Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion Part I recap: “The balls of a burglar”

I was traveling for over 24 hours straight on Friday which is why this recap has been delayed. (Love to Kaiser for running things as usual!) Plus I’m very jetlagged along with a lack of sleep. So that’s why this has taken me so long, along with the fact that this sh*t is complicated. I’m sick of these women fighting over such petty crap and dredging up the same old fights for weeks if not months. It’s ridiculous.

We still have another RHOBH reunion special to look forward to on Tuesday night, and while there was plenty of drama on Thursday night’s episode I’m sure they saved the best for last. I’m over all the nitpicking and back and forth. It’s exhausting. There were some gems there though. Here’s what happened. (I’m blockquoting it, but there are comments from me in there.)


On their plastic surgery making them look deformed
Lisa: “I haven’t had plastic surgery on my face, I’ve had fillers and Botox… I think it’s really rude to criticize somebody else on the way they look.”

Adrienne said her husband isn’t her plastic surgeon. “I would never want to do that. Other than fillers and Botox. I just don’t think it’s a good idea. What if he messed up and I’ve got to live with him?”

That’s a hell of a lot of fillers and Botox.

Camille on how she ‘couldn’t imagine’ living in 3,5000 square feet in NY
It was really Kelsy’s issue.. He used to call me and say ‘Camille I just don’t see us all fitting in.‘”

Lisa “Did he mean the girlfriend as well?

Camille: “I didn’t want to do the show. Kelsey kept saying ‘This is something really good for you, because this is… something you’re doing for yourself… Maybe it was something to keep me preoccupied in California while he was having his affair.”

Camille on how she was called “Most Hated Housewife”
I was devastated to read that… It’s very hurtful. I don’t think you’re seeing the real me on this show… I think I’ve been villianized.”

After host Andy Cohen read out a bunch of negative adjectives written about Camille including “conniving,” “narcissistic,” “fake,” and “insincere” she repeated her go-to adjectives “devastating” and “hurtful” and said “There are things I’ve said on this show that I… wish I could take back and that are horrible things to say, but I don’t think that’s an accurate portrayal of whom [sic] I really am.”

Taylor defended Camille and said “we’re all here for each other and these people can sit behind their computers and write negative words about people who seem to live perfect lives, but they don’t know [Camille] and I just think it’s cowardly.”

Give me a break, Taylor. You defend people as long as they’re useful to you, and you go after the weakest. Talk about cowardly.

On the real reason Camille used a surrogate
It wasn’t to keep my figure. We tried and unfortunately it didn’t happen.. there are biological children through surrogacy and it’s an amazing process.”

On why Camille is so busy with so many people working for her
I’m a mom and I was also going through a divorce, and was also trying to keep together my husband’s production company.

Camille says she called out Faye Resnick because the ladies were looking at naked pictures of her on the way to the party
I did a movie for Cinemax in my early 20s… unfortunately we do things when we are younger that we wish we never did… It’s not a hard core, it’s soft, that doesn’t make it any better…

I got upset when I found out that the girls were in a limo looking at these [naked] pictures [of me]. This is why I said that about Faye.

Kyle: “We were looking at them. It’s out there. I’m not going to lie. I think that if anybody was sent something like that they would be shocked.

Camille: “I think that was set up and premeditated… I invite her… to my house with Faye Resnick and this is what they do… in a limo.”

Kyle to Camille: ‘The balls of a burglar’
Kyle: “It’s classless to say that somebody is morally corrupt when you’ve done softcore porn…

“You have the balls of a burglar to be throwing rocks like that when you live in a glass house.

So did producers deliberately cut out the part where Kyle and the girls looked at naked photos of Camille before the party? Did Camille know about this before she lit into Kyle again at the dinner party? (Did they show this on RHOBH and did I just miss it? I don’t remember this part at all.)

Camille blames her divorce for her nastiness
Then they played a recap of Kelsey’s appearances on the show and how he dumped Camille. Adrienne was crying and she said “to me they were a beautiful couple and I feel a lot of sadness for her.”

Camille said “That’s why I was distant to a lot of the girls because I was going through this in my personal life. I wasn’t ready to out it yet.”

She said she figured out something was wrong in her marriage around February, which is when filming started. As for the state of their relationship now, she said they don’t speak.

She admitted she didn’t have a prenup. The camera kept panning to Kyle and she looked pissed as hell. Camille wouldn’t say how much money she was getting, but admitted it was “sizeable.”

Camille said she didn’t have a sex tape of Kelsey. As for whether she would do another season, she said “maybe” but that “right now I’m really busy with my children.” Her children who just happen to have four nannies.

Kim vs. Taylor
We saw the crux of this fight in the preview video of the reunion so I won’t cover it again. Taylor got super bitchy and superior and Kim kept slurring about how Taylor shouldn’t have threatened her with violence when she’s involved with a battered women’s charity. Then Taylor asked Kyle “Should we talk about her state of mind? She’s about to take me there.”

Taylor: “Do we want to talk about her frame of mind?… Tread softly. We’ll talk about that later in the conversation.”

It was a clear threat, and just goes to show how Taylor and Kyle bully the shit out of Kim.

Taylor: “You wanted to be involved in drama with me, you didn’t want to be involved in drama protecting your sister.

