Brad and Angelina deny conceiving twins by IVF

Angelina Jolie has talked about how surprised she was to have twins, saying “We weren’t expecting twins! So it did shock us, and we jumped to six quickly.” Many people speculated that Knox and Vivienne were conceived by in vitro fertilization, because that seems to be all the rage lately and it’s the most obvious explanation when twins and multiples are born to wealthy families. Plus there were tabloid stories ahead of Angelina’s pregnancy that she was consulting a fertility doctor in an effort to gain weight and prepare for another biological child. US Weekly even ran a whole “It was In Vitro!” cover story about it last week. In the article in People accompanying the 19 page photo spread featuring her newborn twins, Angelina denies that she had IVF, and said that if she did she would certainly talk about it. That sounds true since she’s so open about things in general:

Jolie says she and Pitt were “in shock and could not stop laughing” when they learned they were having twins, and denied speculation that they had conceived the children through in-vitro fertilization.

“If they had been conceived through IVF, we would have been happy to discuss it,” she says. “But we have been fortunate never to have had fertility problems.”

As for the twins’ personalities, Pitt says, “Viv is proving to resemble Ange in spirit, attitude and physicality. And Knox, a bit of me.”

[Quotes from People via Huffington Post]

Many of you have pointed out that twins run in Pitt’s family as his sister Julie has twins. However, twins run on the mother’s side only supposedly, as they’re thought to be the result of hyper-ovulation, which can only be passed down to the mother. Maybe someone who is better versed in genetics than I am can explain this.

Regardless I think Angelina is telling the truth. The odds of her conceiving fraternal twins naturally are 1%, according to Us Weekly, but 25% via in vitro, which is why they gambled on that “It was In Vitro!” story. If the gossip magazines should know anything, it’s that Brad and Angelina aren’t subject to your petty statistics. They’ve already won the celebrity lottery.

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  1. Steph says:

    it makes sense. I think AJ would discuss it if she had IVF…besides its not like there’s any shame in conceiving kids that way.

  2. Anastasia says:

    Hey, what are we calling celebitchy people in general? Celebitchers? I like the sound of that.

    My friends had fraternal boy girl twins naturally. They got a lot of shit from people (co-workers, usually) asking them if they used in vitro. First, she informed them that it wasn’t anyone’s business and second that no, they conceived them naturally. She and I both are still at a loss as to why it’s even significant at all for anyone. Unless it’s some sort of strange excuse to hate A&B more or something?

    Let’s play a game: predict all the usual comments. I’ll start.


    There, we got that one out of the way. What about also:



    (insert ugly comment about babies here)

    There. That should cover the bulk of it, right?

  3. Celebitchy says:

    Anastasia I think those people are all tired out from spewing on the baby photos thread. They’ll show up, but they won’t have the enthusiasm for it here.

  4. Anastasia says:


    In that case, I guess I’ll host the drinks in today’s A&B thread. Today, I’ve got real cream of coconut, freshly squeezed pineapple juice and Malibu Rum for a drink I call “DAMN IT’S 107 DEGREES WHERE I LIVE, WHERE’S MY PINA COLADA?”

    Anyone want a tall frosty one? :mrgreen:

  5. Celebitchy says:

    Sounds delicious, I’m in. Can I have it served in a coconut with a giant straw and one of those cute paper umbrella things? My husband will have to share it or I’ll be knocked on my ass.

  6. daisy424 says:

    CB, the Jennifer Aniston thread is closed for comments also.

  7. bros says:


    i think its because people kind of view IVF like its cheating or something. like nature didnt run its course, so twins are fake twins. either way, it doesnt seem like angie is afraid to talk about much, and she has already adopeted, which is i guess the most blantant form of cheating (in terms of getting kids) so I seriously doubt she would be ashamed to talk about it. cute babies!

  8. Kaiser says:

    Yeah, I believe Angie too. If they did in vitro, why not talk about it? Is our society still so stigmatized to the point where we can’t communicate openly about fertility? Hasn’t Oprah done a bunch of shows about it?

  9. Celebitchy says:

    Damn, something is jacked with WordPress. I will fix that, thanks daisy.

  10. Anastasia says:

    bros, good points.

    CB, for you, I think I can rustle up a coconut half shell and a paper umbrella. I did just re-stock my bar, so I should at least have the umbrellas in here somewhere.

    (Rustles around in NEW sideboard I’ve stocked as a bar in the dining room. Yes, I’m showing off.)

  11. cc says:

    They are cute kids. All the kids are cute. I would love a pina colada, but I am allergic to pineapple (no joke). Can I have vodka with a splash of cranberry juice, please?

  12. Anastasia says:

    Oooo cc you got it. Anything to have an opportunity to show off my improving bar skills!

    I have some Absolut, is that ok?

  13. anastasiabeaverhausen says:

    Hey it’s me the old Anastasia, I’m just seeing if my new gravatar works.

  14. Kolby says:

    Well, I guess they’re just lucky (or unlucky, if you think about how tough it is to have newborn twins)!

  15. WTF?!?! says:

    Anastasia wrote:

    “Hey, what are we calling celebitchy people in general? Celebitchers? I like the sound of that.”



