Gabriel Aubry & Halle Berry are both doubling-down on the crazy (updates)


Throughout the on-going trauma of Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry’s custody battle, Radar has been unabashedly Team Gabriel. They’ve been getting very good “leaks” from unnamed sources in Aubry’s camp, perhaps even Aubry himself. Early Wednesday, TMZ had a source who hinted that Gabriel Aubry might have tapes of Halle Berry being an a–hole. And now Radar’s source (probably the same person) is stepping up the accusation, saying that Gabriel definitely has emails, text messages and voicemails from Halle acting crazy. What’s interesting is that the “source” says that The Crazy went into overdrive right about the time Gabriel started hooking up with Kim Kardashian. That ass destroys everything.

Halle Berry’s ex-boyfriend, Gabriel Aubry, has numerous emails, text messages and voicemails from the 44-year-old actress which document her angry and jealous rages – and they’re bad. But, according to a source close to the Canadian-born model he won’t be leaking them to the press, choosing instead to save them, if needed, to help present his case at family court in their upcoming custody battle.

“I honestly think Gabriel should release some of these messages he has from Halle, and tell his side of the story, but he won’t, he said he’s going to save them for family court, which will be a private, press-free environment,” the source told

“I know it sounds like I’m painting a picture but Gabriel truly does not want to do anything at all that could potentially damage his daughter, and he knows attacking Halle in the press would ultimately do that.”

The source has seen several of the emails and text messages firsthand and has listened to one particularly nasty voicemail left by the star on Aubry’s cellphone.

“She left a crazy message on Gabe’s cell just after some pictures came out of him at a Lakers game with a girl last year. She is mega, mega p***ed in the message, calling him, and the girl, all kinds of names – it’s certainly something Halle wouldn’t want heard. Gabriel played it to me at the time, and said: ‘see what I have to deal with?!’ I really felt for the guy – I mean, he hadn’t done anything wrong….just gone on a date!”

“He could totally do a number on her if he chose to – but he’s a nice guy at the end of the day and unlike Halle, Gabe’s not concerned with the public believing he is the ‘wronged one’ and with controlling his image – he is concerned with his daughter and her welfare. Perhaps if Halle spent more time truly worrying about that and less time worrying about how she’s being portrayed in the press the situation would be better and easier for all concerned.”

[From Radar]

So… you know what this is, right? Public relations blackmail. Gabriel is sending a message to Halle to hold back on the personal attacks (like, say, the claim that Gabe was throwing around the N-bomb). This is the warning shot, with Gabe saying “If you continue to act like a raging bitch, I’m going to release all of this stuff, and you and Mel Gibson are going to be the same.” Now, I would never claim that Halle called Gabe a “glum c-nt” or that she threatened to bury him in the rose garden, but Halle’s reputation could be severely damaged by this collected evidence. We’ll see if any of it comes out in the end. Right now it’s a game of who will blink first. And personally, I think it should be Halle.

UPDATE: Okay, now TMZ is following up – their Team Berry sources say that Gabe would often call Halle demeaning things, dropping the N-bomb and calling her a “f-cking bitch”. One of Gabe’s ex-girlfriends backs this up, saying that he’s always been a “borderline racist” and a misogynist. Oh, and apparently Halle has saved some text messages from Gabe as well. A source tells TMZ: “He constantly demeaned her. It was awful.” Not only that, but Halle is now claiming that Nahla cries hysterically whenever Gabe comes to pick her up, and Halle claims she has “proof” that Gabe is putting her in harm’s way. Yeah. So… this is Halle’s answer to Gabe’s “I’ve got voicemails of you acting crazy, bitch” threat. Halle is doubling-down. Crazy bitches, both of them.

UPDATE #2: Frig! Radar has ANOTHER Team Gabe story. Methinks Gabe is the Oksana, right? Anyway, Radar reports that Halle sent an email to Gabe that reads “You were only good for one thing… Thanks for the donation.” And sources close to Gabe say: “Halle’s timing in these [racist] ‘revelations’ speaks volumes. It’s amazing how she’s only now chosen to come forward about all this ‘abuse’ and Gabriel’s ‘bad parenting’, basically after he went to court to legally establish his parental rights. All Gabriel wanted was to ensure his legal entitled access to his daughter, and to not have to be at the mercy of Halle’s moods as to when and how he could see Nahla. And now Halle’s totally gone off the deep end, because it’s all about her and it’s all about her controlling Gabriel and controlling the situation. She’s totally gone into spin mode and is trying desperately to paint herself as this tragic victim figure, as she’s done many times in the past. But I’ve seen evidence to the contrary, and trust me – she’s no tragic victim, far from it.”



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  1. Salina says:

    Poor Nahla

  2. Westcoaster says:

    This is getting ugly fast! I suppose the girl that Halle saw Gabriel with at a Lakers game was Kim K? Kim K will probably be making a statement about her”relationship” with Gabriel any day now.

  3. Granger says:

    This is so sad. Their poor daughter.

    I find it hard to believe Aubry is “racist,” because why the hell would he have hooked up with a black woman?

    And frankly, I wouldn’t be surprised if Berry is abusive. Didn’t she witness her father abusing her mother? And her first husband was clearly a misogynistic a**hole. She’s been so exposed to abuse in her lifetime, she probably thinks being abusive herself is the only way she can be heard.

  4. brin says:

    Going down this nasty path just makes them both look bad but Halle has more to lose in the public relations war.

  5. QUEST says:

    He says, she says, he did, she did…this shit is dragging on and will affect what should be the most important factor (Nahla) in the end. Both need to grow a pair, suck it up and be responsible, mature adults.

    I said responsible, MATURE adults.

  6. l says:

    @ Kaiser

    I think you should have included the bit from TMZ (late afternoon yesterday) about Halle being “concerned for Nahla’s safety when she is in Aubry’s care.” and the insinuation that improper things were going on.

    I don’t know about Aubry or how I feel about him. But I DO know, that I am COMPLETELY disgusted by Halle Berry and her camp.

  7. N.D. says:

    She’s the one with all the power and she wants it to stay that way and will stoop to anything to get that. And all he wants is to be a present father for his daughter.

  8. Glyrics says:

    Because her father beat her mother she’s an abuser? I’m team Nahla in this, but it really bugs me that people automatically assume it’s the woman’s fault

    And the “thanks for the donation” line: hilarious!

  9. Rita says:

    @Kaiser-Great perspective on this thread.

    Why is it that people have to put all this out in public rather than sitting down and hating face to face? Halle’s accusations of the “N” bomb rings of someone screaming “rape”. Two words that are sure to get attention but the timing seems self-serving.

    Gabe wants joint custody of his child and doesn’t want to kiss Halle’s ass to have to see his daughter. A judge will decide and until then, both need to shut up.

  10. Gwen says:

    Poor girl.

    I hope one of them have actualy proof of all this they’re accusing each other of. Otherwise they’re both pretty awful. Right now I think Halle’s the worst though – she should go to the police if she really think he’s doing something abusive to Nahla. Since she hasn’t, it’s hard to assume it’s not just an attempt to trash him.

  11. aa says:

    Beautiful people outside ugly inside. Both of them. I feel sorry for the kid. But what the hell their fight could be so much fun.

  12. MarenGermany says:

    Have you ever broke up with a boyfriend and it got really ugly on the phone or in letters, emails etc. ?
    Well I have. Not with all of my ex-bf´s but at least with one.
    It´s like spitting, shouting, crying out your mind, and only accusations are left.
    That is harsh, and how pityful is it, that they actually (supposedly) taped themselves in this shape, and wanna make it public?

    Poor child. But I guess she will be fine. Halle strikes me as a good mother.

  13. carrie says:

    after Kim Basinger/Alec Baldwin,after Mel Gibson/Osakana, here is Gabe Aubry/Halle Berry ,they yet were the main guess in some blind items but i guess we only will say she’s a bitch and he’s a gold digger so poor kid

  14. annaloo says:

    We have people in this country who think our own President is a racist against whites despite having a mother who was white.. so I don’t think it’s far fetched to to think that people would buy the story of Aubry being racist, despite having a child with a black woman (who is also half white….anyway I digress).

    It’s a terrible bomb to throw from either side, and honestly, we will never know if it’s really true or not.

    This race thing overplayed and it’s completely wrong to do. They need to think of Nahla’s well-being. These two should wise up and take this out of the press.

    Team Nahla!

  15. Maritza says:

    She is a woman scorned because HE left HER! That’s why she is so mad. She is used to getting her way. He is a nice guy who loves his daughter, it’s only fair that he should share the child’s custody. Who knows what bad things she is telling Nahla about her dad just so the kid won’t want to see him. Team Aubry!!

  16. mln76 says:

    They both need to STFU, take it to court and tell it to the judge. One of these days their daughter is going to be able to Google.

  17. gloaming says:

    Shame on the both of them to make this so public.

    They should both join the cast of Jersey Shore.

  18. Tess says:

    From the moment she busted out and won the Oscar, playing up her black heritage and minimizing her white mother, then the hit and run accident, her poor choices in men, her virtual abandonment of that “step daughter”, and, lately, her sex-pot wardrobe, and now this….all add up to one very messed-up chick.

    Well, she’s lost so much career luster now, a la Mel Gibson.

    That “thanks for the donation” line is very revealing of where her head is at, it’s flip, dismissive, and cruel.

  19. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    UGly Ugly Ugly!

    Thank the Lord my parents were not famous.

  20. Anaya says:

    I believe the quote from Halle about Gabriel being nothing more to her than a sperm donor. As much as I think that she did love him it was clear that before they met Halle’s biological clock was ticking. She wanted a baby bad. She was on Oprah before Nahla was born and said she wanted a baby before 40 and if she didn’t have one she’d ask whomever she was dating at the time, “Hey, do you wanna have a baby?”

    She went on to say that she wouldn’t ask the future baby daddy for one red cent, i.e. child support. She really sounded desperate at the time and I felt sad for her.

    Here’s a link from what she said to a magazine as well as the Oprah quote.

    It’s so awful how Halle and Gabriel are behaving. Now I feel bad for Nahla not her parents.

  21. maya says:

    I told you that the Kim Kardashian two week hookup was for publicity. Kris Jenner was on the George Lopez show and said that Kim and Gabriel were just friends. Kim was seeing that NBA player the entire time.

  22. Marjalane says:

    I don’t know that G.A. had much choice but to fire back on Halle Berry; He made a move to get equal custody, she freaked out, got ugly in the press, and he responded. If he hadn’t, People magazine and TMZ would have painted him as the father from hell- every bit of public sentiment would have been for the poor, poor, mother. I think it was a wise move to let her know he has tapes- (if he really does) Maybe she’ll shut up and so can he. I do think it’s bullshit that the accusation is out there that he called her the “N” word- no one has proof of that! That was just an ugly attempt to paint him as a racist. This bitch could care less what her daughter thinks of her father.

  23. the_porscha says:

    Do NONE of these people consider the fact that in a few years, when their kids are old enough to read, they will surely find this or have it pointed out to them? Regardless of who may be right – and I have a suspicion it’s neither of these fools – why would you put this out on the street like that? What benefit does it do to Nahla to grow up knowing her parents are both assholes?

    This is insane.

  24. Rita says:


    Bingo, ditto, and all that stuff.

  25. jinni says:

    (“Halle’s timing in these [racist] ‘revelations’ speaks volumes. It’s amazing how she’s only now chosen to come forward about all this ‘abuse’ and Gabriel’s ‘bad parenting’, basically after he went to court to legally establish his parental rights. All Gabriel wanted was to ensure his legal entitled access to his daughter, and to not have to be at the mercy of Halle’s moods as to when and how he could see Nahla. And now Halle’s totally gone off the deep end, because it’s all about her and it’s all about her controlling Gabriel and controlling the situation. She’s totally gone into spin mode and is trying desperately to paint herself as this tragic victim figure, as she’s done many times in the past. But I’ve seen evidence to the contrary, and trust me – she’s no tragic victim, far from it.” )

    That last source that Radar claims is from Gabriel camp sounds almost verbatim like comments I’ve been reading from the black gossip blogsphere. Like a lot of gossip mags I think they are using commenters comments from sites as unmnamed sources; I don’t think that came from his camp.

