded on Christianity. Some believe and now some dont. Barbara should be on her knees praising God for all her blessing and Glory and look around at what other Christians have. Sherri had nothing but God in her corner. And as far as the little miss perfect Elisabeth… OH my Gosh, will someone shut her up. She does not ALWAYS have to be politically CORRECT. She is an obsurd, phony person. She is not prejudiced against blacks, but I watched her walk across the street from 3 guys.. in Suits with briefcases. Duh, you liar. Get her off. She pissed Rosie off and now she is doing with Whoopi, and let me tell you.. whoopi will kick her ass.

  559. Debbie B. says:

    One of the problems with having Barbara on the show is the fact that she is their boss. Who in their right mind would actually say what was on their mind right in front of their boss? There are 2 liberals (Joy and Whoopi), 1 closet conservative (Sherri), and 1 conservative who tries to speak (Elizabeth). I wonder: if Elizabeth were a Muslim and spoke of her faith, would she be so reviled? Or, would most of you, being so politically correct, excuse that behavior? I am a Christian, but I’m not far right. I’m more of an independent politically. But I do get very, very, VERY tired of my faith always being attacked and people thinking that it’s perfectly acceptable. Think about it folks. You wouldn’t attack Jews, Muslims or anyone else’s faith without hearing a big, big backlash. Good thing Christians “turn the other cheek.”

  560. Cathy says:

    I think they should keep Elizabeth. She is the only one with brains. They need to get that leberal Joy off the air – she is so stupid.

  561. daisy424 says:

    Cathy; love the irony of your post 8)

  562. Joanne says:

    Please, for the sake of the show, get rid of Elizabeth. She is annoying on so many levels….her voice, her ignorant, ill founded “facts” and her habit of interupting all those on the panel in a rude and aggressive way. Is she trying to be the new Rosie?? Hot blooded and fired up?
    I enjoy the View, but as an intelligent woman, both she and Sherri only leave me frustrated and annoyed…..but esp Elizabeth.
    Listen to your viewers!!

  563. Terri says:

    Barbara will never hire Kathy Griffin, she’s banned from the view for telling the Astro-glide story Barbara revealed to her. She would be best choice though, who better for hot topics? lol
    Elisabeth is the most annoying fake blonde I have ever seen on T.V., she talks over everybody constantly, very hard for the others to cut her off. Very irritating. If she holds up Barbaras book one more time I’m gonna puke. Uh, Elisabeth, you got something brown on your nose…
    Sherri Shepard…can anyone be THAT stupid and get paid for it? yes…
    Whoopi…not quite Rosie interesting, but tolarable.
    Joy…used to like her, but something changed and now she’s strange to me. Not as funny.
    Barbara…when you kick off Sherri, kick yourself out too! Tired of your plugs already. 😯

  564. foxx says:

    The time has come for Baba WaWa to pack her sh*t and gooo, and she should take Elizabeth with her!!! The view would be a much better show without those two!!! DUH!!!

  565. jv says:


  566. John says:

    My wife watches the View religiously, but lately has gotten turned off by Joy’s ignorant, baseless rantings. She seems to hold her nose a little high, but that might be to avoid her stink. Dump Joy, if your going to be a political show at least be factual, not rumor and inuendo, we can find that on line or in the NY Times!

  567. Barbara better get a grip. If anybody remembers Grace Allen (the Comic relief for George Burns), or Betty White more recently on “Golden girls”, Sherri does indeed seem to fit the profile of comedienne.
    Sherri brings a refreshing outlook to the show, and a nice balance for the other youngun, Elizabeth.
    At least two viewers will be missing if the View tampers with Sherri’s contract (before it is up), my wife and myself.
    And if there is any hint of a racial animus, then maybe this writer can stir up some other folks to bail as well, and perhaps pressure some sponsors.
    Enough is enough! The show is MUCH better when Barbara isn’t even there.
    Lastly, Disney seems to love Sherri, the many assignments they are giving her on this Disney owned station.


  568. jessiee says:

    Amen, Daisy424. And add jv while you’re at it.

    And Lynn? Get off your evangelical soapbox. It has cracks in it…and you’ll come tumbling down.

  569. Karen says:

    Barbara is the boss, so no one is getting rid of her. Elizabeth only seems to come across as shrill because the minute she opens her mouth Joy tries to talk over her. Elizabeth is not as stupid as Joy is smug. Joy makes pronouncements and then gets a very smug expression on her face like of course she is right and everyone who does not agree with her is dumb. Sherri is dumb but real. Whoopi is great. I would like to see Roseanne Barr come on the show as a guest co-host. Kathy Griffin would be another Joy, and I couldn’t stand two of them.

