RHOBH reunion preview: Kim and Taylor get into it

E! Online has a clip from tonight’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion (above), and while it’s not quite as dramatic and scream-filled as the last preview we saw, it’s still very uncomfortable. Kim Richards calls out Taylor for telling her she would go “Oklahoma” on her ass (Taylor is from Oklahoma) when Taylor is a victim of childhood domestic violence and volunteers for a battered women’s shelter. Taylor gets snotty and indignant and tells Kim that she’s never been in a fight in her life and not to bring her charity work into this argument. Kim keeps pressing the point in that slurry way of hers. I don’t blame Taylor for getting defensive, but that in no way means I like her or think she’s anything but a manipulative social climbing suck up. Kim bothers me in her way, but I do think the others ganged up on her, and it’s telling that her mean girl sister Kyle is sitting right next to Taylor and giving her support during this whole ordeal. As you may remember, Kyle was attacking and nasty to Kim on the last episode of the show, and said among other things “Mom had to die worrying about you and stressing about you and leave this shit on my shoulders, after everything I’ve done for you.”

Kyle has stated that there’s more to this story that she hasn’t revealed, and in the new issue of US Weekly they reveal that Kim has already been in rehab at least once. It’s clear this story is straight from Kyle, as they try to paint her as much more generous and loving to Kim than she could ever be:

A source tells Hot Stuff [US Weekly] that though “Kyle seemed bitchy,” the battle, which nearly came to blows, had been brewing for years. “Kim’s out of control. She was in rehab before too… ”

And a source close to the sisters adds “frustrationboiled over” the night of the scuffle: “Jealously isn’t the root of their disagreements. It’s tiring to watch Kim not make smart decisions and not learn from her mistakes. The family has been through hell!”

The source adds that Kyle, 42, tried to keep cameras away from Kim at her lowest points. “Kyle didn’t want anything out there that would shame Kim. But Kim is the the shy waif she presents herself as on TV.”

For her part, Kyle tells US she’d “give anything” to take back what happened that night: “I love my sister! I want what’s best for her and for both of us.”

[From US Weekly, print edition, February 7, 2011]

I’ll try to consider the other side for a moment – it’s very possible that producers pushed Kim to confront Kyle to make for a more explosive scene. As commenter Bros pointed out in an earlier post, it was suspicious that Kyle’s assistant had the valet on speed dial and arranged for Kim not to leave. That said, Kyle said those mean things herself and she’s consistently turned on her sister. Kim may be an unreliable alcoholic, which is surely frustrating and there’s probably a lot of bad history in that family. The way Kyle has gone after Kim has been incredibly vindictive, though. Kyle is focused on wounding and shaming Kim, not helping her.

Also, just FYI – I will be traveling tomorrow and won’t be able to cover the RHOBH reunion until at least the weekend. (They better put it on iTunes.) I’m sorry about that!

Here are the Hilton sisters at the premiere of Race to Witch Mountain on 3/11/09. Kim starred in the original Escape to Witch Mountain in 1975. Compare this picture with the one below from 10/12/10. Kyle has pushed Kim out. It’s obvious Kim is blitzed too.


Credit: WENN and Fame

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  1. Liana says:

    It’s tiring to watch Kim not make smart decisions and not learn from her mistakes. The family has been through hell!

    Yes. It IS hell to have been a cash cow for your family. MOST of those young Disney kids ended up with substance abuse problems. And yes, it IS frustrating dealing with a substance abuser – I’ve been there. But it is possible to support without enabling and it’s never OK to side or appear to side with a friend over your sister when your sister is clearly an emotionally fragile person that you clearly care about. But that’s just my opinion.

  2. candy says:

    Kyle is back tracking because she has a hair care line coming out and people are turning on her. Her jealousy towards her sick sister is beyond comprehension. She’s also a little chunky monkey which is why she’s always wearing loose fitting garments. She wants to get pregnant because that’s easier than working out. What a lazy cow.

  3. sylvia says:

    Kyle is a backstabbing bitch. She shows disappointment that her multi-millionaire sister couldn’t make it to her daughter’s graduation, but she dumps on Kim who attends all her ridiculous stuff. So Kim has a drinking problem?! BIG DEAL, you silly bitch. At least that is a REAL problem, unlike your phony friends whose problem seems to be deciding with whom to side in a fight. Maybe at the beginning of the season I liked you, but you disappoint, Kyle. You are phony and shallow and worst of all disloyal. If I had to choose between you and Camille, I would choose Camille. You are a CLASS-A C–t and I hope you get what’s coming to you.
    The only Housewives worth ANYTHING on that show are Lisa and Adrienne, but unfortunately, apart from breaking up the others’ fights, they are boring, so I am sure Kyle will be welcomed back with open arms. Hey Kyle – enjoy your 15 minutes. And words of advice about perception and it’s slippery slope – REMEMBER JILL ZARIN!!!

  4. Lukie says:

    This clip left me incredibly disgusted with Kyle. How dare she allow that fake lipped b**ch to speak that way to her sister and then make that last comment and all she does is put her head down?

    I get that if you are like, under 25, but you are over 40 and preach how important family is? Please! Who does that?!?!

    Kim may be a drunk, but a GOOD sister wouldn’t have allowed her to be on the show if she was. A good sister doesn’t out her sister on TV in a fit of anger. A good 40+ year old sister does not side with her friends over her sister! Sorry, but I’ll take a drunk over a disloyal pig. There are always rehabs and AA meetings. Maybe if Kim had supportive sisters, she would have been able to pull herself up by now.

    Makes you have a better understanding of that pig, Paris Hilton, doesn’t it?

  5. devilgirl says:

    Taylor and Kyle disgust me. I have always disliked Taylor, but Kyle is now someone I dislike more than even Camille.

    Taylor is a desperate, needy, social climber. No wonder her husband can’t stand her. Always whining about her marriage. GET A DIVORCE. Oh, yeah, but that would mean she couldn’t live her high flying lifestyle anymore!

    Kyle really thinks she is something. She really has it in for BOTH her sisters. She is jealous of Kathy for marrying a Hilton, and she is jealous of Kim, for being more successful in her career when they were younger.

    While I think Alison (electronic cigarette)DuBois is a class A nut, she did make a point that Kyle IS a jealous and spiteful woman.

    @Lukie- ITA!

  6. neelyo says:

    Taylor and her husband are a pair of chiselers, nothing more. He barely escaped going to the pokey and she’s just along for the ride.

  7. Jacq says:

    I know Kyle doesn’t defend Kim, but don’t forget that Kim did the same FIRST by not admitting she was a witness to quash what Camille claims that Kyle said to her. They fought about it multiple times.
    I think it’s a nasty, private feud being played out way too publicly. And before everyone shames Kyle into the corner, hasn’t everyone had familial quarrels in which the most hurtful, inappropriate & damaging things are said? Things you wouldn’t ever want anyone to know you said or couldn’t believe someone was capable of verbalizing? When you’re fed-up, you snap but I felt like Kim was a terrified, shaking chihuahua. Which just makes me more aggravated with her.
    Still Team Kyle.

  8. Marjalane says:

    Kim’s going to have to have a past history of drowning puppies before I cut Kyle any slack. She let the mask slip last week and after rethinking the entire season of how she behaved, I’ve pretty much replaced Camille with Kyle as the biggest bitch on the show. Taylor has always set off my social climbing bitch-‘ho meter, so that was no surprise.

  9. Jayna says:

    Wow, keep throwing her under the bus and making excuses for your behavior ganging up on her that night, which I separate out, unlike you, who wants to bring up her problems as the excuse for you going off on her. Taylor was rude from the get-to to Kim and still won’t acknowledge it was all herself that brought it on, not Kim. And you, Kyle, were viscious. You have a nasty temper yourself. No matter what Kim’s problems are, you can’t use them to excuse what went on that night.
    When you and your bud, Taylor, acknowledge Kim did not start anything that night and that you both feel bad for the way you treated her, I will say let bygones be bygones. But you are both making excuses for your behavior.

  10. bros says:

    always siding with your sister, no matter what Liana, is another form of enabling. I dont understand why people are calling on kyle to keep protecting her sister, keep her off camera, blah blah, she’s so fragile and weak. she is a grown woman with 4 kids, so she should be able to make her own decisions. part of infantalizing yourself and being an addict is the hope that everyone will play along with you and not upset the boat because of what you might do. its a form of emotional bullying or emotional blackmail (on kim’s part) even tho it appears passive and pathetic. she is the very definition of passive aggressive.

    Candy: she looked pretty good in her 36 mile or 60 mile or however long bike ride she did with her husband. looked fit in her spandex, so I dont know why you are trying to hit below the belt calling her fat and a lazy cow. that seems like a really weird comment.

    Celebithcy, did you mean “is NOT the shy waif…”? in the quote from the mag?

  11. cici says:

    oh yeah, marjalane – Kyle has totally usurped Camille, IMO. She’s heinous. Really vile. And if I have to see her touch that boring hair of her’s one more time, I may throw up. As far as Taylor, she also disgusts me. SO FAKE. filled with insecurity and unhappiness yet nothing but fake happy blabber is coming from that mouth (if you can call it a mouth anymore).

    As far as I can see, Camille’s biggest sin on the show was unjustly putting herself upon a self appointed pedestal. Off the show, her talking about Kelsey’s bedroom behavior is a massive no-no and she should really be embarassed. Even the biggest Kelsey haters should know, you don’t out someone’s private marital sex activity. You don’t do that after 13 yrs of marriage.

  12. Lukie says:

    @devilgirl: THANK YOU! and ITA with you as well!

    @Jacq: not on TV and not in front of friends. She’s over 40. Exercise some damn self control for the sake of your sister and the rest of your family. Better yet, don’t let her on. Let us not forget, Kyle is the one that led Bravo to all the women on the show. I think she subconsciously wanted to out her sister.

    And how do we know that the reason Kim didn’t defend her sister isn’t because she really is a shy little bird but, BECAUSE MAYBE THE LONG HAIRED WITCH IS LYING ABOUT WHAT SHE SAID ABOUT CAMILLE?

    I would also like to add, I dislike Kyle even more for making me even semi side with Camille.

    Kyle and Frasier Crane are no longer allowed to play in my sandbox >:(

  13. redlips says:

    It is oh so apparent that Kim, Taylor and Kyle have demons that have NOT been dealt with. Kim is forever playing the victim card and it is old, real old and I truly believe that is what pushed Kyle over the edge. I think by outing her (Kim) she did her a huge favor. It is obvious that Kim doesn’t want help (unless it is monetary) or she would have kept her happy rear in rehab!

    Taylor is truly a lost cause at this point. She uses her “charity” to hide behind instead of seeking the help she so needs.

    I have a problem with needy women. Grow a pair, deal with your demons and move the eff on!!!

  14. poopie says:

    well, i am TEAM LISA. she is the ONLY one with true class on this show. Taylor needs to deflate that upper lip (yuck.. hard to watch her with that)..Kyle, unlike her ‘lead in’ for the show.. ‘i’m not afraid to be me’.. crap is ALWAYS putting on some sort of DRAMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA….and her husband too. what douche b’s ! and i do feel sorry for Kim. with the exception of Lisa, the rest of the women DO GANG UP ON HER because she is an easy target.

  15. Jayna says:

    LOL Camille must be in hog heaven that the heat is off her and on to her nemesis, Kyle, who early on was the golden girl in the show. I can see Camille’s smug smile right now reading all the gossip sites with the hate on Kyle. Kyle’s blog on the Bravo site which is full of excuses and no real apology is getting a lot of hate on her blaming her for her action and Taylor’s smug blog, too, still not taking the full blame, is getting a lot of hate.

  16. Jayna says:

    Poopie, you forgot Adrienne. She’s the one that went out there and was kind and compassionate to Kim. No one else, not even Lisa. Well, Martin, too, went out there.

  17. Chrissy says:

    What I don’t get is allowing Taylor to attack your sister. EVERYONE has family issues and it’s one thing for me to talk about my family but the second someone else goes after them, there is NO DOUBT whose back I have. Yes, Kim didn’t support Kyle at that table. But it’s TAYLOR’S fault that it even came up again! Taylor admitted to stirring the pot with Camille before they came downstairs to dinner so it would seem to me that Kyle should be sitting next to her own SISTER and not a back-stabbing bitch like Taylor. GRRR …. can’t wait for the show tonight!

  18. poopie says:

    @Jayna : yes, you are correct, Adrienne is also a class act and DID come to Kim’s side; my bad.

  19. Kaye1 says:

    I think the reason Kim didn’t defend Kyle against Camille is because she knows that Kyle DID say (maybe not using the exact words Camille claims) that no one would be interested in seeing Camille at a charity event without Kelsey. I think Kim knows she couldn’t honestly defend Kyle.

  20. lila says:

    As the daughter of a stupid woman: a woman who doesn’t learn from her mistakes and keeps making bad choices therefore putting her children through hell, I totally understand Kyle.

  21. bros says:

    All of you saw the way camille twisted and misinterpreted everything that anyone said her and took false offense and read things into what people said that they totally didnt say. people dont want to swim because they are jealous, kyle tries to talk to her in NY and says to not be insecure about calling, in a totally grown up way, and camille hears “Im insecure”. that woman cant hear truth in anything she hears ever, so just because you all hate Kyle doesnt mean that camille somehow gets a pass in the normal department. nothing she did was normal.

    also, kyle is supposed to come to her sister’s defense always, never let someone (taylor) attack her and side with kim because they are family, BUT in the same breath, the Kim defenders are saying Kim doesnt have the same responsibility to stand up for and stand by Kyle no matter what? why is it a one way street with the blood-is-thicker-than-water crowd?

  22. guesty says:

    Kyle does look like a witch from a fairytale with that hair…is it even hers???!!! And her personality only accentuates her harsh features.

    Kim needs to find her inner bitch & back that bully of a sister of hers all the way down & take that suck-up Taylor with her.

  23. Jimmy90 says:

    I had always liked Kyle up until this point, but she was out of order for taking Taylor’s side both here and in the last episode. Kim has always seemed quite uncomfortable being in the program and now its clear to see she has issues-its quite sad to see how a child star’s life can (potentially) play out. Taylor is a piece of work-have never liked her social climbing ways. Lisa and Adrienne ftw, although Lisa has seemed a bit catty recently.

  24. Kait says:

    I wonder how many of the people commenting who are saying Kim is being bullied actually have alcoholics in their family. Yes, Kim got dealt a somewhat crappy hand with her childhood. But that doesn’t give her free reign to be a needy, demanding, crazy drunk. Everyone seems to be forgetting all the times she tried to shame her daughters for wanting their own lives. She’s a manipulative, selfish mess and I don’t blame Kyle for a moment for losing her cool. It’s unfortunate that it happened publicly but maybe Kim will finally be shamed in to getting the help she needs and getting her own life – one that isn’t defined by her childhood acting or her children.

    And is anyone else still in shock that Taylor actually pursued her husband? That ugly, boring, clueless man should not have been pursued by anyone!

  25. devilgirl says:

    I think Adrienne is the best of the lot. Lisa, while likable, is too into the drama, and even though I like her, she does stir the pot a bit, and that is unattractive.

    Adrienne is sensible and genuinely wants everyone to get along and have a good time. She took the ladies to the Kings game, she invited them to the Jay Z weekend in Vegas, and when she goes to parties, she is happy and sweet to everyone. The rest of them either talk endlessly about Camille or go after Kim, an insecure, timid, depressed alcoholic. That is great sport now, isn’t it?!

    To those that say poor Kyle has had to deal with Kim and her problems- Says who? Martyr Kyle? Who is to say that Kyle is the one who takes on most of the family burden. Kathy might play a role in care taking, OR maybe, just maybe Kyle interferes and Kim isn’t wanting all the “help”. Maybe Kyle’s form of “help” is helping herself to whatever their mother left? We do not know the back story here, and Kyle, is by no means a saint, nor is she this incredibly kind, self-sacrificing sister that she portrays herself to be.

    I also have to laugh when Kyle complains that Kim is too into her children, then turns around and frets and drags her kids everywhere. Remember when she and Mauricio did that bike run in Napa? She almost took her kids, and Mauricio put his foot down, saying they would stay overnight and someone could take care of the kids.

    As I have mentioned, I was Team Kyle for 80% of the season, but she showed her true colors the last few episodes and I came to realize that she was a nasty, envious person. She and Camille clash, because they are so alike, thinking they are better than everyone else, when in reality they are both insecure and jealous of others.

  26. Tess says:

    Got to hand it to Alison The Medium—she had Kyle’s number.

    It may not be fair to paint one person as all bad and another as all good— but I see Kim as having more heart than Kyle, who believes that if she feels something at any moment, she has license to say it, regardless of the consequences or pain it inflicts. From the very beginning, Kyle belittled Kim and exacerbated tensions between Kim and her children and the other women.

    Taylor is worried that her violent talk will indanger her association with her beloved charity (Oh give me a break, what she loves is the fact that the charity provides her with an unimpeachable platform for her one true love, her Beverly Hills social life.).

    Adrienne…I’ve noticed that she doesn’t treat her husband with much respect. I never could warm up to her because of that. But lately I’ve realized that he’s kind of like a male version of Taylor…kind of bitchy and a climber. Maybe that’s the reason. But she redeemed herself for me by showing common sense and kindness during the party fiasco.

    Mauricio is another social predator. On the move, on the prowl.

  27. Jayna says:

    Kait, what we’re saying is that night at Taylor’s birthday party Taylor went up to her not to make peace but to start verbally blaming her. Kim wasn’t bothering her. Then they all gang up on her not knowing that Taylor is the one that started it, not Kim. And what has people mad is that after they have now seen the show, Kyle places no blame on Taylor ever in her blog, takes up for her and doesn’t seem to take any blame for her actions that night and say after seeing the show I see Taylor started it and we ganged up on Kim when we shouldn’t have. No matter her problems, it doesn’t excuse what happened that night and how kyle keeps having Taylor’s back for everything and blames her sister when she doesn’t have her back.

  28. JenJen says:

    Taylor and her lips get old fast. No wonder her husband is miserable.

  29. bros says:

    thats the point jayna, for those of us who arent on the poor poor kim wagon, is that why is kyle expected to jump up to her sister’s defense when she and taylor have their own squabbling issues, and Kim is not supposed to jump to kyles defense when she has her own squabbling issues with Camille. either both sisters do it, or no sisters have to do it. Kim doesnt get a pass because she is shy. she sat there like a lump on a log in a stupor at Camille’s dinner party while Camille and allison yelled at Kyle, and wouldnt say anything. oh, but poor poor kim! she worked as a kid! she’s absolved of any responsibility in life!

    I also dont understand how, just because Kyle lost her temper (I would have too if I got accused absurdly of stealing someones house) and outed kim as a needy alcoholic, all the other nasty people on the show are now good and smart (allison and camille) and everyone that appears nice and normal is now a freak (mauricio)., its just weird black and white thinking.

  30. mymy says:

    If you understood narcissists you would not fall for the character assassination that incurs. But some of you are narcissist apologists.
    Let’s get real. Narcissists think they have a right to punish you just
    for being the way you are. Think, don’t you have the right to be the
    way you are? Do you have to be some character in the narcissist’s
    fiction that conforms to his or her specifications?

    Does that make any sense? That’s as hateful as the crime against
    humanity of attacking people just for being a certain KIND or

    The narcissist attacks because he or she is a predator, period.
    Predators attack any vulnerable prey that crosses their sights, period.
    Therefore, the prey is NEVER the one bit to blame.

    It would make as much sense to blame a sheep for getting attacked by a
    wolf. So what if the wolf says, “I attacked her because she is an
    obnoxious sheep!” What idiot falls for that line? Yet narcissist
    sympathizers are doing precisely this and are therefore being

    The narcissist attacked just to do it, and he or she attacks any prey
    they have some unfair advantage over. They never pick a fair fight.
    They are bullies, period.

    They do it to vaunt themselves on others. It gives them a high. Like as
    in a high from a hit on drug.

    Does this mean you are a saint? Of course not. Does it mean you have
    never said or done anything in an argument with a narcissist that you
    should regret? Of course not.

    You are like a bank teller who gets shot in a holdup. You are totally
    innocent of getting shot. Don’t let the sloppy thinkers like
    narcissists and their sympathizers convince you that you are to blame
    because you were rude, or because you were embezzling, or because you
    are a drug addict. All that is irrelevant TO HIM SHOOTING YOU.

    Of course you should change those things about yourself, but the
    “intellectual” clowns who make out your character flaws as justifying
    abuse of you are complete idiots unable to see the relationship between
    cause and effect.

    Kim read this and do it

    In some cases, the narcissist has stolen something of value from you,
    like your job or reputation – something you have every right to get
    back from the damned thief. You stop being a victim when you win
    justice and get it back, period.

  31. DiMi says:

    I grew up with an alcoholic. Yes, it was frustrating and unspeakably painful. NO, it does not excuse the verbal and emotional abuse and betrayal of the alcoholic. I do not drink at all and never have, but I have compassion for addicts and do not think that I have the right to verbally attack and demean them or anybody else.

    I’m disgusted that people on this thread with alcoholics in their family are justifying the verbal and emotional abuse of an addict or of anybody else. Abuse isn’t acceptable just because the target is an addict.

    Anybody who finds Kyle’s emotional and verbal abuse of Kim acceptable, needs to take a long hard look at THEMSELVES and ask if they are emotionally and verbally abusive because being frustrated by an alcoholic or addict is NO excuse for abuse and cruelty.

    Maybe some people think they can insult the alcoholism out of the addict? It doesn’t work. Abuse on top of alcoholism just makes everything worse.

    The ENTIRE FAMILY on that show is dysfunctional, not just Kim. Kim is an alcoholic and Kyle is an emotional and verbal abuser. Kim’s alcoholism doesn’t justify Kyle’s abusiveness. They are both disturbed and need serious help.

    Kim is not PLAYING the victim. She was victimized by the mother, who is dead and cannot take responsibility for herself. She was victimized by Kyle and Taylor who bullied her. Kim and Kyle are both dealing with the aftermath of a dysfunctional family dynamic and they BOTH need help.

    It is appropriate to withdraw from an alcoholic or addict if you find their behavior intolerable. It is not appropriate to become a rage-aholic and attack them.

  32. Cinderella says:

    Taylor is such a vile creature. Hard on the eyes and ugly on the inside. When is it okay to threaten to “take someone out back”? Just because she’s never been in a fight in her life (yeah, right) doesn’t mean it can’t happen now.

    She’s on a mission and has the crazy going on. I can totally see her snapping. Ugh. I feel sorry for her little girl.

  33. jaye E says:

    @bros…I agree wholeheartedly with everything you’ve said here. As someone who saw first hand how manipulative and draining having an addict in the family, I can see why Kyle gets so angry with Kim. Taking care of an adult addict can get draining. At some point the love gets tough because the caregiver gets frustrated. I feel for both sisters because it’s a really difficult situation to be in. No one person is 100% to blame.

  34. Taradash says:

    This incident, has stayed on my mind since it happened and I cannot watch the re runs its so upsetting.

    Ok, Kim may have issues but to jump on her and maul her like the weak animal in a vicious wolf pack? If my sister would have done that to me I would start drinking crawl into a hole and die
    She was minding her own business with her girlfriend when Taylor attacked her yet again.

    I grew up with Kim as the disney star, I loved her movies. That family stole her childhood. She just wanted to stay out of the F up problems those bitches have. Kyle is so unforgiving and vengeful. No wonder Kathy the eldest sister wanted no part of it.

    realfauxhousewives.com details how Taylor and her husbands are like grifters.

    so sad, even if we did see just one side of the story,.

  35. Jesa says:

    I believe now after watching the last show that Camille was telling the truth the whole time. The one thing she did was stand up for herself and not let Kyle bully her, but she did fall for Taylors manipulation. Kyle is a jealous bully and Taylor is a snake in the grass.

  36. bros says:

    her little sisters cant be culpable in ‘stealing’ kims childhood. they were children at the time and shouldnt be held responsible for any of the decisions that their parents made.

    also, Dimi, I dont think kyle is emotionally or verbally abusive. getting in a fight and being annoyed with your sister and saying snarky comments to her and losing your temper and rolling your eyes at her pathetic antics doesnt make someone an emotionally or verbally abusive person. like I said, I’d blow my shit too if my drunk boohoo sister decided to yell out in a limo in her 80’s prom dress and her Dynasty pearls that I stole her house. kyle lost it because from what it looks like, thats about the furthest things from what mauricio and she have been left to deal with with kim’s dependency issues. I would have reacted the same way if I heard something like that that was patently false.

  37. picopink says:

    Looks like Taylor is trying to team up with Kyle again in this clip. Kim seems so fragile, and the women like to pick on her because she is the weakest emotionally. If that’s not bullying, I don’t know what is. Kyle attacks Kim so visciously, it’s hard to watch. Kim doesn’t seem capable of standing up to her. Kim looks so pretty in the first picture, but looks really upset in the second one. I would love to see Kim get some much needed counseling on the show!

  38. Liana says:

    Let’s just all excuse Kyle’s codependency issues. She is exhausted from constantly trying to fix Kim’s life. It’s all on her shoulders. It’s all about how Kim is ruining her life. Kyle gets off on being the “good” one, the “stable” one. She loves lording it over Kim and telling her friends how much she does for Kim. The more Kim drinks, the more Kim falls apart, the better Kyle looks. And the more “exhausted” she can be from taking care of Kim. She’s so classic codependent.

  39. cprincess says:

    January 27th, 2011 at 10:58 am I wonder how many of the people commenting who are saying Kim is being bullied actually have alcoholics in their family….”

    I agree with you -its interesting how most people who really dont know the real story of this family are going with the poor Kim business and how Kyle is abusive…

  40. pebbles says:

    I hate Kyle. That is all.

  41. original kate says:

    taylor is a trout-faced hypocrite. for someone who is so concerned about domestic violence she certainly is quick to threaten people with violence. maybe she doesn’t believe that words are violent or that women can be violent but she needs to practice what she preaches. and are we even certain that she was in a violent home when she was younger? she seems like the kind of person who would make up a sad backstory to get a little sympathy.

    ugh – they are all just awful.

  42. KMK says:

    I can’t stand the way that Taylor closes her eyes really slow, like its sexy or something. I was happy to see that a viewer wrote a letter to back up what Kim was saying. An outsider was there for her. In various episodes, Taylor would raise her finger and say “stop” or “don’t go there” in a really mean way. She is as fake as her lips!!!

  43. garvels says:

    I gave Kyle the benefit of the doubt regarding Kim but the way she is aligning herself with Taylor makes me ill. I think Taylor is the one who is cruel,cunning and manipulative. Taylor is the ultimate mean girl. Camille is just a stupid bimbo. Kyle is a self serving bitch!

  44. mimi says:

    I agree with @ kait and @bros:

    It’s easy for everybody to jump on Kyle and say she’s a bitch and a horrible sister. It’s different when you actually know how heavy the burden can be when you are dealing with an alcoholic family member for years like she has been. Kyle lashed out at Kim out of hurt ( not as a ‘rage-a-holic’) but because she accused her and her husband of stealing her house. The thing is Kyle and Mauricio sold her house to help her find a more affordable one AND they help Kim financially every month and it was a slap in the face to Kyle. Kyle ‘outing’ her on tv may be the wake up call Kim needs.

    Kim is a grown ass woman with 4 kids and she is sucking the life out of everybody around her! Kyle didn’t steal Kim’s childhood (she was a child herself) and Kim keeps lording it over Kyle that she supported the family growing up. The ‘woe is me’ act is tired-Kim is NEVER wrong and never held accountable for her actions or alcohol problem.

    That being said the person who started the fire was Taylor who is sick and twisted all on her own! I hope they go after her ass at the reunion but it doesn’t look like it…

  45. mary jane says:

    A lot of great posts.

    I, personally, am shocked, shocked, shocked with how not classy these girls can be.

  46. Naw, Bruh. I'm Good says:

    This show is the best thing that could have happened to that family, relationship-wise, as celebrity and spotlight is all they identify with. I’m telling you, Mama was raising Gypsee Rose Lees and this was the only way to get them all to actually see themselves and their behavior – to put it on tv. This will either start Kim to a healin’ (for them all) or be the beginning of an end that makes Kim the family martyr that replaces their mother on the Richards Altar of Guilt and Blame. While unfortunate, its also a really fascinating expose’ of our culture’s obsession with fame and how dysfunctional it is when you get, then lose, then get it again, repeatedly, from crib to grave.

  47. grace says:

    If you pay attention to what indeed is FACT you cannot affirm that
    1. Kim is an alcoholic. Kyle is the one who said that. Maybe she drinks here and there, but to be an alcoholic is another level, and just the fact that she could quote Taylor’s exact words makes me think that she has a too good memory for an addict.
    2. Kim did not have Kyle’s back. We don’t know what really happened there, so maybe that’s why she didn’t backed her sister? We really don’t know it.
    3. That Kyle has supported Kim soooo much as she says she has. Again, this is only Kyle’s words, and by the way she keeps throwing her mom’s death at her sister, I seriously doubt she is such an altruistic person.
    And imo, Kyle looked very bothered for seeing her sister enjoying herself at Taylor’s party since the beginning, so she was only looking for an excuse to finish with her fun, as she did when she saw Taylor and Kim arguing.
    And I really don’t understand how people still defend Kyle. Even if she had supported her sister so much as she says, there is a HUGE difference between stopping helping and going crazy and angry at someone, making vile and strong accusations.

  48. kg says:

    i used to be team kyle but wow
    these ladies are judging and mean to kim
    if she is an alcoholic it is a disease and they are treating her like z a character defect
    she should not be on the show if she is really ill

  49. bros says:

    grace, she has been to rehab at least once, and reports are at least once before that. I’d say thats a strong indication someone has a real drinking problem. people dont accidentally go to rehab.

  50. mary jane says:

    @Mymy and Dimi

    I couldn’t agree more. I DO come from a family of alcoholics. My life has been profoundly affected by their drinking and for the sake of my children I stay away from them and I struggle with it. But I would NEVER attempt to lower their self-esteem further.

    Kyle’s behavior with Kim is consistently disgusting. I can see losing patience from time to time but her sense of “owning” Kim and interpreting every move she makes is creepy and suffocating.

    Sometimes I think that Kyle has NO power whatsoever in her marriage and seeks it out elsewhere.

  51. Jessa says:

    Just rewatched the above clip and was really dumbfounded by the look of smugness and pleasure on Kyle’s face when Taylor was acting so condending to Kim. @ Grace, you are so right about all your points. Kim does remember word for word what basically everyone has said. maybe that’s why she did not defend Kyle because she knew Kyle was lying through her teeth and did not want to back a liar. I believe Kyle has been jealous of Kim all her life and now is trying to make her look bad at every turn. As soon as Kim got to Taylors party and was having a good time the first thing Kyle did was start whispering in peoples ears that Kim had been drinking. WOW, that’s some sisterly loyalty, I must say…..who needs enemies when you have a sister like that.

  52. Kiska says:

    I find it very intriguing that Kyle throws out the alcoholic card to vilify her sister, Kim. However, it is a very hypocritical statement considering the booze is flowing at every event, every lunch, and get together those girls have.

    Kyle is the worst kind of manipulator out there and I’ve been reviewing old episodes and Camille has been right. Kyle has instigated a lot of the fights.

    Taylor is a disgusting, vapid woman. She is as fake as her lips are.

  53. Henry says:

    I’m a guy and I watch this show just to see what women are really like. I have three sisters and cannot imagine sisters acting this way. In the beginning everyone was against Camille, understandably so, but as time goes on I see the skankiness of Taylor backstabbing everyone. She was not interested in being friends with Kim at the basketball game even though they sat next to each other because she had nothing to gain with Kim. She kisses up to the richer ones. I have heard some things about her and Russell, that they don’t have as much money as they want people to believe and both are con artists. She was supposed to be some “Ford” from Oklahoma but she was really trailer park trash. Kyle on the other hand is a jealous hypocrite. And a bully. I know my three sisters argue every now and then but if someone from the outside attacks them they would not stand for that. Something is definately wrong with Kyle. She has issues I think that far exceed any issues Kim has, or Camille for that matter. Just a guys opinion.

  54. Henry says:

    BTW Camille, no not everyone in America thinks you are delusional anymore. I for one do not. I firmly believe Kyle did indeed say that to you. Maybe you and Kim should be friends, Kim would at least tell you the truth.

  55. Jesa says:

    @Henry you are so right, Kim is the only one who has told the truth the whole time. I wish they would play the tape back and really confront the liars. (Taylor and Kyle.) Also I think that Camille and Kim could be good friends, one thing is, Camille wouldn’t have to pay her, and another thing is Kim wouldn’t be using her, Kim is not a user.

  56. Confuzzle says:

    Taylor should be in the next Batman movie as the Joker. Those lips are hypnotic.

  57. csol says:

    heres a hint 4 u taylor,when u r talking n continuously open n close your eyes reeeeeaaaalllllyyyy slowly…it doesnt make you look like you have bedroom eyes…it just makes YOU appear to be the lush of the group!!! Team Adrienne…shes the only one of em with any morals n is a class act!!

  58. d says:

    Henry, i really hope you’re joking about watching the show to see what women are really like. because that will give you a very skewed and unreal view.

  59. JenJen says:

    My favorite part of the reunion was that smug Kyle forgot to put her tacky frosted white eyeshadow on her other eye. Maybe she was drunk, she was very quiet.

  60. Jesa says:

    I’d like to bitch slap Taylor across the face after watching that reunion.
    Manners? I’d like to teach Taylor some manners. What is wrong with her????
    Kyle is an ass.

  61. Henry says:

    @d57 Darling do you really mean that? Henry………………..Don’t you feel kyle is an absolute tyrant?

  62. Henry says:

    Evidently Kyle and Taylor are the best of friends. Wow, Shit sinks it’s level.

  63. Arlene says:

    I’ve just finished watching the “Reunion” show. All I have to say is “shame on you Andy, and the producers at Bravo. You skew specific questions to fit your agenda with a preconceived notion of how you want it to end. Why was there not a good portion of time alotted to Kim? Clearly Andy didn’t want it to go that way. From all the clips shown, Taylor was and is at fault for most of the problems. Why didn’t Bravo call her out on this. Again, Kim is made to look like the underdog. If she commits suicide, I blame it on Bravo and Andy Cohen. Now let’s see if this is published, I think not.

  64. Tess says:

    The Reunion was a huge letdown. They better deliver the goods on Tuesday or Andy will be sued for fraud.

    Kyle continues to suck bigtime, along with her BFF Taylor, who fits like a glove the “morally corrupt” judgment Camille passed on Kyle’s other BFF, Faye Resnick.

    Forgive the allusion to that infamous slogan from the OJ Simpson trial—but Bravo is, afterall, the network where all the old Simpson cronies reemerge to bask in the warm glow of flashing cameras after years of dwelling in relative and blessed (for us) obscurity.

    Kim handled herself pretty well.

    Kyle’s rage surfaced a couple of times, aimed mainly at Camille. She tried, unsuccessfully, to reign in the rage, in the hope of getting back for her husband the Grammers’ profitable real estate account.

    No surprises from The Maloof or Lisa. But I’m sensing that all is not well for The Maloof and Paul.

  65. Henry says:

    Camille comes out looking like a rose compared to Kyle. I saw the reunion and the body language and I belive Cammille.
    At least Cammille stands up to Kyle, Kyle doesn’t like that. Kyle is like the first always to say ‘oh you are crazy’ that is what Kyle does. Poor Kim. Lisa at least says that Taylor stirs up the pot. But then Taylor denies it. Well. We know what happened.
    Oh! Lets blame Kim!

  66. garvels says:

    @Arlene-I agree with you. I was quite irritated that BRAVO did not play back the airport and Party tapes of Kim and Taylor. Taylor just continues on with all of her lies and remains unaccountable. Kyle and Taylor are the ones that are in need of a thorough psychiatric evaluation not Kim. Camille is just a spacey bimbo and fortunately for her she hit the lottery when she married Kelsey with no Prenup.

  67. jesa says:

    I’m actually likiing Camille.

    Compared to Kyle and Taylor, Camille is a breath of fresh air.

  68. Lukie says:

    Does anybody on here twitter during the show? I think I would LOVE to follow some of you…

  69. bros says:

    reunion was rather a let down and andy didnt hold taylors feet to the flame long enough.

    camille is still a delusional tw#t and its clear that she was on hypersensitivity overdrive misinterpreting everyone’s comments throughout the season and reading things into them that werent there, and she admitted as much on the show, so I dont know how you guys are suddenly team camille just because you dont like kyle. I definitely didnt believe camille’s explanation. it was vague. Kyles was very very specific and she was dead on when she told camille it didnt matter who her husband was, andd if he were bob the plumber, she would have asked if he was joining them for spring break. Camille got all bent out of shape because she was over-sensitized to anything about her philandering husband. she looked like an idiot who did her prep work before the show, making sure she looked up her malapropisms in the dictionary beforehand, and taking care to use the apty-described ‘buzz word of the moment’ bully. camille is not bullied. she wanted to look like a victim and it rang completely hollow.

  70. JustBored says:

    Buzz word of the moment…please. Kyle was the one who did her research because she knows what she is being called in the media. Kyle and Taylor are a bunch of low lives, they are so similar in personality, now wonder they are so close. They never accept any wrong no matter how blatant or in your face it is. SMDH.

  71. Jesa says:

    Camille may be hypersensitive but I don’t believe she is malicious the way that Taylor is. Taylor is just Pure Evil. Kyle is a jealous biddy with questionable judgement considering who she is sitting there holding hands with. What in the world was with that??? That was really getting to Lisa.

  72. Iggles says:

    I really hate Taylor. She kept threatening Kim by saying “tread lightly” and all the BS. She’s a b-tch, full stop!

    And Kyle disgusts me now. Sad because I liked her in the beginning. I smell another Jill Zarin.

    And Camille, yes she’s delusional, but I actually liked her BETTER after the reunion.

    Kim is the victim, big time. It was good to see her stand up for herself though. Hard to do with such a twisted sister who lets her “friend” attack you!

  73. Jesa says:

    Here’s a video of Taylor, drunk as hell and hanging off Faye Resnick, showing her body off in a nude dress for all to see.Then Drunk Kyle shows up. Maybe they should play this on the next reunion show so everyone can see who the real drunks are.


  74. bros says:

    and here’s a video of Kim pill popping and slurring drunk in an airport asking people if they know who she is, and being told there are concerns she’s too drunk to fly.


  75. jesa says:

    I watched that video on TMZ and she was never slurring. Kyle and “Harvey” are very good friends and it’s no coincidence this video of Kim from July of 2010 was released the day after Kyle and Taylor looked so awful on the reunion show. They are just trying to do some damage control. Nothin on the TMZ video could compare to those two horrible women.

  76. Lukie says:

    Damn bros. What are you Kyle and Taylor’s pr person?

  77. Chelsea M says:

    Taylor is horrible! I find her unwatchable in the reunion show, so totally full of shit and ganging up on Kim in a way that is unfair. When Kim mentioned Taylor at the NYC dinner, it was definitely NOT an attack. She was honestly trying to assess what had happened when Taylor jumped her, quite viciously, threatening her. Taylor STILL has not owned up to her part in that stupid argument. Her behavior at the reunion was so fucking slimy. And Taylor, if you find it cowardly for commenters to comment on YOU, WTF did you think you were signing up for?

    Kyle’s more awful than I ever could have imagined her to be, and that is sad, because it makes Kim even more alone. Neither of them can face their destructive upbringing and it can’t end well until they do.

    Kim is understandably screwed up. It takes a long time to recover from the kind of life she’s had. But one thing I think is absolutely true of Kim: I think Kim is the nicest of all the RH of all the franchises. I think she’s genuinely the nicest. She’s not articulate enough to counterpoint Taylor’s attacks (though Taylor’s just a hair more intelligent, if at all), but she in no way deserves this bullshit from Taylor or her sister.

  78. Trippin says:

    I now like Camille better than Taylor—Nuff said.

  79. Henry says:

    @Jesa I watched the Drunk Taylor video and she was a hot mess with those big trout lips of hers.. but the worst was when camera hog Kyle came out and decided that they had voted Kim as the Drama Queen of the show. Oh NO YOU Didn’t! That’s the pot calling the kettle black. Every bit of drama on that show was instigated by these two weasels. And they have the nerve to put that on KIM? Those two need to be bitch slapped back into reality if that is at all possible.

  80. Henry says:

    As to the ‘You stole my house’ comment, Kim bought the family a home when she was making all the money and supporting everyone. Later her Mom got cancer and was living in Arizona. Kim left and went to Arizona to take care of her mother and after the mom died Kim got back to Ca. and the house she bought was no longer in her name. I am not sure if this is the same house Kyle and Mauricio live in now, or if the money they give Kim monthly is to pay for the house or what. I sure would like to know all the facts.
    One fact I do know is that Kim consistantly tells the truth. Kyle and Taylor do not, so if Kim says Kyle stole her house I tend to believe her.

  81. Henry says:

    Got this fFinally, the “you stole my house charge.” (from another blog) The house in Palm Springs used to be Kim’s house — it was in her name. Now it is in Kyle’s name. The money Mauricio is giving her is PAYMENT for the house– not some kind of “support of Kim out of kindness” on Kyle & Mauricio’s part. Kim probably feels she got ripped off by not getting all the $$ up front with the sale and/or that Kyle & Mauricio took advantage of her with the price.

  82. bros says:

    sorry henry, you cant just steal someones house.

    its obviously going to be more complicate than kim going away and then magically, its under kyles name. what kind of magic land can you steal a house in.

    and lukie, i havent opened my mouth once to say anything in defense of taylor; you should try reading comprehension.

  83. KMK says:

    Taylor LOVES Drama!!! Why the hell did she ask Kim at her Birthday party about what happened between Kyle and Camille? This was suppose to be a Nice Birthday party that Taylor’s husband gave her. Why did she talk about the situation then and there? She shoule have talked to Kim in a private situation, not at a place full of people? If I were her Husband, I would have been so pisses!!!! In so many episodes, Taylor yells “enough”. Her true colors come out. She acts so nice, but she is soooo fake!!! I hope that Kim realizes that people do feel for her, and that she doesn’t take what all of these evil woman are dishing out to her. She is the nice, real person that gets picked on, alcholic or not! Team… KIM

  84. jesa says:

    @bros Oh yes you can steal someones house like that. Especially if your husband is a real estate agent. All you have to do is change the name on the tax payment and pay the taxes for a few years in that name. If Kim was in Arizona taking care of the mother and sending the tax money to Kyle or Mauricio to pay for it she would have no way to know what name the taxes were being paid in.
    That’s how things like that get done.
    Kim called Kyle a liar and I believe Kim. Kyles answer to everything is to call every body crazy, she told Camille that she ‘needed help” Kim is ‘demented’. Anyone who disagrees with Kyle is headed straight for the looney bin.
    The problem is Crazy Angry Kyle needs help.

  85. linda says:

    agggggh SAME OLESTORY….OLD go forward now but pics I see lately of kyle and kim look like witches and taylor looks uncomfortable adrienne and lisa look ok. Will not watch if painful destructive stuff abounds this season