Willie Aames is broke, on unemployment and working construction jobs

Eight is Enough and Charles in Charge star Willie Aames, now 48, was a millionaire when he was in his 20s and partied at the Playboy mansion. He’s now struggling to make ends meet in his post-fame life in Kansas. He’s on unemployment, and takes day labor construction jobs when they’re available. Aames is married with an 18 year-old daughter, and the former child actor is now so broke he couldn’t even afford to buy his daughter a dress for the prom. A lot of his money troubles stem from a project he invested $150,000 in last year that fell through. His wife suffers from the auto-immune disease lupus, and her high medical bills and the cost of medication also contributed to the family’s debt. Like a lot of people struggling in today’s economy, Aames filed for bankruptcy, had his car repossessed and may lose his home.

Willie Aames… is now virtually penniless. He’s had his jeep repossessed, stands to lose his home and has filed for bankruptcy…

Willie is so down on his luck, he couldn’t even afford a present for his daughter Harleigh’s 18th birthday, he told The Enquirer in an exclusive interview.

“What’s worse is that she had to buy her own prom dress last year,” said Willie. “That killed me!”

Willie says the past 2 1/2 years have been “absolute hell” for him and his family. “There were times when we had so little money that we actually had to make a choice between groceries or medication for my wife Maylo, who has lupus.”

Willie took a big financial gamble by investing in a Canadian adventure and hunting TV show called “MacMillan River Adventures” on the Outdoor Channel last year, sinking $150,000 into the project. He lost every penny.

Willie, who played Tommy Bradford on “Eight is Enough,” then took out a second mortgage on his home but quickly fell behind on the payments. He said he was unemployed until his recent gig on “Celebrity Fit Club.” But he only earned $14,000 for his role.

So, the actor says he’s been taking day labor jobs to put food on the table.

“I’ve never shied away from an honest day’s work,” he maintained.

Willie did everything from hanging drywall, sanding ceilings and digging sump pumps.

“It wasn’t much money, but it’s what I had to do to feed my family,” he said.

[From The National Enquirer, print edition, August 18, 2008]

Aames says that Scott Baio was “set for life” after their show Charles in Charge wrapped, but that his money quickly dwindled down to nothing. He also was addicted to drugs and alcohol for 15 years, the Enquirer reports, and then got sober, became a born-again Christian and met his wife. Aames starred in the Bibleman videos as a Christian superhero from 1995 to 2004. He lost 19 pounds on Celebrity Fit Club in 2005, but has since gained the weight back. He lost the weight again on Celebrity Fit Club 6: Boot Camp earlier this year, where he won the individual prize.

About 1/2 of US bankruptcies are at least partially due to medical expenses, and the fact that Aames wife is probably too ill to work has surely affected his family’s finances. It’s a shame his adventure show didn’t work out, and it speaks to his character that he’s willing to do construction work and whatever it takes to help his family. I didn’t seem Aames on either Celebrity Fit Club, but Wikipedia makes it souund like he was particularly surly on the 2005 show and says he had a big fight with the trainer. Have any of you seen it and what impression did you get of Aames?

Aames told The Enquirer that his dream job is to work as a producer for Oprah. She might be interested in his story at least.

I hope things pick up for him and his family, and for a lot of Americans who have to make the difficult choice between food or medication, especially seniors.

Willie Aames is shown below in a still from Celebrity Fit Club 6: Boot Camp. Credit: tv.yahoo.com He is shown above with his wife in a promotional image for their joint book Grace is Enough which was published in late 2007 and details their separate lives struggling with childhood sexual abuse and drug addiction before they found each other and their faith.

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  1. Scott says:

    I saw Willie on the 2005 celebrity fit club and he was a total jackass. He was the most important person in the world with many irons in the fire to busy to be bothered with show. Too bad he is broke, but welcome to real life.

  2. xiaoecho says:

    Welcome to the human race Willie

  3. Roma says:

    This breaks my heart, him being a jackass or not. Essential health care should be available to all and it blows my mind the way that American health care works.

  4. pebbles says:

    sad 🙁

  5. daisy424 says:

    No symapathy here. He blew his earnings on drugs & didn’t invest wisely. Dumbass.

