Brooke Mueller: This is your mind on drugs


They should use these photos for the anti-drug campaign: “This is your mind on cocaine.” Since Brooke Mueller’s M.O. is to first claim to be completely clean and sober, and then instantly check into rehab again, I think it’s HIGH time that someone start the cycle again. These are photos of Brooke and Paris Hilton out shopping yesterday. I think they’re still filming their reality series together. Seriously, kids, this is what happens when you smoke the rock – you end up blitzed out of your mind, shopping with Paris Hilton.

Two more things: first, The Daily Mail is trying to make it sound like Brooke Mueller maybe got implants? Maybe those are implants, but if they are, she’s had them for a while, because the chick has always been busty. Also: there’s no word on whether or not Brooke and Dave Navarro spent any time together other then their (gross) Aspen hookup a few weeks ago.




Photos courtesy of Fame.

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  1. KLO says:

    She looks high. Just sayin

  2. malachais says:

    crack/meth eyez!

  3. mln76 says:

    Both of them are just pathetic, obvious druggies. Paris has sunk pretty low. I bet she’s so jealous of Kim.

  4. Celebitchy says:

    Her pupils are pinpricks! Plus she’s Botoxed to hell. Paris looks good though with some much needed weight on her bones. If you ignore her outfit this is the best I’ve seen Paris look in a long time.

  5. brin says:

    Guess if you marry Charlie Sheen you are prety much guaranteed a reality show in your future.
    Wonder whose watching the kids.

  6. happygirl says:

    Um..I don’t know scares me more, Brooke’s eyes, or Kim K’s new lips. Or…Freddy Krueger.

  7. GeekChic says:

    Oh my word, her pupils are huge! Even with the flash bulbs going off, they are the size of saucers. Not to mention the fact that she looks to be higher than a kite (maybe higher even than a spaceship). How sad.

  8. LeManda says:

    Oh Shit, Brin your right! I was racking my brain of who this chick was. Those poor babies!! Speaking of babies, did we ever get confirmation on whether Paris is pregnant or not?

  9. Tess says:

    Brooke Mueller strikes me as such a non entity. Is she interesting? I have no idea.

    The only remotely notable thing she’s ever done, as far as I can tell, is to marry the revolting Charlie Sheen.

    That she’s filming with Paris Hilton should be no surprise, as everyone in a reality series seems to be connected to members, or the offspring of members, of OJ Simpson’s esteemed Hollywood posse.

    As a sidenote, wow, Paris is a younger, blonder version of her aunt Kyle.

    I’d like to know more about the sisters Kathy, Kyle, and Kim. Seem like a newer, lesser refined and lesser intelligent version of the Bouvier girls, Jackie and Lee, who were raised to be rich men’s geishas.

  10. Roma says:

    Brooke is totally high as a kite. Any time you see that “surprised” face it’s coke related.

    As for Paris, this is the first time that she actually looks sober. I’m kind of shocked.

  11. normades says:

    Brooke is wearing the ugliest shirt ever!!! WTF??

  12. MSat says:

    So who exactly is raising their twin boys?

  13. tekla says:

    wow, that must be the ugliest shirt I’ve ever seen… Why wear THAT, if you have so much money you actually go shopping with a hilton? Plus, the girl is obviously high as a kite.

  14. sharylmj says:

    I think Paris is high too, just better at hiding it. How sad for Brooke.. guess re-hab didn’t work out this time. She needs to get away from Hollywood and raise her babies. I’m sure Charlie has to give her enough money to live on.

  15. orion70 says:

    That is one fugly shirt.

  16. bubbles says:

    Wait! where are the child prtection people and why are they sleeping on the job again? this is supposed to be the mother of toddlers?

  17. liz says:

    Paris needs to take out those stupid blue contacts. how pathetic and sad she must be.

  18. Mizz Tickles says:

    Thanks for the giggle Happygirl 🙂

  19. Isabel says:

    LOL @ happygirl!! That makes my Monday.

  20. Riley says:

    She always looks completely sweaty to me.

  21. anoneemouse says:

    Anyone coming out of rehab should NOT be associating themselves with Paris Hilton…

  22. I Choose Me says:

    Is this the chick who was married to Charlie Sheen? She looks like a budget Reese Witherspoon esp. with the chin and the smile. Advance apologies to all Reese fans. Please don’t shank me. 😀

    Edit: Oh God! Paris does look pregnant. o_O

  23. happygirl says:

    @ Mizz Tickles & Isabel – Glad to be a part of your morning chuckles today! 😉

    @ Choose Me – LOL! You are right about the chin…I never noticed that. Love Reese, but I won’t shank you! BUDGET being the key word there!

  24. lee says:

    @Liz My thoughts exactly, it drives me totally insane that this chick has brown eyes and works those plastic blue lies the way she does… I mean really!!! Who the hell wears colored contacts anymore… no wonder she is “out of style” now!

  25. Katie says:

    COKED – OUT whore!