  570. Eric says:

    Whoopie needs a makeover. Joy needs to get unstuck from the extreme left corner. Sherri is as dumb as a thumb tac and needs to be sent back to school. Barbara should retire and Elisabeth is the lowest dredge in the septic tank!

  571. KAREN says:


  572. marie says:

    I think Sherry is honest and straightforward. Elizabeth is the problem!!! She has the least amount of life experience and the worst manners on the show. She talks over everyone, including Barbara!

    I miss Meredith, miss Rosie, don’t miss Star, really love Joy & Whoopi

    Elizabeth should go!

  573. Mairead says:

    Karen, loveen, I think you mean Evolution.

    And please avoid so much block-caps. It’s difficult to read.

  574. Paige says:

    I don’t know who is more pitifully ignorant- the people who actually watch The View, or a woman who thinks the earth is flat, and has a job on a talk show panel. PATHETIC.
    Babs is many things, granted, but stupid is not one of them. Stupid is unacceptable. Therefore, Sherri and that INSUFFERABLE DOLT, Elizabeth must be booted ASAP.

  575. Stanley says:

    Don’t purchase any products advertised on the View until the Excutive Producers Fire Elizabeth and Sherry.

    “They gotta go”
    “See Ya”


  576. Suzanne Corry says:

    I live them all! They are a slice of life representing America. I am a Democrat and I love Elizabeth!

  577. Sherri says:

    I rarely watch the show. I only enjoy listening to Joy. Elisabeth,Sherri and Whoopi all get on my nerves. The day Whoopi said that Michael Vick did not know any better about the dog fighting and the horrible abuse they suffered because that is how things are done down there in the south is pure bull.
    He knew..that is why he hid it! Then jumping all over Elisabeth regarding the use of the “N” word. Then going on and on about how it was years ago for her family. Things have changed and people need to stop bringing it up all the time. I am sick of hearing it. If a white person can not say it then it is not acceptable for blacks to say it either. Sherri just stuffs her face on the show when they are cooking and it looks really nasty. ALL the abortions she had is her business and she should never have made any comments on them. Why say it? It only makes her look so cheap. Elisabeth does need to go back to the Style Network,she adds nothing to The View at all.

  578. Denise says:

    The show is not what it used to be. It has become a political show only now. I never see any famous people anymore. The show suck now!!! I hope ABC takes it off the air. Put on a game show or something else. I also can’t stand Elizabeth. It’s time to go!!!

  579. FlipFlop says:

    Barbara and Joy have to go. Bring back Rosie and replace Babwa with Carol Burnett, for a class act.

    Put Whoopie in the middle–then she can head slap both ways. Sherrie’s OK—Some personal stuff should be kept private.

    Keep Elizabeth so that the View doesn’t tip over totally to the Left. She’s small but adds balance.

  580. Theresa says:

    Whoopie is great – she is the only one on the panel that can see both sides of the story. Joy has the best jokes. Sherri is questionable. And to all of you Elizabeth haters, She is likely the only one with a college level education.
    I think you should give some credit to her views. She is not there for entertainment.

  581. Maria says:

    I love Sherri!!! She is so funny!! She always makes me laugh. Elizabeth, Joy and Whoopi are great too. Barbara Walters… I think that you should fire YOURSELF!! You are way too boring!!!! Stay as the producer and let the other girls do the talking. They are very entertaining! Hurray for Sherri, Elizabeth, Whoopi and Joy!!! Great Show. Glad that Rosie is gone!!! She was too mean!!

  582. Maria says:


  583. Maria says:

    PLEASE, DONT BRING KATHY GRIFFIN TO THE SHOW!! SHE IS MEAN AND NASTY AND HAD SAID NASTY JOKES ABOUT JESUS, the Lord. Bring Ann Coulter….keep Barbara in the back office. Keep Sherri, Joy and Elizabeth…and let the games begin!!!!

  584. Rain says:

    Sherri should stop telling the world all about her deeply personal issues. How could she be so stupid? Those comments will follow her for the rest of her life. Get some class, Sherri and shut up about abortion and your family’s jail terms, etc.

  585. Frances says:

    I think that since all of you are so passionate about Elizabeth, she’s doing her job well. Congratulations Elizabeth.

  586. Marc says:

    At first, I thought I was reading actual opinions in this blog. Now, I realize I have accidentally suckered myself into attempting serious discussion with a bunch of people whose average age can be no more than 12, and whose intelligence quotients are even less.

    The topic is obviously whether Barbara wants Sherri off the show and what that might mean, but the discussion immediately deteriorated to stupidly judging individual personalities. Don’t any of you see that you are ill qualified to judge the women of The View? Barbara, Whoopi, Sherri and Elizabeth are all four infinitely more wise, esteemed and influential than most people you know. Frankly, I don’t think many of you are old enough to remember that Barbara Walters is perhaps the greatest living female pioneer of Journalism. Shame on you for dissing her, especially the women among you.