    Also, yes, you can be racist and still have sex with a person of color; white, racist, slave masters had no problem having sex with slaves. Plus, there are people that can not only have sex, but marry and have biracial kids and still be racist.

  26. Roma says:

    I love Gabriel. I’m sorry but I do love his pretty boy ways. I refuse to believe he’s a racist for no other reason than he’s soooo pretty. I’d like to stay in my pretty Gabriel bubble.

    That being said: bitches be crazy. Sometimes people just bring the worst out in each other and I wouldn’t be surprised if both have texts and vm’s to prove the craziness.

  27. devilgirl says:

    Count down to the SVU type accusations in 5…4…3…2

  28. renai(jrt) says:

    I guess Halle is banking on her tell all tabloid pal Oprah airing the next installment to bash this guy along with the rest. Really Halle, not at all mature in your part. You picked him, made the bed.

  29. l says:

    I was just reading Halle’s wiki. It says Halle was involved in TWO hit and run accidents! She has issues.

  30. tapioca says:

    “One of Gabe’s ex-girlfriends backs this up, saying that he’s always been a “borderline racist” and a misogynist”.

    I think the key words here are “EX-girlfriend”. Somehow I don’t think she took their own break-up that well!

    Anyone seen pics of Nahla “crying hysterically” in Gabriel’s arms either? I’m pretty sure 3 year-olds don’t know to smile for the paps!

  31. Peace says:

    Her rants are called narcissistic rage. It is not unheard for narcissists to spread vicious rumors about you. She has that telltale smile she uses.

  32. DGO says:

    Wow. Her fakes breasts are very obvious in the last shot.

  33. tracking says:

    Things can get ugly amidst breakups and custody disputes, but STFU, people! Even if Halle is behaving badly here, Gabriel could simply have said “I wish to protect our daughter and choose not to dignify these baseless accusations with a response. This will be handled in court.” Really, would that have been so hard?

  34. DGO says:

    I was just reading Halle’s wiki. It says Halle was involved in TWO hit and run accidents! She has issues.


    She also has numeous DUI’s.

  35. N.D. says:

    @tracking That’s exactly what he said. All those claims about tapes etc are coming from unnamed sources which could be people from his camp or tabs making things up as usual. His official position is “No comments”, he doesn’t even bother to officially refute even in the most vague terms all the Halle’s allegations including those that came directly from her/her rep.

    @DGO she doesn’t have problem lying blatantly when it suits her. Amnesia, my ass (her hit-and-run excuse)

  36. L says:

    Yea did anyone read the TMZ article where Halle’s camp basically accused him of something really improper with her daughter?

    “Halle Berry claims her daughter Nahla has been crying hysterically and throwing tantrums whenever Gabriel Aubry picks the toddler up for visits … and Halle is convinced something bad is happening

    We’re told two-year-old Nahla cannot communicate what scares her so, but Halle believes her daughter has made it clear — something happens when she’s in Gabriel’s care that upsets her to the extreme.”

    I mean really. Really. Every divorced couple I know that has kids goes through this problem. Esp. at that age. SO not cool to put that type of accusation in the press. I’m team Nahla.

  37. DianaPrince says:

    I just can’t seem to wrap my brain around the fact that if Halle was this concerned and this positive at what she so cavalierly way of claiming through sources:

    “Halle doesn’t know specifically what goes on when Nahla is with Gabriel but she’s convinced it’s unhealthy.”

    Why on god earth didn’t she haul Mr.Aubry into court herself to protect her child. Why only after he tries to secure legal remedies to see and be a part of their daughters life without her having the ultimate say so is this coming out. This is so transparent and so disgusting.

  38. DGO says:

    “@DGO she doesn’t have problem lying blatantly when it suits her. Amnesia, my ass (her hit-and-run excuse) ”


    Yep. Funny how the “amnesia” didn’t prevent her from going to the plastic surgeon’s immediately after her accident to get a cut looked at.

    By the way, she also lied about her diabetes. She told the press she had type 1 and cured herself. Turns out she has type 2, which can be watched by diet. She also never was in a dibaetic coma.

  39. DGO says:

    “One of Gabe’s ex-girlfriends backs this up, saying that he’s always been a “borderline racist” and a misogynist”.”


    @ tapioca – Yeah, except that the trick was never Gabriel’s girlfriend. She’s a well known celeb stalker who had a crush on him. He never dated her even once.

  40. Jacq says:

    I’m sorry, but the racist accusations against Aubry are a feeble and disgusting attempt to discredit him. Why would a racist enter into a relationship, have sex and a mixed-race child with someone who he “feels” that way about? I don’t think you can calm someone with a mixed-race child a bigot. I have a feeling that the REAL Halle, the behind-closed-doors Halle, is quite a monstrous bitch. What do we really know about who she is? Less than we know about her man, who was just a face, a model.
    I think they hate each other, yes, and were probably a pretty terrible couple at the end, but I don’t see how those differences would make either a less capable parent.

  41. Moreaces says:

    I could really care less about these to spoiled idiots, they have it all and still can not get it together and act like adults. They get no sympathy from me, the only one here that I feel sorry for is the child, the real one, Nahla.

  42. malachais says:

    @L, agreed. If there is some validity to this claim, both sides need to stop now. If she is claiming abuse to Nahla, then Gabriel should stop with the accusations of having to deal with a “crazy baby-mama” because raging jealous voicemails have absolutely no merit with this claim. I wish one of them would just stop. Halle really should, be the bigger person for Nahla’s sake!

  43. Vanessa says:

    1 100% agree with those who said GA filed to be named father so he could have access to his kid. Suppose HB gets all in love on a film set and is jetting around, he was at her whim…It worked briefly, but then when he tried to go on a date and move on, she got upset and he saw the writing on the wall. I believe HB is completely egocentric, I think most Hollywood types are, poor, poor Nahla.

  44. Someone Else says:

    Thank you, Tess! You saved me a lot of typing.

  45. Ro says:

    Ok, so Halle Berry has a screw loose. I am so tired of her being the victim in every single relationship that we hear about. Being in a relationship with someone who turns out to be a horiible person the first time could be just growing pains or lessons learned. But every single relationship we hear about when it comes to this women boils down to the other party being abusive or a sex addict. Its always about someone else. There’s something going on with this women and I refuse to cosign anyone saying that it is just bad luck. If it is luck then it means that this women has had 20 years of bad luck. I don’t think so and if it sounds like I’m ranting I am. I have an issue with this women’s pity party because when she throws it for herself some man out there ends up being called an abuser or addict and this time she’s done it to someone who is her child’s father. Can you imagine what Nahla is going to grow up thinking about men. I’m disgusted.

  46. GeekLuva says:

    Where are you gettin all these juicy ‘Halle’s got issues’ stories? I was tryin to google her scandals but didn’t find those.
    I totally believe that we will witness the fall of Halle this year.
    *edit* I did read about her accidents on her wiki…

  47. Mel says:

    Still Team Gabe.

    All the photos I’ve seen of Gabe and Nahla she seems to be happy and not show any stress. If Halle is trying to paint a bad picture of Gabe it’s going to backfire on her. Unless Halle can prove that Nahla is being harmed by her father, no way in hell is a judge going to deny him visitation. However, I do hope that the judge makes both of them go thru therapy for the sake of Nahla.

  48. Tif says:

    Racists get married and have children with people they think they are better than. Look up the word racist, it has to do with making sure one group of people has the best in education, jobs, and living areas. It has nothing to do with sex or having children with anyone. Get a clue.

  49. cara says:

    As a mother of a child who was sexually assaulted by her bio father and had to fight, tooth and nail to get the therapists, judges, etc to hear me…..(it had to wait till she came forward…which she did and he’s incarcerated, hopefully for a very long time) I RESENT this woman using that and implying that her baby daddy is doing something illicit, as in my gut, I feel she it being dishonest. (my gut has YET to fail me in this world).

  50. Tif says:

    If he didn’t say the n-word…where is his denial. That person went on about how she’s coming out with the racial slurs now do to the custody battle, but no denial. He said it….get over it…he said it.

  51. Melinda says:

    @L- I totally agree. As far as Nahla screaming when he comes to pick her up, I think that’s really common. I have seen this with parents with shared custody that were not abusive. I think the kids get upset at changing environments more than anything.

  52. DGO says:

    @GeekLuva – I read A LOT, plus some of the stuff I know about Gabriel (the stalker) is because I’m Canadian, he’s Canadian, and we get different coverage here. He’s had his share of crazy stalker fans for years.

    Let me know if you want a link to any of the Halle stuff. There’s some stuff about Eric Benet and India, and how he said he wanted her far away from Halle.

  53. I Choose Me says:

    “He said it….get over it…he said it.”

    Cause you were there right? Heard him say it with your own ears didja? Or are you simply choosing to believe what you want to believe. Aubrey’s camp has made one official statement, everything else, is from ‘unnamed sources.’ I co-sign with No.25 (can’t read the name) that everything else is probably the tabs and blogs echoing commenters opinions and milking this terrible situation for all its worth. Me, I’m going to take everything that isn’t said by a rep for either Halle or Gabriel with a grain of salt.

  54. gloaming says:

    @ DGO Links please?
    I posted on yesterday’s thread about how I thought Halle had abandoned India. I had no idea it was his choice……

  55. whitedaisy says:

    Halle is a crazy woman; it is no secret.
    But they should call a truce on the public release statements, get together behind closed doors and hash this out for the sake of their daughter.

    Frankly, I believe that the emotional instability of Berry is the greatest risk to the daughter’s health and emotional well-being.

  56. eja102 says:

    I wonder when people will learn to put into writing only that which they want quoted back.

    Even here. If you google your screen name, your posts come back.

    I suppose the need to retaliate is so strong that people stop choosing their words with care.

    I also wonder how Nahla will feel when she googles her name, and reads all of these accusations. I know how’d I’d feel.

  57. Cheyenne says:

    Granger: I find it hard to believe Aubry is “racist,” because why the hell would he have hooked up with a black woman?

    Ask Strom Thurmond.

  58. N.D. says:

    @Cheyenne Strom Thurmond was ashamed of that “mistake of youth” and no one even knew he had a bi-racial daughter until he died. While GA was happy to be with HB openly and publicly for years. And Nahla wasn’t an accident. It’s absolutely different situation to the one of Strom Thurmond. I won’t even start with slave/masters examples that were mentioned because rape/forced relationship and consensual dating are absolutely not the same thing and don’t hold as an argument there.

  59. GeekLuva says:

    @ DGO

    I found this article..,,617444,00.html.
    So Benet decided to remove Halle from his daughter? Could you provide those links? I’m curious as to what the age of India was at that time. Being a pawn in a nasty relationship/break-up sucks at any age. But India may of been old enough to of figured out a few things and clearly remember. I’d love to have a chat with her…

  60. Twez says:

    >>It’s amazing how she’s only now chosen to come forward about all this ‘abuse’ and Gabriel’s ‘bad parenting’, basically after he went to court to legally establish his parental rights. All Gabriel wanted was to ensure his legal entitled access to his daughter, and to not have to be at the mercy of Halle’s moods as to when and how he could see Nahla.<<

    I think that’s about as close to the truth as any of this will get.

  61. Cary says:

    Everything Halle and her team are saying contradicts her first statement she made to People “She has attempted TO RESOLVE THESE COUSTODY ISSUES amicably with her daughter’s father, Gabriel Aubry, DIRECTLY, but given his lack of cooperation, Halle has no choice but to seek swift judicial intervention,” If he is a raciest and abuse’ and ‘bad parenting’ why was she going to try and work thing out with him. If that was my child and I felt she was in danger the last thing I would do is try and work out custody issues, and why was everything roses until he what’d legal rights to his daughter and shared custody.

  62. Iggles says:

    @ jinni:

    “Also, yes, you can be racist and still have sex with a person of color; white, racist, slave masters had no problem having sex with slaves. Plus, there are people that can not only have sex, but marry and have biracial kids and still be racist.”


