Nahla Ariela Aubry says hi, over 20 pictures of Halle Berry’s baby

Halle Berry’s adorable five month old daughter, Nahla Ariela Aubry, was photographed for the first time in public yesterday. Halle was seen out at the LA Zoo with her mom, Judith, and a security guard. Little Nahla is the daughter of the Oscar-winning actress and her boyfriend, Canadian model Gabriel Aubry, 31.

In June, Halle said that being a mother was “the most beautiful time of my life,” and that Nahla has left her “so happy and fulfilled.”

Halle made a deliberate decision not to pose for a high-paid photo spread with her infant. Last month Halle threatened action over faraway photos of her with Nahla in her backyard that were taken with a telephoto lens. She issued a statement, which read in part “[Gabriel] and I have always remained that we would never sell baby photos or otherwise exploit her in any way…. I will do everything I can for the sake of her safety and well-being to keep her out of the public eye.”

Berry eventually gave in and went out with baby Nahla. She invited the paparazzi and clearly didn’t broker a deal for exclusive photos, because several agencies have these.

Nahla is so cute and you can see that she’s Gabriel’s daughter. She’s going to be beautiful when she grows up.

Credit: ODuran/ Fame Pictures. Photo of Gabriel Aubry credit: WENN

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  1. RAN says:

    Now THAT is a stunningly beautiful baby!

  2. kitty says:

    geez those blue eyes! someone’s giving Shiloh a run for her money!

  3. Phoebe says:

    She’s gorgeous! And such a happy smiley baby!

  4. sol says:

    She has her father’s eyes and some facial expression.Really beautiful baby!!!

  5. Kristin says:

    She is beautiful, but I still can’t stand Halle Berry after she hit someone and then just drove away.

  6. daisy424 says:

    How about we just focus on the happiness in this gorgeous child’s eyes and the proud smile on her Mom’s face?

  7. me says:

    I can understand celebs not wanting to exploit their children however the reality of it is that some papparazzi scum is going to get a pic eventually and given this, I can’t help thinking it would be better to control who makes money from the images of your children by having an organised photoshoot in the first instance. That way you can give the money to charity or put it in a fund for the child and you’re not making some random asshole rich.

    Gorgeous bebe btw.

  8. Alina says:

    Sweet chocolate baby!

  9. Celebitchy says:

    These pictures are worth some money, but not a lot. Plenty of agencies have the photos and due to the competition the price will not go that high. There are also tons of photos from that particular day now, so the market is flooded with pictures of this gorgeous baby, we get to see her and no one gets rich.

  10. JaundiceMachine says:

    She is a button!

  11. Anna says:

    In my opinion, celebs with babies can’t handle things any better than Halle did. All those baby pic sellers should take heed. I hope for her and Nahla’s sake that she will be able to do what she said about keeping her daughter out of the public eye.

    She is a very sweet baby. What great baby blues! ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Keese my cakes says:

    what a gorgeous baby! she has beautiful eyes, adorable hair and a gorgeous skin color. what a beautiful combo. Congrats!

  13. someone says:

    Now that is one beautiful little girl..and she looks like a happy baby..good luck to Halle and Gabrielle, trying to keep her out of the public eye..shes gonna be a knockout young lady with those baby blues…

  14. Enonymous says:

    AWWWW, she has such a cute smile. ๐Ÿ˜€

  15. Megan says:

    Wow what a gorgeous baby! Such lovely coloured skin, what a cutie ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Lola says:

    What a beauty. I like it when they said they would never exploit her in anyway…….

  17. Shane says:

    Adorable baby. Since she is 75% white and 25% black (since Halle is half black), I wonder if she will consider herself black like Obama does (who is 50% white).

  18. Cari says:

    Shane, WTF does Obama have to do with this post, besides absolutely frigging nothing? ๐Ÿ™„

    And don’t Nahla’s eyes appear more green than blue? In either case, she is adorable. Can you imagine how gorgeous she’ll be as an adult? Lucky kid got some good genes, that for sure.

  19. Shane says:

    Mine was a sincere question sparked by genuine curiousity on my part.

    But I almost didn’t mention it since I was afraid that if I brought up race and/or Obama, someone would freak out for no reason.

    Congrats Cari, you win the prize for being overly sensitive and easily annoyed.

  20. bros says:

    what a cutie. love that darker skin lighter eyes combo.

  21. lanette says:

    she gave in?? no she took her baby out to a zoo…which is different then some asshole taking pictures wth a zoom lens…of her in her private home…

    when will someone put 2 in the paps??

