John Galliano, drunk anti-Semite: “I love Hitler”


Last Thursday night, John Galliano was arrested and held briefly for assault and anti-Semitic hate speech in Paris. Eyewitnesses and victims claimed that Galliano had said various crap about Asians, Jews and handbags, but Galliano’s rep pulled a Lohan and crack-denied all of that junk. Well… it turns out that Galliano really is a total dirt bag racist/anti-Semite. Shocking, I know. I shall call this “The Full Gibson”:

Drunk off his ass. For real. He’s slurring and making little drunk bitchfaces. Not that being drunk excuses saying “I love Hitler.” I mean, Mel Gibson didn’t even say that!

John Galliano’s troubles may have multiplied over the weekend as a second complaint of alleged anti-Semitism was formally lodged against Dior’s chief designer – and a bombshell video surfaced showing the designer declaring: “I love Hitler.”

On Friday, Galliano was suspended by Dior following his overnight arrest on charges of assault and making anti-Semitic and racial remarks to a couple during a reputed sparring match in the Paris café La Perle.

The undated video obtained and posted online by Britain’s Sun is said to have been filmed in the same café but not on the same evening as Galliano’s arrest.

In the cell-phone video, the designer, appearing to be seated at a bar, is seen insulting people. Slurring his words, he tells them, “People like you would be dead. Your mothers, your forefathers, would all be f—ing gassed.”

During the Thursday night incident that led to arrest of Galliano, 50, and prompted a police probe, the designer allegedly assaulted a woman, pulled her hair and told her she had “a dirty Jew face.” He also reportedly hurled racial slurs at her companion, who is of partial Asian ethnicity.

Over the weekend, a second police complaint was lodged against Galliano, when a 48-year old woman came forward, asserting he had subjected her to a similar tirade at the same locale on Oct. 9. Several eyewitnesses from this earlier episode have confirmed to PEOPLE the authenticity of her charge.

On Monday afternoon, police in Paris’s third arrondisement (municipal district), where the incidents allegedly occurred, convened a hearing to draw together all the parties and their attorneys.

Though none of those allegedly on the receiving end of Galliano’s outbursts are, in fact, Jewish, under French law the making of anti-Semitic remarks qualifies as “incitement to racial prejudice,” a criminal offense that potentially carries a sentence of up to six months in prison.

[From People]

Okay, so this looks bad. This is the kind of “holy crap” moment where you’re going through your mind’s fashion files to think about which celebrity women always wear Galliano for Dior, and whether or not they too are horrible drunk anti-Semites. That’s where it’s going next – people are going to look at some of the major celebrities who have worked with Galliano over the years, and those celebrities are going to be asked, “Did you know Galliano was so horrible?” Imagine asking Nicole Kidman that. Or Charlize. Or Marion Cotillard.



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  1. Hmmm says:

    Well, that explains the mustache.

  2. Sumodo1 says:

    Je n’adore pas Dior.

  3. Rita says:

    This guy is obviously a total puke but the women talking to him were not offended. They were enjoying his lunacy and egging him on.

    The guy was looking for the most gutteral comments to make to sicken the women but they didn’t bite.

    I don’t think he should be prosecuted for what he said. He’s “tatooed” himself and put himself behind barbed wire.

  4. Roma says:

    And that is why Natalie Portman switched dresses/designers last minute.

  5. RHONYC says:

    f*ck him. 🙁

  6. Gwen says:

    Wow, that’s pretty awful 🙁

  7. DGO says:

    They must have known he was like this, just like people knew about Mel Gibson. Why didn’t anyone come forward sooner?

  8. seVen says:

    I’m usually not one to judge one based on physical appearance, but i dont understand how a man so …hideous has the nerve to call someone else ugly?

  9. tanguerita says:

    F… idiot.

  10. Reema says:

    AND not to mention that Natalie Portman herself is Jewish.

  11. photo jojo says:

    Ugh. So Galliano has shot himself in the foot, inserted said foot into his extra large mouth and (hopefully) ended his career.

  12. photo jojo says:

    Also – he looks like Snidely Whiplash.

