Charlie Sheen wants $3 mill an episode “They owe me apology while licking my feet”

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I’m loathe to cover another Charlie Sheen story, but like getting out of bed when you have a raging hangover it has to be done. (I didn’t have more than a couple glasses of wine last night during the most boring Oscars ever, but Charlie makes me think of hangovers.) Anyway Charlie was on The Today Show this morning. Advance reports had him giving an “exclusive” to ABC and Good Morning America, but there was said to be drama over ABC not being allowed by the Academy to promote the interview during the Oscars, so maybe that led Charlie into the arms of the other major network besides his former employer, CBS. (Update: Charlie did ABC and GMA too, see below.) Charlie said a bunch of ridiculous, entitled, addict-type sh*t as he has during this entire hiatus from Two and A Half Men. He looked like an ashen skeleton with a weave on his head. If I saw him on the playground when my kid was there I would watch him like a hawk.

Charlie demanded a 50% raise to $3 million an episode, which confirms he was making $2 million an episode up until the show got canceled for the rest of the season. He made some comments about how he was overworked and underpaid and then said that he would own CBS or something. He may be “sober” and he may have passed a drug test from Radar, but his brain has some major holes in it obviously. US Weekly has a good recap that will help me avoid having to transcribe much of this:

In an interview that aired Monday, the embattled Two and a Half Men star, 45, sat down with the Today Show to slam CBS, show creator Chuck Lorre — and insist that he’s on the straight and narrow.

Asked if he’s clean. Sheen retorted, “Look at me. DUH.” The last time he did drugs? “Don’t remember. Don’t care. Drug tests don’t lie.”

The actor admits that he derailed a bit before the two-day bender in January that led him to the hospital. “I don’t know if I’d call it out of control, but the choices I was making weren’t leading to the choice I wanted. I woke up and thought, ‘you’re 45 years old with 5 kids. Let’s do something different.’ I got bored.”

Sheen stopped short of calling his at-home treatment “rehab.” “It was a crisis management center we labeled the Sober Valley Lodge,” the star quipped.

Speaking of his five kids — four of them under ten — Sheen said that he’s not ashamed of his behavior. “God no. Talk about an education!”

He urged his fans not to worry about his health. “I’ve always had a plan and executed it perfectly. Sometimes I overshoot the mark, whatever.” Bizarrely, he boasted of having “tiger blood” and “Adonis blood” to help him kick his addictions.

As for his continued rants against CBS and Chuck Lorre — who put the show on hiatus recently — he explained: “My passion is misinterpreted as anger…I don’t think people are ready for the message I’m delivering and delivering with a sense of violent love.”

That “violent love” came out again as Sheen blasted Chuck Lorre. “Clearly he didn’t bring gum for everyone,” he said, blasting Lorre’s “dictatorial laziness.”

“Come Wednesday morning,” he added, “they’re going to rename [the studio] Charlie Brothers and not Warner Brothers…At this point, it’s 3 million an episode, take it or leave it. Defeat is not an option.”

“If people think I’m insane or if they don’t think what I’m saying is true, I have no interest in their retarded opinions,” he retorted. “I’m going to live my life the way I want and I’m going to win every moment!”

[From US Weekly]

If Charlie would have just sat tight with his little harem and kept his mouth shut CBS and Chuck Lorre would probably be able to deal with him. Instead he’s trying to prove that he’s right and is making it obvious that he’s in no state to wipe his own ass nonetheless carry a major network comedy. He has no clue how he’s coming across and he’s asking for more money for a few hours acting than most of us will make in a lifetime of hard work. He thinks the world revolves around him. “it’s everyone else who is going to be begging me for their job back…. look what they put me through.” He also spouted some crap about how he’s a rock star and no one can process it. The few fans he had left are going to abandon him soon, and he’s going to have to sell off his cars, watches and house to pay for drugs and hookers.

Oh and Charlie claimed that Sean Penn and Colin Farrell stopped by his house to offer support. If that’s even true, they’re probably offering new jobs to Charlie’s “goddesses.”

Update: Charlie did ABC and Good Morning America too. Check out the coverage of that on DListed and the video is below. He seems even crazier if that’s even possible, he looks even worse and says he’s going to sue over getting shitcanned.







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  1. The Truth Fairy says:

    OMG his face!!!! Did he just age 20 years or is that Hugh Hefner???

  2. the original bellaluna says:

    Piss off, Chuck.

  3. Enny says:

    Jesus Christ. He looks like death warmed over. A little bit of withdrawal, there, Carlos?

  4. Aries_Mira says:

    F*** off Charlie.

  5. Eve says:


  6. mia girl says:

    It pretty clear to me after watchng this that Sheen is full on BiPolar and in the midst of a manic phase…

    from NIH web site:
    The manic phase may last from days to months and can include the following symptoms:
    •Agitation or irritation
    •Inflated self-esteem (delusions of grandeur, false beliefs in special abilities)
    •Little need for sleep
    •Noticeably elevated mood
    •Increased energy
    •Lack of self-control
    •Racing thoughts
    •Over-involvement in activities
    •Poor temper control
    •Reckless behavior
    •Binge eating, drinking, and/or drug use
    •Impaired judgment
    •Sexual promiscuity
    •Spending sprees
    •Tendency to be easily distracted
    These symptoms of mania are seen with bipolar disorder I.

  7. Jackson says:

    He looks like Hell. I wish he would just shut up and go away. Crazy, crazy, crazy and I don’t even care why. Stoned, sober, whatever. Just shut up and go away.

  8. Hautie says:

    Look here kiddies. This is what happens when you have smoked up too much crack. And your brain is pickled.

    (Plus he looks like a dead man walking.)

    Isn’t it time for his parents to step in with that 5150.

    Charlie is full on in a manic state and things are not going to end well.

  9. guesty says:

    he looks as bad as his crazy ass ramblings sound.

  10. Rita says:

    The arrogance of this man knows no bounds. He’s talking about a lawsuit where he’ll back his money truck up to CBS and Lorre’s home to have them fill it with money.

    I hope Hollywood makes an example of this talentless ungratefull mysogynist jerk.

    PS- I don’t like the claim that he’s bipolar. That’s an insult to the illness. He acts like a meth and crack addict, because he is.

  11. ?! says:

    Charlie Sheen you are a fucking idiot you are lucky you even have a job you are proof hollywierd is truly fucked i really hope you dont get work after this and fuck off into obscurity.

  12. Rudypatudie says:

    If CBS re hires him, in any capacity, I will never ever turn on that channel again as long as I live.

    This man is revolting abuser of women. And, quite frankly, has been for a long time.

  13. Leticia says:

    I knew he was off his meds back in 2002 when he said that 9/11 was an inside job.

  14. luls says:

    HOLY SHOOOT!! He looks TERRIBLE! Plus hes starting to resemble Larry King in the age department! (no offense to poor Larry)

    I hate to be so mean, but somebody PLS bury this creature and distribute his money between his kids and charity.

  15. Poopie says:

    He does NOT look good here. i LOVE T 1/2 M but i wish he had just kept his piehole shut and dealt with all of this behind the scenes. This is really making him out to be the GIANT ‘L’. EVERYONE is replaceable. Maybe the Judd Nelson character from last week’s show will be a ‘replacement’ ? anyone?

  16. Roxanne75 says:

    nobody freeking cares

  17. devilgirl says:

    Disgusting excuse for a human being.

  18. YT says:

    X17 is saying Charlie has checked into rehab. They did not say when he plans to check out. Maybe tonight?

  19. Jules says:

    He is nucking futs!

  20. Marianne says:

    Charlie Sheen looks like death.

  21. Just Me says:

    mia girl: Very well put! I totally agree.

  22. Jane says:

    I really feel like he’s bi-polar and is having a psychotic break right now.

  23. Zelda says:


    uh–that is all stuff you do when you’re f*cked up on cocaine, too.

  24. N.D. says:

    Cats wuote Charlie Sheen. Hilarious.

    P.S. loved comment on ONTD that next year Oscar should be hosted by Charlie or even better by him and Mel Gibson. Now that wouldn’t be dull 🙂

  25. kelbear says:

    After knowing all the crap he has been doing, and him putting the show down like that. Who would want to still actually watch him on the show? Not me.

  26. Eleonor says:

    I’m sorry for his children.

  27. Roma says:

    He is a disaster and I don’t even know what to say about it anymore.

    Listening to him is… uncomfortable. The more I listen to him the more I do believe that he’s mentally ill. Someone needs to go Jamie Spears on him before this ends horribly.

    I hate to say it, but he gives off a crazy murder/suicide kind of vibe.

  28. Praise St. Angie! says:

    I hope, that within the next year or two, people will answer the question of “when did you last see Sheen on TV or in a movie?” with “Don’t remember. Don’t care.”

    also, I agree with Rita…he’s not bi-polar. he’s just an entitled crackhead.

    EDIT: also agree that he looks like he’s already dead, what with that gray skin and protruding skull bones…gives me shivers just to look at him.

  29. Cherry Rose says:

    Look, I’m Bipolar I, but I do not act anywhere near like Charlie does when having a manic episode. So I find it an insult that people are like, “Oh, he’s bipolar.”

    No, he’s an addict and an entitled egomaniac asshole who just doesn’t get it.

    But that’s okay Charlie. You just keep digging that hole deeper and deeper.

    You’re not helping anyone who’s worked with you, and you’re not helping youself.

    Charlie is one of the few people I would love to see his money dry up and see how he would cope in the real world. His ass should have already been in jail or prison for all the shit he’s done.

    I seriously hope that Denise doesn’t let him around their girls. It’s enough having a dad like that. No need to be a eye witness to that disaster as well.

    And good god, he looks terrible. Just goes to show that drugs are not kind to your body.

  30. hairball says:

    @mia girl: Totally agree!!

    What is mind boggling to me is that “Two and a half Men” is a HORRIBLE, stale, predictable show. I mean, my god, all this money and crap over that sh*t show??

    I LOATHE people like Charlie Sheen. Never ever having to face consequences in life.

    I heard clips and he said he hadn’t od’d because he had ‘adonis genes’ and like warrior blood. It’s cliche, but I truly do feel sorry for his children.

  31. annie says:

    I would advise Chuck Lorre to get a restraining order. CC( crackhead charlie) has probably blown much of his money already-sad for the kids-guess their mothers will need to support them. I would NEVER let my children be around this loon

  32. Yael says:

    Ugh…more Sheen-nanigans…jsut kill the character from the show already writers…

  33. KsGirl says:

    Yeah, I’m with those who say he really looks to be in a severe manic phase of bipolar right now. And that’s not an ‘insult’ to the disease or people who suffer from it – all different types of people, good and bad, suffer from mental illness.

    The grandiose comments are especially telling – fists of fire, tiger’s blood etc. Not. All. There.

    I feel for his family.

  34. MamaMia says:

    This is your brain on drugs……

  35. Rudypatudie says:

    He is going live for another interview on tmz at one o clock est
    If anyone cares.

    I hope he winds up broke. That would be beautiful.

  36. YT says:

    Darn. He’s live on TMZ right now.

  37. N.D. says:

    It’s “Tiger blood and Adonis DNA” 🙂 And he’s also a warlock. And rock star from Mars. And he’s tired of pretending like he’s not special. WINNING! DUH!

    The guy isn’t holding back, is he?

  38. hairball says:

    @Cherry Rose: Just read your comment. You have a good point as well, to me, Charlie seemed incredibly manic and I think the combination of damage to his brain from all the drugs.

    What a WASTE of space this ass is. I agree that if CBS puts him back on the air, I will never watch any shows on CBS.

    However, does he actually have a case for breach of contract? But my god, anyone else could be fired in real life. I’m SO sick of Hollywood actors. As someone said once, all they do is dress up and pretend, WHY are they given such special treatment??

  39. Tuatara says:

    As a victim of this world-wide recession, I resent with every fibre of my body the suggestion that Charlie Sheen is “over-worked” and “under-paid”.

    If he wants to know what over-worked and under-paid looks like, I can show him. It won’t take long. Freaking fool.

  40. mia girl says:

    @Cherry Rose My comment was certainly not meant to offend anyone who is bipolar (my sister for example), just simply to point out that, beyond the obvious drug addiction behavior, Sheen demonstrates many of the symptoms of a very intense bipolar manic state. Clearly there are different levels of bipolar behavior and certainly not all or even most people who suffer from bipolar disorder behave this way. I’m sorry if you thought I was implying something else.

    @Zelda, yes, the symptoms I listed in my post can also be used to explain how you behave under the influence of cocaine, especially someone like Sheen who has been an active abuser for so long. But additionally, these interviews show me that masked by the drug abuse is a true bipolar disorder.

  41. lucy2 says:

    Bitch please. Overworked and underpaid? He gets almost $2 mil an episode for a 1/2 hour sitcom, what I’ve often heard referred to as the cushiest job in show biz.
    I neither know or care what’s wrong with him – either way, he’s horrible.
    He’s OK with his behavior because it’s an education to his kids? Ugh. I truly hope they aren’t ever around him.

  42. Mia says:

    Dude is seriously messed up. He needs an intervention quick. He’s either coked out of his mind or a crazier as a fox or both. The family needs to get a 5150 hold on him fast before they have to bury his ass.

  43. OXA says:

    Time for his family to face his obvious mental illness and have him held on a 5150 to get him leveled. If he were diabetic they would seek help to save his life, this is the same need.
    Better he be labeled bipolar than dead in the morgue with a toe tag like a friends kid.

  44. Isabel says:

    Wait wait wait wait…this is not just bipolar. This is what happens to a brain after years and years and years and years of extensive and hardcore drug abuse. His brain is swiss cheese. His behavior may mimic some characteristics of bipolar…but then again, many different mental illnesses have overlapping symptoms. Regardless, I don’t think that any of us declaring him bipolar will fix the issue. Even if he were treated for bipolar effective immediately…he’s got a host of other issues that need to be treated as well. He’s psychotic.

    He’s going to die, any minute, if he doesn’t get help. Look at him. He looks like a sweaty corpse.

  45. icantbelievethis says:

    OMG, is there any channel/website he’s not on with an interview. He’s so out of his mind at this point it is just sad.

    And his 2 young boys are in that house with him. I hope CPS is monitoring that situation.

  46. hellen says:

    Charlie’s starring in his own drama: “Two and a Half Brain Cells”.

    Those poor children of his.

  47. Wendy City says:

    He looks horrible! There is no way he is clean. He had to fake that test and had one of his ‘goddess/porn stars’ pee in the cup for him. He is a vile disgusting, poor excuse of a human being. I am glad this is happening. Everyone made excuses for him for years and now CBS can’t cover it up anymore.

  48. Jen says:

    The cringes, the facial expressions, all of it says he is still doing coke. Very sad. Very disgusting.

  49. Cherry Rose says:

    @ Mia Girl – That’s quite alright.

    My fear with this whole Bipolar thing for Charlie is that he’ll use it for sympathy to start getting his job back.

    “Oh, that wasn’t me. I was having a manic episode. I couldn’t control myself you see.” I’ve seen many people, with bipolar and those who are thought to have bipolar use that excuse.

    If he’s off his meds, and knows he should be on him, he shouldn’t be allowed that excuse.

    And since Charlie is such a low-life, I wouldn’t be surprised if he did.

    Oh well, when he crashes, he’s going to crash. He won’t be having too much fun then.

  50. dorothy says:

    Nothings worse than when an actor starts believing his own “hype”. He has fallen into the pit and will never be what he was before to viewers.

  51. KJ says:

    These screen grabs are magic.

  52. dread pirate cuervo says:

    His rant is definitely something that would sound good inside your head when you’re high. Usually, you get too distracted by shiny objects or more lines or your 5 live-in hookers before you would actually say something like this out loud. He probably thinks he’s being funny. But he is sick & needs treatment.

  53. Ilovemee says:

    He will probably get the 3 mil an episode. America can’t get enough of that god awful show! He looks like the walking dead.

  54. I know he’s got the money for cocaine addiction, but he looks like a damn meth head now.

  55. Faye says:

    A few things…first ew ew ew regarding anything and everything to do with his feet. Second, I’d love for him to be hooked up to those machines that register brain waves during his rants so the crazy is quantified. Third, just eff off, Charlie. You sunk your gravy boat now deal with it.

  56. ohduho says:

    Someone get the shovel! There’s a corpse on the loose!

  57. Mari says:

    He looks like the 60 yr old version of his “Ferris Beuller’s Day Off” character…

  58. Dirty Martini says:

    MiaGirl, vie been thinking the exact same thing. I’m told that sometimes drugs and alcohol can actually mask bipolar issues, and allow so eo e to quasi function as a bipolar, but that if they get sober, then the bipolar behaviors rage and then they really nit rock bottom. I’m sure there are posters who know more about this, but I’m just saying: I thought the exact same thing.

  59. Aqua says:

    Enough of him already.Just pull the plug on his stupid show.

  60. Carol says:

    He looks and acts very, very ill.

  61. Madison says:

    He looks awful. It must be so painful for his family to see him like this and know there is nothing you can do.

  62. TG says:

    His interview on ABC this morning was pure comedy gold. I was LMAO

  63. Samigirl says:

    Well, his publicist quit. Guess we aren’t the only ones who are over him.

  64. Sparkly says:

    I just hope that Angus kid has his money invested wisely and that his parents didn’t get take the largest chunk.

    That’s really about all I think of this situation. Shame on Charlie for ruining others’ careers and expecting the whole world on a platter.

    I would be happy to do 2.5 Men for only 1 mil per episode. Look me up, Lorre. I’ll be sure to tell everyone how awesome you are.

  65. truthzbetta says:

    I’m not getting the bipolar vibe. You all are spouting symptoms of a psychotic break and telling us that is two poles?

    We’re not seeing highs and lows (Brit Brit cough) of a person who actually has some talent and inner drive.

    This drug confused person is on record as abusing himself for decades. Here’s your brain on drugs.

    He’s unipolar. I’m talking about the pole in his pants. He’d take it as a compliment and offer me a car for bringing it to your attention. Also, the one direction of constant, deranged, entitled abuse of himself and others for three or four decades publicly that’s only gotten greater and more frenzied over time.

    This meltdown is epic. His enablers are pathetic and half the problem. Private professions would never have stood for this so long and when he drops five kids will suffer although a few less wives and paid company will get their faces kicked in while he plays victim to sympathetic radio hosts and a broken justice system.

  66. anonymous says:

    As one writer said this guy needs to work, when he doesn’t work he gets in trouble. This whole thing started if you recall last December when they were on hiatus with that 911 call from his then wife in Aspen, he was arrested and charged. Then the next few months he spent getting out of doing jail time by doing community service and some rehab but No one knows what happened exactly that Christmas day because then it then comes out that his wife was also an addict and had been drinking and using that day and she tried to drop the charges but it was too late because he was already charged with whatever it was he was charged with. He went back to work everything was fine. Again during haitus in the summer he had the issue in NYC with the Plaza room incident because apparently the chick he was with had allegedly stolen a 100K watch he had so he tore up the room looking for it anyway he went back to work again after NYC no news did his shows and that was that..NOW while hes on hiatus again he parties a little to hard the same week his divorce is finalized some pics come out and everything blows up after that. The guy had a rough year, he spent 8 seasons which nowadays is unheard of for sitcoms doing a great job delivering ratings gold and making a TON for CBS, everyone who knows him seems to think hes a great guy so i think the show should’ve stuck by him and not instigated him or treated him like a child, when they started doing behind the scenes apparantly is when he started freaking because he felt like he deserved more respect. He knows he basically wanted and needed to work because the divorce / free time was not good for him and also so the crew and everyone could get paid. The divorce which people seem to forget, which is what triggered this whole thing when it all became so public whatever happened in Aspen, again nobody knows.
    I hate the media and this story is easy to sensationalize, is he perfect no way but nobody is and i think at this point with his past hes an easy person to villanize also just shows at the end of the day the networks dont care for there stars which thats no surprise, thats show business.

