Carrie Underwood claims Tony Romo still calls her

People Magazine has advance details of country singer Carrie Underwood’s interview in Allure and she strikes me as a little catty. She says in a roundabout way that her ex boyfriend, quarterback Tony Romo, still calls her and that she doesn’t always answer the phone when she sees that it’s him. His new girlfriend Jessica Simpson has got to love hearing about that. Underwood, 25, also talks about how hard it is to judge people’s intentions when you’re famous.

The American Idol winner opens up in Allure’s September issue about dating Dallas Cowboys player Tony Romo, Gossip Girl star Chace Crawford and a boyfriend who cheated on her in college.

“We were both small-town people doing very big things, and we relied on each other, dealing with fame,” she says of Romo. “I don’t know. The phone will ring and it’ll be him, and I’ll maybe not answer.”

On her recent split with Crawford, she explains: “We didn’t have a fight. No one cheated. It plain didn’t work.”

One of her relationships from her days at Oklahoma’s Northeastern State University could have inspired her hit “Before He Cheats.”

“I don’t want to name names, even though he probably deserves it, but he fooled around,” she says. “Oh, yeah – And lied.”

Underwood says it’s difficult to find friends she can trust – and guys who like her for the right reasons.

“You never really know why somebody wants to be around you, or if they do genuinely like you,” she says. “I wish everyone had a label on their forehead so you could automatically tell their intentions. Sometimes you just wish that no one wanted anything from you.”

[From Us Weekly]

Maybe I’m getting interview burnout having just covered Jennifer Aniston’s interview with Hello, but Underwood bugs me here. Is she saying that Romo still calls her, or that some day in the future the phone will ring and it will be him and she won’t answer? Both US Weekly and People interpreted this as saying he still tries to get in touch, but it’s possible she’s just saying maybe he’ll call her and maybe she won’t answer. The actual statement she gave is pretty vague. Whether it’s true or not she knows it will get back to Jessica, who is now competing with her as a young country music singer. She’s got to annoyed with that.

The Grammy-award winning singer also says that she has doubts in her own ability to sustain her fame and wonders “what if I don’t earn any more next year? What if something awful happens?” Underwood could call up Kelly Clarkson and ask her for money advice. She seems to be handling her wealth well and is said to be saving it for a rainy day – or few decades.

Carrie Underwood is shown at the AI Final on 5/21/08. Credit: Juan Rico/Fame Pictures

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  1. Kaiser says:

    Yeah, CB. Underwood’s passive-agressively f–king with Jessica here. And before today, I never realized how much Romo had a “type” – busty, catty, toothy, not-too-bright blondes. *Texas joke*

  2. Abby says:

    I don’t think it’s catty at all, considering Tony Romo said his “celebrity crush” was Jessica Simpson WHILE he was still calling/dating Carrie Underwood. He was supposedly always chasing after Jessica while keeping Carrie as an option. It just seemed so rude. And Carrie rarely says all the shit she COULD say… like how rudely she’s been treated in Country Music… it seems like lately she’s just choosing to be more honest, and I like it.

  3. Feebee says:

    Me thinks it’s Underwood that’s not over Romo, not totally anyway. She’s being a outright bitch too, she knows exactly what she was saying and what impact those words would have when talking about a Romo phone call. Kaiser, as for Romo’s type, I think you’re right except I don’t think Jessica’s catty. She’s a lot of things but not that which makes Carrie Underwood look even more pathetic.

  4. Erin says:

    i’m glad carrie underwood’s finally being catty. jessica simpson is so over-exposed, and she has already made a public jab at carrie underwood. she’s only trying to cross-over to country after failing in pop.

  5. Javagirl1 says:

    “Its important to stay friends with a person you were in a long term relationship or a marriage with. Because if you wind up being enemies afterwards, you take away a part of your own life.” – Hugh Hefner

  6. Alexis says:

    The air brushing on that cover is amazing. It would be even better if they could have gotten it to look like Carrie Underwood. Are her eyes even that color?

  7. Syko says:

    I get the feeling that the little country girl is getting a tiny bit diva-ish. Success gone to the head?

  8. hello says:

    I’m not surprised. She’s vengeful. I took her when he cheats song to be more factual than fanciful.

  9. Marie says:

    If I was Romo, I would talk to Carrie too. He certainly isn’t getting any intelligent conversation from that bimbo Jessica.

  10. MISSY says:

    Ha-Ha, Damn Girl
    I think in the big picture Jessica should thank Carrie for this bit of information.

  11. czarina says:

    I think it was a class-less thing to do. No matter what anyone thinks of Jessica Simpson (and my tendency is to feel sorry for her), this was nasty and bitchy and says more about Underwood’s character than Simpson’s.
    My other question is: does Tony Romo still call Carrie Underwood? And, if so, he certainly has some explaining to do (and, if Jessica has any backbone, some grovelling!)

  12. chamalla says:

    I find myself annoyed even looking at pictures of BOTH Jessica and Carrie, so Romo suffers in my esteem by association. I don’t really care which blonde Southern girl he’s courting, but if there was a girlie throwdown, my money would be on Simpson.

