Elisabetta Canalis is planning a huge party for George Clooney’s 50th b-day


Here at the facts at hand: 1) George Clooney will casually reference all of the “chicks” that he’s “f–cked” in a Newsweek interview about his humanitarian work. 2) Elisabetta Canalis, Clooney’s current girlfriend, has a penchant for public lap dances, plus she has no desire to be a mother. Seems like the ideal relationship… for Clooney. And considering Elisabetta’s most recent press clippings, I have to say that I have a new understanding of how Eli has lasted this long, and why she and Clooney just seem to work. But here’s the question: Is Elisabetta every going to be widely accepted as “The Girlfriend of”? Because that’s what she wants. In Touch Weekly reports that Eli is planning a huge 50th birthday party for Clooney, and she’s looking to invite all of George’s A-list friends. If Eli invites, will they come?

Don’t tell George Clooney, but his girlfriend, Elisabetta Canalis, is planning a huge surprise party to celebrate his 50th birthday on May 6.

According to a friend, Elisabetta has already started putting together the ultimate celebration, and the guest list will include Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Julia Roberts, Matt Damon, Ben Affleck and countless other celebs.

“Elisabetta has her own money, and she’s paying for the party of the century,” the friend says. “She really wants this to be the best night of George’s life.”

[From In Touch Weekly, print edition]

Pity Eli doesn’t ask what George wants, because I’m guessing it’s not some huge celebration for his 50 years of life. He probably just wants a new flat-screen and some kinky sex (who doesn’t, really?). I just don’t see Eli sending out invitations to these A-listers… or even worse, personally calling them. But how much would you pay to listen to a phone conversation between Eli and Julia Roberts? So much money. So, so much.




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  1. brin says:

    Please don’t try to dance again, it’s painful to watch.

  2. Quest says:

    He still won’t marry you…get that through your thick skull. Poor thing, you can shake it,wave it, sing it or flant it, still no!

  3. scotchy says:

    @ brin dance and/or sing. however you have to admit, it was pretty funny.

  4. Rita says:

    “a new flat-screen and some kinky sex”

    Note to Waiti-Eli: Watching kinky sex on a new flat-screen could eventually lead to christening your own financial life boat…something to think about.

  5. Tory says:

    I never bought the “she looks like a man” thing until now — she totally looks like a linebacker in drag when she wears anything feminine.

  6. brin says:

    @scotchy…yes, it was funny (unintentionally).

  7. devilgirl says:


  8. Jayna says:

    Most of his serious relationships have lasted about two years. We shall see if she passes that milestone. LOL

  9. Roma says:

    I’m sure she’s met all of his close “friends” and I don’t think it’d be that awkward for her to invite them.

    Plus don’t invitations just get handed off assistant to assistant style?

  10. crtb says:

    She would not be able to give him a party without his permission. Do you really think she has Julia’s phone # or address? She entertains George and she isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Maybe the thing he likes most about her is that she looks like a man since he is supoosed to be gay. What she should give him for his B’day is getting those tats removed.

  11. Marjalane says:

    Don’t those tats just contribute that little something extra to his exquisite beauty?

  12. PrettyTarheel says:

    Quest,I don’t think she’s aiming for marriage and babies. It’s not everyone’s lifetime goal. She’s certainly not acting like the proper domestic housewife-more like a paid attendant. Perhaps she’s content being George’s girlfriend, getting her name in the papers, and raking in the goodies, appearance fees, and job offers.

  13. Hollowdoll says:

    I have always thought she looked like a man in drag and yes, especially when she wears anything feminine.

  14. Ari says:

    Ever since it said that it was happy with just dogs and talking about its non-need for kids and lack of maternal instinct all I can think of is…nice cover-up story for someone probably born a man.

  15. whitedaisy says:

    @ Pretty Tarheel

    Rumor is that she beards for $40,000 per month.

  16. BlowOutTheCandle says:

    Who would make an announcement to the press in February about a party planned for May? Honestly, who would announce it at all? If true, one would hope that she could be discrete because she would KNOW that telegraphing it so far in advance is truly an invitation for every pap on the face of the planet to attend the party too – perhaps that is her objective. I smell a PR ploy and manipulation, not genuine affection.

  17. guesty says:

    imo he looks older than his years.

  18. Lucy says:

    #16: I agree with you! But the other day Justjared reported her arrival at LAX and she was trying to hide from paparazzi…do you think was GC ultimatum that he would continue dating her if she becomes discrete or was just staged or…(ran out of options)?
    I do try not commenting on “She-Who-must-not-be-named”… But…It’s fun to do it!

  19. REALIST says:

    I don’t think she wants to get married. I think she just wants to ride this out as long as she can…

  20. Lucy says:

    Plus: now I understand why she presented the San Remo Festival. Go girl! Show him you’re independent and can give him an expensive gift (party of the century to celebrate his half century existence!)…

    ps: Please, record any phone calls you make to HW A-listers! If you run out of money, you can sell them later! or leak to the press or say they got stolen…

  21. lisas says:

    You go Eli. You get yours. No hate here, girlfriend looks to me like she’s got him on lock and good for her! And, uh, I think he’s more likely to get the kink and the flatscreen than a “surprise” May party the gossip sites know about in February.

  22. another observer says:

    re: “Pity Eli doesn’t ask what George wants,..”
    did she ever? she only uses his ‘personal’ life for her ‘professional’ gain. and the only reason she gets attention at these posts is b/c no one can figure out what he actually gains from her appearances, esp. in this country. no wonder she was trying to avoid the paps at lax.

    this story sounds like a plant from her publicist to take attention away from george’s post yesterday regarding his real charity work in sudan, not his ‘charitable’ contributions to this starving artists’ ‘career’ as a famewhore. http://www.celebitchy.com/142440/george_clooney_i_f–ked_too_many_chicks_and_did_too_many_drugs/#comments

    does anyone else see a pattern here? how many recent pictures of them does anyone see? and yes, she wants to be seen at the oscars, not just go to them, as that requires standing up and applauding for someone else, and paying attention to someone else’s success. (hell, even lainey stopped drinking the kool aid.)

  23. observer says:

    Since when do people in real relationships, who allegedly value their privacy, send out PRESS RELEASES about a birthday more than two months away?

    The publicity agreement ended in December. Cagnalis and her publicist are still squeezing out as much publicity as they can before everyone knows the truth.

  24. observer says:

    @BlowOutTheCandle, yes, exactly!

    @Lucy, everyone knows she wasn’t actually trying to hide from the paps, none of whom would have known who she was if she hadn’t tipped them off. She’s pulled that act before. Total b.s.

    @another observer, agree with you. She and her publicist hate it whenever George gets press that doesn’t mention Cagnalis, and they always send out some press release whenever that happens

  25. daisy424 says:


  26. PrettyTarheel says:

    I meant to address this earlier and got distracted by my job. Whether or not an individual is transgender, transsexual, gay, straight, or just has manly shoulders, there is never a circumstance under which that individual should be dehumanized by being referred to as “it.” Socially correct term would be to use the gender the individual prefers and demonstrates sartorially.

  27. Aqua says:

    I usually don’t comment on tabloid headline but,IF and I do say IF George is having a “surprise 50th birthday party” I hardly think SHE is the one putting all together.BTW it’s not a “surprise” if the person the “surprise” is for knows about it ahead of time.

  28. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    @Aqua, exactly… how is it a suprise if the tabloids already have a hold of it.

    She so looks like a dude. Her thick neck and ewww face. Only her ass is attractive.

  29. Spag says:

    The paparazzi camp out at LA Airport, especially at the moment to see who arrives for the Oscars. And of course she would be photographed, because her photo’s do sell. She didn’t need to call anyone.

    And does everyone really believe what is written in In Touch Weekly? They make stories up constantly – See the Jennifer Aniston / Angelina Jolie / Brad Pitt triangle that is still aparently going on???

  30. BlowOutTheCandle says:

    “this story sounds like a plant from her publicist to take attention away from george’s post yesterday”

    @AnotherObserver: Perhaps not to take attention away from George, but it’s the perfect time to get maximum exposure. A press release on its own could go all but unnoticed when very few people are paying attention. When lots of people are paying attention to George, it’s the perfect time to slip one in – it’s more likely to be read.
    Without George, next to no one would take any notice.

  31. observer says:

    @Spag, she looked like every other nobody. She was wearing a hoody and looking a mess, like she hopped a plane straight from her pole dance without even bothering to shower first. No one would have thought she was anyone if she hadn’t put on that “please photograph me” act by pretending to hide her face. She has done this before. It’s not the first time. She is not recognizable in the US, to people who are not familiar with the un-photoshopped reality. As for the In Touch Weekly story, you can bet it came straight from Cagnalis’s latest press release.

    Clooney is in Cincinnati and Kentucky, filming a movie and spending time with his family, including his niece and nephew. George is not going to let the trash get near his niece and nephew, and she will not be doing any photo ops in Cincinnati. For all the people who have yet to get a clue, that should do it for you. For those who have a clue but pretend not to, whatever, no one with a working brain is buying what you’re trying to sell.

    @BlowOutTheCandle, that’s a good point.

  32. Spag says:

    The paparazzi know who she is; they know who everyone is that they can make money from. And she is recognizable in the US, she is George’s girlfriend so she is recognizable all over the world.

  33. Highly Vexed says:

    @Johnny Depp’s Girl – Her ass is just as unattractive as her horse face. It’s flat like a prepubescent, malnourished boy’s. Saggy too. Only gay men go for butch tranny asses like hers.
    As George is hetero, then this is clearly a publicity relationship.
    She’s sure squeezing blood out of a rock, if it’s over between them.
    Hope they don’t go to the Academy Awards.

  34. another observer says:

    @ 31 BlowOutTheCandle

    i agree w/ what you’ve posted technically – it’s a matter of bad exposure b/c she’s not popular in a good way on her own.

    she has no grace.

  35. observer says:

    @Spag, sorry, but she is not recognizable in the US, not unless she is next to Clooney, and especially when she is unphotoshopped. She looked like any other unwashed cokewhore wandering through an airport. And there is no way she did not want to be photographed. Please, you must think people are idiots to believe that. Everything this skank does is to get photographed and get publicity.

  36. Lucy says:

    @Aqua: once and again, I agree with you!
    @Observer: how do you know she won’t show up in Cincinnati? I don’t see GC worried/caring about denying their relationship (if it’s over)…
    @Spag: actually, she was covering her face, which is weird coming from her…and the photos were published in justjared. It is the same website that is constantly posting pics of her before the other sources recently…very odd if you ask me…
    @blowoutthecandle: so true!
    @everyone: where is solveig?

  37. benny says:

    When I see pics of them, he looks like a man who has his own private hooker. But I suspect that’s what he wants, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they really are happy together.

    And if I ever saw her, I would not recognize her or know who she is. I only recognize her when she’s photographed with him or her name is mentioned, like in this article.

  38. crtb says:

    Maybe she is planning a B’party to guarantee that she’ll be around to at least his birthday. He can’t dump her if she is givng him this super duper birthday party. It would make him look bad.

  39. Aqua says:

    Maybe Solveig will comment sometime over the weekend.I hope so.I’m kind of curious to see if they are going to the Oscars this year or not,if they are I’m sure everyone will have a lot to say about it.As for her showing up at Cincinnati,that’s what I really want to see,because to me you would think she would want to spend some time with George and his family unless for one reason or another he doesn’t want her there.Maybe he thinks she’ll be bored or it’s too cold or something.Who knows!

  40. Aqua says:

    O.K. why am I always in as someone else on this site puts it “moderation jail”?I enjoy the interaction and would hate to get kicked out.I don’t swear or say anything racist,and when I disagree with a comment I stay polite and respect their opinion. Help?

  41. Lucy says:

    Aqua: the same thing happens to me when I write here, :( . I even had a funny comment (I thought so) this morning about this topic and was not posted :( .
    Talking about Cincinnati..there were some new photos posted in one website that I cannot recall that showed GC’s parents on set again and his father was very very friendly towards Evan Rachel Wood. Let’s remember that he, Ryan and Evan watched superbowl together in Cincinnati.Let the rumors begin!

  42. BlowOutTheCandle says:

    “Maybe she is planning a B’party to guarantee that she’ll be around to at least his birthday. He can’t dump her if she is givng him this super duper birthday party. It would make him look bad.”

    That is a laughable premise, imo.

    Your suggestion only strengthens my belief that the announcement about a party is pure PR and an attempt at manipulation. It may be a clever PR ploy but it is a piss-poor, lousy thing to do if you actually care about George.

    IMO, NOBODY would shed a tear for Canalis and NOBODY would fault George if this party never transpires.

    In fact, I think the announcement about the party makes her look incredibly insincere, insecure, and desperate.

    Another Observer commented that she has no “grace.” The flood of personal revelations over the past two weeks or so has been ridiculous. Most of it has happened in Italy so Americans may be blissfully unaware.

    Here’s what the Italian press has gleaned directly from her and indirectly from her friends in the past two weeks:

    1) George is supportive and had his “fingers crossed” for her success at San Remo.
    2) She is so happy with her life with George that she couldn’t possibly hope for anything better.
    3) She can’t speak to the press because she has to protect her relationship.
    4) She no longer lives in Italy but now resides in the US with George.
    5) She has no interest in a career in TV because she is devoted to her life with George in LA.
    6) Italian men are galant but emotionally closed off while American men (aka George) is quick to say “I love you” but makes her pay her own check in restaurants.
    7) George sent her 6 dozen roses for Valentine’s Day and/or on the Tuesday the festival started – depends on which story you read.
    8) The other people working at San Remo were really mad at her because she would talk on the phone for hours with George, keeping everyone from rehearsing.
    9) She doesn’t want to have any children with George because she is content as they are.
    10) She and George have created a blissful home life with “two hearts and three dogs” – a home where she contentedly does his laundry and his closets have been overrun with her clothes.
    11) George gifted her with her very own villa in Mexico that overlooks the beach.
    12) She is throwing him a huge birthday bash.

    NO ONE in a loving relationship reveals this much! George consistently protects his privacy. IMO, any one who knows him well, truly loves him, and respects his privacy would NEVER reveal so much!!

    It is a D.E.S.P.E.R.A.T.E attempt at manipulation. Sad, really.

    I think her behavior in San Remo and her comments to the press may have pissed them off. The media there has basically declared the other female presenter the superior entertainer. The media there is now running photos and an article about her smacking a pap with an umbrella and telling him to “Get a real job.” Nice.

  43. Guest says:

    Does she still refer to him in the Italian press as her fidanzato? I saw Italian pap shots and they called him her man or her lover.

  44. Spag says:

    The reason behind someone covering their face ensures that the photos will not sell very well which is why they would not be on every site. Who wants to look at photos of someone covering their face?

    Websites like Just Jared buy photos from photographers (paparazzi) – any photos which will ensure people go to their website, look, comment and return to their site. Elisabetta Canalis being so hated by all the avid Clooney fans are great for page hits – so JJ make the most of it. When people stop clicking those links and commenting, they will stop buying photos and posting pages. When no one is buying her pictures, paparazzi will stop taking the photos.

    Just Jared ran 43 stories on that day and the Canalis story (with her face covered and by herself) came 9th highest in comments. Those ahead of her was Brad Pitt, Suri Cruise and Jennifer Aniston (x2 stories). Canalis pulled in more comments/interest than Elton John’s new baby, Lindsay Lohan and a bunch of celebs with kids. Now you can see why they run her photos with stories.

    So with everyone commenting on these sites all they are doing is ensuring paparazzi take Canalis’ photograph more often.