    Then, there are those who are so racially tense that they insist on thinking this all has something to do with the infamous “n” word discussion.

    Women of The View, if any of you have lowered yourselves to sample this blog, I apologize profusely for what have been the ugliest bunch of half-baked insults I have ever read. As I said, I made a mistake even trying to comment. I won’t make it again.

  587. Marc says:

    At first, I thought I was reading actual opinions in this blog. Now, I realize I have accidentally suckered myself into attempting serious discussion with a bunch of people whose average age can be no more than 12, and whose intelligence quotients are even less.

    The topic is obviously whether Barbara wants Sherri off the show and what that might mean, but the discussion immediately deteriorated to stupidly judging individual personalities. Don’t any of you see that you are ill qualified to judge the women of The View? Barbara, Whoopi, Joy, Elisabeth and Sherri are each infinitely more wise, esteemed and influential than most people you know. Frankly, I don’t think many of you are old enough to remember that Barbara Walters is perhaps the greatest living female pioneer of Journalism. Shame on you for dissing her, especially the women among you.

    Then, there are those who are so racially tense that they insist on thinking this all has something to do with the infamous “n” word discussion.

    Women of The View, if any of you have lowered yourselves to sample this blog, I apologize profusely for what have been the ugliest bunch of half-baked insults I have ever read. As I said, I made a mistake even trying to comment. I won’t make it again.

  588. Terri says:

    Can everyone see the irony in this? Sherri told a magazine that Barbara needs to be saved.
    Looks like Sherri is the one who needs to be saved…by Barbara…LMAO 😆

  589. mildred says:


  590. Elaine K says:

    Sherri is an insult to the intelligence of women everywhere. Her comments on screen and off lack good judgement and an obvious lack of education. When she opens her mouth, I immediately know something unverified, without basis, and purely judgemental is about to be heard. How would the media have reactted if Barbara Walters would have made the comment. “I hope Sherri has a bas mitzvah some day?” Another words, become Jewish. I’m POSITIVE there would have been considerable more media attention.

  591. light bright says:

    The show is good ms.walters needs to retire go home and stop putting other people out of a job…she has made her money let these ladies make some!!!!!sherri is learning just like eveybody else!!!!

  592. Mike says:

    I think the View is the BEST it’s been in a long time. If anyone leaves the show I think Barbara should go. It’s time Barbara left the show

  593. Beverly says:

    I think that Joy has turned very nasty – it’s her opinion or no opinion and hers is the only one that she allows to be expressed – they need to add another republican to the panel – one against all the rest is a little more than unfair – no wonder she cries – I’d cry too if I were Elizabeth -after all – everyday is a gang bang day for Elizabeth!! Make it fair Barbara – after all you are suppose to be neutral about politics – at least Whoopi listens to both sides and does a very good job of listening to both sides – get rid of Joy and add another republican!!

  594. Deborah says:

    Barbara should leave.She is too controlling.I think Sherri might have a lawsuit.Where is religious freedom.This country has no morales so when Sherri tells of her past and repents,then leave her alone.I would like to see Barbara saved so there.Someday EVERY knee will bow! You go Sherri and hold your head up HIGH You are bubbly and full of Joy!Don’t be pressured into leaving.If you don’t like the show turn the channel It’s still a free country?Please retire Barbara and remember you just exposed YOUR DIRT.

  595. G. says:

    Wow, almost 600 comments.

  596. ella brown says:

    I love the View but i dont like elizabeth i think she is petty I LOVE YOU JOY AND WHOOPI for being so honest

  597. Annie says:

    This all came about when Sheri said that Walters will be in trouble if they start taxing the rich. Walters told her right than “We don’t talk about my money” the save thing just toped it off. I think the old lady needs to stay off the show and let Whoppie do her job! I think E should go with her. THe only reason that E is still there is because the “VEIW Master” Has to have someone that will kiss his backside. The 3 of them need to go. Bring back Rosie. ROSIE,WHOPPIE & Joy would make the VEIW.

  598. Clif says:

    If the do replace Sherry… or even better… replace Elisabeth… I think they should put Mario Cantone in there. Now there’s a girl with something to say! 😆

  599. Nay Nay says:

    I am very excited that Sherry is on the view and hoped that she was offered the job. If anyone needs to go it is one or both of the 2 blondes. The show is not at all as entertaining as it could be 🙄

  600. Adrian says:

    I don’t like Sherri because she’s a homophobe. She said she would not accept her son if he were gay. What an ignorant fool.

