Heavy Kirstie Alley on the Enquirer cover: Fair game or leave her alone?

Kirstie Alley launched that “Organic Liaison” weight loss “program” about a year ago, and many pointed out that the vitamins and cranberry water she’s shilling are similar to the supplements Scientology uses in their rituals, which of course Alley denied. Alley claimed last September to have lost 50 pounds, and she released a heavily Photoshopped picture in which her legs were mysteriously absent to “prove” that her program worked. Then we saw a candid photograph that showed that she hadn’t lost as much weight as she’d claimed. Now the National Enquirer is calling her out on the cover, and saying she still weighs 220 pounds. (She said she was 230 pounds just last year when her reality show premiered.)

I’ll echo Kaiser’s sentiments on Kristie’s weight: a lot of us struggle with our weight and we are not mocking Kirstie for gaining the weight back. We are calling out Kirstie for selling an expensive and ineffective diet program that’s a front for a cult, and for continuing to make her weight an issue in every venture she’s involved in. She even has a Twitter-style weight-loss social network website called “Phitter.”

Before I excerpt some of the Enquirer’s story, I just want to say that the photo they’re using on this week’s cover was probably taken back in October of last year, because she’s wearing the same shirt as in these photos. (Unless she’s just wearing that same shirt again. We don’t have access to all the photo agencies, but among the ones we use there haven’t been photos of Kirstie in some time.) Inside, the Enquirer has some blurry photos of Kirstie at a Zumba event in Kansas on December 20, and shopping at a Target on New Year’s day. She’s still around the same size she was last year. A source claims that Kirstie has been “hiding out in Kansas and Florida” to avoid the paparazzi.

“She lied about her weight a year ago on her reality TV show by saying she was 230 pounds when she actually weighed 250 pounds. And although she’s lost some weight, it’s not even close to what she had hoped…

“Kirstie yo-yoed throughout the year, and while she claims to weight about 160 pounds, she’s really at 221,” the source divulged.

The star tried to hide her body underneath baggy clothing while shopping at a Target store in Florida on Dece. 20. She wore a fitted top at a Zumba fitness event in Whichita, Kan., on New Year’s Day, but appeared very heavy – and sources say she’s devastated at her failure to slim down.

“Even though she weighed herself on her reality show early last year, those closest to Kirstie show the scale was way off her true weight. Since then, she’s been hiding out in Kansas and Florida,” claimed the source.

[From The National Enquirer, print edition, January 24, 2011]

There’s more in the Enquirer about how Kirstie feels like a failure and like she’s “washed up.” After reading this story I felt sorry for Kirstie, but then I remembered that this woman pitched her diet program on Oprah, that she personally attacks anyone who dares question her, and that she repeatedly lies and stretches the truth to deceive the public. Anyone who questions Scientology is “fair game” and so is Kirstie.

These are the last candids I can find of Kirstie, from 10/1/10. She looks like she’s lost weight here. Credit: Fame Pictures




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  1. Rita says:

    Leave her alone! She’s worked and worked to loose weight but its genetic and biological. I feel bad for people who have this problem.

  2. brin says:

    Definitely fair game. When she wants to take the weight off, she is everywhere (and she is pretty obnoxious no matter what her size), so she has to learn to deal with it when she is overweight, the paps aren’t going away.

  3. LindaR says:

    I say leave her alone only because she is still trying to be relevant by exploiting other overweight people by selling them snake oil to lose weight. Ignore her. She’s a foul-mouthed, obnoxious jerk.

  4. happygirl says:

    I used to love her on Cheers. I think she should be left alone. Poor woman. Seems like she’s probably tried just about everything.

  5. Nanea says:

    Her $cientologist vitamins still don’t do the trick?

    Maybe she should try to eat real fruit and vegs instead?

    People like her who go out of the way to badmouth others are fair game.

  6. mln76 says:

    Fair game, she shouldn’t have put out the shopped photo and tried to sell that Scieno crap. It sucks to struggle with weight but the actual issue is that she is trying to defraud people.

