What are Kyle and Kim Richards’ ‘family secrets’?

During part two of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion, the show’s latest villain, Kim Richards, kept insisting their were “private things” of a family matter that led up to the fight in the limo on the show’s last episode that “made me snap.” Kyle of course went after Kim physically as if she was going to hit her, called her an alcoholic, and told her that she and her husband were done supporting her.

This week’s OK Magazine has a cover story featuring the sisters, which contains quotes from “a source close to Kyle” (read: Kyle) about what those “private things” might be. It’s all about money, and while there may be more backstory there I’ll repeat what I’ve said all along: nothing excuses the way that Kyle treats her sister. To the few people telling me I don’t understand because I don’t have a sister who is an addict, that could be true. I have a brother, not a sister, and our relationship is one of mutual support. Plenty of women with sisters have commented that Kyle’s bullying of Kim is inexcusable, and that there seems to be an aggressor victim dynamic between them, particularly in the way that Kim defends Kyle while Kyle blames Kim and makes excuses. (Thanks to Jayna for this link to analysis on Realitytea, which included that insight.)

Here’s the relevant part of OK’s story:

“There is so much more to it than that,” Kyle later blogged. “I didn’t want to come out and say what it was that was really bothering me because this is a private family matter.”

A source confirms, “Kyle was referring to what she believes are Kim’s problems with alcohol.” In fact, footage has since been released of Kim slurring her words and popping pills at an airport in July.

The pal says that Kim’s family has tried to help. “The word is they staged many interventions. But Kim won’t even admit she has a problem…”

How the rivalry began
“There’s deep-rooted jealousy between the sisters,” a source says. “As kids, Kim was the more successful sister. Her acting career was bigger, and Kyle’s always been resentful of that.”

The competitiveness, says a source, continued as the women grew up – who would get married first, who would have the richer husband, who was considered the best looking.

Yet a source close to Kyle says it’s Kim who is now jealous. “She thinks Kyle has a perfect family, kids, life – everything is ‘perfect.’”

Another divide concerns the family home, which Kim accused Kyle of stealing during the show’s finale. After the sisters’ parents died, Kim was due to inherit their L.A. home, says the insider – but Kyle got it: “Kim has never forgiven Kyle for that.” But a source close to Kyle says in reality, Kyle bought her sister’s share of the house – then even let Kim buy it back at a lower price. “Kyle didn’t even cash Kim’s check, because she knew she couldn’t really afford it,” the source tells OK!

In addition, Kyle and her husband, luxury realtor Mauricio Umansky, give Kim money, “a kind of allowance,” says the insider. “They worry about her and don’t want her to feel she’s alone.”

[From OK! Magazine, print edition, February 14, 2011]

Let’s assume for the sake of argument that this version is correct, and that Kyle is upset at Kim because: 1. Kim has a long history of alcoholism and 2. Kyle has been supporting Kim financially. How are those “private things” when Kyle hurled both issues at Kim in the limo? To be fair, Kyle was responding to Kim’s claim that “you stole my house,” but it seems to me like she has no qualms about bringing up her sister’s alcoholism and that she asked her buddies Taylor and Lisa to make a point of it at the reunion. Kyle is using the “private things” argument to deflect blame and suggest that there is much more to the story that would explain her abhorrent behavior toward her sister. We saw Kim this season and while she clearly enjoys to drink it was Kyle and her fish-lipped friend who went after Kim. Kim didn’t say or do anything to Kyle that would explain the way she went after her.

Here’s Kyle in Aspen in late December with Faye Resnick. She loves getting papped. Credit: Fame Pictures




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  1. devilgirl says:

    The fact that Kyle is so buddy buddy with Faye Resnick says a lot about her, and I am not referring to the fact Resnick posed nude in Playboy.

    Kyle looks ridiculous in that faux Johnny Cash get up.

  2. Jacq says:

    That can’t be all of it. There is something more. I just don’t have the time to dredge the web for it with a one year-old on my heels. But I’ll watch forever!!

    • Sandy says:

      Google the book House of Hilton. You can read excerpts from it online. Kyle, Kim, and Kathy’s mother (Big Kathy) was a real piece of work. She is the key.

  3. Marjalane says:

    Time to get your roots done, Kyle! I think public sentiment caught Kyle off guard and now she’s all about trying to paint herself as the “good” sister- regardless of how it takes down Kim. She’s ghastly in my opinion and I do have some street cred on sister relationships- I have five of them!

  4. Tess says:

    Spot on, C/B.

    Ugh. Those Rodeo Drive cowgirls, Faye Resnick and Kyle, are a real kick in the ass.

