Jennifer Aniston in Allure: “The Rachel was the ugliest haircut I’ve ever seen”


I had a small preview of Jennifer Aniston’s February cover of Allure a few weeks ago, and Allure has now finally released some quotes and the photo shoot from the cover story. The Allure slideshow is here – I kind of hate the shoot. The whole thing is styled so that Aniston looks like a 1960s, frost-lipped Ann-Margaret/ Brigitte Bardot type, complete with beachy blonde highlights and little-girl accoutrements, like stuffed animals. Since some of you yell at me when I use the words “bangs trauma” I’ll just say that I hate bangs on Aniston in general, and these particular uneven bangs on her specifically. In the interview, Aniston actually discusses her most famous hairstyle – and she’s not very nice about all of those girls who got it:

Aniston on her bangs trauma, and “The Rachel”: Allure creative director Paul Cavaco drew inspiration for Aniston’s shoot from a 1960s photograph of Brigitte Bardot. Hairstylist Chris McMillan used clip-in bangs to fully replicate the look. One hairstyle Aniston never wants to replicate? The Rachel. She told writer Danielle Pergament, “Let’s just say there have been moments I’d rather not relive, like that whole Rachel thing. I love Chris, and he’s the bane of my existence at the same time because he started that damn Rachel, which was not my best look. How do I say this? I think it was the ugliest haircut I’ve ever seen. What I really want to know is, how did that thing have legs?”

Aniston on giving herself a blow-out: Hairstylist McMillan gave Aniston a polished blowout with a round brush after prepping her hair with a mixture of volumizing mousse and smoothing oil. “[McMillan] thinks I’m a closet hairdresser,” said the actress. “I’ll take the hair-dryer right out of his hands. He’ll kill me for saying this, but I’ve surpassed him in that department: I’m faster with the blow-dryer.”

On being glammed up: Aniston’s style may be laid-back, but she’s willing to truly push the limits. “I’ve been glammed up; I’ve been glammed down, which is really more me,” says the actress. “I didn’t wear mascara in [my new movie] Just Go With It. It’s fun to transform a little bit—what do I have to lose?”

Aniston doesn’t understand The Bachelor: “I was mesmerized by these girls, they meet this guy, they have three dates together or something, and they’re weeping as though they’ve just lost the love of their life. I don’t understand that.”

Aniston is not a foodie. “My friends and I were in Atlanta, and we went to this restaurant. My one friend is ordering, you know, sweetbreads with foie gras, the bone-marrow pasta, the buffalo tortellini, and I’m like, ‘This just doesn’t quite do it for me.’ You won’t see me ordering pheasant or rabbit. You know what I’ve just started to really love lately is Brussels sprouts. Usually, Brussels sprouts smell like feet to me. But these were sliced and sautéed and really yummy. I’m going to make that.”

On Clooney and NBC: The actress recalls the hey-dey of Friends and it’s fellow NBC juggernaut, ER. “Look at Baby George,” she says. “Baby Clooney. ER was right next door to us on the soundstage. That was really fun. I remember when we sued to do crossovers like that. See, NBC used to be really cool. Then, you know…”

On not taking herself seriously: “I’m actually comfortable in goofdom,” she tells the issue. “Not taking myself seriously is one of my favorite things to do, because I don’t. Ever.”

[From Allure and Us Weekly]

The problem with “The Aniston” was that it didn’t work on most of the girls who tried it. The good thing about “The Aniston” was that is was particularly good for girls who growing out their bangs trauma. And I tend to think Aniston was unnecessarily mean about that – but I understand what she’s trying to do. “Look at me, I’m not talking about my ex-husband, and I’m disrespecting the haircut that launched me! It’s a whole new Aniston!!” Also, I love that her idea of “transformation” is “not wearing mascara”. Ha.




Photos courtesy of Allure.

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  1. Shay says:

    Were they going for the Jennifer Lopez look?

  2. Isa says:

    Fotoshopped all the way.
    When are magazines going to stop selling us these fake “beautiful” people?
    It looks ridiculous as well as the whole article, as if anyone cares.

  3. Eleonor says:

    The bangs, o my God, it makes women look like a schnauzer dog!

  4. kiko says:

    worst lifeless photoshoot for the aniston,rachel or whatever is called was a great haircut..i really don’t get the attitude from the friends cast after the show was over..why the hate?this show made you..

  5. gabs says:

    OH MY. Its a terrible photo shoot. Hate the bangs and the teddy bear. wtf?

    Gotta give her points for bashing the bachelor though. I dont get it either. Thats the real jennifer finally coming out. Maybe she will admit soon that shes not looking for a husband and babies like people think and just wants to party in cabo.

  6. Bubbling says:

    I’m just gonna say this- I truly do not appreciate when a grown ass woman tries to get away with any sort of things that are meant to be worn and possessed only by children. I don’t care whose idea it was, it just repulses me.

  7. Melissa says:

    Holy crap! She looks like Rielle Hunter in some of these photos!

    Maybe she’ll start dating John Edwards – he seems right up her alley.

  8. brin says:

    Gee, how insightful, Jen. Guess we are supposed to believe you are just a down–to-earth gal.

  9. brin says:

    @Melissa….I thought of the Rielle Hunter pics, too!

  10. Heather says:

    I thought she looked good. *shrug* Bangs make her look younger.

  11. Susan says:

    FUG squared.

  12. Steph says:

    For a second there Kaiser, and call me crazy, but Aniston looked like lindsey lohan laying on the bed with her hair like that.

  13. Kelly says:

    I just cannot stand this woman but her eyes are gorgeous!

  14. redlips says:

    If she is talking about him, you b!tch, If she is NOT talking about him, you b!tch! Damn!

    If I did not know this was Aniston, I would have been looking at the pics wondering who it was. She is a gorgeous woman with a banging body. Photoshop does nothing for the actor/actress or those looking at the pics. Why transform someone?

  15. bliss says:

    @ BRIN
    and Jen cares about what you think because….?

  16. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    The interview was very her and it was what it was…

    Was Allure trying to re-create the Britney Spears Rolling Stones cover in this photoshoot? I am very confused. Its throwing off vibes of that shoot Rielle Hunter did…I mean at least with Rielle we know she was posing with the stuffed animals because they were her kid’s, but what on earth was the stuffed animal about? Aniston is 42 right?

    I do appreciate that she wants to be edgy and I support that. I like the hair alot and I even think the face would have worked if they had just classed her up with an edge instead of trying to teeny bop her, Megan Fox her with an edge you know. I really hate the wardrobe choices…I feel so bad for her.

  17. mln76 says:

    The photoshop and the pursed mouth is horrible, sort of embarassing. Also talking about brussel sprouts isn’t exactly riveting. I really want there to be more to her but I guess she just isn’t interested in sharing.

  18. flourpot says:

    Bangs, teddybears and ducklips. Gadzooks.

  19. Jezi says:

    Why all the Aniston hate? She’s a beautiful woman. Although, I’m not feeling the bangs in that first pic. Other than that, I think she’s a very strong and independent woman. I would also kill for her body and she’s aging gracefully. God I hope I look as good when I’m 41.

  20. PrettyTarheel says:

    @Steph-you’re not alone. Before I read the headline, that’s who I thought it was.
    I wish Aniston would step out in a magazine and flat out say-I want to get banged by a hot boy toy and spend my money on Happy and hair products and my big ass house. I don’t want kids, I don’t want a husband, and I really don’t give a sh*t. I’d become an instant fangirl at that point.
    I had the Rachel. I loved that cut, and it worked on me. I miss it, actually. I have pictures of it-so cute.

  21. Emmy says:

    I actually like bangs (ducks), we embrace them here in the UK…its probably the sixties retro thing.

    Its not her best photo shoot, I’m not keen on the make-up and I don’t get the cuddy toy thing at all.

