Barbara Walters snarks to Camille Grammer: “you lost a man who wasn’t your lover”

Camille Grammer said during part one of the RHOBH reunion that her estranged husband, Kelsey, cut her off from sex “ten years ago.” She’s also hinted in other interviews that he enjoys cross dressing, although she’s since tried to take it back. In appearances on The View and The Joy Behar show yesterday, Camille elaborated on her “sexless marriage” claims and also talked about how Kelsey became distant from her when he moved to NY for work around the beginning of last year. It’s interesting to note that these stories about how they never had sex are consistent with reports in the National Enquirer around the time of their split.

On The View, Barbara Walters really got harsh with Camille and asked her why she was surprised that Kelsey went for another woman when she wasn’t having sex with him. Camille answered that that they didn’t mesh sexually, there was more to marriage than sex, and that Kelsey was her best friend. On the Joy Behar show, Camille explained it like Kelsey was the one that didn’t want sex, not her.

Barbara Walters seems to blame Camille for Kelsey cheating
When Barbara mentioned that Camille implied on the reunion show that she didn’t have sex with Kelsey in a couple of years, Camille said “We tried… something just didn’t click with us on an intimate level, but we were best friends and it’s too bad I lost my best friend.” Barbara retorted “You also lost a man who wasn’t your lover.” That’s nasty! This is coming from a woman who had multiple married lovers and admitted cheating on the men she was with. She obviously justified her behavior by telling herself that the married men weren’t getting laid at home.

Camille said she met Kelsey’s new fiance Kayte when Kelsey and Kayte came over to her hotel to pick up the kids. Camille came down to meet the two of them, and told the ladies of The View that Kelsey was steaming like he never expected her to come down with them. As for whether she’s going to go to Kelsey’s planned wedding with Kayte (which still may not go through because Camille is trying to delay the divorce) she said “no, that would be awful.”

Kelsey watched Fox News, Camille just wanted to cuddle
On the Joy Behar show, Camille again addressed the fact that she didn’t have much sex with Kelsey toward the end. As for whether it was her fault or Kelsey’s, she said “Could be both, but it was more on his end.” When Joy brought up cuddling, Camille said they didn’t even cuddle because Kelsey was “too busy watching FOX News.” She also said that they had some political differences.

As for whether Kelsey manipulated the situation by having her appear on RHOBH, she said “it makes one think. I don’t know if it was totally set up, but it makes one think. I think he had something going on for a while.

Camille is really handling this press tour expertly. She may have been a nasty piece of work on the show, but she’s recovering quite well. She didn’t even snap back at Barbara Walters when she got snippy with her and seemed to blame her for her husband straying. I’m not a Camille fan by any means but she’s a savvy woman and she’s playing this situation to her advantage.

Meanwhile the NY Post is reporting that Kelsey has already sent out invitations to his wedding to his jump off, scheduled for February 25 at the Plaza Hotel. He still isn’t divorced from Camille, and his petition to bifurcate the divorce (separate it into a quick legal divorce so he’s free to marry and then work on the property settlement later) hasn’t been granted and Camille’s people are trying to block it. So this whole expensive wedding reception, which is rumored to run in the six figures, may have to be scrapped.

Here’s the video from The View. Sex talk starts around 1:15. What the hell is Whoopi wearing? It looks like a Snuggie.

And here’s the video from The Joy Behar show.

Story leads via Huffington Post and Radar.

Check out this picture from 8/31/10. Look at big mouth Taylor sucking up to Camille: (Fame Pictures)


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  1. renee says:

    “What the hell is Whoopi wearing? It looks like a Snuggie.” LMAO

  2. krissy says:

    cackle cackle cackle

  3. Crash2GO2 says:

    Barbara Walters, you disappoint me.

  4. Alexis says:

    “What the hell is Whoopi wearing? It looks like a Snuggie.” LMAO

    I was wondering that too…lol…

  5. Marjalane says:

    I’m not going to say I like her, but I’m also gaining a grudging respect for Camille. The other housewives are just as icky and Kelsey Grammer is a nutjob- Does he have some bizarre criteria that his relationships are invalid unless there’s a marriage license? Why doesn’t he just give the rest of his money to this one and be done with it.

  6. BReed says:

    I have to ask myself: WHY is this very ugly situation being so publically discussed? WHY would someone plan a wedding when they are not even divorced? I just hate this. Whatever happened to nursing your pain in private, making no comments to the press and keeping your head up and mouth shut? I guess it is the times we live in.

