Is Christina Aguilera the new boozy, floozy Britney Spears?


Star Magazine has a rather obvious story this week about Christina Aguilera’s “crisis”. It’s basically a summary of what has already been reported in other outlets – Christina is drinking heavily, and gaining weight. She passed out during Jeremy Renner’s birthday party, although we aren’t sure whether she passed out in his bed. She verbally assaulted Julianne Hough at a Golden Globes after-party. She’s a mess.

But there are some new details, via Jezebel – apparently, not only was Christina drunk off her ass and looking for a fight at the Globes, she also “kept lifting her dress and making out with her boyfriend.” Oh, and not only is Christina packing on booze weight, but she’s also “bruised”. Like, when you’re drunk all the time, of course you’re bumping into everything. Also: Jordan Bratman, Christina’s estranged husband, is so OVER her boozy, floozy ways that he’s already making plans to file for sole physical custody of their 3-year-old son Max.

If that’s not bad enough, several days ago E! News ran a report claiming that Christina was totally headed towards a Britney Spears-style breakdown:

Choosing what you want to believe, we must say Xtina has been looking a little worse for ware since her divorce. Uh, does this remind you of any other pop tart?

Before Britney Spears was in and out of rehab, had supervised visits with her children, and, oh yeah, shaved her head, the now almost back to normal starlet coped with her divorce from Kevin Federline in a very similar way.

She was quick to snatch up a boyfriend (Isaac Cohen) and one that she sugar mama’d a bit, too. Her nights were quickly consumed with party and club hopping, even though she paled around with the likes of Paris Hilton, and was rarely seen in.

Now, Christina seems to just be entering this Stage 1 and having some tipsy nights. But by the stories getting passed around Hollywood, many industry folks are whispering she’s going down “the Britney Spears path.”

Yes, that is a term used regularly around in this town. It’s adjacent to “the Lindsay Lohan route,” too.

Reading through the comments yesterday, almost half of you defended Xtina saying we’ve all been there. Sure, most people have on occasion. Unfortunately, this boozy behavior is supposedly becoming a pattern.

So does she get a free pass if she’s going through a divorce? Some of us have been there, too, and it’s damn difficult.

[From E! News]

Do I think Christina will end up with a shaved head, attacking a car with an umbrella? Not really. But I do think she’s got issues, and pretending that she’s okay isn’t helping.

Anyway, we’re going to be hearing a lot more about Christina in the coming weeks because she was chosen to sing the National Anthem at the Super Bowl. It’s like the Super Bowl organizers are just inviting disaster. Seriously, they couldn’t have found someone who isn’t in the midst of a breakdown?



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  1. Marjalane says:

    Her stylist must be her dealer too- girlfriend is looking like a street whore.

  2. gabs says:

    Breakdown or not she will still sing the hell out of the national anthem.

    Yes, she is the new Britney mess. What is it with these disney child stars! damn! Is no one safe? Should we start a countdown for JT and Gosling too? Nah its just a girl thing. Hilary had a moment (the cocaine +anorexia phase), Lohan, Demi, Mileys next ya’ll

  3. Jayna says:

    Xtina, I love you. But last February you were thin and stunning on the Hope for Haiti special with you singing Lift Me Up. Simple blond bob cut to chin, less makeup, very thin. Now you’re an overbloated tranny-looking mess. What in the world is going on with you?

    Though I did think you looked a little better at the Golden Globes than you have in recent months. The new guy has zero money and looks like a cherub. LOL

  4. Hakura says:

    “Also: Jordan Bratman, Christina’s estranged husband, is so OVER her boozy, floozy ways that he’s already making plans to file for sole physical custody of their 30-year-old son Max.

    Well, I gotta say she looks great for having a 30 year old son. xD

    But she really is a mess. I’d been a fan of hers back when she & Britney first came out (I was almost 13 at the time, so the perfect teen-boyband-loving target audience. God, I can’t believe it’s been almost 12 years)

    It’s been sad seeing her becoming more classy after that ‘dirty’ phase, only to fall back into it in (I’d say) an even worse way. Fresh of a divorce with a jump off, publicly drunk & humiliating herself… It will culminate in losing custody of her son. I can only hope that would wake her up…

  5. devilgirl says:

    Haha! 30 yr old son!

    Anyway, hasn’t Aguilera always been a boozy floozy?

  6. gamblea says:

    “file for sole physical custody of their 30-year-old son Max.”

    I ♥ typo’s.

  7. Kaiser says:

    My bad, guys! I fixed it.

  8. Schnauzers!!!! says:

    New boyfriend TOTALLY looks like he hit the cash lottery in the last page.

  9. mln76 says:

    Poor Xtina even her nervous breakdown will be overshadowed by Britney’s more spectacular one.

  10. gamblea says:

    Kaiser, that was the highlight of the story. X needs some help.

  11. anjasmomma says:

    It just got serious if she loses custody of her child. That is not funny. I am really hoping she pulls it together in time.

  12. brin says:

    The way she’s looking lately, I would believe she has a 30 year old son.
    Apparently the Disney machine is tough, although Hilary Duff seems to have made it out ok (so far).

  13. Hakura says:

    @Anjasmomma (11)- “I am really hoping she pulls it together in time.

    Actually, I personally think it would be more of a wake up call if she *doesn’t* pull it together in time. Losing custody of your child is so serious, it’s the worst thing that can happen to a mother… I think she needs to have that happen before she’ll really see what a mess she is.

  14. anoneemouse says:

    “Christina’s estranged husband, is so OVER her boozy, floozy ways that he’s already making plans to file for sole physical custody of their 3-year-old son Max.”

    Sounds like the perfect way to get her attention.

  15. Bob says:

    Really. She kept lifting up her dress. Please look at that dress and tell me how possible she could lift that. You got this from E News and Star Magazine. That’s not very reliable

  16. Quest says:

    Xtina has got talent and I honestly like her. It is unfortunate that most child stars become very unstable after a while. The situation and spot-light does not help. I hope she can recover and do not lose her son. That is a hard blow for anyone to take. Call Dr. Phil.

  17. C says:

    Wasn’t there a recent blind item about someone’s management &/or someone *planning* a Britney-inspired meltdown & comeback? My guess would be Xtina…

  18. WillyNilly says:

    I’m with Bob…no way to lift that dress above her midthigh….look how its cut.

  19. JenJen says:

    I was expecting that to happen with the husband, if it wasn’t already. Maybe that is why she is acting like this.

  20. Happymom says:

    The celebs always wear something else to the after-parties-so yes, it’s entirely possible she was drunkenly lifting up her dress. I think the difference between her and Brit is that I think Britney actually has serious mental issues-probably bipolar.

  21. Emily says:

    My guess is they picked Xtina for the Superbowl because she’s from Wexford (basically a suburb of Pittsburgh).

  22. Hakura says:

    @HappyMom (20)- ” I think the difference between her and Brit is that I think Britney actually has serious mental issues-probably bipolar.”

    You have a point. I really hadn’t given that much thought… It was completely obvious that Britney had some serious mental health issues at the root of her problems (that I believe drinking just exacerbated), but I’m not sure if the same can be said of Christina. Her behavior seems *caused* by the drinking.

    But I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if she ends up having mental health issues too.

  23. ThatBoyLuke says:

    I honestly don’t know what to think, sure i think she has some issues atm and needs to face up to them but i’m not sure she’s in the midst of a breakdown. It seems like she’s going through the same kind of thing Katie Price (AKA Jordan) was going through when she divorced Peter Andre, drinking, clubbing, new BF but after a month or 2 she was back to “normal” so i think XTina may come back too.
    If she hadn’t put on weight i honestly don’t think people would be going so far with this story, i actually thought she looked great at the Golden Globes anyway.

    Whatever happens she’s a great mum so i doubt she’d lose custody and i know she will kill it with the national anthem because she has an amazing voice.

    P.S @Kaiser, have you heard the rumours that TV execs in the US have pulled the plug on Simon Cowell’s plan to have Cheryl Cole as a judge on XFactorUSA (coz you know, she’s unknown there and can’t sing) and there’s talk XTina is somebody they all agree on?

  24. JO says:

    ugh.. it’s obvious she does not go for looks or money… Her ex is very unfortunate looking and I knew it was a matter of time before she couldnt stand to look at him. This guy is in need of a chin implant… ewwwwh

  25. mimi says:

    Disney stars…wtf??? Seriously, something is very wrong. Now Vanessa Hudgens is going the sexpot route. I’m getting old but wouldn’t it be nice to see attractive women in this country not exploited for their beauty? Young girls need to say “No!!!!” to these creepy old man execs that just want to sell their sexuality.

  26. Cherry Rose says:

    I don’t think Disney sexually exploits their stars. I think they try to keep them as “pure” and “clean” as possible and tell them what to do all the time, that the only way their stars feel they have any identity is to start acting out sexually.

    Christina actually has a talent, which is rare for a popstar. I wish she’d stop trying to compare herself to other popstars and realize that she has an amazing voice and doesn’t need to resort to using cheap tricks and slutty clothes to attract attention.

  27. mimi says:

    I still think the boyfriend is a beard. I wonder what her undercover lover Sam Ronson thinks about this? I mean she always ends up with trainwrecks….a la the Lohan

  28. Katija says:

    @ Cherry Rose

    I agree – somewhat. But do Christina and Britney really even qualify as “Disney Stars?” They were on that show for one season and then both left to go work for record companies not affiliated with Disney. The New Mickey Mouse Club was an ensemble show like “SNL” or “All That” with tons of kids. I have a feeling that Britney and Christina were just “Girl 5” and “Girl 7” to the producers for the short time they worked on the show – I highly doubt that Disney was meticulously controlling their personal lives or trying to brainwash them into submission.

  29. Naw, Bruh. I'm Good says:

    @Emily – I agree. But Rochester and Wexford treated her like crap. She is not viewed as a hometown girl made good in or around most of The Burgh from what I understand.

    I LOVE Xtina and really hope she pulls it together. However, I’m thinking the disaster that was the last album (Umm, envelope? Let me introduce u to too far.) and the flop that should have been a hit that was Burlesque has a lot to do with this, too. If I thumbed my nose at my man thinking I’m about to be a big star again and its a great time to leave a confining, itchy-years marriage, and the movie (with Cher and S. Tucci, no less) implodes also, I’d grow some booze weight, too. Gennesse & Yuengling specifically. (Btw, loved Bratman and them together. Unfortunate how it’s turning out.)

    We all have bad years and episodes. She’s had more than a few and bounced back. And she’s also still very young. Give her til around 35. She’ll get it straight. Brittany? The jury’s still out on that one.

    I also think that she’s gonna do for the anthem what Whitney did for it some years back. Anybody see a pattern here?

  30. Just U says:

    Totally agree with ThatBoyLuke… she’s just having a moment.
    Lets see, she’s been getting nothing but ripped on for gaining a few pounds ( which I think suit her).
    She knew she was going to the Globes in a very form fitting dress, so she probably hadn’t eaten much in the days leading up to it.
    She had some drinks at a party ( as far as I know she is a grown adult and it is not illegal to do so)… and lay down on a bed….
    Well if that’s not grounds for losing your child, I don’t know what is!!! “rolling eyes in an exasperated manner”.
    Everybody has had a weekend like that. Should we all lose our children??
    The child wasn’t there, he didn’t witness the “shocking” events.
    Give her a break!!!

  31. ThatBoyLuke says:

    ^ Since when was “Burlesque” a flop? It made $70,000,000, is still getting released in some countries and has won a Golden Globe for best song…

  32. ThatBoyLuke says:

    ^ That was for @Nae Brugh, I’m good.

  33. wonderful says:

    #29 is totally right, its easy to forget how young these people are – they have their whole lives to master their profession. While it’s easy to genuinely end your career at a young age a la Lohan, it seems kinda unfair to be so brutal on the careers of 20 somethings/early 30 somethings for floundering- they are just as young and naive as us non-celebrity 20 somethings/early 30 somethings. Who knows, maybe at age 40 she’ll come out with an all-time epic record.

  34. MissyA says:

    I don’t really have a comment – I just skimmed the story and saw that Xtina is booked for the Superbowl and felt obliged to say, “Woot woot! GO PACK, GO!”

    (Yes, I’ll probably be doing this for the next two weeks. I’m a displaced fan, and my beloved Packers haven’t been this hot since I was in middle school. I’m riding this train – scandalous celebrity gossip be damned!)

  35. Naw, Bruh. I'm Good says:


    I’m sorry. Maybe I was wrong in calling it a flop and admit my error, but I don’t remember it being a critical success, despite having an Oscar winner (Cher) in a major role and some of the best dancers in Hollywood.

    Not hatin’. I’m on your side so let’s play fair. As I said, I love Xtina, but I called it a “flop” (for her) because it was not the career-reviver (for her) that it seemed it was meant to be.

    I didn’t see it but my kid (who’s an auditioning and working dancer not in H’wood) thought the production value was good and Xtina was as well. I’d be happy to call it an “unflop” after I see it and all of those box office receipts translate into a “Burlesque 2: Revenge of the Feather Fans” starring Academy Award winner Cher reprising her scintilating role as…well, I’ll let you fill in the blank.

    You have encouraged me to see it, tho. Maybe I’ll try and catch it this weekend. Thanks.

    😉 – Still Good

  36. Kim says:

    She is a train wreck but is far less interesting than Brittney.

    Burlesque is a flop regardless of how much money it made. Box office numbers and the publics opinion are 2 totally different things. Personally i would care more about public opinion than numbers.

  37. Jaana says:

    I think she is going to do a beautiful job at the superbowl..she has the talent.

  38. wunderkindt says:

    X-tina looks sexy with some extra weight.

  39. ThatBoyLuke says:

    @Naw, Bruh. I’m good.

    Sorry if i sounded like a dick i didn’t mean too lol I agree that “Burlesque” isn’t some masterpiece but i don’t think it was intended to be, i think it was intended to be what it was, a fun, slightly cheesy, musical and it did well financially and everybody i know who’s seeen it enjiyed it.

    As for Christina’s career i think too many people are quick to write her off, she’s been in the business like 13 years has sold 63,000,000 records and won 5 Grammys. Every artist has a flop at one time or annother and most manage to come back even those with a fraction of Christina’s tallent.

  40. Camille says:

    Disney sure do screw up their employees don’t they.
    It makes me think of that South Park episode with Mickey Mouse and the Jonas brothers 😆 .

    And yikes, her legs are oompa loompa orange in that pic.

  41. Nikki says:

    She looks disgusting and I definitely think she’s having some kind of identity crisis. Her boyfriend looks like a free-loading loser. I realize a divorce is hard, but I honestly have no sympathy for her, she’s a moron and needs to get her shit together. Many of us go through divorces, I guess we just don’t have the luxury of going out and partying all the time, we actually have to work and take care of our kids.

  42. C-Love says:

    On a somewhat related note: If ‘X’ is a substitute for ‘Christ,’ à la Christmas=Xmas, then wouldn’t it/shouldn’t it be ‘X-ina’ and not ‘X-tina’? Wouldn’t ‘X-tina’ translate to ‘ChristTina?’ And, yes I realize I’m going full-on nerd at this point.

  43. lucy2 says:

    Cherry Rose I agree with your whole post, and Happymom, I agree about the difference with Britney and her issues.

    Christina is truly talented, and under all that mess a really pretty woman, but she seems deeply unhappy. I hope she gets it together for her sake and her son’s.

  44. Katie says:


    she can do whatever she wants because she never acted out as a teen and she just got divorced!

    leave her alone and she STILL looks beautiful and sexy with all her new curves. SEXIER even

  45. Cherry Rose says:

    Katija – I put Christina as a Disney kid, as many people on this board and others consider Justin Timberlake, Britney, and Christina as Disney kids.

  46. Jayna says:

    Everyone I know who saw Burlesque really liked it. And every single person thought it wasn’t going to be that good and really was pleasantly surprised, me included. Christina has yo-yo’d with her weight before, but it was a long time ago. She has stayed thin up for quite a few years until the marriage started falling apart. Usually people lose more weight, not gain weight, when divorcing.

    I think this guy is trying to keep her chunky, because when she’s thin and less makeup she’s beautiful. He’s probably afraid of losing his instant celebrity and meal ticket.

  47. Kiska says:

    Please don’t compare Xtina with Britney.

  48. motheroftheyear says:

    Those CANKLES!

  49. Hakura says:

    @Cherry RoseI don’t think Disney sexually exploits their stars. I think they try to keep them as “pure” and “clean” as possible and tell them what to do all the time, that the only way their stars feel they have any identity is to start acting out sexually.

    I agree. I really think they end up cracking under the pressure of having to live up to an unrealistic, unreasonable image, & to stay children, even when they go into puberty. They’re not allowed to be normal.

    A lot rides on them being able to still act like children, & they’re expecting them to be ROLE MODELS to thousands of little girls, (so the parents dissect their every move, waiting to pounce on anything they think is inappropriate. One toe over the line, & it’s a scandal.)

    Being in any way responsible for the actions or moral choices of anyone else, let alone countless children…is just waaaaay too much to be put on their shoulders.

    In the end, they do what all suppressed children do. They rebel…& the girls usually do so by becoming overly sexualized, trying to become the exact opposite of what Disney was trying to force them to be. Miley Cyrus is a very good example of this. All those pictures of her being inappropriate in photos…I honestly thought she was trying to out of her contract as Hannah Montana.

    The Disney empire’s OVERLY pure image is what makes their child stars the way they are. I know not every Disney kid ended up a mess, but most have had trouble adjusting to adulthood.

  50. Dhavy says:

    I don’t think she’ll be as extreme as Spears was so I’m hoping this is a phase and she pulls herself together because she’s one of the few female singers that can actually sing and has a wonderful voice.

    I hope someone close to her who cares for her sits her down and forces her to watch Amy Winehouse and Whitney Houston ruin their careers so that she won’t end up the same as these two. I won’t mention ending up like Spears because Britney doesn’t qualify as real singer

  51. Laura says:

    I think she’s making some poor life choices, but Britney road? Hell, no.

  52. lisa says:

    she has been looking terrible ever since she and her husband broke up. and it is more then the weight gain. she looks like one of those older women that is keeping a boy toy.

    Nothing seems to be working on her at the moment. the cloths the guy nothing. And according to some reports her music is not being received positively.

  53. gg says:

    Always with the bad skin colors and orange lipstick, this girl. Dark purple blush? Contouring doesn’t always work, ya’ll.

    Her upper half looks less orange though, which is good.

  54. Naw, Bruh. I'm Good says:

    @That Boy Luke – My new best friend on the internets:-)

    I agree with you. She is one of the few singers out there whose talent and numbers usually line up. She’s the talent and the ticket seller and we all go thru ups and downs. On her level, that includes as a person and as a brand.

    I saw Buerlesque as a down because all of the talent involved should have made it much more of a critical success and should have made her a bankable movie star on the level of what JLo was during The Wedding Planner years. It didn’t.

    My whole point with referencing the singing of the anthem at the Super Bowl was that it revived Whitney during what could be considered one of her first big pre-crackhead-revelation slumps. Her SB version became the best-selling version of the song of all time, if I’m not mistaken.

    We are still a country at war and in serious economic turmoil. I can see Xtina’s version outselling Whitney’s if she stays focused on the performance and its delivery and packaging and does not try to mock or outright imitate what Whitney did. It’s what we all need and can identify with right now.

    Not to sound so business-like with such an emotional situation, but this one song could do for her career what I think Burlesque was supposed to do – make her one of our uniquely American princesses again. Problems and all, she deserves the crown because she’s got the talent and the story. As a matter of fact, her uniquely American problems and how she has repeatedly been candid about her issues, self-revelatory in her music (“Beautiful” will be considered a classic one day) and bounced back are what should endear her to us even more. Yes?