Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban welcome their second daughter together


Wow, as everybody just announced in the links (LOL, sorry!), Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban announced this afternoon that they welcomed their second daughter. Via surrogate! Apparently the baby – a little girl named Faith Margaret- was born on December 28, and they’re just announcing it now, after they just spent the whole weekend doing a bunch of events together so Nicole could promote Rabbit Hole. Because…? I guess a newborn doesn’t need either of her parents…for a whole weekend…? No, I’m a bitch. I know that. You know that too. Since I’m going there, I guess I can also say that I look forward to many more interviews in which Nicole makes reference to her only TWO daughters, forgetting Isabella entirely.

It’s a girl – and a huge surprise!

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban revealed Monday that they are the parents of a baby girl.

Faith Margaret Kidman Urban arrived Dec. 28 at The Women’s Hospital at Centennial in Nashville. Faith was born through a gestational carrier and is the biological daughter of Kidman and Urban.

“Our family is truly blessed, and just so thankful, to have been given the gift of baby Faith Margaret,” the family says in a statement. “No words can adequately convey the incredible gratitude that we feel for everyone who was so supportive throughout this process, in particular our gestational carrier.”

Kidman and Urban, both 43, had kept the birth a secret, saying nothing about being new parents when they attended the Golden Globe Awards on Sunday night.

Married in 2006, Kidman gave birth to daughter Sunday Rose in July 2008. Kidman and her ex-husband Tom Cruise also adopted two children during their marriage, Isabella and Connor.

[From People]

Good for them and congratulations. This is likely the reason that Nicole has been looking slightly off-kilter in her recent appearances – her mind is somewhere else, and she’s probably thinking about little Faith. That’s my mom’s name, by the way. Faith. I always think of it as such a Southern name, but I guess Aussies are embracing it too.

Bitchy side note: I’ve always thought that Sunday Rose was born via surrogate – perhaps Nicole’s sister Antonia – so it’s very interesting to me, conspiracy-wise, that Nicole and Keith are fine announcing that little Faith was born via surrogate, while we must believe that Sunday was the pillow-like lump that Nicole sported for a few months. I know, I know. I’m a C-U-Next-Tuesday. You don’t have to say it.


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  1. Bodhi says:

    Well damn! Good for them & congrats!!

  2. REALIST says:

    All the rage-surrogacy! Got to have at least one half of the celebrity gene pool involved!
    What ever happened to adoption? Talk to Angie and Brad about that!
    Will skip the additional Bella/Conner speculation; let’s just stick with Keith and Nic and their long overdue announcement. How odd…perhaps some issues with the surrogate mother or the newborn?
    That’s another thing I love about this whole surrogacy thing-it’s like the stork dropped the baby rather than a real woman who went through nine months of a real pregnancy, a real delivery, and then the “baby fat” that comes after.
    I realize most of these actresses with surrogates (e.g. SJP) are beyond conception, but I’ve always wondered if at times with other actresses it wasn’t a convenience issue (C-sections-definitely).

  3. Emily says:

    Whenever I hear the name Faith, I always think of the character from Buffy. But Margaret’s such an old fashioned name! I don’t know anyone under about 40 with that name!

    Also, the kid’s less than a month old and both her parents are trotting off to an awards ceremony? Wow.

  4. hopeso says:

    OH MY GOD that’s great mews, who know Congrats to Keith and Nicole, and God bless Keith, Nicole, Sunday and now faith. WOW.

  5. jc126 says:

    Wha??? Well, congrats to them. I know she was small, but I believe that she did give birth to their old kid herself, not that it matters.

  6. kati butler says:

    Nic loves Isabella it has to hurt her heart that her two older children have opted to live in CA to pursue careers…she is in her 40s so maybe carrying another child was not an option & I’m very sure her children were left in capable hands so they could attend an event..not the first time a new mother has been caught out & about w/out the baby?

  7. Shay says:

    She probably had Sunday Rose this way and lied about it, created a whole story, like her Botox story – and final admission.
    God forbid these Hollywood actresses have a baby the biological way and ruin their figure. Don’t like Kidman, never did. Too superficial and a proven liar.
    ‘Gestational carrier’! It’s pathetic. But it’s yet another new occupation that wealthy people prefer. In the same way that wealthy people outsource their babies to women in India of late.

  8. Obvious says:

    congrats to them. whether o now sunday was pillow lump. i’m excited that they are expanding their family. maybe connor and isabelal will want to spend more time with their mom now.

  9. Annicka says:

    I didn’t realize they were expecting. Nicole Kidman is so low on my list of ‘Give a crap’.

  10. Shio says:

    Congratulations to both of them :D

  11. Kj says:

    I always think of Faith as a southern name too, but consider this – Australia is kind of like the Alabama of the world. Think about it.

  12. Stef says:

    I like Kidman and Urban together…I think they seem like a real low key couple that actually like…love each other. I think the fact that she really stuck by him in rehab and supported him was a big thing…she had been married to TC for so long, and you know he was a controlling a-hole. She was never allowed to be the strong one…and I think with Urban, he is still a strong man but shares the responsibility in the relationship with her as opposed to controlling it, you know?

    I dunno, maybe I read too much into it. But I do like these two together and I am very happy for them and their family.

  13. Camille says:

    Agree with you Kaiser.

    I have an excellent source who told me a very interesting story about Mrs Urban and why she ‘can’t have babies’.

    Anyway congrats to them, they must be over the moon.

  14. happygirl says:

    What the ?? I gotta say I’m feeling a little caught off guard here.

    Congratulations to them!

    Edit – @ Stef: ITA!

  15. Kaiser says:

    Camille – TELL ME TELL ME!

    I’ve always thought she was wearing a pillow with Sunday.

  16. endoplasmic_ridiculum says:

    She’s a great actress – loved her in The Hours… and also that creepy movie where her husband comes back in the body of an 8 year old…

    I don’t care what she does in her personal life. It’s not like she’s churning out garbage such as “How to Lose an Audience in 10 Minutes” Hudson…

  17. gaugustaus says:

    Unexpected. I’d say I was happy for them but I have never ever been able to tolerate that woman. The situation with Conner & Isabella is so weird. Then they leave a newborn baby? I understand the request for privacy but stay with your baby woman.

  18. Ruby Red Lips2 says:

    Camille – do share pls, would love to know ;)

    Total agreement that no way did NK have Sunday naturally, she barely looked pregnant and 2 weeks later she was photographed wearing white with a perfect body, no changes at all…she so didn’t carry Sunday

    Oh and new babies don’t need to bond with their parents do they, much more important to promote a film!!!! WTF?!?!?!

    No wonder NIcole forgets about Isabella, she obv has the kids (well someone has them for her) and then someone looks after them for her too!!!

  19. brin says:

    Congrats to them, lovely family!

  20. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    Whoa they hid that very well. Congrats to Nicole and Keith.

  21. Tess says:

    I’ve heard rumors about the nature of the relationship between Nicole and Naomi Watts.

    I just don’t get her marriage to Keith. It just seems strange to me. Recall, he went into rehab about 10 seconds after they got married….just kind of odd.

    First she marries Tom Cruise….then Keith with whom I would not be surprised to find out she didn’t make babies the old-fashioned way.

  22. P.J. says:

    I don’t understand why people are criticizing Nicole for leaving the baby for a few hours. She was nominated for Best Actress, which is a big deal. Do they think the baby was home feeling abandoned, missing her mom? She’s only 2 weeks old!

    We could just as well criticize Angelina and Brad, Amy Adams, or any of the other parents who went to the Globes instead of staying home with the kids.

    Congratulations to Nicole and Keith! They found a way to have the family they always wanted. Who are we to judge their childbirth decisions? All we know is that they wanted a child and had one, so good for them!

    Margaret is a cool name. I think it’s coming back into style because I know 2 kids with that name.

  23. ctkat1 says:

    I’ve always thought that the weirdness with the older kids was due to Scientology- it has been gossiped about for years that Connor and Isabella’s biological parents were SeaOrg members.

    Anyway, when Tom and Nicole divorced I figured there was some sort of Scientology pressure that gave him primary custody- maybe they signed contracts that the children would be raised as Scientologists? When the kids were younger, they spent time with Nicole- there were the occasional paparazzi photos. But as the kids got older, and Scientology became a huge part of their lives, I think they were encouraged to cut her out as a “negative” person- Scientology advocates cutting out anyone in your life who is doubtful of Scientology.

    All of this is to say that I think the story of Nicole and her two older children is probably a lot more secretive, tragic, and complicated that anyone will ever publicly admit.

    And I can’t hate her for having two more children that are completely hers and not tied up with a cult.

  24. Rita says:

    This whole thing is weird and sheds some light on her past pregnancy but they appear very happy so God Bless everyone.


    “Australia is kind of like the Alabama of the world. Think about it.”

    I couldn’t agree more. I can’t tell the difference between barbecued opossum and wombat,especially with an apricot glaze.

  25. Dea says:

    Camille: please I am dying to know. I am obsessed with the weird part of Nicole and I am sure there will be some more weird news out there. Keeping the birth of the child for 3 weeks secret is weird enough, isn’t it?? If we go back to recent interviews of her she is really out of her mind: talking about how much she missed her grown up kids; accepting Botox; and praying to God to give her Keith or someone like him… . I bet she Botoxes her vagina as well that’s why she cant give birth naturally. LOL.

  26. Sammy Jo says:

    Hey kj Australia has a stronger economy than the US at the moment-notice the $AUS… I am a first class flighty and I helped NK change into her silk pjs on a flight from Sydney to LA….she WAS definitely pregnant. The only pillow was the one under her head. And those of you who are sledging Australia-I know you’ll never get to see this beautiful country as hilairiously only 4% of you knuckleheads have passports!!

  27. Vanessa says:

    CAMILLE! [my favorite girl name btw]
    PLEASE tell us!!!!! [or just me] haha

    Stef- I agree 100%!

    Funny, used to dislike Kidman, but ever since she got away from TC I have grown to like her. I have always thought it was thanks to TC she never gets to see those adopted kids, the whole Xenu thing is just too weird.

    I think it’s cool they have another daughter, I think they do love each other and their kids and I am happy for them. :) I even like that we didnt know, I like that they didnt blather on about it before the fact!

  28. Camille says:

    @Kaiser: Do you have a Celebitchy email address that I can email you at?
    For some reason my ad blocker won’t show me the links at the top of the page.

  29. Isa says:

    The picture of her in all white after giving birth to Sunday confuses me. I mean, you can see her nipples through her shirt so no breast pads. How long does it take to dry up after if you don’t bf? I breastfed and dried up slowly so I don’t know.
    And the white jeans.

    I guess every woman is different.

    Camille! Tell us! NOW! Pwetty pwease?!?! *bats eyelashes* lol.

    Anyway, yay for the new baby.

  30. Mollyb says:

    Good for her. I don’t blame her one bit for keeping it quiet–she had two good examples of other A-listers last year. Look what happened to poor Sarah Jessica Parker’s surrogate when that pregnancy went public. And given the lovely time away from the stalking cameras that Sandra Bullock enjoyed with her little boy before making a public announcement. I think she made the right decision–by keeping it to herself, they got some quiet time with their baby and their surrogate avoided having her house robbed by the paparazzi or whatever they would have up their sleeves.

  31. Mizz Tickles says:

    Camille, please tell I am so curious.

  32. lucy2 says:

    Congrats to them! Whatever their reasons and methods, that’s great for them and I’m sure they’re very happy. I’m amazed they kept it quiet so long, but can’t say I blame them.

  33. Cocosgirl says:

    I had always been such a huge fan of hers in the early days and then sort of grew to hate her as she messed with her face. BUT. Watching her on the red carpet last night at the GG she sure seemed serene and looking less freakish than in the past. I’ve heard rumors about why she and Cruise adopted, my personal feeling is that her career was on the rise and she didn’t want to take time off to be pregnant, though much speculation was that Cruise was sterile (and, of course, GAY). She had Sunday at 40 and likely tried to for another before opting for a surrogate. Whatver, God Bless them and hope they’ll all be mucho happy. And the poster who mentioned that her two oldest kids were part of the Scientology/marriage contract? YEP.

  34. Vanessa says:

    Camille…Does NK pee standing up?

  35. Crash2GO2 says:

    She’s so tall, that it’s not surprising she didn’t show much with Sunday Rose.

    A new baby, and here I was just saying that I thought she’d put on weight trying for another baby! LOL

  36. Solveig says:

    Congrats to them!
    I don’t think that her pregnancy with Sunday Rose was fake, but I have the feeling that Nicole may suffer from endometriosis or a disease like that. Of course I have no proof to support my theory, but I get this kind of vibes from her, to me she’s a woman who probably has troubles during a pregnancy.

  37. Someone Else says:

    Other sites say she’s had two miscarriages.

    Maybe she Can’t Have Kids? (I really don’t know — just speculating here…)

    I’ve never been a fan, but it does seem like she’s trying to be normal lately. Who knows what life was like in her first marriage? Tom Cruise drives me absolutely nuts and I’ve never even met the man!

    I think she’s a bit wacky, but maybe not the bitch she seems… (or not)

    and Camille, you’re just being MEAN keeping it quiet.

    Spill, baby!

  38. Hmmm says:

    Rent-a- womb. Yeah, that warms the cockles of my heart. A “gestational carrier”. How freaking inhumane a description is that of a living woman?????????

    I was on the fence about KIdman until this moment. No more. She is a royal, icy bitch (and so is her PR). She’s still young enough to have a babe. They also could have adopted. I am beyond appalled at what this world has come to. It’s sick. I feel sick.

  39. Belle Epoch says:

    OK, this is really weird, but fascinating.

    I have a friend who lived in Australia and got to know the Aborigine culture very well.

    Nicole once played the didgeridoo for some kind of promotional photo op thing, and my friend said, “That’s it – she will never have any more children now. The didgeridoo is ONLY to be played by men, and if a woman plays it, she will become barren.”

    Of course, she’s kindof old and not exactly a Fertile Myrtle anyway.

    I bet he wanted the baby more than she did.

  40. aenflex says:

    Kaiser you aren’t a CuNextTuesday.

  41. L says:

    Actually I appreciate Nicole not trotting about the baby during promotions to try and get some last minute GG voters.

    And please-you really think they left the kid at home? She’s prob at the hotel with grandma or the nanny and they are only away from her for a few hours. I heard all the same crap from people when I went back to work part time after 2 months-and I was like ‘I work from home! I’m right downstairs for like 3 hours! Relax!”

    I love the name Faith Margaret. My youngest sister is Margaret(Peggy) so I’ve got a soft spot for that.

    And @Hmmmm regardless of age, it’s totally within the realm of possibility that she couldn’t have another baby. Some women even in their 20′s struggle with that. And I doubt any judge is going to let Keith Urban adopt with his record of rehab-so in the larger scope of things it’s not that bad.

  42. W.O.M. says:

    Good for them!

    I can’t find fault with Kidman for not mentioning the baby’s existence while doing press junkets and awards ceremonies. This is very similar to what Bullock did last year with her son. Galas and interviews are part of Kidman’s professional responsibilities and I’m sure at the end of the day she went back to her home (she has one in LA, I believe) and saw the baby.

    I’ve always assumed that Nicole keeps mum about the older kids is because:
    a. she’s been threatened with some form of disclosure of embarrassing information by the Cult of Scientology if she’s too open, or
    b. she fears speaking against the church will turn the Cruise children against her, and she wants them to perceive her as a non-threat whom they can come to if/when they want to leave the cult.

  43. KatScorp says:

    @12 KJ:

    “Australia is kind of like the Alabama of the world. Think about it.”

    As in, the closer you get, the further we fall? Or maybe the presence of many jack-knifed 18 wheelers on our interstate highways? LOL at Rita.

    I like the name Faith, she and Spike are my favourite Whedon characters. I also think that these guys did the right thing by delay the announcement; they had some time to bond before the paparazzi found out and became insane with determination to get and sell the first picture of Faith Margaret.

    Kaiser, you’re opinion that Nicole faked the pregnancy with Sunday Rose isn’t offensive. It’s possible that she did; I’ve no idea because I didn’t follow celebrity gossip back then.

    “Gestational carrier”? I agree with Hmmm – it’s cold.

  44. Susan Cole Highland Texas says:

    They probably had frozen embryos, but Nicole couldn’t go through another pregnancy because of a medical issue. It is important to not judge.

  45. jemshoes says:

    I’ll say this about Australia, my family’s chosen home, and as a child of migrant parents: it can be a little redneck at times and xenophobic, with our politicians crying, “Stop the boats! Stop the boats!” to get the votes on election day – but racism isn’t the country, it’s (sadly) the people. And racism is a two-way street, and not just the “whites” who are racist, intolerant and bigoted about cultural differences. I guess I know from first-hand experience. Does it make me bitter? No. Because this country gave my father a disability pension when he fell gravely ill and allowed us to keep a roof over our heads, pay our bills and have a life. The kind of paternalistic government that doesn’t exist where my parents came from and where I was born.

    On a lighter note, my only beef with the Aussies who make it big in Hollywood is that they all sound British or else “trans-atlantic” (whatever this means). It’s a huge relief to hear the more down-to-earth Aussie celebrities like Cate Blanchett and Geoffrey Rush speak with Aussie accents to the Aussie media when they’re here!

    Congratulations to NK and KU. Faith is a beautiful, uplifting name. :)

  46. Tazina says:

    Congrats to them on their new baby! Actually, Nicole has said getting pregnant with Sunday was a miracle and her doctors told her not to expect it to happen again. People are so negative and think the worst.

    She went out for a couple of hours to an awards show and left the baby at home! Why is this a problem? The baby is going to put two and two together and know they…gasp!!! went out!!!!?? Oh no!

  47. ctkat1 says:

    @ W.O.M.- I too think that she is hoping that one or both of the children will choose to separate from Scientology in the future and will seek out a relationship with her. I think their lack of relationship is due to the kids (and the hold that Tom/Scientology has over them), not to Nicole- which makes me think that Katie Holmes probably feels pretty trapped.

  48. Rianic says:

    @Hmmmm. Just bc you are young enough to have a baby doesn’t mean you can. Between the ages of 32-33, I had two cofirmed miscarriages while undergoing iui. I have problems w my progesterone levels. Many women are to get pregnant, but unable to carry it. My younger sister offered to be a surragate for me, but I conceived twins on my last round of iui.

  49. maggiesmommy4 says:

    My 3 year old daughter is named Margaret. It can be appropriate for a child and as an adult and it’s not something she will come to me in 20 years and ask, why in heavens name did I name her something ridiculous? It is a timeless name

  50. KatScorp says:

    @Gemshoes: I’m here to back my fellow Aussie up. I’ve been the victim of racism from aboriginals and muslims, so you’re bloody right about racism not being a white “thing”. Abuse has been hurled at me while doing my morning walks, so yep, some minority groups are full of shit about their “victimisation”. That said, I’m not sure what KJ is saying, so I made the reference to the country music band “Alabama”.

    I was raised on American country music.

    Australia is definately an extrodinary country and I’m proud and grateful to have been born here. My therapy is being bulk-billed (I have no insurance) and I am being given the time to get well again before I get a diploma of education and begin to give back to my country that took care of me after I became so ill. Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, Oi, Oi, Oi!

  51. jen34 says:

    Wow. People really believe she faked her last pregnancy? Is anybody that weird?

    Anyhow, congratulations to them. A wanted baby is always good news.

  52. Shoe_Lover says:


    “Australia is kind of like the Alabama of the world. Think about it.”

    Have you ever been here? Because judging by your comment I would say you haven’t. of course there are bogans (or rednecks as you would call them) here just like there are in every country but Australia is one of the best countries in the world. Half of our country is currently flooded and Queensland, where I live, has just experienced one of the worst natural disasters in our history and 75% of our state is flooded. Instead of the fighting and murders and anarchy that occurred in the US after Katrina we have all pulled together and are helping each other. People are helping clean the houses of people they don’t even know and there have been so many cleaning volunteers that we are overwhelmed.

    Not to mention that the indigenous and immigrant population gets more perks and handouts than any Anglo Saxon Australian will ever get.

    @jemshoes. the reason most people want the boats stopped is because they are dangerous. Didn’t the recent accident at Christmas Island show you that? the people smugglers don’t care at all about the people on the boats as long as they fleece them for everything they have. Some of these people wont be granted asylum for various reasons and will be sent back to their home countries with nothing because they gave it all to the people smugglers who promised them the world and delivered nothing.

    tell me does that sound like the Alabama of the world to you?

    I don’t mean to sound overly b!tchy but I get really p!ssed off at people running their mouths about things they don’t even understand

  53. poof says:

    Well at least she didn’t pretend as though she carried the baby for nine months like the scientologists John and the wife.

  54. Chris says:

    So where’s the scoop identifying the surrogate mother? The media’s getting slack.

  55. lachica says:

    at least she was honest this time about how the child was conceived and carried. altho’ I’m still waiting for her to fess up to using her younger sister’s eggs.

  56. MrsOdie2 says:

    Maybe Kidman’s age isn’t the issue. She adopted two children with Cruise and famously had a miscarriage around the time of the split. She probably tried for years and years to have a baby on her own with him. Some people just aren’t lucky. The kinds of hormone therapies before and after conception that women have to go through sometimes might be enough to put them off pregnancy for life. Hell, regular pregnancy is pretty bad for some of us (e.g. ME, currently 16 weeks at 38). Sunday Rose could have just been a lucky pregnancy, and something she either couldn’t or wouldn’t do again. She probably is like most of us who have more than one baby. She loves her child and wants another. I don’t see how that makes her a villain. And to the person who said they get at least half of the celeb gene pool, Baby Faith is probably from Kidman’s egg and Urban’s sperm, thus 100% their biological child.

    Congratulations to them, for making their family whatever way they choose.

  57. leuce7 says:

    I don’t understand why it’s such a big deal whether she used a surrogate or not–for whatever reason, Nicole, Keith and the surrogate mom were all in agreement and, as no one has come out to say anything otherwise, all happy with the arrangement. And now a loving family grows. Who cares how families become families as long as they love each other?

  58. lisa says:

    I like this comment for Justjared.

    Why are Nicole and Keith being ragged on for having baby and keeping it secret when Sandra Bullock did the same thing last year and was praised up and down for it.

    I saw Lainey and she was nasty about them leaving the baby at home while Nicole was promoting.. Well wasn’t that exactly what Sandra did with Louie. and during that whole Oscar Promotion. thing hanging out and promoting like mad.. on every show all over the place. while baby Louie was where?

    another example of a double standard.. I guess it only applies to a select few.

    Well funny is Keith I don’t suspect has been cheating on Nicole. And why is Sandra so awesome for keeping her son a secret and Nicole doing that is suspicious.

    I don’t really see much of a difference.

  59. I get going to an award show for a couple of hours – not a big deal. Sandra Bullock did the same thing last year. And if Kidman went on her own, they wouldn’t be able to grace the world with their all consuming love for each other and the apparent need to grope at each other to prove their love is alive.

    What I think is weird is that they were half way around the world from the 8 ½ month pregnant surrogate when they flew to Sydney to be part of Oprah’s shows (shot on 14th December 2010 in Sydney). Then after the Oprah shows, they hung around Sydney for another week therefore going back to Nashville at best a week before the kid was born. Kidman visited a Children’s hospital in Sydney on the 20th December 2010. Why weren’t they in Nashville with the surrogate for that last month?? Was having a kid not a good enough reason to rush back? If it really is their biological child, would you not want to be there to ensure that everything goes smoothly and to participate in the medical appointments leading up to the birth? That makes me think the first kid was born the same way and Kidman was “pregnant” with a pillow otherwise how could you be so relaxed about it if you have never gone through it before with some random surrogate?

    Maybe that is why the Botox comment was made first prior to the announcement of the kid? So when the news of the surrogate went public, the first comment from the press would not be she wouldn’t carry the kid because she would have to quit the Botox for the 9 months….

  60. someone says:

    Congrats to the happy couple.

  61. moocowhead says:

    This confirms my suspicions of the first pregnancy. Can you imagine if her pillow FELL OUT in front of the paparazzi??

    I was surprised when SJP was upfront about her surrogate twins, I thought she would be the type to do a pillow thing too. Maybe the lack of anyone giving a shit made Nicole realize it’s not a big fucking deal.

  62. Anya says:

    KJ and JemShoes have a point. That is the impression I get of some Aussies. As a matter of fact Jesse Spencer who plase Dr. Chase on “House” has parents who are the founders of “Australia Against Further Immigration.”

    They have also taken part in something called “One Nation” that is against protections for multiculturalism Australia’s aboriginal groups.

    Seems extreme to me!

  63. cpawidow says:

    I wish them all the best. I am frustrated by people who complain about stars/people leaving their newborns. For starters newborns basically eat, sleep and poop, and as a person who had a spouse that requires socializing, that is what a quality sitter/nanny and a breast pump are for. And with a surrogate, the breast pump is unneeded. No one has implied that Nicole and Keith stayed out until all hours whooping it up. I wish them all the best.

  64. observer says:

    It could be that they’ve arranged for the birth mother to breast feed the baby for a time. That seems weird, but really it’s no weirder than have another woman carry and birth your baby. That could be why they were comfortable leaving the baby for a few hours.

  65. DeeDee says:

    Shoelover: well said.

    It’s like us Canadians (Albertans specifically) being compared to Americans. Couldn’t be further from the truth, EH?

    And FYI… I am just happy for Nicole and Keith and how happy they are with their new addition. No matter how she came into this world, she is going to be one lucky little girl.

  66. Sammy Jo says:

    My girlfriend (Aus) and her husband(US) have just relocated to Australia for good. Both had fantastic corporate jobs in Nevada. They own two houses outright(not that your houses are worth much anymore). They just believe that the US is not a good place to raise a family due to the ridiculous gun laws. Atleast any rednecks here can’t walk into a shop and grab a gun. And I also agree with the previous comment regarding our national response to our floods in Queensland. Your own Government left the citizens of New Orleans for dead for many,many days until there was international outcry. Shame. And I repeat I saw NK’s very pregnant tummy when I assisted her with her pjs on a 1st class flight from Sydney to LA.

  67. jemshoes says:

    @ Shoe Lover

    There are two sides to every story and every coin. When I think of “boat people” I’m actually thinking about the people on those boats, seeking humanitarian refuge, and not necessarily about the people smugglers running the boats. I guess because I know more refugees than smugglers. I also know that some who claim asylum on our shores have not actually left their country of origin because of any humanitarian crisis. Stopping the boats may deter the smugglers. I’m not saying I know the answers to the really hard questions such as, who deserves asylum status; what can we do to help the people – not the smugglers – on those boats, and so on. I didn’t come on a boat, my parents migrated to Australia in the 1980s because of a skills shortage in a particular area of the workforce. We had to go through due processes and procedures, but I don’t resent boat people who come to Australian shores looking for a better life.

    My point was general – that racism is a fact, whether we’re talking about Australia or Alabama, and that it can be a way of life and a set of attitudes and values perpetrated by people of all skin colours against one another.

  68. carey says:

    antonia (NK’s sister) was NOT a surrogate for Sunday Rose. She lived all of 5 houses away from mine at that time and i saw her most days… and she was rail thin that entire year.

    seriously, NK comes from a very very sane and normal family. she is not going to stage a pillow pregnancy. let it go kaiser and focus your energies on kelly preston and JT who are clearly crazy loons.

  69. hmm(the original) says:

    The timing is a little curious because if you really wanted to keep it quiet, why not wait until after the Oscars. Methinks, Nicole is posturing just like so many others do around awards season.
    On another note, sign me up as another who doesn’t believe that she really carried the first one. She was photo’d days after having the baby with tight white pants and no stomach. I also find “gestational carrier” to be a little bit much. This woman carried the child and she doesn’t need to be reduced to a non-human just to make it clear that the baby is biologically Nicole and Keith’s.

  70. Wresa says:

    OH, Lord, just to counteract a bitchy comment I said earlier today, I will say you were dead on with this one all the way through, Kaiser! I’m not so sure Nicole carried Sunday Rose, but congrats to them! So surprising, this second baby!

  71. Isa says:

    Why did Nicole need help with her pjs???

  72. Crash2GO2 says:

    I actually got curious about the term ‘gestational carrier’ and did some looking into it. It appears that the term is used for women who carry another couple’s biological child, whereas a ‘surrogate’ is a woman who carries her own child fertilized using the sperm of the male of the infertile couple.

    It does seem that they could come up with a better term though, because it does seem awfully cold and detached.

  73. hyuch says:

    Kaiser what is it with teh Nicole hate? Trust me, she is a nice woman. A bit of a dork, very shy and from a sensible family. Sure she has a cinderella complex about “Wuv, true wuv” that makes Taylor Swift look romantically sophisticated, but , credit where credit is due…she does genuinely look like she loves her husband. And he her. For me the biggest thing is how Tc turned Katie Holmes into a sad depressed person. Makes me question how ‘great” a guy he really is…

  74. Zelda says:

    We don’t say you are like Americans: we say you are like Texans, specifically. No one is confusing an Albertan for, say, a New Yorker.
    That said, love visiting AB regularly.

  75. merry says:

    @ ctkat1. I agree. It must be heart breaking to have your children distance themself from you like that because of a cult.
    I also agree with those who wrote that she probably has pregnancy issues, some sort of medical condition that makes it impossible or too risky for her to get pregnant.
    Anyways, congrats!

  76. ViktoryGin says:

    The whole “my country is better than your country” is really asinine no matter whose dishing it out. It’s really just playground taunting masquerading cultural discourse.

    Surely, the poster who made the original reference to Alabama did so as a poor attempt at humor and obviously people reacted swiftly. That’s understandable. But that rather attempts to mask that fact that one can make general comparisons to the two cultures that aren’t tentative, at all. And if that makes you ucomfortable, you need to try being more honest with yourselves.

    There are similarities between Australia and the American South, in general, on the basis on fervent nationalism, isolationist protectionism to point of xenophobia in some places, historical racist attitudes and policies that both places seems to have in recent years sought to rectify :) , cultural expressions that seem predicated on pronvincialism (country music, etc.), right-wing response to immigration, to name the most obvious that jump out to me. Not all of these are bad, actually. One may be discomforted by this, but that doesn’t make it untrue.

    So, to the instigators: dispose of the bad jokes and to those who feel offended, where there’s smoke there’s usually a fire. It’s exchanges like these that in their attempts to “educate” actually undermine cross-cultural dialogue and keep people at each other’s throats.

  77. the original bellaluna says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Sandra Bullock do the exact same thing a year ago? Pot, meet Kettle.

    I like SB, NK, and KU; I’m not judging a single one of them! I think (especially after what happened to SJP & MB’s surrogate a couple years ago) that there’s not a damn thing wrong with keeping personal things PRIVATE.

    I know, I know, in this society it must shock the knickers off most people not to have a play-by-play of the struggles, heartaches, and joy of someone’s personal business. You’ll get over it.

    Not everyone can be Tigers and Jesses and their skanky bitches just itching to blab for 15 minutes of tabloid attention. Nor do they want to be.

  78. M says:

    @ Anya
    Every country and state has its racist fringe groups. Please point me in the direction of one that doesn’t have one, I’ll be interested to see it.
    I divide my time between France, Belgium, England and Australia and I can honestly say there is no such thing as a country being ‘more racist’ than another. Each country has its own unique issues, esp in regards to race, immigration and socio-economic problems that needs to be dealt with.

  79. Eleonor says:

    @Hyuch: That’s my thought, when I see how miserable looks Katie Holmes I always think to Nicole, and how she survived to that marriage lasted 11 years. She’s lost her children in that divorce, they’re sciento-robots now.

  80. N.D. says:

    They didn’t announce it right away because there is a period after birth during wich surrogate can change her mind. Differs from country to country, but it’s about 2-12 weeks. So they HAD to wait and it has nothing to do with awards season.

    The fact that they didn’t stage anything to cover surrogacy this time tells me they didn’t stage her first pregnancy as wellas they are clearly not araid o telling it how it is.

    And while unusual the way she looked is nothing unheard of. I have a friend who gave birth to tween girls and you would hardly guess she was pregnant even when she was in her 3 trimester. And she was back to her crazy thin right after – very fast metabolism does that trick too, not just diets, tummy tacks and pretend pregnancies.

  81. just for comment says:

    @ Anya,

    Just fyi ‘House’ is a fiction show, I’ve never heard of the ‘Australia Against Further Immigration’ group and I follow politics quite closely here at home. Also, ‘One Nation’ wasn’t for the whole nation, it was a political party revolving around the idea of if you want to come here, you should accept what we have here and not expect Australia to convert to your ways. from memory there was nothing against aborigines other than that they should recieve the same welfare amounts as other Australians (rather than much more in benefits and entitlements which is the current operation of welfare), fair enough! To say Aussie’s are quite ‘southern’ or ‘redneck’ is way off the mark, considering in our last few elections at both state and federal level there has been a large swing to Green voting resulting in several state hung parliaments, resulting in minority governing with Green and Labour, as well as the current Federal hung parliament with the same minority government with Green and Labour!

  82. normades says:

    Even if the child does not have your DNA, it must be so hard being a “gestational carrier”. Imagine carrying a baby around for 9 months and getting even closer if you breastfed it. It must be kinda heartbreaking to let go. But on the up side I’m sure she got paid big $$$$$.

  83. Granger says:

    I didn’t know there was a schedule telling women with newborns when they’re allowed to leave the kid at home so they can have an evening out. The nerve of Kidman.

    Gimme a f***ing break.

  84. Raven Sparrow says:

    Kaiser, so what did Camille tell you????
    Please, please, you ladies have to give us something, can’t leave us like this!

    aaaaaaaarrgh! The suspense is killing me!

  85. Kaiser says:


    My email is

    Anyone can use that or

    for tips & juicy gossip!

  86. Jazz says:

    With this and Elton John’s baby, it’s good to see that some things can be kept private. As long as Nicole’s baby is loved and cared for, it doesn’t really matter who carried her.

  87. Vanessa says:

    The baby is about a month old now, maybe they are anticipating being out and about with her and their other daughter so they figured they should tell about her existence?

  88. Courtney says:

    Um with Tom Nicole actually conceived twice once at the beginning of their marriage which was an ectopic pregnancy then adopted Bella & Connor then she got pregnant again in 2001 around their divorce and had a miscarriage. She was actually 41 when she had Sunday July 7th 2008 as her birthday is June 20th 1967. Nic said recently in an interview that Sunday was a Miracle and that the chances of her conceiving and carrying another pregnancy to term at her age were slim to none stars having children around at or over 40 isn’t new Sophia Loren had what would’ve been her 4th natural child at 38 plus two stepchildren Geena Rowlands had her 3rd at 40 Joan Plowright had her youngest at 36 Joan Fontaine was pregnant twice in 1964 at 46 but miscarried both children Heather Mills had her only child Beatrice at 34 after an ectopic and three miscarriages or Patricia Neal had her 5th at 39

  89. Maud says:

    I’m an American ex-pat living in England and I hear/read anti-American comments frequently, and find them hurtful and ignorant. Indeed, I never had ‘nationalistic’ feelings until I left America! Painting individuals with a national brush is never a good idea and can only lead to further bad feelings and wars.

  90. flutters says:

    I’m no Nicole Kidman fan (the Botox disingenousness and I’m also still bitter she robbed my girl Julianne Moore of a well deserved Oscar for Far From Heaven). But I could’ve sworn there were pictures taken of her jogging or working out a month or two before Sunday Rose was born and at least 1 or 2 of those pictures showed her swollen bare belly. Am I misremembering? Because I remember thinking at the time that that should put the pillow baby rumors to rest.

  91. jessica says:

    KAISER…. please let us know what Camille was hinting around to… Its driving us CRAZY!!!

  92. TG says:

    @Maud – Well said. I didn’t even understand the what was meant by comparing Australia to Alabama. I am a US Citizen and proud, but I also have a lot of love for Aussies, Brits and Canadians and of course the rest of the world in general. I also don’t look down on the rest of the world thinking we are better than everyone.

  93. Lee says:

    Why do women tear down other women? Nicole always seems to be in line for a pretty heavy dose of it. I really don’t get the hate surrounding Nicole, nor do I get the conspiracy theories around her pregnancy with Sunday Rose. When I was pregnant with my first son I had to put up with some pretty nasty comments from people about how thin I was and how small my tummy was in the third trimester, yet my son was 9lb 13oz when he was born. I am pretty tall, and took a long time to look barely pregnant. AND I wore my regular jeans home from the hospital. They weren’t white, but if they were, who gives a crap? That’s what feminine hygiene products are for. Jeez.

    Congrats to her and her family on this new baby.

  94. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    YAY for them, Congrats!!!

  95. Justaposter says:

    Oh please, Camille is just some random poster on a public message forum. Doubt she has any ‘info’. This is the internet people, where anyone can say anything while hiding behind a screen name.

  96. Grace says:

    @ # 83 – No, a surrogate doesn’t have a chance to change their mind after the baby is born. I think you might be confusing the laws about surrogacy with those for adoption. Surrogacy laws are very different – I think that’s one of the reasons why celebrities go the surrogacy route rather than adoption.

  97. jessica says:

    I agree with you #99 (justaposter)

  98. P.J. says:

    Thanks for letting us know the difference between “gestational carrier” and “surrogate.” It seems these words are often confused but refer to two different situations.

  99. Alarmjaguar says:

    Look, re the “gestational carrier” thing – I was looking into this and was told that that is the proper term, not surrogate, etc., so I don’t think that she’s being an ‘icy bitch’ or whatever folks are calling her. Also, as someone who had trouble getting pregnant, it is no one’s business whether someone decides to adopt, use ivf, or a gestational carrier.

    I know a very large number of couples who have had trouble conceiving, so all of you who are criticizing her need to STFU. I feel incredibly sorry for anyone who has to go through it so publicly.

  100. Crash says:

    OMG. Australians hating on Americans. Americans hating on Australians hating on Canadians. Albertians hating on Americans hating on Texans hating on New Yorkers…can’t we all just get along?? Especially since the majority of the haters have never actually been to the geographic location they are hating ON? You can’t form all your opinions by what you see in the biased press. That goes for everyone.

  101. Camille says:

    Justaposter: You’d be surprised what people find out/know. The world can be a small place sometimes. :D

    I won’t share what I have been told in the comments section, because I don’t want to be hounded by the Nicole/Keith loonies :lol: , but I did email Kaiser about it. I’ll leave it at that I think. :D

    Happy gossiping everyone :D

  102. Dea says:

    Camille: after so many comments I had to google the rumors of Nicole first pregnancy. Justjared has some photos of Nicole during her “first” pregnancy with Sunday. Now when my sister was pregnant her breasts became huge and she is skinnier than Nicole and her breasts were much smaller than Nicole’s. I really do not see breasts of a pregnant woman in those photos for sure. Also, the belly button normally jumps put when women are pregnant. You can not see hers in the photos.

    justjared dot buzznet dot com photo-gallery 1192651 nicole-kidman-baby-bump-02

  103. jemshoes says:

    @ KatScorp

    *HUGS* to you!

    And I’m sorry that you’ve been the target of racism, too. I hate it when the race card is played against one group by another group. My own migrant experience thus far has been a mixed bag of blessings and blows, but I guess I’ve decided I’m going to hold on to the good and let go of the bad.

    Australia Day is coming up and I’m looking forward to celebrating it! My son who was born here 8 months ago is, as his little jumpsuit says, 50% Mummy, 50% Daddy but 100% Aussie. :D We’re lucky to be Aussies. xo

  104. KatScorp says:


    Bear Hug!!! I’m looking forward to Australia Day too because dad has promised a BBQ lunch like when I was a kid. Actually, he brought the BBQ in early December because all I asked for Christmas was a BBQ meal, then the 42 degree Christmas happened. We can see the Rockingham Foreshore fireworks from my dad’s house, too.

    You have a baby? Awww. My dog got me out of bed, again, at 3:55am this morning, so I kinda have one too. :-) xxx

  105. Athena says:

    Aww that’s great news! Congrats to them.

  106. manda says:

    this was hilarious!

    maybe someone already said this, but I always had the impression that the kids chose tom over her, which might account for some of her behavior. (I do agree, it’s weird, though.) Also, just from all the wacko stuff I hear about tom, there may have been something in their divorce where she has limited contact, or a privacy agreement.

  107. Antlers says:

    I belive you. I have also been told from source that Sunday Rose was not birthed from Nicole. She was birthed by Antonia Kidman. Sounds like story from Footballers Wives. But its true. Nicole Kidman cannot carry a child.