Lindsay Lohan and a pile ‘o coke

Here’s poor little rich whore Lindsay Lohan on sitting on a mattress at the Chateau Marmot surrounded by luxury goods while sipping on a bottle of Jack Daniels and wearing a fur coat. There’s even a pile ‘o coke and a little silver spoon visible in the background. Pictures are, obviously, from Perez Hilton.

At least Lindsay does her fur-wearing behind doors.

These aren’t too scandalous, considering that Lindsay was photographed with a bong in the background in photos that came out a few months ago.

The Sun claims that Lindsay wasdenied VIP tickets to an upcoming Justin Timberlake concert because it’s feared she’ll get wasted and make a spectacle of herself. I would say I doubt that’s true, but given these pictures I’m more apt to believe it.

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  1. millie says:

    I CANNOT BELIEVE Dina Lohan.. no wonder Lilo is screwed up so bad. She never had a chance. I wonder how long before her career is in the toilet? Also, how long before Dina goes on Larry King to say that there is nothing wrong with a mom taking semi-nude photos of her daughter high on drugs and Jack Daniels. Ugh..

  2. Kristin says:

    She really is disgusting! And with her mom as her pal, and dad in jail, who is looking out for her?

  3. TinaB. says:

    I’m still trying to figure out who leaked these to Perez!

  4. TinaB. says:

    I’m still trying to figure out who leaked these to Perez!

  5. xiaoecho says:

    Where …WHERE is the coke??
    I’ve pored over these and can’t see any little spoons or powder

  6. Anonymous says:

    In the pic where she’s sitting on the bed there’s a dime bag of coke in front of the lamp.

  7. xiaoecho says:

    Its obvious when you know. She’s only 20. It’s sad. As Kristin said ‘who’s looking out for her?’

  8. Sue says:

    I Don’t see any Drugs in any lamp.. this is why I don’t belive in Tabloides…

  9. celebitchy says:

    You guys, I can circle the drugs for you, or you can squint really hard. They’re on the table to the upper right in the header picture. I’m sorry the images are low quality, I posted what was there. I wonder if Perez took them himself? He’s hung out with Lindsay before.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I feel like these pictures are a privacy issue. I wish I had never clicked on this link.

    I feel really bad for Lindsay Lohan that her life is pushed around in the media.

    As for the drug that are suppose to be in the picture it looks like a small ball of paper. I think she should sue for posting these. When did it become ok to go after people.

  11. millie says:

    Privacy issue? someone took those photos with her knowing since she’s posing on them.. how stupid do you have to be do allow someone to document your drug/alcohol use (not to mention near nudity) when you’re a constant target for the tabloids? It’s not like someone took them through the bedroom window! the person who took it hangs out with her but isn’t loyal enough not to leak it to the media. It’s Dina Lohan’s responsibility to take care of Lindsay and teach her right from wrong.. obviously, it’s too late for that. No, it’s not Lindsay’s fault, it’s her mother’s fault–Lindsay is still a child imo and she needs guidance.

  12. celebitchy says:

    When I was 19 I was partying in college, but at least I was in college. I got decent grades and studied when I had to. If you don’t have some sort of boundaries and rules you will go wild at that age because it’s the first time you can. Maybe she’ll reel it in now that the world knows she’s f’d up, but you’re right, Millie, she does need a kick in the ass. I’m not sure if it’s her mother’s fault as much as a crappy childhood and being thrust into the spotlight too fast, so yeah it’s probably her mother’s fault.

  13. JUBCHA says:


    If she is doing coke there would be monster sized gaggers railed out, not some little white speck in a picture.