  5. Melissa says:

    I can’t stand Kyle’s hair! I think she is obsessed with it and it always looks like crap to me and completely inappropriate for her age!!

  6. pebbles says:

    Team Kim. Still.
    But I do think that Kim may have a drinking problem. I mean, look at all of those child stars, and what happens to a lot of them. Painfully shy kids who only open up in front of a camera, supporting their families financially, and then when the gravy trains stop, the family deserts them emotionally.
    One of Kim’s co-stars, Trent Lehman, from Nanny and the Professor, committed suicide at 20 by hanging himself from a chain link fence at his old school. How sad is that? (so sad………..)

  7. devilgirl says:

    @Melissa- I don’t like Kyle, but she does have beautiful hair.It is healthy and, IMO, well taken care of.

    Just curious, at what age is it no longer appropriate to wear long hair? I mean really, just because someone turns 40 doesn’t mean they have to shear off their hair into some matronly, cookie cutter style.

  8. Jayna says:

    Kyle isn’t evil and I am sure she has done good things trying to help Kim, but her actions that night, for the most part, were inexcusable. She has anger issues and deliberately humiliated her sister on national TV. Secondly, Kyle’s reaction on part two was priceless when really called out on her behavior towards her sister. That stonecold stare. LOL She likes to demand everyone, Camille and Kim, own up to their issues, but she doesn’t like being criticized and never really owned up completely to her behavior, still tries to use their past as reasons. Kyle needs to take a long, hard look at herself, and calling her friends and telling them her sister’s problems ad nauseum is not cool. Kim was the classy one on the reunion show.

  9. LittleDeadGirl says:

    It’s an interesting view point that Kyle asked her friends to bring up those issues at the renuion so she wouldn’t look bad. I thought she looked annoyed and angry when Lisa brought it up so I thought she didn’t want that to be talked about. To be honest I don’t see the evil Kyle, I think maybe neither one of them knows how to communicate the right way, but I didn’t see abuse. I just saw passion and love being expressed in perhaps the wrong way but I could be wrong. The only place I thought Kyle went overboard was bringing up their dead mother … I thought that was way over the line.

  10. guesty says:

    Someone tagged jealousy as the cause of Kyle’s reprehensible behavior..ita. She’s got issues! Unfortunately, her ginormous ego will always stand in her way.

    And to whomever posted that a Mauricio/Camille hook-up would be the ultimate karmic event…lol…it so would be.

    Just a guess but I bet he’s already tested those waters with Camille.

  11. guesty says:

    @devil girl…imma thinking all of her hair is not really her own outside of the fact that she bought it.

  12. DGO says:

    What’s up with Kim’s eyebrows?

  13. LT says:

    @CB – you have Kim as the villian in your first sentence, but I think you mean Kyle! :)

  14. Jayna says:

    @devilgirl, I, too, think her hair is too long for her age. Sometimes it looks really stunning that long when made up for an event, but a lot of times it’s just flat and long and dragging down her face and seems a little dated of a look. A Demi Moore length, which is still very long, would be more flattering.

  15. LT says:

    @devilgirl & @Jayna – I think Kyle has gorgeous hair, but I agree that it just seems TOO long & seems to just be dragging her face down. I think if she cut it to maybe her shoulders or so it would be super cute.

  16. Roma says:

    Well I have 2 addict brothers and a father who is a recovered alcoholic (from my dad’s first marriage and I’m adopted, so no hereditary issues for me). It is never, ever appropriate to attack another person – addict or not – in that manner. And yes, addiction causes huge strains on a family but guess what: I would never agree to be filmed with either of my brothers unless they were clean and sober.

    Kyle is blaming Kim for her behaviour because she probably didn’t expect to be called out as a bitch.

    And any person who has addiction in the family should know that you live your life for you or you’ll become codependent on the drama caused by the addictions.

    People like Kyle make me so beyond angry.

  17. Jacq says:

    What is the Hilton / Bravo connection? The beatle-haired, d-bag guy from Million Dollar Listing worked for Hilton and Hyland (sp?), Rick Hilton’s property firm. Now in promos, Mauricio and a nephew, presumably, are featured. All in addition to the way Kyle appeared to have been the one approached by the network and gathered the cast.
    I was also wondering, in the same vein, why the fame-whoring Hilton’s never made a cameo on RHOBH and why Kathy has issued no statement on the meleé. It seemed on the reunion like these two thought they were the only children.