    Though I think Halle is crazy. He must be a little nutty too!

  63. Feebee says:

    There are plenty of photos of Nahla with Aubry. I’ve never noticed that she looks scared, uncomfortable or is trying to get out of his arms. This could be because she’s only 2 or it could be that she has a normal loving relationship with her dad.

    If the voicemails etc are PR blackmail by Aubry who can blame him? Up against a popular, powerful Hollywood celebrity, what’s his other option? Throw enough mud and it will stick so he has to get her to stop throwing mud. As for his calls to her if calling her a fucking bitch is the worst he comes out with, I can live with that especially seeing as her behaviour suggests to me that she is indeed a vindictive fucking bitch. Besides I’ve uttered that a few times and it doesn’t make me a woman hater (I am female) just observant.

  64. Roma says:

    @DGO: I tried to google Gabriel Aubry stalker and all I found was my own comment from CB about wanting to stalk him on the 3rd page! I think I need to remove “stalk” from my vocab.

  65. DGO says:

    Links about Eric Benet and Halle:

    He calls her a liar:

    He says he never kept her from seeing India:

    (By the way, she lied about adopting the little girl)

    About the trauma of the relationship:,,20148116,00.html

    There’s another article about how Halle never wanted to see India, then after the divorce, started playing head games with the girl, so Eric moved her to another state away from Halle. I’ll keep looking for it. I know it’s out there.

  66. Cheyenne says:

    #ND: I’m aware of that; it was an ironic comment. But it’s interesting that Thurmond, while he kept his “mistake” out of sight, supported her throughout her childhood and put her through college. Why? I have no idea. Nobody could have made him do a thing for her if he didn’t want to. But I’m guessing — and this is purely a guess — that Thurmond may have cared about the child’s mother, and for that reason wanted to make sure their child was provided for.

  67. Hakura says:

    This is such a sad mess. It’s starting to seem like being a divorced celebrity with a generally ‘amicable’ relationship with your ex (especially in regards to child custody) is damned near impossible.

    Obviously, I’m not there, so I can only take opinions from what’s been put out there. But for right now, Halle is not doing herself any favors. It *seems* like Gabriel hasn’t made any nasty comments or released any info in his defense *himself*. Someone else could be speaking up for him, but we just don’t know.

    I just hope, as I know everyone else does, that Nahla is being taken care of, & ends up with a good relationship with both her parents.

  68. icantbelievethis says:

    @Cara I am so sorry for what you and your child went through, but good for you for fighting for your child!

    That type of accusation should never, ever be thrown out unless it is true and it coming out now is suspect.

    My son used to cry when he was 2 everytime his dad came to pick him up. Then he went through a stage where he cried everytime I picked him up. All the doctors, counsellors, etc said it was a normal stage.

  69. slim27 says:

    sad how many love and relationships end up this way. Hurling insults at each other, and saving text messages and rants. Halle seems like a very sad and crazy woman. Ugly on the inside.

  70. Sarah says:

    Oh let’s have a kid because we’re both beautiful and it would be fun! Ok, now we’re sick of eachother so let’s fight over the kid and create yet another emotionally disturbed individual to walk among society. Maybe if people didn’t equate having a kid to buying a dog or something, the world might actually become a better place……

  71. Tif says:

    Where you there@ I Choose Me. You didn’t answer my question. Where is his denial. The person that commented on the racial slurs only said how she chose to come out about it after the custody battle started. Halle may be crazy, but so is Aubry. Sorry, people so evil things when angry….that’s no excuse. It just shows how you need to get away from a situation or change the situation.

    Oh and @Cheyenne’s example is a good example, cause those racists that called blacks animals/gorillas…were sneaking down every night to rape black women. Being a racist has nothing to do with who you decide to have sex with.

  72. N.D. says:

    @Cheyenne Or, like many other people have guessed, that was the only way for him to keep it all quiet and not let it ruin his career. It wasn’t just about the race, that maid was underage (16 or something) at the time of their hook-up. It’s all really shady, that whole situation and I need more than money regularly changing hands to believe that there were any warm feelings involved.

    Although that’s totally off topic.

  73. Dea says:

    I do not think Halle will make up things if indeed Gabe has called names/used racist words. I don’t also believe that he could have said them in fact. However something has happened as months ago she said he is a great father and all those three will be a family forever. One of them is weird for sure. Faces lie all the time.

  74. Wendy City says:

    I don’t believe Halle is totaly innocent in this, but I believe Gabriel used the N-word. You never know what a person will result too when they are really mad. If his ‘friend’ admitted to calling her a f-ing *itch. Then he more than likely did call her the N-word. For those of you who don’t believe he could possibly do that because of his daughter is sadly mistaken. He probably believes that his daughter is the exception, just like he did Halle.
    People can have feelings for an indivual person but still have racist views towards the group as a whole.
    Look at Strom Thurmond who actively worked AGAINST civil rights while in his entire adult life carrying on a relationship with his Black maid and fathering a daughter from that relationship. It is a sick and twisted view, but none the less one that exist.

  75. Alarmjaguar says:

    @ N.D. Strom Thurmond was a racist. He ran on a segregationist ticket in 1948. His career was all about racism, he didn’t keep her quiet because the maid was underage. Don’t be ridiculous.

  76. N.D. says:

    @Wendy City Strom Thurmond did’t have “relationship” with black maid, he only accidentialy fathered a baby with her and paid her money for the rest of her life so that this fact would never ever become public.

    @Alarmjaguar Don’t be ridiculous yourself. I didn’t claim her being underage was the only or the main reason for him to want it hushed up.

    As far as I know it wasn’t uncommon for rich white men of South to use black women to “learn about sex” and if that “learning” produced any kids it was usual practice to support them somewhat.

  77. Aries_Mira says:

    @ Quest (#5) I agree with you, but unfortunately I think that particular ship has sailed.

  78. Wendy City says:

    @N.D. By ‘accidentally fathering a child with her’ you mean by having sex with her…then yes.
    You do not know what to what extent their ‘relationship’ was…it proves my point that you can sleep with someone and still have negative, racist views.

    Both Halle and Gabriel leave a lot to be desired.

