Oscar VF Party: Madonna had some more gristly plastic surgery


Um, so Madonna was invited to the post-Oscar Vanity Fair party. And she brought her daughter Lourdes as her “date”. That’s fine. I even like Lola’s little minidress, although I’m sure Lola and Madge had a fight about the shortness. Lola looks so pretty and cute, though, which makes what I’m about to say even worse: Madonna had more junk done to her face. She wasn’t content to just have those chicken-cutlet cheek implants put in (which completely mangled her face). Now Madge has gone and gotten her eyes done too – amongst other procedures. Her face just looks like a mask at this point. It’s disgusting. And Madonna should seriously think about the message she’s sending to her beautiful young daughter.

Oh, and style-wise… Madonna looks like a 60-year-old transvestite madam. I mean… do we need to see her leg gristle? No. No, we do not.





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  1. lola lola3 says:

    Mom’s dress should NEVER be shorter than daughter’s dress. I don’t care who you are!

    • the fox says:


  2. Isa says:

    I believe you are right, she has had a lot of work done recently and it looks weird. She definitely has the body of a 50 year old, so the face and body don’t add up.

  3. Richie says:

    Lola looks really pretty! i think madge should reconsider her wardrobe! that dress sux!!!!

  4. Jackson says:

    Madonna looks like a caricature of her former self. I think she also either got filler or a chin implant….something else is different. Ugh. And that outfit is horrible. How does she manage to come up with such completely ugly and inappropriate looks, time after time? I’d think every once in awhile she’d get something right, even if by sheer luck.

  5. sisi says:

    Madonna obviously wanted to wear a shorter dress than her daughter, but when Lola decided to wear a minidress, all Madonna could do to one-up her was not wearing hers at and to just go in her undergarments. Sad.

    Lourdes looks nice, those shoes have quirky heels.

  6. Brittany says:

    Her skin looks so bad! It’s got that puffy, porous look to it that older women get after too much surgery..

  7. Nancy says:

    Madonna looks AMAZING just STUNNING and her daughter is so pretty. There are alot of Madonna haters out there I don’t know if it’s jealousy seeing a woman her age look good or what? Oh and her daughter seems to be fine with her mom’s outfit.

  8. Gwen says:

    I find her so depressing these days. No matter what she used to be doing her own thing – a great role model for modern women IMO. Now she’s just desperately trying to hang on to her youth. I had expected more but perhaps I’ve just been naive.

  9. Brittany says:

    Wow, when did Lourdes stop looking like her mom and start looking like her dad? It’s like a total metamorphosis! weird!

  10. clorismetchum says:

    meh. she looks the same to me. love this bitch either way.

  11. Jackson says:

    @Nancy – I am quite a few years younger than Madonna and I can honestly say that I know of NO ONE who is jealous of her looks. No one. She looks ghastly and appears to have the personality to match. I will agree that her daughter is pretty, but that’s about it.

  12. amurph says:

    She’s sort of looking like Priscilla Presley with that shiny sheen. Maybe it’s the cheeks.

  13. CubaLibre says:

    She looks like more like Sharon Osbourne than Madonna now. Which isn’t a compliment.

  14. audrey says:

    Yikes! She’s starting to look like Priscilla Presley. No bueno.

  15. Hautie says:

    Nice girdle you have there Madonna. Why even bother with the cheap lace cover up?

    I was thinking her face finally is starting to settle in. But geez she has not one line on it, does she.

    But she reeks of desperation. I would have understood this get up had she been going on stage to perform.

    Not going to the best party in LA on Oscar night. With her teenage daughter.

    Okay, now I must say something nice.

    At least Madonna left those tragic looking – leather – fingerless – gloves at home.

  16. Theuth says:

    Jesus. She is…don’t know, plastic isn’t enough.
    She looks like one of those Real Dolls for sex, actually. I never liked Madonna (overrated in everything), but it’s SAD, seeing how she’s reduced herself. And her expression is so pleased of it.

  17. Quest says:

    It’s porcelin (Madge’s face) my dear Kaiser.

    I saw the first pic and said Madge doesn’t look so bad when I saw your comment:…”Madonna looks like a 60-year-old transvestite madam”

    But then I scrolled down and …OMFG..it was freaking outragous -lacey whatever over netted stockings. Fuh real…Madge…fuh real (gasp)

  18. malachais says:

    I disagree, Madonna’s face chicken cutlets look a whole lot better than most of these women getting work done. Its not bad work, its just noticeable. Her outfit is atrocious. I like the vest, but otherwise, NO.

  19. She looks like a geriatric idiot. period.

  20. devilgirl says:

    Did Madonna just crawl out of a cave?

  21. Cherry Rose says:

    Lola is so cute!! I can’t believe she is only 14/15. She looks older.

    Madonna…eh. I wish she’d just age gracefully, instead of all this crap to try to look like she’s still the hottest thing around. At least she covered up her gristle arms!

  22. Sumodo1 says:

    Madge is looking like the “Madam” ventriloquist figure. Underwear much, Vadge?

  23. Sandra says:

    Personally, I’m tired of the gushing over Lourdes. Um, what has she done besides being born to a famous mother? Seriously, another child fatality in the making …

  24. GeekChic says:

    Lourdes is such a pretty girl, although I think she looks cuter with less makeup as she’s naturally so lovely. Madonna, well, just… no words. *Shudders.*

  25. AngelMay says:

    She is approaching Donatella land. Talk to Sharon Stone, Madonna, Sharon knew when to stop with the surgery.

  26. ann says:

    Pluck those darn eyebrows – they both look like they will fly away with them. Madonna’s dress is awful – just another sign she’s insecure about aging and most likely jealous of her daughter.

  27. skibunny says:


  28. hatsumomo says:

    Geez, that outfit is absolutely horrid. When I go over-the-top even I wouldn’t take it that far. And the heels on Lola are completely freaking me out, are they straight or triangular shaped? How did they make that shadow? I need to see the picture from a different angle!

  29. Francesca says:

    She looks like Cher’s second cousin. Did she get a nose job too or is it just a face lift? Wow. The underware outfit isn’t helping either.

  30. beth says:

    actually she looks amazing.
    this is one of the world’s most incredible women, and even if she does end up looking like a chewed-up piece of gristle i have too much awe and respect for her to speak badly of her.
    still, i neednt rely on all that – she really does look amazing. its money well-spent. but knowing what she’s like, i think diet, exercise and other healthy lifestyle habits factor in a great deal to her looking good.

  31. luls says:

    Lourdes’ severe hair dye combined with that eyeliner is not doing her any favors! Im sorry, but unless ur asian/black/ethnic looking, jet black hair looks severe and FAKE. (ill give her a pass though since she’s still a teen & doznt know better)

    dont even get me started on MADONNA’S latest hair-style or dress…. CRUELLA DE VILLE! ick!

  32. abbizmal says:

    Poor Lourdes must be embarrassed over Mom’s outfit. I’d rather die than be seen in public with anyone dressed like that, especially my mom (who would never dress like a like a slut with roots showing).

  33. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    YES YES!! I couldnt put my finger on it but she looks soooo like

    Priscilla Pressley

    either that or curved beak bird.

  34. Jane says:

    Lourdes dress is way too short for her age she 14 not 20 and if you look at other photos of Lourdes she had to hold down her dress in the back when she walk not age appropriate and you can’t say Cameron Diaz look like a slut when she 39 and her dress was only like an inch or two shorter then Lourdes dress who 14 and you thought look cute.

  35. Nancy says:

    @Jackson You and alot of other people don’t have to like her and that’s fine but trust me alot of it is jealousy that an older woman can have an amazing body and others want to tear her down especially if it’s Madonna. I wasn’t to keen on the outfit but she looks stunning in it.

  36. EdithP says:

    Madonna’s dress is hiddy. Stop trying so hard, it’s painful.

    Lourdes looks so grown up here! A very pretty young lady.

  37. N.D. says:

    I think she actually looks better in the face then before. Whatever she did to her face settled down rather nicely or may be she has found the right dose of fillers/botox. Her cheecks are not as protruding as they were and skin looks smooth and not too tight. At least when she’s looking straight and not trying to emote.

    Outfit is absolutely inappropriate and ugly though. And why does Lourdes needs to be at this party? Is it really right place to be for a 14 years old?

  38. Leticia says:

    Sharon Stone and Michelle Pheiffer are the same age as Madonna, and both look so much better than Madonna.

  39. trollydolly says:

    Her outfit is an arrestable offence for crimes against fashion, but she looks terrific – body and face! I’m no particular fan but I think she looks amazing!

  40. TXCinderella says:

    Like I keep saying…

    Over 35 + mini dress = Noooooooooo!!!

    I don’t care how young or thin you look, wearing a mini at that age is just tacky, desperate, and wrong!

    I love Madonna, but this is cheesy.

  41. Mrs.Rut says:

    I am not seeing what you people are seeing! Yes, she has had work done to her face, but it looks good! Her outfit is awful, but bitch is fierce!!!

  42. angela says:

    I think Madonna looks good and I love her outfit. Go girl!!!!

  43. RHONYC says:

    personified. 🙁

  44. Cat says:

    Get embarrassed!!! Hell, I’m embarrassed for her. :-\

  45. Lushus L. says:

    There are a million girls cuter than Lourdes. I looked like her at her age so I know. Give me a break!

  46. The Truth Fairy says:

    This is the best she’s looked in a loooooooong time. And her body is rockin – why not show it off? She’s in show biz, not a PTA member in Podunk, USA.

    PS Her daughter is so beautiful and tall. She got the best genes from both parents for sure!

  47. Happymom says:

    I find it strange that while she was so overprotective of Lola in her early years (hello-no tv or magazines around the house) she’s now switched into letting her wear inappropriate clothing (she’s only 14, not 17) and letting her design and be in the public eye.

  48. Eleonor says:

    Rinoplastic, cheekimplants, botox, and that dress. Delusional.

  49. KJ says:

    Yea the reason Madonna’s face looks so jacked to me is because I’m jealous. My 22 year old, sans plastic surgery face is just soooooo jealous of Madonna’s very obvious eye lift, weird cheek implants and of course that “just got out of the dermatologists office” waxy glow. If only I could look that pulled when I’m her age.

    The dress is too short for Lola but I love it. For me. As for Madge, the desperation and try-hard is coming off of her in waves. Remember when her cool and edge seemed so effortless and natural for her? There’s nothing effortless or natural on her or in her for that matter.

  50. sam says:

    Madge looks desperate, pathetic and old…I’m actually starting to feel sorry for her.

  51. Alexa says:

    She’s GLOWINGLY GORGEOUS!! BEAUTIFUL! Just like one of you posted – she is such an incredible woman, but even if she weren’t, she looks GREAT!

  52. Stubbylove says:

    “60-year-old transvestite madam” LMAO!

  53. Cherry Rose says:

    Why I like Lourdes better than most celebrity kids.

    1) She hardly ever goes to events, and when she does, her mother is with her (yes, I know it’s probably because Madonna wants some attention, but I also think it’s so she can watch out for Lola).

    2) All she’s done is put out a fashion line for teens. She has yet to try to become a popstar like her mother, go into acting, or modeling (Rumer, Kelly, I’m talking bout you two).

    3) Despite her background, she still seems to be a normal teenager.

    Of course, in the next year or years that might all change. But for now, Lola is pretty cool considering.

  54. Eleonor says:

    If she wore an age appropriate dress (ok you’ve got a great body,and you workout 24H a day we know it) I could accept/tolerate her desperate lifting..BUT she’s dressing like that because she knows Lola looks good, and it’s like she wants to compete with her: “look at me, I can outshine my daughter!” And this is sad.She doesn’t want to look like her mum, but like her sister. I don’t like Madonna’s music, but I’ve always thought she is a very intelligent woman (the way she manages her career, her ex husband prove that) and this is delusional for me.

  55. dorothy says:

    You have to be embarrassed for Madonnas daughter. Her mom just can’t accept that she’s getting older and is still trying to look like she’s 18. Nothings more pathetic than a woman that tries so hard to be a “girl” again and clearly isn’t.

  56. mymy says:

    I really don’t have words. They honestly fail me after looking at this. But II do feel anyone who thinks this is a good look to sport while holding hands with her daughter is really stretching to not find fault.

  57. guesty says:

    lourdes is like the anti-madonna. she’s the exact opposite of her mom. way more conservative which imho speaks to the way she was raised.

    i like that vest but otherwise madonna looks ridiculous in whatever the hell that is that she’s wearing.

  58. Ron says:

    Madonna gets press for looking tacky. I get it. But seriously, dressing like a Wal-Mart version on Anna Nicole is just sad, esp when you are with your daughter. Madonna has never looked older IMHO than in this shot with her darling girl. The most shocking thing would be to see Madonna in an elegant, simple gown showing off her best accessory, her child.

  59. Ally says:

    Re: Madonna, is she getting clothes from Britney Spears’ donation bag to Goodwill?

    Grammys 2010:

  60. Dany says:

    And Madame Madonna is wearing fur again.
    Does anybody remember her “Fur is worn by beautiful animals and ugly people” T-shirt?

    I can hear her… “Oh Lola honey – but this little fur goes SO well together with your hair!”

    She’s disgusting, no matter how much money she’s putting into her plastic surgeries. Style? – money can’t buy it.

  61. Riley says:

    Is her dress from the Elvira Mistress of the Dark collection or The Morticia Addams’ Uncle Niknak Goes to the Oscars line. It is a fright to behold.

  62. benny says:

    Madonna now looks like Joan Rivers.

  63. JenJen says:

    The hand holding always strikes me as odd. What teenage girl wants to be seen holding Mommy’s hand everywhere? She didn’t let the girl watch television while she was growing up, so maybe she does think it is normal, in their world.

  64. Ilovemee says:

    This is why I want to die before I’m 50. Can you imagine what she looks like in the morning? Someone needs to tell her the jig is up.

  65. mymy says:

    Yeah I agree with the hand holding at this age. I know some people think it is sweet. But I see it as parasitic.Mom so has to be basking in the glow of mother ,daughter symbiotic narcissism.
    I don’t think she ever hold hands with her biological son. He doesn’t hold that needy narcissistic space Madonna has. Heck she carried the adopted boy around. Never did I see her CarryRocko. He will be the best off because of this. Stand strong Rocco dad will rescue you.

  66. SickWithStrep says:

    THOSE EYEBROWS!!! Why do they both wear them so bushy! Eek, looks terrible. Lola is so cute, though.

  67. coexxi says:

    If you consider how much work she has done she is one of the better looking plastic surgery victims.

    But the dress is soooooooo bad!

  68. Madison says:

    Lourdes is a better person than me or a famewhore in the making, there is no way that I would have gone to any party with my mother if she dressed like madonna. Madonna as always looks awful with her face that doesn’t move.

  69. Minx2 says:

    It’s unfortunate that such an intelligent woman like Madonna doesn’t realize when she’s being ridiculous. She could have worn a sexy, black, lace number but of an appropriate length and let her daughter shine but she could not let go. Showing her ass (albeit tight) is an obvious cry for attention. Sad and pathetic. Lola looks fantastic. In a couple of years she’ll be embarrassed to go out with her mom.

  70. Patricia says:

    They both look HIDEOUS!!!

  71. Minx2 says:

    And I say the above with sadness because I admire Madonna but she’s not dealing well with aging.

  72. Jen says:

    At least you can’t see her Depends.

    But honestly, I love Madonna and I always will.

  73. alexandra says:

    I know, I know..She had her nose done. I think she looks good if we did not know how she looked before

  74. Az says:

    Ooh I almost called Madonna’s look. I got the “gross gristle topped by a jacked up face” right. I got the “mutton dressed as lamb” wrong. I can’t believe I ever thought this woman was the epitome of cool. Now she is tied with Goopy for the epitome of desperation.

  75. elizabeth says:

    As a former teenage girl (now 49), I would have died if my mother went out with me to a big fancy party with a dress hem that was skimming her underwear. D.I.E.D. I would have refused to go – even if it was the VF after party. Yes, Madonna looks youthful but you know its all fake and I can’t help wondering what she would look like if she only had a small amount done. I’m not expecting her to look the same as she did when she was young – but she is starting to look like a cartoon.

  76. Catherine says:

    I do not recall ever dressing like that at Lourdes’ age.

  77. Maritza says:

    She looks 50 and not a day older. It also seems she gained weight, her thighs look meatier definitely less muscular actually very beautiful. At least she has a nice

  78. EdithP says:

    @Dany — yes, and her “if it sh*ts, I don’t eat it” mantra? How far she’s come.

  79. ghoulish_moose says:

    She looks like she’s put a little bit of weight on which is good. It’s nice to have a little bit of fat when you get older. It actually makes you look more youthful imo.

    When she was obsessively working out and lifting weights, her low body weight made her look really old and haggard. This is much better. Even though her face is totally free of lines and she has little chicken cheeks she still looks relatively ok compared to some other celebs *cough* Kardashian klan… =)

  80. Camille says:

    Yikes! Madge sure is fighting aging every step of the way isn’t she. If this post wasn’t titled with Madonna, I never would have known who that woman was, it doesn’t even look like her face any more. Definitely a mask face.

    Lola must be having a growth spurt, she’s moved into that cute awkward phase. Reminds me of myself at that age lol.

  81. Cha Cha Loca says:

    Guy Ritchie must thank his lucky stars everynight that he no longer has to deal with this troll!

    Lola looks nice but I would never let my 14yo daughter wear something that short or so much make-up. Just looks so skanky on such a young girl.

  82. cprincess says:

    “#14 -audrey”

    I was thinking the same thing…
    I don’t know how old Vadge is but she doesn’t look a day under 60…

    Why does her hair ALWAYS look like crap-surely she could have a bitch on standby to do her roots and tone that yellow down in the blond.

  83. Delusional says:

    Nice LaceFront wigs!

  84. april says:

    Her face is not looking very natural for her anymore with all the fillers or whatever else has been done. But it probably looks a lot better than not having had anything done.

  85. Johnthing says:

    Looks like “Madam” to me, too! Poor Lourdes, having to compete with her mother.

  86. Jayna says:

    You have to be kidding me. Madonna has always had big, beautiful eyes. Her big cheek implants and fillers last year offset them. Everyone I know thinks her face has settled and she has laid off doing stuff, not done more, and as a result looks more like her old self. She looked beautiful. Love her hair, also, straight. And as far as no lines, please, you can see her smile lines even without smiling. And I saw photos of her directing her movie a few months ago and she had plenty of lines out in the harsh sunlight with no makeup on. She’s just really made up nicely here.

    I love Madonna. And she’s just having fun with the outfit. She’s usually dressed very classy. She and Lola are very close and I think that’s sweet. Some women have their boobs hanging out. Madonna is showing a little cheek.

    Lola goes on tour with her mom all the time. She’s sees her pop star mom on stage in skimpy outfits dancing. And Lola is going to the Theatre for Performing Arts high school. I’m sure it’s no big deal to her.

  87. escape says:

    Who cares how short her dress is, how much plastic surgery she has but F*ck that B*tch for wearing fur!!!

    Somebody should make her watch a film of how happy that animal was with it’s pack and then how it was killed and flayed.

  88. Jayna says:

    How do you know it’s fur? Many stars wear faux fur.

  89. Lee says:

    Madge….leave the short skirts to your daughter.

  90. Claire says:

    14 years old with her old fashion line – its just not normal.I know she is Madonna’s daughter but let her be a kid

  91. juks says:

    That filler shit she put in her face is going to deform sooner or later. Just look at Chrissy Snow.

  92. Just Me says:

    Poes’s ‘The Raven’ lives!

  93. House Mouse says:

    Madonna looks cheap. Lola’s dress, oh boy too short and how a poor taste !

  94. i says:

    Madonna has Galliano’s heavy plastic surgery jaw, must be hard for her to allow herself to grow old gracefully.

  95. Anastasia says:

    I’m no fan, but I’m not seeing all this awfulness in her face. She looks ok.

    That outfit, though, is just horrendous. Wow.

  96. GIA says:

    lola’s got her dad’s horseface and unfortunately her Mom’s Italian hairy genes. thank God they’ve got money.

  97. Fuzzy Cat says:

    Guy Ritchie has to be raising his son? The outfit looks weird – almost like there is a black piece of fur in the v zone. I think Madonna does not look too bad but it sucks that she wears fur and her eyes look scary.

  98. Moops says:

    She definitely has had some chin-work done. I just saw that old movie “Body of Evidence” on HBO the other day (terrible, BTW), and she had a sweet, slightly pointy chin (like Lourdes). Now its a great, square thing with the heavy jaw to match. Why? And I wish we could get high res pics of her face. I swear her chinny-chin-chin hairs are showing. Jeez, Madge – pluck those whiskers!

  99. Jane says:

    Does Rocco live with Guy Ritchie in London? I almost never see photos of him with Madonna unlike the other kids.

  100. lachica says:

    oh Madonna. give it a rest.

  101. anonymous says:

    Madonna works out about 3 hours a day and eats a macrobiotic diet ofcourse shes going to be able to maintain which its obvious she has, i don’t hate on that, shes got an image to maintain and is naturally slim much like Cher and Tina Turner they’re all up there in age and look great and always will because they’ve taken care of themselves and love fashion too much to let it go.
    I think she looks great in these pics as does Lola. Yea they have professional hair and make up and stylists, all these people do all the time but im not hating on Madonna, shes doing her thing and still working it.

  102. lucy2 says:

    #9 Brittany – I know! She used to look exactly like Madonna used to, and suddenly she looks just like her dad.

    Madonna looks horrific, and WTF is she wearing? Cheap and embarrassing.
    I grew up in the Madonna era, and we all wanted to be like her. She really just owned her career and her style and everything, and it’s sort of sad to see what she’s doing to herself these days. It’s desperate and terrible.

  103. Maureen says:

    I am cracking up at the Madge hater who said she has the body of a 50 year old- LOL u must not live in the Midwest as I do because lord knows none of the 50 year olds here are in half the shape or even the 25 year olds! That said Madge looks fab Although I could do without the Chewbaca vest. Lola is so pretty she is going to be just beautiful when she grows up.

  104. Lo_Pan_Superman says:

    Why does Madonna look better than Gaga?? That’s just wrong! I mean, Madge looks more or less like a normal middle-aged human being while Gaga looks like she came from another dimension.

  105. kellie says:

    there is something weird about her under nose/upper lip area too…

  106. pusscatlover says:

    Obviously has samew surgeon as priscilla Presley! SCARY!!v They could be twins.

  107. Jayna says:

    Guy isn’t raising his son. They all live in New York with her. They’re pictures of them going to Kaballah a lot. She has all four. He lives in England. He gets visitation of Rocco and David.

  108. Hakura says:

    @Nancy“Madonna looks AMAZING just STUNNING and her daughter is so pretty. There are alot of Madonna haters out there I don’t know if it’s jealousy seeing a woman her age look good or what?”

    And again with the middle school come back “You’re just jealous!“, & assessment that everyone who has anything negative to say is a “Hater”? Such accusations only serve to insult those who don’t agree with your opinion, which does nothing to endear you to anyone on this site.
    Lola is lovely, but I agree with Ann(@27) she needs some eyebrow grooming…& her dress could’ve stood to be a bit longer, because she’s 14.

    @Theuth“She looks like one of those Real Dolls for sex, actually.” – She really looks more fake than most of the high end ‘Real Dolls’ I’ve seen pictures of. She reminds me of badly done wax figures.

    It’s sad, because I can see how being considered a ‘legend’ causes tons of pressure to maintain her looks (especially having seen other young singers coming up to sort of ‘replace’ her in popularity & career… I’m sure she holds herself to unrealistically high expectations, like everyone in the business, but even more so as an aging woman. It’s unfortunate that she’s going through this in front of an impressionable young teenager. Not a great example.

  109. Lynda says:

    DAM!!! Eyebrows, ladies, eyebrows.

  110. jemshoes says:

    I’m just not a fan of seeing anybody’s underwear, let alone those of a woman old enough to be my mother! I had hopes Madonna would mature gracefully and with dignity (ie during her Evita and Ray Of Light days), but of course she defied my expectations – as Madonna naturally would! 😀

  111. Crash2GO2 says:

    I think Madge looks good here. I don’t get all the ‘pearl clutching’ going on amongst the commentators.

  112. georgiagrl says:

    Lola is dressed way too grown: too much makeup, too short and low cut. Take a cue from the young actress nominated for an Oscar for True Grit and see how to dress/ look your age

  113. bored says:

    I think her face looks good. Like she’s gained a little weight or something. That’s one ugly dress and vest though.
    I think she purposely colours her roots dark to hide the gray.

  114. belle epoch says:

    Fun pictures, including the original dark-haired young Madonna, plus photos through the years (!)


  115. Lizz says:

    Wow! I would love to have a granny like her!!

  116. nathan says:

    I personally think she looks FANTASTIC. She can’t win really. either people bitch that she looks old or they bitch that she’s trying to hard to stay young.

  117. ed says:

    oh who cares..she is getting write up..love or hate..she did it again..she is getting more press than ever b/c of what she wore..and not Gaga’s stupid music video and song.. she did it just in time when Lady Xerox released her video.

  118. Ange says:

    Personally i think she looks amazing, she works very hard to look this good and she also worked very hard to get to where she is today so if she has had some surgery which i’m sure she has then i say whatever shes doing works and she should feel great cause she sure looks it.
    As in for sending the wrong message to her young daughter, what bullshit, Madonna is a strong woman and she looks after herself, what better message could you give your daughter.

  119. fwozbo says:

    I agree with everyone that said pluck those eyebrows. Nobody likes those straight hairy ones that stick right up in the front. Totally gross (unless that is the image she wants us to remember her)

  120. Elleh says:

    Madonna’s outfit is desperate, not original (particularly given the fact that it’s already been worn by Britney Spears). I think this is just a vain attempt to keep herself relevent in the age of Gaga. Her face looks bad. It’s just not natural. It doesn’t make her look younger (after all, we know how old she is). It just makes her look vain and desperate. As to Lourdes – cute girl, but if she is old enough (in Madonna’s opinion) to be wearing micro-mini dresses and 4 inch heels, then she’s old enough to visit the spa and have those caterpillar eyebrows plucked (unless she’s growing them in homage to a young Brooke Shields or Leonid Breschnev).

  121. Robert says:

    Stop w/ all the jugdement….,,she is a very attractive woman!

  122. djb says:

    What a hideous Fur Hag!
    Remember when she wore that “Fur is worn by beautiful animals and ugly people”
    Well I guess she was ugly after all!

  123. the fox says: