Queen Latifah is planning to adopt

Queen Latifah and her longtime partner Jeanette Jenkins are planning on adopting a baby in the very near future, according to friends. The not-officially-out-of-the-closet couple has been hoping to have children for a while now. They’re also in the process of possibly getting married now that it’s legal in California, though that’s not their immediate priority right now.

It’s top secret right now, but they are hoping to have a little one by Christmas,” a longtime pal told The Enquirer. “They’re trying to keep it quiet because they don’t want to jinx the whole thing.” Latifah’s sister, who works in New Jersey’s Division of Youth and Family Services, is helping guide her through the red tape, said the source.

Unlike Madonna and Angelina Jolie, Latifah is making a point of adopting a child from the United States. “I can understand why people go outside the U.S. You can adopt someone here, and the birth parents have three years to come back and get that child. That’s terrifying,” said the Oscar-nominated “Chicago” star. But she says poor American children “can use just as much assistance as someone from around the world. I want to do something here.”

Adoption has been on her mind for a long time. The “Mad Money” star told a reporter last year, “I’ve always wanted to have [babies] and adopt. When I was little, I remember seeing TV shows and a child would be adopted and be happy. I just always felt like there are so many kids out there who need a parent.”

[From the National Enquirer, Sept. 8 2008, print ed.]

There is just something about Queen Latifah that says she’d be a great mother. I think it’s the way you can tell she’s both firm and loving. She has a maternal quality without being cutesy or overbearing. Since she’s never been really out and open about her relationship with girlfriend Jeanette it’s hard to say for sure how long the couple has been together, but pretty much every article refers to them as “longtime partners.” Not a lot is known about the two, but they seem very committed to each other and happy in their life together, and like they’re more than ready to move on to the next step.

Here’s Queen Latifah and Jeanette in older pictures after she had knee surgery in 2005. Images thanks to Fame.

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  1. geronimo says:

    I so agree, JB! What child would not be safe and cherished in the arms of this awesome woman. She’s like a magnificent, fierce but fair Mother Earth!

  2. DogRunner says:

    Kudos to her! She will be an awesome mom.

  3. Kaiser says:

    Good for the Queen! She will be a great mom! 😀

  4. Lauri says:

    I just get such a good vibe from this woman. I think she’d be cool to hang out with and have a couple of drinks. I think she would probably be a great mom, and I hope that she is able to make that happen. 😀

  5. Nouvel says:

    They are a beautiful couple and will have a beautiful family.. very happy for them..

  6. Blackalicious says:

    She seems cool and grounded..and like she isn’t doing this for publicity or using the kid as an accessory! So good for her.

  7. daisy424 says:

    She will make a great Mom.
    Could you image the laughter in that household?

  8. dmr says:

    congrats, and god bless for having the courage to adopt an american born child. i know it maybe easier in other countries but i am wondering if the parents of some of those adopted abroad are paid off.

  9. lola lola says:

    With or without a partner, I agree that QL seems to be someone who will be an excellent parent.

  10. Embee says:

    geronimo you are spot-on! she is Gaea incarnate! I look forward to seeing these two out and about with children. My money is on them adopting older (not infant), harder-to-place siblings.

  11. ann carter says:

    The Queen is aptly named. Great strength,beauty, dignity and compassion and WHAT a talent!! Congratulations to her and to Jeanette~

  12. lanette says:

    did she come and say she was gay?

    either way i have always been a fan….

  13. Snowblood says:

    😆 Kaiser, when I saw your comment just now, in the new-comments area, I immediately thought you were talking about Zahara, and then I was like – “Already? THAt was fast! Boy, time flies, Z’s already a mom…” 😆

    I LOVE Queen Latifah, and I get an awesome vibe about her, too – and Geronimo, yes you’re RIGHT – she totally seems like a Gaea mother-type.

  14. anony says:

    You mean ‘Gaia’ mother type??…and she does. Salt of the earth

  15. Snowblood says:

    It’s spelled both ways, Anony, as Gaia and as Gaea, also as Ge – I know ’cause I just did a ton of research about Gaea/Gaia/Ge for a friend of mine a couple months ago, so I learned all about the earth mother goddess. 😀

  16. Leandra says:

    What a lucky child that will be! I don’t have to be told these two will make awesome parents.

  17. Allabouteve says:

    A child is a child no matter where they are adopted from. I commend any body who adopts.

  18. anony says:

    snowblood- yeah i have seen it spelled many ways so it gets confusing. 😛

  19. czarina says:

    I had no idea that in the States adoptive parents had three years to change their minds!!
    How terrible would that be?
    I wonder how many potential adoptive parents change their minds when they hear this? Because that would be absolutely devestating.

  20. RAN says:

    She’s one of my very favorite actresses – one who brings a smile to your face just looking at her. She’s always so happy and normal. Did anyone ever watch Living Single when it was on? LOVED that show — way too funny!