  22. lena says:

    Shane, Halle has said it on numerous occasions that she identifies with being a black woman, same as Obama identifying with being a black man. As far as her daughter goes, she’ll make that decision when she is older. And if you think about it, Blacks in America (who come in a variety of shades) already have some European and/or native american ancestry, but the majority identify with being black like myself and my family. Not a lot of people go around and say that my great grandfather was Irish and my great great grandmother on momma’s side was 1/4 cherokee, lol, We just say we are black because for the majority, that’s what we look like and identify with the most.

  23. gf91166 says:

    Hi Shane! I just wanted to school you in the world of ethnicity. Legally, you go by your father’s ethnicity. Halle’s baby is white. Obama is black. Glad you weren’t afraid to ask the question. Shane wasn’t being ignorant. He was trying to become better informed.

  24. Allabouteve says:

    Halle never had intruders dressed in camouflages trying to invade her home, no one was really clamoring to see the pictures, so a little perspective here. Not all celebrities are equal, I am just so sick and tired of sanctimonious people.

    As far as I know her baby’s picture is now splashed all over the internet and will be in magazines and the baby is not yet 18, someone is profiting from this pictures which looks very staged. I am happy for her because she wanted a baby for a very long time, but she is not any better than those celebs who chose to sell the pictures and give the money to a deserving charity other than paparazzi, either way, the pictures of the children are all over the place.

  25. lena says:

    gf91166, are you being serious? cause if anthing, Halle’s baby is mixed, but that is just my opinion/observation because she looks neither one or the other to me, but a combination. And I have to say that I never heard that before about the rule going by what ethnicity the father is, but rather the mother. I guess i’m going to have to tell my daddy that he is white man and I have to start checking off white instead of black, lol

  26. JaundiceMachine says:

    I always thought it was the heritage(s) that one identified with the most?

  27. gf91166 says:

    Lena: I’m not kidding! I have family members who are biratial. One looks 100% hispanic, but is legally black because her dad is black. Now, I’m not gonna tell you that she’s not looked at sideways twisted when she tells people, or fills out applications and such, but she is what she is.

  28. Mairead says:

    psst gf91166 – you’ve forgotten about the Jews, you’re Jewish if your mother is Jewish, not your father ๐Ÿ˜‰
    It’s an interesting point if you’re right, could you point us to books or an official website that says that?

    Anyway, back on topic – that is one happy chubby bebeh! :mrgreen:

  29. A.J. says:

    Oh my, Nahla is absolutely beautiful! And she’s only going to get more and more gorgeous as she grows up. Kudos to Halle and Gabriel for doing their best to break the celebrity parent mold by not totally pimping out their daughter.

  30. Jag says:

    Wow, she’s beautiful! And so happy… that’s really great to see. ๐Ÿ™‚

    For the other subject… As far as I know, it’s what you want to identify with. My dad’s side is pure Caucasian, and my mother’s side is Native American and Caucasian, and since birth, we children have identified as Native American, even though we’re mostly Caucasian. I’ve fought my entire life when people in doctor’s offices and schools would always mark me as Caucasian, without asking me. (I always ask.) I’d personally want to identify with the race that feels like what I think I am (whatever that means) and also the race that gets the best college scholarships. ;p

  31. Kristin says:

    Your only 25% Native American and that’s how you identify? Why, if I may ask? Are you ashamed of your white/European heritage? Or do you not look white?

  32. RAN says:

    ๐Ÿ˜‰ Did anyone notice how beautiful this baby is? Halle Berry is stunning as well!

  33. Victoria says:

    What a litle ray of sunshine !!!! Just precious …..

  34. Max says:

    First, cute kid. But photos seem a bit set up, but lots of celebrities do that.

    Second, there is a differnce between “race” and “ethnicity”. (Being Jewish is a religion by the way, not a race). Hispainic/Latinos can be of any “race”, white or black or in some cases,Indian–like those in Mexico and Central and South America. The only country in Central America that does not have real natural born citizens without any African Infuluence is El Salvador, because they do not have a Caribbean Coast, therefore, the slave trade never brought Africans to their shores. All other Spanish speaking countries with Carribean coasts have some citizens that have African roots. But their “race” is not Latino, their ethnicity is.

    Third, please show me where a “race” is legally determined by anything than what the person says it is. In slave days, “one drop” made you black, but that is over. Now, the census lets you choose more than one “race” and in a few years, who knows if there will be any such thing as “pure” anything.

    Also, as stated above, the majority of “black” people in this country have more than “African” roots (speaking from my own personal history). White, native and others make up “African Americans”.