  6. UrbanRube says:

    Construction work is honest work. Maybe it will help him get his head on straight.

  7. elisha says:

    This story is all too familiar; Screech from SBTB, Gary Coleman…

    People are too quick to blame their upbringing as a child actor, but I think it’s more people living beyond their means. Take Hammer. If he would’ve invested wisely or at the very least didn’t spend so extravagantly, he’d be set. When you get paychecks with so many zeros, the money may seem endless, but it’s easy to spend it quickly. Especially if it stops coming in so fast.

  8. Roma says:

    He was also abused as a child though and has spoken out about it. The drug abuse / anger issues often go hand in hand with abuse and aren’t just a result of him being a child star. He’s also been sober for a very long time – especially in terms of “star” sobriety.

  9. Sandy says:

    I think its sad that a 48 year old man with all the advantages has no skills that would allow him to get a job that has health insurance. If he is as poor as he claims, then his wife is eligible for Medicaid, which would cover her medical expenses, not to mention the state healthcare for those making under a certain amount of money.

    Didn’t he do a Bibleman character or something too? This guy must have made a lot of money in his lifetime, more then most of us ever will. I have a hard time feeling much pity if he squandered it all.

  10. CelebitchyFAN says:

    I can’t say I feel sorry for him…he’s like more than half of the population in the USA. At least he had his chance to make good money, it’s not our fault his addictions and bad judgment put him in the predicament he is in. The average American doesn’t have the opportunity that he has had. Welcome to normal life, it only gets worse from here.

  11. Christina says:

    i feel badly for this guy. people make mistakes… doesn’t mean they don’t deserve a second chance…

  12. tim says:

    awwwww shucks

  13. mia says:

    it’s sad that his wife is suffering from an illlness. but willie ames already made his millions and he wasted it on drugs and living the high life. i don’t really feel sorry for him … he’s had more opportunities than the most of us have had in this life time and he squandered it all. at 45 he’s still young enough to turn this around and be the man he’s supposed to be!

  14. tv9time says:

    oh boo hoo……the funny thing about this is, where are all those “christians” at in his time of need…..blame everyone and everything else but where the real problem lies at……with HIMSELF……pass the collection plate around for wille

  15. Jen says:

    He was indeed an ass on Celeb Fit Club, but on the Boot Camp show he was awesome – very normal and seemed to be of strong character. I do feel for him. These are hard times for a lot of people. I hope it works out for him.

  16. julie says:

    Yes, he approved a lot from the first to second time he was on Celebrity Fit Club. He seems like a hard worker willing to do whatever he needs to do. Maybe he and Scott Baio could do a reality show like the two coreys, or he could do some training videos, he really worked hard on his last season on Celebrity Fit Club.

  17. Genevieve says:

    Seriously, welcome to the rest of the world. You were set for life & you blew it on drugs. What you threw away was more then what most ever get a chance to have. And personally I’m glad you lost your money on a hunting show. Frikin disgusting anyway.

  18. Trillion says:

    Why doesn’t he just pray to God for help?

  19. czarina says:

    Trillion; I’m sure he does pray–for strength and perseverence.
    If you mean, why doesn’t he pray for God to just send him a bunch of money or make everything all wonderful?
    Probably because he is mature enough to understand the difference between God and Santa Claus.

  20. Steve-O says:

    I have mixed feelings on this one. On the one hand, no one should be without health care, and you shouldn’t have to choose between food and medicine.

    On the other hand, he had millions. He blew it. He made more money. He blew it. After being broke once, you’d think he’d know better than to put his entire life savings into one investment. How many Americans have $150k to blow on a poor choice? How many of us can make tens of thousands for a couple weeks’ workon a reality show (twice)?

    So now he’s in the same position as many others who haven’t had 1% of his opportunities. Ok, I’m off the fence – he made his bed.

  21. JJ says:

    Maybe Bible Man will come to his rescue? Oh, guess not. He is a religious zealot who tries to push his opinons on others.

    He invested $150k that he didn’t have in a long shot/high risk investment – it failed like many do.

    Same as Ed McMahon …these people think that the money will never stop and don’t save a dime. I’m sorry this happened to him but he dug his hole.

    I’ll “pray” for him ….

