“Melissa Leo is sorry for dropping the f-bomb, y’all” links


Melissa Leo apologized for dropping the F-bomb. [Dlisted]
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Lindsay Lohan was on Jimmy Kimmel last night. [Radar]
Oscar ratings were down this year. Shock. [Gawker]
Raccoon McPantless “f-cks for Satan”. [The Blemish]
More photos from that QVC event. [IDLITW]
Anne Hathaway & her costume changes. [Go Fug Yourself]
I think Adrien Brody is tugging on his dong. [Evil Beet]


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42 Responses to ““Melissa Leo is sorry for dropping the f-bomb, y’all” links”

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  1. db says:

    Thanks for dropping the “f” bomb Melissa. Really loved my 5 year old asking me “What’s f—?”. Very classy.

  2. Cheyenne says:

    db: Just tell him it’s a bad word nobody is supposed to used, and hope to God he doesn’t repeat it in front of his grandparents.

  3. Az says:

    OMIGOD how awful was her dress? I mean, really. She would have looked better in any of her tacky glamour shot outfits.

  4. Sparkly says:

    I think she did it on purpose just to make “Oscar History”.

  5. MSat says:

    She should really be saying she’s sorry about that doily she wore to the Oscars.

    The woman is weapons-grade crazy, but she’s also a great actress. Why does it always work like that?

  6. malachais says:

    Cut her some slack. This is the highest level of achievement an actor can obtain. Everyone is looking at her crazily yet they’d probably be stuttering and unable to speak in the same position.

  7. Delta Juliet says:

    Did anyone actually hear it? All I heard as a dead spot in her speech.

    I mean, I knew what she said but my kid wouldn’t have gotten it.

  8. Me1st says:

    i heard a dead spot too…kids hear worse on reality TV or the radio anymore

  9. KJ says:

    db – I’d rather explain the f bomb to my kids than a LOT of stuff going on on TV right now. Prioritize your outrage.

    We really need to go the way of Britain and not be so prudish about swear words. We’re so ok with gratuitous violence but God forbid someone say a four letter word. I’m clutching my pearls as we speak.

  10. Gal says:

    The f-bomb was the least offensive thing to happen in that tragic moment – even though it was tacky. What was up with her taking Kirk’s cane and “pretending” to use it? OMG – that was so wrong!

  11. AENFLEX says:

    I hated her acceptance speech. Classless. Contrived. Phony. Kinda wish they would take the statue back.

  12. Riley says:

    Oh yeah I was going to ask in some of the Charlie Sheen’s posts who has the worst job: Charlie Sheen’s publicist or Lindsay Lohan’s lawyers. At least Sheen’s publicist can quit that bitch.

  13. Samigirl says:

    Didn’t offend me at all. I thought it was great. Of course, my little guy wasn’t in the room either. However, I think if there is ever an appropriate time to drop an f bomb, winning an Oscar would be it….

  14. anonimouse says:

    db – How did she hear it? It was bleeped out, yes?

    Also, I’m with KJ on this one.

  15. db says:

    “5 year old´s watching the Oscar´s, really??? Don´t your kids have better things to do? Like sleeping for instance?”

    “db – I’d rather explain the f bomb to my kids than a LOT of stuff going on on TV right now. Prioritize your outrage.”

    Wow, what’s with the comments? My 5 year old went to bed at 8:30 PM, if it really matters to you. We don’t watch much TV, so my 5 year old doesn’t really see other stuff that’s on. Only Treehouse Canada and HGTV, if the tv’s on at all. Not that it’s any of your business.

    The F bomb wasn’t edited out on our broadcast in Vancouver.

  16. anonimouse says:

    I’m going to say that I don’t think it’s cool to comment on someone’s parenting, unless they’re putting their child in danger.

    But I still don’t think that an F-bomb is anything to get worked up about. A kid could be flipping through channels and catch a lot worse if they happened upon an episode of Maury.

  17. erica says:

    the whole thing was contrived — from her “shocked” expression to accidentally dropping the F bomb to her pretense at being completely unprepared.

  18. Cherry Rose says:

    Taylor Momsen is so pathetic. That was like me wearing my Satan’s Army Marilyn Manson t-shirt to highschool and getting kicked out for three days.


    Melissa Leo looked horrible, but I did think she did deserve to win. She was fantastic in The Fighter.

  19. carrie says:

    she deserves to win and OMG she swears( what horror!!!) i swear every day and no one is dead

  20. Ron says:

    She also made Oscar history wearing the worst dress to ever set foot on the Oscar stage, so she has that too.

  21. Quest says:

    If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, looks like a duck and drops f-bombs like a duck on live Tele then it’s a fucking duck…oops

    Nuff said – most celebs do it so why apologize at least it wasn’t boring.

  22. malina says:

    Of course she’s done that on purpose. Way to make Oscar history…

    I would root for her if it was genuine but it was a big fake and planned.

  23. Nanea says:

    Re Charlie S’s publicist, Stan Rosenfield: that means he’ll have even more time on his hands to make up stuff about Clooney and the gal pal of the month.

