Halle Berry accuses Gabriel Aubry of verbal threats, racial slurs


I was all prepared to begin writing about Gabriel Aubry’s new public statement (via his rep) when I saw that this custodial drama between Halle Berry and Gabriel had taken the cover of this week’s People Magazine (see the cover here). Since it seems these two jags are bound and determined to fight this entire thing in the public sphere, I am only going to continue my non-committal attitude towards taking sides. I know many of you have already picked your side – that’s fine. I think they are both behaving inappropriately, and the accusations that are currently flying around are immature and nasty. Okay, first up: Gabe’s latest defense, via his rep to Us Weekly:

Gabriel Aubry isn’t going down without a fight. One day after Halle Berry announced she was pulling out of a movie (New Year’s Eve) to focus on “custody issues” related to her two-year-old daughter Nahla, Aubry’s rep at Wilhelmina Models released a statement on his behalf.

“While Gabriel is disappointed in Halle’s decision to falsely malign him publicly and for her own purposes, he refuses to be pulled into her dispute over a canceled film production,” his rep told Access Hollywood. “Gabriel also refuses to air their issues in the press as he believes this may ultimately harm their daughter. The fact is that Gabriel is a caring father who shares custody of Nahla.”

“Gabriel fully believes that a consistent and balanced living situation and two loving parents are crucial for their child even if Ms. Berry feels otherwise,” his rep continued. “He will always defend his rights as a father and will always consider Nahla’s best interest. Halle’s continuing allegations in the press are untrue and irresponsible.”

The 44-year-old Oscar winner’s rep previously told UsMagazine.com that Berry had “attempted to resolve these custody issues amicably with her daughter’s father…but given his lack of cooperation, Halle has no choice but to seek swift judicial intervention.”

Up until recently, the ex-lovers appeared to be amicably co-parenting in the wake of their April split. But on December 30, Aubry asked the courts to be formally recognized as Nahla’s father and to establish shared custody.

[From Us Weekly]

I believe that Gabriel is leaking his “side” of the story to any outlet that will listen, meaning that he’s talking to Radar, TMZ and Us Weekly. Halle seems content to push her accusations in People Magazine, the celebrity bible. And People has rewarded her with a cover story full of what could be potentially libelous accusations:

After splitting last April, Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry seemed determined to remain peaceful co-parents of their daughter Nahla, who will turn 3 in March. But tensions rose quickly, and now Nahla’s parents are gearing up for a custody battle that’s already turning nasty, with ugly accusations flying.

“Once they broke up he became verbally threatening to Halle,” Aubry’s former friend and business partner Stephane Bibeau tells PEOPLE in this week’s cover story. “He is a vindictive guy.” Bibeau and other sources close to Berry, 44, claim that Aubry, 35, has used a racial slur against her.

“That’s just unacceptable,” a source close to the actress says.

“The fact is that Gabriel is a caring father who shares custody of Nahla,” according to a statement released by Aubry’s rep Tuesday.

Friends of the French-Canadian model – who filed court papers on Dec. 30, seeking formal recognition as Nahla’s father and joint legal and physical custody – expressed support for him.

“I never saw someone more dedicated to their child,” a friend of Aubry’s says.

Adds a source close to Aubry: “From the beginning, Halle kind of had the upper hand because she was essentially supporting all of them for the most part. Gabriel never liked how that felt. Their split was tough because they’re both so involved in raising Nahla, and neither ever wanted to give that up.”

Berry sees it differently. Her rep issued a statement to PEOPLE on Monday, expressing her “serious concerns for her daughter’s well-being while in the care of her father.”

“The only reason Gabriel is seeing Nahla right now is because the court hasn’t made a decision yet,” says a source close to the actress. “If it were up to Halle, he wouldn’t be seeing her at all without some sort of supervision.”

[From People]

So Gabe was verbally threatening to Halle, and he’s a bad father, AND he was calling her racist names, so says Team Halle. I end up feeling kind of bad for Gabe, because he seems so out-matched in this tug-of-war. Originally, he seemed like he merely wanted to formalize some kind of custodial arrangement, but now it’s looking like Halle is going after his balls.

Also – the anti-Gabe stuff keeps going: yesterday, there was reporting from TMZ & Radar regarding Gabe’s relationship with Kim Kardashian, and how THAT was Halle’s breaking point. Now TMZ has a story from one of Gabe’s ex-girlfriends, who is calling Gabe a jailbait-loving gold-digger. Ugh. Ugly, ugly, ugly.



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  1. Rita says:

    Shut up Halle and appreciate the fact that the father of your daughter loves her enough to fight for her. If you keep this up Halle, you’ll gain nothing and loose the respect of the public.

  2. Maud says:

    No comment except poor Nahla!

  3. devilgirl says:

    I was wondering how long it would be before Berry decided to deliver the low blows.

    Racial slurs? Come on, be more original than that Halle!

  4. Quest says:

    She is the witch the big bad witch with the beautiful smile to hide behind. The man have a right to share custody of his kid.

  5. LindyLou says:

    I feel so bad for their daughter. Both parents are behaving horribly and it doesn’t look like it’s going to get better any time soon. What selfish idiots they are!

  6. WhiteNoise says:

    Not good, Berry is doing herself no favours here and the more she says, the more she comes across as selfish, self-involved and vindictive.

  7. Brittney says:

    I think you called it along time ago. Their split came as a surprise, since they’d been seen together a lot, but they were mature about it at the start. You noted this and predicted an eventual blow-up… which is exactly what’s happening. Sad. Nothing can just be simple or mature in Hollywood.

  8. Lenn says:

    Team Gabriel. She seems like a woman with some major issues.

  9. Arianna says:

    agree with everyone
    team aubry, it just shows who has class…

  10. brin says:

    Really low. I think Halle’s crazy is really coming out now.

  11. devilgirl says:

    I think it is a little odd for him to be using racial slurs when his daughter is bi-racial. I don’t believe he ever said anything like that.

  12. melissa says:

    I am with the majority here. Her crazy is coming home to roost BIGTIME!

  13. N.D. says:

    She should have used an anonimous sperm donor if she wanted her daughter to have no father at all. Disgusting woman.

  14. GradStudentEatingHotPockets says:

    I agree with everyone else…you just feel bad for the child. And wow, Nahla is gorgeous! Halle and Gabriel deft made a beautiful child.

    Edit- Awww damn I’m being moderated? Please take me off…:( ha

  15. someone says:

    team gabriel..I think Halle is a bitter old witch who wants to run the show and Gabe has put a line in the sand…good for him..he only wants his rights legalized..

  16. maya says:

    Gabriel Aubry is a leech. His brief fling with Kim Kardashian was for publicity only, Kim ended after two weeks and this is first time Gabriel has been back in the news since.

  17. anon says:

    @devilgirl: I know right, very odd.
    Canadians don’t have a huge reputation for being racists either. I know there are racists everywhere, just not something they (Canadians) are usually accused of, odd.

  18. lisa says:

    Way to go Halle and Gabe..

    YOU have now become the new tabloid bait. they are not going to be following both of you non stop. Plus your baby is going to be plastered on every magazine cover. She is 2 years old. Keep your private fight private.

    It does not matter what the public thinks or whose side anyone is on. This will be settled in a court of law. A Family Court Judge seeing this crap will not be looking kindly on either of them. They are both behaving like children.

    Thing is Halle picked him and he picked her. Unfortunately when people break up and it is ugly both sides say things that are nasty. Nahla is part Black just like her Mother. So a slur against her mother is a slur against his daughter.

    I hope this ends soon. I see a media frenzy about to take place. They can stop it now. First the web coverage. Now the magazine covers..

    This is nasty. And with all this talk of doing what is best for their child. Start with shutting your mouths to the media.

  19. gabs says:

    Poor Nahla. They both seem to be immature about this and bringing it to the media isnt helping. I really can’t take a side because who knows the truth but Halle pulling the race card? Wtf. Is anyone buying that? Idk it’s all so messy.

    Halles story doesnt add up but please lets not all jump on the “Its Halle’s fault” bandwagon just because Gabe is hot. He did date a Kardashian and come on, we don’t know the truth.

  20. DianaPrince says:

    It really is a god awful thing to put all of this inflammatory dirty business out there because once it’s out, you can’t take it back. It seems Halle has grown accustom to being the benevolent dictator but now that Gabe isn’t properly showing gratitude through obedience, benevolence has been replaced with malevolence.

  21. Canuck says:

    Sounds to me like she’s trying to pull the race card, which is pretty low when you consider that the guy obviously has no problems being with a black woman, nor having a mixed race child with her.

    She just comes across as being a selfish manipulative cow.

  22. daisydoodle says:

    Sometimes, I feel, something has to give when you have been born with such beauty, I think she’s certifiable….You can’t have everything.

  23. Jazz says:

    I dread to think how that poor little girl will feel when she reads about this crap when she’s older.

  24. devilgirl says:

    No one needs to accuse me of being on the Gabriel Aubry bandwagon because he is hot, because, personally, I do not find him hot. I simply think Berry is a nut case and will stoop to anything in order to discredit him and get her way.

  25. Jezi says:

    I have to side with Gabriel here. He doesn’t seem to be the type who would throw out racial slurs. He always seemed to be a devoted boyfriend and father to Halle. She is the one who started up a new relationship with someone before the dust even settled and Gabriel still seemed to work with her on every turn. This is so typical of someone trying to push their wants and needs and using their money to do it. That little girl seems to love her father and it’s very important to allow children to have relationships with their fathers. Halle is being a spiteful person here and really is making her look bad.

  26. mimi says:

    Racial slurs? I don’t believe that at all…Gabriel was with Halle for 5 YEARS ! If he was such a racist then why did she stay with him so long and why did they create a mixed race child together?? I think she reached a new low with the ‘He’s racist’ allegations….

    I mean the man is simply asking for his name on the birth certificate and a structured visiting schedule, is Halle that much of a control freak that it has to be her way or NO WAY???

  27. tracking says:

    @devilgirl and anon–agree doesn’t ring true. I doubt she’ll be able to substantiate these accusations in court. Trying to keep an open mind, but this seemed to come out of nowhere.

  28. Molly says:

    I’m Team Gabriel on this one. Halle, grow up!

  29. renai(jrt) says:

    Maybe Halle should have given this a bit more thought before cranking out a person with this guy. Does she really think all her money can buy her total custody and ownership of her daugther……..Sad and Halle comes off as a stupid woman here.

  30. mymy says:

    I refuse to see how Gabriel is acting bad. He is being shut out of his daughter life and has to protect himself. Halle is using the race card. You have got to be kidding me. Halle is already showing her desperation and in doing so is showing how unstable she just might be as a parent. She honestly wants to have this child alone. She was raised with no father and she only uses that for sympathy. She thinks it is normal. Wait till psychological services get a hold of her. And I would also like Gabriel to go for child support. Only fait. Woman do it all the time. Haley will not be able too use money also. Halle knows he has some tapes on her.Thus her new attack on his character

  31. Leticia says:

    Her side is accusing him of being racist and she doesn’t think he should be around the daughter unsupervised. I hope she is not about to accuse him of that very ugly crime that I don’t even want to type. He is obviously a loving, devoted dad, and I hope that she doesn’t falsely accuse him of something truly nasty.

  32. mln76 says:

    I remain Team Nahla (and will always be) but I think Gabriel is being railroaded Halle needs to calm down and think of what is best for her daughter two loving parents sharing custody. How can two pretty people act so ugly?

  33. WhiteNoise says:

    @Gabs – “Halles story doesnt add up but please lets not all jump on the “Its Halle’s fault” bandwagon just because Gabe is hot.

    Maybe don’t make assumptions about why people might have more sympathy for him here? The point is, Halle’s the one with the power and the platform, she chose to play dirty in the media, not him. What’s he supposed to do, sit tight and placid while she maligns him and accuses him of all sorts?

  34. Relli says:

    @ anon. That’s what I thought too canadians are not exactly known to be racist people, I know you cannot classify a group of people by a country but still this sounds reaching on Halle’s part. Her and padma should start a club for woman who want to cut their fathers out of their childrens life. Its not fair and truly damaging especially because its not like these guys are heroin addict child molesters… they just want to be part of their childrens lives. At the end its about control and halle’s extreme need for control has never been a secret. I think that’s what drives men away from her, despite her beauty. You know what else is weird is that the racial slur is super vague, it says nothing about what race he was offending and halle is ALWAYS basing stuff of race so I guessing this was manufactured in her head. She is becoming a woman who has cried “I was wronged by a man” too often, at some point you have to look inwardly and wonder if its really you who is the problem.

  35. dread pirate cuervo says:

    Unless she has him on tape, Halle is digging her own grave right now. I think she’s pissed that he wants his daughter but he doesn’t want her. He’s not fitting neatly into the deadbeat dad role she planned for him. It’s sick, but I’ve seen this before.

  36. elizabeth says:

    Halle Berry just seems to have the same problems/issues no matter what man she is with. And that seems to point to the problem being at least partly with her. It seems strange that she was so content to have Aubrey care for the child when they were together and even afterwards – and now she says the child isn’t safe with him. Sounds like courtroom crap to me – something they think will make the judge decide in their favor. Total crap from her “rep” and very manipulative. I am not impressed with Halle.

  37. mel says:

    Team Gabe. Halle is a pathetic controlling biotch.

  38. Blah says:

    it seems to me this woman has gotten so use to playing the victim in all aspects of life, she doesnt know any other way(obviously not a valid excuse)From men to her child. After a while it gets tiresome feeling sorry for her.

  39. tooey says:

    @Lisa, I agree with you in theory, however, having watched the California judicial system as it relates to celebrities I have little faith that they will resolve anything equitably. Seems to be the only thing that matters in Cali is how big a celeb you are and how persuasive your PR machine is…

    Personally I think Halle only wanted a baby and when she was done with Aubrey, she just wanted him out of the picture. Doesn’t work that way, hon, except maybe in California….

  40. Tess says:

    Armchair Analysis: It’s bad enough that her inner conflicts and insecurities are self destructive, but, increasingly their destuctive energy is aimed at the people around her, creating chaos and pain.

  41. nnn says:

    I don’t beleive Halle and i am a Black woman.

    Don’t forget that this is a woman who had a hit and run felony and tried to get away with it by blaming the victim.

    She wants that little girl for her own by any means necessary, even if it’s include berating her father and cutting him from her life.

    Plenty of younger stars 20 years younger than her make the transition from married with kids to divorcee sharing peacefully custody with their ex and this 44 years old woman acts so immature and irresponsible by comparison.

    She is an idiot of epic proportions !

  42. Marjalane says:

    I would LOVE to hear what this racial slur was- it’s amazing what some people can twist into an insult. Just the fact that Halle Berry took this to (garbage) People makes me roll my eyes. People mag was sure happy to print pictures and stories of the happy family for years- thank God they were there for Halle when she decided to finally, “tell the truth” about Gabriel!

  43. renee says:

    @anon and devilgirl

    Really? Canada is not racist? Try being a person of colour here. He is from Quebec, and many Quebecers are often intolerant towards people of other nationalities and ethnicities and races (Quebec is considered to be a separate nation in Canada for those of you who don’t know). I AM NOT SAYING THAT HE IS RACIST but just because he was with a woman of another race does not make him racist. How many straight men hate women and persist in dating them? And people have a tendency to get really ugly when sh*t turns sour. How many people say really low things about people we were once intimate with when we fall out with them?

    I come here for entertainment. This is a gossip site, not a court of law and while I do think that CB and Kaiser are pretty astute with their observations (and are funny to boot) I am surprised by how people will take what is reported on here to be “THE ABSOLUTE TRUTH” and are swearing up and down the block that she is crazy and her is the wronged party without knowing either one of them. How do we know that he “doesn’t seem the type” to be doing that? I’ve never heard him speak in public. In his photos he always appeared shifty and beady eyed to me. He was like a cleaner, high-rent K-Fed.

    And why is everyone here all “oh, he was fine to have a kid with and now you have a problem with him?” but we were all like, poor Sandra Bullock, there’s no way she could have known about Jesse’s hard-on for Nazis…whatever. I think that they both should keep this shit private and I don’t think that either one of them is the innocent party here.

  44. crab says:

    If he was calling her racial slurs he would be saying them to his daughter too because of her being bi-racial so I say BS on this one!

  45. beebeedoom says:

    Wait, why is he behaving badly? He didn’t say anything condemning Halle, she did about him and then his friends(?) defended him. I see nothing with that. I’d be pissed too if someone was calling me an unfit parent implying I’d done something horrible to my child. I hope the judge sees right through her bullshit and grants joint custody. I bet she’s gonna try to brainwash Nahla, she seems like the type.

  46. Chrissy says:

    I didn’t care either way prior to the racist card being thrown. Very uncool, Halle. Have some hard proof before muddying the waters with that charge. Totally gross.

  47. EdithP says:

    I’m trying not to take sides, but I am suspicious of Halle, given her background. It looks like they are digging up people from Gabe’s background to get the dirt, I’m sure they’ll try to do the same with Halle. Although you never hear much from Halle’s exes, I wonder why. David Justice would be a good one to talk to.

  48. Amy says:

    Poor kid. Also, Halle she has a pattern of destructive behavior towards herself and others.I think that she has serious issues and is deeply unhappy and bitter.Gabriel didn’t help his case by associating himself with that Kardashian twat. I certainly wouldn’t want any kid of mine near that.And i simply do not believe that he is racist for all the reasons previous posters mentioned

  49. Canuck says:

    @tooey: Isn’t Aubry a New York resident? Plus, he could also likely use the Canadian courts who don’t really care if you’re a celeb or not.

  50. garvels says:

    If Halle is creating false allegations and playing the press then I hope the courts see that Gabe is the more fit parent and awards Gabe full custody and orders Halle to pay child support.

  51. gloaming says:

    People get nasty and cold during splits but what’s really telling about Halle’s character, is the way she was supposedly so close with Eric Benet’s daughter, to whom she said she loved like her own child, but then was completely disowned after they split up.
    I know it was years ago, but it’s still relevant imo.

  52. kmn says:

    TEAM HALLE. Though neither one of them is handling this particularly well by running to the media. For Nahla’s sake I hope they figure things out and come to an agreement quickly.

  53. Canuck says:

    @renee: I’m Canadian and I didn’t know that Quebec was considered a separate nation. Quebec is still getting equalization payments from the federal government are they not? Quebecers still travel on a Canadian passport, right?

  54. Sol says:

    Im sure his visitations to Nahla interfere with her being with Olivier wherever anytime.
    Makes you think why they did ok until Halle started hanging out with this cheater .
    The bad news for Halle is that Nahla is going to read all the awful stuff Halle says about her father on the other side his statement is more respectful.
    So far im team Gabriel.He and Nahla look always happy together.Sure racists comments when you have a lookalike daughter??? Gold diggers don’t work models do work people and some gain a lot of money!!

  55. TinaWithPom says:

    Understandable that he just wants to be included in his daughter’s life.

    “Racial slurs” my ass.

    Team Gabe.

  56. Alex says:

    I guess the people that are Team Gabe is because they think he is hot. We don’t know how he is behind close doors. He probably is a douche and not a nice guy. You can hate Hallie all you want but maybe there is something to what she is saying. Don’t be blind or be stupid because a man is gorgeous. He may have a darkside…just saying

  57. malachais says:

    @renee, ITA. I get that people sympathize with Gabriel, but he is leaking stories to the press just as much as Halle is.

    This whole “Halle should be grateful Gabriel even wants to be around/be a good parent” is ridiculous. It is apparent she used to think Gabriel is a good parent, but something happened that changed her mind. Maybe he IS behaving irresponsibly and Halle would rather not deal with his antics. I get the feeling more dirt related to Gabe will come out of this. I’m not taking sides with either parent, I wish they would both stfu.

  58. lilred says:

    Maybe his racial slur was to call her a bitch and we all know that would be an insult to the female canine.

  59. Team Gabriel! Halle still crazy from all those punches she got from Wesley Snipes. You can tell by her previous relationships that she is the one with the issues. I don’t get it, if a woman wants to have a baby and no man, go to the nearest sperm bank and get yourself pregnant that way. In today’s world, single mothers are not judge anymore so why still looking for relationships? don’t get me wrong, I am happily married.

  60. anon says:

    @renee I realize there is racism everywhere. Just that Canada has had this reputation since the Africans used to run there to escape slavery in the US. Canada was also the go to country of draft dodgers in the 60′s, so while I know racists are everywhere, Canada has managed a general reputation as a pleasant place with pleasant people :-) I think both parents should be quiet and this should be their private business. Unfortunately for Nahla its in People magazine. So it doesn’t look like her privacy is being guarded. I also come here for entertainment and have never said one word about Halle or anyone else’s mental state.
    edit to add I am not on any team ever! well unless there is a team ‘keep your private business private’ team :-)

  61. Cheyenne says:

    Is this junior high school? What is with this “team” bullshit? The only “team” I’m on is the kid’s team. Both her parents need to grow the hell up and straighten this mess out before it gets even uglier.

  62. eja102 says:

    what a good thing for a country to be known for.

    **proud Canadian**

    I agree with anon, why would he use slurs that would also be about his daughter?
    I feel for this kid, living day and night with the stress in the house. You know she’s feeling it.

  63. Amy says:

    Most of the people are NOT team Gabriel because he is hot. and also maybe you are team Halle because she is hot

  64. devilgirl says:

    Uh Renee, don’t know why you are addressing me, as I never said anything about Canada.

    I always love the idea that because he is the less famous of the two, that he is the one who is the bad one, when Berry has exhibited her crazy over the years in her decision making processes.

    Just because the relationship goes South, doesn’t mean he is going to all of a sudden make racial remarks to her now, does it? Why is it that he is the one who would all of a sudden turn into this racist, monster, not fit to be around his child, yet she is still the sweet, wonderful Halle Berry? Maybe SHE is the one doing the lying, scheming and manipulating, because she can rely on her “reputation” as an Hollywood favorite to back up her possibly bogus claims.

    And for all those claiming Aubry gets a pass because of his looks, the same might be said of Berry. Perhaps she gets a pass because of her looks, her reputation as an actress and the fact that she has been so abused by the men in her past. Perhaps she relies on those things to get her way. Did anyone ever think of that?

  65. Julie says:

    Team Gabe. Lost all respect for her. Total bitch!

  66. gabs says:

    @ whitenoise

    I didn’t say that Halle wasn’t at fault, just that it seems to me that people are jumping on the bandwagon taking Gabes side when we know nothing about him. Hes a model. Other than that what do you know? He dated a kardashian. Maybe you do have reasons for being “team gabe” other than him being hot fine, if so then what I said doesn’t apply to you. I don’t believe that he is racist either btw but he cant be perfect and has been playing nasty leaking to the media for a while now. Halle and him are on the same (low) level playing dirty. I feel bad for the kid not gabe or halle.

  67. Weeble says:

    Team Nahla. Get this out of the public arena, and handle it quietly.

  68. Milan says:

    @ devilgirl. er Nahla’s not bi-racial. Bi-racial is half black or asian or whatever and half white..or whatever. bi means two. Nahla is a quarter black and three quarters white… i don’t know what that makes her….probably just mixed race but bi-racial she is not. On the other hand her mother is bi-racial, being half black and half white.

  69. dread pirate cuervo says:

    If Halle is so convinced that Gabriel is putting their daughter in harm’s way, why hasn’t she called the police? She’s the one with the money & power, so what does she have to fear? Oh yes…the truth. Parental alienation is child abuse.

  70. Tif says:

    What does him having a baby with Halle and being with Halle have anything to do with him using a racial slur. If you recall plenty of slave owners had children with black women back when and those racial slurs do get used in interracial relationships today….when people get angry. Stop trying to make excuses for Gabriel. I don’t think it has to do with Gabe being hot, but Halle being pretty. Envy isn’t a pretty way to be people. Gabe did run around with Kim Kardashian ….I mean really. That being said I think both of them have problems. I think she wanted to pick up and go with her daughter as she pleased and he said no. I think too he needs to realize she is an actress and has to travel… TO MAKE MONEY. I don’t believe either is innocent and taking teams….you people are no more mature than these two. Get out of junior high. People don’t even do that crap in high school.

  71. SassyOne says:

    Trying to look at it objectivley:
    1) HB has admitted to a lot of baggage from a dysfunctional childhood
    2) HB has had a string of unsuccessful/unsatisfying relationships (I know nothing of GA)
    3) Tab reports indicated HB was uber-pissed at the dalliance b/t GA and KK
    4) HB & GA had a long term relationship which produced a child that they apparently love and desire to care for equally.
    5) racial slurs seem unlikely in the case of #4.
    6) GA has kept his mouth essentially shut (I think) about HB since their breakup till now.
    7) HB is taking the first steps to irreparably alter her relationship with (and ultimately her child’s with)GA.
    8) For me 1+1=2, and HB is not making a good case for herself with this behavior in the public eye. They should both grow up and think of that baby.

  72. Arianna says:

    @ Canuck

    thank you.
    apparently living in canada means quite differently for a lot of people… just because we have a french prominent province does not mean it’s its own nation

  73. Jen says:

    I really hate the childish “team” this and that. The only person who should have a “team” is the innocent child in the middle of the mess. Both parents are not being mature as they both went to the press, so judging one over the other seems a bit silly.

  74. RHONYC says:

    @ Maud:

    No comment except poor Nahla!


    dead right!

    i mean come on halle!

    all of the REAL ‘A’-List top dogs don’t have flip in the news about their babies or partner’s involvement:

    even JULIA ROBERTS (she moved to New Mexico)

    this is SO beyond TACKY!

    she has enough money to prevent this type of exposure from touching her kid, and she WON’T. secretly she YEARNS this negative attention, and that’s just sick.

    selfish, stubborn, simple b*tch. smfh. :-(

  75. Tazina says:

    Why don’t these women go to a sperm bank instead of having babies with their boyfriend of the moment? I wouldn’t say Gabriel Aubry is behaving badly. He has to defend himself from the barbs she’s throwing to the media. It’s Halle who is showing herself to be childish and mean spirited in her quest to gain custody. She has more money to fight longer and harder and is the mother so who knows how this could go.

  76. Moreaces says:

    I have no idea what team to align myself with, Gabe really seems like a nice guy, he appears to just be kind of down to earth. Im just not sure about Berry, why cant she seem to keep a man, and why does it seem that for some reason she is always the victim in ALL her relationships, either she is a horrible picker, or has the worst luck in the entire world..

  77. WhiteNoise says:

    @Gabs – I’m not team anyone. I actually don’t care much for either of them and normally I wouldn’t even comment on them. All I can go on is what Berry herself is putting out there and, regardless of the actual reality of their situation, she is coming across as self-serving and nasty. I can only go on her actions and to date, they stink.

  78. Rachel says:

    Halle must be really desperate to resort to this low racial slur allegation. She knows she’s going to lose this one. If she’s looking for public support, she has blown it. I have zero interest in ever seeing a movie of hers again. I will always think of her as the woman who accused her ex of being a racist because she wouldn’t share custody of their child. He should sue her @ss for defamation.

  79. Canuck says:

    @Milan: bi-racial means that you are of two races, not that you are a 50/50 split.

  80. renee says:

    @ anon – What is also not reported on is that a lot escaped slaves actually returned to the States because of the horrific treatment that they received once escaping here. And Canada also practiced slavery too, a fact that I don’t believe is widely known in the U.S.

    @devilgirl – I was responding to your comment about doubting the fact that G.A. would utter racial slurs because his kid is “of colour”

    @Canuck – Yeah, I know that Quebec is not legally considered another country but when people speak of the country they often say Canada and Quebec. I have seen this in many contexts. Sort of like how in some instances First Nations people don’t consider themselves Canadian although they travel on Canadian passports (although there was that incident with the lacrosse team). Anyway, sorry for the confusion – that I should have been clearer with my statements.

  81. DianaPrince says:

    If Gabe doesn’t say anything to defend himself against these rather malicious accusations that’s being played for all to see, then I don’t know what’s worth defending.

  82. renee says:

    @ Tif: THANK YOU!!!!!!! Thank you for going there, I co-sign with your comment.

  83. jc126 says:

    What a LIAR and a psycho HB is! I don’t believe any of her crap or her claims about GA. Lunatic.
    I don’t know what it was, but there was something HB said some time back, before this split, that made me think she’s been a liar for a long time, and now I question a lot of her past claims, like how she said a beating by an ex boyfriend (widely rumored to be Wesley Snipes) left her with hearing loss in one ear, etc.

  84. StopKiddingYourself says:

    I’m with Renee on this one. There are plenty of misogynistic creeps that are QUICK to say vile things about the women they date if things don’t go their way. It’s called giving someone a “low blow”. Saying that Aubrey hurled a racist epitaph in anger at Halle isn’t necessarily pulling a ‘race card’. Why do non-minorities think that people want to pull some magical card like that? The truth is that people are very racist. It’s woven inextricably in the fabric of our culture. Check out the political atmosphere in this country the past few years for many references. If you happen to be non-white the first low blows meted out to you tend to be racial. It’s just the way it is. Race card, my ass. Plus the old, “I have a biracial lover; I’m not a racist!” is the same thing as the old, “I have a black friend so I’m clearly not racist!” She could very well be telling the truth about him.