  16. L says:

    fraternal twins are commonly genetic on the mother’s side, but they can also occur naturally in women who are not genetically prone to them. there is a higher rate of them occuring naturally in women past the age of 35. in addition it is also common for women who have had ivf to have more than one egg transferred, resulting in a multiple birth. the difference between identical twins and fraternal twins is the difference between one fertilized egg and two. identical twins occur when one fertilized egg (fertilized by one sperm) forms one zygote that splits into two embryos. this can happen to anyone and is not considered to have a genetic basis for the mother or father. fraternal twins occur when the mother has released two eggs, both of which are fertilized by one sperm each. this can have a genetic basis, where the mother is genetically prone to releasing multiple eggs. It can also occur naturally in women who are not genetically prone to it. the chance of having fraternal twins goes up with increasing maternal age. three women in 1000, under the age of 20, will conceive fraternal twins. between the ages of 35 and 40, 14 women in one thousand will conceive fraternal twins — that is natural conception. ivf is when the eggs are fertilized outside of the womb and grown to a certain stage before being transferred to the woman’s uterus. The number to be transferred depends on the number available, the age of the woman and other health and diagnostic factors.

  17. Victoria says:

    I think the twins are adorable, no matter how they were conceived. Angie and Brad are telling the truth, as they have nothing to lose. People on Just Jared are mad because the magazine People are showing Shiloh on the cover with one of the babies instead of one of the other children. Like only the biological children are important enough and cute to be on a cover. I don’t know why they chose her either, but it is stupid. All their kids are adorable, and Angie and Brad make wonderful parents. Do you guys agree?

  18. anastasiabeaverhausen says:

    Really I think regular people out there draw far more distinctions between A&B’s adopted and bio kids than THEY actually do.

    To them, they’re probably all just the kids. You know?

  19. Bodhi says:

    I believe her too & bros said everything for me already!

    I’ll take mine in a coconut too please! ;)

  20. Kaiser says:

    @anastasia – Agreed. They’re all just kids, and accept that they’re bros & sisters without blinking.

    Also : Maybe put a space between your first & last names – that way everybody can see your BEAVERHAUSEN! :)

  21. April Carter says:

    I am most definitely not well-versed in genetics, but I do know a man who is a twin who then had twin girls himself so I’m not sure if the “inheriting it from the mother’s side” theory is correct.

  22. Manny says:

    I think people want to believe the IVF story because it makes them mere mortals. I also believe that if they did use IVF, she would have said so. She has said more controversial things and if nothing else, she is honest to a fault and on occasion overshares.

    Since Brad and US are not the best of friends, I am sure they wanted a nasty story to bring them down a peg and to counter what they knew would be the adorable story with the precious photos in People. Folks just don’t want to accept that with these two, no birth control + sex= babies. Some couples are just lucky that way.

  23. cc says:

    Anastasia, Absolut is fine by me. As long as it isn’t “fake vodka”, I am happy!

  24. KateNonymous says:

    Angelina seems like her attitude is “kids come into your life in a lot of different ways,” so I can’t imagine she’d cover up having IVF. Besides, the babies are babies regardless. Who cares?

  25. daisy424 says:

    “kids come into your life in a lot of different ways,”
    Well put KateNonymo.:wink:

    Same thing goes for, “you can’t help who you fall in love with”.

    Where’s my cocktail ladies?

  26. Gigohead says:

    The babies look just like Shiloh. I don’t think that’s surprising.

    The hooplah’s over.

    Let’s all go back to sleep now.

    zzzzzzzzz :D

  27. JoGirl says:

    I totally agree that B&A are being honest about how the twins were conceived. Why lie?

    Also, why wasn’t everyone up in arms about Marcia Cross (over 40 when she had her twins) and JLo? I’m sure at least one of them used IVF, but nobody seems to care.

  28. cara says:

    “Angie would talk about it blah, blah, blah”…..Um, HELLO, Angie only talks about what SHE wants you to know. Someone who can’t find it within themselves to forgive can’t expect it from others, thus her “humanitarian work” cannot becoming from a genuine place. If she were to publically forgive her father, which she needs to, and talk about what he said, maybe I’d be more inclined to believe that she is an honest person. Until then, I think she is phoney because she is carefully sculpting her image.

  29. RaeJillian says:

    i’m not going to say anything ugly about the kids – they are really sickenly cute. as far angie and brad, well yeah, who isn’t over them and every other story that gets WAY too much press. i guess what i think is nuts is the money pictures get, like WOW – huh? those kids made more being born than all of us put together will in our lives. with that comment i would like my pina colada with an extra shot and i’ll slink back to my desk to keep on working. :mrgreen:

  30. countrybabe says:

    She very quickly said they’ve never had any fertility problems.
    I don’t believe her, poor thing. If they were natural fraternal twins they would look more like each other. My uncles are fraternal twins. An 80 pound woman getting pregnant with twins I guess she believes that herself.

    She’s got more sense to lie now. Manny if she would do it over do you think she would admit being a drug addict in the past? Not.

    JLo was known to have problems getting pregnant, she’s been trying ever since she was with BA.

  31. Carla says:

    This woman lies a lot!!!!

    she lies a lot she will contradict herself soon like she did with shiloh.

    Didn’t she even say that she did not use a computer then in the next interview talked about reading news on the internet.

    Didn’t she say she would never cheat with a married man. Then run off with BBT and Mr Pitt.

    Didn’t she say she would give 1/3 of her income to charity and only gave what she gave from selling pictures of Shiloh?

    This is another lie. What are the chances that a skinny depressed woman would concieve fraternal twins in time for her movies? :roll:

  32. daisy424 says:

    Cocktail please, before I jump down countrybabes throat 8O

    Add Carla to that.

    Thanks Kolby,lol

  33. Kolby says:

    IVF isn’t the only way to conceive multiples with assistance – there are also other methods and drugs. But I also believe her when she says they’ve never had fertility problems – I don’t see them as being the type of people who’d think it was a big enough deal to lie about how they conceived their kids. It’s the kids themselves that are important.

  34. cc says:

    You know what, I want to point something out. I am getting really upset at people who claim to know a person’s weight by just looking at them. I am almost 5’3″ and I am a size zero and a girls extra large. My father saw a picture of me from a visit with my mom and he asked her if I was eating. He thought I looked to be about 90 pounds, if that. Well guess what…I work out and to compensate, I eat a lot of healthy food. I weigh in between 125 and 130 on a daily basis. So all of you who claim to “know” this for a fact need to sit back and hush it. My husband and I have had no issues getting pregnant, yet twins were suspected in both pregnancies. Kudos to all the insiders that claim to know EVERYTHING based on tabloid speculation and gossip.

    To all my fellow Celebeyotches, sorry I gave in, but this is a subject that I end up having to explain to random strangers who think that because you are small, that gives them the right to assume an eating disorder and I am sick of it.

    Where the hell did I put my drink?? *LOL* :evil:

  35. Kolby says:

    Newsflash countrybabe – fraternal means that they came from two different eggs. The chances of them looking completely unrelated are pretty good. My sister and I aren’t twins, but we came from two different eggs just like Knox & Vivienne and we look nothing alike! Holy crap! It’s a conspiracy! My mother’s a liar, too!

  36. Syko says:

    Countrybabe, please read L’s post above. It explains the difference between fraternal and identical twins very well. It’s the identical twins that look alike, because they were actually one fertilized egg which split and formed two embryos. Fraternal twins are when there are two eggs. The kids can be same sex, different sex, look alike or not – usually there is a resemblance, but no more than you’d get with any siblings, because that’s simply what they are, siblings who shared a uterus for 9 months, give or take.

    I’d bet that when these babies are older and no longer have this squishy tiny newborn appearance, that they will look quite a bit alike. The lips, if nothing else.

    @Kolby – is your mom also in on the world dominance conspiracy? If so, can she get Z’s autograph for me? That kid is the real star in that family. Love her!

  37. Nan says:

    Could be anything & fertility drugs is making sense. Angie will eventually say what the deal is much later. It could be this woman is just universally lucky. There seems to be some sort of ‘force’ on her side. I like to see people like this doing well. Everything is falling into place in her life. She’s making up for the past.

  38. Danielle says:

    Even though Kolby already pointed it out to countrybabe, I just wanted to state the medical difference between fraternal and identical.

    Identical means that the babies came from the same egg that splits in half after two sperm enter the same egg. They are more likely to look like each other.

    Fraternal means that two seperate eggs are released and fertilized seperately therefore each having its own unique genetic code. So by that we can assume that while the children will look similar, ultimately they will not share the exact same features.

  39. czarina says:

    Cara–I normally don’t single out posters to reply to, but I was shocked at the sheer arrogance of your post!
    First of all, to insist she “has” to forgive her father–what do you know–REALLY know, not just read bits of gossip here and there–about what went on between Angelina Jolie and her father? Who are you to insist she “needs” to heal a relationship you, frankly, know nothing about?
    Moreover, why would you suggest that if she doesn’t have a loving relationship with her father, that her humanitarian efforts are not genuine?
    She is niether a saint nor a religious leader. So, she can’t want children in war-torn countries protected, unless she loves her father????
    That is ridiculous and makes no sense.
    It’s also, as I said, arrogant and insulting. Why does ths woman have to be “perfect”? What standards are you holding her to? Ones that you, yourself, are able to meet? (I doubt it–heck, I doubt my priest would be able to meet YOUR lofty standards!)
    (The irony of all this is that I’m not even that huge a Brangelina fan!!! I just can’t help reacting to things that are so blatantly unjust)

  40. daisy424 says:

    Syko, I agree with you about Ms. Z, my favorite.

    I love the newborn phase. I miss having a little one around to nibble on.

    The little ‘fat pocket’ on the back of their necks, tiny finger and foot prints, the peach fuzz on their shoulders and cheeks, little ‘bowed’ legs, how they just ‘melt’ into you when you’re nursing them. But I don’t miss the sleepless nights.

    Waiting for another Grandchild……. 8)

  41. Mae says:

    OK why are only her Bio children on the cover. This is a little bit of whats to come. It is obvious they have big problems. Most people feel so protective of their children. These celebs just want to flash them all over the place and share weird little stories that sound so fake, to anyone who has a family they take care themselves. IT IS OBVIOUS…I wonder how long it will take.

  42. Bodhi says:

    If they were natural fraternal twins they would look more like each other

    [I added the bold & italics]

    Now to my point, how are these two children unnatural? Even *if* they were concieved with IVF, I’d still call them “natural” children. And I bet ALOT of parents who concieved through IVF would be offended their kids were referred to as anything other than natural.

    Off to the kitchen for another adult beverage…

  43. texasmom says:

    Diet can also affect the chances of twinning — West Africans have twins at an outrageous rate, and it seems to be related to one of the local starch staples (I think yams or cassava). This little factoid is brought to you by an anthropologist I sat next to on a very long (and delayed) flight!

  44. Ethan says:

    Did Angelina lie before?

    She said she is going to be a stay at home mom for a year and help Pax adjust (and ended up taking 3 movies and a trup to Syria and Iraq away from her children).

    She claimed she is now speaking with her father and working on their relationship- which turned out to be a lie.

    Brangelina claimedto be “only friends” and denied an affair- while she was already pregnant with Shilo.

    Why would she lie now, I wonder?

