Lea Michele of Glee wants to thank Barbra Streisand

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Lea Michele of Glee is a very talented singer. She also inspires all kinds of hate because she is a consummate diva-in-the-making. Her tears for Chris Colfer and Jane Lynch at the Golden Globes were way over-the-top, and many were glad when she lost to Laura Linney.

It’s no surprise that Lea is becoming a diva. She idolizes full-fledged diva Barbra Streisand, not only for her voice but for her nose.

I grew up in this typical New Jersey town where everyone looked the same. If you didn’t have a nose job, you were about to. Agents and casting directors told me to get one, but my mother said, “Barbra Streisand never did — and neither are you.”

When I met [Glee creator] Ryan Murphy, he asked if I’d ever seen Funny Girl. I said no. When I did see it, I cried my eyes out. Her character felt and looked so much like me! From then, I’ve been obsessed with Barbra. Her voice is perfect. She doesn’t need any tricks. What makes her a rare talent is she can just stand there and sing.

On Glee I’ve sung four of her songs. Every time I do “Funny Girl” I cry. Singing her music [at the MusiCares gala on Feb. 11] isn’t about getting to be in the same room as her or having her hear my voice. (Though I’m nervous — hopefully I won’t vomit!) It’s about me just saying thank you.

[People, print edition, February 27, 2011]

I don’t feel the same hate for Lea as others do, but I don’t watch Glee so I’m not subjected to her every week. Her comments do have an undercurrent of ego in them. She says Barbra’s character “felt and looked so much like me,” not “I felt and looked so much like Barbra.” Plus, I think she’s relishing the opportunity to sing in front of Barbra at MusiCares. Expect more drama tears.

Note by Celebitchy: Lea Michele was seated next to True Grit star Hailee Steinfeld at the SAG Awards, and it looks like Lea and Hailee made up. Hailee told a story a couple of weeks ago about Lea snubbing her on set when she asked for an autograph, and Lea subsequently blamed someone else for it.



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  1. mln76 says:

    I can’t help but compare this to another person who won’t be named and their recent lame-ass tribute to Barbra. I’ve only watched one episode of Glee but Lea Michele has a huge personality, can sing, and has yet to eff with her face. I know has Barbra annoyed the hell out of people for years but she was is still a legend.

  2. lilred says:

    Lea is NO Barbra.

  3. Kaboom says:

    Good singer but really needs a daily spanking to keep her attitude in check.

  4. dread pirate cuervo says:

    So her mother wouldn’t get Lea a nose job b/c Barbra never had one, but never had little miss musical theater sit down to watch Funny Girl? Full of lies! Oh, & countdown to that nose job in 3,2,1…

  5. lola says:

    here’s hoping for an appropriately acerbic “F u young skywalker you’ve much to learn” quote from babs….

  6. Mouring the Death of Music says:

    I can’t stand Lea nor her character on Glee. Both of their personalities get under my skin. That being said, she does have a beautiful voice.

    I’m glad she has yet to get a nose job or a boob job. I hope she never does.

  7. Str8Shooter says:

    Both have beautiful voices. BOTH annoying nasty personalities.

    Yup. I can see it.

  8. KateNonymous says:

    “Her comments do have an undercurrent of ego in them. She says Barbra’s character “felt and looked so much like me,” not “I felt and looked so much like Barbra.””

    Actually, I think it would have been more egotistical to compare herself to Barbra Streisand than to a fictional representation of Fanny Brice. “I could really relate to that character” is a lot less egotistical than “I’m just like that contemporary legend.”

    That said, I can’t stand Glee and gave up watching it after a few episodes. The show is overblown and self-important–why shouldn’t its stars be, too?

  9. nikkers says:

    I’m with dread pirate cuervo — how could she have not seen Funny Girl? Growing up singing and in musicals? It’s weird.

  10. Crash2GO2 says:

    The reason for not messing with the noses is because it very probably would have ruined their unique vocal sounds. It’s not to do with vanity.

  11. Vi says:

    i think lea michele is a talented girl and i wish she’d stop harping on about her nose because she’s beautiful too. unfortunately she’s so fucking annoying.

  12. neelyo says:

    I call BS on the never seeing FUNNY GIRL story too.

    And she’s not even close to Streisand. Her screechy rendition of ‘Don’t Rain on My Parade’ at the Tonys proved that. After GLEE ends (soon please!) her next gig will probably be DANCING WITH THE STARS.

  13. JulieM says:

    Crash2G02: Yes, that is exactly why Barbra Streisand never got a nose job. Vocalists resonate their voices on the soft palette located in the back of the mouth and also in the nasal cavity. If Barbra had messed with her nose, she could have changed her (glorious) voice. This may sound simple, but you sing in your head, not in your throat.

    I finally heard Lea sing on youtube (don’t watch glee) and she has a lovely voice but does not hold a candle to LaStreisand. I think she is trying to suck up hoping she will land the part of Fanny Brice in the Broadway revival of Funny Girl, which I recall reading is scheduled for sometime in 2012.

  14. reba says:

    She looks like she’s trying fart in the last picture. and it’s stuck.

  15. jane16 says:

    Whats with all the meanness today? All over the internets, people are mean this morning.

    I think Lea is a gorgeous, talented, young woman. When I watched the Glee pilot, the first thing I thought of was that Lea was the heir to Barbra. Their singing styles are very similar, they’re both tiny women, with the trademark big nose. Also, she’s a little snot on Glee becuz thats who her character is supposed to be.

  16. Riley says:

    I wish one of you guys had written about her over-the-toppness at the Golden Globes. I didn’t really watch them but went and watched the clip when Chris Cofer won, and yes, Lea Michele was way over the top. And she did seem to have this kind of Debra Winger losing the Oscar moment, all ready to accept her prize and then UPSET.

  17. mommyesq says:

    Ha—off topic, but i LOVE how the old dude on the right side of the bottom picture looks like he’s walking with a cane, skinny jeans and red stripper heels!!!

  18. renai(jrt) says:

    Babs is looking puffy and mean there

  19. Az says:

    I call bull on this too. How did have no inkling about Funny Girl? And comparing herself to Barbra, ha. She wishes. I cannot stand this girl. She is why I don’t watch Glee. people with real talent don’t have to try that hard all the time!

  20. Me says:

    @Jane16 – you’re entitled to your opinion of Lea Michele, as is everyone else.

    To some people, including myself, she seems like she’s got her head stuck up her own ass…..and her talent doesn’t excuse this attitude.

    You can continue to have your own opinion, but it doesn’t make mine wrong.

  21. jemshoes says:

    Diva(s) or not, it’s great when celebrities don’t mess with their noses – especially if they’re singers.

  22. Cidee says:

    Lea looks like she is taking lessons on posing from Ty-Ty and the gang from ANTM in that last pic. A lame attempt at the “broken down doll” look. And half-assed “smizing”, too.

  23. Franny says:

    Haha mommy….it really does look like an old guy with stripper heels. The photographer snapped that picture at just the right moment!

  24. Emily says:

    She’s got a nice voice, but her personality (both hers and her Glee character’s) ruin it for me. I like Glee, but everytime she comes on screen I have an overwhelming urge to punch her in the face, as does my housemate.

  25. jane16 says:

    @ Me,

    “@Jane16 – you’re entitled to your opinion of Lea Michele, as is everyone else.”

    Gee thanks for confirming. I thought thats what I was doing, expressing my opinion like everyone else.

    “To some people, including myself, she seems like she’s got her head stuck up her own ass…..and her talent doesn’t excuse this attitude.”

    She plays that kind of character. Some people have a really hard time separating a character from the actor. I used to work at a job where I dealt with celebs (lots of A listers) everyday. I was always amazed to find that I was frequently wrong about star; ie, the ones I thought would be nice were jerks and vice versa. We visited the Glee set recently and met Lea before she did a number. She was very polite to me, took time out to visit with my (disabled) son & his friend, and seemed very nervous about doing her song. My cousin has worked on Glee since day one. He says the stories about her are exaggerated like everything else in H’wood. Ted Casablanca recently said that Lea was not the diva on the show, but wouldn’t say who was. (I think he meant Matthew Morrison, whom I have also met)

    “You can continue to have your own opinion, but it doesn’t make mine wrong.”

    Yeah, I get it. You seem to be harping on this point today. This is what I’m talking about, everyone being grouchy today.

  26. munchies says:

    shs really trying to sex up her image. look at that dress, its just too much. however shes just so plain and you cant find sexiness in her.

    Just stay on singing lea no one is intersted with your body.

  27. Hakura says:

    Even I’ll admit that I think she has a lovely voice (though I don’t watch Glee, & have only seen her performances elsewhere). But her personality really comes across conceited, & she’s her worst enemy in regards to talking too much in interviews. It was always going to be badly received to appear to be comparing herself to a legend like Barbara.

    I always feel biased about Lea, due to her reminding me *SO* much of an ex-best friend I had once. In personality, appearance & even name (Lina).

  28. LeasTalented says:

    Some posters are clearly typing to be snarky. The reason this was even asked of Lea is because of the Barbra tribute coming up and the songs she has done. It’s no secret how close Lea and Chris Colfer are so I don’t understand why everyone is shocked she was happy he won an award. I don’t understand why in the age of actors fighting on twittter and falling out drunk at clubs any blogger wants me to nominate Lea (whose biggest crime is she does her work well and is standoffish outside of work) as bitch of the year. She is WAYYYYYY down the list.

  29. LeasTalented says:

    For the record, Lea WASNOT sitting next to Hailee. She went up to the girl (who was doubled over smiling) besides if she hadnot she would of gotten slammed again. At least get your facts straight.

  30. MarenGermany says:

    yeah, but she needs a nose job.

  31. Hakura says:

    I realize this is an unfair judgment, right off the bat, but I have trouble taking one’s argument seriously when they choose ‘LeasTalented’ as their name. It just makes it sound like they’d never accept anything negative about the person they’re defending, no matter how obvious it may be.

    @MarenGermany – I don’t think there’s anything wrong with her nose. xD Plus what others have mentioned about it changing the sound of her voice.

  32. Rainey4Pres says:

    Is she engaged???? Where’d that rock pop up from

  33. lucy2 says:

    Huh. I grew up in a “typical NJ town” also, never had a nose job, or even knew anyone who got one until college. In Pennsylvania.

    Anyway, I think she’s really talented, and I was an early defender, figuring people were just trying to tear her down because of the show’s success. But in recent months I’ve changed my mind and find her annoying and diva-ish. I’m sure there is some exaggeration, but still something to it.

  34. June says:

    I had started to believe some of the rumors, especially when I realized Lea is an only child (but many cousins). Then I felt bad about that, that it was a personal prejudice of mine, besides I think #26 is spot on and people often confuse the actors with their characters and then all the gossip items don’t help at all!