  601. jusbnfrank says:

    N***A PLEASE!!! I have never been one to use the N word, but I will not have Whoopie Goldberg, or anyone else tell me they have the right to use a word and that I do not. In the spirit of unity, I urge all bloggers to start their posts with N***A PLEASE!!! until Jesse Jackson resigns from Rainbow/PUSH Coalition. If enough folks do what I suggest, it will bring news attention, causing him to resign or be fired. For years he has blackmailed companies and gotten people fired for committing the same sin.

  602. Pat E. says:

    I find it funny that so many of you hate Elisabeth – who happens to be an educated, bright young woman with morals. She is fighting an uphill battle trying to get a word in with all the liberals there.
    But let’s worship Sherri who’s had “more abortions then she can count” and Whoppi who admits to sleeping with 50+ men. And then there is the loudmouth Joy who lives with her boyfriend for a quarter of a century.
    Three great role models right there!

    The question we should be asking is why out of FIVE women there is ONLY 1 Conservative and she is the only one people hate?

  603. Pat says:

    For next year on “The View”, I want Elisabeth gone. Barbara will only come on when she has a special to promote. Whoopi, Joy, and Sherri will stay, and the 4th chair will be a rotating comedian each week.

  604. CharleeFromTheLou says:

    How is it that men can work together for years ‘n years as news and sportscasters and entertainers but women tend to fall out? Secondly, it seems a co-host can say whatever she likes as long as it’s Queen B’s view. Last of all, why not just call it The Barbara Walters Show?

  605. Pat Steckowich says:

    I never miss the view, but I could do without Sherri and her “also, too.” Aint good grammer, girl!!!!!
    Elizabeth is mildly annoying, but she’s a kid and needs a lot of attention. I adore Barbara, Whoopie and Joy…..real women, real people, real opinions. Thanks.

  606. Sandra says:

    Whoopie–Talented entertainer.

    Joy–Obnoxious standup comic.

    Sherri–Who is she?

    Elisabeth–Survivor in more ways than one.

    Barbara–Has been.

  607. Debbie says:

    I stopped watching long ago too, listening to them argue all the time is annoying. I think they should start this fall with a new cast, I would like to see the show with 5 new women with different back grounds and Barbara should retire. 😆 🙄 😆

  608. nell says:

    sherrie is ok im mean she is a little out there but i truly enjoy her. i don’t watch it becuz of liz she just gets on your nerves and make you want to go into the tv and slap the hell out of her. i said that it has been time for her to go. sherrie i will say watch your back cause the same rumors happen with starr and rosie an babs got rid of them. babs may sit on her high horse but she is no better than anyone else she had an affair. everyone has skeltons in there closet so some of sherries came out who in would like all their skeltons to come out. i like whoopie and joy and sherrie. but babs and liz need to go who cares if it is her show it goes so much better when she is not there. and liz wow she is just someone you want to lock up and i feel so sorry for her kids cause they are going to be just like her. kids learn from the parents and what she says on tv i can just wonder what she say at home so if anyone should leave the show liz is my number one vote. i truly dislike her when she would talk i would mute the tv. 🙄

  609. Leslie says:

    I am a huge fan of the show, and have been for years. I am finding it difficult to watch lately though. Barbara comes on to talk about herself…boring. Sherri and Elizabeth are horribly annoying (especially when they try to be cute together).
    I think that they should have regular people on this show. Get the opinions of people around the United States…rotate them in for a week. It is at the point, where I know what each woman’s response will be…get some fresh opinions!

  610. Pheobe says:

    After reading most of the above mentioned posts, it is clear that you folks dislike certain “views” because they don’t mirror yours. Can’t you just see that the show producers have cast certain folks based on their colors and views and religions in order to stimulate debate!? They have 1 black liberal who isn’t religious, 1 black liberal who claims to be religious (even though she’s had more abortions than she can count, but of course they will all be waiting for her in heaven even though you have to be baptized to get into heaven!) There is one red headed Italian liberal, one white conservative religious woman, and one non-opinionated adulteress. That is why the show is cast the way it is. Because everyone has their view. If they had 5 of the same, nobody would watch. So if Bawa wants to get rid of Sherry, maybe it’s because of ratings. The show was a lot more interesting with Rosie. 😆

  611. Tina says:

    It is unbelivable the amount of people that just can’t stand cristian people with there own point of view. Most of you people think its only ok for liberal people to say what they think. Give me a break. I am so sick of people thinking it ok for people like rosie to open her big mouth, and spout out the crap she come up with, but anyone that believes in God should keep there mouth shut. Talk about hipocrites. Everyone has a right to their OPINION so let Sherri and Elizabeth have theirs, just like you do.