  79. mln76 says:

    I’m black and I have dated white men before (and lived with one for a couple of years). If they he was going to drop the N bomb I would think he’d do it early in the relationship like your first big fight etc. Early enough to get the f—k out of the relationship. I have never been “surprised” by someone’s racism if you have enough conversations with someone early on you are going to know whether or not they are a bigot. But If Halle was in enough denial to have a baby with Gabriel knowing he was a racist then she needs to get therapy and make sure Gabriel gets therapy. Calling People magazine isn’t going to help that situation.

  80. Kim says:

    They r both crazy. He is nuts for going on a date with Ho Bag Kim K. She is crazy because she wants Gabriel to never date anyone.

    Next thing we know they will be getting back together-haha! Doubtful.

  81. SEM says:

    Halle is gonna lose big in this situation, she and her people went ugly for what reason? Why didn’t she save this for family court? It’s all very shady. The only person Halle has made look bad is HERSELF.

  82. dahlia1947 says:

    i think she was just waiting until she landed a good looking white guy, have his kid, then dump him! all the blogs are saying she’s crazy and I totally agree! I slso think that she’s just full of herself and full of lies!! She’s trashed her other ex’s so now it’s Gabriel’s turn. Just let him be a father, please!

  83. The Truth Fairy says:

    FYI – HALLE BERRY IS A LIAR !!!! Does no one remember her 2 hit and run accidents and the ridiculous lies she told when she got caught??

    Halle Berry is Lindsay Lohan without the drug addiction – a narcissistic, egocentric, selfish, controlling psycho with a victim complex who thinks they are irreproachable because they are a star.

    I pray for the release of those tapes/emails. She deserves to be called out for her behavior.

  84. dahlia1947 says:

    If he’s such a racist, MISS Halle, then why did he have a kid with u. Kim K is not white, HELLO! I have lost all respect for Halle, ever since hearing about the hit and run accident that she was in, and then slobbering all over Jaime Foxx at that awards show, while still with Gabriel, I’m sure. Poor little Nahla. I feel so bad for her. And she looks so happy when she’s out with her dad. Just her and him! So I don’t know what her mom’s problem is!

  85. Kim1 says:

    On it says Nahla became hysterical when he came to pick her up before Christmas.She reacted the same way several times and appeared traumatized when she returned He filed for joint custody 3 weeks later.Two weeks later she released the statement to People Magazine. She expressed concern for the well being of Nahla while in the care of her father for an EXTENDED period of time.If she thinks her daughter is in danger what difference would it make if she is with her father for 3 hrs or 3 days.Help me understand, guys?

  86. Hmmm says:

    Halle has all the power in this relationship. Why does she feel the need to publicize everything? They could have fought this out quietly, behind doors. And if he’s the one who started it, she has the image and the power, so she could have kept her mouth shut. But nooooo.

    My guess is she wants to take Nahla away from him, and it’s all about a power struggle and control; Nahla is the object they’re using. My guess is she wants to crush him, while he can’t really do that to her, since she’s so big.

  87. Cheyenne says:

    @N.D.: Do you really think that in South Carolina in the 1940s, a black woman who was impregnated by a white man, especially a prominent white man, would be able to exact some kind of justice? Let me tell you how it was back then: A black woman in the south was at the mercy of any white man who wanted her and there was not a damn thing she or her family could do about it. If she had accused Thurmond of statutory rape, she would have been accused of prostitution, convicted in less than ten minutes by an all-white jury, and thrown into a prison farm for years. Thurmond wasn’t the first prominent white politician in the south to have a sexual relationship with a young black woman and he damn sure wasn’t the last. Adverse publicity wouldn’t have hurt him; his constituency would have labeled the girl a liar. And it’s not like the black population would have voted him out of office because in the 1940s black people in most of the south had to pay an exorbitant poll tax which kept most of them from being able to vote at all. He didn’t have to do a thing for that girl. But it’s possible that he really cared about her, and for that reason he wanted to do right (or as right as was possible at the time) by their child.

  88. Delta Juliet says:

    Let’s not equate sex (normally a pleasurable experience) with rape (all about power) . Two totally differnt dynamics. Rape is not “who you chose to have sex with”, it’s who you want to overpower.

    And I am torn. I LOVE celebrity gossip. And yet I am so tired of people running to the press with every issue they have. STFU and deal with your issues on your own.

  89. Lucinda says:

    Does anyone remember when they first split, Halle was going to be filming on location and wanted to take the baby with her even though that meant the father wouldn’t see the child at all. She was filming in South Africa so Aubrey came with her so he could care for the child. There was a big to-do about how she didn’t understand why he would have a problem with her just taking the child for that long. The only way he would see the child is if he came with them so he did and suddenly she had free child-care.

    As for the child being upset when she sees her dad…well, if Halle is getting worked up before he shows up, then the child will be upset too. Who knows what Halle is telling the child.

    I really like Halle as an actress. I have for years. But she has never struck me as a very stable person and her personal life has certainly had it’s upheavals. She has done a good job of playing the innocent victim over the years. She seemed like she was getting more stable but some mental instabilities actually get much worse after having children. That’s my read on this situation. Her accusations just seem to timely to me.

  90. OXA says:

    this guy dated her and was blamed for her deafness, from his Wikipedia page:-

    In the late ’80s or early ’90s, Christopher Williams was the boyfriend of Oscar-winning actress Halle Berry. After Halle Berry told interviewers that an abusive ex-boyfriend struck her so hard that she lost most of the hearing in her right ear, many people assumed that Williams was the unnamed ex-boyfriend. Williams defended himself to Eurweb, the entertainment news website, denying that he never harmed Berry, and suggesting that Berry has been referring to actor Wesley Snipes. He said, “The stuff they wrote about me and Halle was totally false. It’s been said I busted her eardrum, and I’m tired of it. I never said it before but I’m so tired of people thinking I’m the guy who did it. Wesley busted her eardrum, not me.” Halle Berry is on record denying that Wesley Snipes ever hit her.

