Was Jennifer Aniston drunk when she presented at the People’s Choice awards?


Okay, I didn’t watch the People’s Choice Awards. I’m depending on other sites for my information. So I didn’t even know that Jennifer Aniston was there, and that she was the first presenter of the evening (she gave an award to Adam Sandler). When I was looking through Gawker, they had a post up asking what was wrong with Aniston during her presenting duties. I watched the video, and for about 10 seconds, I was all “Nit-picking, she’s fine.” And then she slurred the word “serious”. I mean, she says it all drunky, like “surress”. It’s not an accent – she’s not Southern, y’all. Bitch is drunk.

Watching it the second time, you can see how she seems to slur “laughed” as well, in addition to ending her presenting duties in a hurry, like all of us drunks know how to do: “I’mfinedon’tbotherme.” Now, the People’s Choice is not the Golden Globes. It’s not like getting hammered is absolutely mandatory to sit through the evening. I’m sure there probably is a bar or an alcohol-filled greenroom for presenters, but that doesn’t change the fact that Aniston was THE FIRST presenter. Meaning she didn’t have time to get drunk at the show, she had to have showed up at the ceremony drunk. Ah, Aniston.


Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. lili says:

    her voice sounds really weird

  2. Crash2GO2 says:

    Uh – yeah. She’s hammered. She said laughed fine to my ear, but slurred ‘serious’ and ‘star’. lol

  3. jen says:

    cant stand this basic b tch but good for her.
    why not? this is people awards ,i would have done the same.

  4. Marjalane says:

    Well there you go- Chelsea’s new best drinkin’ bud! I saw this on Gawker too and it looked like she was just drunk enough to know she had to “maintain” standing upright. It was like she kept locking her knees or something.

  5. Heather says:

    I’d have done the same thing.

  6. Sarah says:

    eh no big deal.

  7. X says:

    What’s wrong with a few drinks. Never been a big fan of hers, but I like her more with this new possibility that she likes to get f-ed at events and be a little inappropriate.

  8. Lisa Turtle says:

    If she was drunk, I’d like her a little better. It’s not funny when an alcoholic shows up sloppy, but when someone whose reputation is “fitness guru” shows up tanked! yesssssss haha

  9. Manda says:

    I might have to be drunk to talk to that many people. But she doesn’t seem hammered or anything. Almost like a lisp, like she can’t feel her mouth or something.

  10. Azreen says:

    hellewwe people xD
    why would she show up drunk?

  11. Celebitchy says:

    She should down a few before most major events and interviews, maybe she’d have something interesting to say for once.

  12. jr says:

    if the whole world was dogging you about your career, you might be a little drunk too sometimes…geez.

  13. Dea says:

    Kaiser – I love that you are so good at observations:)
    I have to say it is this kind of presentations of JA that made me agree with what Rupert said for her. He could have singled out many actresses and actors for that fact because we know many of them have movie flops but JA is so annoying that he was so right in singling her out. Look at this opening presentaion – she acts like she is playing Rachel still or any other stupid roles of her. She still acts like Rachel in every role and stupid enough I think she plays her even in her real life. I understand she wants to look a nice funny girl but Jenn you are 41 years old, show some maturity. How boring would that be for a man she is with? She told Nicole when she interviewed her “I like your smart look” so here you have it JA: Behave smart in order to look smart.

  14. Heather says:

    Because being drunk equates you to a role you did 10 years ago.

  15. abel says:

    lmao! she sounds just lime me on saturday nights… so yes, she’s drunk.

  16. redlips says:

    Let’s see, yesterday we had a story about AJ being an heroin addict, so today you are going to trash Aniston for possibly being drunk at an awards show! Please!

    I don’t see how she appears drunk and I watched the tape 4 times. If she were drunk, don’t you think she would be weaving? That is an awfully long walk to the microphone! Not drunk!

  17. Praise St. Angie! says:

    Though she does sound a little tipsy, she sure isn’t walking like she’s tipsy.

    I think her equilibrium would be affected more if her speech were that affected (by alcohol)…which is why I’d go with either stoned or medicated over drunk. She seems to be speaking very slowly and deliberately, which to me indicates she’s under the influence, but I don’t think it’s booze. and hey, it’s no secret that she likes the reefer.

  18. Franny says:

    hahaha I told you! we were watching it last night (while drinking) and every time someone got up there, it seemed that they were completely tanked.

  19. Canuck says:

    If she was wasted enough to slur, I’d say bravo for managing to walk perfectly well on 5 inch heels

  20. Chelly says:

    I dont think she’s “drunk” i just think she’s NICE! Like that nice buzz you feel after a couple of glasses of champagne

  21. tooey says:

    “mocked, humiliated and laughed at” – if she got her script before the show, which i’m sure she did, there’s no way she can’t see the parallels to her own life there, so maybe she threw back a couple to get through it. If you drink a couple really fast, your lips get kinda numb and you do have trouble feeling your mouth. Been a while since I’ve been there – I like to space out my boozing – but I still remember! ;0

  22. Judy says:

    Can’t stand Aniston and don’t even find her pretty. Missed a lot of the People’s Choice last night, but saw a lot of it, too, and is it just me, or did anyone else think that Queen Latifah was just HORRID as the M.C. last night??? (And I normally like Queen Latifah.)

  23. kendra says:

    LOL, “mocked, humiliated and laughed at” sure does describe Aniston. They were making fun of her to make her say this.

  24. Toe says:

    Lol @ Tooey

  25. Judy says:

    P.S.–Just watched the clip…Not only does she slur “serious,” she said “dedicashun” instead of dedication. Yep, she’s wasted.

  26. pitd says:

    hahahahaha awww. If I looked that good when I was drunk, I’d be drunk alllll the time.

  27. Tammy says:

    She is not drunk, she just flubbed her line, and her body rocks.

  28. mln76 says:

    Obviously drunk just by the way she says “hello peole” Am I the only one who remembers that she also seemed stoned or drunk on Leno last summer?

  29. Mari says:

    Nah, i dont think she’s hammered. Maybe a little buzzed, but not hammered. She walks just fine to the microphone.

  30. DD says:

    She looks really cute here. Although I’m not sure about the rest of the dress, the top half is exquisite.
    When’s she going to rehab for her drinking and pot addiction :P
    I already know what the next tabloid cover will be about.

  31. lucy says:

    She’s fine. Sometimes words do not come out of one’s mouth 100% correctly. When one is drunk, one tends to slur more than just a single word, in the course of several sentences. She messed up the word “serious” and that was the only mistake I picked up. Talk about nitpicking!

  32. lucy2 says:

    For some stupid reason I watched a good portion of the show, it was pretty awful.
    Drunk? Nah. I think she messed up a few words. As others have said, to be drunk enough to slur, walking in heels would be a lot more challenging. I just think she’s not very good at this sort of award show stuff. I never seen her present something like this and look comfortable doing it, some people are, some aren’t.

  33. Mshuffleupagus says:


    Agreed. Every time I drink enough to slur I stumble around in my platforms like a newborn deer.

  34. dit says:

    LMAO, that “Hello People” was suspicious already.

  35. someone says:

    I don’t think shes drunk, she may have had a glass of wine or two before she presented..but if she was hammered she wouldn’t have been able to walk a straight line..which she did..beautiful girl!

  36. Iggles says:

    Hmm.. is it just me or are we starting to see gray hairs?

  37. Sophie says:

    ha! i don’t really like her, but she’s just scored a few points with me now.

  38. Riley says:

    Poor Norma Desmond.

  39. anti says:

    she’s drunk…

  40. The_Porscha says:

    I normally hate this woman, but yes, she was drunk, and no, I don’t blame her. The People’s Choice Awards are the worst kind of trash every. single. year. These are people that have no problem nominating Britney Spears for acting awards, or awarding Twilight over Inception. This is a horrible awards show, and honestly, if you’d watched the whole thing, it seemed like half the people there were tanked or high. And I absolutely don’t blame them for that. The “People” are idiots. The entertainers have to show up and shill for whatever they’re working on, but they don’t have to act like it has all the prestige of the Oscars. It’s a money-grabbing product plug disguised as an award show. Good for her. I’m sure when she left ten minutes later she felt good about it. This is literally the most interesting JA has been to me in years.

  41. whitedaisy says:

    Either drunk or more of an idiot than previously thought.

  42. Sara says:

    She may be a little tipsy, but hard to tell really. Could have been nervous, def not wasted!

  43. Belle Epoch says:


    Not “can’t remember a thing” drunk, but “been drinking until it’s my turn” drunk. The whole thing is a big bash – I doubt she cares at all.

  44. DeJa says:

    Good for her! I agree with some other posters…makes her seem more fun!!
    I would have done the same thing!

  45. Roma says:

    I think she’s totally buzzed and I love it – I predrink every time I have to see my boyfriend’s mother so I get it.

    We flipped over after the world junior game and I do think that every presenter I saw seemed pretty tipsy.

  46. Canuck says:


    I hear ya! I’d have been meandering all over that stage and hanging on to the microphone stand for dear life if I were wasted enough to be slurring.

  47. AngelMay says:

    Drunk, or too much Botox around the mouth. I like Anniston better as a boozy old spinster. Maybe she and Angie can dry out at some luxe rehab together.

  48. TXCinderella says:

    If you weighed 90 pounds and had one stiff drink, you’d be tipsy too! Lol.

  49. KJ says:

    She probably was drinking her tears away, lamenting the fact that absolutely none of her rumored and actual lovers have wanted to plant their seed in her dried up uterus.