Then Kim really summed up Taylor’s personality
I think Taylor is kind of like a chameleon. I don’t think Taylor has a real commitment to anybody. I think that she’s with Lisa… with Kyle… with Camille.

Taylor: “I do think that I try to be a friend and be neutral to everyone.. I don’t need to chose sides.

Lisa seems to admit only having sex with her husband twice a year
They played clips of Lisa making a lot of sexual comments and contrasted it to her admission that she only has sex twice a year. She admitted that’s true!

Well not twice every year, that’s on a good year. But I didn’t say I didn’t have sex with somebody else now did I – no I don’t! I’ve been married 29 years we’re very secure in our relationship.

I knew Cedric wasn’t there just to arrange her flowers.

A little later she said “I do have good sex with my husband for the record.”

On the rumor that Camille and Kelsey didn’t have sex for a year, Camille said “Kelsey cut me off ten years ago.”

Lisa on if she was jealous of Kyle and Taylor’s friendship
It was annoying to be honest… don’t you find [their PDA] irritating?

Then Camille came over and cuddled with Lisa to mock Kyle and Taylor.

Taylor on her lip implants
I’m not going to have surgery [to remove it] and it’s been there for too long. I have a large mouth and a lot of people say that as well.

Adrienne on how she constantly bickers with her husband
It’s very real. I actually think we’re the norm not the exception. We’ve been married nine years so of course it’s going to happen… it’s just the way we communicate.”

Adrienne on the tinsel in her hair
I thought it was a great idea… people love it.

Adrienne on her personality
I’m not one to really like confrontation. I prefer to solve the problem rather than get in the mix with it.

Kyle and Camille get into it
Camille explained the origins of the fight with Kyle. “We were discussing our spring break trip and she asked me, why are they shooting you in Hawaii for this show? Then she asked me… why don’t you bring the other girls?

Kyle denied this “I never said ‘why don’t you bring the other girls.’ Be honest… your story has changed so many times.”

No Kyle, I’ve had enough of you bullying me and now it’s time to take my power and tell you, you’re wrong…

Then she asked me if Kelsey was coming along with me… Then she said ‘why are they shooting you without Kelsey being there?…

“[To Kyle] You’ve never been honest. This whole season was set up to make me look bad and this was the honest truth.”

Kyle: “First of all Camille, you were brought into this show because I called you up.”

Kyle’s version of the conversation
Camille agreed that’s what happened. The way Kyle explained the conversation, which happened around the time she asked Camille to join the show, she was just asking if Camille was bringing Kelsey or a girlfriend with her. It was a normal conversation the way Kyle explained it, and then Camille asked her why she “had a problem” with her and Kyle was taken aback. “Why would I want you on the show and not want them to film you Camille?

Then Camille called Kyle a bully and told her that she started the “delusional” thing and now she’s been labeled with it.

Kyle asked her why she wanted Camille on the show then, and Camille said “because you wanted a target.”

As to whether she sees herself as the victim and “plays sneaky,” Camille says that she knows she grins and laughs a lot when she’s nervous.

Then Lisa discussed how the whole NY fight happened and claimed it was Taylor’s fault for bringing it up after Kyle and Camille made peace.

Taylor weakly tried to defend herself as just telling Camille a story about how she was amazed to have talked to Kim at the airport because Kim never really talked to her before. Then Camille half admitted that she was overreacting to the fact that someone called her insecure. “I’m sure I was feeling insecure at the time. My husband was leaving me… he wasn’t returning my phone calls. I didn’t know he had a lover at that time.”

Kim on why she didn’t defend Kyle during the argument with Camille
These are all Kyle’s friends… I’ve always had my sister’s back and I always will. I don’t like being put on the spot… I was speechless.”

Camille on if she thinks Kyle is jealous of her
No I don’t.

Kyle: “Well now you do after you realize that everyone has laughed at you saying that for a whole season, so.”

Camille: “Ouch, what you said was so catty.”

Kyle: “Yeah, it was catty, it was.”

I have to let go of my need to document every detail in these plastic privileged bitches fights, so the final recap on Wednesday won’t be so play-by-play. That said, the reason I write this all down is because it’s fascinating. It’s manufactured drama in a way, but these women really hate each other. They’re nasty superficial people and they hold grudges and backstab each other. Camille loves playing the victim and she’s got the ultimate victim card now. Her husband was leaving her so that explains away all her bad behavior.

Kyle is the aggressor and Taylor is the little suck up who manages to cuddle with Kyle yet still stick her nose up Camille’s ass by defending her against the whole Internet. Taylor hates Kim because Kim is the weakest. Adrienne and Lisa are the somewhat classier exceptions, although Lisa isn’t above stirring the pot and she can’t stand Taylor. (For good reason.) Kim is just a damaged, shy addict and she’s doing her best to get by. You know they’re going to send her to rehab on Tuesday. (And that’s not a spoiler because it was already revealed in the finale.) I hope Kim doesn’t come back next season. She may need the money but it’s not worth it for her.

Here’s a video from Bravo of Camille explaining her softcore past (only plays for US visitors). This is a different video than the segment described above.



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  1. Lisa Turtle says:

    Taylor is the textbook social climber. She acts submissive and supportive of all the women she percieves as wealthier and better connected than she is, and she’s aggressive and mean to Kim, who she sees as having less money, and less social connetions than herself.

    If Kim really is an alcoholic, then she needs help, not constant criticism. I think Kim has a hard time expressing herself, and Taylor takes advantage of that and is always ready to get her little quip in. Taylor stirred up the pot in NY, by telling Camille that the women were calling her insecure behind her back, and Taylor acts like she never said that! She just keeps deflecting the blame onto Kim.

    I can’t stand Taylor and I can’t stand her hemorroid lips.

  2. Riley says:

    I agree with all of your observations, CB. I thought it interesting that Camille tried to explain everything away by using her divorce as an excuse but I doubt she really knew that Kelsey was going to dump her when they were filming. And her excuse for calling Faye Resnick “morally corrupt” didn’t add up. There is no way she knew they were looking at pictures in the limo. I can’t find much about Faye on the internet but my understanding is that she was friends with Nicole Simpson and was important to the trial and after the trial (maybe) found a little fame and tried to capitalize on it by posing in playboy. Is this correct? I am looking forward to Tuesday though because we learn more about twisted Cedric. Can’t wait. And in a month my favorite bitches are back in Orange County!

  3. guesty says:

    didn’t think camille was on her A game during part 1. hopefully she’ll bitch it up a little more during part 2.

    kyle taking credit for the entire franchise is just too much. as if that gives her carte blanche to treat people the way she does.

    wish kim was strong enough to truth tell on kyle really saying that to camille.

    i think they edited that part of the limo ride out as well…but they shouldn’t have. kunty kyle forever the instigator then ducks weaves & denies. wish some of her hub’s side pieces would come to the forefront.

  4. Jayna says:

    Camille is so narcissistic, for sure. But I’ve now seen how aggressive Kyle can be in keeping the flames fanned.

    Taylor is my least favorite now. Her snide comments on the reunion make me sick. And leaning over to Kyle smugly saying, should we discuss her state of mind, referring to Kim, made me sick. Kyle is a disappointment in the way she calls out Kim on everything and, yet, twice with Taylor, on gossiping behind their backs to Camille and stirring up trouble and, after seeing the finale, realizing she was the one that started the trouble with Kim, not vice versa, not once on camera or on her blogs does she call out her bestie Taylor. It’s Kyle that doesn’t have Kim’s back, really.

    I agree with everyone that Camille was falling back on the divorce for her behavior.

  5. lin234 says:

    Wow, Kyle really has similar features to Paris Hilton in that first picture. I’m starting to think Kyle is a social climber too. She has no use for Kim anymore. She seems like a reasonable person so why is she teaming up with Taylor? Makes me think they have a pact to stick together and get more screen time when they hang out. It also goes to show that she probably talks behind Kim’s back to all her friends because Taylor and Lisa both have obvious disdain for Kim and are willing to out her “secret” at a drop of a hat.

    I’m amazed at how Taylor tried to BS her way out of starting fights when it’s all been captured on cameras. I don’t think she’s that wealthy at all. I think her “wealth” is just a facade. You know why she never holds a party at her house, she doesn’t think it’s big enough for her BH buddies. Russell filed for bankruptcy only a few years back. Isn’t he supposedly a investment banker or something? Can you even buy a house after declaring bankruptcy or is their house rented? I think every aspect of her life is as fake as her lips and cheekbones.

    Camille just dropped everything into the “my husband left me pile”. Why isn’t anyone asking about her obvious affair with Nick?

  6. Statler says:

    Please don’t stop with the play-by-play recaps; in fact, even more in-depth analysis/judging would be welcome :)

    I started watching this dreadful show to have something to share with my mother, but it wasn’t long before I grew addicted. It is now one of my secret shames, lol.

    Kyle’s treatment of her sister is odious. Also the way she co-opted her daughter’s graduation party.

    Taylor is simply loathsome.

    Camille- Great rule of thumb: beware anyone who routinely plays the victim. Clearly she’s been working with a media coach, but thankfully that only goes so far. There’s obviously something deeply wrong with her- I’m thinking a severe personality disorder, and far more than just your garden variety narcissism- her facial responses are very telling.

    Adrienne and Lisa are the audience surrogates- two fairly normal ladies caught up in all this dysfunction.

  7. Chrissy says:

    Whoa! No, they never showed them in the limo looking at pictures. If they were looking at the pics in the limo coming to the party, who would have told Camille about that prior to sitting down at the table? Is this yet another fight Taylor is responsible for? And what did Camille do? Take a break from the party to google Faye to find out about her Playboy spread to use as a weapon at the table?? Messed up women. Taylor, Camille, Kyle, Kim … all have issues. I hope Kyle wakes up to what a snake Taylor is … she shouldn’t allow a supposed friend to treat her sister like Taylor does. I can’t wait for the final show … it looks like they really did save the best for last!

  8. lilred says:

    Still further proof that money does not=CLASS.

  9. bros says:

    camille upped her victim game 110%, brushed up on the dictionary, and was not at all convincing in her explanation of why she got mad at whatever kyle said. Camille hears black when someone says orange because she is the most insecure person I think ive ever seen. kyle kept asking her what logical reason she could have for saying that, camille couldnt come up with anything, and kyle made absolute sense when she said ‘if your husband were bob the plumber, I would have asked if he was meeting you for spring break.” I think its obvious Camille heard what she wanted to hear.

    Taylor was ghastly trying to slither up to kyle and making all kinds of threatening overtures. The maloof might as well have not been there; she is a like a living snooze button.

  10. nellie says:

    Can’t stand Taylor and her deformed trout mouth. The fact that Taylor turns to Kyle and says do we want to discuss her state of mind that night, it was just too creepy that she asking for Kyle’s permission to attack her sister’s state of mind. Who does that and what sister allows for that to occur. How low handed and dirty do you have to be to go there. Classless, both Taylor and Kyle.

  11. ghostbuster says:

    what camille said made sense to me. i believe i recall in the earlier episodes that she mentions her husband not responding to her phone calls and being really surprised it took so long for the divorce episode. i just thought bravo edited that way for dramatic effect. im not excusing her behavior completely, but she makes a bit sense. she admits she was hyper sensitive to the perceived comments kyle made and admits that. as for the whole playboy/porn thing, i do think that was catty on both sides. camille, however, brought it up and that shows a catty judgemental behavior. in my opinion she set kyle and kaye up on that dinner.
    throughout the season i was a big kyle supporter, but as we got to see camille a bit more and seeing taylor and kyles relationship bloom, ive kind of switched sides. hmmm… i wonder what next season will hold? let the drama continue!

  12. Dolly Llama says:

    Everyone wants to accuse Camille for being the “bad” seed out of all the women. Honestly, I think Kyle is unbelievable jealous and vindictive. She bullies everyone. That women needs to be put in check. I can’t stand her one bit.

  13. ghostbuster says:

    @jayna i was just thinking the same thing. how can kyle b!tch about kim not having her back when taylor is making horrible remarks against kim?! it was taylor who stirred the pot and kim did go after taylor about that, but it seems kyle has taylors back on that too. does kyle just want kim to hate camille b/c she does?

  14. grace says:

    I couldn’t stand how Kyle was behaving like she was so superior to Camille when now a lot of people (me included) despise her more than Camille. Now there is a long list of names for her too, and I hope Andy goes over it in the part 2 (or was the whole reunion recorded before they aired the limo fight??).I truly hope not, cause I’d love to see her superior attitude fading and she being compared to Camille.

  15. JenJen says:

    I think Camille has handled herself well being constantly attacked while going thru such an embarrassing divorce. How many can say they would sit thru being called all those names without getting up and saying “screw you and this show”, I know I would.

  16. Jayna says:

    JenJen, she has handled herself well, because her narcissistic behavior is very well recorded. She is trying to do damage control and rehab her image by going all around to interviews. Of course, Camille has a nice side, but there’s a whole other side to her that is delusional and full of herself. She wants to be on the show next year, let’s face it.

  17. Marjalane says:

    Camille didn’t bother me at all in this episode; She is what she is. I also now think that Kyle probably did have nasty snark in her heart when she said whatever the hell she said about Hawaii. Hate Kyle- thought she had such a put upon face at the reunion. Like she was going to regain her “reputation” no matter how bad it made Kim feel. The fact that she sat next to Taylor holding hands with her and let Taylor THREATEN her sister! Excuse me- TREAD SOFTLY?! Whattabitch! It was all she could do to not say, “Shut your mouth Kim or I’m telling America that you’re a big old alcoholic”. God, she was just hateful- I can’t beleieve she thought she could brush off the “Go Oklahoma on you” threat. She’s a nasty piece of trailertrash. I also thought Lisa was a big old bore- she and Adrienne make such a big deal about not taking sides, and I’m sorry, but Lisa WAS jealous as hell of Kyle being friends with icky Taylor, and Adrienne is pretty much the most plastic looking one on the show! She’s like an older, blonder, Kim Kardashian. The bottom line here is that it’s obvious we don’t see anywhere near the true dynamics of these filmed shows- Bravo shows us what they want us to see, and sets up the “ladies” as they see fit. I agree with celebitchy, Kim needs to step away from these skanks and get her health together. My final thought? I hope Kyle’s husband gets backlash in his business from his nasty ass wife and he dumps her ass. I’d also like to see Taylor’s charities for non-violence decide that maybe she’s not such a great spokesperson for them after all; She’s got a mean streak a mile wide!

  18. Jeannified says:

    I tried to give Taylor the benefit of the doubt, but when she tried to defend herself during the Reunion show and say that she never meant anything by what she said to Kim and then said, “Seriously, did you really think I was going to hit her?” or something to that effect, and then quietly said that her charity means everything to her and that she misspoke and then put that big fake smile on her face, I KNEW she was a phoney for sure. I loved it how Kyle wouldn’t look at Taylor, when Taylor tried to get her attention. Then she tried in vain to bring Kim’s “state of mind” into it. Ugh! Taylor…

  19. Jayna says:

    I like Kyle but not as much as before for obvious reasons. I love the backlash on Kyle and Taylor. Too bad the reunion was filmed before the last show. There would be a whole different vibe in Andy’s requestions from viewer feedback towards Kyle and Taylor.

  20. nycmom10024 says:

    Sadly @grace I think it was.

  21. Kate says:

    I think Camille can now safely look at Kyle and say everyone is laughing at her (Kyle). She really is evil. I think she is the most hated housewife, by a long shot.

  22. TeeTee says:

    I read somewhere last week that Kim did not stay in rehab and signed herself out the next day..

    I know I didn’t dream it, LOL

    She’s been like this for yrs and evryone just kinda takes care of her, I feel sorry for her children.

    Had Kyle NOT invited her on the show, she would have been a bad sister and now that she is on the show she is still called the bad sister…
    or she is “picking” on her.

    Kim has been coddled too long, that’s why she is not ready to admit she has a problem…everyone coddles her.

  23. cici says:

    LISA TURTLE, you are so right. Taylor is a horrible woman and classic, classic social climber. Pathetic, and the worst of the bunch. I despised Kyle for letting Taylor threaten her sister that way and demurely (ha) put her head down, but I truly think there is some SERIOUS demons in the Richards family that has Kyle torn. I love Lisa – so funny and easy going.

  24. bros says:

    it was a few days later TeeTee, and thats not the first time.

  25. devilgirl says:

    I actually found Camille a lot more believable than I did Kyle, and I used to hate Camille.

  26. amy says:


    I think what people would be happy with is if Kyle had invited her on the show and then not used the entire season to belittle, marginalize, and out her alcohol issues on national television. Every episode was an example of Kyle talking about what a burden Kim was and treating her badly.

    If Kim wanted to publicize her issues, it should have been her decision to do so. What kind sister does that?

  27. SoulLovah says:

    I don’t want to doubt why Camille used a surrogate, but (and I’m not an expert and don’t have kids) I would think that if you tried, it meant you wanted kids, and part of that mother-child relationship is carrying your child, and if you missed that bond, I would think you’d want to be around your kids A LOT, if not all the time once they were born. She just hands them over to 20 different people a day. Part of being a mommy, or just a parent, is having to care for your kids, which means having to figure out how to incorporate them in your life. Maybe I’m just going off my experiences with my mother, who ran a business from home and had to take me and my younger sister with her almost everywhere, and still be home in time to make dinner for my dad and three brothers in school. So I could be biased.

    Taylor seemed like she was trying to quickly make herself look like The Good Girl Who Is Always Here For My Girls No Matter What, before everyone else proved her otherwise. Honestly, who would be afraid of Taylor though? I pick food out my teeth bigger than her.

  28. ferferfer says:

    Itd be nice to see Taylor out of this show. She was pissed when Kim brought up her charity but had to swallow her pride when a viewer brought up the same issue. Please producers: Taylor out!!

  29. Tomas says:

    Kyle disgusts me…she’s an aggressive, non-apologetic, mean girl who’s constantly making excuses for her ridiculous behavior. She’s way too old to be acting like this. Sidebar: she needs a stylist and a hairdresser, her look is so tired.

  30. bros says:

    am I the only one who couldnt swallow camille’s sad-sack act? she couldnt even muster up a tear, either on the episodes that actually deal with the divorce, or on the reunion show. The Maloof shed some tears, but camille the magic dragon just sat there trying to modulate her voice into sad-sexy-low-voice but it was still the most bizarre insincere ‘sad’ Ive ever seen. DD was more teary than camille on the woe is me episode than camille and I just felt like she was acting and it was for show and not a bit genuine. i think she is too narcissistic to really mourn the end of her marriage and moved on pretty quickly to being a vindictive public money grabber.

  31. k says:

    I’m team Kim, Lisa, and Adrienne.

  32. JustBored says:

    Kyle is so hateful, the way she looks in her eyes is so telling. She is just like Taylor, she was crying and kissing Camille’s ass when she fired Mauricio. Now that Camille is getting divorced and she thinks she is so superior with her perfect marriage, she is all smug again.

    An opportunist just like Taylor. Since the very first episode where they went to the basketball match, Taylor showed her disdain for Kim. I guess she has nothing to offer her and can’t uplift her status. The way she fawns over Adrienne and Lisa makes me sick.

    The charity thing is a crock of @#@%@$. She is violent in every sense of the word. Not having been in a fight means nothing. Threatening somebody to take them out back is disgusting. Then insinuating or timing her attack on Kim is just sickening.

    That crazy psychic was dead on about Kyle. Electric cigarette and all.

    I agree about her look, it is tired. She just looks old and mean, no amount of fillers or botox can change that. She is constantly playing with that hair of hers like its cute, its not.

  33. annie says:

    What is it with Kyle’s earrings matching her dress? Also, she needs to cut that hair, she reminds me of Crystal Gail.

  34. Jayna says:

    One of my favorite Taylips (Taylor) moments. When she so tearyeyed said women who were victims of domestic abuse should have faith, that they, too, could live in Beverly Hills like her one day. LOL Yes, Taylor, that’s what they’re dreaming of, to live in Beverly Hills and sell their soul chasing a man for months who showed no interest so than can marry him for money and end up in a cold, loveless marriage with the most boring man on the planet with barely a personality and a workaholic. They all look up to you. LOL

  35. Kiska says:

    I believe Camille was telling the truth and she did come clean with her actions. Yes, she did blame the fact of her troubled marriage for her actions but at least she admitted to be wrong. Kyle never did that nor did she seem apologetic for her comments.

    Kyle and Taylor are both mean girls. They enjoy to stir up trouble and pick on weaker people. Kim is an easy target because she is socially inept.

    Kim does need help and support. I hope she finds it but she needs to separate herself from Kyle. Kyle is the trigger.

  36. Venus says:

    I wish Camille had said the truth about Faye Resnick — she IS morally corrupt. Doing a Showtime “After Dark” episode is not at all comprabable to using your supposed “best friends” brutal murder as a way to garner 15 minutes in the spotlight — and that is EXACTLY what Faye Resncik did.

    It was pretty clear to me that the girls were making fun of Camille in the limo after the party & Camille found out about it BEFORE she did the confessional where she called Faye Resnick (those confessionals are not done in real time, but after events take place). I’m sure she referenced the Nicole Brown Simpson murder in that confessional & it was edited out for legal concerns (BRAVO doesn’t want to tempt Faye with a slander suit –it is all true, but you know that famewhore would bring one) and Camille has probably been warned of talking about that as well. Which is why her “morally corrupt” comment doesn’t make sense.

    And, for the record, Paris’s sex tape is a lot more explicit than anything Camille did. People who live in glasses house & all that.

  37. Jayna says:

    Somone showed me a youtube video of Taylor coming out of a restaurant drunk as a skunk. They were all together celebrating the beginning of the show about to start being shown on TV. And Taylor had her hands all over Faye Resnick and Kyle. Could barely stand up. And Kyle and Taylor told the paparazzi the person who caused all the drama this season was Kim. I was stunned. What a sister Kyle is.

  38. Franny says:

    I’m still on Kyle’s side for all of this. She doesn’t take things laying down and calls things how she sees it. Camille is obviously delusional and keeps twisting her story. Kyle isn’t going to take someone lying about what she said. I’ve watched the last episode several times now, and the whole Kim/Taylor/Kyle fight started because Taylor went up to Kim and accused of her of “baiting” her and not defending Kyle. When Kyle heard her name, she came over to see what the commotion was all about. Just like Lisa did. Then Kim “spoke” for Kyle when she said that Kyle is faked by all her friends, which is the point where Kyle got defensive, since she does not feel that way.

    I know that the relationship between Kyle and Kim is not the ideal sister relationship, but I’m sure growing up in LA and the business would mess up some normal relationships. Kim seems to have an addiction that has tormented the entire family for a long time.

    All in all, all I think Kyle has done all season is stand up for herself, which is more than I can say for some people…

  39. amy says:

    Venus, I agree!

    I wish Camille had been more explicit. She copped to her own nudity and skin games at the dinner. The point I think she was trying to make with Faye Resnick is that she stepped on her viciously murdered friends back in order to make a buck….WHICH IS MORALLY CORRUPT.

    Kyle and Company are missing the point (purposefully?) entirely with their whole glass houses bit.

  40. guesty says:

    @Annie…that is exactly who she looks like not demi…only Kyle’s hair is def not her own.

  41. Marna says:

    I LOVED kyle at the beginning of the season but now I cannot stand her. When you can make Camille Grammar look more human then you are, you are a piece of work. Kyle yelled at Kim numerous times throughout the season for not defending her and that’s what sisters do, yet when Taylor leaned over and says “Should we talk about her state of mind at that dinner,” does Kyle say anything to defend her sister? NO. And who does Kyle think she is, the producer of the show? “*I* invited you on the show Camille!” Uh, no, you may’ve suggested her to the producers but that’s about all the “pull” you had in that decision honey. And why was Kyle sooo upset that Kathy Hilton and Paris and Nicky couldn’t make it to her daughter’s graduation? If it was because they are important family members to Kyle, so be it, but I got the impression that it was because Kyle herself is impressed by Paris and Nicky’s “celebrity.” And yeah, that line Taylor said about how she wants to give little girls hope they can grow up and live in Beverly Hills like her pretty much illustrates what kind of person she is. She is in a loveless marriage she won’t get out of because she loves his money and has no discernible skills to build herself a career otherwhise that would afford her the lifestyle she wants. Man I could talk about this show for DAYS!

  42. dread pirate cuervo says:

    I don’t watch these housewives shows b/c I avoid people like these women like the plague. So admitting my ignorance & bias, I’m going to guess that Kyle is the devil. Do I win a prize?

  43. Lila says:

    Here is the Kyle-Taylor video of her throwing shade at Kim:

    I’m disappointed beyond words with Kyle. With family like her who needs Taylors? I’d be a drunk too if that was my ‘family’.

  44. anon33 says:

    Co-sign with Jayna.

    I, too, get more than a little sick of Taylor and all of her BS about domestic abuse, as a survivor.
    Her husband didn’t “allow” her to get rid of a dog that was CLEARLY CAUSING their child’s allergies????? (for a few weeks at least, right?) The SECOND something that was causing my child’s allergies was identified, it would no longer be allowed in my home, and I would tell my husband where to SHOVE IT if he disagreed.

    She is full of sh8t in every possible way. And just as delusional as Camille. Russell strikes me as very emotionally abusive…that whole dog thing was just flat out ridiculous. And, sickest of all, instead of Taylor placing the blame where it belongs, she tried to say it was because it would be “too hard” for her daughter to separate from the dog??? Really, Taylor?

    Well, in writing this comment I think I realized I hate Taylor the most out of all of them, LOL. I have an alcoholic aunt who has wreaked havoc on my family for the entire time I’ve been alive, so I can’t pass judgement on the whole Kyle/Kim thing without knowing all sides of the story.

  45. jesa says:

    Here’s a video of Taylor, drunk as hell and hanging off Faye Resnick, showing her body off in a nude dress for all to see.Then camera HOG Kyle shows up. Maybe they should play this on the next reunion show so everyone can see who the real drunks are.

  46. Megatrona says:

    @Jayna : excellent point, I thought the excact same, what a stupid load of crap ” they can grow up and live in Beverly hills” like her life is the example of happiness, give me a brake! Her priorities in life are sad, basically to her money is all that matters

    I used tp hat Camille with a passion but now is all gone towards taylor, she is a phony biatch and when i see her lips I feel like I have to wash my eyes with holly water

    I am also not impressed with Kyle, she is a bully attacking her sister like that
    This woman are very high school, freaking love it!

  47. Megatrona says:

    @Annie: I so agree with you, Kyle needs to do something with that hair, it does not look classy at all

  48. pebbles says:

    I feel so sorry for Kim………I mean, damn, her sister Kyle claims to love her so much……I can’t imagine how she would treat her if she didn’t like her. Kyle is a mean girl, with deep-seated resentment and jealousy towards her sister. Don’t know why, don’t really care why. If Kyle has such a “perfect life,” then why can’t she support her sister if she has an alcohol problem, instead of taking the opportunity to proclaim it to the world in such a grandiose fashion. Yes, you are always the victim/martyr, Kyle.
    Maybe Kyle’s life isn’t so perfect??? Perhaps she also has problems???? Maybe Mauricio flirts a tad too much?

  49. hatekyle says:

    i applaud kim calling out that edema-lipped taylor for being fake. no one who has that heart for battered women can do the things that she does, even just verbally. she is thick-faced and would make a nice birkin purse.
    kyle is narcissistic. she wants to portray herself as the better sister, better person, better friend, better mom. although it’s common for siblings to have issues, she obviously puts down her sister kim to her friends so her ass would come out spick and span. it is evident though how diabolical she can get. she is downright gutter.
    camille may have some issues and that’s because all these years she has been surrounded by yes-friends. although, in the end you can tell she has more sense than both taylor and kyle combined.
    i like adrienne, obviously the classy of the bunch.
    and lisa? oh i think she is a pandora’s box (no pun intended). i know her darker secrets are still waiting to be uncovered during the next season.

  50. mary jane says:

    Thanks for that link Jesa…

    I mean thanks for the 30 seconds I could tolerate.

  51. Jujube says:

    Taylor is a terrible bully. Her behavior will CERTAINLY damage her charity. And Kyle is a terrible sister and an awful person. I wouldn’t let ANYONE threaten my sister on National Television and just sit there. Camille is just a deluded sociopath – she is fun to watch for sure. Love the other gals, especially my Kim. I just want to give her a hug!

  52. Lila says:


    I like the way you think. I think Lisa is getting off way too easy. I like her, but I find her condescension towards Kim rude and unnecessary and it makes me question her character. And, as far as I can recall, I don’t think Kim has ever had anything nasty to say about her. Ever.

    I do believe that Lisa’s relationship with Kyle has influenced her opinion. And Lisa should shut her face about Kim. She needs to butt out and heed Adrienne’s very wise advice and not interfere in the relationship between sisters. She might also consider that the propaganda that Kyle feeds her about Kim is most likely self serving. I do get the impression that she, too, has a juvenile mean girl streak, and she wouldn’t be so rude to Kim had she not gotten the ok from Kyle. What normal person would be friends with someone so disrespectful to a family member unless they’d been given the impression that it was within the boundaries?

  53. MyCatLoves TV says:

    That video of Taylor was pretty gross. Did that guy poke her in the butt when she turned around to show how nude her dress was down to her crack? Weird.

    Kim was the little workhorse of her family. I looked up her rather long list of movie and TV credits. You can see her work as a youngster on YouTube. She was a beautiful young woman. I wonder if Kyle (not as successful as an actress) was jealous of Kim’s blonde beauty and “fame” so now that Kim’s star has faded, Kyle can go in for the kill. Or so it appears. It is as if the family sucked everything they could out of Kim and now she is a sad little shell. Her beauty beginning to be destroyed by (maybe?) booze and anxiety. My sister and I fight and we have “moments” but if I were in trouble, she would be right by my side….and I would do the same for her. The sister dynamic of Kim and Kyle is painful to watch. There is no true bond….just bitterness.

  54. Franny says:

    @Lila…when has Lisa ever said anything bitchy about Kim that wasn’t just a casual harmless observation (like…Kim’s boobs were out to play!”)

  55. jeb says:

    I almost dread watching the final show tomorrow night. These women make me so mad it’s getting hard to stomach. Guess I will finish out the season tho. Sure am disappointed in most of them. What a bunch of mean-girl losers.

  56. Jayna says:

    Camille was on the Joy Behar show tonight. She’s a piece of work. Beyond inferring Kelsey encouraged her to take the gig probably to keep her busy, which I am sure is true, because he planned to dump her, she also inferred that because Kyle is the one that called her and asked her to do the show that somehow she was in cahoots, too, — I guess with Kelsey. Still delusional and can’t keep her stories straight.

  57. april says:

    I wouldn’t doubt one bit that Kyle and Kelsey hatched a plan to put this show together as a way to gain sympathy for Kelsey in the divorce he was wanting. After all, there was a working relationship between these two as far as the real estate biz goes. It’s not that far-fetched. And the funny thing is the whole thing backfired. You can’t make this shit up.

  58. so says:

    I honestly believe Kyle is extremely jealous of Camille. When Mauricio was trying to dance close to Camille in Las Vegas, the claws started coming out on Kyle. Her husband is a player, that’s pretty obvious. And now she’s pressuring him for another child which he doesn’t want. Women who do this are very insecure, using children to hold the marriage together. Good luck with that Kyle. Camille is now a very wealthy woman in her own right, and can take lovers as she chooses. Your husband is ripe for the picking.

  59. susie says:

    I agree. I think Kyle is jealous of Camille. Did you see that woman dance in Vegas? She’s pretty damn sexy and all the men lose it when she’s around. She’s sporty, sexy and doesn’t take any crap. Kyle is jealous because she can’t measure up. So instead she wants to pop out another baby. That’s one way to get fat and have an excuse, right?

  60. Lila says:

    @ Franny

    “Does he (Martin) need to hold his own? That’s why he’s meeting Kim, isn’t he? ” Lisa to Taylor.

    Let’s not forget her description of Kim to Martin when she’s talking to him about setting him up with her. And her various smart ass comments about Kim’s marriages. Then there is Lisa’s blogs. Then there was NY and how she felt about Kim’s lack of involvement in defending kyle during the fight. Though, Lisa, curiously enough, sat out the entire dinner from hell argument and left Faye to do all the dirty work while she looked demure and Maloof-like saying nothing until her private interviews.

  61. LT says:

    CB (and all other RHOBH watchers), you MUST read this blog that recaps/makes fun of the Reunion Part 1…it is HYSTERICAL.

  62. jesa says:

    @april You’re right, you can’t make this shit up. At first I thought, that kelsey is a genius, by making Camille look bad everyone excused his very bad sneaky low life behavior. But on the reunion show Kyle was quick to point out how she called Camille to get her on the show, and Camille said at first she didn’t want to but Kelsey encouraged her to. Yes Kyle and Kelsey do have a business relationship. Hmmmm… now I’m wondering.
    Also Kyle, Kathy and Kim’s mom encourage those girls to marry rich and have lots of babies. She supposedly also had Kathy tutored as a young teen on sexual techniques and was thrilled whn she snagged the Hilton fellow. The mom even stole the Richards guy (Kim and Kyles dad) from a woman when he was married with three children. Then dumped him lated when he wasn’t bringing in the money and Kim was. Yes I think Kyle was always in Kims shadow and now it’s payback time. There is no other way a sister could be so cruel. Everything about Kim that those other women know came right out of lying Kyles mouth.

  63. Franny says:

    @Lila – I don’t believe that was supposed to be a dig at Kim (like…Kims such a whore and will jump into bed with anyone) rather than making a play on words of the conversation (more of her sex talk).

    The reason that people are on Kim for not defending her in NY is because Kim was present for that conversation between Kyle and Kim. When Camille originally tells Lisa the “story”, Lisa says “I don’t think thats what she meant” but obviously could not say anything for sure because she was not present (like Kim was). Thats why Kyle is upset with Kim for not defending her – because Kim knows what happened and didn’t speak up.

  64. Franny says:

    @LT: i seriously just had to cover my mouth because of the following line

    Taylor: Oh nothing, since we’re like, broke as a joke now, but Kyle said we could go over to her house and hit Kim with a stick until candy comes out. But I’m sure it’ll just be a fountain of whiskey and Xanax.

  65. jesa says:

    @Franny I think that yes Kim heard what was said and doesn’t want to lie for Kyle. It’s funny how Kim can remember word for word what was said when it’s on tape and is the truth, but suddenly can’t really say what Kyle said to Camille. I think the reason is Kyle is lying.

  66. JenJen says:

    Just watched the Tue. Reunion show. How did it turn into a big Kyle-Ass-Kissing Session? Except for Mauricio! His face when Kyle said they didn’t need a pre-nup when they got married, seemed telling, but they cut the camera away, darn. Then he blew Camille a kiss and it must have really burned Kyle!

    I feel bad for Lisa and her husband about Cedric, they seem like sincere, fun people without really big egos.

  67. Mary Blaine says:

    I just watched it part II and for the first time, Adrienne let me down. She usually skirts tricky issues with tact but tonight i felt she could have been nicer in turning down Andy’s suggestion that she fix Kim up with one of her brothers. Maybe she was tired bc of the 15 hour taping and was not as composed as usual, which tells me that she puts a lot of effort into coming off as she does and that perhaps the real Adrienne is not always so tactful.

    Kyle pretended to be nice but her so-called regrets came with digs at Kim and that was not ok. We don’t believe Kim owns Bravo and has things edited to show her in a good light. If anything it looks like Kyle has influence over Andy. Lisa should not have brought up Kim’s alleged alcoholism and Taylor should not have either — especially with that youtube video of her falling down drunk, being held up by Faye and Kyle (and, oddly, the skeevy Elliot Mintz — Paris’ PR guy) and slurring that she and Kyle are “besties”.

    I’d not have blamed Camille if she had countered Kyle’s remarks about her soft porn with a remark about how she has gone on E! defending Paris’ sex tape. But then. everyone is afraid of Kyle.

    I now only think Kim is kind and decent. And though Cedric is a conman, I don’t have trouble believing his claims that Lisa got a big head over being filmed.

    Team Kim and Kim only now.

    Yeah, I too hope Mauricio follows through on some of his playing — like poetic justice.