  45. daisyfly says:

    Natural fraternal twins look like each other?


    1. Fraternal twins (natural or not) can either look alike or not. It’s not up to the origin of their conception.

    2. Fraternal twins who happen to be MALE and FEMALE DON’T look alike since they happen to be, ahem, MALE and FEMALE.

  46. bros says:

    thank god ethan is here to super sleuth angelina’s lying.

    there is a large difference between lying, as in saying you didnt have IVF when you in fact did, and saying something which you mean at the time and then not following through on it, such as saying “im going to take a year off” and mid way through deciding not to take the whole year off. or saying “im going to work things out with my dad” and then it doesnt happen because the differences are remaining irreconcilable.

    you clearly cannot ascertain the difference between lying and situations where one expect to do something and then it doesnt happen.

    so my mom said she was done having babies, and then she got pregnant with my little brother.

    does that make her a liar? its about intent, ethan, fine point, but maybe it will sink into your dense brain soon.

    as for countrybabe, she is proving to be rather daft and is living up to her name. they dont have science class in the country? babe?

  47. anastasiabeaverhausen says:

    cara, I don’t speak to my dad. I most DEFINITELY have good reasons why.

    Are you privvy to every in and out of Angelina’s relationship with her dad? Everything that has gone on between them?

    If not, and I suspect you don’t, then you really have no standing to comment on it, do you?

    What is this ignorance about fraternal twins? They aren’t any more alike than any siblings born separately.

    Also, I’ve discovered something: jealousy has a smell. And it’s not a nice one.

    So more pina coladas! Whooo!

    No matter how you feel about the parents, to wish ill on a child is just low, low, low. So I’ll make a toast to these new babies and to their future. For that matter, ALL new babies. Mazel Tov!

  48. steph says:

    By the way Syko, I tried your vanilla vodka orange soda thing…it was quite delish!

  49. Syko says:

    Aren’t they good, Steph? Only problem is you can slug down about 10 before you realize you’re shitfaced.

    Bodhi, while you’re out there in the kitchen, will you bring me an adult beverage? After 8 hours of a boss I seriously wanted to kill today, I’m ready.

  50. bros says:

    syko do you have extra special secret ways of getting back at your boss that you hate? i used to have a boss I hated and i used to get back at him in small, unnoticeable ways…. 8)

  51. anastasiabeaverhausen says:

    I want to know about extra special secret ways to get back at a sister in law who lives over 1000 miles away. Besides sending her inappropriate magazine subscriptions, which I already thought of and is not effective enough.

  52. Bodhi says:

    Certainly Syko! Shockingly enough, I like my boss(es). My last job… not so much. But the office made it up to me through all the office supplies (including a label maker) that walked out the door with me :twisted:

  53. vdantev says:

    Didn’t care then- don’t care now. In vitro might controversial if you’re some backward bible-licker from the 50′s or a desperate hater looking for any excuse.

    For the record- flavored vodka is for sissy college brats.

  54. Jill says:

    countrybabe, seriously, get informed. my dad and his sister are twins (fraternal, obviously) and not only is one a man and one a woman, they look *nothing* alike. and i’m pretty sure my grandma didn’t have in vitro in 1948.

  55. Syko says:

    Bodhi, I really like one of my bosses. I thought I liked this girl too, then she passed the bar exam and immediately became a big important lawyer (in her mind), and she thinks I’ll draft all her documents for her plus do things like make file folder labels. I’m of the opinion that she probably should learn how to do things herself before pushing them off on other people – her next assistant might not have 30 years experience. Plus today the managing partner’s assistant was out, so he was coming to me for help, and the backup receptionist was out, so I was also covering for the regular one when she went to lunch or to pee, which she does frequently since she’s 8 mo. pregnant with twin girls (fraternal! and no in vitro!). It was just a crappy day, but there can only be two more this week since I’m taking Thursday and Friday off to do things like pedicures, massages, haircuts and shopping!

    Nope, no special little ways to get even – I just tell her she’s being an ass. One of the great luxuries of being old – if you have a smart mouth when you’re young, you’re a smart aleck, when you’re old you’re just a character. Got to love it!

  56. Linda says:

    I was 34 when I had twins – WITHOUT IVF. Boy / girl also! Fraternal, of course! It’s not really that hard to figure out.

    I think their babies are adorable!

  57. James says:

    How they conceived the children is really not our business. Since the children are here, they are children, no matter how they came.

    However, to hear how Ms Jolie lied to media so straightforward without blinking her eyes like this really shocks me.

    I am not sure I can handle this. I think I should stick to being a movie fan, and step out of the celebrity gossip world. The way they try to build a PR image beyond all means is too horrible to comprehend.

  58. jm says:

    Women who take fertility drugs often have twins or triplets. She could have taken drugs w/o doing in vitro. . .in which case she’s not technically lying.

    I like Angelina but she seems so hyper -why the need to have so many kids so soon? – that I’d not be at all surprised at her taking fertility drugs.

    I have 3 kids and they need so much attention . . .no matter all the $$ Brangelina has, that’s a hard life for those kids.

  59. vdantev says:

    All these fertility treatments are another side effect of the Hollywood lifestyle. Up at all hours, working 18 to 20 hour days, traveling constantly, partying it up, eating trendy but nutritionally void foods, breathing in all that tainted California air, drinking that chemically saturated water. Tell me how all of that together wouldn’t affect your reproductive health so you might need a little help from a lab.

  60. anastasiabeaverhausen says:

    I used to want a big family. And if I had done it, I’d want them close together in age, not all spread out. That was just my preference. It’s probably hers and Brads, too.