  612. Rose Sabado says:

    I think that we all make mistakes in life and if we didn’t then I guess that we would be known as a unique person. The View is great and the ladies on there are also great. There is an old saying you can’t please everyone so just do the best you can and keep on smiling. My very best to Whoopie,Joy,
    Sherrie,Elizabeth and Barbara ,all of you keep up the great work and hold your heads up high for if it weren’t for you five Women people wouldn’t have no one to go after. May be they are just jealous because their not up there were all of you are.

  613. Rweav says:


  614. Sandra says:

    Whoopie–Talented entertainer.

    Joy–Obnoxious standup comic.

    Sherri–Who is she?

    Elisabeth–Survivor in more ways than one.

    Barbara–Has been.

    And I love every one of them! Keep up the good work girls. If you weren’t doing your job all of these comments would not be posted here!

  615. shari says:

    The view, real great opinionated show Joy Behart boy she should be the leader and along comes Whoopi who adds more humor to this show. Sherri is our kind of gal she shows that you don’t have to be a classified Elibabrabitch snobby individual to have an audience. Keep that to your own little whitty world. Bring on some more cool humor to add to these 3 ladies.

  616. sarai says:

    You ask me!! The most annoying person is that Eliza snotty character and barbara 100% a 20/20 person. she had her fun days afterall she used the view to tell it all and some book. She should take a hint from everyday people like Sherri and Whoopi/Joy is in her own caliber ( she is great) Brabara take Elisabreath and go teach her some of your manners ( you know or maybe you don’t) however you want to take people off take yourself and the loud mouth spoilt brat

  617. FRANK MERANTO says:

    hi everyone ok i’m a guy i watch the view i think it’s a great show, but i have to say that i’m not a fan of elisabeth miss perfect i call her. as far as barbara i always like her that is a lady to me. god bless her for going on at her age and she is in her right mind enjoy your life and child while you still can thanks for listening to me. (ps i’m not great at writing)

  618. Robert Smart says:

    I love Barbara Walters. It’s her show, she should have the constitutional right to do what she wants. God bless you Barbara and God bless your crew.

    Robert Smart

    Jesus Saves
    John 3:16

  619. Drina says:

    I love the view it’s a great show for women. Joy is obnoxious, Elizabeth should be on fox 21 and I think Sherri is darling and so down to earth and that’s why I love her. I think Barbra is wonderful and a great lady how ever it may be time for her to retire, she was here in Las Vegas signing her new book at Ceasers and I did not hear to many nice things about her, my friends told me she was very stuck up…..better watch that Barbra we are your fans and we love you….but to see you in person and get that feeling from you turns me off. And last but not least everybody loves Whoopi she is a real asset to the view,and remember Barbra what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. God Bless you all.

    Drina in Vegas

  620. Jen says:

    Yes I agree Barbara needs to get off the show and also Elizabeth too,Then it ok to watch………We don’t need anymore crying from her, it looks like she is trying to be an Adult but it’s not working she is too fake……….. :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  621. SuzieQ says:

    Yes, by all means. Let’s get rid of someone who prays for her cohost’s soul not to go to hell. We need more immoral atheists to voice their opinions. We are supposed to be tolerant of everyone it seems except “Christians” who would dare voice their “views”.

  622. Sandra says:

    Elisabeth has morals and tries to live by them. She is a good person and stands for what is good. I am amazed at the comments about her. What is wrong with our society that no one likes a person because they want to be a good moral person with values and standards to live by?

  623. R. D. says:

    Can anyone explain why, since all this started, The View has been in reruns? Could it be that there is a shakeup going on….and that, once again, they don’t want to own up to it until they are good and ready?

  624. judy miller says:

    I never watch the view due to they always all talk at once. That is so annoying. It is also very rude.

  625. Christine says:

    Barbara needs to give it a rest already and stop acting like the diva that she’s not! Every time I see a headline about the show, its always about her being unhappy with someone on the show. She is done on tv. I’ve watched it and I think someone at the network is doing their crusade for charity by keeping her on. Unfortunately; their good deed is causing the rest of us pain and suffering. Boot Barbara!

  626. Ksea says:

    I have absolutfloely no respect or care for Babawawa! She in boring as hell with her off key comments and questions and brings nothing to the show when she sits in.
    Babawawa wants someone to kiss her azz, like that racist hating Elizabitch! Trust me, her rantings is not all republican politics.
    I agree with so many of you about the motor mouth bytch Babawawa…FIRE ELIZABYTCH.

    Babawawa, how in the hell can you be mad about what was taken out of contex from a interview that Sheri gave, when your book tells how you had an affair with a married man! You labeled yourself as a “SlUT”. You did say that Sheri contacted you about the article and you get mad about this.

