Jennifer Aniston to guest star on 30 Rock

Jennifer Aniston’s life just keeps getting better and better. First there was Friends. Okay I guess. Then she married that Brad guy – less than memorable. I don’t think anyone even remembers what happened there. Then she ditched John Mayer – definitely another step forward in life. And now it’s been confirmed (albeit by anonymous sources) that Aniston will be guest starring on 30 Rock this fall. And I say this without the slightest bit of sarcasm – this is absolutely the peak of pretty much anyone’s career. Actually their whole life.

Wow. Holy TV goodness!

Jennifer Aniston will be returning to NBC’s Must See Thursday this fall, appearing in an episode of NBC’s 30 Rock, a very solid source familiar with the deal just confirmed to me.

“She is shooting now,” says the insider. “We are not giving out any specifics on her character.”

Aniston is actually the second Friends alum to come on the series—David Schwimmer also guested as Greenzo during the environmental episode.

Given that the SNL-nature of the series, Aniston could be playing herself, or a scripted character. As soon as we have more details, we will post them right here.

[From E! News]

30 Rock is pretty much the greatest thing ever. Whenever I walk by Rockefeller Plaza or think about throwing someone under an F train, I bow in their honor. It confuses the crap out of tourists, which I enjoy.

I read an article recently that said the show wasn’t as popular outside of the tri-state region because people don’t get all the jokes. For example there are all these anti-terrorism signs here that say, “If You See Something, Say Something.” 30 Rock had exact replicas that said, “If You Suspect Something, Do Everything.” Or jokes about the random weird smells that suddenly waft throughout the city – like maple syrup – that often result in a lot of federal agents swarming the area. And it’s generally due to something that’s gone wrong in Jersey. I guess I can understand how you could miss the jokes if you’ve never been here. But the show is still so great that you should visit New York, just so it makes more sense when you watch it.

Here’s one of my favorite guest appearances by former Vice President Al Gore. The guy in the cape in the background is David Schwimmer. Hopefully Aniston’s performance will be just as good. Header of Jennifer Aniston meeting Woody Allen for lunch at Madeo on Tuesday in Beverly Hills. Images thanks to Fame.

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  1. daisy424 says:

    JayBird, I didn’t have to look at the author of this fabulous thread, I would recognize your humor anywhere 😀 Have you ever gotten into the Cash Cab??

    Hysterical show, can’t wait to see the new season. Jen does have great comedic timing, she will be in her element on the small screen:wink:

  2. Allabouteve says:

    Aww… how have the mighty fallen! This was the woman that said she will never do TV again, I guess with her two movies constantly being pushed back, one has no distributor and another one got such bad previews that the commercials were pulled from theaters, she has to hold her nose and go back to TV.

    This is her best move yet, she is a tv girl, she is never going to be a movie star she just does not have the presence for the big screen. A shame she sacrificed her marriage for movie stardom which has now eluded her.

  3. Randy says:

    Good for her. I think that it is really neat that she can do both movies and TV. She is just such a neat person and doesn’t think that she is to”big” to do the smaller stuff. So many movie actors could never do the work that it takes to do TV. Good for her. I think that Marley and Me will be a huge hit and cannot wait to see her at the Toronto Film Festival. AS a fan I am really happy for her that she is single. I really believe that she doesn’t want to be tied down with a family at this point in her life. I often wish that I wasn’t tied down with family. Wise decision. YOu can always adopt even until 50 but once you have had them you cn’t go back. And to the above poster I think that she wanted out of the marriage and it had nothing to do with her movies. She could have worked on movies and still stayed married most hollywood people do that. Her job had nothing to do with her marriage ending It was because Brad had an affair. It happens to alot of women all over the world. Men in general really cannot be trusted. I am just so glad that she never had children with Brad.

  4. Anne says:

    God, I love that show! Aniston, not so much. Hopefully the episode will be full of self-deprecating humour.

  5. Kris says:

    I have been watching 30 Rock since the beginning. I LOOVE it. I am not from New York, nor have I been there, but I still understand the jokes.

  6. Starla says:

    I am a Jen fan but have to say that with the exception of The Good Girl, I haven’t been too impressed with her movies. Maybe 30 Rock is more “her”.I also think after doing Friends for 10 years may have left her typecast. What do you guys think?

  7. KERRI says:

    Thanks for the tip-off. I’ll make it a point to skip that episode.

  8. vdantev says:

    Next stop- reality show. After that, “Remember Jennifer Aniston?”

  9. hattieb says:

    “Friends” did typecast her and it is too late to change that, she will always be RGreen. This happens to all actors who stay in a comfort zone for too long, especially women. Men are usually better able to make a successful transition from tv to movies, a sad fact. Katherine Heigel is trying to get out of Grey’s because she sees the truth and wants to get movie roles while she is a hot property, and she is just in her 20’s. Wouldn’t be surprised to see Jen back in a tv series soon.