    I ended up having one child, though, LOL! Nature conspired against any more and adoption didn’t work out very well.

  61. US lied says:

    What Does Fraternal Mean?
    Fraternal twins make up approximately 75% of the twin population and can be boy/boy, girl/girl, or boy/girl sets. Fraternal, or “dizygotic”, twins happen when a Mom releases two eggs (either at the same or different times during her cycle), and different sperm fertilize each egg. Fraternal twins share up to 50% of their genes, and are no more alike or different than any two siblings would be. The similarity between fraternal twins can be close to identical – there are many fraternal twins that look identical – even more identical than some identical twins!

    The difference between fraternal and identical twins is that fraternal twins are two separate eggs fertilized by two separate sperm to form two separate embryos and then make two separate babies. Identical twins are formed when one fertilized egg divides into two separate embryos to make two babies.

    The two most common ways fraternal twins develop, or are conceived:
    Superfecundation-Superfecundation happens when a Mom ovulates more than one egg during her cycle (a process called hyperovulation), and different sperm fertilizes two eggs. A Mom “may” (“may” is the operative word here not “must” as some have insisted is true), inherited a gene that causes hyperovulation, which means she releases more than one egg during her regular cycles. ANGIE’S FIRST COUSIN ON HER DAD’S SIDE HAS TWINS. SO TWINS IN BOTH BRAD’S AND ANGIES’S FAMILIES.

    Superfetation-Superfetation happens when a Mom is already pregnant when she ovulates and releases another egg – sometimes as long as 24 days after the first egg is released. A different sperm then fertilizes the second egg. While the twins have different conception dates the babies will most likely be delivered at the same time, although they may be different sizes and at different developmental stages.

    The chances of having “unassisted” fraternal twins is one in every 60 births. The birth of twins has always occurred in the whole history of man, long before medical fertility assistance was available.

    By the way Laura Dern broke up BBT 4th marriage, not Angelina, just ask Petra, BBT’s 4th wife. Laura Dern then broke up Ben Harper’s marriage, had 2 kids by him before they married. Ignorance of the truth is not bliss.

    Angelina has always been open and if she says she and Brad did not use or need IVF/drugs to conceive their twins then they did not.

  62. countrybabe says:

    Syko, Bros, abd Kolby. School yourselves. You sound like high school drops outs. I have 2 pairs of twins on both sides of family. They look more alike than these two. My uncles are fraternal twins. And yes dummies you can have fraternal twins of the same gender. These were before fertility treatments like your idols used.

  63. countrybabe says:

    Jill, Fraternal twins can look alike or not look alike inform yourself. Get a degree. I have a couple. The twins in my family look alike,yes male and female.

    Syko,do you have a dregree, of did you get yours from L.

    Those of you who think all these hollywood people are having twins out of the blue, have scrambled eggs for brains.

  64. journey says:

    women who take mega-vitamins also are more apt to have twins.

  65. Judy says:

    If you want to trash someone can you at least get the facts straight.? BillyBob was NOT married to his then girlfriend Laura.
    Brad and Jen were already breaking up because of the child issue.
    I wouldnlt spek tpo my father either if one he deserted us and then because I made big money he decided to go pulbic with what he finds are my faults.
    On top of that Miss Jennifer did not invite her OWN mother to her wedding for less than what Voight has done.
    Noight was merely a sperm donor and he never had anyting to do with his kids while growing up, why should she have to forgive him??

  66. Steph says:

    Yeah vdantev? Well comic book conventions are for losers who never get laid.

  67. Steph says:

    …for the record

  68. pamela says:

    James, please enlighten me, because i think i may have missed how “Ms. Jolie lied straightforward to the media without blinking” lie.

    I swear these haters are going to combust one of these days, and it will not be a pretty sight.

    Anyhoo, i bought my People magazine today. I went to Borders close to my job, and it was sold out there, also at a magazine shop. I finally tracked it down at B&N, and they only had a few left, so it seems it’s going to be a big seller. The pictures are absolutely adorable. All the kids are featured inside, and they make such a beautiful family. The parents, especially Angie look beautiful and happy. The quote i like the best, is Angie saying they dont have any problems with fertility. Take that US magazine. LOL.

  69. Ethan says:

    bros- Angelina lied when she said she is going to be a stay at home mom for a year, since she already signed the contracts for 3 movies and a week later she was filming one of them.

    When a person knows he has plans to work and claims otherwise = lying.

    Same goes to her BEING PREGNANT (with Shilo) and claiming to be only friends with Brad.

    Same goes for tellin a journalist you ARE TALKING and working on your relationship with your father- when in fact, you still won’t let him see his grandchildren and won’t talk to him.

    Angelina did it for publicity purposes- since she was criticized for being cruel to her own father who helped her so much with her career.

    As for “changing her mind about her commitment to be a more involved parent”- perhaps she should not have so many children if she is “changes her mind” so often while her children are the ones who pay the price.

    By the way, Billy Bob Thornton was engaged to be married with a significant other with whom he lived for many years, when he met Angelina.

    Personally, I think Brangelina could just not talk about any of these issues.
    However, lying in such a blatant manner is plain stupid.

  70. esrejic says:

    First of all, they’re totally lying. They may have been lucky enough to hit the jackpot in nearly all realms of their lives–financially and otherwise–but they’re most likely not lucky enough to hit the reproductive jackpot, too. It’s just too perfect to be true. No one is that lucky in that many arenas, particularly biological ones. They’re beautiful physically, but this doesn’t necessarily guarantee that they’re capable of such impressive fertility. They cheated. They have the resources to experience what others can only dream.