    I hate this woman now. I never did, mostly thought she was a harmless kind of actress. Not that good, not that bad. But man, lately I just wanna choke her. I have no idea why.

  50. Mshuffleupagus says:


    I’d be calling the microphone stand a asshole and ask it to make out with me.

  51. Beth says:

    This was the worst awards show I have ever watched. It was painful. Queen Latifah was AWFUL, which is hard for me to say, because I’ve always liked her. But the whole thing was a clusterfuck.

  52. Canuck says:

    Mshuffleupagus: Me, I’d be trying to give an fictive award to Alexander Skarsgard just so I could grab his ass. LOL

  53. KJ says:

    And I’m throwing my hat in the “she’s drunk” pile because she sounds like me when I’m drunk. ITA with Bubbles, there’s a very deliberate feel to the way she’s talking, something I’m notorious for when I’ve knocked back a few. I tried to enunciate and speak clearly because I know I’m drunk, but I just end up sounding slow and…well, drunk.

  54. Cheyenne says:

    Celebitchy: She should down a few before most major events and interviews, maybe she’d have something interesting to say for once.

    Sh’d have to grow a couple of brain cells first…

  55. nnn says:

    I think she was drunk or on coke.

    But it’s fine, she is no Mel Gibson.

  56. Sassy says:

    She might be tipsy, but I don’t think she’s drunk.

    And @Judy – I love me some Queen Latifah BUT OMG she was NOT a good host AT ALL. Totally agree, her MC’ing was bad, very very bad.

  57. gloriaad says:

    Jennifer Aniston must be steadily drinking since she heard that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have been secretly married in the seychelles, her hopes have been dashed. Maybe that is why Brad & Angie may have been so touchy feely recently.

  58. sapphire says:

    @Canuck and Co-you guys crack me up! I wish both of you would present-you’d have the best ratings ever.

  59. MrsOdie2 says:

    She probably starved for a week to look lean and cut in her dress (they all do that) and had colonics and stuff, so when she had one glass of champagne at the pre-party (or in the green room) it affected her.

  60. Crash2GO2 says:

    Oh come on people! The first thing that is effected in me is my speech when I have one sips too many! I can walk perfectly fine, but don’t ask me to say ‘police officer’. LOL

    OK, so she wasn’t *hammered* – I guess my version of hammered is someone else’s version of buzzed. She was also sort of loosely flopping her arms around. How ’bout that?

  61. samihami says:

    Oh,please. Drunk? No, she clearly wasn’t. I don’t see what you all think you see.

  62. someone says:

    Some of the posters on here are hilarious..I seriously doubt that Jen was drinking or crying about anything that Brad or Angelina did or didn’t do. If they had gotten married, Im sure AJ would have shouted it from the rooftops…they are not very private…And so what if Jen was drunk….shes free, rich and single, and can do whatever the hell she wants..

  63. Mshuffleupagus says:


    I’d accidentally ruin your chances with Alexander Skarsgard on stage by throwing up on his shoes and asking him why my ex thinks I’m possessive.

  64. ShellyMay says:

    She is offically drunk! I like this girl again.

  65. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    Cool! My kinda girl.

  66. Canuck says:


    Just think of the ratings after that, because we’d likely have a drunken onstage catfight if you puked on his shoes and ruined my chance to grope the man. LOL

  67. Ally says:

    She was the first presenter, but they couldn’t get the microphone stand at the right height? Also, 10 seconds of walking?

    What kind of neighborhood talent show set-up is this People’s Choice Awards?

  68. LolaBella says:

    Look, it’s Rachel Green! :roll:

    I don’t think she’s drunk (she didn’t stumble on her way to the mic) I just think she indulged in a little ‘puff, puff, pass’.

    Her body is sick though, NGL.

  69. Mia Girl says:

    @51 That was just harsh.

  70. skibunny says:

    Wow! She looks fantastic!

  71. lolwut says:

    I would have had to drink a few too if I had to sit through that crap.

  72. Cheyenne says:

    DD: She looks really cute here.

    Cute is for puppies and two-year-olds. A woman going on 42 years old who is still being described as cute is pathetic.

  73. Canuck says:

    Spectacular might be a better way to describe how she looked.

  74. DD says:

    Ouch Cheyenne! I’ve said Jolie looks cute a few times too, does that make her pathetic?
    Wow I know you lose all perspective in Aniston threads but seriously next time I’ll choose my words wisely just so you don’t have the usual ammunition to throw at her lol.

  75. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    Aniston has been spazztastic at award shows recently. I have never seen her do a good job presenting, maybe she did when she was still on Friends. However as of recently she sucks. Can’t stand still, can’t speak properly and moves around quite a bit. I kinda think public speaking makes her very nervous.

  76. Kim says:

    Allure Feb 2011 Aniston- “Really, the most unconditional form of love that you can encounter is with a dog. They’re excited the minute you come home” Cute IDK maybe she is right I only have a husband, 3 kids and 2 cats . They all ignore me unless they want something especially my cats(smile)

  77. redlips says:

    gloriaad, Only in the minds of the loons! Something is telling me she could care less.

  78. Whatever says:

    Funny, I don’t watch award shows and get my info online too. Haven’t heard the drunk idea until here. Most are just saying that she looked great, which she does. If she’s a litte buzzed, so what? Don’t see the big deal at all and she is not falling down drunk. At least I don’t see it, but I’m not looking to hate on her.

  79. Aries_Mira says:

    Well, she certainly wouldn’t be the first, nor will she be the last.

  80. trish says:

    She should have a drink more often. Usually, she can’t form a sentance with out stuttering or breaking it off halfway and saying something completely different.
    Queen Latifa was terrible. I was cringing for the Twilight cast in the front row.

  81. The Hamm is My Dream Man says:

    Definitely tipsy. She doesn’t seem the type to enjoy going to these types of things. She always seems really nervous and uncomfortable.

    Chances are she downed maybe two glasses of whatever they were handing out backstage to steel her resolve. I sure as heck would.

    Cheyenne: And she does look CUTE and it is NOT pathetic. Goldie Hawn still looks cute. Betty White is CUTE as a button. Jeez, no one can give this woman a compliment without you shutting them down.

  82. TeeTee says:

    Honestly, as long as she is not a secret drug addict, a mother or driving a car..I could careless.

    She looks attractive, nice & neat and she didn’t need to lean on anyone, so she’s good in my book.

  83. Jayna says:

    Jen loves her pot. Maybe a cocktail and a little smoke before coming out, but seemed fine to me.

  84. Trace says:

    I don’t think she’s drunk. Just her usual, inarticulate self.

  85. Cheyenne says:

    @Hamm: Goldie Hawn is not looking cute, she’s looking ridiculous. She’s 65 years old and still trying to pass for 30.

    @DD: “Cute” is an adjective I’d never use to describe Jolie. Aniston was cute on Friends, but those days are long past.

  86. MNGIRL76 says:

    Let the girl get her drink on! Who cares if she was 1st? I’d be having a few while getting ready! Isn’t that what these award shows are all about? I’m sure all the celeb’s get there drink on. Have of them walk the red carpet drunk or high!

  87. Moreaces says:

    I am sooo not a fan of JA, but give us a break, most all of them are a bit tipsy at thoes shows. Its called letting your hair down and having a good time

  88. Canuck says:

    I also think Goldie Hawn looks “cute”, and I’d agree that Betty White is “cute” too. One doesn’t have to be 18 to be cute, despite what some seem to think. I’m sure we can all think of a lot of things that are “cute” that apply to older people.

    Did someone appoint Cheyenne to be the adjective police? Can we say she looks hot, toned, fabulous, in great shape, healthy? Or are those forbidden adjectives too?

  89. JenJen says:

    MrsOdie2- I was going to say the same thing-she probably hasn’t eaten in a week! At least she is loosening up,Ya’ll!
    I don’t remember her ever claiming to be perfect.

  90. DD says:

    Cheyenne – you find her horrible, I find her beautiful. Opinions. Right?

    You can try to portray her as ugly as you want, I’m not quite sure who you are trying to convince though? You almost try too hard, like it’s a job.

    I get that you don’t like anything about her, I don’t get why you are trying to convince us that our opinions prove all the negative things you say about her.

    Someone compliments her as cute, you reply saying cute is pathetic. Someone says something nice about her hair, you often reply saying all people have to say about her is talk about her hair.

    It’s really repetitive and doesn’t prove anything except that you are extremely bullheaded and condescending.

  91. wonderful says:

    Are you kidding me? Have you ever seen a drunk person before?

  92. sami says:

    not drunk . still like her . loved the outft

  93. Anti-icon says:

    The People’s Choice Awards is like doing community service — you’d have to be some form of altered state just to endure it…..I would think.

  94. wonderful says:

    Cheyenne, I find it odd that you froth at the mouth at every mention of Aniston (even when you yourself have brought her up), yet your nasty personalized comments can be found in EVERY. SINGLE. ANISTON POST. What’s the point? You are totally obsessed.

  95. Anastasia says:

    Drunk? Try pills. And yes, she’s on something.

  96. Canuck says:

    @ fanny:
    we should all look so fabulous!

    @cruisin through:
    you’re right, easier said than done though ;)

  97. kendra says:

    lol #51 She probably was drinking her tears away, lamenting the fact that absolutely none of the rumored and actual lovers have wanted to plant their seed in her dried up uterus.

    You are spot on, lmfao, love the fact not everyone drink the Jen-aid, her PR try to put out. Her PR put out she is so fine and so beautiful, yet the woman can not hold onto a man to save her life. lol

  98. Jen D says:

    Maybe she was a little tipsy (although definitely not tanked), but she could have also been nervous. She was walking just fine. Everyone seemed a little off with their lines – Queen Latifah did too.