  35. cara says:

    That kid is adorable….and I can’t stand kids (I liked them before I had some) But didn’t anyone watch that program on PBS this past February. It was about dna and genetics. They had on black celebs, who said they where Cherokee and white celebs who didn’t think they were anything but European…well guess what, no one had anything they thought they did, most whites had black African blood and most blacks had European blood…we are all a mixture of eachother. And I am so sick of these census forms where you have to pick, for godsakes people we are one race, a race that if we are in another country you can spot us a mile away, rich, poor, white, red, yellow, brown or black…because we are Americans.

  36. Guest says:

    I think that Halle really handled this well. She knew that she could not keep her child in the house forever and so had to come out. She wated until the child was a bit older. She knows that paps follow her and now many agencies will have these pictures and not make alot of money. So Halle is really the winner. She did have control and made sure that her child would not be “sold” but still shown and the paps wouldn’t make alot of money. Good for her for playing the game so well. Also if you don’t sell pictures for some reason the press does not seem as interested. It almost seems like if you sell baby pictures you make your child like a commodity. Really weird.

  37. KERRI says:

    I’ve never heard the name Nahla before. A Beautiful name for a beautiful baby.

  38. DogRunner says:

    Sweet baby! Is Halle still dating the father?

  39. reena says:

    Halle did her best to shield her baby but truth is a pap got a good payday with these pixs. It does not matter if you sell pixs of your child as newborns to try to control things or try to wait until they are older before the paps capture pixs, paps will make money. If you are a popular celeb there is a market for pixs of you and your family. Only pics of truly minor celebs who are for sale 100% of the time like Tori and her family are almost worthless and used as fillers when nothing else is available. That’s the way the pap business works.

  40. Kaiser says:

    Look at the little cutie. There’s a lot of Aubrey in that little face.

    Sheesh. All this race talk. I’m surprised no one screamed the word “quadroon”…

    I’m mixed race, and I’ll always felt it’s an individual’s right to determine what racial/ethnic label they put on themselves. Little Nahla will determine how she defines herself – but let me tell you, the world will just see a beautiful young woman.

    @Max – Jews are a race – they are Semitic.

  41. pamela says:

    Ok, i am reading all the comments here about Halle’s baby pictures were not “sold” as other’s have been, and you will have to be stupid not to understand the insinuations, so I am going to give my 2 cents.

    First of all, the curiosity over this baby was never intense, photographers did not follow Halle for pictures. She was photographed when she left her house yes, but no one was wondering about or clamouring for her daughter’s pictures. Halle knew this even before her daughter was born. Certain celebs (whose names i will not mention, but we all know “they” are the pink elephants in the posts), pregnancy was confirmed just around the time Halle was about to have her baby, and the intense curiosity and speculations of their pregnancy practically knocked everyone else’s baby news off the radar.
    Probably it was ego on Halle’s part, i dont know, but she is showing off her daughter like all the others who “sold” their baby pictures. What I hated, was Halle making insinuations that her daughter was not for sale, thus passive-aggressively accusing others of selling their children. People have the right to choose how to show their children to their fans.

    Her daughter is adorable.

  42. vdantev says:

    Awwwwwww…….. ๐Ÿ™‚ what a cutie !

  43. Max says:

    This is of course interesting, but the definition of Semitic via Webster’s world dictionary is

    Sem*it”ic\, a. Of or pertaining to Shem or his descendants; belonging to that division of the Caucasian race which includes the Arabs, Jews, and related races. [Written also Shemitic.]

    Thanks for bringing this up though, as it proves that people in the middle east are all related.

    Again, cute kid, whatever her mother determines is her “race”.

  44. Shannon says:

    WOW! That kid is adorable.

  45. julia says:

    Wow! And, I didn’t think that anyone could be “prettier” than Halle!

  46. Mairead says:

    I realise that Judaism is a religion, but I was always led to believe that the Jewish people are an ethnic grouping (as opposed to being a race)- which is why the line is passed through the mother – there is more chance of the bloodlines remaining constant.

    But there are such variations in everyone’s DNA – even Caucasians would have a mix of ethnic types dating back to the Roman period and before. Hell, if we go back far enough, we all originate from the landmass of Africa anyhow.

    As for the photos being staged – the article says that the paps were invited, but no exclusive deals were made.

    Halle possibly just waited a few months until she was sure the baby wouldn’t catch anything and possibly on some sort of schedule.

