Jennifer Aniston in black, sheer D&G at premiere: stumpy or gorgeous?


Last night was the big premiere for Just Go With It in New York City. The temp was 24° – so of course Jennifer Aniston went strapless and sheer in Dolce & Gabbana. Too drunk to feel the cold? Well, I’ll let the photos speak for themselves. CB thinks the D&G dress is nice-but-boring, and gives Aniston points for nice boobs. I think from the waist up, the dress is fine. But with the too-long sheer skirt…. I don’t know, I just don’t think it flatters her body. She’s not tall and leggy – this dress is for a tall and leggy woman. Sometimes, she just kills me – she works so hard for that body, and she should know by now how to show it off to its maximum potential. The hair looks good, though – it looks like it always does, maybe with a little extra blowout.





Brooklyn Decker also wore D&G – do you think they discussed it beforehand? Hm. Now, I like some animal print in general, even though I think this dress might a touch too loud and too bold, especially for Brooklyn. The cut is good, though, and she styled the dress correctly.


Don’t even ask me about Nicole Kidman. I like the idea of this – Nicole in a sleek black leather suit. It should have been good. It should have been “kittenish dominatrix” which is a good look for Nicole. But Nicole ruined it with what I first thought was a NUDE scarf and what I know realize is a NUDE blouse with some kind of funky neck thing attachment. And I don’t like the blazer-cut of the jacket, at all.



And here’s a touch of Dave Matthews, for those that adore him:


Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Audrey says:

    I like it! I also like the leather on Nicole.

  2. Melanie says:

    Thought the dress was great until the profile shot and then it looks like granny panty hose. Oh well, she has a smoking body.

  3. brin says:

    Yeah, the top part of Jen’s dress fits well but I don’t like the sheer bottom. Brooklyn looks good but Nicole, what is going on?

  4. Marjalane says:

    Poor Nicole. Someone must have made a rude comment about her old lady neck. Can you imagine that leather suit on someone like Angelina Jolie? That’d be hot. I’m just over Jen Anniston; I used to like her, but between her friendship with Chelsea Handler and her never changing hairstyle and dumb movie choices- she’s become so boring.

  5. Mamacita says:

    I totally agree on Aniston’s dress. The bottom is fug and not really suitable for her. I like the leather and the shirt for Nicole though.

  6. Wicked SteppMom says:

    I seriously had to check to see if my living room curtains were still up, since it looks like Jen wrapped them around herself. I also think someone needs to introduce her to a hairbrush, STAT.

  7. Jen D says:

    Not a fan. And from the side it looks like a nightgown. Maybe it’s one of those dresses that look a lot better in person, though.

  8. Angie says:

    oh, I Love it! Was having a boring morning and you put some Dave awesomesauce in my coffee, thank you!

  9. Jezi says:

    Jen has gorgeous legs, she should’ve shown them off a bit. Her hair needs a new style. Tired of seeing it the same way. Other than that, she’s beautiful. Brooklyn’s body is to die for. Nicole, meh!

  10. NayNay says:

    I like her in outfits that show leg. I think she has great legs, so why not show them off. I do not think this dress does anything for her body.

  11. Jacquie says:

    The shot of Jen with those two kids just made my day! The look on her face is priceless!

    “I can barely stand to be with these children; take your picture quickly so I can move on to the bar line.”

    I know (hope?) it’s just a bad frame but ha! Too funny!

  12. Rita says:

    I think Jenn looks nice but the lactating leopard looks like the seat covers from my hubby’s ’57 Chevy.

  13. Isabel says:

    Aniston looks loaded, and I actually think her hair looks like she took a nap (passed out) in the limo on the way over there. The dress is pretty cool, though.

    Nic looks awesome!!

  14. tracking says:

    I like the unusual cut of Aniston’s gown, and that it’s dressier and more fashion forward than her usual garb. She doesn’t look stumpy to me, just very petite (which she is). I’m usually a little disappointed in her RC looks, but love this one.