  18. bros says:

    Again, Kim was due to inherit the house but kyle got it? does anyone at these magazines do any research into how if someone is due to inherit something, it doesnt just magically wind up that someone else gets it. this just annoys me and I wish someone would actually do research into the exact transaction issue that happened. you cant steal someone’s house! there must have been some kind of arrangement between them that Kim later decided she didnt like and wanted to cry and be drunk victim about.

    Jacq that’s a good question. the contestants on Top Chef also win vacations furnished by Hilton hotels too. they are probably a major sponsor.

  19. smith says:

    I have a “best-friend, loving” relationship with my sister and “I don’t know where he is these days” relationship with an addict brother. I can’t imagine a time or place where I wouldn’t move heaven and earth for either.

    There is no excuse for the way Kyle treats Kim.

    It’s sad that whatever past they have, Kim defends and emotes love to Kyle. Kyle sits back and returns at best nothing, at worst vitriol. What kind of woman responds in that manner? We all have history, we all have family issues. She publically calls out her sister’s failings and acts like her nemesis. That my friends says it all.

  20. smith says:

    Sorry for the double-post but I have to weigh in on the Kyle hair:

    It’s ridiculous. Yes it’s good hair but it’s waaay too long and it greatly ages her. From the back you think you’re getting one thing, then bang she turns around and you get that aging melty-man face.

    She’s prob the least offensive looking on on the show – but hey in the land of the BLIND, the one-eyed man is KING.

  21. devilgirl says:

    Well, IMO, there is nothing more aging on a woman than short hair.

    And yes, I have long hair.

  22. whitedaisy says:

    There is NEVER a justifiable reason to treat someone with such disrespect and disdain. NEVER.
    Doesn’t matter if it is a sister; doesn’t matter if it is a brother; doesn’t matter if the person is an addict; NEVER.
    If the private issues are so overwhelming the potential positives for the sibling relationship, then their time and effort would be better spent in therapy.

  23. francesca says:

    I think Kyle is beautiful. Even when she cries. And if being a bully means being able to hold your own in an argument and drive your points home sharply and deeply, then I think it’s a lovely thing to be.

  24. Frenchie says:

    You can really recognize Paris Hilton’s noze there

  25. Lukie says:

    Hey Celebitchy & Kaiser!

    You should also check out this woman known as LynnNChicago on twitter. Quite a few of the real housewives follow her (and many block her) and Bethenny reads her blog. She is kind of the Queen of RH gossip & blogging. Lynn gets A LOT of inside scoop and references other sites as well:


    Jill Zarin especially hates her b/c she started a I hate JilL Zarin blog. She is totally worth checking out…

  26. MiMi says:

    I’ve heard some people speculate that Kyle is pregnant again because she hid her stomach with a pillow on the Reunion and the sparking cider comment from Andy. In these pics, she’s hiding her stomach and her roots are showing. Thoughts?

  27. guesty says:

    @devil girl…ita about short hair. my hair is long also…with color, hi-lites & enhanced with extensions. def loving it. :)

    And yeah…what’s up with Andy Cohen’s nose being completely stuck up Kyle’s a$$?

  28. garvels says:

    The more I think about this and when I realized as I read other comments, the Hiltons are probably serious investors in the reality genre. Look at the money Paris made in this form of entertainment. I also looked up the Maloof family in Wikipedia and they too are investing in Reality TV. I believe Adrienne’s husband also appeared on some of those Plastic surgery shows. Since Kyle organized this band of “Merry Women”, she probably wanted to make sure there was a second season so she felt more comfortable targeting her sister than the other women, especially since all of the other women were her close friends. Way to throw your sister under the bus Kyle! Remember Kyle Karma is a bitch! The more I think about it, I also think Adrienne and Lisa behaved like cowards on the Reunion shows. I believe they saw Kyle’s bullying and they sat there and said nothing. Doing nothing when another person is being ripped apart right in front of you is just as bad as the person who is doing the bullying. Come to think of it, Camille was the only one who said Kyle was bullying Kim, but Camille’s motives were to get one up on Kyle not out of compassion for Kim. I,m done-end of comments on this subject.

  29. Falula says:

    Does anyone else remember that at the height of Paris Hilton mania, Kyle was on every single show (i.e. True Hollywood Story) and quoted in every article about Paris and Nicki? She talked to ANYONE who would listen about how she was related to them. During this season of RH I thought it was interesting that Kathy and the rest of the Hilton clan were never on camera, and I kind of got the feeling they weren’t interested in dealing with Kyle and the show when they didn’t even come to Farrah’s graduation.

