Sarah Jessica Parker’s fur bathmat coat: tacky or gorgeous?


These are photos of Sarah Jessica Parker attending what I think is the opening of a play, Other Desert Cities. Forget for a second that SJP is wearing some kind of fur bathmat as a coat, and don’t look at her cheesy collar-bow dress. Just look at her face for a second – she’s put on a some much-needed weight, right? Hallelujah. She needed it, and for a moment I was just so happy to see her face looking slightly more “filled out”.

Now, back to the outfit. How hideous is it? Really? I mean, that looks like real fur – and it has to be one of the tackiest fur coats I’ve ever seen. If you’re going to spend all that money slaughtering furry animals, don’t you want the coat to LOOK good? And then the cardigan and the bow and the dress… eh.

In other SJP news, she was spotted touring the triplex penthouse apartment where Heath Ledger died. Like, she might move in. Is that weird? Or is it just New York real estate?

Sarah Jessica Parker is eyeing a move into the New York City apartment building where Heath Ledger died.

The Sex and the City star toured the $20 million triplex penthouse on Broome St. in SoHo. Inside the 19th century cast-iron building is 7,634 square feet with two bedrooms and three and a half bathrooms, two kitchens and two home offices. The master-bedroom suite has two dressing areas and the large terrace space includes a hot tub, an outdoor shower and dining areas.

SJP is looking to move now that her family has expanded, reports The New York Post. She and her husband Matthew Broderick welcomed twins via surrogate in June 2009. They also have a son, James Wilke, 8. Heath had been living in a rented apartment in the building when he died of a drug overdose in January 2008.

[From Star Magazine]

What is the line about New York real estate? It’s from 30 Rock: “It’s like check-in at an Italian airport, there are no rules.” Should the $20 million apartment (!) where Heath died be forever some kind of memorial to him, or should life (and real estate) move on? Eh. I think it’s fine. Also, that apartment sounds awesome.




Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Jackson says:

    Eww. She looks ridiculous and I hope no animals died to make her look that foolish. And those shoes are a joke.

  2. Shay says:

    She is hideous. Not just for the fur. To think that an animal dies for such ghastly humans.

  3. Bubbling says:

    I think it’s just NY real estate, I mean what should we do? Life goes on…I’m so sorry, I like the fur batman coat, how bad is that? Though I hope it’s faux fur. On the other hand those Louis XIV shoes are mad fug

  4. brin says:

    It looks like she just threw on whatever was lying around…what a mess! I hope no animal had to die for that “bathmat” either.

  5. Squirrel says:

    It must be the current economy…. even the furs now come from anorexics. I also am tied on whether the part-time fur or the medieval court jester shoes are worse. Whichever, I hope neither make it into mainstream fashion any time soon.

  6. Rita says:

    “wearing some kind of fur bathmat as a coat, and don’t look at her cheesy collar-bow dress”

    “How hideous is it?”

    “tackiest fur coats I’ve ever seen”

    “spend all that money slaughtering furry animals”

    “Tacky or Gorgeous?” Apparently your question was rhetorical.

  7. Kaiser says:

    Rita – I like to give people a choice!

  8. Rose says:

    I don’t mind about the fur but I do like how she’s aging. I know she’s totally botoxed that furrow away from between her eye brows but other than that she seems to have not messed with too much else. Good on her

  9. Sara says:

    If she gained 10 lbs., her face would fill out and decrease the wrinkles naturally. Even in SATC episodes from 1999 when she is only about 30 years old, she looks underweight.

  10. happygirl says:

    I’d like to see a rabbit walking around with an SJP coat on. Please stop killing animals to look so ridiculous.

  11. Solveig says:

    I didn’t know that in Italy’s there were no rules at the check-in. Yes, usually here people don’t get scanned to see their crotchs and vadges and nobody asks you the uber intelligent questions “are you carrying guns in your luggage?” or “are you a terrorist?” while landing… Jeez, how I hate those dumb clichés.
    Back to SJP’s fur, it’s a fur and it can’t be nothing but tacky and vulgar.
    I don’t see beauty in an item that comes from animals that are skinned alive.

  12. Arianna says:

    why does she continuously line the inner part of her lower eyelash line– IT MAKES YOUR EYES SMALLER.
    sjp already has tiny eyes, why are you doing this! ugh!

    for some reason though i think she looks better than usual– not the outfit but her skin and face.

  13. Rita says:


    Root Canal or Vadge Slurpy?

  14. Roma says:

    I think the cardigan/bow is part of the jacket. You can tell by the cuffs attached at the sleeve and how the shoulder pieces interact.

    In summation: someone designed it that way on purpose. Insane.

  15. brin says:


  16. Whatever says:

    The coat is hideous, like most of her style. As for the apartment, just the way it is in real estate. Think of it, unless you built your home, someone likely died in it at some time in the past. The only difference is the attention Heath’s case got and that he was famous.

  17. sauvage says:

    I like the coat.

  18. Azurea says:

    I think that’s a fur VEST over a separate coat.

  19. I Choose Me says:

    They make sleeveless fur coats? I like the idea of fur coats. I’m a sensual person, I just love the feel of different textures and fur always looks so soft and luxurious but I don’t want animals dying in horrific ways just so I can have that experience. However, as a meat eater, (mostly chicken and sometimes pork) I refuse to judge others who do wear fur.

  20. Marie says:

    I have always found SJP homely and that fur thing just makes her even more. Blech.

  21. Cheyenne says:

    I don’t mind about the fur, but the coat is just plain ugly.

  22. sapphire says:

    I hope it’s artificial otherwise it’s ugly enough to justify extinction.

  23. guesty says:

    Tacky. I love fur but this is hideous.

  24. grace says:

    I think the only people who are excused to wear fur are cavemen/women.

  25. Should be working says:

    It’s a vest! Over an ugly coat. Doesn’t look well together.

  26. audrey says:


  27. WOM says:

    I don’t have an issue with wearing fur, but I am offended by SJP’s PATTERNED pantyhose? Yuck.

  28. Imfuranimals says:


    This VEST is FAUX fur!!! 100% Animal Friendly.
    Also, the coat and vest are separate (not connected).

  29. Fue McCormick says:

    @Azurea – I agree … it’s a fur vest over a jacket/coat thing. I hope the fur is fake, though. The faux stuff these days is fabulous.

    @Imfuranimals – Thank you … I just saw your post.

    PS – The shoes she’s wearing are Manolo’s and would look a helluva lot better with bare legs.

  30. JenJen says:

    I love her-have a big problem with her and the fur,fake or not if we have to ask,it sends the wrong message,that it is cool.

  31. Imfuranimals says:


    I have to agree about this vest looking too real. However, this vest actually comes with a symbol that can be pinned to the vest to identify it as animal friendly – from the outside. I know because I have one. Lets hope Sarah Jessica attaches the symbol before she wears the vest again =)

    Also, just so Kaiser knows, this vest was made in NYC using faux fur from France & the quality is exceptional. Actually, this is the same quality faux fur used by Chanel in their most recent runway show. I think Karl Lagerfeld called it the “triumph of faux fur.”

    I would tend to trust Karl Lagerfeld when it comes to the best faux fur in the world.

  32. Solveig says:

    Kudos to SJP for wearing a faux fur.
    Thanks for the info, guys.
    *anyway, it remains tacky and vulgar*

  33. bagladey says:

    SJP’s face is glowing and I think she looks beautiful in the pics and I like the long fur vest but it’s too casual for the clothes that SJP is wearing underneath; the shoes however are fugly (with or without tights).

  34. Mikunda says:

    Two words:Gorge & ous

  35. Emily says:

    Why would the apartment become a memorial for him? I mean, I really liked Heath, and his death was tragic and way too soon, but people die all the time. If we made every house a shrine after someone died in it, there’d be nowhere left for us to live.

    About SJP, that outfit is hideously fugly. I can’t really see the shoes though (my work blocks most big pics on this site), but I think I like them. Hard to tell in the teeny pic though.

  36. tiara says:

    I love it all. Love the layering, love the fur. The shoes aren’t my fave, but everything else is très chic. My guess is those of You who don’t Like it think Coach is a designer label, and wear Bebe Sport.