Nicole Kidman’s “baby secret” takes the cover of People


I’m not aiming for a repeat of yesterday’s chaos and judgment and accusation-throwing. Suffice it to say, many of us have a difference of opinion on Nicole Kidman and her newborn baby girl, Faith Margaret. In any case, Nicole’s happy baby news took the cover of People Magazine this week. I don’t know if this was always going to happen, and TMZ just stepped on Nicole’s formal People announcement, or if People Magazine just threw this cover story together quickly. The cover image certainly makes me think it happened really quickly, just because Nicole is positioned so awkwardly.


For Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban, the role of faith in their lives has never been more clear than since the arrival of new daughter Faith Margaret on Dec. 28.

The couple, both 43, announced their big news on Jan. 17, three weeks after the little girl was born to a gestational carrier at The Women’s Hospital at Centennial Medical Center in their adopted hometown of Nashville.

Faith Margaret takes her middle name from Kidman’s grandmother and her first from what her parents say they relied upon to fulfill their dream of expanding their family.

“They never gave up faith they’d have another child together,” says a friend of the couple. “They feel blessed.”

The new arrival, who is the couple’s biological child, joins big sister Sunday Rose, 2, and Kidman’s kids from her marriage to Tom Cruise, Isabella, 18, and Connor, 15.

Kidman has spoken openly in the past about her struggles to conceive daughter Sunday, telling PEOPLE in 2009 that she and Urban hoped to have more children if they could: “We always say, ‘If it’s God’s plan.’ ”

Now that the have added another daughter, says the friend, “they’re just thrilled.”

For much more on the latest addition to Kidman and Urban’s family, pick up issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands Friday

[From People]

By the way, many of you were wondering what hot gossip commenter Camille had given me. I’m not saying this is true or anything, but Camille has an Australian source she considers unimpeachable who has basically implied that Nicole simply would not be capable to sustain a pregnancy for medical reasons. While that piece of (unconfirmed) gossip doesn’t really have any bearing on little Faith’s birth, it might have something to do with the (alleged) birth of Sunday Rose. I’ve always been a conspiracy theorist when it comes to Nicole, so I’ll believe it. Some of you don’t. That’s fine.



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  1. mln76 says:

    Eh the Monday morning quaterbacking on her first pregnancy is sort of useless. Unless someone is willing to break into their doctors office and steal a sonogram no one will ever know if Kidman, Holmes, or Preston really had their babies.

  2. Shay says:

    I don’t believe she gave birth to Sunday Rose. What? She gave birth and returned to her pre baby weight in a day?
    No way. Sorry. If it was anyone else, I’d be, okay they need a surrogate. But Nicole is a proven liar. She lies about everything and she is so dumb to think that no one will pick her up on it -there are magazine covers from her teen years (I used to have some) to attest that she has had some sort of facial peel or bleach to remove her abundant freckles as well as fill her non-existent lips, then the recent Botox admission.
    What gets me is the lie or lies, that mislead women.

  3. Shay says:

    Also, what will be interesting or what is interesting is that Kidman got in just in time because the state that she resides in, when she is in Australia, is pushing to make surrogacy completely illegal ( I think after March this year, overseas surrogacy will be a criminal offense, so I’m wondering what will happen to children born to surrogates?
    Will Australia shove them in detention camps?
    While I don’t like Kidman and her superficiality, I do understand why women seek a surrogate. Being over forty, women will have a higher likelihood of miscarriage, in addition to genetic issues and so on.
    To treat them like criminals (for consulting a surrogate) is ridiculous, but I’m interested to see if other Australian celebrities will do this after the proposed changes to the law.

  4. Marjalane says:

    Hey, I’m not above Monday morning quarterbacking her first pregancy! I may have been a little bit in doubt of her “pillow pregnancy” with Sunday, but not after she had the balls, (or stupidity) to go out in public three days after the birth in skin tight, (size0) white jeans. And no, I don’t want to hear all the Nicole lovers tell me about how they fit into their size 0 jeans right after the birth of their baby either! Please. White jeans? I think Nicole figured out that with all the speculation over her last fake pregnancy, she’d never be able to pull it off again unless she went into complete hiding, and you can’t do that when you’re trying to get an Oscar.

  5. jessica says:

    I am happy for their family!!

  6. janie says:

    the only thing i will say is i saw the pics of her bump at like 7 months pregnant, and it was tiny. seems like if you are going to fake it, you would make it more pronounced.
    also my SIL is 6 feet tall and hardly showed. but who knows.

  7. mln76 says:

    @Marjalane I get what you are saying about the size 0 white jeans and I definitely have doubts but all I am saying is IF she faked it she already got away with it.

  8. Reality says:

    God I hate her double-decker lips in that second picture. Why do people do that? She’s not fooling anybody, and it looks like her bottom lip is about to split open.