  10. someone says:

    I also liked “The Good Girl”..but she was also great in “Rock Star” with Mark Walberg…Im a fan, and she will be right at home on “30 Rock”..shes really good at comedies…I don’t believe she gave up on her marriage for movies, I think her marriage was ended when Brad started filming MAMS.

  11. Judy says:

    I am sooo tired of reading about her romances and her new movies that always crash and burn and her neediness. She is famous for her divorce and that is about it.

  12. Randy says:

    Actually Judy her fame now has nothing to do with her divorce. People are really interested in how her movies are going to do. Frobes has her as one of the top ten for how much money is put out to how much money an actress makes, she is also in the top ten ofor money earner. Also just a guest appearance on 30 rock has over 250 google “news” reports and every single blog has reported it. For many no one would even care if they were a guest. She is actually quite powerful in hollywood on the oscar committee and votes and has many friends. Jen is her own person and the divorce has nothing to do with what is happening in her life right now.

  13. Sunnyjyl says:

    She’ll be great! Comedy directors love working with her because of her great timing, and work ethic.

  14. snappyfish says:

    30 rock is great….love alec baldwin…not love jennifer aniston. oh well, will withhold judgement until the appropriate time

  15. daisy424 says:

    Randy, Get your facts right. Actually she was ranked on Forbes;
    Pay Rank 53
    Web Rank 21
    Press Rank 67
    TV/Radio Rank 49
    Try this link

    However you try and spin it, the ## tell the ‘box office draw’ she has.
    She should stick with the formula that works, and that is TV.

  16. Bodhi says:

    Men in general really cannot be trusted.

    Um, thats bullshit. SOME men can’t be trusted, just as SOME women can’t be trusted. I’d hazzard a guess that 95% of the men I know who are in relationships are totally & completely trustworthy & faithful to their companions.

  17. Kaiser says:

    This is one of the smartest career & PR moves she’s made in more than 5 years. She does really well on television shows with smart writing – she’s always been a TV actress, despite her Oscar ambitions and lack of talent for anything requiring acting heavier than “We were on a break, Ross!!”

    Good move, Jen. I give credit where it’s due.

    And E! reported that it would just be for one episode – not like a half-season character arc or anything.

    @Bodhi – I was more disturbed by the end of the tirade: “I am just so glad that she never had children with Brad.” WTF? This is a nice story about a good career move, but this CONVINCES me that it’s *always* the Aniston people that are hellbent on making EVERYTHING into a Pity Party.

  18. Little Hutt says:

    I like Aniston, and I love this show, so it’s really good news 🙂 and the guest stars on 30 Rock are never disappointing.

    “I read an article recently that said the show wasn’t as popular outside of the tri-state region because people don’t get all the jokes.”
    -> Well, I’m from France, and I still love this show to pieces, so here goes this silly explaination.

  19. mollination says:

    @Allabouteve: I shouldn’t start this “JA fan vs foe” thing, but I can’t help myself… How do you know that jen “sacrificed her marriage for a movie career”, were you their marriage counselor?

  20. she is sad says:

    This is the same desperate move they made with Britney Spears. They need fans so they are hoping to get some from 30 rock. I’m getting tired of Jen and her media manipulation.

  21. Lara says:

    Why is every little thing she does “media manipulation”? She’s an actress, 30 Rock (great show btw) offered her a role, she’s taking it (very good move). So let her be for once.
    With your definition everybody in this business is manipulating the media or do you actually think that there are actors out there who think “hey, what’s the least smartest thing i can do? Because i wanna get some fans of my ass!”.

  22. Enonymous says:

    I agree, has anyone actually though that maybe she is a fan of the show and when they offered her the chance to appear in it, she was happy to do it. It is as simple as that.

    As for her movies failing at the box office, some have done very well and others have not but this is exactly the same case for Angelina and Brad.

    As for her being typecast, so is Angelina and so is Brad in a way (as the goofy pretty boy) but when he tries to break away from that, it always appears wooden in whatever type of role he does so they always seem the same to me (that is because he really is a terrible actor).

  23. Lara says:

    I know I shouldn’t come back and post this, but i couldn’t get it off my mind… Kaiser, I agree Randy’s last two sentences weren’t the smartest ones, but being a long time reader of this site, it’s not true that it’s always *them* who take things into one direction. But I guess it depends from what angle of view one sees it.

  24. Diva says:

    Uhhh, just because I am such a ridiculous Friends geek (I’m not exaggerating, lol, dead fackin serious, in fact, lol) I simply cannot let it go by that, um, Kaiser, Rachel wasn’t the one saying “We were on a break.” That was Ross’s line… right down to their last one on one scene in the finale!

