Axl Rose hit on Kelly Osbourne (update: probably not true)

Lately I’ve found that it can be surprisingly – and disturbingly – difficult to explain to men why hitting on women half their age is considered creepy. For some reason I’ve heard all sorts of guys trying to play it off like it’s the women who have the problem and they’re just cold, rude, etcetera for daring to have any other feeling than absolutely gratitude. Here’s a great example of why it’s creepy: guys like Axl Rose hitting on relatively young girls like Kelly Osbourne.

AXL ROSE has spent 10 long years recording GUNS N’ ROSES’ ‘new’ album, but he cuts to the chase when it comes to women.

According to New York designer RICHIE RICH, the temperamental frontman took a shine to KELLY OSBOURNE at a recent Hollywood bash and made his sexual attraction to her lewdly clear.

Rich said: “Axl was really weird with her.

“He kept leering at her and saying, ‘I want to f*** you’.”

Unsurprisingly, Kelly didn’t take him up on the eloquent offer.

Just as well, because nothing would disrupt the fractious Osbourne family more than having Axl Rose for a son-in-law.

[From The Sun]

Several U.S. magazines picked up this story but have since taken it down, which makes me wonder about it a bit. So take it with a grain of salt. That said, if there’s anyone I’d imagine saying something so lewd, it’d be Axl Rose. That guy seriously looked a hell of a lot better BEFORE he had all that plastic surgery. Now he just looks like a surprised St. Bernard. One hell of a confusing look, if you ask me. I seriously can’t imagine what woman would be able to sleep with that face.

Update by Celebitchy: The news from Kelly’s camp is that Rich made up this story about Axl and Kelly for some reason, likely to do with a personal vendetta and publicity:

New York fashion designer Richie Rich claimed that he was with Osbourne when Rose began behaving oddly.

He told OK!: “He was really weird with her. He kept leering at her and saying, ‘I want to f*** you!’.”

Representatives for Sharon Osbourne and Rose denied the rumours, branding Rich “a self-promoting liar”.

“Kelly and Axl may have met briefly at a party more than four years ago, but Mr. Rich’s fantasy of what happened, in reality… never did,” the statement said.

“Both Kelly and Axl resent this falsehood and respect each other immensely.”


Here’s Axl Rose at a Versace party in February 2007. Images thanks to Fame.

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  1. Jag says:

    I’ve read other sources that say that both camps deny that it ever happened, both Axl and Kelly have respect for each other, neither have really even met, and that Richie Rich is basically a fame whore pimping out his 15 minutes… So definitely take it with a grain of salt, or believe their PR machines – whichever works for you. lol

  2. Enonymous says:

    When I read the title I mistook it as Axl Rose hitting Kelly Osbourne because of the recent photos of Kelly having bruises in her face. Even Kelly Osbourne is WAY to good for him (he looks like a fireball, due to all over ginger and properly from numerous STD’s. EWWWW) and those men that think that they are god’s gift to women are the most unattractive (and VERY insecure) ones who no woman in their right mind would give them a second look.

  3. Holly says:

    One of the sources that published the story was kind enough to also post the rebuttal, which said that the man who’d “leaked” the information, who is supposed to be a friend of Kelly’s, is in fact a liar who does this all the time, and Kelly only met him once, four years ago. There’s no merit to this story. I was surprised you posted it, given its already been debunked.

  4. RAN says:

    Too bad he’s such a mess – Guns and Roses were great in their hey day. It’s one of those ‘how the mighty have fallen’ scenarios.

    I agree with Jaybird, taking this one with a grain of salt.

  5. Orangejulius says:

    Is that his real hair-line? It looks kinda wiggy. He’d crush poor Kelly to death with all that bling.

  6. KERRI says:

    Oooohhh!! What’s the name of that hair color…Fairy Gold Dust? Clairol for Men must be getting their FUNK on! 8)

  7. Annicka says:

    I’d hit it. But then again, I’m biased because Guns N’ Roses is my favorite band.

    I don’t believe this story at all, though, because I really do believe that Axl Rose is a flaming queer.

  8. cara says:

    his weave must be too tight!

  9. Tina says:

    Ok magazine sucks, everything they write is untrue. It’s full of lies.

  10. ddd says:

    He hasn’t had any plastic surgery! Axl is naturally gorgeous. RICHIE RICH SUCKS! He only made up this story to get himself some attention,pathetic! 🙄 Axl is the kindest, hottest man in the world, he would never act like that.

  11. aury says:

    eeewww… 😳

  12. aury says:

    eeewww…. 😳 OMG that’s sooo like gross… 😳 eeewww… 😳 OMG… 😳 what happened to britney spears

  13. fee says:

    Axl was hot in the late 80s / early 90s (before the bikepants…) but since his lost touch with reality and got himelf some surgery & cornrows he just looks freaky! I remember his apperance at some music awards, Gunners (the lineup at the time) first apperance in years, and he looked messed up – his face was awful! It doesnt look as bad now but still not that good. FYI Axl – leave your shit alone!

  14. Miranda says:


  15. Shane says:

    This story is unlikely because since 1985 Axl has dated slender model types, give or take a porn star or two, and of course an unknown number of groupies. Kelly doesn’t fit the bill as the type that would turn him on. Even for a one night stand kinda deal. But never say never……

  16. sabine says:

    I am not a fan but i must say that i’ve seen a hell of a lot fuglier than Axl Rose (especially for his age)….Mickey Rourke anybody?

  17. daisy424 says:

    ‘Welcome To The Jungle’ is great to work out to, motivates me 😉

    But, damn, by the looks of it,

    it’s hard out here for a pimp :mrgreen:

  18. anastasiabeaverhausen says:

    Ewww, you can see the wig line in that top pic right up on his forehead.


  19. Sandy says:

    I think he looks good. 😉

  20. snappyfish says:

    Mickey Rourke at least had a time in his life when he was actually attractive. Axl never was, he was one of the long line of “good thing I am a rock star because no woman would pay attention to me otherwise” guys.

    I read the hit and thought the same thing Enonymous….I guessed she must have asked when Chinese Democracy would be released and then burst into peels of laughter.

  21. SixxKitty says:

    kelly has more class than Axl… now there is a sentance i never thought i would say!

  22. Shane says:

    I forgot to mention that Axl is a slimeball and abuses the women he dates. He needs lifelong Anger Management counseling, but everyone already knew that.

  23. Codzilla says:

    I too loved GNR back in the day, but seriously, who gives a rat’s titty about Axl Rose now? The plastic surgery is obvious AND awful, and his whole look is effing ridiculous. That first picture says it all.

  24. vdantev says:

    Axl has had some face work done hasn’t he ? He’s almost unrecognizable.

  25. Diva says:

    I was soooo not into “metal” when I was a kid, but I always thought Axl was hot… BEFORE the scary, sad plastic surgery!

  26. Alexa says:

    I’m not seeing any plastic surgery. I guess it’s just me, though. He looks the same to me. whatever…

  27. Riri says:

    He looks fine, he’s not had any plastic surgery he looks the same as he always has. The only thing that’s changed is his hairstyle.

  28. kate says:

    holy shit – he looks horrible.

  29. TK says:

    Axl’s hottt!

  30. Jeanne says:

    Hit on a crack pipe maybe.

  31. yolanda says:

    well as there is people who likes him and people not … i, personnaly i ADORE Axl Rose , and im 24 and he is 46 , if i could marry him ide do it !!

  32. Weka says:

    I want Axl! I love you, baby! Yeah, I want to be your wife!


  33. guns and roses r cooolieo says:

    i know this sounds crazy but i think axl and kelly would make a semi cute couple………….(just saying!) but kelly’s too young for him honestly i think he’s kind’a gross lookin now
    i think if slash was’nt married to perla, slash and kelly would be good together…. :p

  34. Georgie says:

    axl rose is a fucking hottie!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Evilgun says:

    That guy can make whatever he wants… He’s the best ever!!! I love AXL..!!! he’s so HOT!!