    Anywho…good luck to both of them, that child will be very lucky!

  21. Alexa says:

    I love Queen Latifah so bad! I wish she could and would adopt me as her sister. I just love her so much. You’re the best, QL!

  22. Kristin says:

    No, she has never come out of the closet. Most people think she is a lesbian, but she has never confirmed anything.

  23. Lara says:

    Ran, exactly my thoughts, she brings a smile to my face as well. And Czarina, i never heard this before too . I can’t believe that this is in the best interest of the child, growing up in one family and than what, completely readjust?

  24. Orangejulius says:

    She has a rare quality that draws people to her; she’s instantly likeable and charismatic. She can be my Mommy anyday!

  25. anastasiabeaverhausen says:

    She is one of my absolute favorite public figures. I think she’d be an awesome kick-ass mom and I wish her and her partner all the best!!!

  26. brista says:

    In the ultimate celebrity likability test (that is, “Would I have fun if I were stuck on an elevator with ____ ?”), Queen Latifah is WAY at the top of my list. She seems like she would be really great to hang out with and a great person to be related to.

  27. Shane says:

    Ask the child at age 10 if they are happy they have been adopted by lesbians and don’t have a father. I bet I know what the answer will be, especially if it is a little boy.

  28. RAN says:

    I don’t know Shane… I see your point, but maybe the kid will just be happy to have a home.

  29. daisy424 says:

    Shane, I find your comment to be without merit.

    In ten years a child, no matter what their sex will most likely view them as loving parents period not just lesbians.
    I didn’t view my parents as heteros only, did you? Good parenting has nothing to do with your sexual preference.

  30. geronimo says:

    Totally disagree, Shane, this seems to be more YOU projecting your own prejudices on this theoretical child. Your assumption is also insulting to all same sex couples who choose to adopt or have children.

    I’m sure they’ll surround the child with everything and everyone it needs to grow up a fully rounded, confident, happy, well-adjusted human being, and that’s all any child could wish for. The only problem kids who are born into or grow up in a same sex relationship ever seem to have is dealing with other people’s prejudices. People, I’m afraid, like you.

    Edit: Daisy, exactly, well said.

  31. Victoria says:

    AGREE SNOWBLOOD, AND ALLABOUTEVE….. what an awesome mother she will make. I’m surprised she has not this sooner with all of her friends having babies. I can just feel the love now… I bet the baby showers will be wonderful. Her friends will come through on that for sure.

  32. duda says:

    it is harder to adopt here, to much indian giving.

    i understand the attraction of foreign orphans. less mess usually. but can be done legally and completely, with no take back time.

    but good luck to QL and family…

  33. LBoogie says:

    If Dana is gay, she will be doing a disservice to any child she is thinking about adopting. God created a man and a woman to procreate. Not a woman and woman to legally obtain a child.

  34. Jessie says:

    There is no state in the US that allows birthparents three years to change their mind and take a child back. That is a ridiculous statement. While each state has varying laws about domestic adoption and some states have longer waiting period than others it is not as extreme as years. If the queen is going to adopt a child she needs to educate herself on the adoption laws in this country and make sure she makes accurate comments regarding adoption.

  35. PL says:

    First let me say that I am thrilled to hear that “Queen” is even POTENTIALLY gay! As a gay woman who LOVES “Queen L” I think its FANTASTIC. In regards to her adopting a child… I think a child raised by her would blossom regardless of her sexual preference.

    As far as the “god created man and woman blah blah blah” give me a break, a child adopoted by ANY LOVING parents is better than no parents at all. Further more being straight doesnt gaurantee a happier childhood. Sometimes I wish all the people who were against “gay marriage” would redirect their energies into fixing HETRO-marriage first. Do any straight couples even make 25yrs these days?

  36. michelle says:

    I just love it!!! Peace to you and total happiness.
    Love to you both-

  37. Firefighter says:

    I had the pleasure of meeting the Queen in NYC….she called me twin….IM glad to hear she is free to be herself…and I know they will be awesome mommies…
    God Bless

  38. sexynitenurse says:

    Good for the Queen and good for the child.I’m trying to understand why everyone is so reticent to admit the woman is strong,powerful,BEAUTIFUL,smart and gay.Who cares!She has herself together,{my fav thing),she keeps her business to herself.{my other fav thing}.I am a 53y.o. heterosexual and kudos and big props.to her and her partner. 😀

  39. Don says:

    Don’t particularly care about the woman one way or the other, but really, it’s extremely presumptuous of some of you people to so easily assume Latifah would be a great parent just because you happen to like her personally. The reality is that none of you people have the least idea what kind of parent she’d be and should probably find more relevant things to spend your time on.

  40. linda says:

    i so totally agree with lboogie a child needs a father and a mother not two moms or two dads. 😕 😕