    Secondly, are you joking? You NEVER call babies ugly. There’s just something utterly twisted and TOTALLY cruel about labeling utterly innocent, brand-new little humans “ugly.” Their features may not meet your native preferences, but there’s nothing “ugly” about them.

  71. anastasiabeaverhausen says:

    countrybabe, I laughed at your ENTIRE post.

    You don’t even seem to be able to acknowledge that fraternal twins arise from SEPARATELY FERTILIZED EGGS.

    That means fraternal twins will be no more likely to look alike than a brother and sister born from different pregnancies.

    My brother and I look a LOT alike, except for the fact that we are different genders. But we were born at different times and of completely separate eggs and sperm (same mom and dad).

    That’s the same thing that happens with fraternal twins, except they’re just gestated and born at the same time. “Twins” is misleading when it comes to fraternals.

    What you seem to perceive in your family as “looking alike” doesn’t erase the biological fact that fraternal twins are separately fertilized eggs.

    Also? These babies are THREE WEEKS OLD. How can you possibly say how much alike they look? To go back to my own example, my brother and I looked nothing alike at 3 weeks old. It was only as we got to about three and five years old that the similarities between us were stunning. Even as adults, people say I am a female version of him and he is a male version of me (and we both look just like our dad). But at three weeks? No way. I had a TON of thick black hair and he was bald as a cue ball. He had fairer skin as a newborn. He was also smaller than I was at birth.

    So chill out with your ignorance, ok? You’re looking pretty desperate in your need to find SOMETHING to hate these people over.

  72. Snowblood says:

    @ JM – ” I like Angelina but…no matter all the $$ Brangelina has, that’s a hard life for those kids.”

    :lol: :lol: :lol:

    ‘scuse me for a sec – oh! :lol :lol:

    Yeah, wow, (wipes laugh-tear from eyes), those poor, beleaguered, unfortunate kids! I – what?? :lol: :lol:

  73. Snowblood says:

    Countrybabe, listen: Saying “I know I am, but what are YOU?” and “Yeah well you’re DUMB!” does not advance your stance or argument in the least, unless you consider devolution advancement. By the regular tone & content of your comments, though actually it does seem you DO prefer devolving to advancement so good on ya there ol’ buddy. Rock on witcha bad country self. :-) Just know, you come across as kind of an ass, might want to think about composing your thoughts with more care, but whatever. :roll:

  74. candyass says:

    I actually do feel bad for celebrity kids. Yeah they have a ton of money but so what? Money does not buy happiness. They grow up in the spotlight and look what that does to adult celebrities. I can’t imagine what that would be like for a kid. I wish celebrities would keep their kids out of the public eye. Some do and I really respect that.

  75. xiaoecho says:

    Snowblood…… are on FIRE today! :wink:

  76. pamela says:

    Snowblood…. Go on with your bad self. LOL.

  77. pamela says:


    Probably they are just blessed. Or better yet, probably God just wanted to have some fun at the expense of the haters, because as sure as we know the sun will rise tomorrow,we knew they were going to lose their s**t over news of the twins. And what do you know.



    THE SAME GOES FOR THE AMOUNT OF KIDS THEY HAVE. ANGELINA ONLY HAD ONE KID BEFORE BRAD AND ALL OF A SUDDEN WITH BRAD SHE HAS SIX? how is this all Angelina ? Brad has said numerous times how he wants a soccer team.

  79. just wondering says:

    I always read haters comment about How Angelina must be trying to make up for a bad childhood and that she on a kid addiction to substitute past addictions… well, what about Brad Pitt? Is he doing the same or is he just a wonderful guy for wanting a million kids? :?:

  80. pamela says:

    just wondering,

    The skewed “logic” in these “crazies” heads, is that they dont want to blmae Brad, or talk badly of him, because they want him “pure” for when he goes back to Jen.

    If you think i am lying, just recently on US website there was a poll asking which guy you would want to see Aniston with, and overwhelmingly, they said Brad. I swear, you cant make this s**t up. They are so out of their freaking minds, there is no rational or realistic thought left.

  81. Syko says:

    Countrybabe, I do not have a “dregree” and am not sure what the “L” is that I might have gotten one from. But I can type, spell, string together complete sentences, and think logically, none of which seem possible for you.

    I don’t know what education has to do with this issue at all. People were having fraternal twins long before IVF was even invented, and even today manage to have them without medical assistance. And even if IVF had been used – what difference would it make? It’s none of our business, and the end result is the same. Those are two darling little babies.

  82. geronimo says:

    @Pamela – so true. They’re equally deranged on the IMDb boards (AJ & JA) about this. Ang is evil incarnate and Brad’s the poor, unsuspecting innocent party who was led astray. Even allowing for intense fandom, this lot departed company from logic and sense a long long time ago. Beyond hysterical. Funny tho’!

  83. LOLA says:

    As the resident Angelina outer, i will give you all the lies she has told.

    1. She will never have bio kids, it is selfish when there are so many to be adopted.

    2. She will never have an affair with a married man- then she admitted that when she met brad, she was afraid they would never be together. shiloh was concieved when brad was still married albeit separated. married is married!

    3. She planned shiloh, then she didn’t, then she did- make up your mind woman!

    4. She would protect pax from the media because he was shy- photo shop 12 hours later, media frenzy to pick the scared chap up from vietnam, mind you she could have sent some one, after all someone picked up maddox and took him to her hotel room.