  22. kate says:

    i’d like to earn “only” $14,000 for doing absolutely nothing! what a jackass.

  23. Janie says:

    Y’all are so high and mighty. The man is in a bad situation. Have some mercy on him. He’s not a bad person. He made some bad choices. Now he is working hard at keeping his head above water. Do we have to pity him more than the next guy? No. But we don’t have to exhibit such contempt either.

  24. DogRunner says:

    Many working class Americans live this way every day. Welcome to reality buddy.

  25. anastasiabeaverhausen says:

    I’m having a difficult time dredging up any sympathy here, since he HAD millions and was set for life. So many people never even see millions, not even close to it, AND they struggle with long-term health problems, too.

    Tough titty, said the kitty.

  26. mollination says:

    Okay yes, he had millions and blew it! How old was he when he made the millions? How smart and money-savvy were all of you in your 20’s?? Not to mention that back then there weren’t all the cautionary tales about stars going broke that there are today. I respect the fact that he is working an honest job, investing in projects, and actually be proactive instead of whining to everyone for help.

    God, people just AREN’T allowed to make mistakes with you people, are they??

  27. mollination says:

    He got sober years ago! He has clearly changed his attitude for the better. He works a real job. What else do you people want from him? It’s like if you make a mistake there’s no way to ammend it in the public eye. People can’t change the past, but they can make ammends for their mistakes… and if you ask me, that is exactly what Willie is doing. What else could he do to make you happy?

    I’d love to hear from someone on here that’s NEVER made a mistake before…crap!

  28. daisy424 says:

    It’s okay to make mistakes, to err is human.
    When you keep making the same ones over and over again, you’re not learning from them.

  29. WTF?!?! says:

    Is this a typo?

    “Aames says that Scott Baio was “set for life” after their show Charles in Charge wrapped, but that his money quickly dwindled down to nothing. ”

    Baio invested his money wisely and his money didn’t dwindle. Was it Aames who was “set for life” then blew it?

    • Frank says:

      I had to read that sentence twice,i think he was saying that scott baio took care of his money but unfirtunately willie didnt. I think he was just making a comparison

    • Frank says:

      I had to read that sentence twice,i think he was saying that scott took care of his own money but unfortunately willie didnt. I think he was just making a comparison

  30. mollination says:

    How did he “keep” making mistakes? If you’re referring to his drug use, it’s not like he got clean and then fell of the wagon over and over. He was messed up for several years, THEN started losing money. Once he recognized the problem he got himself sober, changed his attitude, and is working a labor job…

  31. vdantev says:

    I thought he was working on these Christian ministry movies and TV shows ?

  32. Anna says:

    Who cares that some nobody from the 80’s is broke. He squandered his money and now he has to deal with the consequences. When will people learn to be responsible and stop blaming all your problems on everyone and everything else. Pick yourself up and get moving.

  33. AverageJoe says:

    Instead of continually trying to make a quick buck off things like reality shows and whining in interviews, why not go out and actually try to change his circumstances? If he’s broke like he says, he should qualify for Pell Grant and he could go back to college . His wife should qualify for Medicaid (and many, many people manage to work and have Lupus). If they both are out of work, don’t they qualify for financial assistance and food stamps?

    Sounds to me like he’s just trying to prey on people’s sympathies and is probably just “celebrity broke.” And, sorry, but I just can’t feel sorry for someone who squandered more money than I’ll ever make.

    Welcome to the world the rest of us live in, Mr. Aames.

  34. lola lola says:

    I used to work in Bankruptcy and honestly, I did not see that many that had anything to do with medical issues. 95% of them were simply living beyond their means (new car, every cable channel known to man, huge credit card bills etc). While I have sympathy for anyone dealing with money and medical issues, obviously there were some bad decisions here. Who invests $150,000 if that’s all you have left? And why can’t he do anything else besides construction? and yeah, Dude, my dream is to work for Oprah too. Get in line.

  35. Ron says:

    I hate to hear about anyone who lacks health coverage. It’s a shame.

    However, Wills, I am sure in your sensational appreances on Bibleman, you certainly got to the passage that says…you reap what you sow.