    Oh and Just Jared buy their photos from many different sources, not just one and they don’t take the photos themselves. They go onto the source sites where paparazzi upload their photos and choose what they are going to buy from what is on offer that day and what they think people are going to click on and comment.

  45. Spag says:

    The paparazzi are professionals who DO know who everyone is that they can make money from. The photographers do not photo shop anything they know exactly what people look like in any situation – they leave the photo-shopping to the office to do.

  46. Spag says:

    I doubt very much George will go to the Oscars, he is not nominated for anything nor was his film and he is not presenting. If he was going, they would have jumped at getting him to present something. He is a crowd puller.

  47. Lucy says:

    @blowoutyourcandle: totally agree with your rationale!
    @spag: makes sense to me now …
    I guess we should stop commenting her, lol

  48. No Way says:

    The paparazzi aren’t all professionals, some are just money grabbing amateurs. Some get called by “celebrities” to get papped. Now I don’t know if George and Elisabetta are real or just P.R, but it could be either. This story though smells of a PR ploy, because the image of Elisabetta calling Hollywood A listers for a party is hysterical. I am surprised though that some people think this relationship could not possibly be a P.R. ploy. George has said in interviews that he thought it would be fun to mess with the gossip mags by being with one girl this week, next week another, then a guy, etc. He looks like he would think this is pretty funny. Now to those who can’t see what he gets out of this. Well, he is pushing 50 and on a Just Jared website that pulls to a much younger demo. He has movies to sell coming up and he needs a younger audience to see them too. He is old school Hollywood, and probably does believe any press is good press. Plus if he pays enough he’ll never get caught. Don’t know about this relationship, but I bet at least one of his “chicks” over the years was a P.R. Ploy.

  49. observer says:

    Well said, BlowOutTheCandle. Thank you for compiling that information. I’m going to repost it elsewhere and give you credit.

    @No Way, you make perfect sense. I don’t buy that anyone could not possibly think this is PR. Those people who profess that this could not possibly be a PR relationship have to be pushing the PR agenda.

  50. the original bellaluna says:

    She looks like a piece of gristle in that dress. Yuck! :P

  51. Ilsa says:

    Matt Damon’s wife will be there for sure – you said party right? Check. Far from home? Check. Celebrities and photographers? Check. No kids? Check!

  52. Aqua says:

    O.K. I’m going off topic and I know I’ll get an ear full so to speak but that’s O.K. it’s just my opinion and I have lots of questions.

    @ Shag good logic!
    @ Blowing out the candle #42 #11 just kills me with laughter.
    @ No way! I didn’t know that! you see you learn something new everyday!

    I’m not a fan of EC but I have to admit I find this relationship real or not very confusing.George has always seemed to me to be very much his own man.He seems to be in a really good place in terms of his career right now, so why would he want to be involved in a fake relationship in order to appease the masses? He’s a smart man and has been in this business long enough to know that he doesn’t need to do this at this point in his life unless he truly want too. I do get the strong feeling that he does/is somewhat lonely that’s why the continual need of friends to be around or maybe he’s a nice friendly guy who knows.I know I’m alone in this opinion but I think they do love each other how else would you explain him still being by her side through all the headlines she has been in for the last two years?George may like the way she gushes about him during her interviews,it probably makes him feel good and he finds her public antics funny.
    As far as her career goes,be that what it may he certainly is letting her do whatever she wants to and he does have his so that’s why the so much time apart?Let’s not forget their is a lot of craziness that follows Mr.Clooney everywhere he goes and a lot of his past GF. have admitted to not being able to handle it all and she comes across as one tough broad who doesn’t care about what anyone may say or think and that may be just what he needs in a woman.A thick skin.Bottom line is who knows how long a relationship will last or if it’s real or not she certainly has been able to do all the right things in order to last this long.Watch them brake up now! Lol .It’s just a different way of looking at things.I’m totally prepared for a strong Dif of opinion from people It’s JMO. I don’t take it to seriously!

  53. observer says:

    @Aqua, yeah, it’s so real they haven’t seen each other since last year, when they did their last photo op. LOL. The ONLY time they’ve ever been near each other is for photo ops. Cagnalis will never, ever be allowed near Clooney’s niece and nephew. Clooney neither likes her nor trusts her, with good reason. She’s lied about nearly everything, including George’s father.

  54. Lucy says:

    @Aqua: agree, agree, agree… I also understand that people think it’s a PR thing, it looks like one… but as George said in past interviews he’s not a Saint and he said recently he does not have to answer to anyone when he gives his opinions right? So I guess he is financially secure with a solid career at this point and does not care at all what he does and who he dates (for real or for publicity).After all, “He drank the bong water”.And that folks… it’s the truth! hahaha

  55. No Way says:

    @Aqua Okay I wouldn’t be surprised if it is real, as real as George’s relationships go – (sex, sex, and kinky sex) but if this is love they both need a good therapist! The interviews he has done lately downgrade women and his relationships, and and if you are in love with someone I can’t believe you would let those things stay out there. It has to hurt. I have heard his comments about too many women and drugs for political office before, but his last quote was a bit more graphic, sounded like the vodka talking and he then got lost in his talking points. He repeats himself and stories a lot. But he is clever, like when he first started going out with Elisabetta and was doing promo for Up in The Air, he incorporated some of the lines from the movie about Elisabetta being his co-pilot.

    Elisabetta is willing just to be his appendage, but she doesn’t look that happy when she is with him. She presents herself as fame hungry and enjoying the rich life. Not someone really in love at least when she speaks, some of the press stories seem better but not when they are together. We know she can’t act, but I think he can.

    I wouldn’t call George a publicity shy actor. There are a fair amount of actors of his caliber who shy away from the publicity and succeed. I think he likes to use it, and remember he hates the paparazzi, he boycotted ET after Princess Di’s death. He really could be laughing at this.

    JMO, but leaning more toward PR now. Just saw Up in the Air again , and got reminded of him talking about Elisabetta. Using lines from a movie, pretty lame. The George Clooney I have made up in my head is much better than that.

  56. lil says:

    she looks to much like a man when she dress like a woman aweeee
    MR. elisabetta canalis sure u r a girl????

  57. observer says:

    That quote about co-pilot wasn’t true. Hello magazine either made it up or took it from a Cagnalis press release. I watched the Toronto Film Festival press conference for UITA as well as all the press conferences for UITA, and he said nothing like that at any of them. He also wasn’t doing interviews at that time, much less for British tabloids. I’m leaning towards it was one of Cagnalis’s press releases.

  58. Blow It Out Your Ass* says:

    @Aqua – nah, I don’t think they’re in love at all.
    George has looked more miserable than Jean Valjean since he’s been dating her. Unhappiness does that to a person…

  59. Wolfgang Gunnerson says:

    I heard he lost a bet or a game of poker so he had to “date her.” No other logical explanation. I don’t mind hookers, if they’re open about how they ply their trade, but this one is a sly tranny cokewhore who thinks she was cut out for stardom. Totally tried to outshine him at the Rome premier of Up In the Air. I was in the crowd jeering at her.
    Wanted to hurl a rotten tomato at her but feared I might get Clooney instead, so I refrained.

  60. Blow It Out Your Asss says:

    @Aqua – no I don’t think George is in love with her at all. And if she is, it’s for his fame & fortune.
    Ever since George has been “dating” her, he looks more miserable than Jean Valjean.
    Unhappiness does that to a person.

  61. Wolfgang Gunnerson says:

    Yeah, I think he lost a game of poker or a bet & got stuck with this wannabe. Now she wants to host her party. Next week she’ll be planning their summer holidays.

    Hope I don’t see Canalis at the Academy Awards 2nite. I was in the crowd jeering at her at the UITA premiere in Rome two years ago & she totally tried to outshine him as the star attraction. No teamwork, man! Rather than support an A-lister, she thought the accolades were mainly for her.
    Wanted to hurl a rotten tomato at her, but worried I’d miss & ruin George’s suit or somethin….