    5. Will take a year off work to raise her kids- was signed up for three movies.

    6. Gives a third of her income to charity- figures show it is not even a quarter.

    7. Will give money from baby pictures to charity- no accountability.

    8. Never uses a computer- but reads news from the internet

    9. Slept with 4 men- once told seacret she had adult relationships with strangers and belonged to a sex den. but among those we know- pitt, bbt, lee,haven, farrel,and those high school one she had knives and burns sex with.

    10. Will make up with her father- hope he picked up a Hullo mag to see his grand kids, poor sod.

    11. Even when she was pregnant, she continued denying that there was anything between her and Pitt.

    Now tell me, why shouldn’t she lie about IVF, she never had cause to lie about all the above things, yet she did. May be she thinks IVF contradicts her little image of a perfect world that she is trying so hard to project.Worry not fellow ‘haters’ Angelina will contradict herself sooner than later, she always does.

  84. LOLA says:

    The reason it is easier to hate Angelina is because even i her staunch hater can see she has some brains. Brad is so stupid that too hate him, you have to be as pathetic as he is. This clearly is an Angelina show, he is just a follower, everything is about Angelina, I doubt he even knows his name any more. Y ou feel more sorry for him than anything.

  85. geronimo says:

    Here, Lola, look at this. Honestly, since I’ve had it on my desktop, life is just better all round: the sun is brighter, the sky is bluer, my overdraft is smaller.

    If only you’d let Angelina into your life. :cry:

  86. tunaluna says:

    Not only are they lying about not using IVF, I suppose they’re not owning up to EGS (embro gender selection) either? Several people (including her brother James) have publicly commented on her fertility issues. I guess we can file this statement in the “I’VE ONLY HAD THREE MALE LOVERS IN MY LIFE, AND TWO OF THEM I WAS MARRIED TO” of Angelina fantasy file.

  87. countrybabe says:

    I said I believe they are IVF. That’s my opinion. Also these twins do not look like fraternal twins in my family that are natural. That’s my opinion also. Now we are not caucasion so maybe that’s it.

    Ofcourse you don’t have a degree because people who try to correct others often don’t. I had to get to my other work when I posted last night.
    The fact that education does have something to do with it if you are trying to school me.
    Stick to your worship of your Angelina idol before you try attack others their opinion on the post.(ofcourse Angelina boards are full of 57 year old grandmothers-odd)
    You need to think twice before you start something, otherwise be prepared.

    Anasastia-Do you have a degree? if you want to attack me, be prepared. If you are indeed a twin that doesn’t matter to me. You have a reading problem. All people know that there is a difference in the egg process of fraternal twins and identical twins-that’s basic biology. And I don’t need to be taught be a 17 year old.
    So go back to school before you try to attack me.

    Snowblood-Do you have a degree? I have left you alone in your worship, but when attacked I’ll defned myself. I don’t think you can read either. As I told Syko-I have advanced education from a school. Something I don’t think you know much about. There are others on this site who have tried to insult me because of my user id name. Guess what,they aren’t here now.

    This seems to be personal for all you Brangeloonies, perhaps you should take your meds and not spend all day posting on a celebrity blog. Those of you I have mentioned are here all day long. So this tells me you have no life outside the interent.

  88. vdantev says:


    Get a life.

  89. daisy424 says:

    Maybe she took fertiflity drugs and that increased how many eggs she released, hence the twins.

    My God who gives a shit how they babies got here, who lied to who, how many kids she has, when she got pregnant with shiloh, how much money they make or spend, when they work on films, where they live.

    One thing I do know for sure, they don’t give a shit what we think.
    Move on.

  90. LOLA says:

    I will vdantev I will, mind you i am no longer that interested in these two, of course I still hate their fake selves.

    Geronimo, you have really degenerated into a resident brangeloonie, complete with incoherent, vitriol.

    Country babe, Brangeloonies will hide behind e-binge drinking, insults, frothing etc. Lets us continue informing the public about the ultra fakeness that is brangelina, after a while people will just skip all syko, bodhi, kaiser, geronimo, et al posts and read ours. ( I do too sometimes )They will leave much wiser.

  91. Syko says:

    I bow to the superior degrees of Countrybabe and her cohorts, and to everyone else who believes education has anything at all to do with intelligence.

    This is beyond the point of ridiculous. I have serious doubts about some of these people’s mental stability. Do they actually believe that no fraternal twins were ever born prior to the invention of the IVF procedure? Do they actually think it makes any difference in the wonder and beauty of these babies?

    I simply don’t have time for this bullshit.

  92. Bodhi says:

    V, its not just Lola, Geez!

    Thats a novel concept; skip what you don’t want to read & read what you do :roll:

  93. bros says:

    country babe, I have a few degrees, most likely from much better institutions than you, so I guess I am qualified to state unequivocally that you are a total tool and an incoherent mess.

    furthermore, people dont need a degree to be able to tell that you continually post the stupidest things, even in the face of about 10 people correcting your unmitigated ignorance. no degree that you keep spouting off about has done anything to make you more comprehensible.

  94. I choose me says:

    “Country babe, Brangeloonies will hide behind e-binge drinking, insults, frothing etc. Lets us continue informing the public about the ultra fakeness that is brangelina”

    :lol: :lol:

    I find it interesting that lola’s mission in life is to get others to hate Brangelina as much as she does.

    Syko (I think) said it best, the term Brangeloonies belong not to us but to them.

  95. daisy424 says:

    Cuntrybabe, the fraternal twins in your family look alike because they’re probably kissin’ cousins :roll:
    Just too easy……….