    Did the haircut launch Aniston or did she launch the haircut? It never looked that good on any one else imo.

  22. Laura says:

    She looks like Rielle Hunter in this photoshoot. Eeeewwwwwwww!

  23. Sara says:

    If she doesn’t take herself too seriously then why is she obsessed with being young to the point that you no longer LOOK like yourself???? These photos look NOTHING like her and its not just the photo shopping!

  24. DD says:

    although I think Aniston is gorgeous, this photoshoot isn’t doing it for me… I don’t like that shade of blonde on her.
    I hope I don’t read that gorgeous is what you say about immature and pathetic children from a hostile grandma poster.

  25. brin says:

    @bliss….hit a nerve?

  26. someone says:

    I don’t care for the pictures, but I still think she is a beautiful woman.

  27. Ruby Red Lips says:

    Horribly photoshopped to look like a plastic doll…with a rather large and unattractive nose

    She is just so boring and dull…snooze

  28. Heather says:

    @Sara The magazine is who styled her. She didn’t pick that hair/clothes/theme out. And Magazines PS everyone.

  29. Trace says:

    She is known for her hair, and the “Rachel” launched her. Why put it down so much and the hairdresser that helped her create it? This interview is completely superficial and vapid. The same exact words could have come from the mouth of Miley Cyrus or Jessica Simpson.

  30. lola lola says:

    What a mean thing to say about the hairstylist that made her look famous! How ungrateful!

  31. Marie says:

    @steph, that’s what I thought too! And why did she have to do the puffer fish lips, in the photo that she is on her knees in?

  32. WhiteNoise says:

    I don’t get this photoshoot at all, I just can’t see what it’s trying to do/say about her. She’s no Bardot, and she looks mainly like a blow-up sex doll in these shots. Everything about her is so contradictory, she says she likes the simple life, the natural look, and yet everything she does says the polar opposite. I keep on thinking there has to be more to Aniston than meets the eye, and then when I see what she does (films. interviews etc), keep on having to adjust my thinking back to the glaringly obvious, that she’s just really shallow and personality-free.

    I don’t dislike her, just can’t understand her popularity. Oh, just to say something positive, she’s perfectly entitled to dislike the Rachel cut, it was hers, and it’s hers to criticise. That’s kind of a lame thing to criticise her for imo.

  33. serena says:

    Those pictures are so damn photoshopped. She seems a doll (not in a good way).

  34. Natalie says:

    she looks good on the cover, the rest is just creepy

  35. mln76 says:

    I think everyone missed the link yesterday that showed her in NY it was in the RG thread she looks seriously toxed like the cat lady. I think she spent too much time around Nicole Kidman.

  36. Crash2GO2 says:

    Yeesh. That is all.

  37. Patti says:

    I love the blank stare and Zoolander lips.

  38. Happymom says:

    What a vapid woman.

  39. LJ says:

    Styling is horrible. Body is bangin tho. Jealous 🙁

  40. N.D. says:

    Agree, it reminds of that awfull Rielle Hunter photoshoot, what with pajama and teddy bear. And I relly hope it’s due to photoshop that she doesn’t look herself at all and not due to her messing with her face.

  41. k says:

    Since I’m one who yells at you for using “bangs trauma,” perhaps I can be one who gives you full license to it once again. those bags are hideous, and the pic with the stuffed animal is creepy. I hated the Rachel, but it’s the main reason she’s still a household name. so maybe she should just shut it?

  42. Jace says:

    Just read those are clip on bangs by the hairdresser who gave her the ungliest hairstyle. Why knock what helped make you rich?

    This is a terrible photo shoot. Why pose with stuffed animals as if a sex object ala a 20 something LL? I don’t see other mature almost 42 year old celeb women posing like this. Is she trying to get a Playboy spread? What will she do when her body changes as she ages as that seems to be all that matters to her. She is very shallow.

  43. carrie says:

    not good pix!

  44. lolwut says:

    That doesnt even look like her…what an insult to Jen

  45. Bailey says:

    the cover scared the crapped out of me.
    i thought it was a close up of a werewolf
    that is some weird photoshoping

  46. munchies says:

    pics showed how so plain looking she is.

  47. Someone Else says:

    Since when is looking like a corpse fashionable?

    And I’m with you Pretty Tarheel, she’d do herself a lot of favors by just being honest.

  48. OtherChris says:

    I find all this photoshopping so depressing.

  49. Maud says:

    Hair stylists still want to give me the Rachel! I was ok with it in the 90s but come’on. And the only woman over 30 who gets to wear bangs, or whose bangs wear her, is Anna Wintour.

    The photo shoot is freaking me out.

  50. anti says:

    i would never guess that the first photo was aniston. with all the photoshopping they did, they could at least fixed the uneven area between her lips.

    they also obliterated her skin tone and the bangs being crooked make her irises look weird and uneven. she looks like an older suzanne somers.

  51. KsGirl says:

    Allure is crazy with the PS-ing. They’ve even PSed her pupils (to make them darker/bigger) in one of those shots. She looks better in the candids from the shoot, imo.

  52. REALIST says:

    Yup, those pics are lookin’ very Rielle Hunter to me…

  53. Peachy says:

    Don’t worry Teddy. Mom says you can be washed.

  54. Moreaces says:

    Photo Shop, much?

  55. Mari says:

    What’s with her mouth?????

  56. samihami says:

    The cover pic is really pretty, but it looks nothing like JA. The remainder of the pics look absolutely awful. I really like JA, but these pics do nothing for her.

  57. Grace says:

    I think the Rachel hairstyle was the only one that has ever looked good on her. It was the only time her hair ever looked fixed, it also kind of balanced out how thin her hair seems. Ever since then her hair has looked messy and stringy.

  58. Arianna says:

    and why did i even read this god she tries so damn hard to be interesting and modern

  59. Hautie says:

    I am put off by her mocking that haircut too. It looked great on her. And she knows it.

    The reason it worked so well on her was because she had tons of natural waves/body to her hair. And with a great layer cut, it can look amazing.

    What she fails to mention now, is she keeps her hair chemically straighten.

    But I don’t see her mentioning that little fact.

    And the straighten process is expensive for Caucasian hair.

    I bet she spends upwards of 2000.00 a month to maintain that “natural look” for her hair. 🙂

    Plus I also thought she looked like Lohan in the first picture too! hahaha!

  60. Dudette says:

    I happen to think The Rachel looked great on her, and I don’t even like the woman much. A bit surprised she’s knocking it now though, quite frankly it was the haircut that launched a thousand magazines, even before her much-talked about marriage to Hollywood’s golden boy.

    Another thing, I’m kinda sick of her posing with her bits out, that seems to be all she ever does these days. Yes she’s over forty and looks great but sometimes, less really is more Jen. Enough of the boobies on display!

  61. nnn says:

    The Lollita attitude, the teddybear at 42….creepy

  62. guesty says:

    Is she serious? Why is she channeling John Edwards’ mistress? Ridic.

  63. Brittney says:

    …it wasn’t the Aniston, it was the Rachel.

  64. Lemuria says:

    I agree 100% with Isa. STOP THE PHOTOSHOP CRAP!

  65. Peachy says:

    Jen Aniston Stars As Goldilocks! and the Bear….

    And when Jen sees Angelina with Brad she says “Someone has been sleeping in MY bed…”

    End Scene

  66. Roxanne75 says:

    The people of ALLURE should be fired.

  67. Kaiser says:

    Brittney – You’re right, good call! Sorry about that, I changed the title.

    Re: Aniston as Rielle Hunter. I can see it now that everyone is saying it, but mostly I saw her trying to look like an Olsen girl.

  68. Hmmm says:

    Looks like a bot. Is a bot.

  69. R says:

    ya her bod is to die for, but there’s all kinds of wrong w/ her face…the too-close eyes, the blobby-shaped nose, the weird mouth, the angular jaws :S and that this photospread? umm NO!