  13. Victoria says:

    Well, it has been known, that the Romo’s preferred Carrie over Jessica. That has been on every internet site for months. He has been prodded be his parents to call her for weeks and weeks. Probably why Jessica pulled that pregnancy stunt ( if it is true ). Maybe she is worried that he will run back to Carrie. Doesn’t she know in Hollywood Land it won’t matter?? Carrie if you are serious, you better start texting every day.

  14. jm says:

    Honestly everyone, get your panties out of a bunch. Carrie’s said before that she and Romo tried to make it work, it just didn’t work out but that she’s still a Dallas Cowboys fan and there aren’t hard feelings. Doesn’t sound catty or bi-yatchy to me. So I don’t take her comments here that way. Relax. Whatever you think of her, the girl can sing.

  15. AE says:

    Victoria and JM: Jessica is too easy a target and I doubt Underwood put the hit on her because there’s any interest between Romo and Underwood. What she did is called career building off other celebrities and trying to take out any competition. Instead, she’s come across as one very cold and scary nasty bitch. There’s nothing sweet, fun or pleasant sounding about Underwood. I preordered Jessica’s album today because now I’m curious about why Underwood is so concerned.

  16. Nudgie says:


    You have Jessica and Carrie.

    One – you can talk to. One you can have sex with.

    Of COURSE he talks to Carrie 🙂

  17. rabid fan says:

    Romo is a lucky shit, 2 hot blondes competing for him. Way to go Romo. If i had to choose between the @ of them, I would take both. Maybe Carrie is hoping all 3 could hook up!!!!!!!

  18. rabid fan says:

    🙄 🙄 :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: 😆 😆 😈 😈 😀

  19. Tess says:

    I know for a fact that this article is true. Tony is calling her. I guess Carrie got tired of the media pitting her against Jess saying she is trying to take Tony when the fact is “he is calling her” so she doesn’t always pick up. She is a bit tired of the show he is putting on. Either dump Jessica or quite calling me. Its plain and simple. She’s onto him. You can’t have Jessica for the dating and me for the marrying. Its terrible of Tony to have Carrie on the Bench and Carrie knows what he is doing. His heart is with Carrie but he is dating his “crush” cause he is not ready for committment. Carrie is a good girl and she aint sleepin with no man with out a committment. Too many diseases ect. and its just plain slutty. They met at the wrong time. He getting a contract and her touring. So that doesn’t change the fact that Carrie is “the one the has his heart”

  20. anna says:

    ae- come on! you are stuck with some crappy simpson album now hoe! please simpson took multiple swipes at carrie, from that veggie tshirt incident to other magazine swipes to stealing her guy probably. jessica is useless, why do u feel sorry for her she always gets into scandals to make money tehy way u are describing. carrie underwood is clean of scandal and has her shit together. dumb! thats all she can do she is talentless.

  21. stephanie says:

    I hate Jessica and love Carrie! Carrie is beautiful and talented, Jessica relies on her dumbness and big boobs for everything. I hate that every time I see a picture of Jessica she has her huge trap wide open, she must think it’s sexy but she actually looks like an idiot. Shut your trap and keep putting out, ho!

  22. Jackie says:

    I’m glad Carrie is FINALLY getting a little catty and standing up for herself. I still don’t believe that she was being THAT catty though. More just stating a fact. Tony has admitted that he and Carrie still talk. Jessica has been stiring up trouble from the beginning because she THOUGHT Carrie was trying to steal Tony back, when she wasn’t, and Carrie sat back and let it all happen. Now Jessica is starting to realize that “attacking” Carrie isn’t the smartest thing to do considering she’d trying to make a crossover into country music. The only part that really gets under my skin is that Jessica is playing it up like she’s the one being attacked here. Am I the only one that remembers all the stunts Jessica pulled in the beginning of this all??

  23. lindsey says:

    jackie im so with you there. jessica’s “real girls eat meat”shirt she knew what she was implying and yes it was directly to carrie,the bimbo denies it but com’on she knew…all carrie said he calls..and she took it to another level on live country radio…she agrees with the dj carrie is unclassy, she calls her a lair and says no he doesnt because she checks his call log..okay bitch is pyscho…(guys not all girls are like this i promise..she gives us a bad name)then she says if tony wants carrie then he would be with her..did it occur to her that maybe it wasnt tonys decision carrie doesnt want him back…jessica is catty,threatened, insecure, jealous,envious of carrie because carrie has the whole package the beauty,talent,success,respect,acknowledgment, and smart and educated of course this overrated bitch is jealous romo had a good thing and he let it go and jessica knows it. people to me wearing a shirt that is clearly mocking carrie,calling her unclassy and a liar and then to make it seem like carrie is the one hung up on tony “with hed be with her if he wanted to” how do you say carrie is the catty one and jessica is innocent….jessica is a skanky dirty bitch who will never be carrie she may have the man and she can keep him he aint even a catch but carrie has the goods…in talent beauty and success…jessica just shut up and suck tonys d!ck thats all you can do…”real girls are successful and can sing”…go away wannabe country gal…

  24. CowboyJohn-Brad says:

    With THOSE big boobs,Carrie can lasso this handsome black Canadian lad and tie me to her bed ANY DAY AND NIGHT!!!!(So
    can Jessica,so how ’bout two
    buxom blonde babes?Save a horse,ride handsome black cowboy John-Brad!!!!)

  25. CowboyJohn-Brad says:

    Either of those two blonde Southern girls
    can date THIS handsome black Canuck lad!!!