  85. Yasmine says:

    So I usually come on this site for some comedy and escapism but I couldn’t help but want to comment on 2 things to my fellow canucks:
    Quebec is in fact a nation within Canada. It was declared so by Harper in 2006, although I dislike him immensely and I don’t think it meant much. But, more importantly, Quebec it has it’s own delegate in the seat at the United Nations as a separate entity/nation . It makes sense in a way because Canada is a multi-national state. We have the First Nations, the Metis, the Inuit, etc… I think that what separatists are asking for is a seperate state.

    And to a certain extent racism does exist in Canada, but it’s a lot more hidden. I’m half Arab-half White (Irish) and I can attest to that. My partner’s native, and he has a whole other racist experience to talk about! But I will admit, it’s nothing like what I saw in the States when I lived there. I found the anti-latino ‘commentary’ especially shocking. It’s hard to quantify and compare oppression. Oppression is oppression, no doubt about it. No one is saying one’s better, they’re just different. Having said that, Canada is more multi-cultural and extremely polite lol. So it seems a lot more ‘under control’ if you know what I mean.

    I’m team Kaiser, dunno who to believe and both are acting like selfish idiots. This is gonna get REALLY ugly. Sigh…

  86. Dee says:

    Does he have a history of running someone over and fleeing the scene? If not, he wins!!!

  87. OXA says:

    Halle Berry is lower than scrotum sweat and SHE deserves to lose all custody for these latest low blows against Gabriel Aubry.
    On TMZ today someone posted on the “supposed ex” who called him a gold digger,here it is

    I know “Page Bogart”, which is not her real name. I was friends with her when she supposedly “dated” Gabriel Aubry in miami 5 years ago. This story about Gabriel Aubrey is one big fat lie, trust me, I know, I was there. Page stalked Gabriel Aubrey and started telling everyone she was dating him. He didn’t even know who she was. Page used to pay the guys at the golf course to call her when he showed up to play golf. She would go running over there to try to talk to him. He was never interested in Page and she never went out with this guy! Page never met Halle Berry, never talked to Halle Berry….once Gabriel met Halle, he was never seen in Miami again. I cant believe this conniving crazy bitch is trying to get her name in the press by lying about this guy. Page is one of the craziest people I’ve ever met. She had a habit of stalking different men around Miami. She stalked a young NFL player for almost a year. You should really be more careful about checking your facts before you print this stuff. I used to think TMZ was one of the best sources of celebrity news, but now I’m not so sure since I know this story is a flat out lie.

    Posted at 7:00 AM on Feb 2, 2011 by miamigurl
    The common denominator in all of Halle’s failed and suppossedly abusive relationships, yep, it is her. She has gone to the press and destroyed them all with her unsubstantiated allegations. I think that she suffers from Narcissitic Personality Disorder and is toxic to any man that she charms with her outer beauty.

  88. I don’t see Halle playing the victim here. They issued a statement when they separated, and then she started to see Olivier. She only said good things about Gabe until now. She doesn’t seem like she is looking for pity. She is just pissed right now and overreacting. They BOTH are!

  89. Tamiko says:


    Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I was just coming here to post, essentially, the same thing.

  90. Caitlin says:

    I fail to see how Gabe’s acting badly here! Poor guy’s just trying to be a father to his kid, something we desperately need more men to do.
    Halle just sounds like a vindictive ball busting bitch, unwilling to budge an inch.

  91. BB says:

    Team Gabriel.
    I don’t blame him. Unless I got it wrong, he seems happy to share custody, it’s her who wants full custody and him being alienated from his daughter. I don’t see how he has a choice but to fight this.

  92. Tif says:

    @renee We are both just speaking the truth. It’s funny when a white person gets accused if something having to do with being a bigot, other white folks want to jump to their defense. It’s like when my Mother would tell white folks at her job how she would see white people put things in their purse at a store…those white folks at her work would defend them. They’d say maybe they were just holding it for later and not stealing. If they would have been a person of color it would have been a different story. Hey people, they do scenarios like that on that show …What Would You Do.

    Race has been cemented into our psyche. To think someone wouldn’t say those things out of anger is ridiculous. I think this were her reply to her being accused of calling him and yelling at him. That was stated the other day on usmagazine’s site. He’s no better than she is.

    And the race card…please. If an issue regards race than that is what it regards.


    Keep speaking the truth!!!!

  93. elin says:


    bi means two, not half. she’s from two races (i don’t know how to phrase it, i’m not english, sorry if it’s rude/wrong). it has nothing to do with percentage.

  94. tooey says:

    @Canuck – I’m assuming Halle would file in CA since that’s where they’ve been residing for the most part since the baby was born. But with celebs, who knows? Maybe a Swiss court can here them – celebs seem to get whatever they want. Didn’t Aubrey make some kind of filing to try and “officialize” some things before this latest blow-up? Can’t remember if or where…

  95. icantbelievethis says:

    Bad move Halle:( Notice she doesn’t have specifics of his bad parenting, so she’s going to try to ruin his character. That looks worse on her. So, this guy who is abusive and rascist was fine to take care of their daughter as long as he followed her around for work (even after their split)? He’s good enough to “babysit”, but not good enough to be the child’s father?

    I feel bad for Aubry. He seems to just want to be a dad to his daughter and have it in writing. He originally wanted shared custody.

    Judges see things like this happen all the time and in my experience have little patience for it (as my ex’s lawyer quickly found out). In fact this may very well backfire for Berry.

  96. Feebee says:

    Somewhere Alec Baldwin is reading this and thinking, “here’s another crazy bitch, now will you believe me?”

    Rightly or wrongly mothers are given the lion’s share of parental rights, maybe history justifies this. However this shoving of caring dads to the side as part of the mother’s vengence has to be stopped legally. It should be law that unless there’s a bloody good reason and I mean a really bloody good reason then the father should always be listed on the birth certificate. It’s unfathomable to me that it’s not.

    Despite the trainwreck Kim K may be the fact he dated her for two weeks has absolutely no bearing on his fitness as a father. Charlie Sheen probably gets more time with his kids, isn’t that ironic?

    I agree with #39/Pirate… I can’t help but think some of this is wrapped up in Halle’s insecurities and the fact that he doesn’t want her but is crazy about his daughter. Mother and daughter rivalries start early.

  97. DGO says:

    Disgusting that Halle is playing the race card. Gabriel is Canadian, and the “N” word isn’t used here.

    There is so much dirt he could reveal on her, including her temper, her reckless spending habits, her hit-and-runs, her substance abuse problems, her promiscuity when she was supposedly in a relationship with him. He’s the one who dumped her, although Halle likes to play it the other way.

  98. anon says:

    @Yasmine @renee “Because early Canada’s role in the trans-Atlantic slave trade was so minor, the history of slavery in Canada is often overshadowed by the more tumultuous slavery practiced elsewhere in the Americas – most famously in the American South, and infamously in the colonial Caribbean. Afua Cooper states that slavery is, “Canada’s best kept secret, locked within the National closet”
    did not mean to make this post about Canada :-) I guess I am more familiar with the country than with HB or GA
    and again I know they have racists everywhere, why wouldn’t they have any in Canada? I appreciate the information anyway, so thank you. Makes me think a sperm donor would have been an option and she could have just kept it private (not named the father). Hope for the best for the little girl.

  99. Alex says:

    OMG!! It is amazing how some women would attack another woman. Do any of you know GB personally? How do you know he is a great dad or a person?

    Come on people lets call it as it is: You are on GB side because you think he is hot period? The man could be a raging lunatic and some women on here would still think he is hot and walk on water. Very Sad.

    BTW I am not on HB side either.

  100. DGO says:

    @ renee – Proud Canadian here with a mutli-racial family and not once have I ever heard the “N” word uttered by a Canadian-born citizen. The only person I have ever heard say it was an Arab kid who repeated it to our black principal after he heard his father say it. That kid got disciplined real good, both by the school system and the other kids. We don’t tolerate racism in any form in Canada, and I doubt Gabriel has ever uttered the “N” word, just as I have never said it.

    And as far as Quebec being a separate nation, more nonsense. I am proudly Canadian, and proud of ALL fellow Canadians regardless of ethnicity or creed.

  101. DGO says:

    Slavery has always been illegal in Canada, and Canada has historically been a haven for the oppressed. We have entire cities that were founded by former slaves who escaped here from the United States and other regions, so for anyone trying to re-write Canadian history and smear it, try again.

  102. Marjalane says:

    Oh, give me a friggin break. Halle Berry has claimed that every man she’s ever had a relationship with has been either abusive, or a cheater, or whatever insult she can squeeze the most sympathy from. She’s a weak minded, petty woman that simply wants her child all to herself. She makes shit up all the time- remember Oprah? And leaving the scene of a hit and run and racing to her plastic surgeons office for a small cut on her face? She’s awful and now her PR people have bought support from People and TMZ. Would you “Team Halle” fans prefer that he relenquish all parental rights to his child? You’de be calling him a deadbeat dad in a heartbeat. I think Halle’s PR people have totally overplayed their hands on this one.

  103. Scarlet Vixen says:

    I’ve been to0 busy to post something, because I’ve been reading all the other posts. I don’t have much to say on the actual issue. But I’m getting really tired of the “You just take Gabe’s side cuz he HAWT” accusations. Not a single poster has said anything about his looks, so just stop! In fact, Mr Aubry’s supporters (for the most part) have some pretty solid reasons for not only thinking he’s acting better, but for not taking Ms Berry’s stance (previous actions, current accusations, etc). The people who are making the ‘hotness’ accusations have no proof, and it’s starting to sound really childish. So please knock it off.