  36. Maxi says:

    I would have more feeling for the guy if this interview was done two years from now and was an inspirational story of how he overcame his hardships and addictions.

    I have no time or sympathy for poor me stories. They just make me think, yeah, well poor me, poor her, poor him and poor them too…big deal.

  37. czarina says:

    I would also assume that Aimes engineered this interview himself–after all, most reporters don’t sit around wondering “Gee, I wonder what so-and-so from the 80’s is doing now?”–not unless that person has just recently been arrested.
    So, I assume the interview is to generate some publicity which will get him jobs.
    I’m not sure if it’s a good move, though.

  38. think says:

    My Cousin is a CEO in the Health Insurance Busines…He has a a Porsche and a $12 Million home and is a total Douschebag!!….His company gave big $’s to McCain so it can be business as usual….He is worried that Obama will create a ‘One Payer’ unified health care system…Vote Obama!!

  39. wtf says:

    I’ve heard he got some really great Actress/Model ‘Tail’ back in the 80’s…I never did!!

  40. daisy424 says:

    mollination; If his wife had lupus and was very ill, why would he blow his last dollar on a stupid investment.

  41. jhartson says:

    I don’t feel bad for anyone who has earned millions but is now broke. The average American would have to work about 20+ years to earn that kind of money, let alone having it quickly.

    To lose that kind of money, you’re either living outside your means, wasting it (drugs/alcohol) or making poor choices (bad investments).

  42. Yep says:

    Free health care for the masses means shit health care for the masses.

    I work my ass off. When he doesn’t pay those bills guess who will… Me and you.

    I have no sypathy for this assclown. He has made more money in his life than you and I put together.

  43. MISSY says:

    very angry man

  44. PresidentGas says:

    Willie is a metaphor for America… Fat, dumb, stupid, wasteful, born-again, and clueless enough to support a fool like Obama,… The Media ENJOYS highlighting the undeserved success of some while contrasting pathetic sob-stories of failure. Willie has lived in BOTH extremes. America LIVES in both extremes. A Few Haves and LOTS of idiot Have-Nots. Welcome to Hell in the 21st Century!!!!

  45. Lib4 says:

    Willie go call James Dobson…I am suuuuure he will come to your aid

    President Gas…I am a little confused. You see, as per Rush, Hannity and FNC I thought ALL liberals were skinny narcissists, too smart for their own good, conservationists and non-religious fools. If thats the case that would make Willie Ames a bona fide McCain supporter…am I right???

  46. Jarred says:

    I grew up next door to him in Huntington Beach, CA. He broke my finishing pole and never got me a new one, we used to fly our kites with them, It really upset me that he did this to me. I guess I got over it quickly but I have never forgotten it. Hope things get better for you.

  47. what says:

    @yep – you can work really hard and still not have health insurance, particularly if you’re working a manual labor job.
    i’m not saying health care needs to be completely free, but how about affordable?

  48. Alexa says:

    Don’t give up, Willie! Your daughter is just about on her own, so at least you don’t have BABIES to feed. Plus – you have your health. Maintain it and seek out some sound, conservative financial guidance. Keep the faith!

  49. deej61 says:

    He sure didn’t act like a born-again Christian on either Fit Clubs I saw him on! He used the “F” word like it was going out of style and had major meltdowns all the time. He is a phony.

  50. gg says:

    Jerk or no, he has redeemed himself in my eyes and I can’t judge him. He is doing the best for his wife and daughter and don’t you people dare make fun of somebody for believing in God and praying. That is beyond the pale.

    And I feel sorry for anyone who doesn’t have any spiritual ideas or beliefs.

  51. Can says:

    Leave the poor guy alone. What makes America so great is our love and caring towards each other. What is going on here? Didn’t your mother ever tell you “IF you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything”? Kindness and compassion are the very core of our souls – show some to him. Pray for him and for all Americans in tough financial situations.

    Spending money or material possessions are not what the soul is thirsting for.

    He’s made his mistakes and he’s trying to fix them, give him a break. And with Lupis – it’s true some days/weeks/or even months you cannot work, you can be that sick.