  47. Guest says:

    Actually Pamela many paps were camped out at her house wanting a picture. They even crawled thorugh the bushes to take pictures which she is going to court over. She could have sold her baby’s pictures for millions of dollars. Halle is a much bigger star than Nicole, Tori and many others who have sold the pictures of their children. There are definitely two types of stars with regards to baby pictures. The ones who sell: Tori, Britney, Jennifer Lopez, Matt, Brad/Angie etc. and the ones who do not sell (they relize that pictures will be taken but don’t make a big deal of it): Johnny, Matt, Halle, Ben and Jen, etc. The last group Johnny, Matt, etc. could all have sold their pictures for millions they just chose not to. Some people consider selling pictures as really not a good idea. And I realize that you are only considering Brad and Angie but Jennifer Lopez, Nicole and others got huge flack for selling pictures. To many people it just doesn’t seem right to sell children regardless of where the money goes. I don’t think that any of us would like anyone, parents or not, to sell pictures of us and then do whatever they wanted with the money. Halle did not sell her baby she took her out in public and let the paps get the pictures. By so many paps having pictures they really hardly make any money. And by the way all children are adorable. Suri, Harley, Shiloh, and all the rest I honestly don’t think that some are more beautiful than others and as adults we look really small and foolsih trying to say that they are.

  48. Cari says:

    @ Shane. You totally misunderstood my point, or perhaps I misunderstood yours. I certainly wasn’t trying to turn it into a race issue.

  49. lanie says:

    i think halle handled this really well. now i hope the pappos leave her alone and let her raise her baby. we dont need a shot of baby nahla everyday. i’d rather wait to see her in another 5-6 months when halle’s running after her.

    and as always i wish we can get over this skin color issue and move on to bigger things…like helping the citizens in NO, MS and TX and pray they will be safe and overcome Gustav.

  50. Hell0 says:

    Gorgeous lil Princess! and to think… she’s not plugged with a bottle all day is a wonderful thing also!!!!

  51. Orangejulius says:

    Aaww, Dante, she even melted your heart! She’s even more beautiful than I imagined she’d be. I’d be showing her off like crazy.

  52. pamela says:

    Guest, i beg to differ especially in regards to Brad and Angie. From the time Angie confirmed she was pregnant with Shiloh, the paps were hounding them, no matter where they went. With this last pregnancy, she did not verbally confirm until when she went to Washington earlier this year. Look at what happened when she was admitted to the hospital for bed rest before the babies came. Every photo agency from all over the world decended infront of the hospital, and we were even treated to daily fake “Angie” sightings. I am sorry, but Halle did not experience anything close to that. And if you think that Brad and Angie would have been left alone if they had not shown pictures of Shiloh and now the twins, you are being naive. People are interested in seeing pictures of celebs babies yes, but with Brad and Angie, there is an obsession. The interest in seeing pictures of Nahla and Gia versus Viv and Knox is incomparable. The only other couple who would attract this kind of interest is Tom and Katie.

  53. daisy424 says:

    Pamela, here is a link to confirm your claims ๐Ÿ˜‰

    This proves why they sell better than the others.
    Just don’t look at their pay rank, notice their web and press rank also.
    Can we now put this to rest ๐Ÿ˜‰

  54. Diva says:

    “Legally” you are what your father is??? Where the hell???

    I am half Native American, half caucasian, but I am an ENROLLED, REGISTERED MEMBER of a Federally recognized Native American Tribe. That makes me LEGALLY Native American. I have all the rights of my tribe and am considered Native American by ANY “legal” definition.

    My father is German, English and Portuguese.

  55. Lola says:

    Beautiful baby

  56. ll says:

    Celebitchy – It’s Nahla Ariela Aubry.
    You have a typo.

  57. Shannon says:

    Race is a social construct. It doesn’t really exist. There are so many exceptions, it’s silly to bicker over it. One day we will all be the same anyway.

    Beautiful baby!

  58. bros says:

    good lord, gf91166 or whatever the name is: there is no patrilineage legal rule in the united states. where in the world did you get that information? yoiu are really mistaken in this case and I hope youre posting from outside the US or europe (as far as I know race designations are not a matter of law and parentage in the EU, just nationality). there is no such rule as the one you just expounded and i encourage you to educate yourself on this topic so you dont accidentally say somthing like that in public or in front of more educated people. thats embarrassing.

  59. Shane says:

    Shannon: Close, but no cigar.

    Hey, there’s no doubt there will be alot more bi-racial folks in the future, resulting in the majority of the population eventually claiming a bi-racial heritage of some sort.