    It’s apparent that Kyle has wanted to be in the spotlight for something, anything, for a very long time, and now she is using her sister to further her agenda. She so badly wants to be famous that she doesn’t care if she’s just known for being a ginormous b*tch.

    I also agree that she’s probably pregnant, just in time for season 2, of course.

  30. Lukie says:

    BTW, am I the only one that caught Kim’s comment when she said Kyle is just like their mother?

    I found that comment very telling…

    • Sandy says:

      Read about Big Kathy, Kyle’ and Kim’s mother in: House of Hilton: From Conrad to Paris: A Drama of Wealth, Power, and Privilege [Paperback]
      Jerry Oppenheimer

      It’s an eye opener and will explain a lot. You can also Google the book and read a lot of excerpts online.

  31. Eileen says:

    I think they are both wrong in their separate ways. Kim is no saint by far in this scenario. Every time anything goes wrong she uses her child acting as justification. I thought it was dumb that she said she didn’t know how to dress stylishly or do her makeup because she was busy working when she was a child. That doesn’t even make sense! You’re how old and you haven’t gone to learn how to do your make up? That’s just a small taste of it. Everything she does is blamed on that-you can’t live your whole life using that as a reason to drink, pop pills and rely on everyone else.
    And Kyel has a lot of anger and needs to calm her ass down. she went from being one of my faves to the bottom with Taylor & Camille.

  32. cprincess says:

    “#1The fact that Kyle is so buddy buddy with Faye Resnick says a lot about her”

    Yeah-Im one of the few who thought Kyle was OK actually until I saw her hanging out with that fame ho who looks absolutely ridiculous in that get up with her fake everything-lose the fake blond hair dear -you do not have the coloring of a blond…
    She cant help the fact that shes related to Wonky Mc Valtrex but she can help the people she hangs out with…

  33. alexandra says:

    I see how Kyle is full of frustration and maybe some hatered for her sister. I am the daughter of an alcoholic father, and an alcoholic mother. I despised my father and did not feel sorry for him when he died alone. The pain that addiction causes it is hard to sort out love from pain. Pain feels like hate. Unless you walk a mile in Kyle’s shoes, you will never know. Now that my father is dead and years of therapy due to childhood abuse. I can look back and forgive for everything. It has taken years to understand my father. He had a difficult childhood and translated into the monster he became. When he was sober he was a bright man, and he was likable but I hated him, because I knew his dark side. I would get judged by people of how insolent and unforgiven I was. Unless you have experienced a true alcoholic do not judged.

  34. MissyA says:

    It’s really interesting reading all these comments re:Kyle and the Hiltons. I actually like Kyle based on the few times I’ve seen her in action (a stunning 1 1/2 episodes – totally enough time for a character judgement, right?). Of course, maybe she just looked good by comparison of her peers. (No amount of media whitewash will make me think Camille is a decent person.) But the more I read about her and her influence over the show, the more skeptical I’ve become. . .

    I will say this though – on the handful of episodes I’ve managed to see, I was shocked at Kim’s interactions and talking heads. Every scene she’s in she’s slurring – not in a, “Yeah, we had a few cocktails”, kinda way, but in a “I think I’m getting away with it because no one knows I’m high/drunk” sorta way. Subtle, but unmistakable.

    She’s clearly an addict and incapable of taking care of herself – and given the fact that she’s in her late forties and probably never has taken care of herself, she probably never will. Not that it makes it right, but forty years of the same old song and dance can be exhausting. I can see how that would be frustrating as a family member – having to put up with a lifetime of irresponsible decisions veiled in martyrdom. (I’ve seen maybe 90 minutes total and I know how Kim had to work “to support the family”. . . give me a break. Your last name is Hilton!)

    But Kyle’s media ties seem pretty damning. If she is a producer and truly did hand-pick the cast, it seems like she had an ulterior motive from the beginning. But who knows – maybe Kim begged her for the opportunity? I don’t know, I’m trying to apply empathy to a group of woman who clearly have no souls to begin with.

    . . . I mean, she was stoned/drunk when she was doing a radio interview with Disney for Christ’s sake! So. Utterly. Pathetic.

  35. Tracy says:

    To all who have issues with long hair… this is NOT the fifties anymore. Even before 1920 when chopping the hair off became popular, women had long, very long hair. It may have been pulled back for convenience but it was long.
    I have long hair and always have and I love it, even with a little silver.
    You can wear your hair however you please, and I’ll do likewise.

  36. Pete Pettiwick says:

    Kyle, if yiou read this: Listen up! You are mean, cold, calculating and just a terrible person. It is time for YOU to change! Kim may have problems, but lady, she is so much better than you. Kyle, you need to change.