  96. Lauri says:

    “I have advanced education from a school”

    FROM A SCHOOL? OMG! Everyone, leave poor Countrybabe alone. She went to a SCHOOL, unlike the rest of us.

    Sorry, CB, but from the posts you have been putting up, I’m guessing it was a vocational school for “special” people.

  97. anastasiabeaverhausen says:

    LOL countrybabe, I have two degrees, a BA in English and an MEd in Curriculum & Instruction. I received the MEd with honors and my thesis was on the retention rate of new teachers who have received intensive mentoring versus those who have not. As a subtopic, I explored the difference, which was VERY significant, between the retention rates of teachers who complete a traditional certification program as undergraduates and those who complete alternative certification programs, post-baccalaureate.

    I’ve recently applied to be in the first cohort of a new humanities doctoral program at another university.

    Is that good enough to understand that fraternal twins arise from separately fertilized eggs and thus there’s no more reason for them to look alike than any other siblings?

    Is that good enough to know that you can’t tell much about looks when babies are three weeks old?

    You seriously crack me up. If you have any other questions about my educational or professional resume, please do let me know. Meanwhile, stay fabulous, girlfriend. :lol:

  98. KateNonymous says:

    LOLA, have you never said something and then changed your mind? If you did, does that mean you were lying?

  99. Renee says:

    I’m so tired of the attacks this family takes constantly. Why is it wherever I go on the internet there are always jerks who fight nonstop about this family. I want a site when I don’t need to tell everyone to be nice!

  100. anastasiabeaverhausen says:

    Renee: a-freaking-men.

  101. jessiee says:

    I swear to god. I go away for 2 days, and all hell breaks loose.

    Just catching up…laughing out loud and gasping for air.

  102. bros says:

    renee, try

    you cant say anything remotely snarky in her comment section, which makes it pretty dang boring, but at least everyone will be nice.

  103. daisy424 says:

    jessiee; Think this one is funny, check out the other aj thread………

  104. jessiee says:

    Daisy424 — read that one FIRST. then came to this one. LOLOLOL

  105. Danielle says:

    No, countrybabe, I don’t have a degree YET but I’m pursuing my RN. And I’m more interested in recovery than maternity but I do have to study maternity materials. It’s a nice thing to know in case you have to deliver the odd baby in an elevator or something.

    Now I know you don’t know very much about fraternal twins, and I’m sure you’re just so stuck by your own ignorant standpoint to actually learn the difference between identical and fraternal, but I’ll explain it one more time.

    Fraternal twins can look alike but it’s not as likely. Genetically if you’re a girl your features are defined a lot by your dad’s mother, and if you’re a male you may find that you look a lot like your mom’s father. Chances are your uncles are identical twins if they look a lot alike and if they share the same DNA fingerprint. That’s the only way you’d know for sure if they were identical or fraternal. Fraternal twins have different DNA patterns.

    Twins run in my family too. But that doesn’t mean I’m an expert on twins as you seem to think it means of you. I go to this place called college and they actually teach me things there. Oh the horror! /sarcasm.

    So what is your degree in since you keep going on about education?

    I’m from the boondocks myself (town population of 30) so I know your type very well.

    When are you going to get out in the world and get educated?


  106. EllenOlenska says:

    Personally, I don’t think it’s anyone’s business whether or not these cutie pies were conceived in vitro. But the folks who point out (above) the lies are on the mark. Did anyone read both the Vanity Fair interview and the one (same week) in Entertainment Weekly? Her sound bites were like copied and pasted–whole sentences verbatim. She’s got her lines down well. I think Dr. Drew made an excellent point re: overcompensatory charity work. 8O

  107. RAN says:

    Wow – I don’t know whether to laugh at the outrageous comments or move on to the next post. Hmm…. I think I’ll move on while laughing :wink:

  108. kate says:

    countrybabe: since you keep talking about it, what is your degree and where is it from? why do you think that makes you smarter than everybody else? i have a degree from tulane…does that make me smarter than someone who went to community college? and is someone with two degrees smarter than someone with one? your logic makes no sense to anyone but yourself.

  109. janie says:

    Remember how Angie looked last year(skeletor). If you can believe that she went to a doctor to help her conceive, why is it so unbelievable that she would use in vitro, especially when she and Brad can afford it many times over? Fertility issues like other issues are considered private matters no matter who you are. It is not unconscionable to lie to strangers about whether you’ve had a miscarriage, or how many partners you’ve had or whether or not you’ve ever been raped. Those kind of things are just no one’s business even if your face sells a millions magazines. So Angie may have lied in People Magazine about not using in vitro to conceive her twins. Common sense tells me that she probably did. I mean, would it shock anyone to learn that the baby photos had been retouched or photo-shopped? No! You can admire someone without sniffing up their bullshit. (I’m looking at you, Celebitchy.) Just my opinion!

  110. Tiffany says:

    Fraternal twins can not be from the dad’s side since it’s 2 separate eggs so he has nothing to do with how many eggs the mom drops. Identical twins are the only kind that could possibly be from the dad since the egg splits in 2 *after* it’s been fertilized. But most “experts” think that identical twins are “just something that happens” and not genetic – but I don’t buy that. I know too many people with more than one set of identical twins to have it just be chance.

  111. beans says:

    i don’t buy it. in every other interview she contradicts herself, i think she’s so full of shit. maybe they didn’t do in vitro, that doesn’t mean they didn’t use some other kind of fertility treatment. there are drugs out there that make you produce multiple eggs, i wouldn’t be surprised if we find out later that’s exactly what they used to create these totally unexpected(yeah right) miracle twins.