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34 Responses to “Kim Kardashian admits she’s trying to lose her butt”

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  1. CelebitchyFAN says:

    I stumbled on Kim’s website yesterday and spent more time on it than I would like to admit and I have to say, she really does seem to be very friendly and really does enjoy her fans and respects them. And she is naturally beautiful, she looks so pretty without any make-up at all.

  2. daisy424 says:

    Agree, she does look more natural & younger without the heavy make-up.

  3. Call says:

    Kim is so much more attractive than Paris it’s very refreshing — especially, with her more natural look. Hilton still walks around in bleached blonde hair, blue contact lenses, drag-queen makeup, and iron padded push-up-and-over bras. Kim will lose more weight and will look even more gorgeous. Hilton will never lose her ginormous feet and even bigger ego.

  4. Snowblood says:

    Kim Kardashian IS really nice in real life, you’d think a Hollywood jet-setter type like her would be awfully stuck up but I learned that, in real life, she’s actually very nice.

    I bartended a private party at Justin Murdock’s home in Bev. Hills last year; it was right when Paris Hilton got released from her little stint in jail, and the rumour was this party I was going to bartend was thrown for Paris, as a “getting out of jail congrats” kind of thing. Justin & the Hilton sister have been close friends since babyhood, the very rich stick together like that of course. (Justin Murdock’s father is the multi-billionaire genius businessman David Murdock, of the Dole company). Anyway –

    So, everyone EVERYone at that party was insufferably stuck on themselves, so many of the girls looked like younger carbon copies of Paris Hilton, and the boys were just that – boys, annoying pretty boys, even though they were all mid-to-late twenties in age. And no, turns out it wasn’t a party for Paris after all, just another weekend rich-Hollywood-kids get-together at Justin’s house.

    Kim Kardashian came up to me at the bar, (parties are held in Justin’s swank party-den area, lots of low light, red walls, pool tables, animal skins thrown about, total guy’s party-pad,) she wasn’t sure what she wanted to drink so I made a drink up for her, Grey Goose and soda with a touch of fresh lemonade, which is usually a hit with these club soda/diet red bull and Grey Goose types. I don’t think she really liked the drink that much, but she was inCREDIbly sweet about it. She was gracious, chill, and kind to me, she wasn’t a snobby bitch pretending I was invisible like almost everyone else at that party was. No, Kim was truly a lady, gracious and nice, making eye contact with me, listening and conversing with me completely disarmingly. She certainly had the air of entitlement, don’t get me wrong, she wasn’t THAT down to earth, but she was genuinely nice to me. So, there’s my little testimony on her behalf.

    And you know, come to think of it – her butt really didn’t look THAT fat last year, actually. Photos make it look a lot more exagerrated than it looks in real life, I think. She’s BEAUtiful, though, a very beautiful woman. She really has a knock-out beautiful face.

  5. comment says:

    actually kim looked great curvy and with the makeup… people who say she wears too much makeup are the nerdy ponytail chapstick types who are jealous of anyone who spends time to look good. haters haters… they hate the makeup look ’cause they know their men would get with her in a flash… hahaha

  6. Aud says:

    I couldnt help but laugh at the whole Kardashian Porn Scandal. I dont know what these people think!

  7. Ling says:

    I can see why she would want to lose her butt, if she’s defined by it.

  8. comment says:

    she’s just trying to look like all the white girls in hollywood, too bad she could embrace her curves

  9. Kaiser says:

    I tend to like Kim, too. And she is very pretty – with or without make-up. Great skin and hair. I have the same coloring and I wish I looked half as good.

    And I seriously doubt Reggie wants her to lose weight. I’d put money on Reggie trying to feed her the most fattening foods, just so she keeps her curves.

    (And BTW, I think Khloe is the real train wreck of the family…)

  10. dovesgate says:

    It’s too bad she feels that way about her body. I don’t think women should look like 12 year old boys with grapefruits stuck on their chests. It isn’t nearly as attractive as someone with real feminine curves.

    I have the same kind of butt as hers only my husband begs me not to lose so much weight that its gone.

  11. Aud says:

    My hubby wont let me lose my butt either. He jokes I can do all the dieting and exercises I ever want, but if I lose my butt the marriage is over.

  12. seVen says:

    Kim is my girl crush. Im not ashamed to admit it. She is beautiful, sweet and genuine to most people she meets. Shes more then the hilton skanks will ever be

  13. hello says:

    I’m happy to see that I’m not the only person who thought she was pretty. I did always think that her makeup was a little Jenna Jameson-ish, but she’s apparently wised up and realized she doesn’t need a lot of help in the beauty department.

    I also have to say that I believe her when she talks about her butt being real. I was at the airport and my gate was next to a flight going to Armenia and there were lots of Armenian women waiting around, and they all have that insane (-ly awesome IMO) figure of little waist, hip and an AMAZING booty!

    She seems very nice, and in this interview, really smart when it comes to relationships in hollywood. I think she’s figured out Paris Hilton’s games and isn’t really playing them anymore. Good for her.