  52. Trillion says:

    Believing there is a benevolent god that loves and cares for us should be mocked. It’s silly. Willie is reason number zillion bazillion to know this. Nothing fails like prayer. If god wants to show evidence of himself or his benevolence to humanity, I’ll admit I’m wrong. Until then, I’ll be a happy realist. (from a former brainwashed christian)

  53. Homer says:

    @ Trillion: brainwashed Christian is an oxymoron
    @ GG: feel sorry for the poor saps like Aames who make such a big noise about how they believe in God and how morally superior and blessed religious people are, etc. etc. and then this. Ooops!

  54. Shell says:

    Most of you should be ashamed of your comments. Where are your hearts? Who raised such cold callis people? Ames is wrong but since when were any of you perfect?

  55. Douche says:

    I have to agree with the majority and say that Wills messed up. He was pulling in mucho bucks and blew it. He did 8 is enough and made big bucks. He “invested” poorly and lost it. He was on Charles in Charge and made bucks but he blew it. He was on drugs and stuff. How many of you have had hundreds of thousands of dollars pass through your hands and have NOTHING to show for it?

    I live in an area where there are drug heads a few miles to the east and they work hard for their fixes and still manage to pay their bills. Hollywood drug heads don’t know what it is to work for anything. They know whoring themselves out and playing a role.

    Wills is playing the sympathy card and I’m not listening. He works construction to make ends meet? Good. It’s honest work that I can respect. As for working for Oprah as a producer…What have you “produced” to merit that type of job? Did you go to school or learn it while you were getting high with a film crew back in the day? Who the heck do you think you are? You’re another bum with your hand out and I don’t respect that. Go back to the construction site and work for your family because they need you to be a man.

  56. I’m laughing at the person saying Willie is an adult and knows the difference between god and Santa Clause. There is no difference. They are both fantasy.

    I’m sure he and his family will make it. We are reading about him. What about all the other people never having had that kind of money and don’t have former celebrity to inspire fans to help them?

    Most people never get the chances he has had. Bibleman, just another mistake he made in his life.

  57. gg says:

    Of course he messed up. Of course he blew it. Wow what a singular situation – not. What does that have to do with your hatred of a higher power? Mature people use situations like this to grow and learn from mistakes. Sometimes it takes a few tries. If you were broke and used to be an addict, I wouldn’t mock you. Does THAT make you feel superior? I think so. So don’t be calling the kettle black.

    I frankly am shocked at the callous comments here. Sad, sad people. When did the guy act morally superior? How is he jamming things down your throat? Who says they are perfect? Nobody. I draw the line at hitting below the belt like that.

    Just a bunch of bitter people who have no hope. I hope you reach some semblance of peace in your lives so you don’t feel the need to mock other people’s core beliefs, which are not hurting you in the slightest. Karma, anyone?

  58. Moe says:

    Wow. What’s even more telling is the callous responses I’m reading to the article. What possible good could dissing Willie Aames come to? It’s amazing what people will say when they think their under the cloak of anonymity. I’d wager that some of the commentors here are far more bitter than and screwed up than Mr. Aames.

  59. LooLoo says:

    She probably does NOT qualify for Medicaid. In my state, and it’s like most other states, the income level for Medicaid eligibility is almost zero. The most you can make is $2,000 a YEAR to qualify. Since he is working, she would not qualify.

    That’s just how it is in the U.S. We’ve had to make the choice many, many times between medications and groceries. That’s just life. There’s no reason why a job he had decades ago should set him up for life.

    He needs to learn a trade, and she needs to get a job. People do work with lupus. I work at home because of several medical conditions. You just do what you have to do.

  60. sarah says:

    dude if he would have been better off in the drug world than giving loot away to a bunch of pentacostals. At least with drugs you can make a few bucks. Start growing weed Willie no one will know you live in fuckin Kansas. And remember eight plants is not enough! Pick yourself up and brush yourself off.

  61. Crux the Magic Dragon says:

    Amy Winehouse in 5 years, after divorcing Blaaaaaaaaaaake.

    OT: Feeling sorry for a bunch of overprivileged, spoiled, people with overinflated sense of entitlement is a waste. Good that he’s working as a day laborer. Seems that he’s too proud to ask for assistance for his wife. Lupus is a deadly disease, he should get help for his wife, immediately.