  26. Amanda says:

    What the eff is Brooke wearing? That oufit is insulting to my eyes! That looks like something I might have bought from the Weathervane when I was in 7th grade. Does anyone remember that store? I guess Brooke does!

  27. koala says:

    high as hell.

  28. koala says:

    plus, PARIS, we know you have brown eyes. they might be pretty, you should show them.

  29. Jayna says:

    A trying-to-recover addict hangs out with a woman recently arrested for cocaine possession. This is hysterical.

  30. Happymom says:

    Those poor babies.

  31. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    That is one high looking female.. Good lord, not only that, she’s all sweaty.


  32. MissyA says:

    Keep looking classy, ladies.

    PS – Why am I being continuously moderated? I didn’t actually wish that Kate Gosselin would get run over by a mac-truck, I just stated that her kiddos would be better off without her in the picture.

  33. Anti-icon says:

    All of Charlie Sheen’s cast-offs seem….oh, I dunno….less than a 5th grader in basic life skills. But then again, who’s rolling in the money? Sickens. These people are parents. At least Parasite Hilton isn’t an actual parent. (God forbid.)

  34. Faye says:

    “Seriously, kids, this is what happens when you smoke the rock – you end up blitzed out of your mind, shopping with Paris Hilton.”

    Best line ever! That made me laugh so hard.

    And I agree with Amanda, what’s up with that weird shirt and cami combo?

  35. Whatever! says:

    lol that chick is higher than a kite. lol. Goodness, who’s lookinh after the kids, that women doesn’t look like she’ll be coming down until 2012

  36. original kate says:

    i think i got a contact high just looking at her.

  37. Kasey says:

    @ LeManda, I wonder if you’re thinking what I’m thinking. In that 3rd pic Paris appears to have an early pregnancy belly. I think we should expect she and Khloe K to announce that they’re expecting.

  38. fi says:

    What’s truly frightening about these photos is that Paris absolutely looks pregnant.

  39. TQB says:

    I agree with fi, Paris looks way pregnant – but what’s hilarious is that we’re all too distracted by her trainwreck shopping companion to notice.

  40. Tess says:

    Relax. Paris’s “pregnancy belly” is an optical illusion created by the contour of whatshername’s blouse.

  41. cprincess says:

    The day that a person makes Wonky McValtrex look good is a bad day….
    Truly-it seems like this Brooke chick and Charlie Sheen make a wonderful pair who deserve each other- just get their parental rights terminated first before they ride off into the sunset together…

  42. Anon73 says:

    @fi and @TQB : omg, i think you are both right about Paris being pregnant. first i noticed the weight gain in her jeans, but after your comments checked out her belly. it’s hard to see in the black shirt and how the vest obstructs the belly view, but in that long shot you can TOTALLY see something round in her stomach areas. scary to think (1) Paris is pregnant and going to be a mother (2) that a pregnant Paris is handing around someone like Brooke who is CLEARLY high and using

  43. Kim says:

    Why didnt she stay w Charlie? They are the perfect drug loving, unfaithful couple. Seems like a match made in heaven.

  44. GradStudentEatingHotPockets says:

    Wow, when did colored contacts become out of style? Because I’ve been wearing them for 10 years now and the fashion police have not issued me one citation yet.

    Can we please just put Paris and other celebutards on an island? Let them live out their lives away from us?

  45. Isa says:

    That is a better picture of her belly. Although the link says she is pregnant there has been no confirmation. It just means she looks pregnant.

    Personally, I think it’s coke bloat!

  46. Annabelle says:

    I want to know why Paris always hangs out with drug addicts, or people seem to become drug addicts after being friends with Paris. But Paris rarely seems to have a problem? I know Paris does drugs but she doesn’t seem like a complete drug addict to me. How is that possible given the amount of drugs she seems to consume? I think Paris is a bit of a sociopath, do you think she encourages drug use and perhaps pretends to be in on it too but really isn’t? So she looks better in comparison? I really wanna know why Paris always seems coked but never seems to have a prob. Like, she still has perfect skin and all that…

  47. dweeb says:

    thats hot

  48. truthzbetta says:

    Paris is a has-been or never really was.
    Brooke is definitely a never was.

    This is the Kardashian future. Trying to figure out who to stand next to or “do” to make one more bored pap take a pic.

  49. Hakura says:

    These pictures just killed me… they’re absolutely hilarious.

    For some reason it brings to mind the quote: “Don’t shoot until you see the whites of their eyes!

    She could be a mile away, & they’d still shoot.

    * I *think* it was William Prescott. I’ve seen conflicting info attributing the quote to 2 others before him. But anyway.

  50. the original bellaluna says:

    Does she even have pupils? I haven’t seen ’em in months!

  51. yes!i!can! says:

    that is the ugliest shirt/cosabella underthingy combo imaginable. WOW. you couldn’t get me high enough to put those garments on, save in disaster emergency conditions.