“Victoria Beckham thinks she’s an angel” links

Victoria Beckham hijacked angel cat’s look [Dlisted]
Justin Timberlake wrote, directed, and composed a series of ads for William Rast [Lainey Gossip]
Michael Lohan gets one-hour special to ‘expose Dina Lohan‘. When is she getting one on him? [Fafarazzi]
Robin Thicke says “Vibe Wouldn’t Put Me On the Cover Because I’m White.” Well Billboard is as good a backup as any [Bossip]
Hootie and the Blowfish are done until 2013. Sounds so far away… [PopEater]
– “Disaster Movie” review [Pajiba]
– So Tori Spelling’s a big ol liar again [Websters is my Bitch]
Orlando Bloom on a motorcycle: still cute [Defamer]
Tom Cruise doesn’t get why Valkyrie has gotten so much criticism. That’s just one of the many, many things in his life Tom doesn’t begin to understand [I’m Not Obsesed]
John McCain Chooses Sarah Palin as His VP [PopSugar]
– If you’ve been following the back and forth bodywatch that is Mischa Barton’s summer, you’ll note that she’s looking a lot better [Celebslam]
– What the hell is Eva Mendes wearing at the 30 Days of Fashion in Sydney? [The Bastardly]
Jessica Simpson: 12 ugly faces, 1 ugly dress [The Blemish]
– British TV presenter Fiona Phillips quit her job to spend more time with her kids – and is catching hell for it [Celebrity Baby Scoop]
– Who the hell let Audrina Patridge so close to a baby? (site NSFW) [Drunken Stepfather]
– Some of the most ugly ass tattoos we’ve ever seen at the Harley Festival [CityRag]
Amy Winehouse has been crowned worst celeb skin. I can’t imagine how anyone else even came in second compared to Wino [In Case You Didn’t Know]
– Every inch of Jodie Marsh is gross [Hollywood Rag]
Madonna goes to the airport in a bathrobe. Yes, she’s still better than the rest of us [Seriously? OMG! WTF?]
– A Scottish teenager was found dead from a drug overdose, and Pete Doherty’s already getting blamed [Agent Bedhead]
Rumer Willis’ career is really taking off. She’s going to be in an episode of Army Wives over on Lifetime. Bonus best chin photo ever [Crazy Days and Nights]
Blake Lively needs to stop trying to hide from the press. She gets herself into worse positions than just showing her face [WWTDD]
– I’m still kind of upset about Victoria Beckham’s dress [The Skinny]
– Best Week Ever has the “12 Steps For David Duchovny To Cure His Sex Addiction” [Best Week Ever]
Michael Phelps teaches children how to swim. Like the crush couldn’t have gotten any worse [Mollygood]

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7 Responses to ““Victoria Beckham thinks she’s an angel” links”

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  1. Celebitchy says:

    That Best Week Ever bit skeeved me out so bad I did one of those “uhhhh” things where you involuntarily shiver like you’re shaking off the nastiness.

  2. daisy424 says:

    CB, Best Week Ever link,
    grotesque 😈 , humorous :mrgreen: , informative 😉 , everything I like in a link. Thanks.
    I did burp my popcorn a little though 😯

  3. KERRI says:

    There are always “Step Skippers” in every type of rehab programs. David, I would suggest skipping Step #4 if you want a full recovery! Have a great Holiday weekend everyone!
    LOL..Lots of Laughs
    LOL..Lots of Love
    LOL..Lots of Luck 8)

  4. SolitaryAngel says:

    Ewwww. I almost got through that Best Week Ever post withOUT throwing up in my own mouth–almost. 😯

  5. Victoria says:

    AWWWWWWWW, Celebitchy, you took my line!! BUT, I’m still shivering a little from left over nastiness…

  6. enchantress says:

    I think that’s the only picture I’ve ever seen of Victoria Beckham in which she looks even remotely warm/ friendly/ approachable. Who knew?

  7. DeidreLee says:

    Be mean about her if you want to but she has the ability to keep her beautiful man happy….Leave her alone.