    It would appear that would be a good thing since we would assume racial divisions would soften and blur even more than they already have.

    But I also have no doubt that some folks will seek to continue their particular genetic lineage. And it has been proven time and again that genetically the most successful way for caucasians to do that is to have children with other caucasians.

    So I figure there will always be a variety of distinct races for this reason.

  60. Sara says:

    Middle name is Ariela…not Abriela. ๐Ÿ™‚

  61. Anon02 says:

    @ pamela

    I have seen news outlets report exclusively that 12-15 paparazzi were camped out in front of Halles house day and night for the first pictures of her child because the first picture could have gotten them at least a million. Halle knew this, which is why she took it apon herself to show the pictures of the baby to people because she knew once she did that the price over her childs head will be devalued. It seems as if she was saying they are not going to make millions off of her child. Pretty smart move on her part.

    Secondly, they said that Halle could have recieved 4 million if she would have posed on a magazine. She chose not to. She said from day one she and her boyfriend decided not to pose for pics. I understand some of you are obsessed with Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt (for whatever reason)…but to act as if people were not interrested in what Halle Berry and Gabriels baby look like (especially when they have just as beautiful of a gene pool) is pretty naive on your part as well. Angelina and Brad are the #1 couple in Hollywood…no duh they are going to sell more then anyone else. I am personally happy to see any pics, but I am not flipping cartwheels over Brad and Agelinas baby pictures either, nor did I break my kneck (as I imagine you did) to get to the news stand to see Brad and Angelinas twins…they have 100 kids, they are all starting to look alike…they have a new kid everyother month, at this point it is starting to get old to a lot of people (beleive it or not). So give us all a break already. Halle Berry is a Superstar in Hollywood, the same way Brad and Angelina are… so i’m not sure why you are on here acting as if Halle is “small beans” and no one cares…obviously you cared enough to comment and look at her baby so please save it.

    I’m not sure why this topic is even under discussion anyhow, this is supposed to be about how precious Halles baby is.

    P.S…and she is lovely ๐Ÿ™‚

  62. Laquisha says:

    If only we saw the world with no color.

  63. breederina says:

    What a gloriously happy gorgeous baby girl. She’s absolute perfection !

  64. Sharon S. says:

    This is a really beautiful little girl, but what really tickles me is how proud Grandma is! Think it’s because folks are telling her the baby looks like her?

  65. pamela says:


    WOW, angry a bit much aren’t we? Sorry i did not reply to your post earlier, because while you were frothing at the mouth, I was at a BBQ party having a ball.

    Please give me the links where it was reported that 12 or 15 paps were outside her house.

    The problem I have with Halle and Nicole too, for that matter, is that it is their right to not pose with their babies on a mag cover, just as it is the celebs right who choose to do so. But please dont get all “holier than thou” with your choice.

    And please stop with the hate, it does not become you.

    Now I done with this discussion, I am really not that interested in Halle.

  66. Mairead says:

    Pamela, I think Anon is getting that idea because there was a story on here some weeks back that Halle was suing the photo agencies for taking photographs of her and the baby in their back garden. So that would suggest that there is ‘razzo interest in them.

  67. vdantev says:

    Those who brought your race issues into this are kindly reminded the civil war has been over for 100+ years and your side lost.

  68. Shane says:

    It’s ok to be proud of your race and heritage. It’s just more of a challenge for white folks since some people, other whites included, can misunderstand pride as some form of superiority. Given the history in this country, people are touchy and quick to jump to that assumption regarding white folks who are proud of their roots and culture. This is an emerging issue in our melting pot culture so it’s easily misunderstood given the racial history within this country.

  69. vdantev says:

    Considering there is no ‘white race’, particularly in America where everyone is a tenth of this and fifth of that, your point is totally moot.

  70. WOWO says:

    such a beauty

  71. Shane says:

    Good golly this is getting fun.

    Looks like someone went to their computer without first having had their coffee this morning.

    Number one –

    Halle’s baby is mighty pretty ya’ll. What a knockout indeed.

    Numero dos (who says I’m not culturally inclusive?) –

    It’s ok to be proud to be white (the term commonly used for the caucasian race, which is universally understood to have a variety of other ethnicities in said distant lineage as most of the other predominant races may also have).

    Number three – if you are white, it’s ok to want to have white kids that resemble you, because you are proud to be white and you like how you look and want your kids to look similar to you.

    There’s nothing wrong with that.

    And there’s nothing wrong with openly talking about it on a thread such as this.

    These boards are for all kinds of topics, they go off topic, and as long as you are respectful, it’s cool to discuss all kinds of stuff.

    The best part though, is some people’s need (especially other white folks) to fall victim to some kind of weird political correctness which compels them to try to discredit and negate such a conversation because they are uncomfortable with the discussion for some unknown reason.

    I say, examine your uncomfortable feelings with talking about being proud to be white. There’s nothing wrong with liking being white. It’s not a big deal really, and no one here is saying they are superior to someone else. Just embracing who they are.

    Oh, one more thing. Doesn’t Halle absolutely glow in those pictures? Would she look half as attractive if she were covered in tattoos?!?


  72. Lola says:

    I am still wondering how we came to be discussing race on this blog.

    Obviously there people interested in Halle’s baby duh! Look at how many posts there are on this thread ๐Ÿ™„ 100+.

    I guess like many people, Halle finds it tacky to exploit her child. Just because she generates less media attention than Brangelina and is not on the Forbes list does not mean her child is in less danger from the paps than their brood. Mind you, any celeb can cultivate that kind of frenzy around themselves if they wanted. Princess Diana did, Britney did, Tom Cruise, Madonna, Michael Jackson, Brangelina etc. It is a complex manipulation of the media achievable but any one.

    Selling pictures for a child’s safety is a contradiciton of terms. I fail to see how the interest wanes when you release a who spread of pictures of your child after haggling over the price. It only wets the public’s appetite. In addition to making your children commodities with a price tag.

  73. I choose me says:

    Awww, what an absolute cutie pie Nahla is. Beautiful green eyes and a gorgeous smile. Her mom ain’t too shabby either. ๐Ÿ˜€

  74. Tanya says:

    Why don’t people just identify with being OF THE HUMAN RACE? Let’s face it, we are all HUMAN and we NEED to stop all this black this, white that, mixed this, hispanic that, indian this or that, etc.

    We need to just STOP categorizing ourselves, so what we are black or white or whatever! JUST BE HUMAN and accept one another as that, HUMAN!

    Nahla is a BEAUTIFUL HUMAN CHILD, who just so happens to be the direct result of two beautifully HUMAN people, period! She looks happy and healthy, which is a lovely thing!

    Once we FINALLY get over the race issue and IDENTIFY with just being HUMAN, the quicker we will be able to stop all the stupid racism and racist hate going on in the world.

  75. vdantev says:

    I say, examine your uncomfortable feelings with talking about being proud to be white. Thereโ€™s nothing wrong with liking being white.

    No, I just prefer to have pride in things I’ve accomplished and the life I’ve built with my own two hands, not whatever genetic crap-shoot I rose from. It’s like taking pride in having brown hair or having blue eyes. Would you have less pride without those characteristics? Of course not. Racial pride is the last resort of a ruined man. It’s because there’s nothing left to feel proud of.

  76. Maritza says:

    So far every time I see a baby born from an interracial couple their baby has always the parents best features. Nahla Ariela is beautiful just as her parents, and they picked a great name for her.

  77. I choose me says:

    Well said dante, you summed up just how I feel about the whole race issue.

  78. Lola says:

    No, I just prefer to have pride in things Iโ€™ve accomplished and the life Iโ€™ve built with my own two hands, not whatever genetic crap-shoot I rose from. Itโ€™s like taking pride in having brown hair or having blue eyes. Would you have less pride without those characteristics? Of course not. Racial pride is the last resort of a ruined man. Itโ€™s because thereโ€™s nothing left to feel proud of.


    Wow!!! Vdantev, It is not every day that I learn something new from a blog, but the last two lines got me going ‘christ on a bike how true… ‘ I have not heard a truer statement since ‘….To those who have, unto them shall be added….’.

    Did you quote it from someone? Because it is so true that I am wondering why I had never thought of it or heard, or read it some where.

  79. Buttercup says:

    I must be in the minority as I don’t think that Nahla is the cutest celeb baby, although she most definitely is not ugly and is much prettier than say Salma H or Nicole R’s girls. I have a feeling though that she will grow into her looks and will become quite pretty, which is more than I can say about Suri Cruise.
    Still, Nahla is no Shiloh!

  80. Shane says:

    “Racial pride is the last resort of a ruined man. Itโ€™s because thereโ€™s nothing left to feel proud of.”

    Do you honestly believe Martin Luther King Jr, Jesse Jackson or Quanell X would agree with you on this statement? I didn’t think so.

    There’s nothing wrong with racial pride, even for white folks. And again I repeat, for those in the back row – I did not say promoting racial superiority. Just being proud of your roots and heritage – even white folks.

    Boy oh boy, does racial pride prove challenging for white folks! What resistance we meet with such a concept.
    And to say, we like how we look and would like our children to look like we do – still almost a taboo subject in mixed racial company. Weird. Grow some balls folks. If you are respectful about how you present your thoughts and opinions, most people will respect your right to have those opinions.

    Here’s a question for you Dante – have you ever owned a pedigree pet? Why not a mutt? Probably because you wanted a pet with a certain look that you liked for whatever reason. I suspect some of the reason Halle was attracted to her daughter’s father was she liked his particular looks and thought he would make beautiful babies with her. And she was right, they both made a beautiful baby together.

  81. Anon says:

    I don’t really get the issue here…it’s wrong to be proud to be white? but other races can be proud of themselves
    double standards?

  82. Anon says:

    anyways…halle’s baby is cute

  83. belindaya says:

    What is the problem with u people ?
    I am French and we don t debate about skin color like you !!
    This baby is not a ratio ( 1 % this 80 % that and 19% something else) this baby is only a cutie .
    I think you spending too much time speaking about “race” ,colours etc.
    Get a life guys !!Peace .

  84. Tina says:

    Nahla looks lovely! What a beautiful pair the two of them make. And yes, Grandma looks very proud!

    It’s been a long time since I’ve seen photos of Halle Berry looking this happy. Congrats to her!

  85. 2Boys says:

    The baby is beautiful, but hilarious about how much this world gives a crap about pics of celeb babies. My boys are just as beautiful as other babies, but nobody is stalking them for a photo op…. oh wait, I forgot that I’m not elite, and only the rich and famous have the most beautiful children.
    BTW…. my husband is mixed russian/arabic and I am caucasian. Our children are caucasian, not European, etc. even though my husband was born/raised/has citizenship in Russia.

  86. duh says:

    Though I don’t love or hate celebrites (don’t know any personally so I really can’t say), I do think it is fun to read all of these comments and check out new pictures. I find that people see what they want to see in pictures. For example, in picture 21 Halle is relaxed and taking a load off of her arms by resting the baby on the fence. If she were Michael Jackson, she’d be ridiculed for having ‘risked her babies life in the animal enclosure’, but instead, no one mentions it…. everyone is so worried about the ‘race’ of Nahla. No, I don’t think she should be ridiculed, I’m just trying to point out that I don’t understand how everyone can get so worked up about things as if they were there or they know Halle personally. None of us knows her thoughts, let’s just let her be and let her enjoy that beauty she’s loving on so much in those pictures.

    oh, and by the way… she’s only 5 months old. those eyes might just change yet… LOTS of babies start out with blue eyes that go brown… BOTH of my kids had eyes that were that same color of blue and both kids now have brown eyes (it took over a year).

  87. Yani says:

    Its SAD that people are sitting here discussing the race of a 5 month old. Who cares what race she identifies with. What matters is that she is healthy, beautiful and appears to be VERY HAPPY. All of you should be ashamed of yourselves!!!!

  88. Ana says:

    Such a beautiful baby! It’s amazing how babies get their looks to me. She has the dark skin and hair like Halle but looks just like her dad. I’m half Mexican and I have the dark hair and eyes. My daughter is 25% Mexican and has red hair and blue eyes. She looks nothing like me! I’ve even had someone ask my mother in law how old her baby was!!!

  89. sasha says:

    one would think Halle being in the world was enough beauty but now it goes to show that the world will always keep welcoming beauties like Nahla.she is so adorable keep her smiling and happy Halle.

  90. candis says:

    I’ve seen much better looking babies then her. I’m not too fond of the name either. It makes me think of The Lion King. Just my opinion though.

  91. gingerbird says:

    It seems like we all agree on one thing and that being “the baby is beautiful.” I would like to enlighten those who need it. There is no percentage of 15% white/black etc… No one knows what blood line they get from either of their parents. You could have 2 black parents with a bunch of diff. mixtures in their lineage. You just never know for instance I have nephew whose parents are black and grandparents are black and he has blonde hair and blue eyes and is black. Not to say that there aren’t black people with that combo, it’s more than likely that these traits came from white ancestry.

  92. whatevs says:

    What a beautiful baby! Such a lovely skin tone and adorable little baby cheeks.

    It’s funny how hardly anyone is 100% anything anymore. My boyfriend and I always joke that when we have a baby we’ll be creating a whole new ethnicity. He’s part Hawaiian, Filipino, Puerto Rican, Portuguese, Japanese and a tiny bit German. I’m Irish, German, French, English, Spanish, Native American and rumored to be a tiny bit Chinese. Our kids will have like 10 different nationalities. I wonder, where does it all end? In the future will people be like .05% of 20 different ethnicities?

    Not that it matters, but I always check off Latino/Hispanic on all my forms even though I technically think I have more Caucasian. I guess people check whichever they identify most with, which is probably what the baby will decide when she’s older.

  93. Lypasm says:

    She’s adorable and appeared to be well-behaved in the photos. She would be a beautiful baby no matter what skin tone or eye color she was born with. It really doesn’t matter, now does it? I’m happy for Halle and her boyfriend and wish their family many happy years to come with their bundle of joy.

  94. jessica says:

    She is gorgeous. You are right, it doesn’t matter what color her eyes are. As long as she is beautiful and healthy. And I am a mixture of Colombian, Jamaican, German, Indian, Greek, Italian, cuban and Portuguese so my children will look like anything also, and I can see why Halle’s baby looks the way she does, Halle’s half white and Gabriel is white so it’s a great mix to me and Nahla is gorgoeus. I can’t wait to see what she looks like when she’s older. Shiloh ain’t nothing compared to this…you see, it doesn’t take brad and angelina to have gorgeous children.

  95. angel says:

    most Gorgeous baby i’ve ever seen. My aunt always said if you had an ounce of black in you it shows. And she’s right. Even though she’s 75% white you can still tell she’s got black in her.

  96. Jeanne says:

    Adorable— but 20 pictures is a little much.

  97. fwaheed says:

    Question: how will parents who have had plastic surgery explain to their kids why they don’t look like mom or dad?I’ve seen Pics of halle’s “old nose” and it seems as if baby Nahla has a wider nose resembling Halle’s “old nose” Just an observation…

    I’m glad we’re talking about the whole race-ethnicity issue in a healthy educated manner.

  98. CC mom says:

    Who care if the child is black yellow purple whatever..she’s beautiful because she’s an innocent child!!

    as to this race issue, my mother is white and my father is half black( black mother, white father), and you would never tell my looking at me that I have any other ethnicity in me other than white. The whole black white, half, quater it all mkaes me angry, when are we going to just be people???

  99. Lakeisha says:

    She is beautiful but the most important thing is that she is loved.

  100. Tonya says:

    Anybody with an ounce of black is considered black in America.

  101. Mema says:

    We must have the same blood line somewhere, because my Daughter looks so much like you and her Babies are just as beautiful as yours.
    Reply and I will send you pictures of them to you too.

  102. aida says:

    The thing is that celebrities are not all created equal. Meaning, there are some that cld afford to walked around unnoticed or hardly noticed then there are some that cannot even have a private moment in what seemed to be a very private secluded area without being photographed. I admire Halle and her man is surely hot. Bonjour! mon ami Gabriel! Then this very, very beautiful baby that a camera surely love. I respect her stand on not selling her baby’s pics BUT again, not all celebrities are created equal. In the case of Brad and Angie and their children, yes, it makes sense that they wld. rather sell the pix and make a poor situation richer (donation to charities that most of us are either not aware of and not concern since it’s not in our backyard) THAN hand it to the pirahnas of paparazzi. If you know that you cannot even get away from them in your most private place, might as well benefit from them. This is making the best of the worst. Kudos to celebrities who chose to control the out of wack paps in their own term!

  103. Shana says:

    She’s a very pretty, happy looking baby, but all babies are pretty, right? I think she’ll grow up to be a very pretty woman. I do like Suri Cruise, too. I think she’s gorgeous. Nahla doesn’t look a thing like Gabriel Aubrey to me, though. Not a thing. And why is her father never with her, never holding her? Every photo is with Halle and Nahla alone.

  104. Cassia says:

    She IS the most beautiful of the celebrity babies.

  105. Daina says:

    she is beautifulllllllll, she look just as her mama ๐Ÿ™‚

  106. Nina says:

    Why do you all keep saying she’s brown skinned anyone with eyes can see shes very much light skinned/ yellow, and she’s in no way black if she chooses to be when she gets older then its her choice. Just had to get that out. She is of course very beautiful, i think she will look more like her dad when she gets older that is if halle doesn’t have strong genes.

  107. nxghosting says:

    she why not ready or never ban to draw photo with this baby cause this baby attract her their site i am improve my knowledge

  108. Mihir Puri says:

    I would just like to let you know how much I learn from reading articles Tweeted you.Hope to be back again for some more good articles