  37. TeeTee says:

    I’ve NEVER missed an episode

    WHEN has Kim defended Kyle??? NEVER!

    to me, they ALL need therapy, ALL of the Hilton family.

    Their mother was a hotmess!! I read a few excerpts of a book about her and how she came to be…

    had Kyle NOT had Kim on the show, she’d be a horrible person…she has her on the show and now she is still horrible.

    I’m sure she wanted to keep Kim and her drinking addiction OUT of the media..

    I feel for Kim’s kids, and to think at the start of the season, she was talking about having another kid, smdh.

  38. Boat says:

    I don’t care if Kim is an addict or not; Kyle shouldn’t put Kim down so much. That just makes things worse. It makes Kim feel even more worthless than she already does. I hope Kim gets the help she needs. I also hope Kyle takes a good look at herself. I’ve never heard Kyle say a nice thing about Kim.

  39. k says:

    Kyle’s hair is shiny and appears healthy, except at the ends which are jagged and completely uneven — and not in a stylish way. I think that’s perhaps why some of us cringe at her hair.

    I’m team Kim. I do think she needs help with substance abuse, but she has so much more class than Kyle and of course Taylor.

  40. Kim says:

    Kim was ponied up to Hollywood by her mother to make the family rich & famous.

    Their mother always wanted to be famous but wasnt therefore pushed all her kids into Hollywood. Kim & Kyle have both publicly stated this.

    Kims acting money supported the family for years. Kim feels she is owed because she sacrificed her childhood to support the family. At the time Kyle was jealous of her sisters fame because she wasnt getting the roles- Kim was. So if Kyle is now supporting Kim it seems tit for tat since Kim supported Kyle, Kathy & the mother for years.

    These issues were never discussed or resolved & carry through to today.

    Kim has a drinking problem stemming from probably more than just her supporting the family for yrs. Im sure there are other issues- being child actress in Hollywood around many adult males, who knows what Kim experienced.

    Kim has issues but she had a bizarre childhood – do we expect her to be “normal?” She associated with only adults as a child and was treated as an adult, was supporting her entire family and never had a normal childhood so of course she is socially inept which shows big time on the show.

    Even though Kim has issues Kyle has no excuse to treat her sister the way she does. Kyle has deep seated anger issues with her sister that she needs to work out for herself.

  41. Jeannified says:

    Maybe at the beginning of the season when Kim talked of having another baby, that was her passive-aggressive way of getting at Kyle, because she knew that Kyle wanted another baby, and Mauricio was not sure about doing that. Hmmm…

  42. Kim says:

    LynnNChicagos blog is LAME! boring

  43. SRM says:

    I am curious how Kathy Hilton figures into their dynamic.

  44. SEM says:

    Kyle is an insufferable WITCH and that ain’t no secret!!! Her hair might work on a 22 year old but looks ridiculous on someone her age…

  45. Liana says:

    And any person who has addiction in the family should know that you live your life for you or you’ll become codependent on the drama caused by the addictions.

    Thank you. Kyle is the Queen of Codependence.

  46. Simone says:

    I think kim needs to move on from this series and move on from her sister…..Just b/c your blood don’t mean she’s your sister in the truest sense of the word. I have issues with all four of my sisters, but no way in hell would anyone outside our family turn to me and say “should we talk about her state mind” and come out of that conversation alive. My sisters and I go at eachother like nobody’s business at times, but NO ONE like taylor or lisa would ever get away with hurting them. Kyle has proven to me throughout this season, that she doesn’t have kim’s best interest at heart and that she enjoys kim being “the mess” b/c it makes her feel superior.

  47. wunderkindt says:

    Sure Kim’s clearly a drunk, but she’s more likable than Kyle. It’s easier to feel sorry for Kim than for Kyle.

    That said, Camille is a total skank.

  48. RHONYC says:

    is it me or does in certain shots kim looks like michael douglass? :mrgreen:

  49. MyCatLoves TV says:

    My sister and I can go at one another like two pit bulls…bringing in stuff from the past that has nothing to do with the current argument. At the worst, I may say something to my best friend either in tears or in anger just to bounce things off of her. Never, however, would I publish our dirty laundry (and there is some for sure) in the public arena. That is cruel beyond belief. Because sisters know where all the family bodies are buried, they CAN cause pain beyond what a non family member could do. Kim is a sad droopy mess & we all see it. Kyle intentionally brought her on this show knowing the secrets and exactly what would make Kim crack. Kyle is a cruel woman who is finally getting her “evens” on a sister who was — back in her day — more beautiful, more successful & rec’d more financial benefits from her career than she (Kyle) ever did. Now Kim looks a bit “rode hard and put away wet.” I doubt she’s ever been to a plastic surgeon. That’s fine but the alcohol never does a body good so the aging process speeded up for poor Kim. Kyle is just lording all this over Kim. And to be giving Kim an allowance….the indignity of that. If I were Kim, I would rather die than take a dime from that witch. But that would require Kim to have a backbone. I don’t think that creature has an ounce of strength left.