    She looked amazing, though. I loved her outfit.

  99. Cyui says:

    She’s not drunk, she’s got a buzz going. She does seem nervous with public speaking and probably drank something. Shes been doing this for well over a decade, she needs to get it together. Nothing cute about being wired when you’re suppose be professional. Get a buzz after you’ve presented. People still talk about her hair? You mean her weave …..
    Sarah Jessica Parker has thick pretty long hair….naturally. Aniston ….thin and flimsy. That whole Rachel hair mess was so ridiculous. A bunch of brainwashing. Tell people they need this look a million times and they are like sheep and go for it. What’s the difference between her hair and anyone walking the street …nothing. Compliment her on her hair that looks like anyone elsa walking the street. If she had such great hair….where is her hair campaign adds. Sarah Jessica Parker actually has one…for years now.

  100. kendra says:

    LOL, Cheyenne seems like the Jenloons are after you tonight.

    Seems that everyone , who is not in love with Aniston and does not bow down and worship at her feet, is attacked by her fans.
    They do not want to hear the truth, that their Saint Jennifer is not loved, liked or respected by alot of the public.

  101. Buckley says:

    I think she looks hot and if she’s tipsy, I like it too.

  102. Cheyenne says:

    DD: Cheyenne – you find her horrible

    Good lord, when did I ever say that? I never said she was horrible and I never said she was ugly. I think she’s a sad little gollum who has made a lifetime career out of being the wronged ex-wife and it’s gotten stale as hell. If she was halfway interesting it would be another story. But for pete’s sake, all she ever does is hang out with her girlfriends and lay on the beach waving her ass at whatever camera is in range. You expect a woman her age to have some substance, but this airhead might as well be made of vacuum. And as CB said above, she never has anything interesting to say about anything. Anything at all.

  103. Kim says:

    She kind of talks in that slangy slurred voice alot so i dont think i could say yes she was drunk. If she was who cares anyhow-ha!

  104. Camille says:

    Funny, but if this was some other actress that a certain group didn’t like and she had behaved this way, there would be loud calls of her being an alcoholic or drug addict or whatever, not saying how great it is that she got ‘tipsy’ or ‘stoned’. Funny how the world works some times isn’t it. :lol:

    Have to say that I think Queen Latifah looked more gorgeous and sexy at the show. I just don’t find JA’s (manly looking) upper arms, shoulders or neck at all attractive (well basically anything above her waist). And that’s not even mentioning her face :-\. I did like the fact that she wasn’t wearing a mini dress for once though :lol: .

    Good on her for having fun at an awards show, I guess. *shrug*

  105. Matt says:

    This makes me like her a lot more.

  106. hairball says:

    @Beth and Trish:

    I know! Queen Latifa was GOD-AWFUL. I mean, OMFG AWFUL.

    I was cringing with complete embarrassment for her and how AWKWARD it was. The actors and movies who win and are nominated are stupid. I too watched her with the three Twilighters in the front row and OMG, I could not bare to watch. It was SO AWKWARD!!!!!!! Good god.

    The People’s Choice Award show is a crap award’s show. I couldn’t sit through the whole thing, it was SO bad.

  107. Crash2GO2 says:

    Oh, she definitely looks hot. And cute too!

    I have this mental picture of Cheyenne with her lips pursed, hair tightly screwed into a bun, head tilted back so she can peer through her spectacles at the computer. Pencil tucked behind one ear and wearing very sensible shoes of course. And no one in their right mind would EVER EVER dare to call her *cute* because she would SHANK THEM.

  108. Louise says:

    I don’t know if she was tipsy or just stupid. For the last 3 or 4 times she’s presented Jennifer has acted weird. Her behavior has been covered by the media so it could be done on purpose so that people talk about her the next day.

  109. Martinique says:

    I think it’s drugs and alcohol. Somehow it’s OK if it’s Jen.
    If Courteney Cox left her husband for another man then it’s OK, good for her but if it’s someone else than it’s horrible. So very hypocritical.

  110. lisa says:

    I don’t know if she was drunk or tipsy or whatever..

    thing is people need to really listen to an interview she has given. She can’t talk unless she has a script in front of her. Lots of yeahs and such. I have never heard her give an interview in which she comes across as articulate. I don’t count magazine interviews because the writer is writing. She always acts ditzy and I guess she thinks it is cute and carefree… but at a certain age it gets old. Goldie Hawn has that problem and so has Drew B in the past.

    I just don’t thinks she is the sharpest crayon in the box. Thing that I saw in pics was how her PR guy was holding her up or almost rushing her out of the event. Don’t know why.

    Well the promotion for JGWI is on its way. I will refrain from posting on her thread after today.

  111. Emmy says:

    Not drunk. Looks fabulous as always. Love her.

  112. guesty says:

    lol…a little tipsy…just a little.

  113. Masala says:


    Me too! It’s just hilarious at this point.


    I think the adjective fabulous will suffice. What say you, Chey? Oh, as far as airheads go (just using this example, don’t bite my head off), do airheads donate $500,000 to help with Haiti relief? Or are you going to chalk that up to Dread Pirate Huvane doing it for her with no input whatsoever from her?

  114. Canuck says:

    funny how not allowing someone to tell you what words you can use to describe Aniston = “attacking”.

    @Cheyenne: LOL for the horrible denial. Denial might just be the word of the day in fact…

  115. hairball says:

    “Am I the only one that doesn’t hate or love either of them?”


    I don’t care either way about them and barely, if at all, read the actual post if it’s about them. Same with Lohan, I just do not care.

  116. Cyui says:

    Saw Goldie Hawn on Actors Studio, she’s a smart lady. Drew seems excited and knows what she’s talking about. Aniston just bops her head around, doesn’t say anything. She says yeah oh-huh….though. She literally doesn’t say anything. Doesn’t talk about how she trained for the role and doesn’t talk about any interests of substance. She talks about her workout regimen. No thanks. I’ll take Naomi Halle Ciara Selma and a ton of others….no thanks. She has no tone ….just skinny. Being just skinny isn’t good when you have no curves.

  117. Liana says:

    She was probably a little toasted. Whatever gets you through the soul sucking awards shows.

  118. Crash2GO2 says:

    @Cyui: Aniston has no tone or curves?? Now I think *you* are the one who is one something. ;)

    Seriously, don’t like her personality, hate her hair, hate her chin – whatever. But I’ve never heard anyone say she was too thin, had no curves and no tone. In fact I think I am going to just ROFL and LMAO!!!

  119. Cyui says:

    She has no tone or curves! Maybe if you looked at hard bods like Ciara Selma Naomi and Hillary Swank…..you’d see the difference. She’s just thin. She had something that is easy to get…well in a lot of ways….lol….but she’s just skinny. Hips butt and breasts are curves. Muscle in the arms and legs…that’s tone. Michelle Obama…Madonna….check out Hillary Swank kid. She’s just skinny and people like you want to think otherwise cause you know you can starve yourself and look just like her. She needs to lift weights for tone …all she does is yogaaaa….lol.

    Go check out Ciara’s Ride music video…you’ll see what tone looks like.

  120. happygirl says:

    @ Crash -”I have this mental picture of Cheyenne with her lips pursed, hair tightly screwed into a bun, head tilted back so she can peer through her spectacles at the computer. Pencil tucked behind one ear and wearing very sensible shoes of course. And no one in their right mind would EVER EVER dare to call her *cute* because she would SHANK THEM.”

    Um…seriously…I just peed myself a little. I literally just laughed out loud. (I’m so sorry, Cheyenne)

  121. gloriaad says:

    Jennifer Aniston wasn’t drunk, have any of you ever went to the dentist to have your teeth pulled you are given novacaine to dull the pain and it stops your muscles from moving,that chick had a cosmetic procedure of some kind restilayne or botox before the show. Jennifer Aniston is restilayned and botoxed to death she does not even look like the person who was on Friends , face is all puffy and bloated and some of her fans call her beautiful, angelina is beautiful as the world and Brad Pitt knows JA not so much!!

  122. Reality says:

    The funny things is I thought Queen Latifa sounded tipsy when she introduced her! Jen sounds a bit squiffy, but who cares? It’s the People’s Choice awards, nobody takes them seriously.

    The timing of this post (after Jolie’s heroin drama) is a little suspect though. There’s a bit of a bias on this site. I don’t know why people think they have to love one and hate the other.

    edited to add-

    “angelina is beautiful as the world and Brad Pitt knows JA not so much!!” = brilliant. I want that printed on a t-shirt.

  123. DD says:

    @Cruisin Through:
    I am a big fan of Jolie, I watch most of her movies, and I’m usually in most Jolie threads here.
    Aniston doesn’t do the kind of material I like (I hate rom-coms), but I still think she’s pretty and she comes off as a sweet person. I didn’t watch Friends much and I’ve watched about 3 of her movies, older ones, that I thought she was good in. I don’t often even come into Aniston threads but when I do I see
    the usual people responding with the same dull quips all the time, then those same people complain on Jolie threads when others do the same. What’s annoying though is how Cheyenne responds to people turning everything they say about Aniston to something negative. You can like Jolie without voraciously hating on Aniston and then subtly insulting other posters with one’s responses. It’s called being open minded and mature. Try it.
    Hell even LA is showing more maturity on this thread and she’s a rabid fan of Jolie’s and much younger than Chey too.

  124. Majosha says:

    “It’s called being open minded and mature. Try it.”