    Decker’s dress flatters her amazing figure, but hate the print. I don’t know what top one could wear to pull off the leather suit, but Kidman’s makeup looks really pretty and–dare I say it–her face a bit more natural. Now if only she’d go back to darker red hair in lieu of the strawberry blond…

  15. Judy says:

    Like the highlights in JA’s hair–HATE the dress. And women, quit wearing straps around your ankles…it cuts the leg off.

  16. merry says:

    Nicole K: bad suit, good make up, excellent hair!
    She should fire the stylist and marry the hair&make up artist! Unless she already did.

  17. Jazz says:

    Look out! There’s a picture with Jennifer with her hand on her stomach. Cue all the “Jen is pregnant!!!” cover stories. Hell, she’s gotta sell this movie somehow, right?

  18. Arianna says:

    i really like brooklyn’s dress
    and i’m actually like kidman’s outfit….surprisingly. but maybe different bottoms then that weird long leather skirt. and the shoes suck imo.

    i agree on aniston’s dress. and my god her skin is dreamy hahahah

  19. Mrs.Rut says:

    She always looks gorgeous! She can do no wrong …Love her!

  20. bot says:

    I don’t love the sheer number, but I am sympathetic to Jennifer A – she normally wears styles that flatter her body, but then gets called out on always wearing the same thing. At least she went out of her comfort zone?

  21. DD says:

    I like Nicole’s look even the blouse. I hate animal print so naturally…
    Not too impressed with Jennifer’s dress though I do like the top part.

  22. CB Rawks says:

    JA has never looked more like a dude.

  23. mojoman says:

    I love the look that kid (the small boy) gave, he was checking out her tatas, classic!

  24. Roma says:

    I swear I have seen Nicole’s blouse on her before. I can’t remember where, but it’s a rerun.

  25. josephina says:

    Not a fan of the dress, makes her look cheap and cheesy. If she was out of shape in any way the dress would look even worse. This is definitely a different “look.” It is just not her best.

  26. mln76 says:

    How can they all smile like that when it’s this cold outside? Yesterday I was literally wailing walking from the car to my house. I give them all props for not looking uncomfortable.

  27. josephina says:

    Brooklyn has a beautiful face and the that dress (don’t care for the print) shows off her long, lean body. It shows off her curves very well. I can see why she was on the front cover of men’s magazines.

    Nicole looks more youthful than usual, maybe its the way she styled her hair. She looks good here.

  28. tooey says:

    I don’t think Anniston’s dress flatters, though it looks better in later pics than in the first – makes her look really thick and she’s not. Kidman = mullet suit, half party, half church lady.

  29. embertine says:

    Ohhh Nicole, so close. Gorgeous suit, I’d have worn it with nothing underneath and some fishnets.

  30. someone says:

    I thought she lookd amazing, loved the dress, and loved Nicole in leather.

  31. Jayna says:

    Aniston looked great. Nicole looked very chic and stunning.

  32. Saskia says:

    Aniston seriously has the most boring style ever. Here, with the strangely sheer and stumpifying widow weeds or whatever the hell this is, she’s just an uglier version of boring. And her hair looks like butt. The color is way too brassy and it’s sticking out all willy nilly, like she got railed in the limo by a half dozen baked frat dudes on the way to the premiere.

    In other news, I actually think Kidman’s suit might have been awesome if she’d paired it with a less heinous blouse. I don’t know what’s up with her recent love affair with 1980s flight attendant blouses, but she needs to knock it off. Also, those shoes are giving her cankles. Her poor tortured hair looks less fried than usual though, so… yay? Gotta be grateful for the small mercies, I guess.

  33. Isa says:

    I like her legs too, but it was freaking cold outside. I saw on another website that Jen came with a jacket but took it off to take pictures. I wish the dress wasn’t black.

    I feel like I’ve seen this dress before? Wtf is up with her hair?!?!
    I’ve said it before, but I’m a pretty big fan of her nose job. She still has a different nose, but it fits her face.

    I love Nicole’s outfit, except for the crap underneath.

  34. Laura says:

    I love Anistons dress, very laid back yet fancy hippie chic. And I think Nicole Kidman actually looks good for once!

  35. serena says:

    I like the dress a lot. Actually, I want it.
    But.. wtf with those hair..

  36. Raven Sparrow says:

    Funny how when she wears a dress that shows off her legs everyone’s screaming that she should cover up and wear something more age appropriate and now that she’s wearing a long gown, people are wondering why she’s not showing off her legs and saying she didn’t pick the right dress for her body. Poor girl.

  37. Marie says:

    I agree with the Anistons’s dress, however can’t she do something with her hair, her hair is saying I just got back from Cabo.

  38. grace says:

    I think she looks very beautiful. 🙂

  39. S says:

    Nic looks incredible. She is killing it in that outfit! One wish though, fairy godmother. Give her different shoes! plzkthanks

  40. anonymous says:

    How long are we going to put up with Jennifer Aniston premiers for her video shelf movies, nothing short of disgusting! Another crappy Rom Com promoting this mess as if it some kind of block buster movie, for crying out loud when is enough, enough, Jennifer Aniston you are no movie star stop trying to compete with Angelina Jolie she is a movie star, your movies are video shelf crap!

  41. Heavenbound says:

    I love her hair, I don’t see why people make such a big deal about it. The cut and the color fit her perfectly. Do you guys want her to pull a Kerry Russell? She cut her hair and it killed her career. If it aint broke don’t fix it.
    Besides, in Hollywood not many good movies are made. So if I truly want to see a good movie I watch foreign or Independent ones. She makes crappy movies but so does 80 percent of the Hollywood actors. She has a smoking body.

  42. Solveig says:

    I’m not loving any of the outfits.

  43. Moreaces says:

    Why does she have her and on her belly in the first picture, Oh never mind, next week in the tabs, Jen holds stomach, is baby on the wayy. And why does she look like she really does not want to be in the picture with the kids.. he he he.. Yes

  44. Melanie says:

    If you are a JA fan, she is on “Between Two Ferns” with Zach Galifianakis. Very very cute!

  45. guesty says:

    both d&g dresses are fab. that blouse is a def fail as are the shoes. way to ruin that suit Nicole.

    just gotta wonder if ja’s bref smells all boozy.

  46. luls says:

    both Nicole and Jen’s hair & makeup are STUNNING!!
    none of those outfits look good though…. :S

  47. GeekChic says:

    I’m not a fan of the sheer dress style in general. It takes a very specific cut and color to be able to pull it off, in my opinion. Most of the time they just look like nightgowns and the women wearing them look desperate. I wouldn’t call Aniston’s look here desperate, but it is nightgown-y and not a great look, overall (especially the hair — bedhead on a RC is never fashionable). Nicole looks good, though.

  48. Mare says:

    She looks gorgeous. In my humble opinion, she’s the best dressed actress in Hollywood.

  49. Cheyenne says:

    I like the top; the bottom looks kind of Morticia-ish.

    Decker looks good.

  50. The Hamm is My Dream Man says:

    Yea, that dress is ugly from the butt down. Great everywhere else. And I’ve seen that look before and it didn’t work before and it doesn’t work now.

    And she was cute on that Between Two Ferns thing.

  51. Embee says:

    I think Jen and Brooklyn need to exchange dresses. Nicole is perfect: always.

  52. Rachael says:

    Jen- loooks great.
    Nicole- wrong shoes. wrong scarf. skirt should be 1″ shorter.

  53. di butler says:

    Kind of bohemian, and that is red hot right now, so I get it. Not my favorite look of hers, but if I had that body, I’d wear tight dresses to grocery shop.

  54. Hmmm says:

    I think the dress becomes dull and undramatic on Aniston. It requires someone who can carry off a lanky, feminine, ethereal look.

  55. lrmsd says:

    i like it-and it beats JA’s usual tranny/prom gown sparkly look that she usually goes for…OR, the dreaded mini dress/skirt-which she IS too short for.
    She carries this one off well. And Navy is a great color for her.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE nicole’s whole look. I love it with the Victorian era blouse-it’s a perfect, unique contrast that I would not have thought of doing myself.

    She looks gorgeous,IMO.

  56. sdf says:

    Seeing the garter through the dress is hot! love it

  57. TeeTee says:

    Jen looks gorgeous and so does Nicole..

    she’s not leaning on anyone for support like our heaven sent Angelina, LOL

    so I guess she’s not drunk.

  58. mimi says:

    Nicole looks great in the suit but should have sexed it up with a hot little corset underneath or nothing at all (she’s small enough to pull it off with out spillage)

  59. skibunny says:

    Nicole has great legs. She should hike that skirt up and show them off. Plus get rid of grannie’s blouse!! Besides that they all look gorgeous.

  60. Canuck says:

    Aniston looks great. Her dress is sort of a shade of designer Hula-ness, which is probably what she was going for given the “theme” of the premiere. Not so keen on the flesh tone blouse that Kidman is wearing, but as was noted, it was pretty cold out so she gets a pass as far as I’m concerned.

  61. naturegirl says:

    Awful, tacky and stupid… i saw more defined pictures on dlisted and the stupid look on her face is priceless. In one picture she has one of her hand on her stomach and the caption “Jen warming her empty womb” >>>>>> SPOT ON<<<<<<<

  62. Tomas says:

    really naturegirl?? i think you missed your turnoff at the immature brangeloonie site.

    she looks FABULOUS…as usual.

  63. Zzzzzzzzzz says:

    They all look awful.

    I think Jen’s dress is ill-fitting at the top (c’mon, she’s not THAT busty!) and the less said about the bottom the better. Makes her look stumpy and awkward.

    Brooklyn overdid it with the print. Her hair would have looked better down.

    Nicole looks stiff, like a prim headmistress trying hard not to be stiff and prim. I usually like leather on the red carpet, not on her though.

  64. Angel says:

    Nicole K. and Brooklyne D. look great but Jennifer A. not so much 🙂

  65. House Mouse says:

    I love ALL the outfits !!!

    And I adore all the shoes they wearing, Jennifer, Nicole’s and Brooklyn.

  66. Caitlin says:

    Yawn, JA is such a fan of the little black dress..boring, boring boring. Girl needs to wear more COLOR! BD looks good, but I do think animal prints are cheesy. Nicole looks ok, hair and makeup are pretty but the outift and shoes are weird.

  67. Camille says:

    JA looks boring, boring, fug (puffy face, thick neck), boring and yes stumpy too. Do not like that dress. Would have liked to see JA with a different hair style, maybe a half up/half down number.

    Brooklyn looks cute. She’s got a pretty face. Not sold on the print of the dress though.

    Nicole looks better than she did in that outfit from the other day, but that blouse thing is just wrong.

  68. Kim says:

    Oh Jenn! This is a mess and her hair looks terrible.

    You can tell she doesnt like the way dress fits her since covering her belly with her hand in alot of the pics and she looks uncomfortable which she normally isnt on red carpets.

  69. Kim says:

    Nicole is wearing the winter on top, summer on bottom look.

    Awful shoes w that outfit. Leather jackets and strappy sandals dont mix.

  70. Kim says:

    The Brooklyn girl (dont know who she is) looks like one of Charlies Sheens hookers. Tacky dress and she isnt very pretty.

  71. Ruffian9 says:


    Yup, that about covers it.

  72. Aubi says:

    Eh. Aniston’s top is really nice. The bottom – no. Her hair looks bad. Even her makeup isn’t great.
    Decker looks hot. The print is a bit loud, but she looks fabulous.
    No one can deny that Nicole is stunning! She looks great. Her makeup is really nice. Her hair – beautiful, and she could even go wavier than this. I kind of like what she’s wearing, except for the bottom half.

  73. Mitzi says:

    Just go. With it?

  74. Freya says: