Demi Lovato is out of rehab, but is she still an out-patient for an eating disorder?


As you probably already know, Demi Lovato is out of rehab. She’s still sticking with the story that she went into rehab for “emotional and physical issues” – which I buy, only because “emotional and physical issues” covers a lot of ground. She had been in rehab since late November, after she (allegedly) gave a beat-down to a backup dancer. Demi didn’t check herself out ahead of anyone’s expectations – she had an open-ended rehab stay, and sources claimed that “It’s entirely up to the treatment to see how long she will be in there. She will stay as long as the doctor’s tell her she needs to stay.”

Anyway, these are photos of Demi yesterday, entering A New Journey Eating Disorder Center in Santa Monica, California. Fame Pictures notes that you can see the scars on Demi’s wrists from where she was a cutter. So… is she doing out-patient treatment for an eating disorder? Is that what Demi’s problem was? Or was an eating disorder just one of several problems she was facing? I heard it was drugs and alcohol too…?

In any case, it’s good to see Demi is not in meltdown mode anymore. A source tells Us Weekly that Demi “left with full sign-off from the [rehab] facility… She will continue to see doctors in LA who will help her work on the issues she confronted in treatment. For now, she is getting back to her regular routine and spending time with her family and close friends.” Another source says that Demi is grateful for the support from her fans: “She is so grateful to all of her fans for their unbelievable support and looks forward to being able to talk to all of them very soon.”



Photos courtesy of Fame.

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  1. Sunday says:

    First of all, Girl what the hell r u wearing?!

  2. MarenGermany says:

    I dont necessarily like her, but I was kind of impressed. She went to rehab, stayed longer than the “Hollywood-treatment” (aka five days -hey its weekend again!), kept quiet, now she is out, and seeking for additional treatment. Thats a good sign.

    Plus, when you are a cutter, its most likely you have some other form of self destructive problems like eating disorders, drug use, pulling out hair, sleeping around etc.

    I normally dont give a crap, but I hope she´s getting better.

  3. Quest says:

    I think she should go the boutique first…ewwww… no kiddin’ that’s a fuggly outfit

  4. Oi says:

    Good to see her out.

  5. Tigger says:

    As a cutter myself, I can offer my sympathy. The whole cutting thing is, well, fucked up. It really is.

    But I think it’s also fucked up that this is what teenage girls are like(if she’s an example of most). It’s so sad the pressures of society and how most of us on this site do belittle people on their life, looks, etc. You can never be pretty enough or smart enough or skinny enough. It’s pathetic.

    I hope she gets better.

  6. LittleFATMe says:

    I think that checking her into this new place is in an effort to prove that it was not drugs – like “See, she is getting follow up!” And while she may have an eating issue I think that drugs were very much a part of the problem!

  7. Roma says:

    Dear Lindsay Lohan: this is how you do rehab. Quietly. There was also something mentioning that Disney would take her back but she was stepping away from work to make sure she was back on track. I like this kid.

  8. guesty says:

    did she gain some weight…idk…she’s not someone I’ve paid much attention to.

    caught celeb rehab reunion the other day…could not believe how much weight most of them had gained since leaving treatment.

  9. malachais says:

    Weight gain will occur when addicts quit drugs or are stopping habits related to an eating disorder @guesty, if nothing else its a good sign the ex-addict is on the right track. I like Demi and am glad she took this seriously. Anyone who proactively takes the right steps toward resolving issues with cutting/drug addiction/eating disorders should be commended not critiqued.

  10. wow....really? says:

    Maybe since she just got out of rehab, which she seemed to take seriously, we could not talk about alleged weight gain, or outfit choice, or put a big red circle over her “scars”.
    Let’s be nice people.

  11. Jamgal says:

    i applaud her, she handled herself quite maturely for a teen celeb in Hollywood. Way to go Demi, still love your voice.

  12. Quest says:

    On a serious note…it is good to see positive steps to recover from any addiction or issues. Hint to Charlie Sheen and LL. I wish her the best

  13. pinky says:

    Why would you comment on the perceived weight gain of a young girl who has an eating disorder? Pretty thoughtless, imo. Demi looks great, and I hope she can keep it together.

  14. mia girl says:

    I think she looks much healthier and “whatever” to those criticizing her outfit. I’m all for snark, but this kid is fresh out of rehab; it just seems mean spirited to start with criticisms.

    I wish her the best. Seems like she is dealing with a lot of issues so I hope that she continues to focus on getting better and does not rush back into work/celebrity life too quickly.