  70. jrt says:

    she is such a narcissist that she puts herself on a cover every other week. she needs to go hang out with Courtney,someone that actually cares about seeing her face so much… she complains about all the cameras and yet she signs up for it every day.the girl has problems.

  71. AngelMay says:

    Everybody already said it, but this is some Rielle Hunter shit. Blame Rielle for starting this middle -aged Lolita trend.

    Jen honey you look great and you are well over 40. Deal with it and stop the desperation. I can imagine Angelina screaming with laughter at these pictures.

  72. jrt says:

    I think it she looks more like Jim Carrey’s old girlfriend Jennifer??? what is her last name. Odd

  73. ShellyMay says:

    I’m a Jennifer Aniston fan and even I can’t believe how boring this article reads. She is down to talking about brussel sprouts, hair and George Clooney in 1996. Yikes!
    Plus, I wish she would stop using the word “cool”. It’s like your grandma saying “jiggy with it”.

  74. jrt says:

    Well, we really dont know how great JA might look because those photos are FAKE…

  75. kazoo says:

    ummm. grown women posing with stuffed animals is creepy. this looks like john edward’s side chicks’s photo shoot from a while back.

  76. lucy2 says:

    Bad photo shoot.
    I always liked that haircut on her, but a lot of famous people are weird about stuff that helped make them famous.

  77. jrt says:

    she talks about clooney because she thinks brad will come back to her if she talks about his friends…….she is hopelessly devoted to brad

  78. jen34 says:

    Why is a 40-something year old posing with a teddy bear? Just wrong.

  79. jrt says:

    maybe she thinks brad will want to adopt her if she acts like a 4 year old

  80. brin says:


  81. K-MAC says:

    I would love to see this woman be a down right scandalous bitch…GAWD! I would love that but she is never gonna let us see that side of her

  82. fabgrrl says:

    I liked The Rachel.

  83. gloriaad says:

    How is it that most of her conversation and interviews is about one of her body parts,Geez. What else does she have going on in her life that is more positive than hair, boobs and a banging body as her fans describes her most of the time.

  84. jrt says:

    she is desperate so Im sure some scandals will be a-lurking…like when we find out she is pregnant with brads baby

  85. jrt says:

    come on Jen………the ugliest youve ever seen……you mean the mullet ranks up there above it……get over yourself…..brad has

  86. jrt says:

    yeah because when you see a fake JA you think the classics like Bridget Bardot……..yeah right

  87. Peachy says:

    All that’s missing here are the pig-tails. Rupert Everett must be rolling in his grave. Oh wait, he’s not dead yet, just dead to Hollywood…

  88. jrt says:

    how did it have legs Jen???……….well you put the legs on it and drove the money that you got from it to the bank…….your hairstylist should be the millionaire not you the barbie doll that he put the cut on…….

  89. jrt says:

    I think Rupert should go on SNL and do a mock up of this photo shoot where he plays Jen….

  90. gloaming says:

    In so many of her photo shoots they always
    try to hide her chin. Unsuccessfully.

  91. jrt says:

    I didnt wear mascara…… I was so glammed down….like a bag lady

  92. jrt says:

    jen didnt understand the bachelor and yet she lived its scenario out in real life with brad….. she should understand the concept real well, I would think….

  93. Oi says:

    She kinda looks like the blond version of Sandra Bullock’s Globes styling. Not good. They PS’ed her into oblivion.

  94. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    I had that stupid haircut and hated it

  95. Runs with Scissors says:

    Vapid. Shallow. Boring. Vain. Bitter. Desperate. Fake.

    Also: constantly biting the hand that feeds her, like her hairdresser (or Jolie for that matter 🙂

  96. redlips says:

    @jrt…wow! such a bitter, bitter betty!

  97. redlips says:

    @jrt….you seem to despise her yet, you have commented 12 times. hmmm! maybe a littel jealousy.

  98. funnygirl says:

    Wow…I agree, I’m completely turned off by the haircut comments from JA. It makes her sound bitter and snobby. She could’ve said it a lot nicer, but to say it was the ugliest haircut she’d ever seen? That’s really over the top (what about Kate Gosselin hair??)…I guess, in the end, it’s her loss since she sported a haircut she hated for 10+ years…that sucks!

  99. jrt says:

    actually just snowed in and trying to make a funny…. is that you courtney, I mean red-lips, and why do you have to post twice to say the same thing???

  100. gloaming says:

    Damn. I interrupted jrt’s trolling roll.

  101. jrt says:

    Im a troll because of my comments on JA……….come on!! JA lives for this stuff(100 comments on her picture) ……why else does she do a photo shoot every chance she gets… I just dont get why she complains about all the attention she used to get… I do like AJ better than JA as an entertainer….does that make me a hater?

  102. Ajanni says:

    Yep. Half naked photos must be time for a movie (cue fake boyfriend).

  103. beanie says:

    Ewwww..she looks like one of those Real Dolls. Even they look more alive than she does in these pics.

  104. anti says:

    i am sure the thousands of women who got that haircut because of aniston are loving that comment.

    i’m not a fan of aniston, but i’m glad i’m not, with her attitude.

  105. Melanie says:

    Rielle Hunter!

  106. jrt says:

    Jenny McCarthy?? Maybe, they all start to look alike, dont they

  107. jrt says:

    I still get creeped thinking about Rielle and the porn shoot with the baby on the bed……. not right!!!

  108. the original bellaluna says:

    It was a hell of a lot better than whatever is going on here!

  109. Meanchick says:

    Okay. This is a pathetic interview and a desperate photo-shoot. She doesn’t look like herself. The pouty lips? The blond hair? A whole lot of cleavage with a teddy bear? Really? Brussels Sprouts? It’s not hate I feel for her, it’s sympathy.

  110. Heather says:

    I’ll never understand the JA hate. It’s as bad as the Brangelina hate. =/

  111. jrt says:

    pity……..thats what this comment board is today… big pity party. I hope the 100+ comments makes Jens day:)

  112. JenJen says:

    The slutty school-girl look is a new low.
    This is just pathetic.

  113. Solveig says:

    The photoshoot is boring, the interview is boring BUT I love the bangs on her, it makes her features softer.

  114. Crash says:

    She looks good in bangs. Many women look good in bangs if they have the right bone structure/forehead. On JA they soften the squareness of her face and bring out her eyes. Lovely. I will never understand the need these publications have to photoshop absolutely every expression line OUT of these photo’s. Makes them look inhuman.

  115. skibunny says:

    104 comments already for someone who everyone wants to go away. Interesting.

    I think she’s hot. If you’ve got it why not flaunt it? Why does age matter?

  116. lrm says:

    just watched ‘rumor has it’ and it was the best I’ve seen JA, looks wise and acting wise…my husband agreed.
    her hair was both darker and longer-and it suited her-it was more carefree, less primped….and the darker was prob closer to her actual color.
    i think our hair is a natural color for a reason, you know?
    it tends to look better on us.

  117. Whatever says:

    Vapid. Shallow. Boring. Vain. Bitter.

    Hmm, this could also describe the hate filled comments (again). There is nothing bitter about her interview, but plenty of hate in the comments. And the comments about hoping Brad will come back by mentioning Clooney, etc. Give me a break. She knew Clooney before Brad! Everything is not about him, but the Brangeloonies can’t grasp that.

    As for the haircut, these are not new comments. I remember her talking about the whole Rachel haircut thing at the time and saying the whole craze was stupid. I agreed with her then and I still agree. It was stupid for everyone to run out and get that cut. And it absolutely was ugly. Sorry, but it was.

  118. Whatever says:

    “I think she’s hot. If you’ve got it why not flaunt it? Why does age matter?”