    I still don’t get why he didn’t put his reputation over his greed and quit much earlier.

  24. Bunny says:

    Just look how she said it….there was nothing accidental about it. It was classless and so contrived, I guess she felt she had to make it “special”.

  25. AWoww says:

    The Canadian broadcast of the show on CTV didn’t bleep out the f-bomb, we heard it loud and clear! It was hilarious.

  26. moviegoer says:

    The press and douches alike, give her a break. It seemed to me more like a slip of the tongue sprung out of her genuine excitement. The first eff bomb out of an Oscar winner’s mouth at the Oscars… Big deal. I hope Leo enjoys her triumph and ignores whatever the douches say.

    @22 I know! LOL I watched it on CTV and they really didn’t bleep it out and I literally LMFAO’d lol

  27. Catherine says:


  28. Amneh says:

    @Gal I got so pissed when she took Kirk’s cane, and she almost knocked him over when she finished her speech. He was struggling to walk back offstage. BITCH HE’S 93!

    The only redeeming aspect of the 3+ hours I spent watching was epic adorableness that was Kirk Douglas. He should totally host next year!

  29. xxodettexx says:

    oh noooes, not f bombs!

    seriously though: i am a single, potty-mouthed McCunty bitch, so what do i care if some children hear an f-bomb?? that said: parents and anyone really has the right to be outraged at whatever they want to be outraged at… just as i have the right to laugh at them clutching their pearls… 🙂

  30. trillian says:

    You guys have got to be the only people in the world where adults apologize for occasional swearing.

  31. Bubbling says:

    I don’t care for lacking, me and Franco will work it out…He is my wish dong for HGF, Kaiser and CB make it happen pleaseee

  32. mrsezc says:

    And why are we surprised?

  33. lucy2 says:

    Charlie Sheen had a publicist? I would have quit that years ago (actually never would have worked for him ever).

    Leo’s f bomb didn’t raise my impression of her, but I don’t think it’s worth all the hubbub in the press. I think it’s because it was the only interesting thing to happen!

  34. lachica says:

    it was deliberate. she wants to be remembered. she knows that this is her last hurrah. pathetic.

  35. Venus says:

    I used to like her (thought she should have won best actress for Frozen River) even despite her “Consider” ad debacle. And, in fact, I do believe her use of the “f” word was a slip, as she was caught up in the excitement (you don’t know you are going to win until you actually do & she was probably worried that she blew it with the ads), but the rest of her speech was so insincere (and obviously rehearsed), I’m a fan no more.

    eta: according to Canadian viewers, the f word was not edited out, so cut db some slack, and lets please not attack each other (or our parenting) when we can attack the celebs? Pretty please?

  36. fancyamazon says:

    To me it didn’t sound contrived at all, because it did. Sometimes the strong emotions make everything out of people’s mouths sound awkward while the “emoting” we do every day sounds more real, maybe because we do it all the time. I dunno if that made any sense, it did in my head, and I know for me I have been in situations where I have been speaking and it sounded like I was thinking everything through but actually wasn’t.

    I think we are so used to contrived emotions that the real thing sounds fake. There, that’s better, and more concise.

  37. blasted1 says:

    She had already made a total ass of herself LOOONG before she effed-up. I thought she was high and that dress looks like something from a 1970’s garage sale. The Oscars were a big bore, by the way.

  38. dim says:

    Sam Rockwell love!!

    I wasn’t too thrown by Leo’s swearing, but was kind of baffled as to why she took that man’s cane. Did she think he was doing him a favor carrying it for him? That’s not how cane’s work, Melissa.

  39. Shay says:

    I think that she was really tacky. From her doilie dress to the f-word. I mean, she has a 1 in 5 chance of receiving an award, she couldn’t be arsed going over a thank you speech?
    How rude and vulgar.

  40. ThePhoenix says:

    I’ve never heard of her so don’t know who she was or what she won for. I’m more offended at how LONG they go on for, than the F word. They thank everyone from their Great Great Great Aunt to their dog, to their dog’s walker’s hairdresser’s attorney to God, to the creator of sliced bread. Its so silly and immature.

    Say you’d like to thank your family, cast and crew, the fans and the Academy. There you go! Covers everything.

    They are so soppy and go on and on….and on. Just thank the Academy, family and cast and crew. Then walk off. Takes less than 1 minute. Big deal over nothing. They knew they were nominated, so knew winning was a possibility, so why the surprise and shock? Stop with the theatrics, accept the effen thing and get off the stage!

    On a more positive note, her dress is EXQUISITE! One of the most beautiful dresses I have ever seen worn at the Oscars.

  41. Tess says:


    She acted so blown away by receiving the honor of an Oscar, and bowed down before Kirk Douglas, presumably to honor his career, but she had no respect for the audience and exhibited a lack of the personal dignity and decorum fitting the occassion.

  42. Judy says:

    “I think she did it on purpose just to make “Oscar History”.”

    “The whole thing was contrived — from her “shocked” expression to accidentally dropping the F bomb to her pretense at being completely unprepared.”

    Sparkly and Erica, you are both SPOT ON. She doesn’t possess an ounce of class.