    I think Paul Petersen (the man who helps child stars) needs to step in and help Kim find Kim again.

  50. Amy says:

    I like Kyle and I think it was just a heated slip of the tongue in the limo.

    Neither one of them wanted to discuss the issue on the reunion special because Kim obviously doesn’t want to address her addiction publicly. Nor should she have to!

    But, I don’t think there is a good guy and a bad guy here. Just two sisters with a long history.

  51. Christine says:

    I have two siblings that are alcoholics. I don’t bully them. There is NO excuse for Kyle. And please, I live in Colorado, and she is the biggest poseur of all in that stupid hat in Aspen. You know who wears hats like that? Stupid people trying to look posh in Aspen.

  52. jen34 says:

    I think that Kim supporting her family and the belief that Kyle stole the family home Kim bought and maintained, is at the root of Kims resentment. I’ve actually seen in RL siblings never speaking to each other over homes that one of them was supposed to inherit from parents, but the parents left the house to another sibling. Inheritance/money issues never go away. There is too much resentment
    built up over too many years on both their parts.

    Kyle never has the career that Kim had, but now she has the ‘perfect’ family, and she doesn’t want Kim to forget it. I think she enjoys being more successful than her sister since she always Kim was the more successful one growing up.

  53. Lila says:

    I believe 100% that Kyle is behind all these stories and media ‘scoops’. She issuing press releases and now these “sources” ( Lisa, Kyle and Taylor I’m looking at you) have access to all this info that Kyle claims she was holding inside from everyone? And let’s not gloss over the fact that the Hilton/Richards family doesn’t really seem to take drug abuse all that seriously. How many times has Paris been caught with weed and bags of cocaine? I don’t see anyone shuffling her off the rehab so long as that show pony continues to generate revenue. She was off to Tokyo without a care in the world days after being arrested in Vegas last year for cocaine possession. Her parents didn’t even seem to care. Kathy Hilton was more upset about the quality of bedding her daughter had to endure while in jail for the first DUI only to be followed later by her son, Barron, being arrested for the same thing. And I haven’t heard Kyle bring any of that up, but she’s so quick to throw Kim under the bus. This family has a lot of substance abuse issues and I’m disgusted that Kyle is trying to make Kim seem as if she’s the black sheep in the family. As far as I know she’s the only one that hasn’t gotten a DUI.

  54. april says:

    MissyA – Kim and Kyle’s last name is Richards not Hilton. They didn’t grow up as Hiltons. Their sister Kathy married Rick Hilton. Their only connection to the Hiltons is through their sister Kathy’s marriage.

  55. JenJen says:

    Thanks to whoever originally posted this video of Taylor and Kyle drunk. I think it would be great embedded on here as a thread.


  56. Venus says:

    That night in the limo, Kyle had her “manager” call the drive & specifically tell him not to drive Kim home. There is no justification for that — Kyle didn’t want Kim to leave because she wasn’t done beating up on her for the fight Taylor started and she, Kyle, escalated. She lunged at her own sister — and if Adrienne wasn’t there would have hit her. How people can try to justify that because Kim *may* have a drinking problem is mind-boggling to me.
    And the “house” Kim was referring to is the house in Palm Springs that is now Kyle’s house — Kim lived there & it was her house. Now, it is in Kyle’s name. Those payments that Kyle is lying about by saying they are support for Kim are payments for the house — she talked Kim into deeding the house over to her based on future payments, instead of cash up front. Kim probably feesl that Kyle took advantage of her in that deal. That is what the “you stole my house” comment was about.

  57. original kate says:

    what secrets? these chicks have sold every ounce of privacy and dignity they have ever had in going on this show, screaming and fighting and rolling around in a limo. so what could the secret be? they are the result of a government program where hyenas were mated with yetis? ugh. who cares?

    • Sandy says:

      The key is their mother, Big Kathy. She was an awful woman. Google the book House of Hilton. You can read excerpts about their mother online.

  58. hatekyle says:

    blogger should correct the first sentence: the show’s latest villain should be KYLE and not Kim.