  13. Isabel says:

    Holy mackrel, this guy is the lowest level of scum available.

  14. Riley says:

    Oh, I thought this dude was some American Idol castoff. Didn’t realize he was a Dior designer. Shows you how much I know, and care, about fashion.

  15. Rita says:


    “Snidely Whiplash”

    LMAO, that’s the name I was looking for. Nel and Dudley Do-Right with Rockey Squirrel, Bull Winkle and the gang. (My great grand parents told me about them).

  16. normades says:

    OK, you can eat him alive now.

  17. Dany says:

    This little idiot.
    His beloved Hitler would have had classified him as “worthless life” and would have send him right to the gas chamber.

    What a sleazebag!

  18. Jaye E says:

    @Rita…you aren’t making excuses for him, are you?

  19. Cheyenne says:

    Sieg Heil, asshole.

  20. danielle says:

    Is he insane?! We can expect him to be fired from Dior, right?

  21. Terry says:

    When drunk people tell what they really think and don’t to say when sober.
    He is anti-semitic, racist and misogynistic.

  22. Rita says:

    @Jaye E

    Absolutely not. The guy is obviously an antisemite and I think it’s his right to be one as long as he doesn’t incite others to any kind of harm. This man should be shunned by anyone other than white supremisists.

    The incident may have been setup by a jealous designer who planted a couple of Jewish women at the table to record him but he still sat on his own shank.

    I do not persecute him for his beliefs, but I don’t want anything to do with him.

  23. lilybee says:

    someone asked natalie at the press conference, what did she think (as the face of Dior) about the incident buuuut some lady moderator told her she didn’t have to answer 🙁

  24. ERM says:

    Wouldn’t his gay a** be dead under a Hitler-regime – idiot. I don’t blame the ladies for laughing at him, what a joke of a human being.

  25. lin234 says:

    I doubt designers would do anything less than brown-nose the stars they dress.

    Maybe there is just a surge in anti-Semite comments in the press lately from celebrities but I’m amazed it still exists to this day and I’m a bit confused by the hate. I mean I’m not naive in thinking racism is very prevalent to this day but anti-semitism?

    It makes me sick to hear him talking about people getting gassed and his love for Hitler. These aren’t beliefs.

  26. DGO says:

    @ Rita – He didnt’ make those remarks to Jewish women. The women were Italian. There were two separate incidents of Galliano making antisemitic remarks to people in bars. This one was filmed weeks ago. The other one involved him pulling the hair of a non-Jewish woman and threatening her half-Arab boyfriend with death.

  27. curmudgeon says:

    Funny cuz Hitler wasn’t big on homosexuals either. Pretty sure he gassed a few of them too. On the other hand I am glad I live in a country where (so far) you cannot be arrested and jailed for being an a^*hole. It realy isn’t as great an idea as it sounds. Would love to see this guys career trashed though. That is more appropriate and ultimately more devistating to a guy like this.

  28. Delta Juliet says:

    Yeah, because Hitler was a HUGE fan of flamboyant homosexuals like him.

  29. Rita says:


    Thanks for the clarification. I said it before and I’ll say it again…he’s a puke that should be left alone with his sick delusions. He should be presecuted for threats and assault.


    I totally agree with you. No one has yet told me why antisemites hate the Jews. If any antisemites read this, I hope you will post a comment explaining what is so terrible about Judaism.

  30. Delta Juliet says:

    And like another poster said, he is one fugly looking man. He really shouldn’t be commenting on others appearance.

  31. GeekChic says:

    How ironic that he “loves” a guy who would have thrown him, as a gay man, right into the gas chambers with all of those other poor people. What a disgusting waste of space.

  32. curmudgeon says:

    I understand the confusion. I grew up in LA where the Jewish community was seriously priveledged and I was completely unaware of how historically wide spread it was. I had just never thought about it. Its centuries old and still wide spread in many parts of Europe. If you read history beyond just WWII it is jaw dropping the way they were treated.

  33. Cherry Rose says:

    Unfortunately, he’ll probably be back at work within a few months. That’s how things roll in the world of celebrity and fashion.