    I totally agree. All the age comments make me think that there are a lot of very young people here. Give it a decade and then see what they think! 🙂

  119. Solveig says:

    “And the comments about hoping Brad will come back by mentioning Clooney, etc. Give me a break.”
    I didn’t know there were so many psychoanalysts here in CB, thank you Whatever for highlitghting this…

  120. animac says:

    gorgeous woman in every look! mwah!

  121. H says:

    she is NOT hot…EW look @ that fug face! and these pix are just TRAGIC TRAGIC TRAGIC!

  122. Megan says:

    I wish they’d stop trying to make her beautiful… I agree with Joan Collins when she said that Jennifer Aniston is cute NOT beautiful… she can look sweet and has a great body, great hair, makeup, etc, but she is not a beauty. So stop forcing it, stupid magazine photo shoots!

  123. Granger says:

    Bardot? Are you kidding me? Have these people ever SEEN a picture of Bardot?

    You go, Jen — pose like it’s 1999. After all, your acting sure won’t sell your next movie.

  124. LindaR says:

    She’s really porned herself out with these shots. Looks like something out of Playboy. They love posing “the girl next door” with stuffed animals. I guess she is starting to feel that desperation all romcom actresses get when they are hurtling towards middle-age and irrelevance.

  125. Jezi says:

    @jrt well you made like 15 posts so you’re adding to the amount of comments for this thread. It’s a little odd.

  126. crazydaisy says:

    i agree the teddy bear is too young a look for her.

  127. irishserra says:

    I agree with her on the “Rachel” haircut. I thought it was pretty bad and I was annoyed to see so many people wearing it.

    I’m sort of meh on JA – don’t like her/don’t dislike her, but I don’t understand the intense dislike others have toward her. She seems kind of goofy and sweet at the same time.

  128. OriginalGracie says:

    I think Jen in the “Rachel” cut was the best she’s ever looked. Back then too she looked like a real girl.

    Now…all I see when I look at her is all the hours of working out, eating right, drinking the exact right water, putting on the right creams and cosmetics and then standing just so in the right light.

    Like, there is nothing natural about her anymore. Just the illusion of “natural”, if ya get me.

  129. skibunny says:

    What is it with the Brad comments? Why would she want him back? She had him when he was hot.

  130. Peachy says:

    Add pink ears, and she’s a dead ringer for Miss Piggy.

  131. original kate says:

    “I truly do not appreciate when a grown ass woman tries to get away with any sort of things that are meant to be worn and possessed only by children.”

    @ bubbling: hell, yes. it really grosses me out to see women dressing/acting like children. i even think it’s creepy when women wear t-shirts with winnie the pooh on them, or sweatshirts with puppies and kitties. conversely, i cringe when little girls are dressed as skanks – see “toddlers & tiaras”. and also? i hate when people dress animals like humans.

    just stop it.

  132. Alex says:

    LOL at skibunny, she is a aniston’s defender to the end. Even when Aniston looks bad she thinks she look gorgeous.Her loyalty is real strong, you go girl and defend your idol lol

  133. DGO says:

    I love the cover and don’t mind the bangs, but hate the whole teddy bear thing. Reeks of pedophelia and a whole host of other unhealthy things. I wish she’d do her eyes up more often like that. Really makes them pop.

  134. hellen says:

    Cover shot looks like Suze Orman, stuffed animal shots look like Rielle Hunter….and all of them are fug. She’s past her freshness date.

  135. Minx2 says:

    the styling is terrible – putting a 40something in a pj with a teddy bear. sheesh! I’m surprised she doesn’t have pig tails and a finger in the mouth. She doesn’t even look like herself. I guess the shoot matches the interview. Both rather vapid and shallow.

  136. Jenny says:

    A person who believes in being “natural” would not spend thousands of dollars dying their hair (she is a “natural” brunette). In the photo where she is lying down, her face looks puffy around the cheek bones. The Lolita photo shoot is just creepy.

  137. LittleFATMe says:

    Wow, I am a bit late – but, here goes: I like JA, I think she is cute and pretty and as a new fittness nut she is a bit of a role model. I think she needs another TV show, because TV is comedy is where she is her best. (I also think it has been long enough that people could see her as another character not just a reinvented Rachel.)
    Having said all of that, I don’t like the styling for this shoot and I do not like the insane photo shopping. It reminds me of Heather Locklear commercial where they took an already pretty girl and made her look like and alien/angel/human hybred. Strange.

  138. Minx2 says:

    mln76- “I really want there to be more to her but I guess she just isn’t interested in sharing.” – I’m afraid there isn’t more to her. I don’t see an intelligent woman of her age doing a shoot like this. All she’s got is her looks. Desperation is staring to show.

  139. Martinique says:

    I agree with every one else, these pictures have a disgusting Rielle Hunter tone to it. The stuff animals set a very disgusting tone. Why the drastically photo shop, is it that much to hide. Why do she think she has to pull her clothes off.

  140. Cheyenne says:

    A 42 year old woman with bangs in her eyes, posing with an open pajama top and holding a teddy bear.

    That, in a nutshell, sums up Jennifer Aniston.

    Peachy: Add pink ears, and she’s a dead ringer for Miss Piggy.
    Thanks for making me spit out my Pepsi all over my monitor. ROTFLMBAO!!

  141. lisa says:

    Even with the haircut she act as if she had no choice in the matter. She could have changed it sooner, but she just went with it. Not her fault. She if I am not mistaken said once if she is known for her haircut and not her acting.. what is she doing wrong..

    LOOK at your photoshoot Jen.. You have yet again taken off your cloths. We see many celebrity women her age or younger doing shoots WITH CLOTHS, and they are super sexy. She seems to equate sexy with nudity or near nudity. Plus her interviews are so juvenile. Nothing of substance. Even her fans stick to the same comments;

    Jen’s has great hair
    Jen’s body is sick
    She is so cute
    great legs..

    after that NOTHING. ever because even her fans don’t know anything of substance about her. Nothing. I say that because after those comments they say nothing else.

  142. nnn says:

    People were right, they were trying to channel BB (Brigitte Bardot). The thing is, BB had the ‘Choucroute’ hairstyle in her twenties and that natural raw sensuality.

    This is not the right photoshoot for a 42 years old. It’s creepy, reeks of regression.

  143. Keljo says:

    Didn’t get through all the comments yet, but I totally agree with Melissa and Brin…the first thing I thought of was the Rielle Hunter photos.

  144. Moreaces says:

    So, who is the woman in the first picture, did they try and make her look like JLo,, looks nothing like JA

  145. Crash2GO2 says:

    “i think our hair is a natural color for a reason, you know?
    it tends to look better on us.”

    ITA!! I came to that very conclusion 2 years ago, and have decided never to color my hair again. And I look so much better with it natural.

  146. Camille says:

    LOL @ those pics 😆 .

    LMAO they are the funniest things I have seen all week! Thanks for the giggles Kaiser 😀 .
    The poor ol’ dear is *still* trying so hard to look sexy. Sorry Aniston, but its a fail. Again. God those pics are bad 😆 .
    If she’s doing a half naked photo shoot- again, then yep definitely a new movie coming out 😆 . Guess the ‘new’ boyfriend will be next, right? 😉

    @OriginalGracie: ITA. It *was* the best she ever looked. It actually suited her face.

  147. truthSF says:

    “On being glammed up: Aniston’s style may be laid-back, but she’s willing to truly push the limits. “I’ve been glammed up; I’ve been glammed down, which is really more me,” says the actress. “I didn’t wear mascara in [my new movie] Just Go With It. It’s fun to transform a little bit—what do I have to lose?”

    I find these comments very stupid and insulting coming from a 42 year old. I didn’t know that not wearing mascara is a transformation and pushing the limit, WTF?!!

  148. Reality says:

    Awful styling. I like the bangs for a change, but damn, the photoshop job they did on her is unreal. Her pupils will haunt my dreams.

