Spencer Pratt says he works out to Heidi’s music every day

Who would have thought that Spencer Pratt would be a big fan of anything done by Heidi Montag? The delusional and narcissism-riddled Pratt claims that Montag’s newest video is so good that he works out to it. I think he’s probably using that more liberal definition of “working out” that guys often do. And if that’s the definition, then a lot of guys are working out to Heidi, but not because she’s got any talent – or anything other than an exceptionally large jaw.

Surprise! Spencer Pratt is a huge fan of Heidi Montag’s new ’80s-inspired music video, “Overdosin.'”

“What do you think I work out to every day? I know the whole thing by heart!” he told Usmagazine.com at the Pepsi 500 Running Wide Open Party in Hollywood on Wednesday.

“I wanted to do something fun with aerobics,” Montag explained of the video, in which she plays an aerobics instructor and dances around in lycra, legwarmers and a sweatband.

No wonder Pratt’s a fan: the song “is about when you fall in love with someone,” Montag told Ryan Seacrest. “[It’s] about how I feel about Spencer and my relationship.”

[From Us Weekly]

All that “exercising” really is taking up a good deal of Spencer and Heidi’s time. Though the pair are huge McCain fans (you could argue that they’re his only young celebrity endorsements) Spencer said that he and Heidi just won’t have enough time to go to the convention. You can’t really blame them, they’ve got a pretty packed schedule. What with all the working out and posing for cheesy photos with horses and babies and…. wait… this all sounds really familiar. I bet one of them runs for office within the next four years. The republicans keep claiming they need some youth. And it doesn’t seem like they winning any points with Sarah Palin. Heidi Montag’s probably the next best bet.

Here’s Heidi and Spencer at thePepsi 500 Running Wide Open at Avalon in Los Angeles on Wednesday. Photographer: Faye Sadou. Images thanks to WENN.

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19 Responses to “Spencer Pratt says he works out to Heidi’s music every day”

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  1. Strawberry In Disguise says:

    What workout are we talking about? Getting a six pack from barfing or a proper biceps from holding the loo seat up?

  2. PollyRho says:

    Another day another douche

  3. aury says:

    such a shmuck… how can anyone stand his ugly ass?

  4. Carrie says:

    Oh God, please make her fugly chin go away……….preferably beyond terrestrial airspace.

    Or into that fabled woodchipper,

  5. cc says:

    They make me throw up a little.

  6. chaz says:

    So the “Village of the damned” kids grew up and now they reside in Hollywood… how fitting! HE should be listening to that crap in order to re-coupe some of the financial loss he’s going to be taking since nobody else bought that shit. he only has to listen to her 2 million more times, and hopefully it will drive him just as crazy as it drives the rest of us. Then all he needs to do is pull an O.J. and we’ll finally be free of them both! Yay!

  7. seVen says:

    Lets hope he loads it onto his ipod and goes jogging down a 1 way freeway in the wrong direction and as for her? she can stay around as long as she doesnt speak or do anything other then show off her juggs.

  8. tacy says:

    Pratt just looks gay to me. My Little Pony Montag has no talent. Aren’t their 15 minutes up yet?

  9. sabine says:

    OMG…I don’t want to be mean but i can’t stand those two. Especially that Heidi Montag. Why is she famous?

  10. Megan says:

    It’s the transexual and the gremlin again!

  11. JaundiceMachine says:

    I’m no prude, but if I ever caught my boyfriend “exercising” to Heidi Montag, his name would be off the lease. I’m so not into bestiality.

  12. sabine says:

    Just watched Heidi Montag’s video (“overdosed”???)…it is HIDEOUS. She must have one heck of a thick skin to put herself out there like that.

  13. Codzilla says:

    Tacy: I agree with everything you said, especially the part about Spencer being gay. My gaydar erupted the first time I saw his picture.

  14. DogRunner says:

    The ironic thing is – they are making money because they are so disliked!

  15. Victoria says:

    AGREE CC AND DOGRUNNER…. you should have seen pictures of them on another site at the supermarket. She had melons ( one in each hand) at breast level, deciding on which one to pick…. Well, you can just imagine the comments. Of course, they kissed all the way through the market and produce… UGH !!!!!!

  16. vdantev says:

    If by work out you mean ‘uses those mouth muscles like the girls in Beijing’ on the pool boy.

  17. DeidreLee says:

    I hope he exercise himself right off tghe face of this earth and is left to sail around space forever – unseen by anyone. 😈 😈 :mrgreen:

  18. insidescoop says:

    One word: gay

  19. insidescoop says:

    Oh god, I think just threw up in my mouth.