    I mean, look at Mel Gibson and Charlie Sheen. They do and say terrible things, and while they might get some negative attention, the whole matter is forgotten for the most part within months.

    But truly, the Jews have taken the most shit from people, and I have never understood why. Maybe it’s the whole “God’s chosen people” thing?

  34. devilgirl says:

    Where are all his staunch defenders who were swearing that the stories about him were not true?

    @Cherry- His contract with Dior pretty much states that this type of behavior is not acceptable. He will be fired. Mark my words. He may go out on his own, but he will not be back at the helm of Dior.

  35. Ari says:

    @geekchic i find it ironic as well

  36. Rita says:


    “the Jews have taken the most shit from people, and I have never understood why”

    Wouldn’t it be great if your comment went viral and nobody could answer it? One more prejudice, shot to hell.


    Absolutely, but do you know why they were treated that way? What is being said about the Jews that would draw such begotry and hate in the 21st century.

  37. Cheyenne says:

    @lin234: Both racism and antisemitism are alive and well, alas.

  38. Leticia says:

    Most anti-semitism comes from jealousy. Jews are a minority of the global population, but tend to be very successful, powerful, etc. Google the percentage of Jews who have won the Nobel prize, for instance. Their success makes insecure people paranoid and envious.

  39. tvf says:

    @Rita – I’m not an antisemite, but here’s a link that might provide you with some interesting reading:

  40. bluhare says:

    Well, you’ve all said exactly what I think of Galliano.

    But look at Marion Cotillard! This might be the first time in my life I looked at a woman and thought, “now that’s a goddess”.

  41. DGO says:

    @bluhare: Marion Cotillard is someone else who made antisemitic remarks in the past. Something about the Jews inflating Holocaust numbers or something. She later apologized. Wonder if Pirate Goon is going to say he’s sorry.

  42. Delta Juliet says:

    Aren’t there historically a lot of Jews in Hollywood? Jews and gays? If that’s actually true Galliano beter watch his back.

  43. Delta Juliet says:

    Aren’t there historically a lot of Jews in Hollywood? Jews and gays? If that’s actually true Galliano better watch his back.

  44. DGO says:

    @ brigelee: You’re right. I apologize. She claimed that 911 was a hoax, not the Holocaust:

    Her remarks were on par with the ignorance of Galliano’s, though.

  45. Rita says:

    @Tvf #39

    How very generous of you to take the time to assist me by posting that link to a discussion on antisemitism. It was very helpful and confirmed my suspicion that like all other begotry and prejudice, antisemitism is built on ignorance and a lack of self-awareness in ones thoughts and values. In other words, it’s all bullsh!t but it’s serious. Antisemitism is common in its affect but unique in it’s breadth and depth of history. After 5,000 years, you’d think we would know better.

    Thanks much. My life is better today because I’m a bit more enlightened.

  46. Yael says:

    WHAT AN IGNORANT, ILLITERATE BUM! Well, Galliano punk, guess what: Hitler also disliked latino-black-mixed-race-looking people like you, so shut up bcs he would had killed you in a gas chamber as well, unless you were white, blonde haired and green, grey or blue eyed arian-germanic pure breed, regardless of your strawberry blondish braided wannabe wig. So stop and think before you regurgitate drunken stupidities!

  47. 6 says:

    A drunk cartoon character or kind of like an antisemitic clown.

    We have all worked with someone who is the scum of the earth and makes your skin crawl so I’m assuming that is why no one ever came forward. He must have only trusted a few with his verbal vomit.

  48. scotchy says:

    i would dare say its not just jews that have taken an overwhelmingly excessive amount of shit, minorities on a whole tend to take it nonstop.
    all in all it is completely disgusting and i second the motion that his career be destroyed

  49. Hakura says:

    It’s rare that simply reading something brings about an audible response from me… But when I read that ‘gassed’ comment… I couldn’t prevent an “Oh My God…” from getting out.

    I truly hope that he isn’t given a pass by Hollywood, like so many others have. But I agree that he should be able to say what he wants (so long as it isn’t inciting violence) without being arrested, as some others have mentioned.

  50. Alarmjaguar says:

    Damn it, my comment disappeared into the ether!
    Anyway…re why are people anti-semitic, it was linked to the whole “Christ-killer” thing. In the past, the stereotypes (which these days tend to focus on money, etc) were also about that — that Jews killed and ate Christian children, that they had horns, etc. As someone up thread pointed out, there is a very long history of anti-semitism in Europe; it didn’t just pop up with Hitler.
    Oh, and JG is a douche!

  51. Abby says:

    Gosh I hope this is why Natalie switched dresses. Isn’t she from Israel?

  52. Catherine says:

    I would totally egg on the freak too if I was sitting next to him. It reminds me of the street people who go on and on with their drunken speeches as they walk along. What a nut he is.

  53. Camille says:


  54. filthycute says:


    Does anyone have the VIDEO of Portman being interviewed and not answering the question re: Galliano?

  55. angela says:

    Galliano was abviously drunk and was being provoked by those women. Not a good thing to provoke a drunk person. Now theyre trying to make money out of it.

  56. Raven Sparrow says:

    @DGO : I haven’t been able to stand Marion Cotillard ever since she talked about 911 and how she thought it was a hoax. And I’m not even American! Add to that the fact that ever since winning the Oscars she’s been acting like such a snob towards French media be it on TV, with French reporters ..etc. I remember two Oscars ago, French TV was getting interviews with the stars as they were going down the red carpet, they got the Brange, Anthony Hopkins and all the great stars and Marion just walked right past them! Guillaume Canet took the time to talk but not her. Her own country!

    As for Galliano, he is a sad little man. And Dior is never going to take him back. It’s impossible now that there’s proof. I don’t think Dior or the women wearing his creations were aware of all this before. You don’t risk you’re reputation over a scum like this. Dior is tolerence Zero and seeing their quick action on Friday even with the fashion week and all, I believe them.

  57. Solveig says:

    “Eyewitnesses and victims claimed that Galliano had said various crap about Asians, Jews and handbags”


    I was reading and thinking “what can be more disgusting than being a racist, an antisemite?”
    ‘Hating on handbags’ wasn’t exactly the answer I expected…
    Well, people have mouths to say stupid things, he may be an artist but it doens’t give him intelligence and class.

    Ps: will he ever quit this stupid Dalì masquerade?

  58. skilo says:

    @devilgirl “Where are all his staunch defenders who were swearing that the stories about him were not true?”

    I don’t know if you are referring to me in those people or not, but if so let me say to you and anyone else I only said people shouldn’t be so quick to judge him over the accusations in the first incident. But, having seen proof he says the kind of things the video proved he thinks and feels I am shocked, saddened, and repulsed by him.

  59. Bee says:

    What a nasty little turd. I hope people around the world boycott his designs.

  60. gg says:

    @curmudgeon – correction, antisemitism is MILLENIA old, not centuries. They have been disenfranchised since they began over 3,000 years ago. Remember Moses? The reason they are wealthy now is because they were not allowed to own land, so, making spectacular lemonade out of lemons, they became bankers – and became very successful at it. People are jealous of their success and have been for eons.

    I say this as an armchair historian, and I am not Jewish but if I were I’d be damn proud of it. I know many very upstanding members of the community and they take care of it and give back.

  61. gg says:

    And it’s too bad Galliano is as crazy as Sheen because I really liked his suity buttony coats and stuff.

  62. AngelMay says:

    You know Karl Lagerfeld is having a good cackle over this.

  63. Nanea says:

    @ gg: Just to clarify – the Jews actually became bankers because handling money was thought to be dirty at one time, so nobody really cared for it. When people saw how successful the Jews were and how rich they got, the religious hate that stemmed back from the “Christ killer” days just got another dimension.

    That, and the fact that they invested in books/arts and learning/sciences because they were not allowed to own land – as you already mentioned.

    Warning, [rant] ahead:

    One needn’t look far, the Christian fundamentalists in many US states are still hugely intolerant toward progressive Jews and they absolutely hate the orthodox ones, and are actively trying to convert both because they think they’re somehow superior, when they’re not.