  7. voodoobetty says:

    sorry Rita there is nothing genetic about shoving burgers into your face. She simply lacks self control as do 90% of overweight people. We have to stop making so many excuses for being lazy and out of control.

  8. Courtney says:

    Um she’s not the only overweight actress in hollywood only the most obnoxious. the tabs don’t go after Kathy Bates about her weight probably because she’s won major film awards including the granddaddy of them all the Academy award for best actress

  9. citysuede says:

    @voodoo – try strapping 100 hard cover books to your body and walk around like that for a couple of days, then come back and tell us how lazy overweight people are.

    Kirstie – just get gastric by pass surgery. clearly, you qualify – and you weight quite a bit more than 220. that is a very low estimate.

  10. Wif says:

    voodoo betty, the medical establishment is in the process of making a switch from the idea that overweight people are lazy and out of control. (This is based on a documentary I heard on CBC’s White Coat, Black Arts program). If that were simply the case the problem wouldn’t be so rampant. Overweight people (currently 25% of the Canadian population…but it’s cold up here) are contributing members of the society (or everything would clearly fall apart) so you could hardly call them lazy. There is something else going on, and no research yet to determine what that is, and the medical establishment is disheartened and confused that even after it helps people, the problem re-emerges for most. So they are shifting towards a disease perspective in treatment and care.

    Just thought you may want to know so you can drop the hateful tone.

  11. malachais says:

    I wish Kirstie would get it together, I’m not even a fan but she is actually a very beautiful woman. @Voodoobetty, there are people who have obesity in their genes. I don’t know all the technical terms, but yes I agree that obesity wouldn’t be an excuse to pig out. It is difficult to change habits, depression can also be a reason why she over eats.

  12. LittleFATMe says:

    First off – she is more than she admits, even at the highest number. I was 255 before my WW journey and I am a short girl – I know what 255 looks like on 5’3″ so I know that 230 should look better on taller people.
    Second – if she gained the weight and was like, “I am big, I try to be healthy and I embrace my curves.” I would say old news, and that everyone should move on. She isn’t like that, instead she keeps lying about losing, or doing shows, or hocking diets… People can’t move one, ’cause she can’t.
    I would like to add that to instantly say “LAZY” is wrong, I was big, and I had serious emotional damage – it all played a part in how much I weighed, I didn’t know that at the time, at the time all I thought was, “what is wrong with me.” I have since realized that there were (and are) things wrong, but simply being lazy was not one of them.
    BTW – I have been on WW for 7 months, I have not eaten a fast food meal in those months, I have not binged in that time, I work out A LOT and I have lost 67.3 pounds to date. Still, a lot of the issues are life long, I have just learned new (healthy) coping skils.
    I still have a lot of work to do, but knowing I am healthier and on the right track is awesome. A before and after, if you are interested:

  13. meg says:

    While there are people who have truly genetic problems, those problems are usually evident very early in life. They don’t just crop up when you’re depressed or older!! That is an excuse to not take care of yourself and while our society does not make it easy to follow a healthy lifestyle- it is possible, with discipline!

  14. Scarlet Vixen says:

    @voodoo: Um…where have you been? It’s been made very clear that some people have a genetic predisposition to gaining weight and difficulty losing it. Some people just have a much slower metabolism–just like some people have crazy fast metabolisms and difficulty gaining weight & keeping it on. I’m not saying that Kirstie isn’t a burger binger–I don’t know. But not everyone who has weight issues is a flat slob who just eats doritos and watches Judge Judy all day.

  15. *-* says:

    Leave her alone.. they’re hunting these troubled stars like some wild animals.

    At the same time they’re sucking up to “powerful” stars to the point I can’t even finish articles without feeling nauseous.

  16. lilred says:

    @ LittleFATME- woohoo way to go. Congratulations.

  17. Delta Juliet says:

    I have mixed emotions about Kirstie. I do agree she is super obnoxious when she loses weight. It’s like she’s become a one trick pony…all she talks about is weight. If she’d go back to acting, regardless of her size, she wouldn’t be so bad.

