Olivia Wilde left her prince husband to “sow her wild oats” says bitchy insider


Just hours after the separation announcement from Olivia Wilde’s people, the gossip started about exactly what happened to Olivia’s now-defunct marriage to an Italian prince named Tao Ruspoli. Some of the early gossipy culprits: Olivia stepped out and/or she’s becoming a bigger star and she simply outgrew Tao. I think both are solid options – Olivia was 18 years old when they got married, and although she got to tell every interviewer that SHE’S A PRINCESS, I think most women would have outgrown the person they fell in love with when they were 18. Gawd, the dude I loved when I was 18? Jesus. Heaven help me if I ever fall for that particular brand of douche ever again. Anyway, Us Weekly has an interesting report from a completely bitchy “insider” who is telling all about “Olivia’s decision”.

Olivia Wilde’s husband, handsome Italian prince Tao Ruspoli, wasn’t by her side when she glittered in a dazzling Marchesa gown at last month’s Golden Globe awards — or when she hit the red carpet for December’s premiere of box office smash Tron: Legacy.

And now the world knows why: The couple have separated after eight years of marriage, a rep for Wilde, 26, told UsMagazine.com Tuesday.

“They have been separated for a while,” one insider explains of the pair.

What went wrong?

“It was Olivia’s decision…for the typical Hollywood reasons,” another source close to Wilde tells Us. “Her career has exploded and she saw being married is not as much fun. She feels she missed out on being single getting married so young, and wants to sow her wild oats.”

Indeed, six months after meeting, the couple eloped (marrying in a school bus in rural Virginia) when Wilde was just 18. The son of late Italian Prince Dado Ruspoli, filmmaker/musician Tao lives in California and, at 35, is nine years older than the sexy House M.D. star.

Continues the pal of Wilde, who has about half a dozen film roles on her plate (including this year’s Cowboys and Aliens with Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford and Sam Rockwell): “She is a hot property now … it was weighing her down being married.”

Her estranged husband, meanwhile, “is heartbroken and really wanted to stay together.”

Adds a third source: “Olivia got married really young. She’s done a lot of growing since then, just like anyone would…they’ve just grown in different directions.”

[From Us Weekly]

While I don’t really care for Olivia, this insider makes me want to defend Ol’ Livy Cockburn. I don’t think you stay with a guy for eight years and then toss it away because your career is taking off. Well, maybe some people do, but I’ll admit to buying that Olivia’s marriage was once solid and really tight. Maybe she is looking around and thinking that an upgrade is possible, but I doubt that it’s all machinations for her career or anything.

That being said, the next boyfriend will be interesting. I’ll revise my opinion of Olivia with whoever she gets with next. You know who I could see her with, in all honesty? Jack Nicholson. Hear me out: Jack is looking for his last love affair, and we know he likes girls like Olivia – she even looks a bit like a young Lara Flynn Boyle. And Olivia seems up for it.



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35 Responses to “Olivia Wilde left her prince husband to “sow her wild oats” says bitchy insider”

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  1. brin says:

    I’m surprised the marriage lasted 8 years (that’s an ion in celeb marriages). Let the hook ups begin….Jude Law is free.

  2. The Truth Fairy says:

    The girl got married at 18! What do they expect?

  3. beth says:

    noooo… not another hefnersque hookup, as much as i like jack nicholson, he’s ole enough to be her great grandpappy!

  4. Jen says:

    I found out yesterday that she’s only 26. TWENTY-SIX. That is a ROUGH looking 26. I’ve got just over a decade on her, and I don’t look as old as she does.

  5. louise says:

    Olivia has been working a lot for about a year. I think that may have hurt the marriage not her desire to party. I don’t think people leave a happy marriage for no reason.

  6. spinner says:

    WOW!! Look at the size of her jaw!! hmmmmm….

  7. Tiffany says:

    Like I said in the last post. Daniel Craig dong is a powerful thing. Can’t wait for the interviews when its time to promote the film.

  8. Marjalane says:

    The more I look at her, the less I think she’s all that pretty. Is it just me, or does she have kind of an evil, predator sort of look about her?

  9. tracking says:


    I think she has the kind of features that get a bit sharp looking and appear older due to overall extreme thinness (like Jolie). Yes, she’s a vegan, probably naturally thin, blah, blah, blah–but she would look great with an extra 10 pounds.

    I feel like I should find her dropdead gorgeous and sexy, but she’s just meh to me. I’m not sure if she’s trying too hard or if it’s a personality thing. Haven’t seen any of her film work yet; maybe that will change my mind.