    I don’t know about all these baby bump conspiracy theories. Surely someone would have found out she was packing pillow in the 9 months she was pregant. It just seems too crazy to be true.

  9. N.D. says:

    @She gave birth and returned to her pre baby weight in a day?

    It were weeks not a day.

    And what’s you take on Heidy Klum – who spectacularly returned to runways in a bikini 6 weeks after giving birth. Do you think she lied about her pregnancies too?

    Some people do have the right genes/metabolism for it, some are really strickt eaters even during pregnancies and manage not to gain much weight so they can fit into their pre-pregnancy jeans mere couple of weeks after giving birth.

  10. lucy2 says:

    Looks like People threw that story together fast.
    Her previous pregnancy did look like a pillow one, but who knows. I don’t know why they would have had any reason to fake it, only to now openly discuss using a surrogate, but I guess people do strange things. However it all happened, they all seem happy and healthy and that’s great.

  11. Grace says:

    @Marjalane: Not all of us who have defended Nicole over the last few days are Nicole lovers. I don’t even like her. I find her annoying in interviews and I think she’s overrated as an actress.

    I just believe in holding everyone to the same standards, and I find it irritating that people are criticizing Nicole and Keith for the same thing that tons of other celebrities have done and not been criticized for. And I find the baby pillow rumors about Sunday tiresome for the same reason – tons of celebrities barely show while pregnant and then are back in their regular clothes instantly, and they don’t get accused of having faked a pregnancy.

    I don’t understand why everything has to be so black-and-white – defending her does not make me a Nicole-lover or any of the other things those defending her were accused of (Nicole lunactics, etc) anymore than criticizing her makes you a hater.

  12. mln76 says:

    BTW Kaiser does Camille’s gossip have to do with the rumor she was born with both parts? I think that may just be an urban legend. :)

  13. someone says:

    When I was pregnant with my first child, I didn’t show until I was 6 months along, my mother in law thought I was lying about it. I only gained 15 lbs all I went home from the hospital in my regular clothes…the baby was healthy and today he is 6’2″ and 190lbs…weighing in at at 6lbs 12 oz at birth..Nicole is taller than me, and naturally I can see her not having a big baby bump..all women are different, but I think she carried Sunday Rose..and for whatever reason couldn’t carry another long as the baby is wanted and loved, what possible difference could it make how they got her???

  14. Kaiser says:

    Min – No! Camille’s story was more about her not having enough parts.

  15. Grace says:

    @N.D.: You are correct. I just looked it up (because I have too much time on my hands) the picture of the white jeans was not from three days later. It was from two weeks later and in the picture Nicole looks a little puffier than normal.

  16. lambchops says:

    My good friend gained only 20 pounds during her pregnancy. Had an 8 pound boy and was in her size 4 jeans in less than two weeks. It’s unfair, but it does happen to certain people.

  17. Rio says:

    Yeah, I can’t go conspiracy-theory on the Sunday Rose pregnancy. One of my friends is a six-foot beanpole and didn’t show until she was about 7 months, never showed much, and when she gave birth she was back down to pre-baby size.
    Honestly, she looked like an anaconda that had swallowed a basketball.

    Katie Holmes? That, I can buy as a pillow-baby. Not only have there been rumors of Tom Cruise’s infertility for YEARS, but good Lord, her belly FLUCTUATED. Six months to eight months to five months to nine months…it’s like the proper pillow was in the wash and she had to make do with what was available.

  18. Karen says:

    I say good for them. Those of you questioning if she was preg w Sunday, have you seen some of the pics that were taken the last week in June, first week in July when she was preg? She was very puffy and her ankles were huge! (hot hot weather in Tenn) As far as the jeans go, I ended my pregnancy’s weighing less than before I got preg because I ate healthy, no junk foods, soda w all the sodium, etc. And white jeans 2 wks after birth? My son and his girlfriend had a baby 1 week ago today and she stated the other day that she does not have much flow now. She wore grey sweats the other day. I know that she did not fake preg, I was in the room for the delivery. No C-sect either. I love Keith and Nicole and am very happy for them!!!

  19. Dea says:

    I really googled images of Nicole when she was pregnant with Sunday Rose. Believe me, there was no sign of bigger breasts in there. The breasts were exactly as they are shown in these pictures. She maintained that her breasts really got huge during pregnancy and after, and that is what she loved most about the pregnancy. I also have read that at one time Nicole said she wanted to do a naked pregnancy picture for a magazine cover just to put those rumors at rest that she was in fact carrying but then changed her mind!! Now “changed her mind” or there was nothing to begin with. Nicole is not ashamed of being naked in movies and I would assume she would have loved posing while pregnant (that was her whole life dream – getting pregnant, correct?) and especially knowing how career crazy she is. However, some day the truth will come out for sure. If she was pregnant for real I am sure she has tons of photos at home being pregnant and will share some day with her daughter and others :)

  20. Francesca says:

    She’s looking a lot like Carrot Top.

