Lea Michele responds to story about snubbing Hailee Steinfeld: it wasn’t my fault

Gossip Cop got a comment from Glee’s Lea Michele on the story we heard Monday from breakout True Grit star Hailee Steinfeld, 14, about how Lea snubbed her on set. Supposedly Hailee approached Lea to ask for an autograph and Lea whisked by, completely ignoring her and almost bringing her to tears. In her story, Hailee focused on her disappointment at not connecting with a star she admired. She didn’t seem to blame Lea or anything, but you could tell she was hurt. Lea has responded and it sounds like she doesn’t remember this incident and if it did happen, it was someone else’s fault. She did say she was sorry and feels bad about it though:

“I heard Hailee was upset and feel terrible. The ‘Glee’ schedule is so jam-packed that the PA probably pulled me so that I wouldn’t be late to set. I never meant to hurt her feelings. She’s an extraordinary talent and I look forward to meeting her one day.”

[From Gossip Cop]

Hailee did say that someone else took Lea away and told her it wasn’t a good time, so I guess Lea deserves a pass for it. Given all we’ve heard about what an insufferable person Lea is, it isn’t hard to believe the worst of her. I’m sure Hailee isn’t the first young fan to get ignored by Lea, and she won’t be the last. Now that Hailee has been on the receiving end of a celebrity snub, she’ll probably be much more approachable and friendly as she heads toward stardom. She’s moving on to much bigger things and won’t need to worry about connecting with stars once she’s in the audience at the Academy Awards.

Hailee Steinfeld is shown on 1/11/11 at the National Board of Review and on 12/14/10 at the True Grit premiere. Credit: Fame Pictures. Header images credit: WENN.com




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  1. eja102 says:

    I am so glad that’s settled.

    ^ read with sarcasm.

  2. Isabel says:

    Lea Michele is so obnoxious. Why do we care about her? Gross.

  3. guesty says:

    her shin! ouch.

  4. Novaraen says:

    I wondered when she was going to make her excuses. Still don’t buy it though…and Lea is KNOWN for her diva antics.

  5. lucy2 says:

    I believe it wasn’t intentional, but have slowly began disliking Lea over the last few months. Too much talk of her diva attitude.

    Hailee was amazing in True Grit!

  6. Liana says:

    I thought the story was that she was walking TO her trailer? Whatever. The girl is insufferable.

  7. EdithP says:

    Whoever put her in that second dress should be punished!

  8. Iris says:

    Hailee is so friggin cute! I think she’ll have a better, longer career than Lea Michele. Once the novelty and excitement of Glee wears out, no one will give two sh*ts about little miss diva.

  9. Lois says:

    I don’t buy it.
    And I totally agree with #8. 🙂

  10. Ron says:

    I have been on many sets, and this is probably true. When actors are working and going between shoots/sets they are dragged along by different people on the set so that the timing of the shoot is not thrown off by an actor doddling at craft services. More than likely she probably didn’t know this ever happened. Not saying this in her defense particularly, but it is the way sets work. If she was rude to her face that would be a different story.

  11. meg says:

    I agree with Liana. The first story made it sound like she was on her way back to her trailer and a poor PA had the good grace to try and apologise for her boarish behavior, something she should have done for herself (if she wasn’t runing late to her own coronation, that is.)

  12. memnoch says:

    Yeah, Lea, whatever. You’re just trying to do damage control. And Celebitchy – no pass. She DOESN’T actually say she’s sorry and of course she doesn’t remember the incident – it was one of the little people after all. Lea may have an amazing voice but she doesn’t have the heart to go with it.

  13. Jezi says:

    Poor kid, I think it’s awful when stars act like they are too good to give you the time of day. I can’t look at Lea the same anymore.

  14. Cowjam says:

    OK, let the rock-throwing commence: I saw True Grit, twice, but was too distracted by her resemblance to Justin Bieber. It really disturbed me during the whole movie.

  15. Someone Else says:

    @Cowjam —

    You’ve scarred me for life. I’ll never look at her the same way again (which sucks, ’cause I haven’t seen Grit yet)!


  16. dana says:

    that’s fair….well I bet their pahs will cross again when Hailee slips on Lea’s love intrests penis in 10 yrs 🙂 payuback!

  17. Vi says:

    if it hadn’t been for the many many stories of lea micheles obnoxious behaviour i’d have ignored this story but it does seem like she’s frequently a bitch

  18. 2centsnichols says:

    is her leg bleeding?? that second pic she looks like she was shaving her legs in the limo.

  19. LolaBella says:

    Glee will probably be over by 2012, so I hope Lea enjoys her diva-bitch, bridge-burning attitude now.

  20. Elin says:

    Neil Gaiman has been known to sign autographs while running to catch a plane due to leave in 20 min. Which is extreme, but still.

    In general it sounds like Michele needs to be slapped hard with the professional stick.

  21. insidescoop says:

    I love how Haliee has that “I just started shaving so I will obviously slice off my shins” war-wound look on the 2nd photo. Been there, done that. It gets better. Very sweet and very charming young lady.

  22. OhCamille! says:

    The “PA” probably had a snarky moment knowing this would blow up. Maybe the people who run the show dig it when this sort of stuff happens. It’s their way of getting back at her for having to suffer through a days work with her.
    love Glee, it’s different and I think shes good in it.

  23. ruru says:

    The kid is way prettier than her.

  24. Shy says:

    It’s official – Lea Michelle is the person We Love To Hate 🙂 And you can’t do nothing about it. You just hate her. There was an article about it recently. http://m.gawker.com/5724650/which-actresses-do-you-irrationally-hate?skyline=true&s=i Good one. Read it.