  7. Shay says:

    What the hell is Whoopi Goldberg wearing? Seriously, how do they even let her on television?
    Back to Camille…
    As cliche as it ‘sounds’, it takes two to make a marriage. I believe that Camille and Kelsey are equally superficial and narcissistic. Sorry, but Kelsey may project a nice guy image on screen, but he chases young women to prop up his self confidence and Camille is addicted to surgery and shopping to retain her youth, which won’t work. They are both screwed up and this is the result.

  8. devilgirl says:


    A bit off topic, but Kyle Richards has the WORST taste in clothing of any woman around! She is stuck, hopelessly in the mid-1980’s.

  9. Maud says:

    I really hope this turns out to be one of those situations where the children grow up to be well-adjusted rocket scientists or gorilla experts.

  10. Sassy says:

    Can’t stand Barbara Walters. She’s a condescending, snooty bitch most of the time. And her remarks to Camille were very c*ntish. Camille was a piece of work on the RHOBH but what BW said was uncalled for. Like she’s one to talk with her holier-than-thou attitude.

  11. k says:

    Wow, Kyle does have bad taste in clothing.

    Some of us ladies have obscure health/pain issues that prevent us from having a “full” relationship with our loved ones. I don’t know if this is the case with Camille, or if it’s all just about not clicking. Barbara Walters, I hope your vag falls out.

  12. Tess says:

    Ugh to the whole lot: Camille, Barbara, Whoopi, and of course, Kelsey, Kyle, Taylor, etc.

  13. anti says:

    @renee: would that make it a whoopie?

  14. LindaR says:

    I am totally distracted from this story by what Whoopie is wearing. She looks like a bag lady. What “style” is she going for. I have never seen her look particularly nice in anything she wears. She just looks silly.

  15. francesca says:

    Cherchez la femme, Barbara? Really?

  16. Jess says:

    I don’t like or have any respect for BW.

  17. guesty says:

    Whoopie looks like caca. Babwah playing Hollywood politics…eye.roll.

  18. Jackson says:

    BW was out of line. They treated crazy Octomom with more respect. BW should be ashamed of herself.

  19. machiavelli says:

    That old bat (BW) needs to go away. I thought she was some credible journalist or something. In the last 9 years, I am baffled at her work and her judgement. Seriously?! Team Camille on this one.

  20. Bailey says:

    Whoopie looks like she is wearing some sort of designer snuggy.
    she likes that comfy look.

  21. Salina says:

    If I could wear a snuggie to work I would lol so comfy. Bad on bw. way to blame the wife for the husbands affair.

  22. anti says:

    BW cheated with a married senator or something many years ago, right?

  23. SoulLovah says:

    Where is Kim in that Housewives photo? And how in the world does Fraiser expect to get married when he’s still married???

  24. AngelMay says:

    What you said, Sassy. Camille is a whore but at least a sucessful one. BW has a nerve to act superior. Why is this silly hag still on TV?

  25. Bella Mosley says:

    Don’t care for Camille or Kelsey, however Barbara has been off her fame for the last year or so. She is rude to some, over protects anything Palin, the show takes on a Spingeresque atmosphere when politics are the subject, and the show is a basic infomercial for Barbara’s specials, EH’s QVC, Sherri’s shows, etc. Barbara even had to bring up her Pre-Oscars show, which she is NOT doing anymore. So why do is she taling about what she is not doing? I am not taping this show and fast forwarding though 90% of it just to watch an interesting segmant now and then. Gotta love the DVR!

  26. malachais says:

    @Sassy, totally agree. I can’t Barbara, I wish she’d go retire or something. Ugh. The only thing she should ask about was THAT and make a sh*tty comment.

  27. Shannon says:

    I do think it’s really weird that Camille and Kelsey stayed in a marriage for so long without sex, or even cuddling. She puts a lot of time and money into her appearance, I just assumed she’d at least be having sex, but I guess I was wrong!

  28. jen34 says:

    I thought Barbara Walters was very nasty to her and Camille handled herself well. That being said, why on earth is she talking about her failed marriage at all? I’m sure it would be smarter to just shut her mouth. Also, she seems likes an overtly sexual person. I can’t believe that she hasn’t cheated on him. Are we to believe that she rarely had sex with him in 10 years and she hasn’t gotten some on the side?

  29. becky says:

    but have u guys watched the talk
    its so much better those girls r funny and smart and they r doing a much better job

  30. lilred says:

    @K: Barbara Walters, I hope your vag falls out.

    I think it already did that’s why she’s such a bitch.

  31. JustBored says:

    LMAO @ Celebitchy using the term “Jump Off”. Barbara Walters is a bitter old woman.

  32. Jess says:

    I second “The Talk”. All the ladies are pleasant and funny.

  33. Kate says:

    Just be patient, folks. Barbara Walters will soon get the same memo sent to Larry King and then she too will be gone. It won’t be a minute too soon.

  34. bizzy says:

    he enjoys cross dressing,

    good to know someone in that marriage was working the softer side.

  35. Liana says:

    if they haven’t had sex in ten years, what is Camille losing, really? Oh yeah. The money and “fame” that comes with being the wife of Kelsey Grammer. Really, I’d rather be single than be with that jackass.

  36. bizzy says:

    ps, whoopie’s all ‘bitch plz, i don’t plan on staying long enough to take my coat off, y’all.’

  37. Hautie says:

    “I Can’t stand Barbara Walters. She’s a condescending, snooty bitch most of the time. And her remarks to Camille were very c*ntish. Camille was a piece of work on the RHOBH but what BW said was uncalled for. Like she’s one to talk with her holier-than-thou attitude.”

    Completey agree.

    Walters obviously has her invite to Kelsey’s wedding. And has RSVP.

    And decided it was going to be her “job” to put Camille in her place.

    But Camille is no fool. And handle Walters perfectly.

    And for Walters to glorified her own past position of being a jumpoff for married men. I wish Camille would have asked her about it to her face.

    Barbara would have had a stroke. Right there on the couch.

  38. Boat says:

    Barbara is a whore. Ugh, and Taylor makes me sick. I’m starting to feel bad for Camille, even though I can’t stand her.

  39. Jayna says:

    I don’t get why what Barbara said was wrong? But the followup was well you lost a man who wasn’t your lover was a bit much. But Camille has been all over the place saying they didn’t have sex most of their marriage and not at all in the last few years and said he was a cross-dresser; then tried to take it back. Then she carries on about this great marriage and how happy they were and she was blindsided. I get Barbara’s direct question in bringing up no sex. Camille can’t have it both ways. It’s, obvious, the marriage was going to end at some point. The way Kelsey did it was wrong, though.

  40. Jayna says:

    And, yes, to whoever said it above, I agree, Kyle’s clothing choices are awful and her body isn’t that great. But her clothes do her no favors as far as flattering her figure or looking stylish.

  41. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    I dunno, guys.. I know that Barb was wrong to be so catty but she kinda has a point..

    There has to be some intimacy in a marriage to make it work. No sex? Really? How long did she think he was gonna stay and not stray?

  42. Jenny says:

    I would like it very much if we could all just agree that The View needs to be put out of it’s misery once and for all. I do not need any of these women preaching to me for one more minute. The show is the height of Hollywood holier-than-thouness.

    Also, as a committed liberal, whoopie embarrasses me. If I was a conservative, I would feel the same way about hasselback.

  43. Az says:

    I absolutely agree with Marjalane: I’m not going to start liking Camille but my hat’s off to her. Except for a few stumbles, she’s handling the whole divorce thing very well publicly. From what she says to how she looks, well done. She looked lovely on The View, very classy and a lot softer than she does on RHBH. I also wanted to say about the reunion: I am willing to bet that Camille’s calling Faye Resnick corrupt or whatever it was has nothing to do with Playboy and everything to do with how Faye acted during and after the OJ trial and Bravo didn’t want to bring it up on camera for legal reasons.

  44. Rex says:

    I love Kelsey!

  45. alexandra says:

    People are so gullible!! How in hell this woman is gaining respect? She is a horrible person. Now she is acting as a nice soft spoken dameselle, for gullible people to like her. She is an elitist jerk. Really? She had no idea, but they had not had sex. Of course she does not care she is boning that Nick tool. Of course she stayed with him she doesn’t have to eff him, but she can enjoy all the money.

  46. original kate says:

    “What the hell is Whoopi wearing? It looks like a Snuggie.”

    word. but i wish it were acceptable to wear snuggies in public. i always get so cold in the winter. *sigh*

  47. Sassy says:

    “And for Walters to glorified her own past position of being a jumpoff for married men. I wish Camille would have asked her about it to her face.

    Barbara would have had a stroke. Right there on the couch.”….

    OMG! Can you imagine? That would have been awesome to watch! To see BW stuttering and stammering a response would have been PRICELESS. Ha.

  48. Garvels says:

    Go Barbara. I thought she was completely valid in interrogating Camille in this manner. After all Camille has been the one spouting off her mouth about their sex life. I think it is about time that celebrity interviewers hold the reality TV stars feet to the fire. I wish Barbara would interrogate the Kartrashians in the same manner as Camille, but she gives Kimmy a free pass regarding her goody two shoe charade and her sexpot lifestyle. So I agree with those who say Barbara is inconsistent depending on the guests.