    There, I’ve proven how geeky I am 😆

  25. Diva says:

    grrr @ moderation cos I used the F word, lol

  26. brista says:

    I’ve seen criticism that it’s too confusing for non-NYers or people not involved in TV or people who don’t work with Sheinhardt’s GE NBC Universal. Yes, there are in-jokes that I’d have to look up or ask about to get. I don’t always catch the subtle nuance or the local shout outs. The brilliant thing about this type of show is that you don’t have to know those things in order to enjoy the show. You don’t have to know that there actually were crazy ass Cold War signs posted around modern-day NYC encouraging folks to turn in the commies — I mean, terrorists. You don’t have to know that it’s a REAL THING in order to think, “OH MY GOD, that is ridiculous! And she’s totally going to do it — hahahahahaha!”

    Later, learning from the Internet that those signs are actually for real, I laughed even harder because how messed up is THAT?!

    Of course those who know it’s a real thing or “get” the references will laugh harder, but so what? I don’t need to know those details in order to enjoy it. Plus, even if you completely do not get the joke at all, you don’t have the chance to sit there and scratch your head because the jokes and dialogue are so rapid-fire that the next thing is already starting. It’s a comedy. There are still lots of broad, slapstick aspects to it, just like Arrested Development. Name checks and references AREN’T the bulk of this show.

    I don’t mind the in-jokes because if it bothers me enough to search out an answer or if I happen to read the explanations, I just think I’m cool for knowing this random knowledge and I like the show even more. And also, um, they totally did a whole shout out to my little Cleveland so I can see why all the local/job-centric jokes endear those who get it to the show.

    Although…there is one NYC-centric thing I don’t get. What’s with all those weird deli-looking places with giant buffet/salad bar things? Jackie D was hanging out at one in the Valentine’s Day episode, when he was dealing with the official divorce from Bianca.

  27. Allabouteve says:

    “@Allabouteve: I shouldn’t start this “JA fan vs foe” thing, but I can’t help myself… How do you know that jen “sacrificed her marriage for a movie career”, were you their marriage counselor?”

    No, I am not the counsellor but she told Diane Sawyer in an interview that she will like to have children but that children will need her time and that her career also deserves some time. Every interview she gave during the friend’s finale was that baby was on the way, instead after friends ended she signed up for six new movies. That is not the action of someone who was looking to start a family.

    Some of you have this media crafted image of a golden couple that never was, which is why Brad to this still irks me a little that he played that stupid pr game to the last. What happy couple purposely stay away from each other for months on end. When Brad was filming Troy in Malta, Anniston said she visited once because she was afraid of flying. Once in six months, that is the same woman that was following John Mayer all over Europe.

    Read the interviews that Brad and Jennifer gave to upscale magazines like Vogue, Vanity Fair and Elle and you will know that there was never much to the marriage but it suited both their careers to play the golden couple until Brad decided there was much to life than playing the Hollywood game and grew up and found other interests outside of Hollywood.

  28. RAN says:

    Um… he didn’t find too many interests outside of Hollywood – just a better way to get his cake and eat it too. And now he very lovingly shares his cake with ALL of Hollywood, Cannes, New Orleans, etc. I’ll cut the guy a break when it’s due, but that doesn’t mean I don’t think he’s narcissistic.

  29. Allabouteve says:

    One more thing that shows what a pathetic woman Jennifer is, a writer in NY magazine las t week called her and her PR out about trying to get one up on the Jolie-Pitts and said that was a stupid strategy instead she should be projecting a strong,sexy single girl image and do some TV appearances like Britney did because she is stronger on TV than on the big screen, voila- Jennifer is going back to TV after she said she will never do TV again.

    Two months ago LATimes blooger called her a pathetic groupie and a pathetic cougar for chasing John Mayer all over the place instead of working on her career, a few days later, she stopped traveling with him, coincidence? Probably, but not likely because her publicist is known for trolling the internet and writing to the bloggers about being mean to Jen, unfortunately for Huvane, Perez posted his email on his site and also posted the beatdown that Perez sent back to him. Jennifer is all pr and no substance. If she was a politician, she will not pee without taking a poll to make sure people will like her.

    ETA: RAN- I will think helping to rebuild New Orleans, Darfur, designing hotel in Dubai and teaming up with Kiehl to come up with biodegradable products that the income from will go to charity is doing a lot outside of Hollywood. It beats tanning and being by the pool side all year round. He also became a pilot, give the guy credit, he has finally grown up thanks to Angelina.

  30. RAN says:

    allabouteve – love your name btw.

    Perez is known for making up crap and his dislike of Aniston. I would take ANYTHING he said with a grain of salt. He’s funny as all get out, but a vicious little skunk who wouldn’t hesitate to make things up and post them as fact.

  31. daisy424 says:

    Agree Eve

    From Details magazine 2001;
    Here’re some highlights of what the “Snatch” stud had to say.


    Besides calling it “the adventure,” Pitt also characterized his marriage to Aniston as an agreement first and foremost. “We’ve made a pact. … We’ll see where it takes us.”

  32. RAN says:

    I wouldn’t enter into any contracts of meaning with the man then. I wonder if they pinky swore on that “pact”? If so, he’s more of a dead beat than I ever gave him credit for 8)

  33. Allabouteve says:

    RAN- I loathe Perez as much as you do and never go to his site but someone posted Huvane’s email on another site that I used to go to. Thanks by the way about the name, it is from A Bette Davis movie that had a character that appeared on the surface to be sweet and unassuming but was a serious manipulator and schemed her way through life and fooled a whole lot of people.

    Daisy- that is why I laugh so hard when all these delusional people say that it was Angie that wrecked the faux golden couple marriage, Brad and Jennifer wrecked their own marriage, it is a shame Angelina was thrown under the bus for it.
    Brad maintained that their marriage was a pact to see where it will take them and that because they got married did not mean they were going to be together for ever, Jennifer said after they got married that Brad was not the love of her life, so why was she crying after he left and most importantly why was she and her friends insinuating that Angelina was the reason their marriage imploded. I try to like her and feel sorry for her but her passive aggressive behavior makes it hard for me.

  34. KERRI says:

    @allabouteve: I will think helping to rebuild New Orleans, Darfur, designing hotel in Dubai and teaming up with Kiehl to come up with biodegradable products that the income from will go to charity is doing a lot outside of Hollywood. It beats tanning and being by the pool side all year round. He also became a pilot, give the guy credit, he has finally grown up thanks to Angelina.

    I have to ditto this comment because I couldn’t have said it better myself, although I have tried time and time again to point this out to non-believers…just used different phrases.

    BTW: Love Betty Davis. Two of my favorites are “The Letter”, and “The Little Foxes”. 😛

  35. ll says:

    allabouteve. Finally someone is 100% on point!
    I was never a Brad Pitt fan when he was married to her, because they did act like the untouchable hollywood golden couple. Like everyone else was beneath them.
    What people need to understand, is that no man would leave a happy marriage. If their marriage was so great, Brad would still be in it today. My heart went out to him when he said on GMA that he wants kids. JA was so consumed with her career and her looks that she put childbearing on the back burner. Now it’s the trend in Hollywood and she’s wants to be in fashion.
    I think Brad is a much better person without her. He’s blossomed and he’s better off. JA on the other hand, is the same self absorbed person. This b***ch needs to disappear already.

  36. CB Rawks says:

    I love 30 Rock so much I want to take it behind the gym and get it pregnant.

  37. J says:

    Ms Aniston may be an average actress who happened to get luck with one big hit TV show in America, and hasn’t managed to launch a successful film career so far, and might end up retiring into oblivion soon with a lot of money in her pocket.

    But seriously, the only big mistake she’s ever done in her career (even in her life) is to date and even get married to this Brad Pitt guy. See what happened to her! People hate her because Brad Pitt dumped her! So bizarre!

  38. Oh Duhh says:

    Well people hate her because 3 years after the divorce she’s still doing the pity party.. Nicole Kidman, Reese W., Kate Hudson these women all divorced with their husband but after a year they all move on no pity party but Ms. X until now is still using her divorced to gain attention. Just read what her fans wrote she was dumped by three men, VV, Paul and Mayer but her fans still blamed Brad Pitt and not her current ex BF.

  39. pamela says:


    People dont “hate” (I really dont like using that strong of a word) Aniston because Brad left her, they dont like her because she tried to destroy her ex-husband, and in the process, Angie too.
    This woman NEVER takes responsibility for anything that goes wrong in her life. Example, her break-up with Mayer, when she had her she-hens come out first with accusations that John was a cheater, and that she broke up with him.

    I almost feel sorry for her, because it must be so exhausting to be always right.

  40. guest says:

    You all sound like psychologically very sick people to me to hate this much a celebrity that never did or said one thing to deserve this kind of treatment. Did you ever even start to think that you could be wrong? But, of course, her HOliness Angelina can only shine when the abandoned exwife is not in the picture..

  41. Buttercup says:

    @Allabouteve: You are so spot on, great comments, love all that you have to say about that trio.

    OT: I think its a great idea for JA to head back to TV, she is a tv actress not a movie star, tv is where she should stay.