    There are some actresses we just don’t like even if they didn’t do anything to us. In article they mention January Jones, Katherine Heigl, Kate Hudson, Renee Zellweger, Jessica Biel…

    For me Lea tops that list. She just annoys. Because she is too fake and pretends to be good and tries too hard.

  25. Kim says:

    Ron is right – this happens all the time. Haylee was a immature in publicly saying she was snubbed because that wasnt the case. It was sort of like tattle telling on Haylees part BUT she is young so excuseable

  26. Paula's pillbox says:

    Can’t believe Hailee got her teeth fixed already. weird.

  27. Hakura says:

    Though I highly doubt Lea said any of that (as opposed to a PR person) I guess saying she ‘feels terrible‘ is meant to stand in place of a direct apology. I do understand that a set can be hectic, however.

    And yikes! That shin cut looks like it hurts!

    @Kim (#25)- “Haylee was a immature in publicly saying she was snubbed because that wasnt the case. It was sort of like tattle telling on Haylees part BUT she is young so excuseable

    I didn’t really think Hailee was trying to ‘tattle’ & say she was ‘snubbed‘. She didn’t place any blame on Lea at all in her story. Her being in tears was attributed to the fact that she’d missed an opportunity to meet & speak to someone she admired, & her feelings were a little hurt.

    I too wondered why she brought the story up in the first place, but I still think it’s possible that she told someone else, who leaked it…only for someone to ask her about it in an interview. I’m not claiming this girl is an angel who would never say something negative about someone on her own, but that’s just not the feeling I got from this particular story.

  28. Liana says:

    I’ve been lucky enough to work with very few divatudes. I was shadowing Renee Zellweger on a set (I was there to make sure she was well cared for and given what she wanted/needed throughout the day.) She was so awesome. Signed autographs (asked me for a pen when hers ran out) for her entire break on location one day, and wasn’t demanding at all. She made time to talk to people who approached her. If she wasn’t able to stop and chat, she would at least say “I’m running late, give my PA your name and address and I’ll make sure you get an autograph.” Then I would get the info and they would get personally autographed photos in the mail a few days later. There really is no excuse for walking right past someone asking for an autograph without acknowledging them at all.

  29. Bopa says:

    That’s still a crap story. I’ve seen the biggest stars in the world atleast say hello and still try to sign autographs for several people while they’re being pulled away by several bodyguards and police. 1 little girl in an empty lot and 1 PA has the power to make everyone else invisible? That’s not a good excuse.

  30. Bopa says:

    Why are people acting like Lea is a horse wearing blinders? It doesn’t matter where she was going or who she was with. Unless she was wrapped in a cocoon she has no excuse. She didn’t need to write an autograph just a wave or a hello could have made that girls day.

  31. Hakura says:

    @Bopa (#30)- Some might argue that Lea (like all ‘celebrities’) is so used to people calling her name or approaching, competing for her attention from all sides (such as on a red carpet) that she sort of goes on auto-pilot when she’s focused on something else. Still, it’s not a valid excuse to be rude, but it would make sense, at least.

    Either that, or she’s just as big a diva as everyone hears, & could care less about a fan (a kid, for that matter) wanting a moment of her ‘valuable’ time for an autograph.

    I really love the way Johnny Depp reacts to his fans, in that regard. He even goes so far as to call them ‘My employers‘, which makes it sound like he appreciates the support of his fans enough to be gracious.

  32. GirlyGirl says:

    Yeah, makes sense.

    When I’m a bitch to people it’s usually someone else’s fault.

  33. Bopa says:


    I’ve been in the presense of stars like Micheal Jackson, Muhammed Ali, Meril Strep, Bill Cosby, Beyonce who still would acknowledge people who called their names after years of having their names yelled by more people than Lea ever has. I used to work in a place where celebs would frequent and I can tell you I would more often see big stars like Johnny Depp take the time to atleast acknowledge someone than people who are barely famous. If I told you the names and situations you’d probably laugh at the B,C,D level stars who treat people like crap.

  34. I Choose Me says:

    Just chiming in to say that I saw True Grit a couple of nights ago and thought Hailee’s performance was outstanding. She’s one to watch. Just hope she stays grounded and avoids the young Hollywood trap.

  35. ADS says:

    Lea has such a look in eye that is perturbing. That ravenous fame hungry look.

  36. Hakura says:

    @Bopa (#33)- That’s *awesome* that you had a chance to meet so many different celebrities. =) The only ‘celebrity’ I ever saw in person was Tiger Woods. But I was a teenage girl who’d been dragged to the US Open by my uncle. I was hot & sweaty, & bored to death the whole time. Back then, I barely knew anything about Tiger, other than that he was popular.

    Perhaps being a lower level ‘star’ causes these people to feel like they have something to prove…Or maybe they’re just deluding themselves that they’re something special. Most of the time, rude/unappreciative/diva behavior is career suicide.

    Lea has *such* a beautiful voice, & is so good at emoting as she sings. I never got into Glee (so really haven’t watched much of it) but have seen some of her other performances. I really want to like her more as a person, I just keep hearing that she’s stuck up. (Doesn’t help that she reminds me a lot of an ex-best friend who drove me insane acting the same way.)

  37. Amirza says:

    Glee sucks!

  38. As an avid golfer I really enjoyed reading your opinion.

  39. Hakura says:

    @Reserve Tee Times – >.< I hope that I didn’t offend you. (I apologize if so!)

    I’ve actually never been into *any* sort of sports… So golf (& how big a deal the US Open was) was especially lost on me at the time… I was barely 13.

    My not wanting to call Tiger Woods a ‘celebrity’ had more to do with my moral opinion of what a jerk he is (as opposed to not thinking athletes are celebrities) xD I hope I didn’t come across like a big jerk with my comment.