  21. REALIST says:

    Okay, must be behind in my science. The issue with older women is the age of the egg as much as the pregnancy. Miscarriages usually happen early term because of genetic instability in the embryo (from the egg), not as much because of issues with the pregnancy. Before, the surrogate typically would provide the egg (see below). So, NEW IMPROVED, did they use Nicole’s (mother’s) frozen egg from an earlier age, then fertilize it with the father’s sperm, then put the embryo in the “carrier?” (OMG, that is so “Brave New World”). Jeez, the turkey baster method (with the surrogate) is so much easier (and has a much higher successful pregnancy rate)!
    I guess I was mistaken in my post before, I assumed the egg came from the surrogate…

  22. sharylmj says:

    GOD BLESS NICOLE AND KEITH AND THEIR FAMILY!! They seem so happy and I know that new baby will be loved!! that’s really all that matters..infertility can be so heartbreaking. I’m really glad they have been able to add to their family whatever way they had to do it.

  23. Carol says:

    Congrats to Nicole and Keith. The People article mentioned that they have been bonding with Faith in their homes in Nashville and L.A. so I don’t think they were across the country partying it up for the Golden Globes weekend without Faith. As for Sunday Rose, my mother never gained more than 5 pounds over the baby’s weight for any of us (won a 5 pound box of chocolate when she moved and bet her next OB that would happen). Unfortunately, it was not a trait that was passed down to any of us. I completely believe Nicole was pregnant with Sunday Rose, especially since every picture you saw of her pregnant was her entering or leaving a gym. Like Karen above, Nicole took really good care of herself. Another public figure with a pregnancy like Nicole’s was Nadia Comaneci – she got pregnant naturally at age 44, only gained 17 pounds, and lost it all VERY quickly. Remember the actress who sued Aaron Spelling and was 7 months pregnant during the trial with her third or fourth child and no one knew it until she announced it from the stand? I think Nicole was pregnant; she clearly is not shy about talking about adoption and surrogacy so I don’t know why she would feel the need to fake it with her second daughter.

  24. mln76 says:

    I think she’s absolutely capable of faking a pregnancy after all she was married to Tom Cruise for a decade. I just don’t think you can actually prove anything either way. As for Holmes I think was actually pregnant but the due date was off so she gave birth and was walking around with padding. I think Preston was pregnant but obviously used IVF.
    One fake pregancy that’s obvious BS is the Jolie-Pitt crap over @ FF you can’t fake those boobs or glow.

  25. mln76 says:

    I think she’s absolutely capable of faking a pregnancy after all she was married to Tom Cruise for a decade. I just don’t think you can actually prove anything either way. As for Holmes I think was actually pregnant but the due date was off so she gave birth and was walking around with padding. I think Preston was pregnant but obviously used IVF.
    One fake pregancy story that’s obvious BS is the Jolie-Pitt crap over @ FF you can’t fake those boobs or glow.

  26. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    UGHHHHH She was pregnant with Sunday Rose. geez..

    I wish her congrats. I happen to like Nicole…

  27. lizzzzz says:

    Nothing ever negative to say about a new baby, no matter who it is. Good for them. She seems genuinely happy.

  28. bubbles says:

    I think the People headline should read:
    “Hey people, check out our new purchase.
    you too can rent a womb cheaply somewhere in the backwoods and avoid carrying a pillow around for nine months!!
    oh, no wait… you can’t, because it costs a fortune which luckily we have and you don’t. hahahahaha.” end of quote

  29. Jeri says:

    I was thinner after giving birth, I was heavier when I got pregnant and ate healthier while pregnant and thus was smaller after giving birth.

    People commented on my size and gave me dirty looks as if I was lying. Not everything is a conspiracy.

    No, I didn’t wear white immediately.

  30. Deeana says:

    I gained only 12 lb. in my pregnancy, weighed less immediately after the birth than when I got pregnant. Wore normal clothing home from the hospital and then lost more weight.

    2-3 weeks after giving birth my stomach was almost flat again.

    Would not have worn white pants, though.

  31. Camille says:

    I think it is really weird that every report about this keeps stating that the baby is their ‘biological child’. Why the need to constantly say that? I mean their daughter, is their daughter regardless of whatever, right?

  32. Lisa Turtle says:

    I love that corner story “Dress Drama” with Anne Hathaway, Natalie Portman, and Angelina Jolie all lined up like that they almost look like sisters. That would be an interesting movie that I might like to watch.