  15. Bella Bella says:

    She’s a very young girl and is at the precious age where she gets to wear what she wants as long as there is some modesty involved. I’m sure my mother didn’t like my Robert Smith or grunge styles either but as long as my T & A weren’t hanging out she kept mum. I hope Demi does well. She looks healthy.

  16. Lauren says:

    Demi has been supporting her family since childhood..too much pressure. I think this teenage girl has been suffering for a long time, trying to keep a Disney happy face through her pain. Hope you are feeling better Demi, stay strong.

  17. guesty says:

    thxs for the info @#9…that’s what I thought. just not a world i’m familiar with. so good for her. no snark intended.

  18. padiddle says:

    I’m with everyone else that pointing out the perceived weight gain of a person with an ed is tactless.

    She’s trying to be mature, which is difficult enough at her age, let alone when you have emotional and mental problems. I hope she gets her stuff together.

  19. Kaya says:

    I’m proud of her for sorting her shit out.

  20. Cherry Rose says:

    As a previous cutter, I find it sad she feels she has to cut herself for whatever reason.

    Unfortunately, my cutting went beyond from using it as a release for when I felt depressed and became also an addiction and a thing to do when I was bored.

    I also cut deeper than her and slit my wrists twice, both times of which I had to get the artery stitched and 8 external stitches, before I gave up cutting for good. I still keep razor blades stashed away, but it’s more for the “they’re there if I need them” mentality, not because I’m going to cut again. It’s kind of hard to explain, but it just calms me down if I’m anxious.

    I really hope she stops cutting. It only takes one wrong cut and you could sever a tendon, or cut an artery or vein.

  21. sauvage says:

    Another ex-cutter here. I hope she gets her life back on track. You only cut yourself if you really, really hate yourself, at least that’s my experience. And that’s no way to live for a young girl. It’s no way to live for anybody.

  22. stephiespoons says:

    @ Cherry Rose, I know what you mean about keeping the razor blades “just in case”. I still keep my cutting knife in my desk because it makes me feel safe. I had to steal it back from someone who took it away from me.

    Btw, it’s been over a year since I’ve cut and I feel much better 🙂

  23. bluhare says:

    Wow. I’m a recovering alcoholic but i have not been a cutter (at least not yet!). But isn’t keeping blades around akin to an alcoholic having a bottle of vodka stashed, or a drug addict keeping a gram of coke around, just in case? My AA sponsor would have called in the army if I’d have done that. BUT I don’t know cutting. Is there a different dynamic of which I’m not aware? Thanks.

  24. Cherry Rose says:

    @ stephiespoons – Good for you. I’m glad someone understands the stashing away the razors/knives part. A lot of people don’t understand that part, and look at me weird.

    @ sauvage – I disagree. I never cut myself because I hated myself. I just felt so…numb. There was a huge feeling of emptiness, along with depression, and cutting helped me relieve both of those. It had nothing to do with me hating myself. But everyone’s reasons for cutting are different.

  25. Stephanie says:

    Good for her for getting the help she needs. She is a beautiful young woman and I really wish her the best!!

  26. KJ says:

    I don’t think her problems were directly drug and alcohol related. I would venture to guess that she probably did have some nights where she took things too far – got blacked out or something like that – but I doubt it’s something where she was hiding vodka bottles around the tour bus like a hard-core, by the book alcoholic.

    Her drinking and drugging were probably a symptom of a larger problem, as is her eating disorder and cutting. At the core of it, given the info we have, it seems like this is just a girl with severe emotional issues, who has a deep-seated self-loathing and next to no self esteem. All of her alleged behaviors – substance abuse, cutting, eating disorder – those are all hallmarks of someone who doesn’t value their life very much and is extremely depressed. So I think it’s perfectly accurate to say she went for physical and emotional issues. Yea, it may seem like a vague way around addressing any substance questions, but I really think that it covers all the bases. She’s not JUST an alcoholic, she’s someone who’s hurting very deeply and is doing everything in her power to self destruct. All of her behaviors are byproducts of that, not the cause of it.

    I’m glad to see that she’s doing well, being proactive in her recovery, and I hope she continues to work on her issues. She seems like a good egg with some bad problems, not a straight up narcissistic asshole like Lindsay.

  27. Cherry Rose says:

    @ bluhare – Cutting is very complex and hard to explain to those who have never done it. Some people never stop, some people do. I have stopped cutting. The reason why is hard to explain, but I’ll try.

    The reason I cut was because I felt numb, was depressed, and experiencing emotional pain. Cutting helped me feel something, and helped allievate my emotional pain, but at the same time, the cutting didn’t really hurt that much, even when I slit my wrists. Cutting releases dopamine, which is like an adrenaline rush. So while it would most likely hurt a person who isn’t experiencing all these emotions, for one that is, the physical pain is pretty much blocked. It starts feeling good.