    Seems like you backstab everyone that dont kiss your azz. You thought you would make a fool out of Star, I am so glad she jumped the gun and outed your old azz.

    Do us a favor BaBawawa why dont you find something else to do and take that Elizabytch with you.

    I just love it when Joy and Whoopi gets her upset…and love love loved it when Whoopi made her azz cry! Keep sticking it to her Joy and Whoopi.

    Sherri tell Babawawa to kiss your azz

  627. Yahraes says:

    I like Sherri Shepherd. She isn’t mean spirited and she changes it up… if Walters cans her, I’m done with the show. How can women have different views, and then get penalized for that?
    I’m not a Sherri Shepherd FAN, but I do like the woman.
    Plus, she wasn’t talking to a tabloid – she was talking to a Christian magazine! If God can forgive, then why can’t Barbara?
    Ugh… Wendy Williams is sounding more and more appealing. Check her out next summer when she goes national… she isn’t uptight like Walters… and she REALLY dishes.
    Finally, that’s what I don’t get… hot topics is all about dishing… are you telling me there is a proper way to gossip? It’s still gossip. Get over yourself Babs.

  628. Jeanette says:

    Sherri has to go.She brings Nothing to the table. She TRULY is NOT the sharpist tool in the shed.I’VE NEVER SEEN ANYONE WITH SUCH LOW/NO CLASS. She keeps stuffing food in her mouth.Where did she ever come from anyway? If I hear about HER SON ‘JEFFERY” one more time I’ll be sick.Elisabeth has to be there, as she is the only one the shows the other side of the coin.Whoopi for the most part is good, except for the Vicks case.How do you accept that ANYONE CAN DI THAT TO THE DOGS,& IT’S OK. No way.

  629. shari says:

    Barbara should leave the show. She is so sarcastic to everyone and thinks she knows it all. I do not watch when she is on. I love Sherri and Elizabeth. Joy get real annoying and Whoppi needs to moderate her comments on people of color. I loved it when Star was on there and of course loved Merideth. Why does Barbara think she can give her opinion on everything and everyone should go along with it. She says she plays devil advocate but she always lets her views be known. What a witch. 😛 😀

  630. Jacinth Allen Donaldson says:

    I think Barbara needs to fire Elizabeth in relation to her behaviour at the Republican Convention and the distasteful comments she made about Michelle Obama. I have alwys found Ms Hesselbeck annoyingly vapid and shallow. How could she be so unprofessional? She needs to apologise to Mrs Obama and I am sure the elegant and sophisticated Mrs MacCain was similarly outraged as well. She loves Mrs MacCain and so do I but she had better learn that Cindy MAC is a lady and Ms Hesselbeck might feel she was showing up the cultured and intelligent Mrs Obama but it was Ms Hesselbeck’s low class behaviour which was on display for the world to see.
    ” The View ”really does not need Ms Hesselbeck and I will stop watching if she continues on the show. She really does not belong there and really needs to find work with a trassy tabloid more in keeping with her disgusting behaviour.

  631. Anne says:

    I agree that The View sucks, what I’ve seen of it online here anyway. They do talk over each other but that is how ideas are passed, it’s not natural for us all to sit with our hands in our laps demurely and wait for out turn to talk. Great discussions and debate take place with passion and a certain flow from one person to the next. But it’s who they have talking that annoys me. Whoopi and Joy I respect, Barbara is a fossil (not due to her age but her attitude in general) Elisabeth is a nitwit, Sherri is even dumber. Star was vapid and Rosie didn’t makes sense half the time from what I saw. But, as long as they get ratings the show will stand as it is.

  632. Gwendolyn Dunbar says:

    Sherri needs to go get a breast reduction. She looks like a deformed ice cream cone. She has five football fields of titties, and her ass is so flat, I don’t even see how she can sit in the chair. I can’t stand her. As for Elisabeth, I could just slap her, over and over again. The both make me sick!

  633. A Lanzo says:

    Barbara Walters acts like one of those little dogs that circles you and is constantly barking and trying to jump on your leg.

  634. Jeannette says:

    if barbara lets sherri go it”s a “BIG MISTAKE” she has a great sense of humor.sometimes she does get out of line but not that often. i really like her! she is very honest! the one you should get rid of is elizabeth! she is annoying,big ego, she thinks she is an authority on everything! i also think it was wrong to fire rosie ! she is great lady & don”t mess around when she gives her opinon!I also love her sense of humor! i like Joy ! she has a great sense of humor also! i just loved it when Glen Close ignored Elizabeth when she came on the show! think about it GET RID OF ELIZABETH! TAKE CARE!

  635. Colonics says:

    Sherri is Sherri. I was shocked when she was chosen to be on the show full time but this is Barbara’s gig. Personally I think Barbara dropped the ball when she fired Star Jones. Now Star was worth tuning into. Just to see her fashions and hair was worth watching. Plus she has a full brain and thinks with both lobes. Woopie is just UGLY to say the least. I think she really tries to be ugly like thats her trademark to be just UGLY. But I must say she’s playing her cards right. She on the show to get paid, not to be politically correct or intelligent for real. She’s earning a paycheck and that’s it. Joy is cool, and Elisabeth is a crazy, crazy white girl that need to be laid the right way by a Black democratic man with dreads. I bet she would leave the republican party then.

  636. Sandra says:

    The View? Get rid of Barbara Walters, she is past her prime.

  637. Yahraes says:

    I take it all back.

    Above I wrote “I like Sherri…”

    But the woman is a mess. See her dressed up as Sarah Palin the other day, and tried to play it off as Audrey Hepburn???

    What a mess. Cult of personalities.

  638. Neeley says:

    I think Elizabeth should go on to something more meaningful and then they could change the name to the “Liberal-Democratic View”.

    I never watch the show, not when Rosie was on there, or even with Whoopi on there. It’s a total waste of an hour of my time. Get a life or a job!

  639. dowdaytrade says:

    BW is wearing glasses now because of Palin…BW wants only to be seen as beautiful…it’s all about being Stepfordish and that’s why she keeps Hasselbeck…

  640. Jane Gismondi says:

    I have NEVER written to a website for any reason. This is a first. I’ve sat and listened to Sherri espouse her views on violence against children again and again on the View. It makes my heart ache and it makes me angry. Her comments last Monday concerning her “hitting” her son with a wooden spoon she carries with her are TOO MUCH!. She says she is “training” Jeffrey. Not teaching, “TRAINING”. She is lazy , violent and a blind Christian. WE could NOT pull out wooden spoons toward our peers or hit them…We would be sent to jail. How does she think it’s OK to hit a child??? I am disappointed in the show for not taking this issue up with her and the viewers. DO NOT HIT PEOPLE, ESPECIALLY CHILDREN. Sherri, take the time to learn how to “teach” your son about life. And, yes, he will hit others in the future…unless you also tell him to “do as I say and not as I do”.
    I am disgusted!

  641. Oeillade says:

    Sherri Shepherd illustrates as tv personality many of the most negative stereotypes that hinder black children from aspiring to dignified realism. No stage presence. No control over the camera. Devoid of even base acting, journalism or public speaking skills. Laughs at the most vile matter. Mocks off the obligations of an adult public entertainer.

    One is left but to speculate, that is infer with high confidence that such casting choices are intended to perpetuate and normalize a pitiful status quo, thus assuring the network and its advertisers of the sweet comforts of predictability. Of course above all is a chance to present a fool, as she is, being entirely herself.

    Regardless, one commands an override of her ‘the chicken/pole-dancing, cleavage-spilling, butt-of-every-joke, -insult, -threat’ mind. Be it by appearances of angels or on remote control, in hallucination, by subliminal ads, dream, nightmare, whatever.
    As is, the damned example lives only for a chance to look terrible, infantile, giggling and jiggling in a garanteed fashion faux-pas bikini. Save yourself a performance.

  642. Michelle says:

    The article cleary states what I’ve observed all along, in that the women make excuses for Sherri, help her, and protect her. Sherri is a good stand-up comedian, she MAY be a good mother, or have other talents, I don’t know. But she sure as hell does not have what it takes to be seated at a round table discussion group. Why don’t they make better decisions when hiring? Sherri needs to be out of there. She IS hurting people. The dumbing down of America is what happens when people are in over their heads, such as Sherri, in a forum meant for interesting thought provoking discussion. Don’t the other women secretly resent having to protect Sherri all the time?

  643. florence says:

    she can do what she wants with her body but the fact that she cannot count abortions is disgusting

  644. old school says:

    i initially decided to respond because i truly feel it is time for barbara to retire herself from being active on the show. she indeed monopolizes the conversation, she is crass and disrespectful to the rest of the co-hosts along with the guests. she shows herself to feel entitled, and as a middle class black American, i cannot stand people who feel they are privileged.

    but . . . as i scrolled all the way to the end of this blog, i saw the comments on sherri and her choice of how to discipline her child. for those of you who feel it is okay to “discuss resolution” with a child, you were obviously never disciplined as one and never truly learned the concept of adult. children today talk to their parents in any kind of manner and do all kinds of activities to hurt themselves, their friends and their family. they have no boundaries because mom and dad are always trying to rationalize. please, old school is the way, and the bible has never failed. train up a child in the way he/she should go and when they are old they will not depart. also, spare the rod, spare the child. who ever heard, in the 1960’s, of so many kids killing each other, murdering their peers in school. all because people feel that spanking a child is abuse. grow some balls and give your children some much needed boundaries. i live in canada and it is illegal to spank you child here. do you know what i see, kids telling their parents “i hate your f-ing guts, get out of my f-ing face” and you know what the parents do. nothing. why. because the kids know that nothing can be done to them. so they walk all over their parents and laugh about it. i was disciplined, my mom kept a spatula in her purse. it took one time for her to use it and i learned real quick what “no” meant. these kids today are spoiled. you other parents need to buck up and stop treating your kids like they are your peers. find a friend if you need one, but don’t put your child in that position, raise them, train them, teach them, discipline them, love them, and then release them.

  645. Rod Morris says:

    YES- get sherri off the view!
    we got it – you have a son named Jeffery MUST YOU INVOKE his name evry show, you dont know what an Oxi-moron means, (she used the word many times that did not apply) AND JUMP THE SHARK, learn what it means before you keep saying a 30 year old catch phrase.
    AND for crying out loud – quit interupting everyone. You clearly are out of your leage on this show. sorry – your sweet and a cutie – but not to bright.

  646. bebbie says:

    I agree, please get rid of Sherri, she not for the view and so many important issuses and comments discussed on the view and Sherri has to continue to make her disrespectable interruptions on every topic.

    I am tired of hearing her mention JEFFREY EVERY DAY DAY ON THE VIEW – enough already.

    Now she’s getting marry and she can’t keep her hand down showing off that DAM RING. I know the panel is getting tired of hearing about her wedding, you can see the disgust face expression on Joy and Whoopi faces.

    Sherri is a fake christian and do not know the bible at all.

    I like Barbara and the others, yet Barbara you really need to let her go every hot topic carry a meaning you and the others have great response not jokes or stupidity that Sherri makes.

    I do not think she funny at all the only reason the audience applaud is because they folow the prompt to applaud.

    GET RID OF HER. SHE TALK WITH NO SENSE and the view has really failed their audiences when you hired Sherri.

    Barbara I think you wonderful to give her a bridal shower, but please give her the boot off the view when she has finally been pronounce Mr and Mrs DONKEY KONG.

  647. Denise says:

    BARBARA!!!!!!!!!!!! TIME TO GO…….RETIRE

  648. There are no words to derscibe how bodacious this is.

  649. Alpinestar says:

    ok! very good!
    you are right!
    thank you!

  650. KD says:

    Sherri is worse than Star Jones!! She is too opinionated and doesn’t enhance the wonderful show! Please get another “true” moderate, yet intelligent addition. Can’t watch the over-kill attitude of the new Mrs. Sal (let’s see how long this lasts…most men would not take to her “SELF” importance!


  651. sharon brown says:

    I think Babwa Walters should retire. Her posturing and putting her hands out and interrupting whoever is talking, as she rolls her eyes to display superiority. Get rid of her !! She brings the show down with her arrogant manner. Joy and Whoopi should pick Kathy Griffin and other comedians so we could at least get some laughs in this boring show.
    It has potential with the right people. The Talk let people go after the first year. when something doesn’t work, own up to it, Babwa.

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  654. LAT says:

    I’ve watched The View since day one.

    If the show was not Barbara Walters show…she’d have been gone LONG AGO. It is time for her to retire.

    Sherri needs to get her facts straight and realize that not everything is about black people. I know she had Elisabeth in her wedding, but whether Sherri realizes it or not…SHE is a racist against white people. I LOVE SHERRI….but it’s getting harder and harder to watch her and that makes me sad.

    Barbara needs to realize that just because she speaks…or STARTS to speak, the girls don’t all have to kiss her feet. They immediately say “OH SORRY BARBARA” and stop talking. She interrupts them CONSTANTLY.

    I LOVE THE VIEW….will always watch THE VIEW….but I just hope Sherri learns a thing or two before when her contract is up…it is NOT renewed. I fear for that.

    Whoppi and Joy are my favorites….they make me laugh.

  655. california woman says:

    sherri is annoyingly ignorant. i don’t agree that she “makes everything about black people”. she makes most things about HERSELF, which is different. she needs to close her mouth when she isn’t speaking, stop blankly smiling at people all the time, and pick up a book or two and READ. she shouldn’t try to have another child, as it’s clear that there’s something awry with her (which is why jeffery is developmentally delayed). why do so many people feel it’s their fundamental right to have children? i’m a black female; just felt i’d share that. sherri needs to be replaced with someone who can hold an intelligent conversation. when you make elisabeth look smart, there’s a problem.