  59. crumbcake says:

    First off, the superficial aspect–I think Kyle would look much, MUCH better if she cut off at least 6 inches of her hair. Yes, long hair is beautiful, but I think it’s also possible to have your hair so long that it is no longer very flattering. And even with six inches off, it would still be “long” hair. And for those who may feel ruffled about the comments on long hair on older women, I also don’t think you have to hack it all off, but there is a huge difference between very short hair, versus medium or long hair. And I don’t think there are many women with the facial structure where they would look the best with super long hair like Kyle’s, and that is no offense to anybody. But it is her hair and she can wear it any way she wants. . . it doesn’t hurt me any if she choses to wear her hair in a style that I don’t think is the most flattering.
    Okay, now my input on Kyle’s personality–it is all about “her”–me me me. She NEVER has Kim’s back. . . oh, except when she is stabbing her in it or pushing on it to throw Kim under the bus. Yet, she whines and attacks and acts like this victim because Kim did not feel comfortable getting up in Camille’s face on her behalf. All this moaning and whining about her sister being disloyal while she is simultaneously stabbing her sister in the back to her fake ass friends–and don’t even get me started on that fake a-hole Taylor.
    My last point is to those people who have said that they had an alcoholic parent and felt hatred towards them. This I can understand, because you depend on your parents to “be there” for you–you need them when you’re growing up and if they are drunk and emotionally absent all the time, then I can understand the anger. But this is NOT Kyle’s parent, this is her sister. If she really loved her sister, I think she would stop being so abusive of Kim and have not even recommended that she join the RHOBH cast and discreetly tried to get her into a treatment program. If you love someone and see them struggling, you do not constantly say disrespectful things in front of your friends. . . and the entire world for that matter. If Kyle is really like her mom, this would explain a lot of her sick behavior.

  60. HonestSally says:

    This woman also kept a blog on a few of the RHOF series,’ totally inappropriate but interesting:


  61. sarah talks says:

    Kathy Hilton is the sister with the MOST money. She is also the oldest but it seems she doesn’t feel an obligation to help her sister Kim out, financially or otherwise. While I agree Kyle was hurtful in how she mishandled Kim, I think at least she tried. I think Kyle is like the white version of NeNe Leakes. Meaning they don’t know how to handle emotions such as envy or frustration so they lash out aggressively. They should read more books so they can see everyone experiences negative emotions but you have to deal with it appropriately and respectfully. It’s a sign that someone isn’t very educated, not just academically but self-educated beyond watching TV and chatting with their girlfriends. I have an aunt who acts like that. She lashes out verbally and physically when she’s experiencing doubt, envy or humiliation. She can’t handle her feelings so she looks for the nearest safe person to unload all her insecurities onto, and she does it in a very mean-spirited hateful way. Safe because we’re her family so she can get away with it. I have never seen her read anything ever. She lived with us and she never so much as read the nutrition facts on a box of cereal. If she would read she could get out of her own mind and realize everyone has problems and also learn solutions for how people deal with those problems or emotions.

  62. cranky rogalsky says:

    aren’t they both awful? i’m confused … why does only one have to be horrible? i’m so tired of alcoholics getting a pass on bad behavior. fine, it’s a disease – but it’s a manageable one. those of us with chronic diseases that can’t be managed make much bigger sacrifices with smaller or no results.

  63. JustBored says:

    @Sarah talks..Kyle is the white version of Nene. You nailed it. Same personality, loud, obnoxious, jealous, evil and unnecessarily cruel.

  64. Melissa says:

    I just think Kyle’s hair is too long and shapeless. I think if she cut a few inches off it would look much better and be more appropriate on her. I don’t think you need to have super short hair once you get older and I didn’t mean to make it sound like I did. I think her hair is nice hair and looks healthy but I can’t stand how it looks on her and how she seems obsessed with it. Like the episode of Maurico’s birthday where she is whipping it around in a circle as she was dancing! I liked her up until that point:)

  65. Trippin says:

    Funny how Camille was the most hated but even on her worst day she comes off more sympathetic than Kyle. I think the thing most people have trouble with is that Kyle and Kim are sisters yet Kyle consistently sides with Drag Queenie Taylor and Lisa. And what’s the “having my back” stuff all about? Are they in middle school? And Kyle cut that mutha-f*ckin’ long hair only pole and titty dancers wear it that long. Kim should sneak in at night and cut it off, poof no Kyle. She’s all mouth and hair. Mean cow! I’ll never forgive Kyle for going “Beverly Hills” on Kim’s ass in the limo! Inexcusable, and if Kim really is a little off mentally or suffers frm addiction Kyle shouldn’t calling her deluded, deranged, insane.

  66. Tess says:

    @ Sarah talks, Bingo, you nailed it. She is the White NeNe, aka Beverly Hills NeNe.

    Same lack of impulse control, need to be the center of attention, and belligerent, jealous personality.

    Funny how white NeNe is so quick to call Kim crazy and Lisa a “jelly bean” which is her cutsie way of saying that Lisa’s jealous of her friendship with Taylor. Perhaps a wee bit of transference? Oh yeah!

  67. lana says:

    Kyle has this big teeth comming out of her mouth whem name Kim comes up. She keeps on byting Kim any chance she gets.
    And she knows cameras are present, so she intensifies her assults on Kim.
    Stupidly she thinks that it ‘betteres her’ as if to show how dominant she is and how demented Kim is. She does it constantly and never failes to byte Kim.
    She never spoke once of how badly Kim must feel. it is all about Kyles feelings and Kyle ‘dealing’ with Kim and
    their mom leaving Kyle to be bathered by Kim. As if Kyle wished Kim never existed. Kyle deliberely destroing Kim phychic. Kyle has shown such an ugly side of her, i do nt see how she can ever repair it. Shame on Lisa for taking Kyle side. Tailor has no shame, i do not count her to be worth talking about. But Lisa has lost allot by siding with Kyle. May be Lisa’s face does have a shaddow of what Cedric was talking about. May be she did treat Cedric as her shaddow and demanded obidience. Kim, everyone loves you. Do not submit yourself to the torment Kyle is putting your through. Stop loving her. You stand much taller then her…by any magor.

  68. Anti-icon says:

    I think the “secret” is that the Kyle (and perhaps the family at large) conspired to have Kim made incompetent so that they could take her property. It’s the first thing that came to my mind when Kim said “you took my house.” How would that be possible? Addiction and/or mental health and California law. (Unfair and rarely just….these competency legal maneuvers…..)

  69. tt says:

    After observing Kyle bully her sister kim, week after week, I shouldn’t have been surprised when Kyle tried to actually assault kim in the limo. What an onboxious bully. Kim stay away from your sister Kyle. She isn’t good for you! Kyle is poisonous! If you have a problem get help but stay away from Kyle. She is so jealous of you. You have to protect yourself from her. She will hurt you again.
    Taylor doesn’t know how to behave. Taylor and Lisa, no doubt manipulated by a mean, spiteful Kyle, should not have commented about Kim’s problem. There is no way they can mitigate Kyle’s assault on her sister.
    I now have no doubt that Camille was being truthful about Kyle.

  70. KYLEisAnarrcisticByatch! says:

    KYLE is a high leveled narrcissitic personality disorder! I think they manipulated, pimped, used and abused Kim and it all started with their mother! My advice to Kim is stay clear from any blood sucking vampires that only create noise in your life!! They are poison to your spirit & growth as a human being!

  71. Anonymous says:

    Kyle is such a mole, she knows her sister is an alcoholic, but still picks on her! Kim is weak or placid of nature, Kyle is a bully. Whatever Kim said in the limo only someone who holds guilt would flip out like that. Their mother should be ashamed of Kyle.

  72. Kerrie G says:

    Just saying….after all these comments on who’s side you’re on or who is a better sister, can we all comment on who started all this drama?? TAYLOR!! She wants to make Kim look as bad as she can to make herself feel like she is someone, which she isn’t. Taylor is the one who attacked Kim that night (as she always does the second she sees Kim)The same happened when she went behind Kyle’s back in NY and started that huge fight between Kyle and Camille. Anyone see a pattern here??? Then Taylor has the nerve to say how involved she is in her charity! BwaHAHA! She is the bully and throws out all kinds of threats of physical harm. She the worst hypocrite of all!! She looks hideous as well. What Taylor needs is to stop the injections and shut the hell up. TAYLOR IS the problem. Get rid of her!!! She’s the evil one!!

  73. doris grossman says:

    I disagree–I think Kyle’s the healthy one and that Kim is a manipulative, emotional vortex who does not want to grow up or take responsibility for her life. I am disgusted the way she plays innocent when things don’t go her way, looking baffled when people fight, even though she causes much of it. She’s a coward and a drain.

  74. Colleen says:

    Kyle is a really jealous woman. Every episode that she is in with Brandy, Kyle is making snide remarks or just being a b$&ch. I saw the previews for tonight as Kyle is making a snide remark about Brandi wearing wedges and no bra. Who cares Kyle!!

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