Sean Penn spotted on intimate date with Charlize Theron

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We just heard that Sean Penn was working his rough martyr act on a newly separated Scarlett Johansson, which her rep denies, saying they’ve been “friends for years.” Whether that involves benefits is something most of us would rather not imagine. A report in Mike Walker’s column in the National Enquirer has Penn getting busy with “friend” Charlize Theron, who seems much more his speed to me. (read: arrogant) It all went down supposedly at the same place Sean is rumored to have bedded Scarlett, the Chateau Marmont.

Spotted in the Chateau Marmont garden totally drunk – on each other, that is: Oscar winners Sean Penn and Charlize Theron, who’ve reportedly been dating very secretly – until now, that is! My Chateau spy, who made the gossip bust [saw] the starry-eyed pair… as they nuzzled, snuggled, kissed and cooed under a Hollywood moon while late-night partying with pals. A snitch in the group tattled: “Sean and Charlize have been good friends for years. But now that neither is in a relationship, their friendship has blossomed into full-blown romance. They aren’t ready to go totally public yet, but are spending lots of private time together!”

[From The National Enquirer, print edition, Mike Walker's column, February 21, 2011]

What is the appeal of this guy? He’s a douche of the highest order. Shouldn’t he be back in Haiti complaining about how he’s the only one who can make a difference because no one else gets as pissed off as he does? Instead he just hangs out at a hotel bar, waiting to lure whichever starlet will get drunk enough that night to think he’s a worthy prospect. Look at that face. That would take some heavy duty beer goggles.

Charlize is shown on 12/6/10. Sean is shown on 1/22/1. Credit:




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  1. renai(jrt) says:

    He has to be the biggest jerk in Hollywood……….I bet he and Madonna are planning their reunion as we speak for a publicity jolt

  2. Marjalane says:

    Have we not noticed a pattern from most of these very pretty celebrity women? Halle Berry, Jennifer Anniston, Scarjo, Charlize Theron, Kate Hudson, Drew Barrymore- They have hideous taste in men and eventually end up with gutter boys. Some of Charlize Theron’s interview comments have made me wonder if she was kind of “out there’ in her life views.

  3. Rita says:


    You beat me here brin!!! I was going to say you confirmed this yesterday. God, look at her.

    “Snuggled, kissed, and cooed”, that’s sick. I’d rather be in the audience for one of Travolts’s dong-spa performances. I’m going to hate the world for just a second…okay, I’m good now.

  4. poppy says:

    he’s such an ass. and gross.

  5. samihami says:

    Why would she lower her standards like that? Does she have a mental problem?

    Honestly, I cannot understand how anyone could spend any length of time with that tool, much less allow him to touch (shudder!) or kiss (ughhh!!) them. He’s just disgusting.

  6. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    He must have a HUGE Dong.. Cause otherwise… eWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. He doesnt look like he even bathes!!

  7. Diane says:

    He’s gross and I thought she was smarter than this.

  8. gloaming says:

    Wow, Sean’s really punching above his weight, both literally and figuratively.

  9. call_in says:

    she can do much better.


  10. the original bellaluna says:

    Somewhere, Scarjo is sharpening her skank-shank…

  11. Mollyb says:

    Robin Wright was the only good thing about this guy. Who throws away a woman like that?

  12. devilgirl says:

    My opinion of Theron has plummeted.

  13. Hautie says:

    I image he reeks of Scotch, cigarette smoke & bad attitude.

    I find it odd that Charlize or Scarlett would be interested in a man, that is notorious for his Russian hooker habit.

    He used to be a nice looking man. But all that smoking has really aged him.

  14. fabulous says:

    Why so anti-Penn? He is an amazing actor with 2 oscars, a great director again twice nomiated and a political activist. I love him. It takes guts to stand up politically for the things you believe in when you live a high-profile life. I would. Definately. Good luck to them.

  15. Quest says:


    Wasn’t it you, who stated this in your previous post? OMG

    Penn and Theron – the thoughts are just repulsive.

  16. kathy says:

    Penn and Theron are both extremely talented and I’d love to see them become long lasting partners. Good for you!!!!

  17. poof says:

    Calm down people. This is coming from the national enquirer. You all should be intelligent enough not to believe that rag.

  18. PJ says:

    Maybe the woman Penn was seen with last week was Charlene, not Scarlett — they look alike, except for height.

  19. brin says:

    @Quest….that was me. I saw it yesterday and bummed out poor Rita (but at least we were prepared for CB’s item today).
    @poof…true, but Mike Walker is often right.

  20. Henriette says:

    He’s an utterly disgusting human being but he wields a ton of power in Hollywood so clearly these gorgeous women get with him in hopes that he’ll help their careers. Charlize hasn’t had any projects of note lately and is clearly willing to stoop to great depths to get work.