    Discover the power of dealing and coping with everyday struggles. We are powerful, amazing and pretty creative people. Some of us are probably going thru hell in a handbasket, THAT deserves admiration, or at least a pat on the back. Later for these celebrity losers who basically won the winning ticket to the Fame Lottery, lost out and can’t cope.

  62. SUSIE says:

    i AM A 53 y.o woman, was sexually abused by a relative at age 14, saw both my mom and dad die in front of me
    dad at age 10 of a heart attack, mom of
    cancer at age 35. Have had double vision due to strabismus(lazy eye) since
    1981, surgery 1989 and have a pre lupus
    condition, whereas I cannot hardly move my fingers and hands before my anti inflammatory kicks in. All the while I have worked for the same place 31 yrs,
    have been married almost 30 yrs, and
    I have overcome freebasing cocaine cold
    turkey in 1981 that both of us were addicted to for 1 yr. Just tossed out the pipe and paraphanelia one day out the car window on the way to work. We used to LIVE for the wknd to get high, and stayed straight for work during the week. I am a Christian, rebaptized in 2001. I do not feel sorry for willie aames or his wife not being able to purchase their daughter a prom dress. We have 2 university enrolled (and privately paid for by us, no scholarships) who either borrowed a dress from friends, or saved their money and we helped pay for them also.
    Not too hard to accomplish. We saved our money for 20 yrs to buy a beautiful
    home and furnish it, allthe while our
    friends were getting their divorces and
    buying things they couldn’t afford. We
    now have a nice savings, have never had to borrow on the house, and can put our
    children thru a university with no help.
    The “friends” are now so broke they only call us to try to use us. No way in hell. It’s like the grasshopper and the ant story. willie’s the one who never thought about tomorrow, and now
    tomorrow’s come. We are worth a couple of million now, so Willie, suck it up, keep working any job you both can get,
    pray, since you state you are a born again Christian, and always look to tomorrow. No sympathy here.

  63. Stalin says:

    All christians should have this happen to them and be made to suffer, suffer suffer.

    I hate them.

  64. Renee' says:

    What is so sad is the anger, resentment and hostility that so many of you have. Life is hard but Jesus is the real deal. He never promised a bed of roses, just that he’d help us deal with the pain that comes our way. This is a fallen world. Most of us deal with the repercussions of our own mistakes. We can either go through life hating everyone who needs God as much as we do or we can have mercy, work on our own issues and stop blaming God when our lives fall apart. He’s the only answer to any of our problems and one day we will face him and will account for how we lived our lives. He has much grace, mercy and forgiveness and is always there if we choose to turn to him. He won’t wave a wand to give us everything we’re asking Him for but
    He will give us the best hope and peace one could ask for. We have to do our part and He’ll do what He knows is best for us. Giving us everything that we want and making our lives perfect is not the answer. He’s out to produce character in our lives and He is rich in love.

  65. M Kortt says:

    Scott Baio — You buddy Willie Aames needs your help.

  66. MikeH says:

    Just a quick note to say thank you to Moe, and GG. You summed up my thoughts exactly, and I need not add anything.

    Thank you for the positve messages in this sea of garbage I just read through…Mike

  67. JuJu says:

    So now he is having a garage sale because he is broke. And the poor guy has to sell his dead animal collection.
    What a loser. Kill an innocent animal and you should pay the price.

  68. scottbaiogavemepinkeye says:

    It’s not Scott Baio’s fault that he didn’t go get himself hooked on dope and saved his money instead. Willie Aames is like every other right-wing Christian nutcase – blaming everyone else for his troubles. I guess the devil made him do it. What an idiot.

    Those dopey reality shows pay these “celebs” a ton of money, otherwise none of them would humiliate themselves on television. Who can’t live on the at least half-mil Aames got for CFC 2 and 6?