    I don’t know why people look for depth or meaning in these celeb interviews. Most actors and actresses are vapid, narcissistic, and usually quite uneducated.

  149. Isa says:

    No, the hairstyle she has in the first picture is horrible. The Rachel wasn’t. It worked with her large chin.
    And I LIKE bangs but those are horrible.
    What is up with her lips? No one should pose like that. It doesn’t make your lips look bigger. It makes you look like you’re TRYING to make your lips look bigger and it’s always an epic fail.

    I agree with her on the Bachelor. Why on Earth would I want to fight for a guy? I guess the girls want to be famous, but still, if a guy can’t decide on me than I don’t want him. Especially while he’s running around boning the other women. Disgusting.

  150. nnn says:

    @ truthSF

    I find these comments very stupid and insulting coming from a 42 year old. I didn’t know that not wearing mascara is a transformation and pushing the limit, WTF?!!
    In bimboland, not wearing the mascara is indeed a transformation and pushing the limit.

    The more I see jennifer in photoshoots like these, the more I read jennifer’s juvenile inbterviews, the more i am convinced that she will be perfectly in a remake of “BAYWATCH”, along Heidi Montag, Pam Anderson and Jessica Simpson.

    She has the tan body and the bikini, she has the bimbo attitude and she excells in flipping her hair.

    She’ll be perfect opening this new flick running in slow motion with THE HAIR flipping.

  151. Celebitchy says:

    You bitches that don’t dye your hair don’t have gray! It set in for me in my early 20s and there’s no way I’m going natural with a head full of gray before I’m 40. /rant

    Also Aniston looks like the evil stepchild of Ashley Olsen and Jenny McCarthy in that cover pic. It is photoshopped beyond recognition.

  152. DD says:

    hey celebitchy I have a couple of girl friends that started getting a significant number of grays in their teens. Oddly enough a decade and half later, head full of gray (but colored), and they look younger than I could dream of looking with not a single gray hair on me yet. Their skin is flawless and wrinkle free.
    Give me grays any day for flawless young skin. Coloring hair is like child’s play. You want to correct bad skin, you’re probably looking at more extreme measures 😉

  153. Cheyenne says:

    Yo, CB — this bitch has a head full of gray and is damn proud of it. One of my friend’s mom went prematurely gray when she was 30. She looked drop-dead gorgeous with it. If you got it, flaunt it.

  154. Jeannified says:

    I thought that picture of her lyind down with the teddy bear was Miley Cyrus at first. Ugh! JA’s stooped to a new low!

  155. Mistral says:

    That pic is horrible. She looks kind of like that horrible woman Rielle Hunter’s mental patient GQ shoot.

    Way to make your legions of fans feel like morons for copying your damn hair, lol!!!!

    The hair is what made her so popular.

  156. CB Rawks says:

    Yeah I have to colour up the hair. I have grey that tells the real story of my age, but smooth skin that lies and says I’m younger. I’m gonna stick with the falsity. 😉

  157. Cheyenne says:

    I’m still freaking out over that damn teddy bear. A 42 year old broad posing with a teddy bear. What next, Jenny-poo? Are you going to pose in baby-doll pajamas licking a lollipop or sucking your thumb?

  158. waq says:

    John Mayer was right. She’s stuck in 1998. I see what Allure was trying to do here with the photo shoot. They wanted to distract people from that vapid, shallow interview so they made the pictures so bad no one would notice how dull and boring she is in the interview.

  159. Kim says:

    Wow NEVER have i seen more photoshopping! I dont even think she needs this much?

    The “I didnt wear mascara” comment is bizarre and lets bet she has a ton on when the movie comes out. She just wore it more natural than caked on is what she really means im sure.

    Im glad she realizes the Rachel haircut was awful. It was like a 90’s mullet.

  160. e.non says:

    a teddy bear … really?

  161. skibunny says:

    January 18th, 2011 at 2:31 pm

    That’s a loaded comment. What exactly am I defending???? Do I not have a right to my opinion? Or is yours the only one that counts?
    Learn to read before you spew!

  162. bros says:

    does she not even understand the irony of having a photoshoot with the dumbest hair ever while going on and on in an interview about bad hair? god aniston, how un-self-aware can you be.

  163. tpass says:

    I can understand the mascara quote. Mascara can make or break some faces. Even the gorge Angelina, look at her face with mascara and without. Plus mascara can highlight your eyes wonderfully.

  164. Confuzzle says:

    Is her career just doing photoshoots now? Because her acting is awful. And I don’t think she’s ever had a hit movie.

    That teddy bear really creeps me out.

  165. mii says:

    I love JA, but cringed when I saw the teddy bear pic. Thought of Reille.
    See Reille’s head get big.

  166. Anon says:

    “Vapid. Shallow. Boring. Vain. Bitter.

    Hmm, this could also describe the hate filled comments (again). There is nothing bitter about her interview, but plenty of hate in the comments. And the comments about hoping Brad will come back by mentioning Clooney, etc. Give me a break. She knew Clooney before Brad! Everything is not about him, but the Brangeloonies can’t grasp that.

    As for the haircut, these are not new comments. I remember her talking about the whole Rachel haircut thing at the time and saying the whole craze was stupid. I agreed with her then and I still agree. It was stupid for everyone to run out and get that cut. And it absolutely was ugly. Sorry, but it was.”

    @Whatever: I couldn’t agree more. I actually think many people throwing these words out here have no idea of their true meaning.

    Re: the comments on Clooney – the problem here, as always, is that people are reading these out of context. If you go to the site you will find that along with an interview, Allure asked Aniston to comment on a retrospective of photographs – including one of her, Cox, Clooney and Wylie in a season 1/2 episode of Friends where Clooney and Wylie guest starred. She didn’t just randomly start talking about Friends, ER and Clooney – though there would be nothing wrong with that – she was asked to specifically comment on a photo with him in it. Sheesh! And BTW, your point of her knowing him before Pitt is proven by the photo and NBC link itself!

    I also recall her saying more than once over the years that she wasn’t a fan of the Rachel – even back as far as 1996 itself in her infamous Rolling Stone cover interview. This is nothing groundbreaking.

    As for the spread, I think it’s unnecessarily over-photo shopped, but I like the Bardot look, and I like her with bangs. My opinion on the interview quotes is that I would prefer to read them in context. However, I’m not sure what some people commenting are expecting her to talk about in a fashion/beauty magazine. She’s a private person, so she says little to nothing on her friends or family except in talking in generalities (besides if she talks about love, a guy or an ex, you would all be jumping down her throat for that). She has never spoken in detail about her charitable affairs because she has said that is not her thing. Other than that, beyond fashion and beauty type stuff (which many of these quotes fall into likely given the questions she was asked in this type of magazine), and her work (which there was at least one released quote on – available on other sites), what else is there? As someone pointed out, most celebs barely graduated high school, so why should we expect them to open up and be authorities (in a fashion and beauty mag) about world problems, politics, etc.?

  167. kendra says:

    Jen, still trying to look sexy and still manless. Sorry toots, but Brad is not coming back to you, so stop trying so hard.

  168. Josephina says:

    Poster #81 (K_Mac)–
    Aniston bka a scandalous bitch? Dating John Meyer AND Gerard Butler was not dirty enough for you? How about if they do a threesome?

    I dunno. With Aniston, it has always been about her hair. She looks like a beach girl who agreed to do a photo shoot.

    She thinks she made a vast change in appearance by not applying mascara. WOW. Maybe her REAL hair color is blonde after all! She sounds like a D-list actress.

    This is a lame interview coming from a 42 yr. old actress. She disses the haircut that made her popular, that put her on the map and money in her pocket.

    What would be more interesting is if she actually wore her hair/make-up like this for a movie role.

  169. kendra says:

    When will the Jentards stop trying to make us believe Jennifer does not want Brad back?