  21. Maritza says:

    Go figure..she went from the handsome and fine gentleman Stuart Townsend to the arrogant womanizer Sean Penn. Charlize was clearly as drunk as he was, that’s the only explanation I have for this hook-up.

  22. Quest says:

    ITA @ Brin and quote:

    “Sorry Rita” :(

  23. Riley says:

    I bet you can catch a STD just by walking into the Chateau Marmont. If I were employeed by that place, I’d go home every night and wash my body down with Clorox.

  24. emine says:

    dont throw stones but i would hit that every day and night (sean) , i have a thing for douchebags that are talented at what they do and do charity work too

  25. lexirei says:

    Sean looks like he bathes in cigarette ashes and beer on a daily basis. Aged badly. But he has nice blue eyes. On top of that, he’s a great actor. I wonder what happened between him and Jessica White.

  26. Melanie says:

    He has the Jack Nicholson vibe, bad boy to the bone. What is not to love about a dangerous man? Pretty boys just primp in the mirror all day anyway.

  27. Fuzzy Cat says:

    I could see Charlize having kids with Sean – they could call them Runner and Jumper. @Emine you got me giggling, great post :)

  28. Solveig says:

    If this story is true my good opinion on Charlize Theron would collapse under the weight of her stupidity.

    Edit: @fabulous, I really appreciate him for his commitment to charity works and for his political views. I also think that he’s a great talent and I love most of the movies he’s in.
    But I think that he is a very disrespectful guy, especially to his women.

  29. Sandy says:

    Yes he’s stood up but he’s been a real arrogant putz about it. And its not the first time. Its sort of like going to church and listening to one woman talk about how they do everything and everyone elses contributions are nill. Or at work. pick your scenario. There is no humility. Only arrogance, and righteous indignation.
    Which is unattractive on everyone.

  30. irishserra says:

    I can actually see this couple fitting together. Not sure why.

  31. guesty says:

    Maybe he’s like David Spade. No visible appeal & yet….starlets galore. U do the math…right?

  32. Cheyenne says:

    Say it ain’t so. Puh-leeeeeeeze!

  33. Me says:

    Please Charlize. Say it ain’t so!!!

  34. Melissa says:

    Why would anyone trying to hide a relationship go to the Chateau Marmont?

  35. Louise says:

    I’m surprised everybody believes this. I think they are friends but didn’t the NE just say Sean is dating Scarlett? Or was that a different tab?

  36. jenna says:

    Scarlett seems more arrogant than Charlize. She acts like she’s hot sh*t while Chralize is down to earth. I’m not buying this though. I think they are just friends. They keep linking Charlize to everyone Keanue Reeves, Ryan Gosling, and now Sean again. But if it did happen, great. I don’t see what all the hate is about.

    But Charlize is making the new Ridley Scott film with Michael Fassbender. Yummy. I hope she hooks up with him. He seems more like her type. That would be a hot couple.

  37. Mairead says:

    Oh my God – Charlize and (my) Fassbender! The earth will implode with the hotness!!! 8O

  38. poopie says:

    I BET SHE HAS TO COVER HER EYES AND CHEWS ON A RAWHIDE STICK while they do it, then runs off and hides in the bathroom..

    and as far as his N.O. charity work? you mean the one time he FOUND A CAMERA and dragged a john boat IN FRONT OF THE CAMERA? HA ! REAL charity work would be anonymous NOT the need to show what you do or how much you give or who you THINK you are to the world. douchebag.

  39. Newbie says:

    Look…it’s really no secret that he’s a total prick. But he’s an amazing actor and to me, he’s really attractive. Since I’ve always been attracted to bad boys, I don’t think I’d have a problem having a fling with him if I were her.

  40. bluhare says:

    Sean Penn is what I call ugxy; ugly/sexy and he might be a douchebag, asshat (my new favorite!), dickwad, etc. etc., but his heart is in the right place and that’s what counts in my book.

    I wouldn’t want to be married to him, but I’d hang and bullshit with him. He’s well read and knows what he talks about which is more than I can say about a lot of people (including me).

  41. original kate says:

    this is just all kinds of wrong.

  42. Nefertiti says:

    Sean Penn is a great actor, who did big mistakes in his life and paid for them. i always found him kind of attractive but in this pictures….oohh boy… he looks like he didn t shower for ages, his hair is so greasy yaaakkk…. no, no… And he s too short for Charlize!
    I think he was very handsome in his Robin Wright years…. And what a beautiful woman she still is!

  43. qqq says:

    she looks like jack nicholson in the batman movie. she either had plastic surgery go wrong or she suffers from depression, or both