  69. John says:

    I saw Aames on CFC the two times he was on. It looks like he put the weight back on.
    According to recent press reports, his house is in foreclosure, though I have not been able to find a listing for it. He lives a few miles from my house. The house, for Olathe, is fairly up-scale. I would say it is in the $700,000 range, but it might be a bit higher or lower than that, since I have not seen it close up. The local RE market has seen houses only drop around 15% in the last year. If he used the house as an ATM, he may owe more on it than it is worth. But, that is the bank’s problem now.
    I don’t think he got six figures for the two CFC shows combined, but who cares? When you take risks, sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. If he is a Christian, Willie knows about Job. The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away. God puts people to the test. At least, Willie isn’t covered with boils, yet.
    As for spending all of his money on drugs, he claims to have been sober for the last 20 years. And it is only money. His problems are not any that can’t be overcome. I wish him the best of luck.

  70. WELL, most of us will never have the chance to make the money Willie has seen in his liftime. He had an opportunity to Invest the money and as a teen never work again!!He should have paid cash for a nice home back in the day when things were cheap. As a single mother and social worker, I bought my first home at 22 and my second is paid for, I haven’t made no where near the money he has seen. These people need a reality check and need to stop living above their means! And as far as his jeep being repossessed- don’t these people pay cash for anything. lAST YEAR I bought a nice garage kept chevy caddy from an older woman for $3000.00, had 65,000 miles- paid cash and drove it to florida 700 miles twice last year for vacation..everything doesn’t have to be new- u can live well spending less money!! try listening to Dave Ramsey!!Sorry i do not feel bad for any of these celebrites- I went into the US army to pay for my college degree, and it made me a better person..worked in a factory while I was in school.. he had it made and blew it all..

  71. Kelly says:

    Hey we all fell off the wagon before and we get up and try again…. Money or no Money we are human and we are intitle to make mistakes…. He is a person and at least he tell us the truth and learning the hard way… I wish he could stay here in Kansas… I am sure there are people out there will be glad to help him or his wife…. I know I would help his daughter for a prom dress…. Pls back off and give a chance…. I am sure you guys were assholes to other people…. But give us a chance to make mistakes….

    God Bless you all….

  72. cc says:

    Why should i feel sorry for a celebrity who blow his money. There are millions of people worse off than him and they don’t get any stories written up in the press. They’re all tragic, but welcome to the school of hard knocks,class is in.

  73. That’s a real bummer. I’d like to help him out. – RBP

  74. Curtis Walker says:

    Willie was my friend and neighbor when we were little kids in Huntington Beach. He was my best friend from the time I was 2 until 7. I am so sorry to hear about all of his troubles and would love to give him a call to say so personally, but since it has been 25+ years since we have had contact, I don’t know how to reach him.

  75. robert ontman says:

    Hope this gets to you, Willie. You are still doing God’s work through your Bible Man videos that my kids and I love. Thanks for helping me to raise them right. Our family has a guest bedroom if you ever want to hang out for as long as you want. It would be an honor. I also have some great ideas for new TV shows you would be excellent for. Hope to hear from you. We love you and pray for you daily. Robert at Robont@hotmail.com 816-500-6394

  76. darren says:

    with earning that sort of money and in that industry i’m sure he didn’t spend it all himself , all the hanger-oners and cling-ons would be there helping too ,

  77. MWJ says:

    Have Mercy on him and his family. We all make mistakes. He suffered child abuse, got hooked on drugs and did not plan for his future. But, he is now a born again Christian, which makes him richer than the world and he may be able to bounce back enough to save his home and pay his wife’s medical bills which are truly satan’s attack on mankind orchestrated by greed. Maybe you could not buy the prom dress Willie but there is always the wedding dress. GOD Bless!

  78. Lorilei says:

    I just watched Willie’s story on his broke and famous segment. He has done a GREAT job of turning his life around and knows what matters in life. I hope he stays on that trail and I believe he will be successful in whatever he undertakes – financial advisor or construction worker! Good luck, Willie!

  79. Jango Davis says:

    Susie: That’s a pretty judgemental, high and mighty, holier than thou attitude your taking for someone who claims to be a CHristian. Christian means “Christ-Like” and somehow I don’t see Jesus pulling off the same line of BS you just spewed out.

    Good witness.

  80. I tend not to leave comments on articles, but your article urged me to applaud your blog. Thanks for the read, I’ll make sure to bookmark your site and visit every now and then. Cheers.

  81. Synergy says:

    Willie Aames I love him like I love Corey Haim…. These guys are my friends, I grew up with them … In my house on tv often, over the years,,,, Tiger Sportn his Woods wherever has got nothing over Aames…. Aames is a good guy…. If I was his buddy I’d help him out…..