    Williams also said that the twice-married Berry may have personality problems which have contributed to her broken marriages and relationships. He stated, “I have men come up to me like, ‘How could you just leave Halle Berry?’ I’m like, ‘how could you just leave the last relationship you was in?'” And further, “They would probably crucify Jesus again just to get with her. It’s funny, because the stars that get all of the good write-ups, you go and meet them and they are total assholes. She is just a woman, but because her name is in lights, people are damned near ready to bare their souls.”

  91. Hakura says:

    @Cheyenne – Re: Way Black Women Were Treated – I think a lot of people who grew up in the last 20-30 years often have NO idea what things were really like for african americans, especially women, back then. Or how slowly the law has progressed in terms of ‘equality’ in some places.

    @Delta Juliet – I agree with you about frustration over how no one can keep anything going on in their life ‘personal’ anymore. Especially when it comes to custody of a child… as someone else here has mentioned, Nahla is going to learn how to read, only to have all these ‘back & forth’ jabs between her parents exposed to her, eventually.

    Which could be really difficult to deal with, seeing her mother accusing her father of being ‘racist’ & ‘misogynistic’, or abusive in some way. If these things aren’t true, it’s just wrong of Halle to put them out there like this.

  92. 6 says:

    I don’t for a second believe that Halle put up with Gabriel being racist, to her or anyone. She is crazy and looks like a women who doesn’t tolerate much (probably not even breathing). I do however believe that Gabriel may have been so mad that he said that to her. I’m not saying it is ok but we all say mean things we don’t mean or have no real basis other than to get at the other person when we are angry.

  93. Matt says:


  94. Camille says:

    GMAFB Halle Berry. Ugh.

    Also co-sign @The Truth Fairy, Hmmm and 6.

    I feel sorry for their baby.

  95. Jules says:

    Why some of you are equating Halle Berry to a helpless slave from the 1800’s being used or raped by a white slavemaster, I have no idea. She is hardly a slave to anyone, and hardly powerless with her extreme fame, fortune, beauty and privilege far greater than what 99% of white people have, including Gabriel Aubry. And if she had a baby with someone who called her the N word, then she’s just simply an idiot. I think she decided to hurl the racism charge because that’s how some black people think they can get their way if they get backed into a corner. My friend got in trouble at work for something she did wrong and lo and behold, her supervisor became a “racist” and turned into human resources so my friend wouldn’t lose her job. My friend told me ‘you gotta do what you gotta do’ and ‘whatever works’. And I think that’s exactly what Halle Berry figures. For those of you saying you can be in love with a black person, have sex with a black person and have a child with a black person and still be a racist, then there really is no way for a white person to prove themselves ‘not racist’. There is no hope for white people–you are judged racist simply on the color of your skin and the burden of proof is on you if you want to NOT be a racist…but no one will accept your actions if you do prove otherwise, so forget it. Hmm, isn’t that what black people hate..being judged by skin color. Yeah, white people do too. All white people are just doomed to be called racist I guess. Sorry white people! Good luck proving otherwise.

  96. Cherry Rose says:

    Halle and Gabriel (but mainly Halle) needs to STFU and deal with this privately.

    I’ve never liked Halle. She always seemed two-faced to me. “Fragile as a butterfly until you piss me off” kind of gal.

    She’s obviously got some serious issues that need to be worked on, but Gabriel is probably not all innocent either.

    But for the sake of their daughter’s well-being, they need to keep this private. And Gabriel deserves to be a part of Nahla’s life. He is her father after all.

  97. dj says:

    Wait until Olivier Martinez drops her (or they just break up). He will have serious mental problems as well. Wait for it….

  98. Mistral says:

    Personally, I hope the tapes/emails/texts stay private. I think this is just an issue of one parent wanting total control of the child’s life and not an issue of dangerous abuse/racism/whatever Halle is alleging. I think, once a court works out visitation, custody, etc.,Halle and Gabriel will both end up calming down. So, I don’t think the little girl (or her friends) needs to one day Google her folks and hear them at their worst (if they have screaming, mean messages saved from each other). This angry time shall pass.

  99. janie says:

    her personal history does not exactly scream stable parent, too bad that little cutie was brought into this.

  100. slim27 says:

    she just need to stay away from men……just stay away from romantic relationships. She is unstable and has some screws missing.

  101. Shy says:

    I’m so angry that these two are throwing their dirty laundry on us. What the hell? Can’t they wash their laundry in private? There will be private court. Do your things there. Why the hell Halle decided that public needs to hear it?

    And she is digging a grave for her own career. Gabriel will not be hurt that much because he is not a celebrity. It’s Halle who from respectable celebrity turns to female Mel Gibson version. And she was the first to go to TMZ and People with her accusations. He is defending himself. And I kind of believe more in his version. Just because we all know Halle and how bitch and liar she can be.

    The N-word accusations were too much by all counts. Why do Afro-American people always have to bring racism to every their fight? He was dating a black woman and he has black daughter with her. How on earth he can be racist and call her names? If he would be racist he would be dating white people you know.

    And I really want to her those tapes.

  102. Hakura says:

    @Jules (95)- I definitely don’t think it was right equating anything that’s happened in this case with rape (as Delta Juliet @88 said) or victimization.

    I definitely understand where you’re coming from in regards to the frustration at seeing how your friend used ‘race’ as an issue where it had no baring to manipulate her circumstances. That’s totally wrong, & an unfortunate possible outcome.

    I just don’t think someone can claim to ‘love’ a black person, become their husband/or wife, have children with them, & *still* be racist. But I guess it can be complex to decide what makes someone ‘racist’. I find it frustrating too.

  103. MsIrene says:

    Gee, if Halle claims this gorgeous man is a racist, why did it take her so long (5 yrs) to find this out??? Also, why would she choose this man to have a baby with, if he was racist? I think she is lying because you can spot a racist person in 5 minutes! He didn’t become a bad person until he dumped her azz and started trying to date other people. And why not? She was already parading herself around with Olivier M. I used to wonder why Gabriel didn’t find himself someone else to date after Halle, and was glad to see him out with Kim. His choice of a date was no worse than Halle’s. And he even said that when she was making the movie with Olivier, Halle would sometimes be gone for days. It was okay then, for him to be with his daughter.

    What a liar she is!

  104. MsIrene says:

    February 3rd, 2011 at 11:35 pm You may click on your name and/or comment to edit.
    Gee, if Halle claims this gorgeous man is a racist, why did it take her so long (5 yrs) to find this out??? Also, why would she choose this man to have a baby with, if he was racist? I think she is lying because you can spot a racist person in 5 minutes! He didn’t become a bad person until he dumped her azz and started trying to date other people. And why not? She was already parading herself around with Olivier M. I used to wonder why Gabriel didn’t find himself someone else to date after Halle, and was glad to see him out with Kim. His choice of a date was no worse than Halle’s. And he even said that when she was making the movie with Olivier, Halle would sometimes be gone for days. It was okay then, for him to be with his daughter.

    What a liar she is!

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  105. 123isme says:

    @Jules: Are you serious? No one is equating Halle to raped slaves. Earlier poster who were referencing Black slaves were using their “relationships” (so to speak) with their slave owners to illustrate their argument that ‘You can be racist or hold racist ideas while sleeping with/parenting a child with a member of the race your views deem inferior’. Whether you’re “Team Halle” or not, the use of the raped slaves/slave mistress to illustrate this argument is not that difficult to understand.


    Playing the “race card”? Who issues them? How do I get one? Do they come laminated with a cool member ID? Seriously, some of you people are so juvenile and ignorant. Asian internment camps and “strange fruit” don’t exist in 2011 America, but racism does regardless or whether you’re tired of hearing about it.

    You are free to not like Halle but Halle and Nahla’s(?) Black ancestry does not mean that GA didn’t say racist things to her. Racism is not logical; ‘He’s not racist because he dated Halle and had a daughter with her’ is not a defense. If you’ve been around people with a screwed up world/social view, you know that they’ll twist their reality to agree with their beliefs (refer to the slave/master argument). He could very well be one of these people. You and I know absolutely nothing about him personally (i.e., what he’s like behind closed doors, his character, personality, upbringing, prejudices, etc.), so saying definitely that he didn’t do anything he is accused of is emotional and reactionary.


    ‘If he was [so] racist why did she stay with him?’ is a BS defense of this allegation. 1) He could have said the n-word once and it could have been after they split. If this incident was after Halle’s side publically called out his fitness as a parent, it’s not implausible that in a rage and an attempt to demean Halle, he used the n-word. 2) This same argument can be used for women who are being sexually, physically, and mentally abused by their significant other. The fact that a victim stayed with their abuser for however long –or that they have ‘happy’ family photos— doesn’t mean that the abuse never happened.

    This isn’t to say that GA is guilty of these accusations, but the length of their relationship is not a good enough defense. With what she’s been through, I suspect that she has a lot of emotional scars and a few mental faults which subconsciously prompt her to continue engaging in unhealthy relationships. Given this, *if* GA has latent racism or hold subtle prejudices, Halle explaining it away to herself, brushing it off, or just putting up with it during their relationship’s early years isn’t surprising, especially if her ultimate plan was to just use him as a sperm donor.

  106. Jules says:

    @123isme “Playing the “race card”? Who issues them? How do I get one? Do they come laminated with a cool member ID? Seriously, some of you people are so juvenile and ignorant. Asian internment camps and “strange fruit” don’t exist in 2011 America, but racism does regardless or whether you’re tired of hearing about it.”

    And you’re playing dumb. I’m not tired of hearing about real racism. I’ve seen it, I recognize it, I’m appalled by it, I’ve defended people against it, and beyond that, it just doesn’t make logical sense to me. You know what I’m also appalled by? I’m appalled by people using skin color to their advantage to play the victim whenever they can to get their way. And just as real racism exists, so does the fact that white people are being smeared and having their reputations ruined because one black person decides to hurl a charge at them that they can’t possibly defend against and that follows them around the rest of their lives. Sorry if you can’t handle the truth, but if you fail to see a balanced reality in the situation, then you are the juvenile and ignorant one.

    “Whether you’re “Team Halle” or not, the use of the raped slaves/slave mistress to illustrate this argument is not that difficult to understand.”

    No it’s not difficult to understand. It’s just stupid, illogical and not based on the reality of the situation. Slave masters raped black slaves and they were still racists, so that’s evidence that Gabriel Aubry could still be a racist too? Yeah. That is just brilliant.

  107. lissette says:

    Halle Berry may have borderline personality disorder. Her actions are very similar to the ones of the late princess Diana and how she totally messed up prince Charles’s reputation, almost driving him to madness. At times, Diana was so crazy, so in Charles face, that he shouted obscenities at her and got physical with her, pushing her, hurting her. Halle Berry I think is the same way, from all the stories with Wesley Snipes ( btw, I think did NOT bust her eardrum…she might have did that herself…)David Justice and Eric Benet…now Gabriel, and Gabriel is the last straw, he’s the one who will finally stand up to her and expose her…

  108. Sally says:

    @123isme: great post!

    @Jules: Because racism is just about black and white. *eyeroll*

    And for the posters who don’t seem to ‘get’ how someone can have an interracial relationship and still be racist, here’s ANOTHER example. I am of Asian descent, and Asians get plenty of flack for being cheap, for being bad drivers, among other things. However, I have friends who have felt free to be racist against Asians in front of me – and when I point it out to them they say “oh, I don’t see you as Asian, I see you as a person” (well fancy that).

    Plenty of people who harbour racist beliefs maintain relationships (platonic or otherwise) with individuals of the ‘target’ race. Just like someone who is sexist can be married (and choose to have sex with) someone of the opposite sex.

  109. Q says:

    I think some people have forgotten that this is a custody battle and not a divorce. They both have stated publicly that they had a clean breakup so all the name calling and insult issues were probably resolved at that time. The fact that Gabriel saved those tapes to blackmail her shows that he was already plotting something. If that is true, and he may have already known about her temper how she feels about the person he dated for a short period, what better way to push her buttons than to be seen publicly with her. It also shows that he will use her and other women to get what he wants considering how brief the encounter. I think she has a better chance at getting full custody because of how Nahla reacts to leaving with him, which seems to be the only indication of a problem as it relates to Nahla.