  104. YvetteW says:

    If Gabriel was 100% dead wrong, no one would believe it because of Halle’s nutter past behavior. The whole we loved and now it’s over and we will raise our child in harmony – just too mature and level headed for her. I didn’t think Halle could keep the lid on crazy for too long. Feel sorry for Nahla – she has the rest of her life to deal with this drama.

  105. Canuck says:

    @anon: The beginning of the article that you posted deserves to be posted as well, so here goes: Slavery in what now comprises Canada existed into the 1830s, when slavery was officially abolished. Some slaves were of African descent, while others were aboriginal (typically called panis, likely a corruption of Pawnee). Slavery which was practised within Canada’s current geography, was practised primarily by Aboriginal groups. While there was never any significant Canadian trade in African slaves, native nations frequently enslaved their rivals and a very modest number (sometimes none in a number of years) were purchased by colonial administrators (rarely by settlers) until 1833, when the slave trade was abolished across the British Empire.

  106. Catherine says:

    There are always some big emotional and verbal abuse accusations thrown whenever she breaks up with someone. I am starting to believe it is coming from her side and she really needs to grow up.

  107. N.D. says:

    There is absolutely no need for Halle to make it all SO public. She has all the means (money, best lawyers, celebrity etc) to fight him in court, privately. She started this war of public accusations and I can’t come up with any decent excuse for her to do that.

  108. devilgirl says:

    @Milan- Nahla IS bi-racial. Check your definition of the term before schooling others. It has nothing to do with percentages. It means a person from TWO races, which Nahla is.

    @Alex- Please do not tell me why or how I think, because you are dead wrong. I have never found him to be “hot”, so your point is a big fail.

  109. Aries_Mira says:

    I could cry – poor Nahla. She’s the innocent victim here, and this is really starting to get ugly. I wish Halle and Gabriel would simply stop the PR war, shut out the public, deal with this privately and make a decision based on the best interests of their daughter. No child deserves to hear about one parent bashing the other.

  110. Lem says:

    @ Alex: you have got to stop with the whole “he’s hot” we are not that shallow, he is not that hot! You’ve made that comment multiple times, so you must believe women are ? easily swayed simpletons? It simply isn’t the case. We can certainly separate the issue between hot good guy and hot not-to-be-trusted guy. We learn that as teenage girls. We quickly learn the difference and what to do with both.
    This guy appears to want to do right by his daughter. THAT is why so many stand behind him. Even if Halle weren’t batshit crazy we would still support a man who loves his daughter, wants to have a hand in actually raising his daughter and is fighting for his rights to do so!
    either way- he is not hot- so please stop it with that argument, I hate feeding trolls

    JSYK he will start to look better to all of us who do not find him hot; the harder he fights to be a present father… funny how that works

  111. anon says:

    @Canuck thanks, like I said in my prior post I didn’t want to make the thread about Canada, too late now though :-)

  112. crtb says:

    She was sane until he started dating. It was ok for her to fcuk around but the second he wend out on a date she went crazy. I don’t believe for one second that he called her the N word.

  113. OXA says:

    The control freak wants sole custody of the child and as usual is pulling all the stops to slander her ex.
    Halle Berry is the new Healther Mills venomous fantasist.

  114. Lukie says:

    1. Canadians aren’t racists? Anyone that thinks they are not either has not spent enough time in Canada or must be white. The difference is their racism is subtle, but believe me, it’s there.

    2. I think if Gabe is smart, he will STFU now and let Halle bad mouth him. The only opinion that holds any weight will be the judge that decides their case. I’d just save all the press clippings, voice messages and emails. If she is lying, she’ll dig her own hole.

    3. If Halle Berry wanted an uninvolved father, she should have walked herself and her turkey baster over to a reputable sperm bank. Then she could have handled her daughter howeverrrrr she wanted. If she was smart, she especially would STFU, because judges do not favor mothers that interfere w/a man that wants to be a father. Halle is going to crash and burn if she cannot prove her allegations.

    Regardless of which “team” I am on, they both need to STFU, sit in a corner w/a mediator, and handle their business privately. Kids learn how to work a computer and google pretty early. That kid is going to know this story before they realize and screw her up…idiots!

  115. Baby says:

    Low blow Halle. Why don’t you think of your daughter instead of yourself.

  116. crtb says:

    From what I have read, he said that when Hallie travels for movies, he wants their daughter home with him for stability. Not uprooted and running all over the world. This is the same complaint we all have said about the Jolie-Pitt children. That they are always dragged from one place to another when their parents are making movies. That doesn’t sound unresonable to me. She would have coustody when she’s home. Many other actors do NOT take their kids on location with them. They leave them at home with the other parent.

  117. julbug says:

    He should have known something was up when she didn’t put his name on the birth certificate the day the baby was born.

  118. tanguerita says:

    Halle is such a vindictive bitch, I can’t believe it. don’t fell any love for her anymore.

  119. Laurie says:

    Shame on Halle for claiming racial slurs now that the custody battle is heating up? Gave has a bi-racial daughter and I very highly doubt he made comments like that. Halle is trying to villainize Gabe and it is backlashing miserably!! Go Gabe!!

  120. Jacqueline says:

    I alway sknew Halle had problems(personality wise or psycholigically) and she was never what the media made her out to be. This shows how low class she really is. TEAM GABRIEL all the way. She should respect her daughter well-being more by respecting her daughter’s father!

  121. Alix says:

    She’s got an amazing track record for choosing abusive, unfaithful men, but Aubry seemed different. And there didn’t seem to be much of a problem between them til he dated Kim Kardashian. An icky choice, sure, but they were hardly a stomach-churning Vanilla Gorilla-Kat von D pair. Berry might be crazy after all…

  122. Scarlet Vixen says:

    I know the thread isn’t about Canada, but I can’t help myself. I will first admit that I’m not Canadian, and I am white (& Jewish, if that means anything). But I have to say I’ve never met a Canadian I didn’t like. :-) They are some of the nicest and most tolerant people I’ve ever met. I may be biased–my husband was raised in Canada (& the Netherlands). He has extended family all over Canada, plus Holland & Africa. Many of my cousins-by-marriage have spouses of other races/nationalities. I know you can’t bunch an entire nation in one basket, but I did feel the need to say I understand what people have meant when they question a Canadian to be racist.

    Also, I believe he has filed for shared custody in New York and Canada (the child has dual citizenship). So, hopefully the smear campaign tactic that would be more likely to work in CA courts won’t work in NY &/or Canada.

    The model/Top Chef host Padma Lakshmi and Halle Berry must be sharing notes. Lakshmi is doing the same thing right now, too.

  123. anon says:

    @crtb “This is the same complaint we all have said about the Jolie-Pitt children. That they are always dragged from one place to another when their parents are making movies” both parents in the JP family are in agreement (for now), they don’t have to agree with outside opinions of what they do with their children. We wouldn’t be giving our opinions on HB/GA custody issues if they had kept it private.

  124. susie says:

    Halle pulled out of a movie to deal with this issue and will use that to undermine this case. Holier than thou. I don’t want to see her crazy face anywhere again. It’s time for a new black woman with more grace to rise to the top.

  125. Kiska says:

    Her claims just don’t add up. She is just pissed because he wants to have rights as Nahla’s father. She figured he’d just disappear into the night but it appears this guy has balls.

  126. Scarlet Vixen says:

    @ND: That’s too bad–I used to live in SoCal, and it seems that the courts there are incapable of being ‘fair’ when a celebrity is involved.

  127. anon says:

    @Scarlet Vixen: “But I have to say I’ve never met a Canadian I didn’t like. :-) ” I never have either and I am not white :-) , I feel very comfortable and welcome wherever I go there, so that’s why I found it strange also; know many of them since the Vietnam war and they do a superb job of hiding whatever issues they have (racial, misogynist etc., when I am there, :-) ) Also thanks to you and Lem for noticing that people are not questioning or siding against HB based on GA hotness/or lack there of.

  128. Anon73 says:

    TEAM GABE. i too think this is low / controlling / manipulative on Berry’s part. That girl CLEARLY has a loose screw (or two or three…) in that pretty head of hers.

  129. Kim says:

    Full disclosure. I’m Black and Team Gabriel.So he used racial slurs when they broke up but that didn’t stop her from taking him on location when she was filming to help take care of Nahla . GMAFB. I lost respect for her when she cut off contact with India Eric Benet’s daughter.

  130. Jeri says:

    Halle has more money and resources to slander Gabriel.

    She has a history of ranting about her ex’s to the press/tabs.

    Per Halle, they have all mistreated her. Is the sky falling, Halle?

  131. CarinC4 says:

    I’m so confused, such conflicting stories……..i mean, i’m trying to read this story and understand both sides but i keep swaying towards Gabriel Aubry.

    How hypocritical of Halle Berry……she can go and date whoever she wants (didn’t she and Oliver hook up as soon as the movie production got going?)but he can’t? And that whole Kim kardashian story is just hot air, so what if he was dating her, that means he must be automatically scrutinzed by her bcuz of kim’s history?

    Uh no, thats so childish. Unless they made a sex tape in the baby’s room WHILE the baby was watching (or taking the actual video), then that could be Halle’s “breaking point”.
    It just sounds like she was jealous that he moved on IN GENERAL and that she should be able to hook up with Oliver, while just waits in the wings if circumstances changed.

    Even though i don’t kno both of y’all except what i read in magazines and blogs, Halle u sound like ur being a inconsiderate, verbally abusive, vindictive woman who is trying to hurt her ex by keeping him away from his child.

    All children deserve stability and hopefully both parents in their lives, or at least 2 guardians. Don’t act like ur doing all of this for ur cild when ur truly trying to get back at ur ex.