    What always bothers me about her is she looks like she doesn’t wash, and wears clothes that don’t flatter her at all. There are plenty of overweight women who don’t look as sloppy as her. And with her money, she could do much better. She’s probably got issues with depression.

  18. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    That woman is not 220 lbs.. more like 320 lbs… I get so mad when she claims she is 220. She is really tall and to have the weight on her chest, arms,legs, butt and belly like that, she is heavier.

    However, I do wish she gets healthy…

  19. samihami says:

    @Littelfatme–congrats on your weight loss! You look so pretty!

  20. Jacq says:

    I don’t think anyone would care if she was built like a tanker, if she’d just stop busting out every few years like, “Look how much weight I’ve lost, everyone!”
    @Littlefatme: Keep it up! Congrats on your success, it doesn’t come without dedication and hard work.

    @Voodoo Betty: Shame on you, you soulless bitch. If you think 90% of fat people shove burgers in their mouths, it would serve you well to remember that 100% of ignorant people have their foot in there.

  21. Justaposter says:

    Maybe we should encourage her to brush her hair first..

    Small steps people! Small steps!

  22. martin says:

    C’mon here, Kirstie, I still love ya!

  23. someone says:

    back in the “look whos talking” days, I thought she was beautiful..if she has chosen to stay fat..thats her buisness..I say leave her alone!

  24. LittleFATMe says:

    Thanks, y’all! 😉

  25. lucy2 says:

    If she were just living her life, I’d say leave her alone, it’s sucks to be struggling with that and I can’t imagine going through it in tabloids.
    But she has made her ENTIRE career about her weight. She’s constantly promoting different programs, but rarely seems to show any results, so yeah people are going to call her on it. She needs to quit trying to be a spokesperson, or get serious and address all the issues leading to this point (which CoS probably discourages her from doing).

  26. leuce7 says:

    It’s super insulting for those of us who have medical conditions that exacerbate weight problems to hear “you’re just lazy” from people who have no idea what they’re talking about. Not only do we have to struggle with the weight and all the issues accompanying it, we also have to put up with the BS of judgy people, and not everyone is confident or strong enough to ignore it for the tripe it is.

    And, having a genetic predisposition doesn’t necessarily mean it will show up early in life–just ask anyone with thyroid disease (the one that makes you gain weight). That doesn’t really show up in kids.

    @LittleFATMe: Awesome job, keep it up! I’m still struggling to lose the 20 lbs I put on after a hospital stay and new meds two years ago; you are my inspiration!

    Now, off to the gym!

  27. I Choose Me says:

    Congrats LittleFATMe. You look great!

  28. tia says:

    Geez, why are people sooooooooooooo
    mean to fat people. Society treats them as if they are lazy scum of the earth. It is so sad, I feel so sorry for someone who is overweight when I see them, I have seen people laughing and pointing like they are some freak in a sideshow.. Poor Kirstie.. BE NICE PEOPLE.. some people can’t help they are overweight.. they aren’t leppers..

  29. Jezi says:

    Leave her alone!!! It’s her life, if she chooses to be overweight and unhealthy, that’s on her. It takes hard work and dedication to be in shape. Perhaps she suffers from depression, that would be an issue. We just don’t know what she’s dealing with in her private life.

  30. LittleFATMe says:

    @leuce7 – Thanks, medical conditions played into my weight as well, and ever changing medications as they tried to diagnose and treat at the same time. It’s been hard, and easy – kind of hard to say. People assuming certainly hurt me, but I think through my journey I have let that go. People are ass hats, some on purpose and some just because. 🙂 Good luck. There is an awesome online weight loss community, Youtube and blogs, people who are kind and helpful. So if you are working on 20, 110 (like me) or more… there is help and understanding out there!

  31. dovesgate says:

    I’m around the same height and weight as Kirstie and yes, thats what 220ish lbs looks like. Her arms are actually smaller than mine since I went up to 264 a few years ago and haven’t really toned them up since. Seems to be no point – working out my arms just makes them bigger, not smaller. 🙁
    She is such a gorgeous woman at any size. I wish she’d learn to love herself as she is instead of constantly yo-yoing (which only slows her metabolism!).