    Jennifer would take Brad back in a heart-beat.

  170. Alix says:

    On the cover, she looks like a possessed Jenny McCarthy (okay, maybe that’s redundant).

    She may have hated The Rachel, but it suited her beautifully — much better than those fake-ass bangs she’s sporting in this photo shoot.

    And there’s no way The Rachel was the ugliest haircut she’s ever seen — not if she ever caught a glimpse of Kate Gosselin’s possum-head.

  171. Liana says:

    LOL at skibunny, she is a aniston’s defender to the end. Even when Aniston looks bad she thinks she look gorgeous.Her loyalty is real strong, you go girl and defend your idol lol

    Maybe skibunny DOES think she looks gorgeous. Everyone’s entitled to their opinion.

    Don’t like the entire spread. It’s just not a good look, in MY opinion.

  172. Camille says:

    @Josephina: ITA! God could you imagine this chick going completely out of her comfort zone for a movie role? Like going ‘ugly’ like Charlize Theron in Monster or Nicole Kidman in The Hours? Or even doing a period film role like Renee Zellweger or Reese Witherspoon. Nah, don’t think she would either.

    JA should go back to TV so she can look and act the same every week, instead of doing that in *every* film role.

  173. Dea says:

    Every one may go through mid-life crisis but JA is going through post-divorce whole-life crisis and it seems there is no end to it. Please Jennifer go to some therapy sessions. You need it more than anyone else. No man will be interested to date you after seeing these photos. It shows how shallow you are as a person.

  174. SuperSleuth says:

    Thanks for the sensible post, Anon.

  175. Matt says:

    I had to stifle a laugh at my desk when I saw these photos. The styling is grotesque, Aniston looks terrible and lifeless! AWFUL.

  176. cruiz2 says:

    What a rip off of the Rielle Hunter photo shoot, this is not original stuff! I hate women posed with stuffed animals, just stupid looking. Glad the bangs are clip-on.

  177. Majosha says:

    @kendra: Jennifer was rightly chastised for using the word “retard,” and frankly, I don’t see how your use of “jentard” is any different. I know how intensely you despise JA and how desperate you are to insult her fans, but you might want to choose your puerile nicknames a little more wisely.

    As for the photo shoot: I agree that the teddy bear/pj thing is creepy as hell, and that she looks ‘shopped beyond recognition. Blech.

  178. mln76 says:

    OK here is the best quote from the interview

    “I didn’t wear mascara in [my new movie] Just Go With It. It’s fun to transform a little bit—what do I have to lose?”

    Now we have to give her an Oscar.

  179. wunderkindt says:

    I thought this was Rielle Hunter!

    Jen’s obviously donning a coarse banged wig and is fotoshopped nearly beyond recognition. . . Clearly she is searching for any sort of relevance now.

  180. Crash2GO2 says:

    Good post Anon. I dislike the photos, but good lord do people do like to get up on their hater horses.

  181. bubbles says:

    @Peachy thank you so much that was hysterical!
    and on a second note, these pictures make her look like she is the first reject from the bachelor, but a few pedophiles may buy the magazine. Good luck, Miss Piggy, finding a suitor in either category!

  182. LittleDeadGirl says:

    Wow she sounded if possible even more shallow and boring than usual … I can’t even be bothered to dislike her. I’m just apathetic towards her and wonder why she is still famous … her movies are terrible and tank and she doesn’t even give fun interviews.

  183. d says:

    I’m with 166. I think Jen was a good sport, the mag wanted her for the shoot and she went along with whatever they suggested. To me, the blame for horrible styling lies with the magazine (& don’t expect cutting edge from Allure). I really don’t think Jen A gives a s*** what other people think; she’s got a sweet life, she gives just enough info to get people to read, and on she goes with her life, not giving too much of herelf away. Her interviews come across as vapid because she maintains her privacy. I think she looks good regardless, and anyway, these days, she’s looking waaay healthier and better than Angie J. The hate is tiresome. Although, I laughed at her hair comment. I thought it was bitchy and figured, yay, her bitchiness is coming out! Too bad that didn’t fly here.

  184. Eve says:


    The bangs, the 42-year-old woman holding a teddy bear and posing like a teen, the photoshop to hell and back, and the overkill of pursed lips — everything is just plain sad.

  185. MrsOdie2 says:

    She didn’t Photoshop herself. Allure did it. And they do it to everyone.

  186. Josephina says:

    On second thought, Aniston may be channeling her inner child in these photos.

    Brooklyn Decker is on the upcoming cover issue for Esquire and Aniston is on the cover of Allure. If Aniston has such a banging body as some of you claim, shouldn’t Aniston sex symbol status (cough) or acting chops get preference over Brooklyn Decker to be featured in Esquire, as they are both promoting the same movie? Just a thought.

    In this article, Aniston has the nerve to disassociate herself from her last two movies–the Bounty Hunter and The Switch—stating that she should have stuck with her gut instinct. So, after the box office results are in, now she laments.

    Her words, her thoughts about how she processes events in her life show light introspect at age 42. If Just Go With It does not perform as well as she expects, will she catch the opportunity to learn and grow as an artist?

  187. Sam says:

    I just don’t see the bangin body everybody talks about – yes she is fit, yes she is toned, but she has a wide waist and a flat arse. To me that is not a bangin body. It is athletic yes, but not curvy at all – she’s also very plain looking!

  188. nnn says:

    People should relax, the posters TOO don’t give a damn, that their post is read or not by the stars they are gossiping about.

    They may not have a better life, but they do it because they want to gossip for whatever reason personal to them.

  189. Runs with Scissors says:

    Vapid. Shallow. Boring. Vain. Desperate. Fake. Bitter.

    “Hmm, this could also describe the hate filled comments (again). ” “I actually think many people throwing these words out here have no idea of their true meaning.”

    Really? Saying Aniston looks ridiculous and desperate doing her lolita act is a “vapid” comment? Or Boring or Shallow? As compared to say Brussels sprouts or HAIR?

    What “true meaning” are we missing exactly?

    Except for bitter, which describes her, they describe the interview accurately in my opinion, and it doesn’t look like I’m the only one with that opinion. She could do better than this. This was god awful.

  190. malachais says:

    these pictures are horrible, photoshopped to hell, and this interview sucks, like the majority of her interviews. This woman is so boring and self-absorbed.

  191. Trippin says:

    Yikes, it’s creepy, disturbing, and shades of Baby Janish. Why can’t she accept and project a mature sexuality? Hell even Bardot knew when to quit. It’s embarassing.

  192. traveler says:

    the cover photo looks like the national geographic afghan girl……

  193. anon1000 says:

    those droopy raisin tits with a chasm between them does not convey “sexay” and young, but dried-up, FUG and 40+ delusional.

  194. jemshoes says:

    Wow, JA looks quite simply stunning on the cover! I’m not sure about the rest of the photo shoot, though …

    The Rachel was a good hairstyle for girls with strong jaw lines (like JA) and round / wide faces. I liked it back in the day and I like it still, and don’t think it’s ugly at all.

  195. skibunny says:

    Wow! JA certainly brings out the crazy! One would think she’s a pedophile based on the comments here. Lol
    I dont think it was JA who came up with this idea for the photo shoot. She’s just getting paid a bundle of cash for doing it. Would any one of you turn that down? Probably not!

  196. anon1000 says:

    DAMN! look at the raisin tit pic…can you say Jocelyn Wildenstein????(sp)

  197. Kiska says:

    She looks ridiculous.

  198. anon1000 says:

    those raisins are drying up at different rates. for a woman who has not had children, her tits are unspectacular, like her body. she is manically “maintaining”. that bish is frantically working out to maintain. thats all she has..her body that is really ok FOR HER AGE. Halle Berry has a MUCH BETTER BODY. she is older and has birthed a child. so JA’s “sick” body in the words of her fans cost this woman years from her life just to “maintain” no wonder she is manless.