    @DD: Many high fives! Great post.

  125. insidescoop says:

    Yes, and it was hysterical

  126. Kaiser says:

    You will be banned if you comment under different names. Just a reminder.

  127. aniSTONED says:

    more like STONED! she probably hit some on her way.

  128. Cyui says:

    Leave Cheyenne alone….ganging up on someone is what’s immature. It’s not even high school, it’s junior high. People in high school minded their own business.

  129. Cheyenne says:

    ROFL @ Crashie! Gotta give you your props, you have your moments, however few and far between. Unfortunately I don’t have enough hair to put up in a bun but you’re right about the sensible shoes if ballet flats count as “sensible”.

    @Camille: You do not want to go there. The double-standard is alive and well.

  130. Samantha says:

    Wow…drunk or not, she looks absolutely stunning in this video.

  131. kendra says:

    Cheyenne,sorry about all of the personal attacks against you, but I know you can handle yourself.

    It’s amazing that no one can say anything negative about Jennifer. It’s like to some Jennifer doesn’t and can’t have any faults and you must never say anything negative about her looks.

    It reeks of fantasy and self-delusion with control issues( to perserve Jennifer’s PR fantasy world) that a discouraging word ” cannot be tolerated.

    It is most interesting the passionate personal and disorientated vengeance, Jenloons throw at anyone who dare to dislike Jennifer.

  132. Glee says:


  133. birdgherl says:

    I think she’s just trying to be funny and failing miserably.

  134. CeeCee says:

    for the love of God, do something with your hair besides blow dry it and sack your stylist for choosing the same generic outfits all the time. You’re a celebrity lift your game. She always looks the same!

  135. wonderful says:

    Kendra: you can say all the negative things you want about how she looks, but when a poster starts attacking another poster for saying she looks good, don’t you think it’s more a case of “how dare anyone say anything nice about aniston”? And how DARE anyone respond and say, “hey, that’s pretty irrational”!!
    The way these “teams” are projected on people is INSANE. I cannot stand aniston, and i cannot stand jolie. I cannot stand most celebrities. I like LOGIC.

  136. Heaven bound says:

    Hi Fives!!! to Cannuck, DD, Crash2go2, Cruising through and Wonderful.

    Your comments are spot on. I have been saying this for years about Cheyenne. And the funny thing is that she is a grandma. She has an irrational kind of hate for someone that she does not no personally, or has wronged her in anyway.

  137. trish says:

    She doesn’t make any sense when she’s sober. It’s like she has tourlett syndrom. http://www.celebitchy.com/112991/jennifer_aniston_calls_bill_oreilly_rude_i_think/drom

  138. Masala says:

    Kendra, it is not that serious. And for the love of god, just because people have something nice to say about her does not make them Jenloon JenHen. (The Loon Moniker is reserved for the Brange, ie, Brangeloonie. Has a better ring to it.)

    Likewise, just because they have something not completely positive to say about Jolie does not make them Jenhens. Although in the case of posters like Cheyenne, who actively troll the JA stories to verbally spear anyone who has anything good to say about her, then going to the AJ stories to berate anyone who says anything negative WHILE bringing up JA to contrast how at least AJ “doesn’t flip her hair and rub her nipples through her lines” (Copyright, Cheyenne), when she wasn’t even part of the story, well, the reverse of that is sometimes true. :-/

    And before you call me a JenHen, the last JA movie I saw was Bruce Almighty and I don’t like Friends. I don’t even have her perfume. I just think that people need to move on from the Uncool Triange. Yes. Even the people who claim they’re over it, aren’t. Ex, see #124 Gloriaad

  139. notafan says:

    Don’t worry her mouth piece will come out tomorrow and said that she was on medication for the bug that’s going around.


  140. kendra says:

    Cheyenne did not attack anyone. Someone made the comment that Aniston was cute. Cheyenne replied ” Cute is for puppies and two-year olds. A woman going on 42 years old, who is still being described as cute is pathetic”

    Where is the personal attack? What did she say personally about the poster?
    She said Nothing.

    Cheyenne was just giving an ” Opinion”. I know that is not allowed when saying something negative about Saint Jennifer, but Cheyenne is allowed an opinion.

  141. Solveig says:

    What I really find pathetic is this kind of comments: “none of the rumored and actual lovers have wanted to plant their seed in her dried up uterus.”
    It’s not 18011, for god’s sake, women can chose not to have babies, can chose not to spend the hole life with a fat farting man, and yes, some women also are unable to get functional relationship with men, ’cause of inability or bad luck, or both of them.
    I don’t like babies and I’m pretty sure that I’m not going to have one (if not by accident, heaven forbid), and I also know that if I’ll regret this choice it will be just because nobody will clean my wrinkled a** when I’m old and no more self-sufficient.
    Jeez, women are the most misogynist beings of the whole humankind.

    Oh, by the way, JA doesn’t sound drunk or not even tipsy, and even if she was drunk I don’t see where the shame is. To me she was uncomfortable as usual.

  142. Lucy says:

    Forget Jen…..Queen Latifah had to be on something….and believe me, whatching her made me wish I was on something….Latifah was horrible

  143. Crash2GO2 says:

    @Cyui: “She’s just skinny and people like you want to think otherwise cause you know you can starve yourself and look just like her. She needs to lift weights for tone …all she does is yogaaaa….lol.”

    Ooh – are we getting a wee bit bent out of shape here? Toned is toned. Muscular is muscular. I think your little brain is confusing the two. JA has a completely different body type than Hilary Swank – she has more fat, more curves – but that certainly doesn’t make her any less toned. Tone refers to the tautness of your muscles, not their size. Yeah, skinny minnies can starve and have flabby muscles – you’re talking to a fitness instructor here genius.

    To the back of the class with you. Pfftt.

  144. Solveig says:

    Ahem, of course I meant year 1811, not year 18011…

  145. Javagirl1 says:

    When I had to start speaking in public because of my job, I slurred and stumbled over some words. I was nervous…once I even started gigling. Embarrasing, but you just keep going, and nobody even cares…unless you’re a celebrity :)

  146. Liana says:

    I’m Team Liana.


  147. DD says:

    Agree Solveig, that uterus comment is just utterly gross and says more about the poster than the subject of the post.
    I’m disturbed by the minds of some people but I’m not gonna blame a celebrity “rival”, their fans, or impartial people for that bizarre comment and start a crusade of “justice” on her behalf. See how that works :)

  148. anon1000 says:

    Yeah she looks stunningly like an Afghan Hound. some RAG saying angie is a heroin addict with NO Proof, but the Chin obviously under the influence on National television, “good for her”???? Loonifers are the MOST hypocritical bunch of bitter bettys on the internet i have ever seen.

  149. Crash2GO2 says:

    @Heaven bound: “I have been saying this for years about Cheyenne. And the funny thing is that she is a grandma.”

    Grandmahood does nothing to protect one from overly zealous internet obsessions. And actually, I think she is my age (mother of a 6 and a half and three quarters year old – my daughter’s description). Chey just got started younger than I did. So, there you go!

    *peering through her reading glasses at the computer monitor*.

  150. Camille says:

    @Cheyenne: Oh I know, believe me I know ;) :lol: .

  151. KJ says:

    @Solveig That would be perfectly fine if Jennifer Aniston copped to the fact that she doesn’t want a family. But in every. fucking. interview. she’s always pining about her love life (or how “fine” she is with being single, if you’re so fine about it, stop mentioning it), or all the rumors about her wanting to settle down with a man and have babies. She brings that kind of response on herself.

    And I, for one, do not want kids. I don’t even believe in marriage as an institution, really. I believe women have the right to choose and we are not simply important for our baby making skills. So do not ever, EVER refer to me as a mysogynist again because you do not know me, you do not know my politics, and you do not know my beliefs. And quite frankly, you don’t know the meaning of the word. If calling her a cold heartless prune who believes her own self worth is derived from the men she’s with and the publicity those relationships get, then I’m a misogynist to the core. But that’s not what misogyny is. By definition, misogyny is the HATRED of WOMEN (as a whole) BY MEN, so right there you’re dead wrong. I hate Jen Aniston. Irrationally, yes, but I do hate her. But do I hate or have violent thoughts toward all women? Am I a man? No. I believe the word you’re looking for is anti-feminist. Get a word-a-day calendar. It would do you some good.

    Jennifer Aniston has built her celebrity over the last few years on the fact that she’s old, lonely, and bitter, whatever positive PR spin you want to put on it. No one gives a shit about her movies because they’re awful these days, but everyone wants to know about who she’s dating, her opinions on Brangelina and whether or not she’s going down the aisle. She’s not an actress anymore, she’s a celebrity riding the jilted-ex wife and America’s Sweetheart angle all the way to the bank. I think THAT, the fact that she’s constantly positioning herself to be viewed as some sort of spinster in order to keep herself relevant, is MUCH more anti-feminist than anything I said.

  152. Cyui says:

    @Crash my Degre is in Health. My fam were profess bod builders/athletes. No tone on chiniston.

  153. ShellyMay says:

    This is a blog. You have a right to all your opinions. Do not let people tell you how you should feel or make you feel bad for your comments.
    I know you can handle yourself, but know there are people out here that will back up what you write whether they agree with you or not.

  154. Blaster says:

    @Cyui Uhhh….


    So….according to you, those legs aren’t toned? Is she supposed to look like a body builder to be toned enough?

  155. Dana M says:

    Not drunk, she’s high on extacy or pot. If she was drunk she wouldn’t have walked so well on that cat walk in high heals. Her hair looks great as always! Does she wear Hair extensions? Looks like she Got fillers in her laugh lines and checks.

  156. Canuck says:

    Aniston not toned, heh that’s funny! One doesn’t have to look like the Incredible Hulk to be toned. At 40+, she wouldn’t have the figure she does if she wasn’t toned.

  157. sauvage says:

    She doesn’t appear drunk to me.

  158. Liana says:

    God, the ridiculous attacks on people’s looks and the mocking of people’s names is so third grade. Really. It’s actually a bit disturbing.

    People have the right to comment on a blog. They have a right to state their opinions within the guidelines of said blog. But once I start reading “loonies, “hens,” “maniston,” “chinnifer,” “skankalina,” “Holie,” etc, my eyes glaze over because it’s the SAME OLD SHIT. You say that Angelina Jolie looks pretty or that you liked what she said and suddenly you’re a loonie and you support homewreckers everywhere. You say Jennifer Aniston has a nice body and suddenly you’re a “jen hen” and you’re pathetic. Jeez. You don’t have to be on one “side” or the other. You don’t HAVE to be “team” anything. You SHOULD be respectful of others and their opinions, just like you want and expect that for yourself.

  159. Salem says:

    Cheyenne, sorry the Loonifers are really ganging up on you. Jen has the worst fanbase out. They are positively psycho. And you are right; what type of rational mature person thinks that a 42 year old WOMAN wants to be called ‘cute’? For goodness sake, her fans are so immature. Are they still going to be calling Jen ‘cute’when she is 60? 70 years old? Cute as you said, is for puppies, kittens, children and hot teenage boys. NOT middle-aged WOMEN!

  160. Cyui says:

    @Blaster work on your reading comprehension skills. My family were professional athletes in their youth, I workout, I’m educated in health, and so is the fam. Docs! Meaning I know what I see.

  161. Cyui says:

    Did I say someone had to look like a wrestler..NO. I made a point of knowing what a bod with muscle looks like. Have a chest rear and hipz. …have muscle in the on the bod. The female is just skinny.

  162. Crash2GO2 says:

    @Cyui: You are certainly welcome to your opinion. But seeing your experience in professional body building I can see how you would think that one would need lots of prominent (bulked) muscle to appear toned.

    But it is just your opinion.

    LOL @ all the worriers over poor Cheyenne’s feelings. That lady can dish it out – she’d better be able to take it.

    And for the record (because some people here ARE that stupid) I am not a fan of Jennifer Aniston. She lost me on the ‘R’ word.

  163. Solveig says:

    @KJ, of course I do not know you, nor do I pretend to. The fact is, that comment of yours was misogynous. And I know the meaning of the word “misogyny” better than you, considering your reply: misogyny is the combination of the greek words misos (hatred) and gyne (woman). That means that it (the word “misogyny”) can be used to describe the hate that both women and men feel towards women.
    As for JA saying that she wants to have a family, who are we to say that she doesn’t really want? I mean, children are not something you can have just because you want it to. S*it happens.

    “Jennifer Aniston has built her celebrity over the last few years on the fact that she’s old, lonely, and bitter, whatever positive PR spin you want to put on it. No one gives a shit about her movies because they’re awful these days, but everyone wants to know about who she’s dating, her opinions on Brangelina and whether or not she’s going down the aisle. She’s not an actress anymore, she’s a celebrity riding the jilted-ex wife and America’s Sweetheart angle all the way to the bank. I think THAT, the fact that she’s constantly positioning herself to be viewed as some sort of spinster in order to keep herself relevant, is MUCH more anti-feminist than anything I said.”

    I do not believe that she loves to be perceived as bitter, old and lonely, this is something some of you want to believe to.
    She’s not the sharpest tool on the shelf (as lots of other actors), but most of her faults aren’t actually her faults but something some of you want to believe.
    I’m not a fan of hers, and I do think that generally she’s a mediocre actress, I don’t like rom-coms, etc but I do think that this hatred towards her is quite crazy.
    People are what you want people to be.
    And her movies aren’t worst than loads of other movies that actually bomb at the box office. And when I say “bomb at the box office” I mean those movies that do not gross enough to cover the production costs.

  164. SuperSleuth says:

    Cosign Liana
    It gets to the point where one hesitates to post an opinion one way or the other for fear of an attack simply because your view differs from another’s. At one point this sight was fun to pick apart celebrities but now it seems as if all we do is pick apart each other. It is kind of ridiculous that we’re fighting with each other over whether or not we think celebrities are too skinny, spend too much time in Cabo, don’t raise their kids right, smoke pot, do heroin, or shop at K-Mart. They’re certainly not losing any sleep over it.
    I’d much rather read posters’ witty remarks about “reindeer toe”. :)

    Where’s all the fun gone???

  165. Cheyenne says:

    KJ: No one gives a shit about her movies because they’re awful these days, but everyone wants to know about who she’s dating, her opinions on Brangelina and whether or not she’s going down the aisle. She’s not an actress anymore, she’s a celebrity riding the jilted-ex wife and America’s Sweetheart angle all the way to the bank. I think THAT, the fact that she’s constantly positioning herself to be viewed as some sort of spinster in order to keep herself relevant, is MUCH more anti-feminist than anything I said.”

    Um… yes, and no.

    I don’t think nearly as many people care any more about who she’s dating or what she thinks of Brangelina compared to five years ago. Most people have simply lost interest and moved on. Much of the bullshit is being generated by the tabloids, which have come to depend on the triangle stories as their bread and butter. Simply stated, it sells their magazines. Fabricated relationships, fabricated romances, fabricated baby bumps — whatever they think sells, they’ll print it. They day they stop printing Brad-Angie-Jennifer stories, they can stop the presses for good.

    I don’t think any actor enjoys being seen as bitter, old, lonely or desperate. But what Aniston wants more than anything else is to keep her name at or near the top of the celebrity lists. What she’s really desperate for is fame, and if she can’t get it with her movies, she’ll get it by any other means she can. Let’s face it, without her marriage and even more, her divorce, she’d have to compete with a whole lot of younger, better and more attractive B-list actresses who make a lot of forgettable B-movies. So whatever keeps her name on the tabloid covers, no matter how sad or pathetic it makes her look, she’ll do it. That’s her bottom line.

  166. Cheyenne says:

    @Salem: I don’t take the Boo-Hoo Sisterhood seriously, and neither should you.

  167. redlips says:

    @ Cheyenne – “What she’s really desperate for is fame, and if she can’t get it with her movies, she’ll get it by any other means she can”.

    Seriously? For someone who can not muster a kind word for someone, you seem to know her every thought and action!

  168. skibunny says:

    This thread is a prime example of why the world is going down the toilet. Total disrespect for an opinion that differs from your own and worst of all admitting to “hating” a celebrity you have never met. Comes across like “Taliban” behaviour. Intolerant. Can one not debate without insult? I feel embarrassed for some of you!!!!

  169. Cheyenne says:

    @redlips: Her record speaks for itself. Don’t blame the messenger.

  170. STLfromFF says:

    believe it or not, the live itself is not build upon black and white, but instead in endless number of grey huess. it is entirely possible to want children, to want starting a family, to be a family person, yet not yet having met the right person, or like in JA’s case, having still to wait for that second chance to find the right person and maybe start a family with. many of us females out there choose not to get impregnated by first come first serve and are still open to the possibility of that experience of being mother one day, with the right guy at the right time – for us ;-)

    so those with the need to denigrate women who not yet mothers, should think about their own barren brains, that dictate them to write such a trash

  171. Cyui says:

    She chases after young unavailable dudes for fame. To have some young guy give her an ego boost, cause she’s extremely insecure. She has millions and is in a business ran by men. She couldn’t meet anybody attractive with some dough? She has access to the whole world with that money. If she loved kids she would’ve started a foundation for them. She doesn’t care about anything other than superficial means in boosting her ego. Fine not to want kids, but she was just fawning all over Kidman’s family life. She just wants some dude to keep her in the spotlight.

  172. Cyui says:

    @Crash I know you can’t read, so I’ll say again. I’m educated in health and know what a toned bod looks like ….she’s just skinny..no shape.

  173. SuperSleuth says:

    Jennifer Aniston has been a supporter of St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital for years, along with several other non-profit organizations.

  174. Liana says:

    Man, I give up. I might just stop coming here altogether. It’s ugly and immature and uncomfortable and that’s clearly MY problem.

  175. Cyui says:

    St. Judes as in write a small check and do a couple commercials. Maybe she should try….you know doing fundraisers. How about talking about what’s going on or the kids she meets, with St. Judes. What has St. Judes has done for children and why we should give something anything to the cause. If she cared anything about St. Jude’s she would’ve talked about them once in an interview in all these years. All she talks about is her means of having no shape to her body and her current dude of the moment that’s using her for empty attention. Brad & Angelina. Don’t give me the private spill about charity. She’s fine with doing commercials. She’s fine with trying to act like charity is spending money at some overpriced hotel in Cabo. Nutcase. Young and older people talk about their charity focus in interviews. She never has. She shows up as a face. She’s no different than some kid showing up at a school charity function and sitting there while others gain information about the issues. While others actually…help out.

  176. Crash2GO2 says:

    LOL @Cyui! I can read just fine. I hold a degree in Biology and am also an accredited fitness instructor (since you insist on getting into a pissing match). I’ve done my share of body building as well as various other forms of exercise and competed in road races and triathlons.

    I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt when you say she doesn’t look toned – I am saying you are welcome to your opinion. Why is it so difficult for you to do the same?

    Jeesh, I’m with Liana. Ugly and immature here for the most part. But I would miss those precious few posters who are true maestros of class, wit and observation.

  177. april says:

    Liana – I appreciate your sanity! Well said.

  178. Josephina says:


    Look at the bullies trying to gang up on you! Hah! You are not the only one that finds Aniston average-looking, with below average acting capabilities. She is a woman who cannot keep a man, who keeps stating that she wants a family and the love of her life (see Kidman/Aniston interview in Glamour)–yet she’s dated John Mayer and Gerard Butler.

    You do not have to go by gossip or read tabloid junk, Aniston is her own worst enemy. Her collection of comments quipped out of HER OWN MOUTH (the use of the r-word), her interviews over the past 5-6 years, her friendships (Chelsea Handler, anyone?)have revealed her true immature and trifling character. Ergo the slurring of words on the People’s Choice Awards.

    Some of you find her classy, charming, sweet, harmless, funny and “cute.” Guess what? Some of us do not. I see Aniston as a woman stuck in a maze (she created it) who does not know how to get out.

    Hell, just in her recent interview with Kidman, Aniston asks her about training her husband Keith to behave properly. And yet, who is left wondering why her marriage failed? She makes asinine, ignorant comments… at the age of 41-42!

    Some admirers here want us to ignore her insipid behavior/remarks and instead focus on her “beauty?” Well, it would be easier to do if she were 20 something.

    BTW, should we also ignore Brad Pitt, Vince Vaughn, and John Mayer’s comments as well? I am sure they know her better than anyone of us here since they were intimate with her. How about the guy who recently called her a “sport fuck” after dating her?

    If you do dismiss ALL of these comments, including Joan Collins’ and Ruperts’ recent comments, all you have left is her Goddess Circle of Friends and the fan base that likes her, but not enough to fill the seats when she is the lead actress in ANY movie.

  179. Jenna says:

    hahaha… drunk.

  180. Reality says:

    I can’t believe how many people have come to defend one of the most vicious, mean-spirited posters on this site. One who never treats other posters opinions with respect, regularly hits below the belt, and often types angry replies before she even thinks.

    Go look at the last JA post where she stupidly attacked another posters ‘reading comprehension’ without even reading the article she was refering to herself.

    I try to just ignore her when she goes off on a rant or attacks people personally. I think of her as a sad old woman desperately looking for attention, but since she’s a (self-proclamied) grandmother I try to let it go.

    My mother always told me to have respect for my elders. Sorry mom.

  181. DD says:

    yup Reality, it’s why I chose to respond when she responded to my first comment to twist the meaning of any positive comment like she does to others often on these threads. She does it all the time, and she has her fans who either aren’t reading or don’t care… It’s almost like talking to brick walls, and then the thread gets carried away. There’s no thought process going on behind it. I guess I should’ve stopped posting earlier. My last post on this thread. Promise.

  182. redlips says:

    @Josephina, then I guess we ALL need to believe everything “said” and “written” about Jolie. That is what you are saying….

    @Reality, exactly! Hence, me not commenting on Jolie’s threads any longer.

  183. Liz says:

    Aniston presenting at Golden Globes, just presented at People’s Choice I guess she will be at the Oscars too.Can’t wait to see who her date will be at the ” Just Go With It” premiere , Adrien Brody?

  184. skibunny says:

    Perhaps someone on here just needs to get laid?

  185. Cheyenne says:

    @Josephina: Like I said upthread, I don’t take the Boo-Hoo Sisterhood seriously. These are the same people who have no compunction about bashing the J-P children. I’ve never seen a more motley collection of losers. Considering the source of the attacks, I feel complimented.

    @Cyui: The gollum is on record as saying “Charity is not my thing”. Tossing a check at Saint Jude’s every few months doesn’t take any time or effort on her part. Her accountant can do it for her.

  186. Cheyenne says:

    Reality: “since she’s a (self-proclamied) grandmother”

    Holy moly, you Jenhens are scary! Why are you all up in my personal business? I don’t know anything about your family life and to paraphrase Rhett Butler (ever heard of him?) frankly, I don’t give a damn.

  187. Liana says:

    Perhaps someone on here just needs to get laid?


    I’ll volunteer. I could use something pleasant after popping into this thread again…

    *goes to find hubby*

  188. Liana says:

    @april – the sanity comes and goes, but thanks :)

  189. Trippin says:

    Shoot I’d be catching a little buzz too.
    I like her better than Paltrow anyday.

  190. Salem says:

    Redlips said; “Seriously? For someone who can not muster a kind word for someone”

    Oh, that is so rich considering you NEVER have mustered even a lukewarm word for Angelina, let alone a kind one, here, on JJ or anywhere else.

  191. olivia says:

    The gollum is on record as saying “Charity is not my thing”.

    She really said that? I do not remember it. But I remember this:

    “You know there’s stuff I’ve done in my career….” She trails off and then says, “This is such a delicate subject.” Here, for the first time in any conversation we’ve had, she starts to say something that sounds canned, a bit rehearsed. “I think it’s an amazing thing for people to do, and we as actors have the platform to go out there and bring awareness and bring people together and make things happen. It’s one of the great perks of what we do.” Long pause as she realizes she’s beginning to wade into Brad-and-Angelina territory. “And everybody participates in their own way, whether it’s political or economic. I think we all do our part. I’m more … I like to be … I get really nervous about public anything when it’s making a declaration. I should probably become more opinionated about certain things. But you know, I just don’t like… I see a lot of…. See, this is where I don’t, want to get too into this, because, you know, I want to be very delicate about… actors going out there and … being… politicians. Or representatives of this or that. Which I find…. It’s just not my thing. It’s not what interests me. I commend anybody who goes out there and does it. And when the moment happens and it’s authentic for me. I’m sure I will.”

    Vogue April 2006

  192. Anon says:

    Thank-you Olivia for providing that quote – her actual words as opposed to those which have been misconstrued by those who have decided she has at some point in time said charity is not her thing – which she has not. And for the record she supports a lot of charities in a more low-key fashion without publicizing her efforts. That’s what she chooses to do – as do many other celebs: Tom Hanks, Julia Roberts, etc., etc. Some celebs like to be very public with their efforts, and that’s their prerogative. But simply because they do doesn’t mean the public should bash others who do not. It’s a personal choice.

    As for children’s charities – those are the ones she seems most involved in actually. She has long supported an orphanage in Mexico through the Friends of El Faro charity (visiting there and donating money). And Marlo Thomas (daughter of St. Jude’s founder)has said that Jennifer has been heavily involved with St. Jude’s for many years – visiting, donating and being a spokesperson through TV ads.

  193. Crash2GO2 says:

    @olivia: Thanks! Wow, unbelievable the lengths some will go to to justify their dislike of someone.

    @Cheyenne and Cyui: I’m waiting with baited breath to see how you twist this to suit your agenda. Cheyenne, I suppose you will ignore it, just like you ignored the gossip ‘souce’ you posted as fact in another thread about Aniston’s perfume and then got called on it. I may not personally like the woman, but God, at least I have an ounce of objectivity!

  194. Cheyenne says:

    @Crash and Olivia: How’s this for a link? Posted by CB on 6/2/06.


  195. Josephina says:


    AGAIN…I am specifically talking about DIRECT quotes from men whe were intimately involved with Aniston within the last 5-7 years. These guys are speaking from their own experience. John Mayer’s comments were the worst of them all. Would you like to dispute their point of view as well?

    You do not hear negative comments from either of Angelina’s ex-husbands. What we do hear is perverted gossip mainly from women who do NOT have a relationship with Angelina. Their credibility is about as believable as the troll that lives underneath the bridge.

  196. The Hamm is My Dream Man says:

    Cheyenne: She made a deadpan, sarcastic joke about not caring about anything else but her tabloid career. What is that confirmation of? That she can make a sarcastic joke?

    You’ve been caught telling porky pies again. She’s never said “Charity isn’t my thing”. You’ve just proven yourself wrong. Again.

  197. SuperSleuth says:

    I don’t think the link from 06/02/06 offers much support that JA is uncharitable. She was clearly being sarcastic in her response and even CB backed off further down the thread. I don’t understand why some want to argue the fact that she may just have a philanthropic side. It doesn’t make Angelina less generous to admit that JA does her share. If you don’t want to admit it, that’s okay, but that doesn’t mean you have to dispute it. That’s just silly. They are both very charitable and try to give back. Kudos to both of them. It doesn’t have to be a competition.

  198. Blaster says:


    Really? That?! You use that? It. Was. A. Joke!

    Did you by chance skip the last part of the article?:

    “Her deadpan answer, dripping with sarcasm, scored plenty of laughs.”

    Just give up. You’re not making your point. She hosted a benefit for the Haiti Earthquake victims ( http://www.showbizspy.com/article/198932/jennifer-aniston-to-host-haiti-benefit.html ), gave $500,000 to Doctors
    Without Borders and Partners in Health to help with their work in Haiti, supports St. Jude (“just” commercials or not, it’s still awareness), donates over and over again to an orphanage in Mexico, is part of telethons ran by George Clooney and the Stand Up to Cancer specials, and paid, out of her own pocket, for the crew on her movie to have an extra day off during the 4th of July weekend of 2009 ( http://www.people.com/people/article/0,,20290200,00.html ). It goes on and on.

    Yes, she may not be the most philanthropic star out there, or hold a title at the UN, or even be recognised for whatever work she does with charities, but she is definitely not the “pathetic, gollum, shrew, selfish, apathetic” person you wish she was! And truth be told, she’s never claimed she was the next Oprah, anyway!

    And honestly, there are far worse people that her in Hollywood.

    Jesus….::end rant::

  199. Anon says:

    “And honestly, there are far worse people than her in Hollywood.”

    @Blaster: this statement is what I come back to over and over again when it comes to Aniston. I cannot fathom the level of hate wielded at her given the truth of this statement.

    So she’s not the best actress. So she sticks mainly to her given niche (comedy/rom-coms). So she isn’t the most beautiful actress. So she isn’t the most publicly charitable celebrity. So she is over age 40. So she divorced. So she has dated, and is currently single. So she doesn’t (yet) have children. So she isn’t the smartest or most interesting, etc., etc.

    All of these things could be said about plenty of others in Hollywood and no one seems to be breathing down their necks on any one of those points, let alone most of them. Aniston has never attacked anyone, purported to be the best actress or the Oprah of charitable donations, etc. She has never picked up a DUI or gotten into any kind of trouble. She has plenty of friends who all speak highly of her. Her ex-boyfriends/husband as well (not sure what Josephina is talking about). And everyone who has worked with her always sings her praises.

    She certainly doesn’t seem to have earned the level of vitriol aimed at her by some on here.

  200. Cheyenne says:

    $500K to DWB? Are you freaking kidding me? That is chump change to that woman. She’s sitting on $150 million. Yeah, she throws a check at a charity every once in a while. So damn what? It doesn’t take any effort on her part; her accountant does it all for her. But God forbid she should ever get up off her pampered ass and actually get out where the action is, if it involves any more effort than popping into some children’s ward for and popping out again five minutes later.

    No, she’s not the “worst” person in Hollywood. But she’s far from the injured little princess you’re trying to make her out to be. She’s a self-centered bitch who doesn’t give a damn about anybody but herself. And that is why she’s going to be all alone counting her money for the rest of her natural life.

  201. CB Rawks says:

    I’m with Liana and Supersleuth. It’s just yuck. I’ve accidentally released the Krakens here a couple of times with completely innocent and/or clearly joking, light-hearted comments. Then the nutbag storm swirls around you and you even hear tell of *huge fights* you had that you actually weren’t even part of.
    It’s easy to remember who those people are though, girls, and you can easily ignore them for the future. It’s still always a good time to read the articles, just don’t make eye contact with the Kraken.

  202. Blaster says:


    Oh god…where to start….

    1) You’re right. $500,000 is a very small chunk of her fortune, but wasn’t it you who said “Good lord, who cares why anybody gives, as long as they give?” ( http://www.celebitchy.com/89375/jennifer_aniston_donates_12_a_million_charities_helping_haiti/ ) Brangelina donated $1 million, but remember, there two of them.

    And lets keep sh-t real here: JA could donate her ENTIRE fortune to charity, sell her houses, cut off all her hair to give to Locks of Love and donate her body to science and you would STILL have something to criticise her for: “Who wants her overprocessed hair ANYWAY!!! Selfish BITCH!!!”

    2) “Her accountant does it for her!” “She’s a self-centered bitch who doesn’t give a damn about anybody but herself!”

    Really? You know how she deals with her financials AND what she’s like personally? You aren’t by chance the stalker she had a restraining order taken out against, are you?? In all seriousness, I know you always sometimes have a propensity to overlook when people post links that factually refute your statements (see posts 195-204), but go back to my last post. Her doing that nice thing for the crew, is an example of her not being a “self-centred bitch who doesn’t give a damn about anybody but herself.” But, what do I know? Maybe she just wanted more time to tan in Cabo.

    3) And as far as her “not getting off her pampered ass,” I’m gonna have to say you’re wrong on that front too. Yes, she isn’t at the border of Palestine and Israel begging for peace like Mother Teresa did, but when did she ever claim that she was that person/persona??? She’s never claimed her number one passion in life was philanthropy, so to use that fact to claim how selfish and shallow she is not only incorrect, but just shows how desperate you are to always find something vilify her about.

    She participates in all the telethons, was part of the SUTCancer special, so…does that count as not sitting on her ass? What about the benefit for Haiti I clearly linked to? That count? Or no? And say what you will about her involvement with Saint Jude, she isn’t just popping into hospitals for 5 minutes. She donates her money, time and face to the charity, and that means something:


    JA and her dad also narrated an award-winning children’s book together, with some of the proceeds going to St. Jude’s. ( http://www.stjude.org/stjude/v/index.jsp?vgnextoid=5a0c3a48ab510210VgnVCM1000001e0215acRCRD&vgnextchannel=9f6113c016118010VgnVCM1000000e2015acRCRD ) And if that isn’t “doing anything,” then you should be saying the same thing about Antonio Baderas and Robin Williams.

    And stop putting words in my mouth. I never inferred she was an injured little princess (that title is reserved for Taylor Swift). But you are adamant to criticise everything about her, even when you’re proven wrong.

    Like Anon said: “She’s not the best actress, sticks mainly to her niche, and yes, she’s not the most beautiful actress BUT Aniston has never attacked anyone, purported to be the best actress or the Oprah of charitable donations, etc. She has never picked up a DUI or gotten into any kind of trouble. She certainly doesn’t seem to have earned the level of vitriol aimed at her by some on here.

  203. Josephina says:

    #204. Ex-husband/boyfriends speak well of her?! Oh really.

    Brad Pitt: Latest comments referred to his marriage to Aniston as a “deadend” and said it only “felt natural” with Angelina to have children. He also previously described his marriage to Aniston as a business merger. He also stated that he does not care “speak about unrelated third parties that are not related to him” in response to paps daring to aks him a question about Aniston. Where have you been?

    Mayer: After the second breakup, stated that Aniston was stuck in 1998. What’s more, he rated his sex life with Aniston versus Jessica Simpson, complimenting Simpson as “sexual napalm” over Aniston. There were other deranged comments in this same interview as well.

    Vince Vaughn: After being congratulated upon recently becoming a father, Vaughn issues a similar statement as Brad and states fatherhood/marriage did not feel right until now.

    Actor on Cougar Town (2010): After going on a date with Aniston, he referred to her as a “sport fuck.”

    Talk about being unlucky in love. She simply makes bad choices in men.

    AGAIN, quit the victimhood for Aniston. She presents herself as a foolish woman. She is an actress not best known for her acting chops. Her popularity today is largely due to her celebrity status as Brad Pitt’s ex-wife, and playing the bitter, dumped wife left holding the bag.

    Five-six years later, her professional/personal lifestyle choices are open to more ridicule than compliments. Fact. Furthermore, Aniston’s jealousy for Angelina is out of control. Chelsea Handler, her “friend,” just recently went off about Angelina on Aniston’s behalf less than a month ago.

    No, she is not the worst person in Hollywood. But she will make the top 3 list of actresses branded as a “fatal attraction.”

  204. Cyui says:

    Please take your time to read. People say she does this stuff privately, yet she’s in those St. Judes commercials. That’s not private. You’re in the commercial, yet in interviews you never talk about the foundation. Tv interviews….never talk about it. Christie Turlington talks about her charity. So does Halle Berry and Beyonce. All her interviews are about the dude of the moment, Brad Pitt, and yoga. When she talked about the Mexico orphans and helping them by vacationing there…WHAT….on the legs of promoting a movie too. She is a tabloid entertainer and the whole point someone would use her is for attention for their charity. So if she was doing something she would have to talk about it. The interview with Access Hollywood on her birthday showed how out of touch she is, so stop trying to defend her on this…when she’s showed where her mind is at.
    She just talks about superficial crap and famewhores. That’s it. Plenty of people out there like that and acting like she’s better than what she is is insulting. Insulting to every person young and old out there trying to help others. My agenda is breaking down your delusion Crash. Her way of being is right there in your people’s face, yet you insult people that actually help people, with pretending this chick cares about anything other than her superficial crap. Go watch that Access Hollywood interview from early last year and take in the truth. Insensitive & out of touch.

  205. SuperSleuth says:

    Rawks: I just about choked on my water when I read your post! ROTFL!! :) I’ll have to work on my peripheral vision skills. :)

  206. Anon says:

    Well said Blaster!

    @Josephina: yes her exs do speak highly of her. You have misconstrued and taken out of context their words to suit your agenda.

    Pitt last spoke of her directly calling her a “sweetheart.” His comments about his LIFE pre-Jolie and not wanting kids until her are actually at odds with all of his comments in 2003/2004 about Jennifer and starting a family. And they are also at odds with his comments post-split when he twice stated emphatically (in 2005) that their split had nothing to do with Jennifer not wanting children. There are countless remarks from him in 2003/2004 about wanting kids, being in rehearsals, wanting “little hers” referring to Jennifer, etc. It seems Pitt only changed his tune when trying to do damage control after Jolie made the remark about them falling in love on the set of MAMS – he was questioned about her remark and how that made things look (like they had begun through an affair), and that’s when he uttered the comments you note above. He was lying there somewhere – either in 2003-2005 or in 2008 – either way, he has never said anything negative about Jennifer herself.

    Mayer, in the same interviews you refer to, compliments Jennifer several times. He did not say she was stuck in 1998 – he said she wishes it were still 1998 in terms of the paps/technology/celebrity coverage (keep the statement in context), nor did he compare her to Simpson sexually. He actually said a lot of nice things about her – no matter how ill-advised the interview was as a whole.

    Vaughn similarly has never said anything but lovely things about Jennifer. They remain friendly and he has always spoken highly of her. Simply because he commented that he never felt right about fatherhood/marriage until now reflects more on Vaughn and the fact that Jennifer and he were not meant to be. It says nothing of how he feels about her. Maybe he wasn’t ready to settle down then, and is now. Besides, we have no idea who ended things – from comments that have been made since, it would seem it was her.

    Finally, the guy from Cougar Town has come out and said repeatedly that he never said anything negative about her, that he was appalled by the tabloid coverage of their dinner, and that he thinks she’s amazing. Consider the source here – a tabloid. You may choose to believe it, but I certainly don’t consider that a solid source.

    Similarly, your opinion that she isn’t over Pitt and Jolie and that she presents herself as a victim has everything to do with her tabloid persona and nothing to do with how she actually presents herself.

  207. Crash2GO2 says:

    @CB Rawks: Hahaha!!! I’m telling myself right now “don’t look, don’t look!!!”.

  208. Josephina says:


    When a man wants to leave, he is done. There was no gun pointed to his head when he described his marriage to Aniston as a deadend in 2008 (his words) and that it only felt natural to have children with Jolie. Those are his most recent comments and nothing else needs to be said after that.

    Whatever Brad felt for Aniston either died or changed form. There are at least four times more documented quotes from Brad about Angie than about any other woman that Brad has been involved. He gushes about Angie more than he has ever talked about ANY other woman in his lifetime, period. Fellow actors that have seen them together state the same thing as well. There is more footage from YOUTUBE of Brad/Angie/kids than ANY another couple. Angie is the love of his life, HE has said it.

    If you do not believe him, who will you believe? You do not need to read tabloids, I do not. Just watch him in live footage and read just his interviews only. His behavior, actions and level of open affection and committment towards Jolie is clearly in a class by itself. He has not had anything nice to say about Aniston since 2005, and he does not allow interviewers to connect him to Aniston– and has kept it that way.

    When they happened to be at the same Golden Globes/Academy Awards afterparty in 2009, Brad did not mingle with Aniston at all. Again, he is making it clear who is on his mind–Angie. Brad demonstrates by word and action what is his new chosen life, and Aniston is not in the picture.

    No one refers to him as ex–husband of Aniston in interview. Brad and Angie have each other, their children, and are living their life as they want. Once Angie came in the picture, Aniston became irrelevant for Brad. Now if only one of you could assist in bringing her up to speed.

  209. Josephina says:

    Everyone living their life? So you think Chelsea Handler’s recent rant about Angelina on Jennifer’s behalf last month was purely coincidental? Yeah, OK.

    Aniston has justifiably earned her reputation as the bitter, scorned ex-wife. It is up to her and not the tabloids to fix it, if she gives a damn. She does not give the vibe of a sexy, strong, independent woman who is in demand and in command of her career. If you and others cannot see how her once upon a time “America’s Sweetheart” image has gone south, so be it.

    I am quite amused by her mindless trips to Cabo. I thought she lost a cruel bet when she dated John Mayer AND Gerard Butler. I crack up when posters defend her on the internet but will not spend the money to watch her movies.

    If you think her “unlucky in love” status is either accidental or somewhat sweet and endearing, then that just makes it comical for others, and possibly a new thread topic. If you think no harm has been done to her image known as the one Brad ejected in order to pursue the love of his life…oh well.

    I am not trying to convert you to my point of view. In fact, I think it is more for my amusement that most of her fans DON”T see it.

  210. DD says:

    @Josephina – you’re obviously way too emotionally invested on Aniston, that you are so passionate about berating other posters with your point to point arguments for perceiving her differently.
    Don’t worry, I’m glad you’re amused, but mostly your posts seem pretty angry and bitter. Don’t waste your precious emotion on her, she doesn’t deserve it. Especially according to you. Good Luck with your emotional issues.

  211. Anon says:

    @Josephina: It isn’t about being a fan or not – it’s about truth versus fiction.

    You made the claim that Aniston’s exs do not speak highly of her in trying to demonstrate that she is not a nice person, is pathetic, etc. You gave examples which were taken out of context, misconstrued, etc. to support your claim and which I refuted for those reasons in making the claim that in fact there have been countless examples of her exs saying only nice things about her, so therefore it cannot be deducted that she isn’t nice, etc. on this basis.

    Your post on Pitt and Jolie and how much they are into each other, how many You Tube videos of them there are, etc. has nothing at all to do with your original claim and my response. And if anything is amusing here – that was, because you’re missing the point entirely.

    As Cruisin Through mentioned – I have no doubt Pitt’s feelings towards her have changed (by the way I would say the same can be said about her towards him). But just because they are no longer “in love” with one another, doesn’t mean that Pitt has to dislike her or that he has said negative things about her. Those things don’t necessarily go hand in hand, and in this case, unless you can provide a direct quote from him naming Aniston and saying anything but nice things, they do not. And ditto Mayer and Vaughn.

    BTW, “most recent” comments or not, Pitt has changed his tune on things, and like I said before, was either lying in 2003-2005 or in 2008 – take your pick. Given that there is corroborating evidence in the form of Jennifer’s comments that matched his in 2003-2005 and People and Allure articles where the fact that they built a nursery in their home is discussed, I know which remarks of his I believe to be true. And no I’m not saying this because I want them together (I don’t), or because I don’t think he loves Jolie (I do). I’m simply saying this to show you that even your supposed slight from him to her (that he only wanted kids once he met Jolie) is in fact not even true.

  212. Josephina says:


    I will address you first. All of your comments about Brad referring to Jen occurred before 2005. All of my comments are addressing the time since he has been with Angelina. That he did not acknowledge a time before Angelina about wanting kids just tells you how memorable his time with Aniston was for him.

    I will try my best to further explain but we may have to agree to disagree.

    Brad Pitt DID say his marriage was a deadend to Jennifer. If you get a different feel reading the same article then so be it. He also said that he fell in love on the set of Mr. and Mrs. Smith in the same interview, which took place in 2008. I did not take anything out of context as far as the other men’s comments were made, but I paraphrased what was said here on this blog.

    In general, I do not believe that I can debate someone out of their opinion as you and others seem to believe. I can see why someone would like Aniston, and I can see why someone, like me, is not as enamored. If you are able to understand how people think what they think, then you will able to affect change.

    I do not think Aniston is a nice person because of her comments to the media about her ex-husband…and his new woman. The first set of comments from Aniston that I found ridiculous occurred in 2005. I thought low of her when she allowed Courtney Cox to weigh in on her failed marriage back in 2005 in a Vanity Fair article. It was not just one comment, it was pretty much the whole damn interview. And over the years, she has continued to offer unnecessary comments here and there about Brad and Angie.

    One could argue that she can say whatever she wants, which is true. But you will also be judged by what you say. Her comments have affected her in box office numbers.

    Her negative tabloid image is due to her comments that have been collected and have bled slowly in print over the last 5-6 years. I am aware of what the tabloids say because of what I see on the front page of the tabloid magazines in the grocery lines.

    Hindsight? She was hounded by the press to make comments about Brad/Angie but she was not smart enough to stay silent, the way Brad and Angie have been. And it has bitten her in the butt.

    Aniston does harbor negative feelings toward Angelina and I feel it is not justified. Brad was married to her, not Angelina. This is the other part about Aniston that I do not like.

    DDD (??)–I go out of my way to state my opinion without stepping on others as I know that we are all coming from different perspectives. My point is to state my opinion without inflicting any pain.

  213. Anon says:

    @Josephina: No, all of my comments about Brad referencing Jennifer did not occur before or during 2005 – I highlighted for you the one comment and only direct statement he made about Jennifer during 2008: he said, “Jen’s a sweetheart.”

    As you said, you are entitled to think whatever you like about her and whether she is a nice person. However, my point was that you were originally using her exs so-called negative statements about her to think this way…and yet the only direct statement that Pitt has made about her post-2005 was to call her a sweetheart.

    Whether Pitt wants to admit that he did in fact plan and want children with Aniston now (something he did admit on multiple occasions with proof during 2003-2005) tells me nothing of how memorable his time with her is to him. The fact that he married her and was with her a total of 7 years tells me she had to be of some significance to him at one point in time. Not that this has anything to do with your original argument or my point.

    As for her commenting on Jolie and Pitt – she has done so very, very little given the circumstances, but I’ll grant you that I wish she told reporters a flat out “no comment” altogether. However, I would say the same for Pitt and Jolie – who, despite your claim to the contrary, have in fact commented on occasion themselves. Jolie has made several comments, some of which have led the press to then inquire for a response from Aniston and then to Aniston’s response (in 2008).

    Jennifer’s tabloid image (like Jolie’s and Pitt’s) is entirely a creation of the media. If it arose from her own comments – it should reflect the image she has projected: happy, lucky in love, content in life and work, etc. – all things she has said and shown far more times than any couple of remarks she has made about the triangle. Likewise, the still together and seemingly happy and content Jolie and Pitt don’t fit with their image of being on the verge of splitting up, drugged, with Pitt being forced into submission by Jolie. I don’t hold what the tabloids say about them against either one – because they are entirely a media creation evoked to drum up hits and make business.

  214. mich says:

    Now don’t hate on me, I love Jennifer Aniston, she’s stunning and seems fun…but I’ve noticed this on a few interviews now. A noticeable one id the letterman interview where she talks about Schwimmer being engaged and even on her film promotions…I don’t think she’s drunk, just maybe too much botox around the lip area which looks a little funny. You can really notice it when you watch back older interviews where she is far more expressive and just generally looks better. I hope she doesn’t resort to this long term because she is just naturally beautiful…. the only other alternative is that she is drunk quite a lot. I feel for her, whatever the issue is.