Usher’s wife Tameka pregnant again

My how time flies. Usher and wife Tameka are already expecting their second child together. The couple’s first child Usher Raymond V was born last November. Now less than a year later, Tameka is pregnant again – though no word on how far along she is.

Usher is going to be a father for the second time, PEOPLE has learned. The R&B star and his wife Tameka Foster are expecting their second child together, a source close to the singer confirms.

The couple welcomed their first child, Usher Raymond V, in November 2007. Since then, Usher, 29, has spoken publicly about how much he loves being a dad. “I’m so proud to be a father by the time I’m 30,” he told PEOPLE last month. “I’d hate to be 80 years old and not be able to run with my kids. I need to still be able to do flips when they’re in high school!

Usher also told Essence in a July interview that his son, nicknamed Cinco, is an “extension of his union” with Foster, whom he married in August 2007. Recently, Foster was spotted wearing a belly-disguising outfit during Usher’s Sept. 4 NFL kick-off concert in New York. The dress was “very deceiving,” the source says. “You couldn’t tell she was pregnant when she was sitting down.”

The singer has also been busy with his charity, the New Look foundation, and a summer camp he ran for teenagers. In August, Usher told PEOPLE that being a father inspired him to give back. “Having a child just completed the story,” he said. “I already had a giving heart, and I wanted to do something to mentor children.”

[From People]

Cinco is just about the cutest nickname I can think of. That’s beyond adorable. It’s pretty clear just how much Usher loves his son, and I’m sure he’ll make just as great a dad the second time around.

Last week we reported on the rumor that Tameka was pregnant and she and Usher had separated. This pregnancy confirmation makes you wonder what else is true…

Here’s Tameka attending a ‘uCast’ podcast series launch party at Tiffany & Co in Atlanta on July 25th. Images thanks to WENN. Header of Usher and Tameka out shopping on March 20th; Image thanks to Splash.

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  1. Prissa says:

    Honey is riding that cash cow (bull) for all it’s worth! She’s getting that child support $$$ locked down. I bet moms is LIVID!!

  2. ri23 says:

    “This pregnancy confirmation makes you wonder what else is true.” No, it tells me she knew the end was near and didn’t want to get off the money train.

  3. Dubdub2000 says:



    ok well I think that if I ever have a boy I’ll definetly have to choose one of the following names:
    -“Twelve and a half”
    -“Twelve quarters” (yes that’s 3 too, but better: three can then be his nickname!!!)
    -“buck twenty” (no caps, it’s cozier)
    -“Tequila sunrise” (ah, memories)
    -“Letter opener” (just saw one on my desk)
    -“Baygon” (sounds like a super hero name no?)

    Then he can pretend he’s the son of a celebrity…


    PS: If it’s a girl I might call her “Glacier Point”…not very feminine, I know…but then again, that IS the point. Plus like that she can have cool initials and be called GP…

  4. huh says:

    I like “Concierge” a lot. In fact, I might get pregnant right now just to use that.

  5. Codzilla says:

    Tangenika is a winner. Too bad I have sons, or I’d be en route to the courthouse as we speak (write).

  6. argirl says:

    Cinco because he’s Usher Raymond V. Makes perfect sense.

  7. gg says:

    :: sigh :: I just really want a girl so I can name her “Hackensack” or “Mack” or “MacDhui”. So tired of the ugly names.

  8. Savanah Anderson says:

    Boy I tell you Usher love knocking that man of his up dont he

  9. CiCi says:

    It DOES make perfect sense – the same sense as Will Smith’s son Willard Smith III going by the name of Trey (the pronunciation of which is Number 3 in French) his entire life.

    Cinco’s a fine name. Names have to start somewhere, people. At some point people were saying “Who would name their kid April -it’s a MONTH on a CALENDAR, for god’s sake!” sigh.

  10. Starla says:

    LOL, Dubdub2000.

  11. Victoria says:


  12. Kelly says:

    i heard somewhere she is due in decmeber

  13. sassyspank says:

    she just seems awful.

  14. what says:

    you guys, the kid has to be named Rasp Berry. or Emma Royd.

  15. dovesgate says:

    Uh CiCi – Trois, pronounced “twah”, is French for 3.

    Since when is “Trey” pronounced “twah”?

  16. geronimo says:

    CiCi – I think you mean Tre – Italian, not French…

  17. CiCi says:

    Yes! Sorry! That is funny! 3 years of highschool French, too! I was THINKING “uno, due, tre” in italian while also thinking “Tres” (very) in French. I realize that Trois is 3 in French. Sorry for the confusion – in any case, my sentiment remains the same. I think Usher was naming in the same vein as Will Smith with Trey/Tres/Tre. LOL.

  18. lacia says:

    all i got 2 say is i love usher & cinco does make since but i also think usher is going 2 b hurt & i dnt wont that 2 happen because that would have 2 b 2 muc repair 4 me 2 hav 2 do love you boooooooooooooo.Lacia 👿 😀

  19. Brianna says:

    i am a big fan of usher and i am happy for him and tameka.their baby is so cute.

  20. TheBlessedOne says:

    I’m going to say to everyone, these two people entered in a Christian marriage. Many of you have attended a Christian marriage, so there for putting negative vibes towards them is not right. Marriage is hard work. They both have to put forth the effort to make it work. We should be putting effort for them to stay together to keep the family together. Now that they have a family, it’s more than just him or her they need to consider. When Tameka married Usher, she knew Usher had obligations to his career. She should of asked, “How much will the career will take him away from the home, how much will I have to sacrifice in spending quality time and affection from you?” And there are many, many more questions that needed to be answered before they got married, but that’s mute point now. On the other hand, Usher should always put his family first with their needs being meet. He should of gotten to know how much time he needs to spend with his wife and children and renegotiated with the wife about his time and give some realistic time frames for Tameka to work with and understand. Tameka needs a support system to help her with the times he’s not there, Usher should not completely cater to her insecurities, nor should he ignore them either. Both of them took the vows and need to up hold them. He will never be the same if he lets her go. Most people who have been married, do not really ever get over being separated even if the other person looks or seems happy to gotten away. Marriage ties you together in unspoken ways not viewable by the public eyes. I hope they read this post, that they come together and set their pride down and work to having their family back with the good and the bad. They need to get some support going on for both of them, such as counseling to work this out. They need are support too. Can you really say you support tarring down a family? What kind of person are you projecting out in this world to be doing that? Marriage is not a fad, these people are not just fads either, nor should we look at their life as being one. This is a mature perspective, and that’s what they need, not the crap that coming out from you. I want to see more strong black families work them out. It’s too many not succeeding. And not just black families, but all American families need to succeed for our childrens’ sake and our own souls. It’s hard enough to come together with two people let alone a massive hate filled day coming from the public, you wouldn’t like it if it was your life. Where’s the love or the common good in you? 😯 ❓ 💡 ➡ 😀 😀 😉

    Luv, Light and Prosper

  21. Faye says:

    How was it a christian Marriage if she left her husband to be with Usher.

  22. Dave says:

    I’d want to name my first kid Mack Caps! I guess with a girl I’d change it to Maxi Caps! Just me

  23. dylethat says:

    i love cinco that a fine name usher and you are a great father to both of your kids. so tell cinco and Navidy hey and GOD BLESS THEM AND YOU TO USHER.

  24. Nick Oshiro says:

    Im obliged for the blog post.Thanks Again. Really Great.