Guy Ritchie says he and Madonna won’t renew their marriage vows

I swear it still seems like Guy Ritchie is slowly creeping his way out of his marriage. Every so often he’ll make these little Katie Holmes-like gestures of independence and you’ll think “Hey maybe he’s not totally brainwashed/doomed to die in some fiery volcano.” Okay a bit more of that example was Katie Holmes related, but you get my point.

Guy has said he and Madge won’t be renewing their wedding vows anytime soon. Apparently there was some gossip going around about that – though considering all the “emotional affair” rumors, the “we love each other so much we might renew our vows” gossip didn’t exactly get a lot of press. But just to be clear, no, they don’t.

Guy Ritchie has spoken out about claims he and Madonna are planning a wedding blessing.

The 39-year-old director says the idea is out of the question – because he spent too much money on her 50th birthday party.

‘’We won’t be renewing our vows,’ he tells The Mirror. ‘I think once was enough. And I’ve just paid out on a big party for her birthday.’

Guy, currently promoting new film RocknRolla, also reveals what he gave Madge to mark her half century.

‘I brought her 2 original Hermes drawings of equestrian thingies,’ he says. ‘But trust me, the party was infinitely more expensive than the paintings.’

The couple have been married for almost 8 years.

[From Now Magazine]

You have the right to do whatever the hell you want to do Guy Ritchie, but don’t try to feed us some bull about how you’re not re-confirming your love for your wife because you don’t have the cash. That’d be like a penguin saying “Oh I’d totally do it, but I just can’t find any ice for the reception. I mean if it weren’t for the lack of ice I’d be all over it.”

I imagine that Madonna probably has someone who’s sole job is to tape dollar bills together and then loop them around a golden toilet paper roll in each room. That way you can literally wipe yourself with Madonna’s cash. You’ve got the money. You just don’t want to announce to the world how awesome and solid your union is. And that’s smart. Your reason is what’s dumb.

Here’s Madonna and Guy arriving at a London restaurant to celebrate her 50th birthday on August 16th. Images thanks to WENN.

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  1. Leandra says:

    Too much analyzing of this marriage. It is entirely possible that this couple are perfectly happy together and however they live their life works for them. All the rest is what it is – which is a bunch of speculation and tabloid gossip.

  2. SeVen says:

    Celeb Sarcasm Strikes again and yet again, most of us are left taking them seriously.


  3. Strawberry In Disguise says:

    This bodyguard in the background is on sooo many celeb pics!
    He should get his own blog! 😀

  4. Diva says:

    Just when you thought it was safe to turn down the moderation dial…

    I laughed out loud that Guy said “thingies”! LMFAO… he is such a, well, GUY, lmao. “Yeah, she wanted these thingies she showed me so I bought ’em, don’t know, don’t care, what they are.” lmao

    I like Guy Ritchie.

    If anyone watches BBC America, and/or you like British humour, lol, you should check out Star Stories on Friday nights after Python, lmao… they did the Guy and Madonna story this last Friday.

  5. Codzilla says:

    Not sure how I never knew Guy was only 39 until just now, but damn, he’s young. He should run for his life while he still has a soul.

  6. snappyfish says:

    I feel bad that he feels the need to justify his marriage. I have always thought the ‘renewing’ of vows is silly unless being done by a couple at their 50th anniversary then it is kind of sweet

  7. Shane says:

    His “no money” excuse was piss poor indeed. Sounds as if he is tired of giving money to relatives & friends, etc so trying to look as if they are poor. She’s cheap (except with her tour regalia), so that’s just how they operate.

  8. Jeanne says:

    Shocker, what did they ever have in common anyway?

  9. geronimo says:

    Agree with Leandra here. They’ll probably still be together in 20/30 years time and people will still be speculating that a divorce is looming. I like Guy a lot and Madonna is infinitely more likeable by being married to him. I reckon behind all the bullshit, they’re solid.

    Diva, Star Stories is a riot, isn’t it? The Madonna one is just hysterical, also love the Catherine Z-J one, particulary their version of Kirk D and Mick Hucknall! lol!

  10. Diva says:

    Ooooh, I hope that one is coming up, lol… they showed the Beckham one last week, lol… I love it!

  11. fee says:

    Do you have to re-new your vows every few years to validate your marriage now?…. my boyfriend cant even get me to the alter once let alone every few years hahaha
    I forgot how young he was when they first got together – RUN GUY RUN! Hope he gets away before the vampire like Madge sucks the rest of his life force away 😀

  12. vdantev says:

    Oh come on, who wouldn’t want to re-new their vows to Grendel Queen of the Harpies ?

  13. Kaiser says:

    Madonna’s brother says that The Vadge is *very* cheap – which I totally believe. Perhaps Guy was telling the truth – Vadge wouldn’t increase his allowance for anything more than a birthday party.

  14. kate says:

    poor guy – always so glum-looking.

  15. delilah says:

    eww she looks so stretched…must be weird when your wifes face is so messed up – youd think shed be strong enough to represent an aging woman as something to be celebrated but no….

  16. anastasiabeaverhausen says:

    I think he’s miserable and trying to figure out a way to chew his arm off to get out, except that she finances his bombalicious movies.

  17. I give them one more year.

  18. Amy says:

    Meh, I wouldn’t want to renew my vows either. I think it’s cheesy and once is supposed to be enough!

  19. Jeanne says:

    There’s always the pub. They probably worked something out so that they each have lovers on the side. They’ve always been a mismatched couple.