  33. Jenn says:

    Nicoles younger sister Antonia has just given birth to her 5th child and with each and every one of them she was super slim with in weeks seems they are very lucky girls

  34. Dea says:

    Nicole at almost 9 months old just 3 weeks before birth. I mean there is no way that a pregnant woman will look like this at almost 9 months pregnant.
    Go to
    www dot dailymail dot co dot uk/ tvshowbiz/article-1025705/Still-gym-Eight-months-pregnant-Nicole-Kidman-teeny-bump-hit-gym-workout.html

  35. REALIST says:

    Gestational Carrier update:

    I always find articles that the Brits write about Americans on the snooty side, but it did clear up some details: how much a surrogate gets paid, where the egg can come from (the surrogate or IVF and embryo transfer), and the fact that twins are a more expensive option. Still, eggs are problematic since they are essentially the same age as the woman; are all these celebs running around getting their eggs frozen for later?
    Confirmed: yes, for some actresses it may be a convenience issue if they are at the height of their careers.

  36. Stacia says:

    Not everyone looks like a puffy heifer at nine months. Nor does every woman bleed heavily after giving birth either. My friend gave birth last year over the summer and not only did shecarry small but she fit into her size six jeans when she left the hospital, and was wearing white capris the week after giving birth to her kid for a 4th of July BBQ. Granted, she did say she was grateful she had a very absorbant maxi-pad, but when I asked about her flow (we’re very close) she said it was just a little bit heavier than a normal menstrual period.

    It happens. Not every woman gains weight the same, is fatter after a pregnancy, nor has the same “flow” after childbirth.

  37. Dannnii says:

    The Aussie and UK rags talk more slander and lies than the ones here do.
    It’s just that you crap all over her for everything, it’s strange. Three days in a row you crapped on her because she was going out while her child was at home. And? It’s funny that Sandra Bullock did not get that criticism from you last year. Hmmm. Well, you did not post my comments on this last time so I suppose this time you will also cut these out.

  38. frewt says:

    I don’t think there’s any conspiracy. She’s had miscarriages in the past, she is now 43 with a very limited number of eggs left. She didn’t want to chance losing another pregnancy at her age so chose the surrogate route. She also carried Sunday folks. Firstly, I saw a papp pic of her exposed baby belly when she was exercising and secondly, if you were going to fake it you’d put a big ol prosthesis on. It’s not unrealistic that she was small – this woman is so fricking obsessed with her looks, there’s no way she was going to put on excess weight during pregnancy.

  39. Jayna says:

    Oh, please, with the conspiracy theories on Sunday. How silly. People need to get a life. People touch your belly all the time. No way to pretend that. I have several friends who were skinny after the pregnancy and looked amazing. And look at Beth from Real Housewives of New York. She looked amazing right afterwards and only had a big tummy at the end of her pregnancy. She even said it isn’t that hard to get back to your figure if you were in shape to begin with and kept it up during the pregnancy. And I once had a very tall neighbor like Kidman tall, and she said she never showed in her pregnancies until at the very end. She always told me people couldn’t believe she was pregnant.

  40. RHONYC says:


    it’s nobody’s business if she, s.j.p. OR k. preston carried their kids. us woman have a little known thing called ‘A CHOICE’ in how we become mothers. as long as the baby isn’t stolen & it wasn’t through some illegal black market operation out of like Guatamala, i say Mazol! :-)

  41. Susan Cole Highland Texas says:

    I don’t care how she had the baby. But faking a pregnancy is bizarre and deceptive….not to mention creepy and weird.

  42. Moll says:

    Can back up the (very reliable) source re Nicole’s bits. Born a hermaphrodite so has no womb. Sunday Roast’s pregnancy definitely faked. Too risky to fake again, hence this route – and no eggs so Faith not biologically hers either. Don’t know why she feels she has to lie all the time, but wish her the best anyway.

  43. canden says:

    I would vote Ms. Kidman faked Sunday’s pregnancy for a number of reason’s. 1.) fluctuating bump pictures that were extremely different a(nothing to do with the clothing)…also, Hollywood actors/actresses have access to props…and there are pregnancy belly’s that can be worn that look and almost feel natural…they do shots of actresses with naked pregnant belly’s that are not real. There were pictures of her standing with her stomach totally against her hubby’s side with his arm around her tightly in her ‘last month’….despite all of our stories of not showing….her public life and pictures and actions add up to the fact that she wanted everyone to think Sunday’s pregnancy and birth was all natural…..She has a right to privacy but she should not have tried pulling off a pregnancy and posing on red carpets wearing fake pregnancy bellies(they are so real hollywood can shoot someone supposedly naked and you can not tell the difference on film. So someone touching her belly wouldn’t have given it away..She shouldn’t have tried to fool the public…..she should have just lived her life and said “no comment..or..Sorry, we don’t comment about our personal lives. I do wish them well…but am glad they did Faith’s the right way….just be honest or quiet….no pretending……….