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  83. Dawn says:

    I don’t care about how some of you feel about Willie. I do feel bad for him and his family. A lot of families are having a rough time these days

  84. Eric Seventy says:

    You’re not eligible for medicaid unless you’re PERMENTENTLY disabled. People can be very sick and not permenently disabled.

    But he had money and blew it. So what if his daughter had to buy her own prom dress. Many families the kids can’t afford the prom at all. This is the real world.

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  86. Dr. Karen Allen studied 48 stockbrokers with hypertension. When faced having a high-stress scenario, people with pets at house had their resting systolic blood pressure elevate to 126, though the petless groups had an boost to 148.

  87. Great resource. I would develop it more.

  88. Jess says:

    Dang. I feel bad for this guy if he has to read these comments that people wrote. I saw above someone said how others can say such harsh words when hidden with a cloak of anonymity. People in the country are so quick to judge, but not quick enough to stand up and HELP or STICK UP for their fellow man. Thats why we are the most dysfunctional country in the world! Its sad that the first ammendment has turned so ugly.

    I am happy that he turned his life around, and that his wife has stuck by him for that long! THATS the true riches in life. Who cares about Scott Baio. Great he has money left, but he has a disgusting wife and has completely sold out. WIllie I commend you for busting your butt and working for your family! And your wife is WAY hotter!! Go Willie!
    Also, judging his spirituality the way everyone has is ridiculous! I believe in God but I do have a bad habit of swearing like a sailor. I smoke cigarettes and drink, does that make me anything less than human??? I think not. Willie is human, and I think people tend to forget, Christ died for OUR SINS, not for our perfections….

  89. Bobby Resstur says:

    Ah, so what, he’ll be ok. Being broke isn’t so bad.

  90. Johnny says:

    Superb Information, thanks for this great Article. Really great topic to write about on my Blog. I might set a bookmark from another site. single mother scholarships

  91. OldTimer says:

    Sounds like he’s using PR and everything else at his disposal to get someone to help him(Oprah). Typical liar, cheat, and thief. If you don’t recognize this phrase, you probably don’t know where he is coming from or how full of s$%t he really is. Willy, hit a fu%&*g meeting, shut the f*&k up, and listen. Perhaps then, you’ll finally learn to help yourself like EVERYONE else, and not sound like a piss pot, feigned humility spouting newcomer. Here’s a hint. You are SUPPOSED to support your family. Stop bitching about how hard it is. AND STOP using press releases to further your financial situation. JACKASS.

  92. rbrband says:

    As I understand, Willie wishes to become a financial advisor–that’s good for him and those around him: However it’s not the absolute cure-all for unwise finances–it’s merely useful knowledge. I wish Willie well in that profession.

    A great number of people do go bankrupt due to medical expense–the “accountant” who indicates otherwise doesn’t have the foggiest idea of the costs for such serious chronic disease. Please understand this about such a disease–in many ways, it’s very similar to what the elderly go through concerning medical care except that it occurs in one’s prime of life–that’s really unfortunate. It seems to me that his losing $150,000+ in that manner was a sad act of quiet desperation…..

    As for Aames’ past, naturally he assumed (in his 20s) that his success would continue forever at a heady pace. Naturally, he should have received treatment early–as many stars are so smart to do these days.

    To be fair to Willie and others in past eras (say, Johnny Whitaker of “Family Affair”), that wasn’t done back then. It was very bad for a career suddenly to expose something so shameful.

    Of course, Willie should have retained a wise and ethical financial counselor–needless to say, unfortunately, that’s easier said than done. A million dollars+ was worth a lot more then than it is now.

    As for all of Willie’s naysayers here: Gain some perspective, please! If people now can forgive Mickey Rourke (who did many other really horrible things and affected more lives), isn’t it past time to forgive Willie Aames?

  93. Michelle says:

    None of the bashing, bad mouthing Willie Aames is news to anyone, much less himself. He was always trying to better, change, maybe even escape himself from what it is that everyone else wanted him to be, what they wanted him to do, what he needed to do, what he didn’t do, and all this while you and I are watching!