  62. Celebitchy says:

    Multiple nicks are an automatic ban:
    Wolfgang Gunnerson, Blow It Out Your Asss and Highly Vexed are the same person.

  63. Lucy says:

    @No way: good points! I was never sure about past PR relationship(s).
    The only PR thing I heard was when he was dating Sarah, but they seemed really happy together and she looked very upset when the paparazzi followed/questioned her right after the breakup became public…

  64. Aqua says:

    @ No way: Good Point, like I said it’s another way of looking at this relationship and I don’t know if it’s real or not but she certainly seems to have the right answers at all the right times. It does make me wonder.It’s kind of reminds me of when people, while in a relationship will once in a while, will say or do something in little ways to get even with the other person with or without intent.(one upper man ship)(no marriage no kids comment from E. after the PMT show) they both need to grow up! if that’s the case.Like I said before if either party is unhappy with this situation the unhappy party should leave, or if George doesn’t like what she has to say or do tell her to be quiet but so far he’s only stopped her once that I know of.I was going to say in my last comment “whatever love may mean to them it might be a very limited or shallow type of love,maybe it’s the most either one can do sad as that may be.I just don’t get why anyone would bother will all this if there was not more to this than publicity.I too think the vodka was talking.I didn’t like the way he broke up with Sarah, she found out about it over the T.V. like the rest of us did.

  65. BlowOutTheCandle says:

    “I didn’t like the way he broke up with Sarah, she found out about it over the T.V. like the rest of us did.”

    Bullshit. That isn’t how that went down at all.

    Besides, what is good for the goose is good for the gander.

    If she wants to live out her “personal” life in the press, happily chatting away at press conferences and on tv in front of 10+ million viewers then I don’t think any one should fault George if he were to choose to do exactly the same thing.

    LAW at levipere.com once said that the only way George would ever be able to “get rid of her” would be to post a billboard in the center of Milan making the announcement.

    According to some (mostly Italian people), she has a huge reputation for being manipulative and using the media to help play out her game. If this is true, then she is playing with fire. If you use the media as a tool to try to manipulate a situation or manipulate someone, you get what you deserve if the situation turns and you get a dose of your own medicine. IMO, of course.

  66. lil says:

    tell difference between ely real ass and ely now ass http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_-ya2WB_B57Y/S68sdT68-VI/AAAAAAAADMk/aV1AqIhmpJk/s1600/Stunning+bikini+pictures+of+Elisabetta+Canalis1.jpg

    compare the above to this and no magic she have good plastic surgery this pic http://www.celebredcarpet.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/08112_ElisabettaCanalisWhiteBikini6_122_191lo.jpg and even at first with clooney she have the saggy small http://www.examiner.com/images/blog/EXID26325/images/ed_elisabetta_canalis_bikini_beach_bum_holding_hands_george_clooney_george_elisabetta_splash_TMZ.jpg
    anyway clooney not in love with her look at melissa satta bobo vieri love her and with her after so many years real smitten by her all ely lovers left her she is way less atracttive woman.and clooney grow 5 years in the year and half he spent with her poor george man.

  67. observer says:

    @lil, I think they use photoshop because in one of the Mexico pics her butt look like the usual flat one in one pic but photoshopped in all the rest of the pics.
    Levipere compiled several shots of her real butt: http://levipere.com/2010/06/28/le-nuove-chiappe-della-canalis/
    This appears to be the woman whose butt is used for photoshopping over Cagnalis’s: http://levipere.com/2010/08/31/lo-strano-caso-del-lato-b-della-santarelli/
    If you scroll down to the comments section at the second link, there are two large photos which show that the butt photoshopped over Cagnalis looks just like Santarelli’s real butt.

    @BlowOutTheCandle, very well said, I agree with you again.

  68. BlowOutTheCandle says:

    In an interview with Verve Magazine, Valentina Michetti explains that she has been friends with Canalis for 12 years and that she is Canalis’s PR rep.