    When these emotions are not present however, and you start feeling better and you are moving past your cutting, (or so in my case), when you start cutting yourself, you finally start to feel the actual pain from cutting yourself.

    As to why we keep razors? I keep razors around because when I do get depressed, I get anxious as hell. I hate taking anxiety medications, as I hate feeling drugged up and loopy. I just like to look at my razor blades and know that I have the option. However, I know in my mind that I can’t cut anymore, because there’s too much physical pain that outweights the dopamine release.

    I hope that sort of explains it. I’m not the best with explaining stuff, especially with something like cutting. If you’re truly curious about cutting, there’s several books out about it, if you’re interested it.

  28. Wresa says:

    Good for her. I hope she recovers well and has enough strength to move forward.

  29. says:

    I think this is all publicity. There have been tons of blind items and other random stories about her being a coke-head and a slut-I will put money on the fact that this is Disney trying to make it seem like she is suffering from the tamest and most “forgivable” addiction- and the one where you get judged the least. This is all for publicity-she is what Warner Brothers and CBS hope happen with Charlie Sheen. See how everyone has forgiven her and now she is seen as the strong one? If she had just apologized to the dancer, I guarantee more stories would have come out, and everyone would have talked about what a diva she is and how she beats up her back-up dancer-now she’s just some poor, sick person who is trying to get better. It’s a load of p.r. crap

  30. bryan says:

    they made her fat

  31. JenJen says:

    It’s nice to see a teen role model with some meat on her bones and the guts to be honest with girls that might be dealing with the same issues.

  32. PrettyTarheel says:

    I started to just say fuck off, but I’m going to say instead, please read the above comments, as they address weight gain as it relates to addiction and recovery with some class and dignity, which is more than I can muster to your disgusting comment.

  33. Isa says:

    Okay, perhaps someone can explain. Why would anyone cut in a place that is so difficult to hide? Especially if you’re a celebrity. I know some cutters hide with long sleeves and lots of bracelets or whatever but I just don’t understand.
    What I don’t understand even more is how there were stories of her cutting a long time ago with pictures of her wrists and how someone, anyone didn’t take a closer look at her and get her help back then.

  34. jenn says:

    i used to have a cutting problem, i know how hard it is to admit. love ya demi! it takes alot of courage to get help =]

  35. stephanie says:

    Too circle her wrist where she has cutting scars is a horrible thing to do. Yeah she’s a celebrity but that crosses the line. She’s not selling a story on people magazine. She’s trying to better herself. Do you really thing that she needs that shit on the internet! Some picture of her cutting scars!

  36. Isa says:

    This is an article that was linked for a story about Demi cutting in 2008 on Celebitchy.
    So her rep lied for her. They helped cover up for her and didn’t get her the help she needed. Horrible. Horrible.

  37. sauvage says:

    @ Isa: It depends. I can’t talk for everybody, I just cut whatever place was easy to reach – and that’s mostly your other arm. Also my thighs look like hell.

    @ Cherry Rose. Interesting. I never really thought about it that way, that there could be so many different reasons for cutting. But then again, I have been ‘clean’ for almost 13 years, so I don’t give it that much thought anymore. The best of luck to you and our fellow (ex-) cutters!

  38. LBeees says:

    THey must give out those fugly boots at Rehab Graduation or something… first Lindsay, now her!?!?

  39. Cecilia says:

    Unlike the rest of you, I like her outfit, and style it’s what expresses her which i respect, and love, and i think it’s fun & edgy.. but not to much. She’s demi lovato, not some american eagle abercrombie Wanna be girl. She has style It’s cool, look at forever 21 or Seventeen mag, Or nylon mag, or urban outfitters. that’s what’s in. So i respect her outfit choices, and think it’s quite chic. Demi i have newly earned respect for you, I’v been through some of the stuff you have, and i know how hard it can be.

  40. Regina says:

    This is all fake. I donot think Demi had any eating disorder. Eating disorder in people usually obese or anorexic. She, was neither. She in Camp Rock was a normal healthy 15 year old and remained well maintained as we saw her in other disney movies and in Sonny with a chance. Yes, she could be a cutter. I personally think that she was involved in drugs and alcohol abuse and needed rehab. Because if she had a eating disorder she wouldve been extra conscious and wouldve been anorexic or obese. She definitely tried to hide the fact that she was addicted to drugs and alcohol for which really she needed a rehab. Not for an eating disorder.

    • Faith says:

      Actually not true, many bulimics weights are average sized, making it harder to tell they have a problem.