  14. saintdevil says:

    I am a size 2 and I have an ass and am glad I do. 🙂
    But what Kim is carrying around right now is obscene!
    And I don’t believe it’s natural…

  15. Snowblood says:

    Naw, it’s natural, Saintdevil, believe that! Some people have genetic predispositions to developing something – well, extra about their body or their looks. She’s definitely got the real thing back there, I assure you. 🙂

  16. Christina X says:

    Am I supposed to feel bad for her?

    Let’s face it. Kim Kardashian loses weight, and she’s just as boring as all the rest of them.

    And I think that in almost any case, weight jokes are in bad taste, but it has always irritated me that Kim Kardashian gets sympathy because of her ass being criticized, but the media’s willing to tear Jennifer Love Hewitt down for getting a big ass. I’m not really referring to celebitchy, but more or less the public in general.

  17. Snowblood says:

    I get where you’re coming from, Christina X, but I think the diff between the two women is that Kardashian was born with the booty, whilst Hewitt grew it. See, there’s a difference. 😆

  18. Shannon says:

    Funny…She becomes famous for her assets, and now makes news by talking about trying to lose those assets. I love the media.


  19. Christina X says:

    Yeah, I guess.

    Either way, fat jokes cross the line, and being nonpartisan and all, I think it’s crappy of Reggie Bush to not accept his own girlfriend as she is. It’s up to her to lose weight, and I think it’s a little douchey for the boyfriend to think he has any place whatsoever telling his girlfriend (who he should fine beautiful) to lose some weight if it isn’t creating health problems. Kim Kardashian doesn’t appear to be an obese, sedentary blob on the verge of a heart attack, and in my opinion, the person you’re dating should look beyond the flaws.

  20. Snowblood says:

    Shannon, the media works with what they’re given, based upon what the ratings created by the majority hints that they want. Celebrities at all levels and the media work hand in glove, rather like for instance the C.I.A. and the White House do. It’s just business as usual.

    Every single time we read tabloid tidbits, we are reading what someone and some entity needs/wishes for us to read, or thinks that we want to read. You know, that’s modern life, isn’t it? It’s just the way the monkey grinds.

    But Kardashian’s ass is just fine, from what I have seen, and I’m tellin’ ya, she’s a very sweet, gracious and ladylike woman, things I’d never say about her had I never met and exchanged words with her. So, there’s that. Which is nice.

    (sorry, Caddyshack moment there) 😆

  21. elisa says:

    Her blog is better than I expected. She seems sweet, hangs out with family a lot, and definitely appreciates her fans.

    I also liked her explanation of why she doesn’t drink, it’s the same reason I don’t:

  22. elisa says:

    Oh yes, and she denied losing weight b/c Reggie wants her to back in July:

  23. Snowblood says:

    Oh!! I clicked on your link & read that, Elisha, thanks – so, no wonder she toyed with that drink I made for her, not liking it & not drinking it but still being super-polite the whole time! She hangs out with nothing BUT major Hollywood rich-kid partiers, so one just assumes she’s one as well. There it is, one must never assume. Go figure! Awesome links, Elisha, thanx bella –

  24. Megan says:

    She is absolutely beautiful and should do some fashion modelling for more full figured women. She has THE best face.

  25. milkandkisses says:

    unfortunately her ass is more famous then the rest of her and if she loses the ass Im afraid there just wont be much interest anymore. I hope she is honing those acting skills or something while she hits the gym so she has something to fall back on when he ass disappears.

  26. Dingles says:

    This woman is my total girl-crush, she is just so gorgeous. She’s like a real Princess Jasmine with a phenomenal ass.

    I cannot understand why she would want to get rid of what has kept her famous in the first place. If she goes the beanpole route she’ll be just like every other coked out bobblehead in the tabloids and people will lose interest.

    They say don’t bite the hand that feeds; well, don’t lose the butt that pays, either.

  27. RU$$ says:

    She’s so fine!

  28. I still don’t know what she does or what she is “famous” for….its puzzling.

  29. devilsadvocate says:

    I do likes the Butt!!!! 👿

  30. paris herpes says:

    Kim’s pretty, but she’s right, she needs to lose the fat ass. She sometimes looks like she’s about to topple back with the weight of it. Plus she was starting to get cankles and that’s just not kosher.

  31. Oriana says:

    OMG!!! Dont do that Kim, I love your butt! 🙄 With all respect. 😯

  32. Christina X says:

    I fail to see where else she’s fat?

    She annoys me to hell and back but damn I wish I had curves. I WISH my ass was big, but the only butt I’m sporting is one in the front right under my bellybutton!

    I’m just FAT. All I have are big boobs, but not even that part of me is appealing.

  33. vdantev says:

    Well, there goes her career if she does. If people think she gets paid for her talent, I’ve got a bridge in Manhattan I’d like to sell you.

  34. sara says:

    i love you kim im team kim all the way she is my booty twin i wish ppl levae her alone is she is not do anything wrong with yall so levae her alone keep up with the good job kim love u so much