Oscar Fashion: Hailee Steinfeld’s playful pink Marchesa

Fourteen year-old True Grit star and Best Supporting Actress nominee Hailee Steinfeld wore a pale pink Marchesa to the Academy Awards that was very ballerina prom dress. She had her hair in an updo with a little ribbon around it, and accessorized with Fred Leighton jewelry and Ferragamo shoes. I hate to analyze a young teen’s fashion, but Hailee is more poised and media savvy at 14 than most 25 year-olds, so it’s not rude to observe that her fashion this season has been hit or miss.

At the Berlinale she had on a strange pastel and black swan dress that reminded me of Bjork’s Oscar getup. She was in a fussy jeweled number with a velvet skirt at the BAFTAs, and she had on a reverse tuxedo type dress for the nominee’s luncheon. Plus she wore a super bright long striped number to the SAGs. (Those photos are below and linked above.) I think Hailee just has fun with her fashion and gets a kick out of dressing up for these events. She’s just a kid, and she remains age appropriate and very cute.

Kaiser and I were in awe of Hailee’s performance in True Grit, and she took extremely complicated lines with difficult words and made them sound natural. She made that film, and I would have loved to see her take home an Oscar. Hailee has plenty of time to earn that statue and to hone her fashion. It’s nice to see a young girl dressed like one and looking so fresh and pretty. She’s so cute and she’s obviously enjoying herself. Look at the red Chucks she changed into for the Vanity Fair Oscar party! These look Photoshopped in but they’re not.




Thanks to Just Jared for the details on Hailee’s outfit. Photos credit: WENN.com

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  1. dorothy says:

    I hope she keeps a good head on her shoulders as she ages.

  2. Cat says:

    My thoughts exactly!! So poised! Sure hope she can have a good run of success & remain unscathed. High hopes for her!

  3. Brittany says:

    So cute! Love the chucks!

  4. sasa says:

    She is too cute. Hope she doesn’t go too Hollywood.

  5. gee says:

    I love her. And I liked the strange swan getup. It’s really cute.

  6. serena says:

    Totally cute and appropriate.

  7. brin says:

    She is perfection in that dress. She sounded very mature for her age on the red carpet, so I am happy & relieved to see her in her play shoes.

  8. KJ says:

    She is so undeniably cute. While I don’t love everything she wears, she definitely has a great eye for what looks good on her, and is well on her way to developing a unique style. I love that she’s having fun and trying out new things, and I love how poised she is. I hope to God she stays that way.

  9. Marie says:

    What a sweetheart, I hope she has good parents that keep her head firmly planted on her shoulders.

  10. Rita says:

    Such a refreshing young lady. As others have said, hope she stays grounded and grows into her charm.

  11. Cherry Rose says:

    Beautiful. Very age appropiate. Hopefully, she’ll go down the Dakota Fanning path, and steer clear of the Lindsay Lohan path.

    Hailee has talent and I hope to see her in another movie role.

  12. Nanea says:

    I think Hailee will follow in Cate Blanchett’s footsteps, wearing whatever she likes best and getting away with it. She already seems so mature to pull it off – her own quirky style.

    I just hope her family turns out what it appears to be, a close-knit unit that has her back.

  13. guesty says:


  14. spinner says:

    I love this look. So fresh & totally appropriate. She really is a cutie.

  15. Jackson says:

    Cute, appropriate….although I think the skirt made her look even younger than she is, but who cares, really. Her poise during interviews on the red carpet is what really stood out for me. Wow. I was blown away. And she doesn’t give off that ‘I’m a smart-ass, annoying, know-it-all kid’ vibe, either. She came across as confident, relaxed and intelligent – someone I want to watch in the future. I have a feeling this kid is going to do big things in the future whether in ‘the business’ or not.

  16. Cheyenne says:

    I absolutely loved the dress. Very pretty and age-appropriate.

  17. MSat says:

    She is absolutely adorable and dressed age-appropriately. Too many teen stars feel the need to dress older which is rather icky. She reminds me of my own teen – she would totally wear Chucks with a gown!

  18. Hautie says:

    cute. cute. cute.

  19. Venus says:

    I think she’s totally adorable in this & every one of her looks (except, of course, the swan one, not even her age & cuteness can salvage that).

  20. TQB says:

    I adored this dress. So lovely and appropriate. Why skank it up when you’re young when you can look this beautiful in a dress like this, and also sit down comfortably? There are so many years to be trashy when you’re 21+.

  21. melinda says:

    I adore that dress. She is so darling.

  22. GeekChic says:

    She is as cute as she can be and I love the dress on her. On an adult, it wouldn’t work, but it totally works on Hailee. She’s having so much fun and is thrilled to be there, which is great to see. Enthusiasm like that is infectious.

  23. Anna says:

    Apparently she drew a picture of her dream dress and Marchesa created it for her. It’s big, but cute.

  24. danielle says:

    Cute dress – she looks beautiful.

  25. chasingadalia says:

    Darling dress for her! Very age and event appropriate. 🙂

  26. Zelda says:

    Good combination of cute girlish look and pretty young lady. 14 is a tough age to be in that regard, always trying to straddle the two. She did well.

    And no clue who she is.

  27. Violet says:

    very sweet, appropriate dress. she seems so darling. reminds me a little of how emma watson was at her age.

  28. Sumodo1 says:

    Pretty in pink.

  29. Ron says:

    adorable girl and loved the chucks at the after party! I wore chucks with my get up to an Oscar party last night 🙂

  30. Aqua says:

    I loved it!she is the only young star that I can think of, that dresses age appropriate instead of dressing older than what she is.Just perfect.

  31. I Choose Me says:

    I think she looks great. The dress is age-appropiate and she has so much poise and yet looks like she’s having fun. I loved her in True Grit. She’s definitely one to watch.

  32. Az says:

    I freaking loved this look. It is so lovely and fresh. She looks like a Degas ballerina.

  33. KF says:

    She’s so fresh and adorable, loved her in True Grit! I read where she was bullied at school and is now home schooled as a result…. you can be that cute and talented and still be bullied? Would SO never want to re-live those years.

  34. Camille says:

    I think she looked adorable. Very age appropriate.

  35. dj says:

    I think she looks adorable in this Marchesa and very “age appropriate.” I would like to note how sad it is that we have to SAY age appropriate when describing a 14 year old looking like a 14 year old. Good grief!

  36. lucy2 says:

    Her dress was perfect for her, and the photos with the Chucks are really cute.

    She was so good in TG, I hope she continues to do well, and stays on the right path!

  37. NicoleAM says:

    The pics don’t do the neckline justice. I remember seeing her in the audience and thinking what a pretty dress!

  38. Liana says:

    I read where she was bullied at school and is now home schooled as a result…. you can be that cute and talented and still be bullied?

    At that age, the jealousy factor definitely comes into play. I noticed when I was in school amidst the Hollywood flotsam and jetsam that if you were “famous” and a bitch, it was all good. If you were “famous” and nice, the mean girls came after you in full force.