  132. Tess says:

    @ Yasmine

    I’m sincerely curious. Given your background, do you think you would encounter bias if you lived in the Middle East? Another words, do you think prejudice is universal or just Western?

  133. CarinC4 says:

    Oh, and i’m not siding with Gabriel because he’s goodlooking (GOD DAMN!), it’s because the story coming from Halle and/or her people is VERY SKETCHY.

    So all of a sudded, u mention that he was verbally abusive and maybe a “closet racist” (i know they didnt say that, but when u read between the lines its like they’re trying to imply it)?


    P.S- I’m black also, so its not even a racial thing. It’s just a common sense thing when i’m reading this case

  134. renee says:

    @ DGO: I LIVE in Canada. I have too a multiracial family. Members of family have been called the N word. THIS YEAR. IN CANADA. I have friends who are black and who are other races and we ALL have experienced racism, subtle and overt, in CANADA. And we live in and around Toronto, so it’s not like we are in rural areas where people might not be as exposed to diversity.

    Just because you don’t experience or recognize something doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist. I don’t mean to derail this thread but I feel that this needed to be addressed.

  135. GradStudentEatingHotPockets says:

    I LOVE Canada..ha. I went there for a conference that I had to present at and loooovvveeeddd it. However, I was a little upset with all the coin money but that’s just because I don’t like to be all “jingly” ha.
    And the Canadians were very nice to me…except for one bouncer at a bar who wouldn’t accept my government ID as “proper” identification haha.

    But anywho- I really wish people-celebs and non celebs- could handle their divorces and custody issues privately to protect their loved ones. It can be very damaging to have all your dirty laundry aired in front of everyone….eeesh.

  136. DGO says:

    Well, renee, if that’s the case, then you should file hate crime charges. That’s what the law is for.

  137. Mistral says:

    I’m a Canadian and to say there is no racism in Canada would be silly. Of course there is going to be a huge spectrum of beliefs and attitudes in a country this size with people from all over the world. However, I will say that it isn’t as widespread/overt as it is in the US. I really doubt that Gabe used racial slurs against his daughter or Halle. Also, he doesn’t seem violent…Who knows? I doubt it, though. I think Halle is willing to do whatever to get what she wants.

  138. D says:

    This is a really sad story. Why can’t these two settle custody of their daughter in private. Gab just wants shared legal custody and he wants the baby to have his name legally. Wow, what a catastophe for Halle. She should be thankful that her daughter’s father wants to be active in her life. I’m having a hard time believing he would say anything racist to her considering she’s half black and their daughter is too. Insane.

  139. Maritza says:

    If Aubry were racist he wouldn’t have dated Halle in the first place, I don’t believe he used the N word at all. The man is simply fighting for his rights as a father. Nahla is such a beautiful little girl and lucky to have such a good caring father.

  140. Kim says:

    So Halle is admitting she yet again made a mistake with her choice of male partner? She always says AFTER the break ups that they were abusive etc. Im sure some were but why did she she chose to stay in those abusive relationships? She definitely has man issues.

    But he did date Kim K so that takes away some of his credibility- no one would want their daughter around that ho ever! I see Halle concerns there BUT she is dating someone new also and how do we know he would be good around Nahla?

    Who knows the real story but who cares. These are 2 adults who need to have alone time (they both jumped right into other relationships – more so Halle), get their heads straight and realize whats important here – their daughter.

  141. devilgirl says:

    Did I miss something, because there are more racial slurs than just the dreaded “n” word, so why does everyone assume that is what was said?

    All of a sudden, he is just going to turn into a nasty, racist pig, without any prior tendency to do so.

    If he is yet another “abuser” of Halle’s, then I must say, that certainly doesn’t say a lot for her ability to make good decisions in her life, much less a minor child’s.

    She might want to watch what she does at this point, because it is making her look bad, instead of the other way around.

  142. Sad says:

    I think Halle is acting horribly, shamefully, in the worst way possible here. A loving parent recognizes that a child needs both parents. The statistics show a child is better with a father, even a bad father which this guy does not seem to be. Of course there are exceptions, if a child is being harmed, but that is obviously not what is happening. Halle shows her true colors when she fails to care about what her child needs, her father. She is stronger than him, the reverse of the typical, and she is a big bully, using her power to take away the thing that is most important to him. Yes, he’s a celebrity but injustice is still aweful, even for him.

  143. The Bobster says:

    Halle playing the race card?

    So it isn’t so.

    Wait a minute. She played that card before to get an Oscar.

    Never mind.

  144. Kim says:

    Why would he make a racial slur when his daughter is part black? I find this hard to believe. If true then he is a monster!

  145. skibunny says:

    I’m a Canadian and yes racism exists. Anyone ever hear of Hongcouver? It’s actually Vancouver. I think we are much more tolerant of other races but becoming less so.
    As for Quebec, they want to be a separate country but with all the benefits that Canada has to offer. Something like having your cake and eating it too.
    I doubt that GA has used the race issue considering his daughter is partially black. These two should keep this out of the press as much as possible for the sake of the child.

  146. ~M says:

    what a vile @#$% Halle Berry is…

  147. jil says:

    once a nutjob, always a nutjob. This is the same old self-absorbed woman who hit and run somebody and wasn’t smart enough to cover her a$$. Karma bites, honey!

  148. I Choose Me says:

    He loves jailbait but has a relationship for years with a women several years older. He’s a bad father for seeking custodial rights – not full custody mind but joint custody. He’s racist (inferred) but has a child with a woman of mixed race. Doesn’t make sense.

    So I’m more inclined to side with Gabriel but I wish both he and Halle had had the class to shut the hell up and not air their problems to the media. For Nahla’s sake I hope they work their shit out.

  149. W.O.M. says:

    I’m more inclined to believe Aubry’s side of the story. It’s not because he’s hot or Canadian (like me), but because he is a blank slate. I know nothing about him, whereas I know too much about Berry (ie her suicide attempt, her bad relationships, her tough upbringing, her gross incompetency when driving AND (most importantly) how she adopted Eric Benet’s child but when the marriage ended she walked away) to give her the benefit of the doubt.

    Berry needs to shut up. Not just about the custody arrangements but about her personal life in general.

    Regarding racism in Canada: yes it exists. But it’s very different from the systemic racism in America. Racism in Canada is usually directed at First Nations people and new immigrants. It is not widely tolerated, and our legal system is (compared to the US) very good at penalizing racism in speech and action when it’s directed at individuals or groups.

    As an aside, Canuck (#114), I appreciate you sourcing the wikipedia article Anon (#106) used. The opening paragraph contains vital information that really alters the meaning of the passage.

  150. im awful says:

    @ skibunny

    from quebec here. and theres nothing i hate more than when other canadians lump us all together as seperatists. dont forget that weve had referendums here and always the majority of the quebec population has wanted to stay part of canada. dont talk about a subject you clearly know little about. its a very complicated one and summing it up in two lines just makes you look retarded.

  151. Westcoaster says:

    Maybe the courts will appoint Nahla a lawyer so that she can get away from her parents! Team Nahla here!

  152. Camille says:

    @devilgirl: Excellent comments in this thread, ITA with you.
    (I don’t find GA ‘hot’ either. His so called attractiveness has nothing to do with anything in this case).

    I feel sorry for their child. None of this needed to be so public. At all.

  153. ezra says:

    She’s treating this man like he’s nothing more than a sperm doner.
    Racial slurs? Sorry, I don’t buy it-I can only imagine the slurs she throws at him. She’s an irresponsible mother who doesn’t want to realize how this is hurting her child.

  154. hmm(the original) says:

    @bobster, yes, because every time a black person wins something, it’s not because they deserved it or earned it, it’s because they were given it. SMH!!

    Team Nahla. Figure it out parents before you end up with a Kim Basinger/Alec Baldwin mess.

  155. Kim says:

    devil girl everyone knows when a person says a” racial slur” was used against a black person everyone will assume the slur is the N word. So clarify that it wasn’t that word or don’t mention it. the friend could have just said he was verbally abusive.Now he is going to linked with using some racist slur.They broke up a year ago why only mention this when he goes to court for joint custody?

  156. Bailey says:

    team Aubry.

    I think this completely made up. Halle has a history of being vindictive when she breaks up with her beaus.
    I remember telling a friend if these two break up and its going to be ugly. and I was right.
    This will happen when it doesn’t work with Olivier.

  157. Alex says:

    Why do some posters feel the need to say that they are black? If you want to be on GA’s side that is fine, no need to say what race you all..silly in my opinion

  158. telesma says:

    I’m reserving judgment overall, but this just doesn’t do anything for Halle Berry’s side of things. Considering the child he is fighting for is of mixed race, I sincerely doubt he’s hurling racist slurs around. I’m not buying it unless she can come up with solid evidence.

  159. Meanchick says:

    Wow. When race is the subject it gets pretty ugly. Race aside, I know that unless HB is the next coming of Joan Crawford, she will keep their child in her custody. It’s too easy to use her past, or the media’s interpretation of it, against her. I do believe that when a person gets angry, they will say just about anything, including racial slurs. All of this seems to have come at a time when his attempts at a reconciliation fell on deaf ears. I hope for the best for the baby and that after a cooling down period, the parents can resolve this quietly out of the public eye.

  160. Liana says:

    She could very well be telling the truth about him.


    And she could very well be lying. It all goes both ways.

  161. devilgirl says:

    @Meanchick- Where did you get the idea that HE wanted to get back together with her? Seems to me, and according to reports, he was happy for her having found someone else and was leading his own life, so I am not aware of any attempts on his part to reconcile with her.

  162. DiMi says:

    I am a black woman; I don’t know what happened here, but it is ridiculous to think that somebody can’t be racist just because they are having sex with somebody of a different race. (During slavery viciously racist white slave holders had sex and children with thousands of black women; that’s one reason that African Americans are so many different colors.)

    Halle Berry is a rich, famous woman; I’m sure there are members of the KKK who would date her in order to be part of that lifestyle. I have dated white men who have said things that I’ve considered racist after I began dating them. I know other black women who have had that same experience. Having sex with or being in a relationship with somebody of a different race doesn’t mean that you are not racist; it means you should work harder not to be. People have sex and children with people that they think are beneath them all of the time.

  163. The Bobster says:

    @164: Did you think Halle deserved an Oscar for her porn role in Monster’s Ball? No, she got it because she whined about racism.

    BTW, has a black ever been charged with hate speech in totalitarian Cannuckistan or does it only work one way as it does in America?

  164. Feebee says:

    @ Bobster WTF? Totalitarian Cannuckistan??? Totally out of line. Doesn’t give one confidence in your opinions. What is makes me think might not make it through moderation.

  165. StopKiddingYourself says:

    Interesting question, Bobster. Because racism has always been a such a “whiny” subject in the States. I wish my black Republican WW2 veteran Grandpa was still alive. I would love to ask him about the subject as he spent some time in Canada. But you’re just here to start some shit as always… Trying to get the liberals all in a tiffy. *Shrugs*. Perhaps stormfront would be a better site for you to visit? They discuss celebrities quite a bit there as well. Just sayin’.

  166. skibunny says:

    @ im awful
    lighten up! You know there’s some truth to what I say regardless of the referendums.

  167. Rachel says:

    Have to say that I don’t believe a word coming from Halle’s mouth. The best indication of future behaviour is past behaviour. Halle is all kinds of crazy. I think that the team Halle people are forgetting about her history of being vindictive and outright psycho.

    I think that truth will come out. I’ll bet my last dollar that Gabriel could be saying alot more than he is, he lived with her.

    I personally can’t stand it when a woman loses the man and holds the child against him, like the kid is a pawn or something. It’s typical and clear as day that is what Halle is doing. Every single time she breaks up with a man it’s always him, he’s this, he’s that, and she losses it.

  168. Rachel says:

    @ stopkiddingyourself

    Canada is not perfect when it comes to racisim after all we are people. But as a nation we are certainly more tolerant of other cultures and races. Racisim is ignorant fear.

    I think a big part of it is our education system, it’s more even than in the states and our history books are not filled with one-sided perspectives. I don’t mean that to be an insult. Just my observation.

  169. Cheyenne says:

    The two of them could benefit from a good old-fashioned ass whoopin’

  170. Jen D says:

    As a Canadian, I’m loving the side discussion on Canada:)

    DGO, I think your loyalty to Canada is awesome, but you might want to double check some facts, particularly regarding our role in the slave trade. The idea of a Canada without any racism is something we should aim for, but it can’t happen without being realistic about the racism that actually exists within Canada. And by the way, although the n-word isn’t something that’s acceptable in Canada, the US isn’t exactly fond of it either. I’m not trying to pick on you, DGO. Us Canadians need to stick together! But we can love something and be critical of it at the same time, right?

  171. echolocate says:

    The Bobster, your first question is fair, and related to the topic, but the second is trollish, and offensive primarily because you use buzzwords nonsensically.

    You might want to read the U.S. Constitution, as well as existing case law interpreting that Constitution. (Hint: “hate speech” is mostly okay, and most attempts to regulate it have been struck down by the courts. Michelle Malkin throws words like “hate speech” around to rile people up, because she’s wily and good at manipulating others by feeding them falsehoods. She does this because getting her points across with real, dull facts would confuse many people and make their heads hurt. When their heads hurt, they take Ibuprofen and naps rather getting all agitated and stuff, and no network wants news footage of sleepy, confused people, unless it’s for a documentary on Jonestown or heroin.) Similarly, though I am not up on whether Canada has laws against “hate speech,” I would guess that you could go look at some Canadian legal sites for the answer. If you actually care, that is.

    You might also want to review basic summaries and definitions of various forms of government. Even if a term seems like it would be an insult to a government, e.g., “communist,” “fascist,” totalitarian,” “socialist,” that doesn’t mean you can use all of these interchangeably. Some are better than others, depending on the situation at hand. Here, for example, though you wouldn’t be right, you might be closer to the mark if you chose “socialist” to insult Canada. By mixing and matching your words for “icky governments,” you insult the endless creativity of those who have sought to govern (and sometimes oppress) their citizens. It’s like confusing Led Zeppelin and Ratt, or something.

    Get it together, man. It’s cool if you slept through 8th grade social studies, but now that you’re older, you either need to hide it or try to figure out what you missed.

    On your first question, I don’t know if Halle’s race played into her (or the studio’s) campaign for the Oscar. I know people want Oscars pretty bad, though, and I’m sure stars and their reps do everything they can to distinguish themselves from the other nominees in hopes of winning. For example, I was surprised that Justin Timberlake wasn’t wheeled into his public appearances in an iron lung in the weeks prior to the nominations.

  172. gia says:

    I think she is vindictive enough to cry racism…her insanity goes way back to her days with David Justice when she accused him of beating her with absolutely no proof. Now she’s doing the same thing w/Aubry.

    No, you don’t need “proof” for something to have actually happened. However, Halle has years upon years of pointing the finger at others, and these people live otherwise calm and conflict-free lives. She, on the other hand, cannot claim to be that squeaky clean.

    I think we need to stop asking ourselves if he can be racist just because he’s Canadian, and start focusing on Halle’s TRACK RECORD with people in her life, past and present. Girlfriend has a pattern of pointing the finger at others when the going gets rough.
    For the record, I am a black woman married to a white man. In my angriest of moments I have in fact called him racist names. I am not ashamed to admit that, during verbal arguments, I yell things to simply hurt that person–I don’t weigh whether it’s racist or not. Does this mean I’m a racist? Hope not. I think it means I was just dam* mad at him.

  173. Marjalane says:

    Oh brother- now halle Berry is on TMZ saying that “her child, (note the ‘her’) is deathly afraid of Gabriel Aubrey, and cries hysterically whenever she has to go with him”. WHAT A BITCH. This broad is insane- either she was more than willing to have a baby with and allow him to have full access with their child while knowing that he was some kind of monster, or she’s so fucking crazy that now she’s tossing out every lie she can come up with to make him look bad. Hmmmmmmm….I go with, she always has been and continues to be, a fucking loon.

  174. Grace says:

    @Alex: 1. I don’t find Gabe attractive, so epic fail on implying that we’re siding with him because of that. 2. I am not obligated to agree with other women simply because I am one. And for you to imply that I should is one of the most sexist and offensive things I have ever heard.

  175. DGO says:

    I’m not trying to pick on you, DGO. Us Canadians need to stick together! But we can love something and be critical of it at the same time, right?


    Of course we can love something and be critical of it at the same time. Also, as Canadians, we can disagree about something and still respect each other’s opinions and the right to have them.

    I respectfully disagree with the comment that Canada ever ran a slave trade of African American people and that it was commonplace for average Canadians to own slaves. I don’t want to derail this topic any longer. I’m getting too steamed at Halle to get into Canada-this, Canada-that. :)

  176. tuscan sun says:

    @ skibunny

    What in God’s name are you talking about???

    I lived in Vancouver for 20 years and never ONCE heard the term “Hongcouver”. I don’t know who you’ve been hanging out with my dear but this is a term I have never seen or heard of until you wrote it.

    And now for ignorant statement number two: The majority of people in Quebec are NOT separatists. That is so factually inaccurate it’s breathtaking.

  177. sickofit says:

    team aubrey, halle really tries hard to play the victim to get what she wants. Ah, you cannot fool people this time around? so its the race card and the child being the victim? this is so flimsy it hurts.

  178. LittleOat says:

    Stop the insanity, people!

    Most people aren’t siding with Gabriel because he’s “hot.” Maybe some are, I’m not denying that. But by most accounts he’s a devoted father who wants to be a part of his daughter’s life. So a majority of people who are siding with him are team “here is a man who wants to be part of his childs life how ’bout we let him and be grateful she’s not one of the many children in this world who have one or both parents who want nothing to do with them.”

    Also, I am SO sick of people on this site criticizing women for “attacking other women.” Not siding with Halle is not some anti-feminist statement. If I feel another woman as acting like an ass, I’m going to say it. I’m not going to side with someone just because we are both women. That would be sexist.

  179. motheroftheyear says:

    i am neither team halle nor team zoolander. i am team “why the hell are they doing this in public?”

    i have no idea what was said or is being said in private, and thusly, i have no right to speculate.

    that is all.

  180. Lukie says:

    @Tuscan Sun: I’d love to know how long ago you left, b/c I am an American that had a Canadian BF for 3 years and I learned that term from his brother who live in “Hongcouver”

    I went back and forth to Toronto about every 6 to 9 weeks and went w/him to visit his family in Vancouver. Even his Asian friends over there used the term so either you moved forever ago or I don’t know…

  181. mj says:

    I think Halle’s over played her hand on this one. I’m sure the guy can be a jerk like any man can at times, but I doubt anyone’s gonna believe he’s the monster she’s trying to make him to be. Sounds like character assassination to me. He really just seems like a nice guy.

  182. jen says:

    I’m absolutely loving the “He can’t be racist, he’s Canadian!” XD I’m not being snarky either, I truly think that’s funny. But as one of many Canadians here I can confirm that yes, we definitely have our share of racism. It’s true though that it’s not as prevalent as in the U.S. For instance, my friend in Texas told me numerous stories about how often she heard people talk about “that n***** Obama” during the last election. And not private conversations; we’re talking cashiers, waiters, etc. Totally out in the open, a normal part of the conversation. You just don’t see that kind of behaviour here. But racism in general, oh yeah, we have it, just like every other country in the world. Lucky us :(

    As for this particular situation, it scares me how many people IMMEDIATELY jump on the “Halle is in the wrong!” wagon. I have a feeling she has some emotional issues, and I don’t doubt for one second that she shares some of the blame here, but she may be telling the truth about Gabriel, and I for one am willing to wait until we know more facts (if we ever do.)

    Team None of Us Know One Damn Thing About These People.

  183. Kasey says:

    LMOL! I had decided to reserve my comments on this subject for a newer, similar post (I feel there will be more) when the comments were fewer. But of over 190 comments yours made me laugh. It was quite mature, respectful, informative, well thought out, not too lofty so even the simplest mind can grasp it, kindly and politely checked the offensive poster and that last part about JT gave me the chuckles! Sorry if it sounds like I’m “lotioning” you but seriously that was my favorite comment on this post! THANKS!

    While I’m here I will add that I DO believe HB was abused and boxed to the point of affecting her hearing but I believe that was just another early crack in her pot. Girlfriend’s history and relationship patterns are what I’m bearing in mind and so far, she’s making it hard to believe her railings and accusations against GA because of it. And that burns me up. There’s a child involved so if he’s being harmful I want him stopped but her lovely-on-the-outside-psycho-on-the-inside Almond Joy routine makes it really hard to believe anything that comes from her corner.

    I want so badly to know the full story so I can fairly assess (and I confess take sides) but I also think it’d be best in the long-run for Nahla (and Halle and Gabe’s images) if they quickly cease and desist making public comments on this and they leave us in the dark. IF he is being libelled I wish GA would stop publicly respond and get his “friends” to shut their traps and just let her crash-and-burn by showing everyone her true crazy colors. I DO think that woman has deep issues but she COULD be telling the truth, just like she COULD be playing her most important and best acting role yet.

  184. HonestSally says:

    Just look at that body language. I read that a couple that is fully in synch will interlock or lace their fingers when they are holding hands. Gabriel is holding onto Halle completely but she isn’t really reciprocating. It could be that she was adjusting her hands but if we could look at more pictures they may begin to tell a different story and that she may have been distant or hesitant to give herself up completely for the length of the relationship and you can’t sustain a one sided relationship.

    In any case, I hope they get to share custody 50/50 and that it all works out as is best for Nahla.

  185. tuscan sun says:

    @ Lukie

    For your information, I left Vancouver only a year ago and never ONCE heard the slang term you’re referring to. Not once.

    And no I wasn’t living in a hole somewhere, I worked at the university — UBC.

    I’ve also never heard “Hongcouver” used in Toronto or anywhere else in Canada. Sorry if I’m not up on my racist slang *eye roll* but this is obviously not a commonplace term.

  186. Conando says:

    So he just happened to do all this horrible stuff after they broke up? Wtfever Halle.

  187. Danni says:

    She is unbelievable and this shows who the more mature person and parent is. Is she gonna pay every person this guy has had a prior relationship with to malign him? Wow.
    I know that HE isn’t playing the victim card, but c’mon, a racist? Why would he have a child of color if he felt like this? Poor guy.

  188. Nefertiti says:

    Gabriel looks like an angel, but i m sure he is far from being one. I don t say Halle is easy either, but i can perfectly see Gabriel playing his paternity rights under a bunch of ugly behaviour towards Halle.
    Thus i believe both are good parents and there is still feelings between them (that s why all is turning so conflictual). Interesting the gold-digger comment of Gabriel’ s ex girlfriend, it s not the first time that i hear that…

  189. Hmmm says:

    Had Halle be Heidi Klum and Aubry be Seal I bet you all white chicks would be siding with Heidi. But too bad she is this beautiful black women fighting this white guy you all wish you could have, shes getting all the heat.

    All of you should wait until this plays out before you can pass your judgement. This is one example how racism is still well alive in this racist country!

  190. Duh says:

    No one wants too look into the past of a man that was in and out of foster home as an orphan but you all are so damn quick to jump down the throat of a battered women…. Yeah that’s says a lot about this country alright!

  191. Grace says:

    @Hmmmm: People have already clearly stated why they are siding with Gabe (because of the suspicious timing of Halle’s accusations and because of her past history of fighting dirty when a reltionship breaks up.)

    The fact that you felt the need to make this into a race thing is disturbing. Not to mention you don’t even know the race of most of the people on this thread, so I have no idea why you’re assuming that all of the people who are pro-Gabe are white.

    It’s fascinating to me that you are accusing us all of being racist when your comment was the most racist one on here.

  192. Kim says:

    Yeah Halle is an angel and all her exes,Christopher Williams,Eric,David, Wesley , Gabriel are all abusive. I’m just curious if she was afraid for her daughter’s safety by this man who called his child a N**ger(it’s in People Mag), why not get a protective order/TRO? Oh yeah I’m Black and I would guess most of the posters on blackcelebritykids.com are Black 70% doubt Halle But I guess we are all jealous of her, right Hmmmm?

  193. skibunny says:

    @ tuscan sun

    I find it very hard to beleive you lived in Vancouver and never heard the term Honcouver. I was also wondering if you lived in a hole. Just because someone knows the term doesn’t mean they approve *eyeroll*.

  194. Lukie says:

    @skibunny: THANK YOU & AGREED!

    @tuscan sun: I never said I agreed w/the term. I just said I heard it used more than once and that even his Asian friends in Vancouver joking use it as well.

    You must be much, much older than I or didn’t converse w/anyone in your 20 years there b/c even my ex’s college professor father (UBC don’t ask me the dept. I am not outting myself or him) knew the term and explained to me how it came to be after his son said it.

    At this point, I assume it’s more of a joke than an insult in Vancouver, but I really don’t know.

    PS: I never said you lived in a hole nor did I say I heard it in Toronto, so please do not put words in my mouth thank you very much.

  195. skibunny says:

    This is the second time I have misspelled today. grrrrr “Believe”

  196. Yasmine says:

    @Tess: good question! I think that prejudice is everywhere and in every society but it just manifests itself differently. Racism, sexism, homophobia… it’s different forms of oppression that exist in any society and where there is power involved. Some of it will be personal slurs, some of it will be systemic and entrenched in the legal system and educational institutions.
    In the MidEast, where I’ve lived as well, there is a lot of racism towards East Asian workers, of which many are female domestic workers and severely abused. Also, there is a huge import of Indian and Bangladeshi workers for construction and low-level jobs (I don’t believe that any job is low-level, any work is work, but I’m just using an official term) are denied basic labour rights and discriminated against by country laws. Sorry if that’s too much info but I was trying not to generalize. I really think it’s the most obvious to people who experience it, rather than the people with privilege in society. I just hope that I always treat people fairly, whatever what group I fall in (whether marginalized or not).

    This may be too personal, but it comes out of sincere curiosity: I wonder about what type of experiences Kaiser may have had.

    The Canadian discussion on here is hilarious and really naive at times. I appreciate the love people! But saying racism is not tolerated or non-existent in Canada is really naive! That said, I still don’t know if Aubry said those things or not, but HB sure seems crazy!

  197. Ruffian9 says:

    Canuck: Thank you; I live in Ottawa, and Quebec is very much a part of Canada in every way.

  198. Katie says:

    if he was racist, he wouldn’t have been with her in the first place


  199. 123isme says:

    @katie: Really? Do you know him personally? If not, how can you be so definitive in your argument. GA dating Halle and fathering Nahla (?) doesn’t mean he’s cannot be a racist–that’s quite a naive idea.


    You are free to not like Halle but Halle and Nahla’s(?) Black ancestry does not mean that GA didn’t say racist things to her. Racism is not logical; ‘He’s not racist because he dated Halle and had a daughter with her’ is not a defense. If you’ve been around people with a screwed up world/social view, you know that they’ll twist their reality to agree with their beliefs (refer to the sexual relationship American slave masters had with their female slaves). He could very well be one of these people. You and I know absolutely nothing about him personally (i.e., what he’s like behind closed doors, his character, personality, upbringing, prejudices, etc.), so saying definitively that he didn’t do anything he is accused of is emotional and reactionary.


    ‘If he was [so] racist why did she stay with him?’ is a BS defense of this allegation. 1) He could have said the n-word once and it could have been after they split. If this incident was after Halle’s side publicly called out his fitness as a parent, it’s not implausible that in a rage and an attempt to demean Halle, he used the n-word. 2) This same argument can be used for women who are being sexually, physically, and mentally abused by their significant other. The fact that a victim stayed with their abuser for however long –or that they have ‘happy’ family photos— doesn’t mean that the abuse never happened.

    This isn’t to say that GA is guilty of these accusations, but the length of their relationship is not a good enough defense. With what she’s been through, I suspect that she has a lot of emotional scars and a few mental faults which subconsciously prompt her to continue engaging in unhealthy relationships. Given this, *if* GA has latent racism or hold subtle prejudices, Halle explaining it away to herself, brushing it off, or just putting up with it during their relationship’s early years isn’t surprising, especially if her ultimate plan was to just use him as a sperm donor.

  200. Cynthia says:

    I don’t believe for a second that Gabe is a racist. His daughter is bi-racial. I think this is all about Halle. You don’t see pictures of Gabe with anyone except Nahla. There are a few of him with Kim, but I think he ended that quickly because of Halle. Yet you see picture after picture of her and Oliver. All I can say is run Oliver run!!!!

  201. Stephanie says:

    Ok im a little confused guys. Where did it say Halle said he used racial slurs? All ive read was a “source” close to Halle said he did.. But just because he’s from canada or has a part black daughter, I wouldnt assume he automatically didnt say it. Not saying he did but I knew a black woman married to a white man and he would have their biracial daughter call the mom the n word. He was abusive scum but being in and IR relationship doesnt automatically prove one isnt racist. Seems like alot of people here are naive about race.

    Im not saying Gabe is, im just saying one I havent heard Halle herself accuse him of that and two him having a biracial daughter doesnt mean hes not racist.

  202. ebenvios says:

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