    This is the 21st century, and one really should do away with all kinds of religion in public. Most people, especially the born-agains, come off as so insincere and preachy.


  64. Athena says:

    Well no offense but I remember right after Marion won an Oscar that some crazy video of her came saying outrageous things.

    The irony of a gay man supporting Hitler.

    Isn’t Europe known for being more than slightly anti-Semitic?

  65. Bodhi says:

    One needn’t look far, the Christian fundamentalists in many US states are still hugely intolerant toward progressive Jews and they absolutely hate the orthodox ones, and are actively trying to convert both because they think they’re somehow superior, when they’re not.

    Which is all really ironic since they are all super supportive of Israel. I guess its because they think they can convert all the Jews there. Who knows, fundies of any stripe baffle me

  66. Trillion says:

    Totally on the same page as GG. Grew up in the only goy family in a very Jewish neighborhood outside LA and think very highly of them in a way that is tinged with nostalgia from my childhood. I know this is getting away from the Galliano story but my own dad was a holocaust denier, I’m depressed to say. It came storming out of him after my mom died. Apparently she was the gatekeeper of his lower sensibilities.

  67. moi says:

    sad. I really love his work. who knew he was so bonkers.

    also, some people should not drink. ever. it accentuates the crazy.

  68. DGO says:

    Apparently there’s a third case as well. Someone from October of last year has come forward.

  69. waywardwayfarer says:

    LOL look at this dude! Tough to take a “man” like that very seriously. Why didn’t someone just slap him? He looks like the type that would curl up in a weepy little ball at the slightest provocation. I’d love to sneak up behind him and snip those pigtails with a pair of scissors.

  70. DD says:

    I was giving Galliano the benefit of the doubt. But wow after watching this video, this is so disgusting. I don’t get why there is so much hidden hostility towards jewish people. It is so unfortunate and disgusting.

  71. devilgirl says:

    @Skilo- Not being rude, but I do not even know you on this site, so I was not referring specifically to you.

  72. Brittany says:

    Galliano better brush up on his history: Hitler “gassed” homosexuals too.

    Fuck him and all racism.

  73. Venus says:

    I can’t believe I’m going to say this: but is there ANY chance he was trying to be “sarcastic” when he said “I love Hitler?” I’m asking because (1) I CANNOT (or at least don’t want to) believe anyone would actually say that, especially a gay man (Hitler killed plenty of gays in those ovens); (2) He really, really is loaded which could have caused the intended “sarcastic” delivery to fall flat; and (3) the girl clearly asks him if he agrees with Hitler — which, wtf kind of question that? Maybe he intended to say “Yeah, I LOOOOOVE Hitler” with a big-old eye-roll to show her how stupid the question was.

    Let me be clear: if he actually is an anti-semitic d-bag, then he can rot in hell for all I care. My point is: I’m just HOPING that someone who has gotten as far as he has in the fashion world cannot actually hold these views.

  74. jinni says:

    The two main reason I hear from people who hate Jews are:

    1. They “killed” Jesus.
    2. They control all of the money.

    I never understood why the Jews were the only ones blamed for what happened to Jesus, but no one ever hates the Romans that arrested and crucified him. Then I learned that back when Christianity was being accepted by the Roman empire there were many different types of Christianity competing for dominance (ex. coptic Christians are one of the other surviving forms of Christianity). The branch that had won and gained official status in the Empire (which then became Catholicism and Protestantism) was unforutanetly also very anti-Jewish in its beliefs and practices.

    As for the money thing. Back in many parts of medieval Europe it was considered a sin to lend money especially with interest, this was called usury. The church forbad this practice, so no Christians were allowed to do this. On the other hand, Jews were moving into Europe and the european lawmakers prohibited Jews from getting jobs by making it difficult to take part in certain trades ( most guilds probably didn’t allow Jews to join). So, some Jews began making a living off of moneylending because that was one of the few thing they were allowed to do to make a living since they weren’t Christians. Many excelled at it and every since then the sterotype of the powerful, rich, Jewish banker has existed.

  75. Venus says:

    I’m surprised at the posters here wondering about the anti-semitism & where it comes from. Are the history classes that bad in school these days? Jewish people have a long history of enslavement and persecution(see: ancient Egypt). Further, with the rise of Christianity (which did not allow charging for interest on loans), Jewish people (whose religion did not ban charging interest) became the “money lenders.” This, in turn, resulted in irrational hate by the non-Jews, who viewed the Jews as “greedy.” (When, in fact, they were just good business men in a time when the Catholic church & business were too intertwined). So, Jewish people became “scape goats” for the non-Jews, mainly due to jealousy/resentment at their community’s success. Also, there was bs propaganda thrown in to incite further hatred that the “Jews killed Jesus” (when in fact, Jesus had to die to fulfill the scriptures & it was the Romans who carried out the execution, but whatever). So, by the time Hitler rose to power in Germany, when the vast majority of people were suffering from the terrible economy left over from WWI, the Jews (most wealthy — but not all were — the perception, though, was certainly that they were all wealthy) were the easy scapegoats once again. They had been scapegoated for thousands of years. And to anyone who doesn’t think anti-semitism is alive and well in this country in this day & age and I age, I point to Jessie Jackson referring to NYC as “hymie town” not 15 years ago.

    Now, I’m not giving you all here a thorough history on the plight of the Jewish people — just a quick synopsis. You really should look it up for yourselves.

  76. fancyamazon says:

    religious fundamentalists are supportive of Israel because they believe that international hatred of Israel will bring on the rapture more quickly, and they want the rapture. That’s the short version. WE are not talking about all Christians here by a long shot, and no moderate Christian has a hatred of the Jewish people for any reason. We are talking here about the Christian fundamentalists who believe that Jesus rode on dinosaurs. No joke.

  77. Stella says:

    I’m one half Jewish and the other half, French.

    I hope Dior sticks to a strict policy and does not allow this prickly scum back.

    My parent’s never disagreed on any religious issues. My mum supported Judaism, embraced it and has been a vocal voice in all bigotry.

  78. June says:

    I don’t get the whole, anti Jew thing from people who aren’t twisted Christians. I mean you’d have to really, really, really believe they killed Jesus, and most people aren’t that insane or that crazy religious, and I can’t say this guy is religious. And the whole I love Hitler thing? Hitler would have hated his gay ass, and any other ass of the gay persuasion.

  79. Luci says:

    now we now why Dior threw him to the gutter so quick. They already new about this mess.

  80. Hakura says:

    @Nanea (63)- “This is the 21st century, and one really should do away with all kinds of religion in public. Most people, especially the born-agains, come off as so insincere and preachy.”

    I completely agree with you. I don’t mean to make any blanket statements, or offend anyone… but my own experiences with a whole family of pastors (pentecostal churches, Christian), has caused organized religion to make me crazy.
    But back to Galliano… It’s really sad… he’s completely ruined what’s been an incredibly successful career. There’s no way Dior is taking him back, now… & even if he goes off on his own, I’m not sure any celebrities would risk association with him after this mess.
    @Luci“now we now why Dior threw him to the gutter so quick. They already new about this mess.”

    You really have a good point. I hadn’t really thought about how quickly they removed him from production/promotion, & what reasons (besides appearing to be ‘doing the right thing’ to save their own asses) were behind it. All these previous issues are coming to light now…

    It sounds like they’ve allowed him to get away with doing this sort of thing before.

  81. Eleonor says:

    I have the feeling his antisemitism was a well known thing, this can’t be the first time he’s drunk and starts shouting his love for Hitler,maybe people at Dior knew everything. But this is the first time somebody is able to prove it,so I suppose he will have to apologize, maybe even go to a rehab and everything will be ok.

  82. Isa says:

    I feel that Galliano is a self hater. He is too full of himself and his qualities and doesn’t feel validated by mere mortals in real life outside the fashion world, who in his view make “fashion faux pas” by owning an ugly handbag for instance. He feels he can attack people for this and has therefore lost his sense of reality.

    He expresses his self hatred and loathing through a terrible event that has been going on throughout history, the killing and hating of jews and other minorities. He is projecting this on other people who he considers less because they don’t live up to the outrageous standards of the fashion world. He himself probably can’t live up to it himself, but nevertheless he feels it’s justified to judge others by how they look and making statements about who is ugly and who’s not.

    The guy is suffering from God complex. He seeks perfection but lives in an imperfect world and is confronted by it as soon as he enters a bar with regular people.

    My experience is when people choose to hate someone else, they hate themselves as well. The guy obviously thinks he is ugly himself, inside and out. It seems he doesn’t accept himself and needs an outlet.

    Whether he is a real antisemite or not, it would be a good idea for him to seek councelling for his issues.

  83. Shay says:

    This is what gets me. What the hell is a ‘jew face’? So stupid to even say that.
    I think he is finished at LVMH (owner of the Dior label). I don’t think Arnault will look the other way on this issue, especially with the Hitler issue.

    @ Jinni. The other reason why Christians have issues (not all Christians, only those who prefer to see the world in stereotypes and prefer not to think) with Jewish people isn’t just limited to the idea of Christ (I mean there is no real proof that Christ even existed), but also to Christian propaganda that painted Jews as people who ate their own children -I know, insane propaganda, but the overall result of that propaganda produces an image of a stereotype of people who are ruthless to the degree of being apathetic. And it is stupid to make a generalisation like that, but the Roman Catholic church was doing that centuries ago.

  84. _ThePhoenix says:

    He looks middle-eastern in the face in that top photo, like a younger version of Osama Bin Laden in the face minus the long beard and turban, so why would he be saying he loves Hitler, when Hitler would have gassed him.

  85. jinni says:

    84# I had never heard that some Christians believed that Jews ate their children. Damn, people are crazy when they’re full of hate.

  86. Bill Fabina says:

    I thought Hitler killed gays. This fucking moron wouldnt have lasted 2 days in a concentration camp./

  87. al says:

    are they special or what?
    Answer : YES

    We own the media
    We own the entertainment
    we own the art
    we own jewelry

    Nuff said.

    US jews make the world go around and if your mad, stfu or you will get fired cause we carry the heaviest wallet in the room. F*ukgalliano, let him go work at mcdonalds like the latino anchor of cnn that insulted jews.

  88. Hakura says:

    @Al“We own the media
    We own the entertainment
    we own the art
    we own jewelry
    Nuff said.
    US jews make the world go around and if your mad, stfu or you will get fired cause we carry the heaviest wallet in the room. F*ukgalliano, let him go work at mcdonalds like the latino anchor of cnn that insulted jews.”

    …I’m sure as hell not taking up for anyone who makes hateful comments, as that was just plain wrong, period. I do understand that bad-mouthing a religion followed by people your job depends on is probably the point of this…

    But isn’t this sort of comment propagating a stereotype as well? I mean, just being Jewish alone doesn’t mean someone is necessarily wealthy… Categorizing human being’s traits & lifestyle solely based on their religious beliefs is something that was done through propaganda to negative effect.

    The way it’s worded simultaneously makes it sound as though those of other religious beliefs aren’t as successful, simply because they aren’t Jewish… Which is an unfair judgment to make, & plays right into developing people’s prejudices. But perhaps I’m misunderstanding what you were trying to put across?

  89. MGM says:

    mmmm, Why is that in a free world we can’t say whatever we want and do whatever we want? If he don’t likes jewish or asians, so what? If he likes Hitler…so what? If he’s drunk…so what? Who’s hurt by this?…NO ONE. I know a person who likes Obama and nobody say anything!…and another who admire Gadaffi, and no one say anything neither!…..Give me a break with all this BS!

  90. Amelie says:

    This is pretty awful. This is an awfully irresponsible, stupid and insulting thing to do, but I’m going to be honest; John Galliano is an amazing designer. I absolutely love his works and although I do think he should have to pay the consequences, I hope he does end up returning to Dior.

  91. Seven of nine says:


  92. Seven of nine says:

    @ MGM – Exactly!

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