OK!: Pregnant and Betrayed: Khloe Kardashian and Kate Hudson

When you read: “Pregnant and Betrayed!” you think that someone cheated on their poor pregnant partner, like Tiki Barber with the intern when his wife was pregnant with twins. Only OK!’s new cover story featuring Khloe Kardashian and Kate Hudson has no cheating at all, and it kind of a letdown. First, there’s Kate Hudson, whose biological dad is said to be shopping a tell all that isn’t very positive about his time with Kate’s mom, Goldie Hawn. (Goldie and Kate’s dad Bill Hudson were married from 1976-1980 and had Kate, 31, and Oliver, 34, together.) According to OK!, that’s got Kate all bummed out and all, but she’s trying to keep a level head about it for the sake of her baby. They quote a source who says “Obviously, she’s mortified. She thinks it’s a betrayal on so many levels. It’s the last thing she needs to be dealing with when she’s trying to have a calm pregnancy… she tries to wave off drama and negative energy. She thinks it’s bad for the baby.

The real detail in this story is the fact that Kate’s partner and the father of her baby, British rocker Matthew Bellamy, 32, is on board with the pregnancy and isn’t opposed to marriage. The “source” tells OK! “Matthew wants to [marry Kate] and has made his intentions known, but as of now, it’s not happening.” It sounds like a vague idea and not a real engagement, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they made an announcement soon.

The Khloe Kardashian story is unintentionally hysterical though, because Khloe wasn’t betrayed by her professional athlete husband or her jealous sisters – she was betrayed by some mean ‘ol executives at E! who made her change back her hair color for shooting purposes! I’m serious, and Khloe is supposedly super pissed off that she was told she’d have to go back to brown to make sure her reality show had continuity or whatever. This story states Khloe’s pregnancy as if it’s a fact, when all we’ve heard are rumors so far and no confirmation. Here’s the story from OK!, which cracked me up:

Title: Khloe Fights Back
Subtitle: It should be the time of her life – but expectant mom Khloe Kardashian Odom is battling those who’ve turned against her…

Khloe’s life seems the very definition of “having it all.”

So why is the star so upset? It all started when Khloe colored her hair. After carrying around a photo of a redhead for months, she finally took the leap. Khloe was thrilled with her new look – until network bosses at E! forced her to go back to brunette.

“She can’t dye her hair because it messes up filming and production,” a pal tells OK!. “They can’t shoot out of sequence or edit later if they have to match her hair. Khloe was p*ssed.”

So she tweeted to nearly 2.3 million followers: “I HATE being told what to do… So not happy right now…”

According to a source, E! even ordered her to take a Twitter time-out until she calmed down.

[From OK! Magazine, print edition, January 30, 2011]

So much drama over a haircolor change. Khloe gets paid thousands an episode and is bitching that she can’t change her hair because it messes up the fake plotlines producers are trying to create. If I worked for E! and they wanted me to shave my head I would. (Note to E!: particularly if it involves working with Joel McHale.)

I don’t mean to totally trash OK! There are some good diet and fitness tips in this week’s issue featuring Reese Witherspoon. (They don’t say it’s from her trainer, but there are still solid tips in there.) Plus they have a lot of exclusives on the new Teen Moms. I haven’t watched the new season yet.

Photos of Kate are from 11/8/10. Khloe is shown on 1/14/11. She’s back to brown now. Credit: WENN.com





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22 Responses to “OK!: Pregnant and Betrayed: Khloe Kardashian and Kate Hudson”

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  1. Marjalane says:

    I don’t even know why I read this story- I hate both these airheads.

  2. brin says:

    Now that’s false advertising. Maybe OK is playing it safe because they usually get things wrong.

  3. Shay says:

    Most gossip magazines lie to get women to pick up the magazine. Thank goodness for supermarket check out queues. I flick through them, put them back, save myself a bundle of cash.

  4. lucy2 says:

    It must be a slow news week if some D lister being told they have to dye their hair is considered BETRAYAL!!!!

  5. mln76 says:

    Kate’s story is an actual betrayal. But I think it’s a real dis on her that it doesn’t rate it’s own cover. They need the Kardashian to sell the darn thing.

  6. munchies says:

    why the heck that zipper is outside her dress

  7. OtherChris says:

    @marjalane, my thoughts exactly.

  8. JenJen says:

    I have wondered for years how Kate’s dad was surviving. I don’t think the Arsenio show made it into syndication. That’s what you get when you marry a loser.

  9. Nanea says:

    I clicked on this because I thought “wait, what” after reading Lamar’s bit earlier.

    Good to see he hasn’t gone the pro athlete’s route to betrayal just yet!

  10. Diane says:

    I hate both of them, especially Kate and that perpetual smug expression she has on her face. She’s just a plain-looking girl with minimal talent and great connections. And what’s with that cheesy dress? Looks like a home ec project gone bad.

  11. Someone Else says:

    How many more minutes (of the 15) are left on this family (the Kartrashians)?

    Please, for the love of God, make it stop!

  12. Hautie says:

    Did I miss the announcement? Is Khloe pregnant? Or is that OK! trying to score a scoop?

    And I believe Bill Hudson was married to Cindy Williams* for years. (Laverne and Shirley*- the tiny brunette actress)

    But I recall seeing an interview years ago that claimed that Goldie dumped him and made sure he rarely saw their children. She wanted him removed from their lives and made it happen.

    So anytime I hear something about it, I always wonder if it is Karma coming back to bite Goldie on the ass.

  13. EdithP says:

    Ok, I loved the Hudson Brothers when I was young — loved their show and thought they were so handsome. I want to know why Kate and Goldie hate whichever Hudson brother so much (I don’t know if Oliver hates him too), so I’ll be reading that book.

  14. picopink says:

    I read somewhere that someone saw a picture of the Kardashian girls when they were young and Khloe had reddish hair and blue eyes and looked like she could have been Nicole Kidman’s daughter. This same person said that she dyed her hair dark brown and wore brown contacts to match the other two. So maybe the red color is her own natural color?

  15. LJ says:

    I would say chloe definatly wasnt pregnant as hair dressers are advised not to use red hair dye on pregnant women as the chemicals for the colour can be harmful. maybe she is now as she went back to brown… like she couldnt maintain the red because she’s pregnant so had to go back to brown?

  16. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    This is such a non story to make it the cover. They are so desperate!

  17. lolwut says:

    Jeeze, I WISH the color of my hair was my only and biggest problem ;/

  18. KimiErin says:

    Khloe has what Louis C.K calls “White people problems”

    Dye your hair and shut your mouth.

  19. Lemon Drops says:

    Is Khloe pregnant or not?? I read a different issue of OK (last week’s?) that said khloe is “absolutely, positively” pregnant, and that “we told you so” back in december….

  20. DD says:

    damn this combined headline of two different stories. Here I was thinking Kate Hudson’s baby father was Khloe’s husband before I read the details. These boring airheads should’ve been more scandalous.

  21. Sally says:

    I heard a rumour that Kate’s baby might not be Matt Bellamy’s.. from a semi-reliable source. Having said that, if I find out any more I’ll let ya’ll know ;)

  22. Venice Flowers says:

    America we really do not have a life getting caught up in these people’s lives who has no impact on us or care about us or what we think.