  10. normades says:

    She shouldn’t buy her own press. That Vanity Fair cover means nada

  11. gobo says:

    I think she’s very pretty but in a perfect for the role of snow white’s evil step mother kindof way.

  12. tango says:

    Well it’s sad to see what was once a strong marriage break up. I’m sure they grew apart as she matured and maybe wanted to spend more time on her career than being a wife or possibly mother.
    Oh well. I agree. I’ll be curious to see who the next boyfriend is in terms of quality.

  13. Tiffany says:

    My mom and dad had me at 18, still married and I am almost 42. I’ve been with my husband for 22 years, 17 married. All of this in LA, so it is possible.

  14. Richi says:

    Her spoils her looks….doesn’t she look like Keira Knightly?

  15. devilgirl says:

    Off tpoic a bit, but I would rather be with the guy I was in love with at 18, vs the loser I THOUGHT I was in love with in my 30′s.

    As far as Olivia, I always love the overly inflated egos of these mediocre actresses, who think, not only that they are the most gorgeous creatures on earth, but that they can do better than the people they married.

    The more I see her, she is not that pretty, and the more I hear about her, she is even uglier inside.

  16. kg says:

    i was married at 19 and in my 7th year of marriage i did the same.

  17. Cherry Rose says:

    Her face is so unattractive to me. Her jaw is too wide and her eyes are too small. Blech.

    And I don’t think she’s that great of an actress, so I don’t get how she’s getting all these movie roles.

  18. Nudgie says:

    NO to the Jack Nicholson hookup!

    She said “sow her Wild(e) oats,” not Quaker Oats…

  19. Christine says:

    Don’t care what everyone else says. I think Olivia is just drop dead gorgeous. reading this article makes me wanna go bisexual lol

  20. Newbie says:

    Christine, I totally agree. You people are calling her “old”? Really? More like she’s starting to become an “it-girl” for action movies, and that displaces certain, um…other actresses who are worshipped blindly on this site.

  21. Majosha says:

    Wow, her jaw is really square. Kind of funky looking, actually.

  22. JuJuBee says:

    Yeah I’m not sold on her beauty either. That middle pic makes her a doppelganger for Rumer Willis. As for her marriage, I couldn’t imagine being married at 18, so I can see how she grew apart from her husband, if that was the case.

  23. bluhare says:

    @marjalane: No, it’s not just you.

    I think she might find that a bird in the hand really is better than two in the bush.

  24. loveyourwork says:

    does anyone else see the resemblance to Buzz Lightyear?

  25. mauibound says:

    I got married right outta high school….do not recommend

  26. Cakes says:

    The grass may be greener on the other side but it still needs to be mowed.

  27. GirlyGIrl says:

    Technically speaking she has no “Wild Oats” to sow.

    That’s what boys do. So she really is laying out a field for boys to “sow their wild oats” in…

    I’m sure she can find a few suitors/farmers so to speak.

  28. Camille says:

    I called this yesterday. She’s looking for an upgrade. Ryan Gosling anyone? I hope he doesn’t go there.

    (I’m glad to see that others here don’t think she’s all that pretty either! I thought it was just me :lol: )

  29. Kim says:

    She got married way to young is all. You have no idea who you are at 18. You THINK you do but you dont =)

    She is young & beautiful- she will be just fine.

  30. HotPockets says:

    Well, sometimes I feel indifferent to the marrying someone too young. My best friend married when she was 17 and has been married for years and is very happy. I’ve been with the same guy since I was 19 years old and we have been together for over 4 years and we are getting married next month. My parents also married young, 23 and 25 and have been together for 31 years. Some of the best marriages I know of started blossoming at a young, imperfect age. I don’t think there is ever a perfect age to settle down and commit, some people are in their 40′s and still never think of marriage being a possibility, yet.

    I do think people who rush courtships tend to be the ones who don’t last, i.e. Katy and Russel…Ashlee and Pete. You should never just impulsively marry because it feels right at the time or because you’re pregnant.

  31. Isa says:

    All this “what do you expect she was only 18″ makes me sad.
    I’ve been with my husband since I was 16.

  32. Aubi says:

    I don’t find her particularly attractive. And she’s boring. I don’t get the hype.

  33. Kasper says:

    two words: lantern jaw

  34. CB Rawks says:

    I’ve been with my sweety 23 years. Engaged at 19 married at 20. :)

  35. Henriette says:

    She’s pretty but looks about 38 years old – not 26. I hope she DOES go and sow her wild oats; gosh, getting married at 18 means she didn’t do a lot of the dating that most of us did as teens and in our early 20s.