    Valentina Michetti says, “Ely is a little manipulator and at the end you always finish with pleasing her.”

    If this is what her close friend and PR rep says about her very publically to a magazine, it would seem that people’s perceptions of her as a manipulator are right on the money.

    It brings to mind the old expression “live by the sword, die by the sword.”

    P.S. How weird is it that a PR rep would give an interview and blab very openly about the private details of a client’s personal life? I find it extremely odd.

  69. BlowOutTheCandle says:

    Hope this is allowed – here is a link to a translation of that interview/article:


  70. silvie says:

    Horse-face is ugly and awuful with every dress!!!
    she looks to much like a ugly man with her so square horse-face!
    she looks so old, to much old for to be only 32 years old, maybe drug, alchool, her life style aged are so much!

  71. WhiteNoise says:

    Canalis is in Augusta this weekend with George and his family. They visited the Rosemary Clooney House Museum
    (from the official site – “2/26/11 – George and his girlfriend Elisabetta toured The Rosemary Clooney House this afternoon with his parents Nick and Nina. He also spent time at the General Store, his mother’s shop, Nina’s and had dinner at Caproni’s.), and it’s also reported in People Magazine. If it weren’t true, Clooney would deny it, particularly the Museum visit. Simples.

    Those of you persisting with this idea that it’s a PR relationship, officially over and just Canalis releasing random fantasy press releases are just making yourselves look ridiculous. Get over it, they’re together whether you like it or approve of it or not.

  72. rachel says:

    So now, after 2 months without seeing her, he uses his gf to promote is aunt’s House and he called “People” for that. Pathetic. It’s really a PR relationship. It’s obvious.

  73. Aqua says:

    Despite all the articles I still think it’s real however flawed it may be to people on the outside no one has a perfect relationship.They work things out just like every other couple.George doesn’t need to be with anyone just in order to appease his fans.Their together because they love each other.

  74. Lucy says:

    @Whitenoise and Aqua; I was about to post the link: http://www.people.com/people/article/0,,20469222,00.html?xid=rss-topheadlines

    I still think this is a real relationship. But GC has been photographed pretty much everywhere he went in KY and OH. For this reason, I understand why people still think this is a PR stunt. It’s the second time in a row that after rumors they are in a PR relationship, people magazine gives an “update” in their status, but not showing any picture…

  75. lil says:

    clooney hide her and not taken her to puplic in kentucky at least he do not show us he is with her as she did not go to oscars all we get stupid pic and fake story about her in kentucky

  76. Aqua says:

    Thanks Whitenoise and Lucy for the link. I do understand why people feel that this is a fauxmance?PR stunt. When I read the acticle I was disappointed that their were no pictures of them together.Moving on now.

  77. WhiteNoise says:

    @Aqua & Lucy – there is one pic (but it’s kinda blurry and indistinct!) taken by a fan through the window of the restaurant here – http://www.kentuckyhunting.net/forums/showthread.php?103708-Nick-and-George-Clooney

    Although I expect the usual suspects will scream fake!!!!! and deny it’s them. :roll:

  78. lil says:

    elisabetta canalis is nobody.

  79. Lucy says:

    @whitenoise: thank you for the update.
    @Aqua: blah(weird)couple! moving on…

  80. Emily says:

    It wouldn’t surprise me if she was a trans woman. Maybe it’d help if she gained a bit of weight-if her fat to muscle ratio was higher, she might look more feminine. But I don’t think she’s ugly, just a bit butch. Which if Clooney’s into that, good for him. Who cares?

  81. WhiteNoise says:

    @Lucy – couldn’t agree more, blah is right. No idea why they get anything like the amount of attention they get.

  82. Aqua says:

    I know I said moving on…but @ Lucy& Whitenoise agree, thanks for the pic. I think some people are curious to see what will happen next.Stay together or break up.I wonder what the odds are in Vegas on these two?lOL …MOVING ON.