    And to the person who said she should just go get gastric bypass – why should she mutilate her body in the quest to be thin? Go find the support boards for people who have done it and just read. There’s some Stephen King type stuff in there that I don’t think anyone should have to go through unless its absolutely a matter of life or death. While a big gal, she’s not at that point and simply needs to learn “All things in moderation” instead of going to all-or-nothing extremes with her dieting.

  32. sapphire says:

    I have to call her out-shill all you want, lie to the press, be abusive but don’t expect people to go all Emperor’s New Clothes on you.

  33. Working says:

    Congrats LittleFatMe, you look fantastic! Now perhaps you should think of changing your name… 🙂

  34. Kloops says:

    Fair game. She talks about her weight non-stop and is shilling an expensive and useless weight loss product that, allegedly, profits her and a cult. If she wants people to stop talking about her weight she needs to take it out of the discussion and stop shilling. I’d happily stop talking about her as I find her completely annoying and talentless.

  35. Scarlet Vixen says:

    imdb.com says she’s 5’71/2″, so I buy that she’s around 220lbs. She’s never been a really thin woman–I remember she had some weight issues even in her Cheers days. So, I’ll give her some credit for trying to lose weight when her body probably doesn’t want to cooperate. But, if she didn’t want to be analyzed, criticized, etc. for her weight issues she maybe shouldn’t open up the dialogue herself again and again.

  36. Miss Bitch says:

    Her worthless crap is on shelves everywhere, and she’s making money off a lie that she’s selling to vulnerable women. I say FAIR GAME. If she doesn’t like being scrutinized, she can stop selling her product.

    Side note: she should keep that fat guy in the picture next to her at all times. It really slims her out. Maybe she should squeeze him into a bottle and sell it.

  37. Sandy says:

    I thought she left scientology years ago. Did she go back?

  38. DGO says:

    I feel sorry for her. I think you’ve gotta be really messed up in the head to be involved with Scientology.

  39. Miss Bitch says:

    …and trust me, I’m no willow myself. I have sarcoidosis, which keeps me down most days., on top of a severe case of hypothyroidism. I’m doing everything I can to keep the weight off (within reason), so I am not intolerant of people who struggle with weight. I also don’t have a book or product on the market and I don’t prey on desperate people.

  40. guesty says:

    She has fabulous hair. Gotta go with fair game tho due to her weight loss program.

  41. jc126 says:

    Her real weight – no idea, and it doesn’t matter, she’s big. I think a lot of people don’t believe they’re as big as they are until they see a photo.
    I think Kirstie’s #1 problem is that she believes in that $ci. crap. Until she stops believing in that drivel, she’ll operate under delusions, not reality.
    My other opinion is that Kirstie is the type of person who needs structure in her life, a schedule, not empty days where she gets bored and can indulge her hedonistic tendencies, lounge around and do nothing.

  42. Judy says:

    @LittleFatMe: Great job–you already look like a different person! And I’ve never been a Kirstie Alley fan–find her completely obnoxious and it wouldn’t matter what weight she was. The only time I’ve ever liked her was on Cheers.

  43. Amandahugandkiss says:

    Ugh. Fair Game until she stops pushing that bullying, murdering, organised crime syndicate called Scientology on people.

  44. jdao says:

    Leave her alone.

  45. Bopa says:

    When she started the weight loss website she became fair game.

  46. voodoobetty says:

    wow – try reading a whole comment people. I said 90% of overweight people are this way because they lack self control and are lazy and I mean lazy in their eating habits.

    Its amazing how you fatties want to sit on your mobility scooters and wait for some medical research study to tell you that its not your fault that you are fat.

    Do you see tons of fat people in places like Japan, China, Nordic countries? No you don’t and its because of their diets and lifestyle. Overweight nations like the US are highly populated by people who are uneducated about proper diet choices or simply lack willpower to stick to them.

    America has become a nation of people who want to have it all and do nothing for it. They want to eat eat eat and not take responsibility for the weight they gain.

    I stick by my initial comment.

  47. lola lola says:

    She has the most beautiful hair!

  48. melinda says:

    Who in their right mind would buy her diet product?!

  49. Kate says:



  50. javagirl1 says:

    It really is a shame Scientology has such a crazy side to it. There are some good things about Scientology technology, but they are overshadowed by nonsense like xenu and “fair game.”
    I don’t know much about their diet program or whatever, but I really can’t praise their Narconon/Criminon program enough. I think the reason these programs are successful, is that the crazy parts of Scientology are left out.

  51. Greenraygirl says:

    I’m guessing the dude in the T-shirt and shorts must be her personal trainer.

  52. JM says:

    I’d say leave her alone if she would leave us alone. Stop making your career out of how much weight you’ve lost, gained back, lost, gained back…

    I agree, she should watch what goes into her mouth but no matter how much weight she loses, she will never have her 20 year old body back. The woman just turned 60. It’ll take twice the effort or more just to maintain where she is now, let alone lose.

    And as for VoodooBetty’s “90% of fat people are lazy” comment, that’s a bit harsh. Obesity has been a long growing problem in the US and many feel it is because of all the hormones, additives & preservatives that are now so prominant in the food supply. If it hasn’t affected you yet, be greatful but based on the nasty tone you used, I’m guessing you are in your teens or early 20’s. Come back in 20 years and see if you still feel the same way.

  53. TeeTee says:

    Fair game, she lies..

    my bestie, fell for her and those vitamins, she was “Kirstie this” and “Kirstie that”…

    she finally decided that “what works for Kirstie, may not work for her”..

    I did not say anything, she wasted over 200.00 bucks getting things from Kirstie the weight loss Guru..yeah right.

  54. December says:

    @ voodoobetty – it seems you’ve never had the hardship of struggling with your weight, have you?

  55. KCT says:

    I still burns me up that Oprah went in with Nate Berkus and remodeled Kirstie’s kitchen years ago when she first started losing weight. Why do the wealthy give to the wealthy what they can already afford? Such a waste!

    ANYWAY, I always thought Kirstie was so pretty and funny in the past…but everything now is always laced with sarcasm. I suppose that’s her defense mechanism.

    I agree, she should just quiet down and live her life with some dignity. And yes, if she put a little effort into her hygeine and wear clothes she CAN afford, she would look a thousand times better. Then, fat or not, the only media attention she would get would be everyone saying how great she looks.

  56. Crash2GO2 says:

    While it is true that some medical conditions will predispose you to putting on weight, and some genetic conditions will do the same, the vast majority of over weight people are over weight because they take in too many calories and expend too few.

  57. WOM says:

    #13, LittleFATME — good for you! I just clicked over to your blog and you look wonderful!

    Re: Alley, I think she’s fair game because she put her weight out in the public domain. She was in “Fat Actress”, was the spokesperson for a diet company, and now she’s trying to make money off her own ill-conceived Scientology diet/pill regime.

  58. mariangela says:

    I have mixed feelings about her weight gain. Yes I feel sorry for her because I think everyone out there knows how much it sucks when you carry some extra weight. But unfortunately if you’re gonna want attention from everyone when you lose the weight, you gotta accept it when you receive attention when you gain weight.

    She has become this exaggeration of herself. I honestly believe that she could lose some weight if she did it the bloody healthy way: eat less and was more active.

    She needs a hobby so she doesn’t spend her days eating. I know from personal experience, the busier I keep myself, the less likely I am to indulge or get bored and binge.

    And on the view of obesity being due to genetics, yes that may be true but I do believe ALOT of overweight people use that excuse for why they carry extra weight instead of the fact they eat WAY too much food.

    @littlefatme : you look fabulous, and like another commenter said you need a new name 🙂
    I have a blog about weight loss although I seem to have a lot of pro ana followers whose behaviour I do not support. You need to have a healthy relationship to food. Everything in moderation.

  59. DoMaJoReMc says:

    @leuce7: Good for you for trying to be a healthier ‘YOU’! Try this fitness site, it is free, and it is almost like Facebook for weight loss and fitness (and the support is tremendous!):

    @littleFATme: You look amazing, congratulations on your hard work, dedication and commitment! NOWWWW, it’s time to change your user name! Keep up the GREAT work! : )

  60. sluggo says:

    Agree 100 PERCENT with voodoobetty and Crash2GO2. There ARE some medical and genetic conditions which cause/predispose you to put on weight (thyroid, steroids, metabolism, etc) but that is not what was being dissed here. What WAS: people who eat too much and exercise too little. And there are many, MANY people out there who do just that. So many, that it’s fairly common to see a knee-jerk reaction towards anyone who criticizes obesity.

    I’ve been extremely overweight at certain points in my life. Like Kirstie, I am 5’7″ and I have weighed 230 lbs. — and I’m telling you, Kirstie sure does NOT look to weigh 220 pounds. 250, 275 maybe (remember, this is a woman who’s regularly shaved at least 10-20 lbs. off her admitted weight, and is not above stooping to Photoshop to bolster her statistics). But who among us HASN’T fudged a bit on our weight? so I cannot cast a stone at her for that. It’s only human nature, and she is human.

    I was fat as a teenager because I lacked self-control. I did lose the weight through hard work/diet, only to see it skyrocket up again due to steroids (I have a degenerative spinal disease and am now handicapped). It’s a yo-yo. I’ve lost most of the weight from my last course of steroids but have about 20 lbs. to go before I’ll be happy with the results.

    Which leads me to my main point: Because of my handicap, I frequently need to use the motorized scooters which are provided in supermarkets and other large stores. And you would not believe the amount of people who grab these scooters simply because they are obese. I’ve had scooters literally wrenched away from me by overweight people, and I’ve been told “You don’t need this — there’s nothing wrong with you!” Seriously, there is a sense of entitlement and “It’s not my fault” and worse, “You’re thinner than I am” (and I am NOT thin) “so you don’t deserve to ride instead of walk around the store.”

    Worse: I have a handicapped license plate and on several occasions, I’ve been SCREAMED at by obese people (who did NOT have a handicapped plate or placard) for taking the last handicapped parking spot! Because they NEED it and DESERVE it!

    So … I am extremely sympathetic towards people whose overweight is caused by forces beyond their control. It happens. It’s rough. There are millions of people who suffer because of this. They deserve understanding/sympathy, and too often, they don’t get it.

    But DO NOT expect me to pity people whose major disability is not being able to control their bodies because exercise is too much work, or it’s too difficult to say no to food. That is NOT a disability, it is NOT a handicap, it is NOT a condition which needs special treatment (unless you consider a diet special treatment).

    And I feel even less sympathy for someone like Kirstie, who seems to have carved out a second career on the unfortunate backs of people who ARE desperate to lose weight and regain control of their lives; who is using snake-oil and COS propaganda to do so; then turns around and lies like a rug about her own weight loss AND her program to control it.


  61. sassy says:

    you look great “littlefatme”! you’ll have to change your name to “littlesexyme”!!
    congrats! 🙂

  62. LittleFATMe says:

    Thank you everyone, and to those who mentioned a name change –
    That’s funny because I think I will change my name, but only after all the weight is off. Also funny because I made a comment about an NFL guy who then commented back and I was like, OH HELL NO! Had I known you would ever see my cyber shanty I would have named myself littlesexyhello! Instead of littleFATme – 🙂 lol

  63. Mary Jane says:

    I’d say “leave her aloine” if not for the fact that she’s shilling this dreck.
    I liked Kirstie alot throughout “Cheers” and thought she was stunning (e’en during her “bloated” times – great figure). She still has a really beautiful face (although I prefer her darker-haired — with those blue eyes… like a younger Meg Foster [Forster?]) but I really think she should stop wearing muu-muus that only accentuate her weight (pay for a freakin’ stylist!!!).
    I’m a Skinny Malink and I would gladly take about 20 lbs. of Kirstie’s weight (although not in a bag of lipo-suctioned fat – hahaha! Gotta watch “Baseketball” now!).

  64. Kiska says:

    Jesus! She looks proportionate in what my endocrinologist would say “good fat”

    People are mean to fat people or at very least treat them like they are invisible. I’ve been both thin and heavy and the difference in how I was treated by others was quite significant. What gets me is that people see a heavy person and instantly consider them lazy or lacking self control. Far from the truth. When I was at my heaviest I was following a restricted diet and working out every damn day. It wasn’t until I found out I had PCOS that it wasn’t due to lack of self control or stuffing my face.
    ANYWAY, this whole bashing of bigger women makes me ANGRY!!!!!

  65. original kate says:

    i couldn’t care less about kirstie alley, but it does irritate me beyond words that most of the famous people who get picked on for being fat are women: kirstie, raven simone, delta burke, the chick from “precious” (too lazy to look up her name), hilary clinton, etc. even when they are barely chubby they are called fat. where are the “look how fat he is!” covers with john goodman, val kilmer, vince vaughan, rush limbaugh,
    and so on. oh right, they’re men, so it’s okay that they can’t see their dicks and their boobs are bigger than mine.

  66. JenJen says:

    I like Kirstie because she reminds me of my smart-alleck friend but only in small doses. I thought her show was pretty good but she can be so arrogant on twitter acting like she leading her troops,I stopped following her long ago.

  67. Should be working says:

    Keep up the good work, LittleFATMe! 🙂

  68. Hmmm says:

    I wonder if she’s tried a gastric bypass.

    I want her hair.

  69. Paula says:


    Voodoobetty wrote:
    “Do you see tons of fat people in places like Japan, China, Nordic countries? No you don’t and its because of their diets and lifestyle. Overweight nations like the US are highly populated by people who are uneducated about proper diet choices or simply lack willpower to stick to them.”

    Read the scientifically grounded work on obesity by Gary Taubes and you might rethink that final part. Saying people get fat because they overeat is like saying people become alcoholics because they drink too much. The big question is WHY people overeat. I can’t summarize Taubes’ conclusions in a few short sentences, but the answer lies in macronutrients, specifically easily digested carbs combined with fat and how they alter the hormones that regulate eating and metabolism.

    Our government is making the problem worse by letting cereal companies put “heart-smart” on boxes of Fruit Loops and other sweetened kiddie cereals just because they contain a touch of whole grain. This is the same US government and mainstream medical community that told us for decades that margarines made from hydrogenated oils were better for us than butter. Food stamps and WIC are horrible. Until recently, WIC could not be used to purchase fresh produce, and even now, the maximum limit is something like $6. Food stamps, whose stated purpose is to provide NUTRITION (not merely caloric energy), can be used for almost any foodstuff except alcohol. The number #1 ingredient in infant formula is corn syrup solids, and about half of all infant formula sold in the US is through the WIC program, our tax dollars hard at work damaging the metabolisms of the youngest poor Americans. No wonder we’re the fattest folks in the OECD.

  70. hellen says:

    Sadly, I feel she’s fair game because of all the fake weight loss crap and the anger and snottiness toward anyone who doesn’t agree with her. I’d respect her (and urge people to just let her alone) if she showed any sincerity about weight loss and healthy living, instead of using her personal weight drama for attention and self-promotion.

  71. L! says:

    As Americans we have an extremely unhealthy view of food. Starting with our portion sizes. Eek! No wonder people are fat.

    Oh, and Kirstie Alley’s fair game because she’s trying to swindle woman who have probably already spent bunches of money, time, and REAL effort trying to lose weight healthily.

  72. BRE says:

    Everyone in Wichita, Kansas knows where she lives, it’s two houses away from the Scientology center in the nicer older area of town. She gets annoyed that people drive by her house but she is on a major road. She was featured in our local business journal and her friends in town act like she has done so much to increase business here…not sure how, she doesn’t do anything! Barry Sanders does more for Wichita than her.

  73. Jayna says:

    She’s always photographed in California at her beautiful home in California. So how is she living in Wichita? Maybe she visits there.

  74. hairball says:

    @Paula: I agree with you. People need to be held accountable for their actions. However, there is SOMETHING to WHY so many people are obese.

    When someone is an alcoholic, they don’t face the absolute scorn over-weight people face for eating too much.

    I do really believe for the very heavy/obese, it is a complicated addiction that they have no idea how to handle.

  75. hairball says:

    @littleFATMe: Congratulations! I went to your blog. Gorgeous dress!

  76. CB Rawks says:

    “People are mean to fat people or at very least treat them like they are invisible. I’ve been both thin and heavy and the difference in how I was treated by others was quite significant.”

    @Kiska, You’re absolutely correct. I have been both thin and heavy and you learn fast which people in your life are actually good people, and which are painfully shallow assholes.

  77. skeptical says:

    Team sluggo
    Sluggo is correct.
    i realize SOME overweight people are fat because they have various medical conditions that make weight gain constant and weight loss nearly impossible.
    i highly doubt that ALL fat people are fat because of those disorders.
    no one put a gun to your head to inhale 5 servings of whatever cereal. You DO have some choice here.
    also.. no amount of bad food is a valid excuse to sit on one’s butt all day and refuse to do exercise of any sort.

    Get thee on youtube and look up a show called The Truth about Food: How To Stay Slim.
    They even showed the whole “fat people have slow metabolisms” is a lie.

    i have also seen the rudeness of hugely obese people being greedy with the scooters. and how they keep those scooters away from a skinnier person who is visibly limping. They don’t even notice anything beyond body size.
    Same with the parking spaces.

    if you weight more than you want to, then you are eating more than you need to. Excess weight must be maintained too.

  78. rottenkitty says:

    First, we know there’s a genetic component to weight gain. The Pima Indian studies proved it.

    Secondly, there have been studies done that showed that people with a tendency to be overweight often under-estimated how many calories they were consuming because they don’t release the chemicals that tell the brain the stomach is full. (Sorry I can’t remember the name of the chemical atm.)

    Also, antidepressants can cause weight gain. Pregnancy can change a woman’s metabolism. Stress can affect eating patterns as well as cause the body to hoard fat. Endless cycles of dieting only exacerbate these issues.

    It’s ridiculous with the wealth of information about the nature of this issue, that there are still people saying overweight people are lazy.

    And yes, it would be great if it were as easy to lose weight as just dieting, but as a nation we spend billions and billions of dollars every year and have only succeeded in getting fatter. Clearly, the subject of food and weight is far more complicated than that.

    And that said, if you make your weight the issue you are known for, and you make claims for weight loss that you didn’t actually get, and try to profit by convincing other people to buy products you say helped you achieve that weight loss, then I say it isn’t out of line to be called on your b.s.

  79. Jeri says:

    She made her weight a public topic. She went on Oprah to announce her diet, again in a bathing suit (with a robe) to show her weight loss and again to annouce she was creating her own diet program (after she was publically dumped for gaining weight on Jenny Craig (or whatever program)). I may have missed some of her diet announcements.

    Can’t get more public than that.

  80. ckoch says:

    Talk to her on Twitter… you will no longer feel sorry for her. She gives the midwest a bad name. She is rude, obnoxious, and is out and out LYING to sell a product. I don’t feel sorry for her. . . not at all. I battle my weight as well. . . and I work very hard at exercising and trying to eat right. Kirstie KNOWS how to do it. She is selling a VERY, VERY expensive product that doesn’t work!!!!

  81. MITCH says:

    At 40, I try to stay in shape through persistent exercise, and walking long distances… I’ve been pretty successful at staying fit, but still can’t get this gut to completely disappear. It takes a lot of work to get thin and healthy. Having said that, I can’t imagine how hard it must be to have the entire world ridicule this fight. So what if she’s trying to make money off it? Oprah milked her weight problems for years, and she’s still fat.
    I think we tend to deride in others what we fear in ourselves.
    Leave the woman alone.

  82. ANGEL says: