Christina Aguilera got up in Julianne Hough’s face at Golden Globes party

Christina Aguilera
E! Online has an exclusive story, probably fed to them by Ryan Seacrest, about how Christina Aguilera got up in his “girlfriend” Julianne Hough’s face at a Golden Globes party. Hough and Aguilera were both in that terrible Burlesque movie and there seems to be some bad blood between them. Apparently Ryan wasn’t there, because he was too busy making a smoothie or decorating his mansion, but Aguilera is said to have been so aggressive, that Hough told her “don’t touch me!

Me-ouch! The claws were out this weekend as Christina Aguilera and Julianne Hough had a hissing match at a pre-Golden Globes bash.

And, sources tell E! News, it looked like Aguilera was one the who wanted to do the bashing.

So what went down?

The confrontation took place Friday at a party hosted by CAA at the Soho House in West Hollywood attended by the likes of Julia Roberts, Colin Firth, Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore. Ryan Seacrest, Hough’s boyfriend and a CAA client, was not present.

But Aguilera was, and she apparently wasn’t too psyched to see Burlesque costar Hough.

“Christina really got in her face,” an eyewitness told E! News, saying that Aguilera unleashed a verbal barrage at Hough.

Onlookers said Aguilera even grabbed Hough, leading the Dancing With the Stars hoofer to snap, “Don’t touch me!”

Before the two separated, Aguilera threatened to torpedo Hough’s burgeoning country singing career. Hough was said to be “visibly upset” by the incident, according to one insider. “The whole thing was troubling. People felt bad for Julianne.”

Aguilera’s rep, however, described the report as “nonsense.”

[From E! Online]

What kind of fight is that? There’s no hair-pulling, no details of some long-simmering feud, just a drunken XTina getting up in someone’s face. Some threat that is from XTina – destroy your singing career. What’s she going to do to Julianne – give her advice? We know that Christina has done a great job at a destroying her own career.

In related news about Julianne Hough, there’s a video up on E! of Julianne and Ryan Seacrest on the red carpet after the Golden Globes. He’s so awkward with her it’s funny. Oh and here’s a link to video of Christina Aguilera falling on her ass at the Golden Globes. That’s a drunken slump if I ever saw one.

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  1. LeeLee says:

    I didn’t like Julianne’s dress. She’s really beautiful and I thought she’d really bring it.
    Christina put on a few pounds but carries it well. She looks happy and healthy but I think her new guy is a gold digging mistake.

  2. Happymom says:

    The picture of them with his hand on her ass is priceless. It’s so calculated and he’s doing it so gingerly.

  3. Mia135 says:

    Julianne’s looking lovely in those pics.

  4. happygirl says:

    Well…my bitchy side would love to see Julianne throw down like Jackie Chan.

  5. Motor35 says:

    wow! x-tina hasn’t wasted any time moving on. ew.

  6. brin says:

    Julianne is so pretty, Christina…not so much.

  7. mln76 says:

    Yawn-this planted “feud” is so uninteresting. At least Ryan didn’t try to make it some kind of crazy triangle story.

  8. LJ says:

    juilianne looks like lo from the hills in those shots

  9. malachais says:

    I love Christina’s dress, but her hair/makeup is so tacky. This story doesn’t sound true.

  10. Days after Christmas says:

    Can we all agree that X-tina is NOT pregnant? Girl is all sorts of thick but not preggo!

  11. flutters says:

    Aguilera threatened to torpedo Hough’s burgeoning country singing career.

    Oh please. Hough’s last single was a total flop that she tried resuscitating by pretending the video was “banned” by CMT. I don’t think it even cracked the top 50 on the country charts. Julianne also got bad reviews opening for Sugarland last year.

    But LOL @ CB’s crack about Christina giving advice doing the trick. That is why I keep coming back here!

    Maybe there was some kind of confrontation but the leaking of it is obviously a pathetic PR stunt by Julianne Hough.

  12. Megan says:

    So it’s further confirmed that Christina Aguilera is a ginormous thunderc**t. I’m fairly certain that Seacrest has more pull in the entertainment industry than Christina and her boobs.

  13. Rita says:

    These gossip rags get everthing wrong. Ryan wasn’t there because he was afraid of being bitch slapped by Christina and Seacrest told Hough, “Don’t touch me”.

  14. Ruby Red Lips says:

    What exactly has Christina done to herself recently???!!!

    Ok so she was never the most beautiful creature in the world, but lately she looks really really bad

    Can’t quite put my finger on it????

  15. Jezi says:

    What’s up with Christina’s face lately? It’s very swollen looking. More swollen then her body and her crooked mouth and one eye smaller than the other. I’m not sure what’s going on with her.

  16. SallyJay says:

    Christina looks SO LIKE Snooki I can’t get over it. Is it actually Snooki, in a blonde wig and some dodgy lipstick?

  17. abel says:

    xtina is a train wreck lol.

    not even Paris or Lindsay pull drunken fits anymore. grow up sweetheart.

  18. nanster says:

    Christina looks like she is trying to channel a boozed and drugged-up chunky Anna Nicole Smith. She really doesn’t look good unless is is very thin, IMO. I love Julianne, but there certainly doesn’t seem to be ANY chemistry wth Ryan Seacrest at all – I watched the red carpet video and they seem like buddies. Hmmmmmmmm… As for the story itself, I don’t think it ever happened.

  19. Mimi says:

    I actually met Christina at my aunts jewelry shop in L.A. She was kinda rude to my aunt so I have a hard time not beleiving this story.
    @ Ruby Red. I think what has happened to Christina is that she has put on a little weight which has changed her appearance a bit. She is super short so it really shows when she gains weight.

  20. Justaposter says:

    Well isn’t this a quasi interesting story.

    When will they learn, party girls (aka lushes) in sky high heels always take a tumble.

  21. normades says:

    Xtina, hold off on the booze girl! She looks like she’s concentrating really hard on walking in that vid.

  22. Justaposter says:

    Normandes she does! You can almost see the hamsters running on the wheel in her head counting steps. And then the ‘I’m fine’ thing LOL.

  23. Jane says:

    I always thought they looked alike.

  24. Leona says:

    I wouldn’t doubt it. Christina is known in the industry for her bitchy, entitled behavior, especially towards other female artists all while pretending she’s some sort of feminist. she is miserable and bitter because other then being a power vocalist, she has never had her own, consistent identity as a pop artist (or as a person, I suspect) and is always playing second fiddle to someone more successful then her.

  25. anoneemouse says:

    Never liked Uglierra and never will. Beastly thing! And she reminds me of that muppet Ms Piggy.

  26. Lemuria says:

    This whole “Hollywood beard” thing is really antiquated. It’s not fun, it fools no one, it’s just dumb and annoying. Who CARES if you are GAY – Travolta, Cruise, Seacrest, Gyllenhall, Hough (Derek w Cole) et al? *Eyes Roll* GET OVER IT ALREADY! Stop faking it with the ladies.

    Beard-chicks like Julianne get on my last nerve with her giggling and dumb little girly voice and fluttery eyes. Her “acting” is BAD – she looks stiff and uncomfortable (as LIARS DO) – not even remotely believable.

    REAL LIFE isn’t the MOVIE, WE GET THAT, and it’s OK you’re not a super-hero/ladies man in real life, guys. I won’t enjoy your movies any less, whoever you are boning! It’s supposed to be fantasy – you’re actors. But seriously it’s not good for your health to live your whole life as a lie. Time for PROGRESS..

    PS Lol @ anoneemouse – Aguilara totally looks like Ms. Piggy. Gorgeous voice though, without question.

  27. blinkblue says:

    “What’s she going to do to Julianne – give her advice? = Brilliant!

  28. heatheradair says:

    The body language in the Seacrest/Julianne video was bizarre – she’s leaning WAAAAAAY back away from him most of the time and he’s having a hard time knowing what to do when he’s not the one talking or doing the interview….they ask her about her dress and he looked utterly bored…..don’t you wanna at least pretend you’re taking the opportunity to fawn over how pretty your girl looks? As a “couple” they’re just not sellin it…..

  29. Hautie says:

    I will admit I would have like to have seen these two face off.

    Christina is a big hot mess right now.

    She had a big huge failure with that last album. She has dumped her husband. Took up with her own jumpoff. And has packed on 25 pounds. Christina is on a roll and probably in a permanent foul mood.

    And having the ultimate social climber Julianne whipping around in front of her at a industry party for the talent… was probably too much for her to deal with…

  30. EdithP says:

    Christina looks like a tired 40-year old.

  31. heb says:

    How nice of you to use a picture of Christina where she doesn’t look like a complete pig!

  32. dread pirate cuervo says:

    @Leona, I’ve always thought she had a chip on her shoulder going back to when she & Britney first came out & Britney became the superstar when Christina was the one that could really sing. Now she looks like a damn Snooki Sausage & her jumpoff is fuglier than her husband. Fail. & her fat little face just can’t get any fatter. She needs to put down the Mad Dog & go for a run.

  33. Nibbi says:

    poor christina. you guys can hate on her now that’s she’s down- but she’s the one out of alllll of those stupid teenybopper sex kitten “vocalists” we’ve had over the last, what? decade! – who’s actually got the pipes. i dig her for being the real thing and not so much a product of marketing and autotune.
    if she got down with this other woman, it was probably cuz she stole her face. seriously, in that leader side- by-shot side, i thought they were both of christina.

  34. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    This woulda been intersting if someone got their weave pulled off.

  35. Whatever!! says:

    Christina is a hot mess. She’s put on tons of weight and looks bad. I usually don’t say that about women who put on weight…well because its rude. But since Christina brought out the ghetto child and acted without class I can’t be as kind. I wonder what the fight was over.

  36. Abby says:

    I thought Christina looked EXACTLY like Julianne in Burlesque when she wasn’t wearing pounds of makeup. Good thing Julianne was brunette, or they would have been too similar.

  37. Heather says:

    She can still pull off gaining weight.

  38. craigc says:

    Christina UGLIERA = classless and insecure!

  39. Leona says:

    @ dread pirate cuervo

    lol she does look like an albino Snooki..

    I think her rotten attitude goes further back then being Britney’s second fiddle, though. she’s been very open about her abusive father but I think mom is the real story. Shelly placed her daughter in every talent contest she could from a very young age, even when it made Christina a social outcast. like every other stage parent, she put too much emphasis on one little aspect of her child’s abilities, and sacrificed the rest of her daughter’s childhood in the process.

    It’s no wonder Christina is such a deathly insecure, entitled bitch who latches on to one dimensional persona’s to define her as an artist, and submissive men to define her as a woman.

  40. Meanchick says:

    Wow, what’s happening with Xtina’s face? RC’s hand on JH’s butt looks so posed and his hand looks stiff. Girls butt, ew!

  41. JustBe says:

    Leona: Thanks for the background info. I didn’t know her mother was a stage mom.

    That goes a long way to explain why Xtina hates herself so much.

    I hope her ex-husband is able to be more stable and loving towards their child.

  42. Ron says:

    Oh no! Krystal and Sammi Jo got into a cat fight?!

  43. decemberist15 says:

    @Leona- I totally believe this story. My friend went to HS with her, and when I asked him if she was bullied, he said ‘no, however she acted like a stuck up jerk that thought she was better than everyone so no one talked to her.’

    So, I think she either deluded enough to think that she was bullied, or that she just doesn’t want to say she was a jerk in HS… in short, I don’t think her family history is the issue, I think she just thinks she’s the best thing since sliced bread.

  44. DGO says:

    At least Christina can sing. What’s Julianne known for? Dating older men (Helio, Ryan) who buy her things.

  45. original kate says:

    christina makes me a bit sad, because unlike so many of her contemporaries (britney, for example), girlfriend can actually sing, and sing well. but she seems to have gotten lost in trashy tabloid land and bad pop music. she has a voice made for torchy, jazzy songs. my advice to her? take a year off, do nothing but sing standards and play small clubs under an assumed name.

  46. JenJen says:

    Christina was always skinny,so I am sure it is hard seeing herself turn into her mom. I hope she gets it together. I think maybe she regrets her marriage breaking up.

  47. MarenGermany says:

    I hate Christina Aguilera. She is probably one of the most entiteled celebs out there. She seems rude and arrogant.
    I will never forget the interview where someone was coughing in the background and she acted like a total BITCH!!! She tried laughing it off later, but it became so clear what a fucking snob she is.

  48. Jayna says:

    Love Bionic with Xtina. And the ballads on there are to die for. It looked like in the long dress she had dropped a few pounds, but the short dress showed her fat legs again. She was so thin. What happened?

    And Julianne, without the blonde hair, and with a few xtra pounds on her is almost a plain jane. Shocking. Glad to see her back with blond. She said in the interview when asked about her dress for the Golden Globes and hair and such that she finally felt like a grownup. LOL Ryan almost died. He said you are a grownup. And she said something like she was a little girl and he liked that about her. LOL He looked mortified.

  49. Tiffany says:

    She is such a bitch that when her new percussion player was onstage during soundcheck, (she gets there 2 hours late), she says to her manager (because she doesn’t speak to her band directly), “what is THAT?” referring to her new band member. Nice person, huh? She gets whatever the karma train has in store for her.

  50. Justaposter says:

    “Christina looks like a tired 40-year old.”

    Hey now there EdithP! Don’t be hating on us tired 40 year olds now!

  51. EdithP says:

    Justaposter, I’m 45! So I know what one looks like by looking in a mirror. :D

    Seriously, the girl is what, 30? She’s looking like Mae West.

  52. kelly says:

    Were they separated at birth?? Jesus!

  53. Katie says:



  54. Isa says:

    I think Julianne is sooo pretty. But her styling is always a little off.
    Also, I think Ryan dates Julianne because supposedly she wants to remain a virgin until marriage. How perfect for him! He doesn’t have to marry her. Of course she could be lying about the virgin thing.
    Christina’s eyebrows in that top picture, why? Why? Why? Why?

    I think Christina is putting on weight because she was a skinny girl that never learned how to eat properly. She probably still eats like a skinny girl with a super fast metabolism. Don’t ever take your metabolism for granted when you’re younger!

  55. Mistral says:

    Lame. Both the boyfriends seem closeted.

  56. I Choose Me says:

    Huh. Anyone else thinks they sort of look alike? Don’t care about either of them but they’re both pretty girls. Not that you’d know there was a human, never mind an attractive woman underneath all of Xtina’s spackle.

  57. Maritza says:

    Julianne is very beautiful and sweet, I hope she goes back to DWTS. Cristina sings beautiful but she is such a snob and wears tacky makeup and dresses plus her hair so overprocessed.

  58. Camille says:

    @Confuzzle: Oh yeah! I could totally see that. Juicy :lol: .

  59. OfficialB*tch says:

    These two chicks look EXACTLY alike.
    They hate each other bc they both “represent” the same “thing” to Hollywood – except Christina is marginally MORE talented than this nobody.
    If Lauren Conrad and Kristin Calamari rolled up on that carpet there’d be a four way fight – I can ‘t tell any of these chicks apart. SORRY.
    Kaiser – why am I moderated? It says “your comment is being moderated” every single time I post? I only post under one name – this one – so I don’t know what is wrong or what I am doing wrong???

  60. Cinderella says:

    Looks like the Genie has been hitting the bottle HARD.

  61. Kim says:

    Christina must be drinking a whole lot because it takes drinking quite a bit before you start to look all puffy and man is she ever alcohol filled puffy =( She look slike miss piggy in this dress! Its way to small on her – she needs 2 sizes up at least. Juliannes dress is terrible also.

  62. Hakura says:

    Wow… look at them in that first picture! Holy hell, they could be sisters. I thought I was the only one who noticed that!

    The weight gain is a bit unfortunate. Some people can really pull it off, but Christina is NOT one of them. She’s short with a small frame… only makes her look wider.

    Ryan & Julianne are a complete sham. I would be *incredibly* surprised if Ryan was even Bisexual. His movements & poses are so awkward.

  63. PEYPEY says:

    Christina is just jealous…Julianne is younger, prettier and skinnier. Christina had an on set affair then ended her marriage…WHAT AN EXAMPLE !!!

  64. lisa says:

    I think she has been looking terrible for some time. Right around the time she made the movie. Thing is in every interview she is going on and on about how WONDERFUL she is after her divorce. How her life is on track. But watching what is going on with her on the outside speaks of a different truth. Maybe it is this man she has hooked up with. I think when you have done something wrong it shows in some way. She is flaunting this relationship all over. Does this man have a job or any responsibility. His new job seems to be holding her hand has she takes him all over.

    She may say she is happy but I don’t think she is.

  65. Amelia says:

    Aguilera is jealous, plain and simple (no pun intended…). She was always homely, and as she grows older, her face gets even longer and the homliness gets worse. A crapload of makeup can’t fix it. Hough, on the other hand, is naturally beautiful and in shape. When they stand next to each other it’s Beauty and The Beast.

  66. Hakura says:

    @Amelia (#66)- I personally don’t believe Christina is ‘homely’. I think when she first started out in the business, she was very pretty. But she’s really taken a wrong turn somewhere on that road, putting on buckets-full of makeup like Tammy Faye Baker, & Cher.

    It really causes her to get that ‘drag queen’ look that’s just awful… & especially right now, when she’s put on a little weight in her face, it’s just not a good look.

    Julianne is *very* pretty. I don’t know too much about her, other than her being a great dancer, & her ‘beard-status’ for raging homosexual ‘ryan seacrest’… But I can see why Christina would feel threatened by her beauty enough to be a bitch.

    It’s just so strange, in the first picture, you can see that their features are very similar. At least from that angle. Maybe Christina is longing for years gone by?

  67. rhiannon says:

    Julianne is 100 times more sophisticated than Christina. Christina as usual looks very trashy.

  68. moi says:

    julianne is a wannabe. she should have got into the biz sooner. she is aging rapidly. look, ryan will dump her when the next girl next door comes by. i think she is just trying too hard to be miss goody goody. so annoyed by her. i think at least christina had talent! has talent. i bet she can still carry a tune. and she looks better, even after having a baby. so boo on you julianne, and e! online. you are obviously saying shit because you are biased.

  69. Ewen Macpherson says:

    This celebrity(god that word makes me shudder)desease is more virulent than i thought. it’s vile but to most girls growing up it’s telling them you have to be a:attractive,bulimic/anaorexic,drug taking/materialistic slut,..or your not a good person.
    It even feels sad as f’@k to post comments. 1st and last time on interNOT

  70. Jaana says:

    i believe she crashed jeremy renner’s party. she did the same to mariah carey and she kicked her out..

  71. Danielle says:

    what the hell is up with Christina lately? First the nude pics, then her getting drunk on someone else’s bed, and now her getting “all up” in julianne’s face. I don’t get it. She used to be someone I looked up too..Not so much anymore.

  72. Paula says:

    When I went through my divorce, I got so skinny it was scary. Christina has obviously been enjoying her single lifestyle~Food must be her new love! She has let herself go!

  73. Precious says:

    I just don’t understand why Christina isn’t a mega star like Brittany spears what went wrong?

  74. ronald says:

    she was a sassy bitch on my brotherinlaws trail ride no could wait for that complainer to go home whine about every little thing/only good thing is i have her soda can sh drank from

  75. RAD says:

    Christina Fuglylera has no class she looks like Hatchet Face from cry baby or the new Blonde Snookie and if the story is true what makes her think she has that much power to mess up Julianne’s life really? Ryan Seacrest has alot more pull in the celebrity world these days soo that would suck for Whaletina Futchilera.I don’t think regular folks would be scared of christina the little runt she has to have an attitude to compensate for the fact that most people could wope her behind.

  76. gg says:

    Since when has Snooktina Faye Aguilara ever NOT bitched out and snarked other people at parties? She’s been doing this for decades.

  77. Jeff Cooke says:

    Personally, I am a fan of BOTH and they are both talented and gorgeous. Ugly people hate.

  78. thegorilla says:

    i like christina’s mermaid-y dress, just not on her.. and the first pic of the other girl’s dress is pretty

  79. chloeq says:

    damn some of u people r so mean.stop hatin and get a real hobby.idc if christina puts on 200 lbs,i still will like her music.and idk if shes a bith, ive never met her.but, who is julianne houghs?never heard of her…
    as for the fight,thats hardly a fight.. if it even happened.

  80. the foxes mittens says:

    None of us could ever get to the level of Real singing and career Christina A has gotten to. its sounds like with all the critcism and bitching going on in comments that a bunch of you are just as jealous of her success as she may be of Hough. she did look better more natural.i blame the ultra plastic industry shes in for the changes in her outer appearance. shes struggling with that and drinking is a symptom of that stress. being mean about her isnt nice and is as classless as she may behave