  199. B says:

    Ditto on the Reille Hunter comment (#7) ewww…PlainJane trying to look sexy…please don’t compare her to B Bardot!

  200. Jazz says:

    She looks like a fembot!

  201. lachica says:

    funniest. comments. ever! LOL!!!

  202. Hakura says:

    She reminds me of those creepy life sized ‘sex dolls’… You can tell they’re dolls, but they’re just realistic enough to creep you out.

  203. redlips says:

    anon1000, Wow! It sounds as if you know all to well what you speak of!


  204. Jezi says:

    @anon1000 Why you obsessed with her breasts? Or is this jrt coming back with more idiotic comments? I totally agree with @anon, you’re reading into her words with a fine toothed comb. I think she’s completely over Brad, it’s been 5 years and I don’t see her sitting in a corner in fetal position, crying over losing him. He was an a-hole who left her for another woman. Not exactly a prized trophy. Why is a woman desperate and lonely and viewed as some meek creature if she’s not in a relationship? I find the fact that she’s not to be refreshing. She doesn’t NEED a man. So she doesn’t make Oscar worthy films but I think she’s aware of that and she still has more money than I will ever see in my lifetime. So she does something right. Her body is beautiful, she does have curves and she looks damn good for 41 or 42, however old she is.

  205. justathought says:

    JA’s hair has been in suspended animation for years- same color, same cut.. so I welcome the new blonder look with bangs but why the “little girl” with a teddy bear photo shoot? I’m just glad she didn’t do pig tails…then I would of been really creeped out.

  206. Lemon Drops says:

    Gross. Hi rielle.

  207. jrt says:

    i dont have to come back as someone else to say what I want to say as many times as I want as jrt…. and is it so crazy that more than one person is annoyed by the fact that JA complains about the very thing she lives for…attention!! the girl is a poor example of how a woman should act…….. JMO

  208. The Observer says:

    Here’s an idea for a new game show.
    The contestants are shown heavily
    photoshopped “photos” such as these
    and try to guess who they portray.

  209. Jason says:

    Why is a 42 year old woman trying to be a cute little girl? It’s kind of sad. This just confirms my opinion that she is desperate to remain relevant – relevant for her = hot and sexy.

    Jen, it’s time to give it up. Quit pretending you’re a starlet. You don’t even look like yourself anymore. Everything is fake – the botox, the face fillers, the hair extensions, the lipo, etc…… I think you will find it a relief not to have to work so hard at looking good.

  210. suki says:

    The posters on Facebook are not being shy about how much they hate that teddy bear photo:

    To their credit, i guess, they don’t seem to be deleting the negative comments.

    To me, the teddy bear photo looks like the ‘glamour photos’ they make the kids do in Toddlers & Tiara’s: they photoshop the humanity out of them so that they look like dolls, but have no human features left.

  211. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    B.B. was so good-looking, it still makes people forget how much a hateful jackass she can so frequently be. That’s star power.

  212. Linny says:

    I love(d) her, but this is a shocking new low of a pose. I thought she was one of the few hollywood actresses out there who dressed with class, style,
    taste, and standards.

    This is a disgusting kiddie porn shoot
    and I am heartbroken she would stoop so low. I will never look at her the same way I have all these years. Shame on you

  213. Hakura says:

    @Linny (#212)- This is a disgusting kiddie porn shoot and I am heartbroken she would stoop so low. I will never look at her the same way I have all these years. Shame on you

    I agree… I really hate when grown women do these ‘sexy little girl’ themed photoshoots. It *always* comes across like either child pornography or a ‘fetish’ thing. Either way, it’s gross.

  214. waq says:

    “I thought she was one of the few hollywood actresses out there who dressed with class, style,
    taste, and standards.”

    She was posing naked and begging like a doggy on the cover of GQ two years ago.

  215. Hakura says:

    @Waq (#214)- “She was posing naked and begging like a doggy on the cover of GQ two years ago.”

    God, I’d never seen any of her GQ pictures…. Hell, I barely recognize her at all… Is it this one you were referring to?
    – Or is it this one?,2.jpg

    – Then there’s always the butt-shot. –

    Yeah, I see a ton of class overflowing from those pages.

    This is supposed to be Aniston, too? It doesn’t look anything like her at all…

  216. Salem says:

    Jezi, I think people are finally seeing Aniston as the manipulative b1tch that she really is (LeAnn x 3) and waking up to her phony persona. If she and Huvane her publicist (who both hired Handler to do her dirty work) didn’t fuel the tabloid HOAX of the affair that didn’t even happen, if she wasn’t such a passive-agressive conniving smarmy bitch who gutlessly gets tape recorders turned off to talk off the record about angelina, if she didn’t use Brad and Angelina and one-up them to keep herself relevant, if she didn’t constantly strip naked like a greasy cheap wh*re on heat to promte children’s movies, if she wasn’t such a plastic bleached-blonde self-absorbed vindictive sneaky scheming bitch, well – then less people would hate her.

    Its always made me so unbelievably angry that people can’t SEE her for what she is (she is less obvious than LeAnn, but still). How come people can’t SEE through her?!??? I don’t get it and it pees me off. For 6 years, Huvaniston (Aniston and Huvane, her partner in crime publicist) has plotted, connived and schemed with her publicist to attack Angelina and even paid (and Huvane caught out on two occasions) tabloids to write nasty stuff about Angelina, to character assassinate her. And, the gullible masses BOUGHT it. So unfair, so wrong! So many are brain-washed Joneston/Anistonians buying the coolaid and not seeing the REAL Aniston, unlike I and others saw years ago. Now, thankfully, many people are seeing they were DUPED by this snow-white ‘sweetheart’ who is cold as ice and a manipulative slimy lying conniving bitch. Because of her, an innocent woman has been witch-hunted and smeared for 6 years, when she had never even done anything wrong. And called a ‘c’ after a ‘business trip’ between Handler and Aniston at Thanksgiving. How people couldn’t SEE, I’ll never know, but I’m glad people are seeing her for what she truly is. Then again, I knew who and what she was 10+ years ago. I’m quick off the mark and spotted her and never fell for the Anistonian coolaid. I saw through her years and years ago. The schemes her and Huvane have pulled, make Rimes look like Mary Poppins.

  217. Salem says:

    As for the photoshoot, I could understand the Barbra Streisand photoshoot, but this is just….I don’t know, uncomfortable on a couple of levels. I can’t put my finger on why exactly. And its not just the Lolita thing.

    I think its really truly sad that she thinks ‘transforming’ herself is not wearing any mascara. I had to laugh at that vapid bimbo offering of hers. I mean, who the fuqk can TELL? It does seriously explain though her reluctance to change hairstyles, her reluctance to travel anywhere other than Mexico, and her reluctance to try other challenging work. She has no INITIATIVE or drive. She is content to be lazy. I have seen less vapid and bimbo-esque comments from Paris Hilton. Unfortunately Aniston has always seemed very immature, shallow and vapid to me. This is proof. Aniston is very weak. She is not strong or independent. In fact, on the contrary. As evidenced over and over and over. She refuses to embarace her age, and instead insists on posing as a 20-something, in very sexual poses. She is immature, insecure and weak. And bone terrified of growing old. I have no idea why Hilton is (deservedly) detested and derided, but Aniston isn’t. Seriously, what is the difference between the two? They are both emotionally and maturity stunted short-sighted lazy individuals. Same as Spears and Lohan. I’ll never understand why people don’t see her the same as them.

    Edit on: As someone elsewhere said about Aniston and her inability to age gracefully and her need to be young ” The difference between Aniston’s case and Hilton is that jennifer strike me as a very INSECURE person.

    We all are insecure to some level but in the case of jen, it’s in a pathological level, in my opinion. That insecurity is the reason why i sense that she is an extremely fearful person. She is scared to death to evolvle because it means changing, it means unknown. She is scared of everything that is too different, that she can’t control, that is out of her known environment, comfort zone, habits.

    That’s why she has that paraysis in life and appear stuck and frozen in time with the same attitude (no evolution through age), in the same role, in the same vacationing place, in the same restaurant, having the same type of friends (she won’t risk mixing with other milieu, meet other type of people alone), ect.

    When you are THAT fearful, it is even more scary to see yourself getting old (remembered when Aniston said two or three years ago that she found her first grey hair and was nearly about to cry or something along).

    That also can explain that she tends to be more attached to her friends in a very closed way, more than most people her age would. The slightest changing in her life is traumatic because it’s like a puzzle that she has to reorganize differently…

    If what i sense is 70 % true, the more she will age, the more you will see infantile behaviour because of it and she will become more pathetic by the day as her reluctance to life changing will be more and more confronted to the harsh reality of life.

    She is fearful, is guided by fear most of the time and let the fears control most of her life decisions, professionnally, personally, ect… She will never open a door if she doesn’t know what’s behind it and will prefer to follow the shadow, the fresh footsteps of a leader limiting the risks and grasping here and there a little bit of an easy success”

  218. Salem says:

    ” K-MAC:
    January 18th, 2011 at 12:20 pm I would love to see this woman be a down right scandalous bitch…”

    I have doubted this would ever happen because people are so BRAINWASHED by her that they wouldn’t believe it even if she did it and she is very sly and cunning about her ‘persona’ and so far had never slipped up. But I always believed that one day she would slip up and let her TRUE colours show and people would finally wake out of their induced supor and see her for what she is. Then….Handler incident happened and people were questioning WHY Aniston who was being introduced by Handler, walked on stage on cue after Handler attacked Angelina, on two occasions. And Aniston said nothing to Handler. Handler hired by the Huvanes; stops attacking Jen, and starts introducing Aniston while attacking Angelina. All of a sudden, Handler and Aniston are ‘besties’ and even spend
    Thankgiving together. No prizes for guessing what they discussed, because straight back on the show, Handler called Angelina the c word. Like others said, this may be Aniston’s Waterloo. It may not completely undo her, but it just MAY be the trigger that snaps people the fuqk up from their Rachel/Aniston ‘girl-next-door’ ‘American Sweetheart’ induced coma and see her for what she truly is. I have hopes that this will happen, and people are already starting to yawn, strech and wake-up and put two and two together.

    Edit: Jezi, I just saw your last post. As I said above, NO, her ex-husband was/is NOT an a-hole; he did NOT leave her for another woman, the ‘affair’ was proven to be a tabloid HOAX and never even happened. There WAS NO AFFAIR. Actually, there is evidence that not only did she deceive him into marriage and continue to LIE to him about wanting children (plus her stating on national tv she didn’t believe her HUSBAND was the love of her life – and this was when she and Brad were happily married! What a cold cruel bitch!), and her moving on with Vince Vaughn first, before Brad and Angelina got together. Her and Vince were dry-humping in public on a balcony, and she hadn’t even FILED for divorce! So WHO really left WHO, and who cheated on WHO? If there was cheating. But we know now that Brad and Angelina didn’t cheat. Brad was NOT the a hole in that marriage….

  219. redlips says:

    Good gawd, people! It was a photo shoot! Just as these photos were taken during a “photo shoot”. The very sad part about the photos below is that the woman in them is a “UN Ambassador”. What! So, take a gander at all these photos. She has it out there for everyone to see! All of it….

  220. Salem says:

    STAR article???? Good grief, you ARE *DESPERATE* to find anything to defend Aniston with, aren’t you? The fact that you think that manipulated edited photoshopped STAR bs counts for anything here??? BWHAHAHAHAHA No wonder the Loonifers are seen as ditzy as their idol….. It proves my belief that Loonifers do read and believe everything in the tabloids. But even so, Star? Do you WANT to humiliate yourself or something?


  221. Crash2GO2 says:

    @redlips: Wowza. I guess JA has a long way to go before she’s got up to AJ’s nekkid pics. How inconvenient. *wink*

  222. Cyui says:

    Spears has gotten herself together and seems to be doing fine. Family career …everything seems well with her. She doesn’t even engage in any of the tabloid stuff. For all you know she could have had post-pardem depression when she was having issues. Lohan Aniston Simpson Hilton are people stunted in growth.

  223. Liz says:

    Red Lips comparing private a 22 yo who was on drugs taken by her drug dealer in a hotel room to a middle age woman posing with a teddy bear to promote a movie.GMAFB. Can’t wait to see what date JA hires for the premiere

  224. redlips says:

    Star magazine, NO! I wasn’t referring to the article, sweet cheeks. I was referring to the 35 photos in the middle of the page.

    “Taken by a drug dealer in a hotel room”……what? Sorry sweetie, these were certainly NOT taken by a drug dealer nor were shot in a hotel room.

    I’m not defending anyone, just stating the facts! It is what it is!

  225. Salem says:

    Star Magazine CREATED those manufactured those ‘photos’. You clearly can’t see the FACTS that are right under your nose. As I said, you really are desperate. And you failed.

  226. Hakura says:

    Salem & redlips – Let’s just agree to disagree on this one, huh?

    You each strongly support a different person, & nothing the other person says (or links to) is going to change either of your minds. There’s nothing wrong with that. It just means it’s going to go on and on without a resolution. And speaking for myself, personally, I know how heated such conversations can get.

    It’s unfortunate that Aniston’s pictures are *so* photoshopped that they don’t look like her. I dislike the lolita theme, myself, but that’s just me.

    And we *all* know Angelina had a major wild streak when she was younger. But I don’t really think any of that is relevant now… At least it shouldn’t be an ‘Aniston Vs. Jolie’ thing.

    Just agree to disagree on this issue, without being condescending, okay?

  227. jane_88 says:

    She´s made millions and she still is an ugly woman, she was ugly before, she is old and ugly now, and desperate for someone to love her. Poor little ugly duck.

  228. Auroristar says:

    Please… who the hell styled this shoot?! was he/she fired already? I mean, c’mon… you don’t go Lolita with a fourty something woman or go Bardot with an american girl-next-door. Or even worse: the two things at the same time!
    And her pout on the first shot… Hehehehe this whole concept is so silly that actually made my night =D

  229. anoncaro says:

    one word
    another word

  230. sakyiwaa says:

    you know, i honestly think she looks amazing in this photo spread. great, in fact! now i’m just wondering why John Mayer(twice), maybe Vince Vaughn, and maybe Paul Sculfor…and definitely Brad Pitt,…left that body, hair and eyes. oh yeah… they got to see her in the morning…without all the “picture-perfect making people”. i guess i could look amazing like that too with those guys. cool! 🙂 she looks like a 4-yr old in the top pic. she should call Suri Cruise up for a tea party. 🙂

  231. Jag says:

    LOL Did she do something to her lips since she can’t properly close her mouth in any of those photos? Wow she looks bad. Even her pretty eyes don’t look their best because of her weird expression. I think the hair is the least of her worries atm.

    @kiko ~ ITA. It’s confusing to me when stars hate on the shows that made them. Whatshername from Dharma & Greg will never be the same to me after watching her spew her vitriol over having to play Dharma. I loved that character, as I loved most all of the Friends characters. Matt LeBlanc was the worst about hating people calling him Joey, and now Anniston is trying to go down that same path. They should be like Ellie Mae (sp?) from the Beverly Hillbillies and embrace their old characters for all they’re worth.

  232. JenJen says:

    Wow, Salem must type really fast, LOL.

  233. Wow, didn’t realize you could get this on the web now, saved me a trip to the RA – Great work! information like this on campus