  49. Garvels says:

    By the way poor Camille will probably net 40-50 million dollars and she didn’t even have to put out over the past 2 years. Camille is the one who said in effect that a Realtor is below her station. I am sorry but anyone who falls for this “poor me drivel”, needs to volunteer at a children’s shelter or a homeless shelter to get a grip on reality!!!!!

  50. Bopa says:

    Isn’t Barbara a home wrecker? Who is she to pick on a wife about what would cause her husband to cheat.

  51. YAY says:

    I LOVE Kyle’s clothes! Adrienne dresses horribly. haha, different strokes..

  52. Judy says:

    Barbara Walters was a total bitch to Camille. I’m gaining some respect for Camille, and she is well spoken…never thought I’d say that. Barbara didn’t let her get a word in edgewise. It’s so past time for Barbara Walters to retire from that show and to quit trying to manipulate the conversation among the hosts by sticking her hand in their faces like she’s directing traffic. She’s a total BORE.

  53. renai(jrt) says:

    her settlement that she wants shows that she is a gold-digger. I think Kelsey was hoping she could make money of her own on RHW so he wouldn’t have to support a grown woman for the rest of her life. She seems odd the way she is blabbing about it all…..I smell a book deal tell all………why do people watch her and Joy B is her equal.

  54. renai(jrt) says:

    I fault Kelsey for one thing…….having bad taste in woman. This Camile is a real peach. I wonder why she doesnt go back to working as a Dental Hygienist. I guess she is too good for that now and wants to live off Kelsey. No wonder she is a liberal. They all believe someone else needs to support them.

  55. Ally says:

    How old is BW exactly? What kind of crazy question/premise is that? Cause when you get married, you’re legally obligated to put out no matter what the relationship is like? Barbara Walters: wives = free wh0res.

    You are so right that she is rationalizing her own unethical behavior in hindsight. Ugh. I wish this dinosaur would retire already.

    I mean really, seeing Kelsey’s looks, hideous politics, and obvious chemical imbalance, that Kayte must be a golddigger extraordinaire.

  56. renai(jrt) says:

    Babs was just calling it like it was, I give her credit for cutting Camille and that storytelling she was doing. Babs is older and wiser to her story-telling. Camille is a disgrace to all females……..Good for Babs for cutting to the chase and cutting Camille off from her tip-toeing and rationalizing her story.

  57. renai(jrt) says:

    I agree the View has seen its day and listening to a bunch a females poo poo the men they chose to marry is getting old to me……….she married him so that she wouldnt have to work for a living and used her body and face to win him and then cut him off from affection……… money is all that Camille cares about….her name suits her well.

  58. Lukie says:

    @renai(jrt): 1st of all, she was not a stay at home mom that shops all day. She was an integral part of his production company and is entitled to her share.

    2nd: Maybe if Mr. Grammer thought with the big head and not with the little head, he would have had something called a PRE-NUPTIAL AGREEMENT. Then, there wouldn’t have been anything to fight for in the first place.

    I am not a big Camille fan, but this situation has made me lose a lot of respect for Kelsey Grammer (not as if he cares what I think). I do not respect a man that says “yea take 30 mil and to hell w/child support.” Those are his children and he needs to take care of them in the manner they deserve till they are 23 years old (assuming they go to college, of course).

    In my opinion, he’s an assh*le! Gotta love those Republican Family Values!!!

  59. padiddle says:

    BW was totally out of line, but how can Camille on the show cry and say she was “blindsided” about the divorce when she hadn’t had sex in at least two years or even cuddled? I would say those were pretty clear clues something is wrong in the marriage.

  60. Truthzbetta says:

    Jenny, we can agree to agree on that one.

  61. MrsOdie2 says:

    Taylor looks ready to unhinge her jaw and swallow Camille whole.

  62. My Darling Pinkett says:

    Not a Camille fan, but I’m on her side with this one. She handled this interview well, and Barbara clearly isn’t on her side. I guess she thinks it’s okay to stray from a marriage if it’s sexless. Babs, it’s still cheating. That’s the point. You’ve screwed enough married men to know that.

    I wonder if she’s ever been cheated on…

    And Kelsey had some serious issues even before this. I’ve never liked him, and I wonder what this new woman sees in him. And seriously? He knocked her up pretty fast. Sleaze much? Now he’s trying to rush a divorce and a wedding. I guess he needs to update his women every so often. Young and blonde. Ugh. I’m kind of glad that Camille is airing all of their dirty laundry if it means exposing Kelsey.

  63. MrsOdie2 says:

    @Bopa :Isn’t Barbara a home wrecker? Who is she to pick on a wife about what would cause her husband to cheat.

    Isn’t a home wrecker the ultimate authority on what causes a husband to cheat?

  64. renai(jrt) says:

    What……..integral part of his production company…….and what experience does her Dental Hygiene license give her for that?? obviously the company is better off with out her on the payroll…..she is a gold digger. I would respect her more if she didnt do interviews about getting divorced and come off so far removed from people that live in our society.

  65. renai(jrt) says:

    I actually loved how Whoopie just sat there with nothing to say…..because really how can there be so much for this woman to say that is so important. And just shows Joy off to be a catty desperate in need of a life person…….. I cant believe I actually have an opinon on this matter……..I gotta get off of here.

  66. Mistral says:

    Hmmm… Ya, Babwa does seem to be coming at her from the “other woman” perspective. Sorry, Babs, but your sleeping with other women’s husbands isn’t kosher.

    And I’m sick of both Kelsey and Camille. Keep it to yourselves.

  67. Kiska says:

    Babs is losing it. Seriously, the woman should retire like old Regis. She is embarrassing to watch and her comments are so inappropriate. Her credibility is lost forever.
    Camille has her issues and at very least she owned up to them. I credit her with being a fabulous gold-digger. In the end, she’ll be set for life while I’ll be working two jobs and treading water, so to speak.

  68. Kim says:

    Camille is a piece of work but so is Kelsey. He is the one who was cheating (that we know of).

    She married him for money and he married her for her looks – it wasnt going to last. Kelsey has been married a few times and has pattern of leaving wives/girlfriends. He will also leave Kayte after he tires of her.

  69. PrettyTarheel says:

    @BReed: See Sandra Bullock. It’s rare, but it happens.
    Celebs, and pseudo-celebs are so used to validation in the press for every move that they turn to the press in situations where they would normally turn to friends and family. Validation, support, etc.

  70. Ashley says:

    @Hautie: Agree!!
    BW was extremely bitchy. Women who sleep with married men shouldnt be allowed to talk to women like that who have been cheated on!

  71. JenJen says:

    Making marriage and basically even just having a partner, all about sex, makes Bob-wa seem really low class.

  72. Confuzzle says:

    Funny how all the OMG I AM IN A BAD MARRIAGE AND WE DIDN’T SHAG crap is coming from one side. From the porn star who lies constantly about herself.

  73. Kaylee says:

    Barbara Walters was out of line. This from someone who had an affair with a married man. Perhaps that is why she was so snarky. Justifying her own behavior. Doesn’t work dear.

  74. journey says:

    seems like i remember an old interview with kelsey where he said that they’d hardly ever had sex because she had a medical problem, something like irritable bowel syndrome, which had her in near constant pain. his take seemed to be that they were in love so they dealt with it. but now that they’re divorcing– suddenly she says the no sex was kelsey’s fault?

  75. Henriette says:

    She’s gross. Kelsey seems to have mental problems but Camille knew what she was getting into and is now totally manipulating the situation. I feel bad for him – clueless when it comes to women. like taking candy from a baby.

  76. Chrissy says:

    Barbara just made her admit to something that is true. That is something that has bugged me from the beginning of Camille’s “oh, feel sorry for me” press tour. It’s absolutely unbelievable to me that ANY woman could believe that any man, let alone a guy in Hollywood, isn’t going to be screwing around when she hasn’t slept with him in over TWO years. She might have been surprised that he decided to leave her but please … an affair?? She is really a moron if she didn’t think he would be screwing around.

  77. Peg says:

    Wow! Who would have thought that Camille could make both BabaWaWa AND Kelsey Grammer look bad!

  78. CB Rawks says:

    Barbara is such a bitch.

  79. Sakyiwaa says:

    okay. “ouch” that was real snarky, BW!

  80. dorothy says:

    I understand promoting the RHOBH, but to openly discuss your sex life etc.. on national TV? You have children…what are you thinking? Tacky, inappropriate and classless.!!!

  81. crtb says:

    She should shut up, take the money and run. She will be a VERY rich woman. Bet she’ll spend through the money in a matter of years, just like Paul’s wife and Eddie’s wife.

  82. gulfstreamgal says:

    I agree…take the money and go!! you would think these cretins would have enough sense to see how lucky they are. Yes the collateral damage is huge but not having to rob Peter to pay Paul would be so nice. Head scaratching.