  67. Hmmm says:

    @Cherry Rose,

    I so agree! There is such a beast as cocaine induced mania (under ‘mood disorder’). Using the principle of Occam’s Razor, this makes the most sense. And yeah, I think bipolars get a really bad rap.

  68. Melissa says:

    At this point I am starting to feel like the media should not even be giving him interviews because he is obviously SO high and SOOO CRAZY because of his drug use and I feel really bad for his kids because lets be honest, if he doesn’t clean up soon these interviews will be the only memories his kids have of him.

  69. JULIE says:

    Overworked and underpaid?!?!?!?!
    I think my head just exploded

  70. ReallyRosie says:

    Of course Sean Penn stopped by. There are hookers and cocaine and porn.

  71. Mel says:

    Wow…great journalism, talk about ass-sucking.

    I agree with others about bipolar, he doesn’t come across as manically depressed, more like having a manic ego.

  72. ERM says:

    A little narcissm with your drugs? I liked the Sheen/Estevez family but this loser does not have any redeeming traits – none!

  73. Andrea says:

    He’s got enough money that he had to have gotten someone to pee in a cup for him. No way he passed a drug test.

  74. meme says:


  75. REALIST says:

    Why don’t we combine a psychiatric evaluation with rehab? Charlie has gone off his rocker!

  76. rispah says:

    As someone who worked on a psyc ward for 20+ years with duel diagnosed pts, drug abusers and psyc disorders,I can tell that Charley is in a manic phase right now. You can tell he has not been sleeping and his thought process are skewed. He needs meds before he hurt himself and or others.

  77. Cherry Rose says:

    Whether he’s high right now, or having a manic episode, he needs to be in a hospital.

    He clearly isn’t lucid, and sounds like he has some paranoia.

    I agree with rispah, he needs meds before he hurts himself or someone else.

  78. AngelMay says:

    He has a death look. And he is totally still using. He can’t be far from a heart attack.

  79. Green Is Good says:

    @Yael: “Sheen-nanigans”. LOL!

  80. Jeri says:


    And a tragedy that he destroyed the income of everyone involved with the show, not all of them have millions to blow on goddesses.

  81. MissyAggravation says:

    I haven’t seen a drug-induced psychosis this entertaining since a drunk homeless guy tried to steal a (locked) bike on Colfax.

    Good times.

  82. Quest says:

    Whitney summed it up Charlie

    ‘Crack is Whack’…I wonder if the urine test showed what a douchebag you are?

  83. ghostwriter says:

    Often meth and coke users are misdiagnosed as bipolar as they exhibit a lot of the same symptoms. Once they get through rehab and are truly clean, those symptoms go away. They were never bipolar, just in active addiction. That may be Charlie’s case – or not. One thing is clear – He is delusional and appears to be exhibiting manic and narcissistic behavior. No; I am not a doctor, nor do I play one on TV, but I am very involved with a rehab facility and have been through a lot of training and clients with addictions. My prayers for Charlie, who is more ill than he knows.

  84. Zelda says:

    Wow. Everything you just wrote was a mere 8 sentences…
    Do not do YOUR next line.

    And as for everyone diagnosing him with mental disorders:
    DON’T make those excuses for clear addicts. For an addict “it might be X”=”It’s probably not the drugs.”
    He may, in fact, have a mental illness, but there is no way to know, to properly diagnose, or even to recognise symptoms with the amount of drug interference going on. And anyone who does not believe there is extreme drug use happening has obviously never had firsthand experience with drugs and /or users. It is clear as day.


  85. Moreaces says:

    WOW, Weekend at Bernies, is someone holding him up with strings, He looks like a thousand miles of bad road. And his brain is completely fried. Im afraid for him.

  86. Ron says:

    He is going to be dead soon.

  87. TXCinderella says:

    He looks so old now. I used to think he was kinda cute, but there is nothing cute about an addict.

  88. TXCinderella says:

    If I were Denise and Brooke, I would go to court and make sure he wouldn’t get near the kids until he cleans his a$$ up. I wouldn’t care how much money he was giving me in child support. You have to protect your children at all costs.

  89. MrsOdie2 says:

    Anonymous, your “when he doesn’t work, bad things happen” argument is silly. Nobody can work all the time. He chose a business that has long periods of unemployment (often) between jobs. Having worked on a sitcom for an “unheard of” 8 years, he knows well enough that they go on hiatus every summer and winter. Hundreds of actors in this business go on hiatus without getting into any trouble at all. He “parties a little too hard”? Who, over the age of 26 uses “party” as a verb except an addict looking for a comfortable euphemism? 45 year-old men with five children aren’t supposed to “party” all their free time away. I agree that Chuck Lorre is an asshat. Anyone who works in television has heard legendary stories of how horrible he is, but HE didn’t drive Carlos to drugs and hookers. Carlos has been on that path all his insane life.

  90. Liana says:

    They need to pay out his contract and be done with him. He can’t sue them if they do a payout and even if he violated the morals clause, it might be worth the couple mil to get rid of the headache.

    He (and his apologist, anonymous up there) seem to think he’s been the main breadwinner for CBS. Nope. He’s PART of a top rated show that brings in ad revenue (as do the NCIS and CSI franchises, which are actually more lucrative to CBS). But now he’s become a liability. CBS is a business, they know when to cut their losses and move on from someone or something. They made a mistake with this last contract and should have let him walk.

    And yeah, Chuck Lorre is the very definition of “asshat.”

  91. gg says:

    Dear Chuckie – you are Done.

    And you need serious Botox shots for the angry, angry eyebrows.

  92. daisyfly says:

    Put some baking soda and vinegar into a balloon, tie it up, and watch it pop.

    You just watched Charlie Sheens’ head AND career explode.

  93. Camille says:

    His outer appearance now seems to be reflecting his inner personality- he is a revolting excuse of a human being. I hope he never works again after this fiasco.

    Move over Jesse James, Mel Gibson and Halle Berry, we have another complete a**hole to add to the Hollywood asylum.

  94. filthycute says:

    @Leticia, it was. A lot of sane, cogent, intelligent people believe it was.

  95. Cheyenne says:

    I don’t know if he’s in a manic phase of bipolar disorder (which used to be called manic-depressive psychosis) or if he has organic brain damage from drug abuse, but it’s clear that something between his ears has gone very, very wrong.

    I feel sorry for his parents, his siblings and his children. I’ve got a feeling he’s not going to get any better and will possibly get much worse.

  96. mrsezc says:

    Wow … What an EGO!!!

  97. Cheyenne says:

    HuffPo just said his long-time publicist resigned, saying he can’t deal with Sheen’s increasingly erratic behavior any more. Sheen’s reaction was: “Pussy. He’s not allowed to quit; he’s fired.”

  98. someone says:

    After listening to his tirades, I have to say..he may not have been high or drunk, but hes definitly crazy as a sht house rat….He talks like a lunatic…and if I understand what he was saying ( and I may not have) he thinks hes just fine and everyone else is nuts..hes not going to stop doing what hes been doing..and if we don’t like, to hell with all of us…ha ha..he was hilarious, as are most nut cases…I see bad things happening to charlie in the near future!!!he thinks hes special and invinceable.

  99. Hakura says:

    @Isabel (44) – ITA. The heavy consistant drug abuse over the years has just compounded whatever issues he may have already had. I’m sure he’s suffered some kind of brain damage as a result.

    I mean, God… He’s talking about himself as though he’s a comic book super hero/GOD/Wizard infused with tiger blood, & his porn star girlfriends are ‘Goddesses‘. He has about as much grasp on reality as spongebob squarepants.

    He really has some gall, claiming he’s ‘over worked‘ & ‘under paid‘. Now there’s an idea for a reality show… Send CS out into the world with only the clothes on his back, & see how long he’s able to survive, having to put in real work, & actually being under paid.

    @Melissa“At this point I am starting to feel like the media should not even be giving him interviews…”

    I disagree. Let him continue to dig his own grave, I say. Anything to ensure that he’s knocked off that tall bar stool he considers a pedastal.

    @Mel“Wow…great journalism, talk about ass-sucking.”

    You took the words right out of my mouth. I noticed how they were ‘oh so carefully’ controlling their tone & expressions so as not to anger him, or God forbid, cause him to stop talking to them. The female interviewer, especially, pissed me off. “This is a guy… who’s made it clear that he’s not going to be kicked around anymore.”

  100. Chris says:

    He’s as delusional as Colonel Gaddafi.

  101. Lenore says:

    Just as an aside, I was clearing out some old magazines today and found a late 90’s interview with Charlie Sheen that was so full of delusional self-absorption and “I’m fine, it’s everyone else who’s wrong”-isms it just cracked me up.

    The two that stick in my mind are his comments on an assault case (I don’t remember the then-girlfriend’s name but it was a new one on me): “I’m prevented by court order from discussing this, but let me tell you, in court, nobody wants to hear the guy’s side. Nobody’s interested in my side of the story.” Yyyyyeaaaah. Poor baby.

    Or his gem of an excuse for shooting Kelly Preston: “I wasn’t even in the room. She was in the bathroom picking up my jeans from the scales, so she could weigh herself, and there was a revolver in the back pocket, and it went off, the bullet went straight through the toilet and hit her in the leg”. Because that makes sense. And because even if his account is true, it still means he’s the kind of ass who leaves a loaded gun in his dirty laundry and accepts no responsibility when his unwitting girlfriend accidentally shoots herself!

    There must be some sort of Teflon-like substance mixed in with the cocaine, whereby blame or responsibility come hurtling at Charlie but just refuse to stick. It’s amazing, really.

  102. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    “I don’t think people are ready for the message I’m delivering and delivering with a sense of violent love.”

    I wonder if he was delivering a message of “violent love,” when he was beating his former girlfriends and holding a knife to his ex-wife’s throat?

    Also, did anyone else catch the part of his GMA interview where he said Mel
    Gibson had been in touch? Guess he heard the “Chaim Levine” rant and thought
    he found some sort of anti-semetic ally in Charlie. Then again, he did reach out to Britney too. So it may very well be he’s seeking out any crazy that may make him look sane in comparison.

  103. original kate says:

    and also? he looks like a coke-addicted clam.

  104. MissyAggravation says:

    Listened to bits and snippets of Charlie’s “live” interview (with Winnie the Pooh!).

    Lindsay Lohan wishes she was this articulate.

  105. MissyAggravation says:

    Listened to bits and snippets of Charlie’s “live” interview (with Winnie the Pooh!).

    Lindsay Lohan wishes she was this articulate.

  106. crazydaisy says:

    I’m with Truth Fairy. He’s looking old. Hugh Hefner-Mick Jagger old. (Maybe too much free p*ssy over the years w/out enough real connection or intimacy ages you in a special, oily tight-face way.)

  107. Brittany says:

    Sean Penn and Colin Farrell… yes, because THOSE are the guys you want to vouch for you.


    Screw Two and a Half Men, let’s just let Charlie Sheen go on a press tour! This shit is classic!

  108. DD says:

    It looks to me like the drugs killed his brain cells. If he’s not high, then he’s got some serious brain damage going. The way he talks his ludicrous.

  109. galaxy.girl says:

    Shocked by these photos!

  110. Once a Fan says:

    Goodbye Charlie

  111. lucy2 says:

    E is now reporting that WB will be paying the crew for the episodes missed, totalling about $2 million. Or you know, what they paid Charlie per week.

    I’m really glad for them, this isn’t their fault. As for this turd, I just hope he doesn’t hurt anyone else, and that CPS keeps a close eye on those kids.

    OMG that cat quotes thing is awesome.

  112. jenn says:

    he is losing it, poor guy. i know what its like to have your life literally spiral. but for the whole world to see? gosh 🙁 but he thinks he owns the world just kuz hes on a top-rated show. he has 5 kids, 4 young. he needs to smarted up and act his age. hes a little spoiled hollywood brat, thats just how he is. just sad to watch kuz hes a talented guy.

  113. jenn says:


  114. adtwah says:

    I’m not going to speculate on whether Charlie is bipolar of if he’s manifesting symptoms of a drug-induced diagnosis. What I see is a narcissist who is on the rampage, who can’t accept that he made a mistake, and instead of doing some honest self-examiniation, he blames his problems on everyone else. Projection much? Aside from the pyschobabble, I see a guy who is an entitled jerk, someone who has had things handed to him and has never had to struggle for a dime. He overestimates his importance, and his career is probably shot by now…as well it should be. He is getting exactly what he deserved. He does not deserve to be compensated for the last 4 shows, and CBS is right to take a hard line against him. Let the moron rant and rant until nobody will listen to him anymore.

  115. Dani says:

    He acts and looks like a meth addict. Don’t know if he is, but if he isn’t, he is doing a damn good imitation of one.

  116. Liana says:

    E is now reporting that WB will be paying the crew for the episodes missed, totalling about $2 million. Or you know, what they paid Charlie per week.


    Good for them for stepping up to the plate.

  117. Crash2GO2 says:

    I agree with Isabel. There is no way you can separate his drug use from his psychotic break here, and say he is having a bi-polar episode. He has been using and abusing for so long his brain is DAMAGED and he has probably GIVEN himself a mental illness. The only possible way to sort him out at this point is to get him off the drugs and into a medley of therapies, both medical and behavioral, to help his brain, body and mind cope with the resulting changes which would be HUGE for someone at his level of abuse. Hell, his brain may never produce dopamine at normal healthy levels again as it is. It probably wouldn’t, honestly.

  118. lachica says:

    i totally agree that he is bipolar. but until he recognizes this, nothing will change. hopefully he will not harm anyone in the interim.

  119. oh hey says:

    He’s really starting to turn in that character from one of the movies he did with Emilio about the brothers who made porn films. Guess that wasn’t a stretch for him. If you saw the movie, you know what happened in the end, I hope that doesn’t happen for him. He needs to be committed.

  120. linnea says:

    So sad to watch a meltdown. we all fight demons but hopefully not so publicly. If he thinks he’s so screwed by everything and everyone and his genius and work ethic is not appreciated, I suggest somebody send him to a third world country without an adoring entourage and tell him to get to work, use his skills to help someone else who hasn’t been born with a silver spoon in his mouth. His salvation will come from helping others and getting over his narcissistic view of life. He’s begging to make a difference. To BE! Give him his life of freedom. Drop him in the amazon with adequate supplies and dare him to survive. He needs to get out of the glitz.

  121. mymotherraisedmebetter says:

    he and Gaddhafi are brothers from another (delusional) mother

  122. Lia says:

    What a useless twit. He must pay those hookers a LOT of money, because having to look at that awful face during sex would be violently gag-worthy. There’s nothing worse than a wrinkled, saggy old fart who thinks he’s God’s gift to women. As far as his show goes, it would be so much better if they got someone who could be believable in the role, and not just “Charlie Sheen trying to be charming…”. GAG.

  123. anne_000 says:

    how come his parents havent gone to court to try to get him institutionalized and/or taken over his financial accounts and power of attorney? martin sheen should do what jamie spears did for britney. just come in, get the case before a judge, and take over. i dont think charlie will get clean on his own like this. he seems he’s way too far gone to help himself now. he needs some outside help to come in and take charge over him. the longer he’s like this, the more it might be that it’s going to become a permanent situation. also, it’s pathetic that these interview shows are willing to be an accessory to his showing the world how crazy and ill he’s become.

  124. CeeCee says:

    He’s hardly acting in 2 and a Half Men making him worth $2-3m an episode. The only thing that differs from his character on the show & himself is he has to do blow in his dressing room and not while on camera.
    He’s abused and cheated on all of his exes and is a poor excuse for a father.

    You’re washed up Charlie. It’s all over buddy. But it should have been over for him a long time ago after his past behaviour.

  125. Hakura says:

    Maybe his parents don’t think stepping in & taking control would even help, at this point… I know they’ve already been through an intervention recently… & Charlie is especially resistant to even the *idea* that he has a problem, let alone a serious problem.

    He’s so mentally far gone, his sense of logic is lost on mars somewhere (with his apparent ‘rockstar’ status…) He’s in a serious downward spiral.

    I can see someone who talks about being ‘invincible‘ & ‘beyond human comprehension‘ jumping off a building, or something.

  126. Eleonor says:

    He is much older than Britney, and his family cant’ help him anymore, because at this point he doesn’t want to be helped.
    He looks and talks (he has a serious problem with his teeths) like the addicts you meet in the streets sometimes, the ones who beg you to give them money because they want to buy a sandwich but they’ve lost their wallet…
    I can’t feel compassion for this man.

  127. helen says:

    Oh please God let them just do a straight replacement of him on the show with Cory Feldman. Imagine his chagrin when he realises that it’s the show which is popular, not him….and you just know that somewhere in Hollywood, Feldman is sitting by his phone whispering “Oh please, please, please….” to himself. One washed up 80’s star or another, who cares? Stick it, Sheen, go spend your billions of “hard earned” dollars and be well.

  128. Shay says:

    He wants a raise because he’s running out of money and he fears a life without his cocaine and hookers (oops, “porn stars”).
    He has basically put his cast and crew out of jobs because of his ego and he is projecting blame on the writer. Clearly he is a nutjob.
    I don’t believe, for one moment, that he is bipolar. He is just a self indulgent narcissist. He has gotten away with bad behavior all his life and he is accustomed to special treatment.
    They should pull the plug on the show and move on. Screw him and his request for a raise.

  129. Embee says:

    Stimulants can help those with bipolar at first, but addicts overdo and end up in psychosis. Then they get off drugs b/c they’re scared but since they also have BPD they will stay manic (oftimes psychotic) until they get treatment or swing to depression. Very sad and scary for all. It is rare for a normal person to have enough insight to get help, but add to it a lifetime of fame and celebrity…not going to happen.
    And whatever about the divorce causing this. The man had a knife to his wife’s throat. I think it’s safe to presume things were already going pear shaped.

  130. pato says:

    wow he looks like hell!

  131. melissa says:

    I like Judd nelson as a replacement for sheen. I also think they should just “do a Darrin” like they did with bewitched. Put Judd in as the same character, Charlie Harper, and keep shooting. I love all the actors on that show except for Sheen and hope everything works out for them. Just think about all the crap they have had to deal with by having to work with sheen. God bless them!

  132. lola lola3 says:

    I think its really disgusting the way all the networks/reporters/radio stations swoop down to interview this person while he is so obviously out of his mind. Its like taking advantage of a drunk person. Cruel and sad.

  133. Hakura says:

    @Eleonor“He is much older than Britney, and his family cant’ help him anymore, because at this point he doesn’t want to be helped.”

    I’d been giving this issue some thought, & I don’t think his parents have the option, right now. The difference between he & Britney is that he was consistently maintaining a job to support himself until recently. & it could be argued that his addiction wasn’t even reason that he was ‘fired’ (as they were already aware of that for a long time.),

    He was put on hiatus because of addiction, but lost the job because of an argument with the director. So they may not have grounds to take over, legally.

    @Lola Lola3“Its like taking advantage of a drunk person. Cruel and sad.”

    On 1 hand, I agree, but on the other… Charlie has gone out of his way to publicize this whole incident (calling radio shows, sending text messages to E!, putting messages online…) He’s made it clear he wants to rant to the public, & have the world pay attention to him. I’m sure if he *hadn’t* been offered interviews with networks, he would’ve recorded himself & put it on youtube. I just can’t really fault the media for picking up the opportunity in this case, since he was just going to do it himself, otherwise (& no one could really stop him).

  134. helen says:

    Yeah, lola3, how many drunk people do you think Charlie Sheen has taken advantage of in his time? I bet a few.

  135. mauser says:

    Im in the minority here but I support Charlie, from my own experience I can honestly say that drugs and alcahol issues can steal your personality, happiness,career, family, etc, Yes he is being arrogant, and obviously he is saying things he shouldnt, but thats what happens with this disease. And Im a firm believer almost everyone deserves a second chance, remember he has a family thats worried about him.Weshould support him and realize that someday he will look back with regret.

    We all have regrets people.