Lady Gaga’s music video for “Born This Way”: cracked-out or just terrible?


Jesus. H. Christ. I wish I could just throw this video up with a “no comment.” Because… I just watched the first 60 seconds of Lady Gaga’s music video, and all I’ve got is… um… “So, Gaga dropped five sugarcubes of acid and watched A Clockwork Orange and 2001: A Space Odyssey for, like, 24 hours straight, and this is what happened.” The actual music starts around the 2:45 mark, but you’ll want to watch everything before that, just to tell your kids that “Yes, I too knew of The Gaga.”

All of the little mutant baby Gagas! OH NOES!!!

I mean, at what point are we just going to say, “Bitch is coked out of her mind”? Devil horns? Bangs trauma? Goo-covered baby Gagas?

Sigh… I’m kind of over Gaga. She’s really trying too hard. Way too hard.



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  1. Yael says:

    Yup…tired of her friggin bluffing snorting muffin…her 15 minute ride on the fame disco stick are so over. Don’t be a drag gaga, you’ve become into one.

  2. kris says:

    bad. really really bad. sounds a lot like madonnas music. not a good thing.

  3. brin says:

    She definitely wins the “trying too hard to be ridiculous” award.

  4. Cherry Rose says:

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahhaahah. That was so horrible I started laughing uncontrollably.

    Can this twit ever do anything that is truly original or maybe inspired? Not a huge blatant rip-off? Obviously not.

    It’s almost painful to watch her try to stay relevant, when pretty much everyone is sick of her, her copying, and her famewhoring ways.

    Bye-bye Gaga!

  5. lem says:

    her shoulder things make me incredibly uncomfortable. i hate them. i’m starting to hate her.

  6. Jackson says:

    All of that birthing in the first few minutes made my vagina hurt. And not in a good way.

  7. curmudgeon says:

    This broad is going to implode in a very public way and I am ashamed to say I can’t wait.

  8. Ally says:

    Wow, she is a terrible dancer. It’s always a giggle watching her singing-into-the-hairbrush calibre moves.

    And yeah, besides the whole alien birth thing, it’s Express Yourself remixed. Now that was an awesome, gorgeous & empowering video.

  9. malachais says:

    I sincerely hope this album flops, hard. I cannot stand this b*tch and her oversexualized alien nonsense. She’s giving birth to herself, ugh.

  10. Jb says:

    What??? I loved it!!! Her body? It’s beyond beyond…and I loved the skeleton part- so amazing! Loveeeeee!

  11. KB_explosion says:

    here’s my two cents:

    i had no clue what to expect & i was pleasantly surprised by how much i enjoyed it. i’m not about to shout from the mountaintops that it was amazing or completely 100% original. but, it was kinda awesome for me.

    the intro was hilarious & weird, not sure if that’s what she was going for but i was laughing and cringing and interested to see what came next. as far as videos go, it kept my attention the whole time, and i’d enjoy watching it again.

    not sure about her with the buck teeth at the end? looks JUST like madonna (minus the gristle), was this a shout out to her?

  12. curmudgeon says:


  13. Rita says:

    “Born This Way”? I suppose a case can be made for being insane if you’re born with an M-60 machine gun in your vadge.

    I doubt record sales will be enough to pay for the video production but I do give her credit for the gigantic albeit too much effort.

    No amount of outrageousness will sell weak music.

  14. im awful says:

    @ Elizabeth

    are you serious? youre complaining about too many posts? if you want to just see the dresses just got to and look at the pics. god, talk about being an asshat.

  15. Isabel says:

    1 – No need to be so vitrolic towards Kaiser and CB…yikes, girl.


  16. Ilovemee says:

    I miss her “Just Dance” days. She was so much more relatable then. However, her “little monsters” are going to go ape shit over this. *smh*

  17. Jb says:

    I second the Madonna teeth reference- wow

  18. Anonymous says:

    Having gotten bored with ‘Lady CaCa” over a year ago, I have to try to change the subject here: Kaiser, could you please, please do a write-up on John Galliano and that video posted on Popeater? Pretty please?

  19. EbonyShiksa says:

    Elizabeth, this is a Gossip site. Having posts on Oscar dresses is part of the job because people love to comment and discuss their favorites and not so favorites.

    Sorry we don’t all “understand” the greatness of Mother Monster ::barf::, but don’t insult the writers of this blog.

  20. harfang says:

    Uh, heads up, Gaga: MJ already did the human-to-alien transition, and he did it much more believably.

  21. fancyamazon says:

    Ok. That was disgusting for no reason whatsoever.

  22. K-MAC says:

    I loved the skeleton look! Really, that was original, funny and very tongue and cheek 🙂

  23. waywardwayfarer says:

    Typical overwrought, over-produced, shallow and meaningless tripe meant to distract attention away from the unoriginal toy music it’s selling. Gaga is a fad, there’s nothing behind her “look at me” facade that hasn’t come & gone a thousand times before. Within a few years someone else will come along who’s even more “outrageous” and gay-friendly and Gaga will be tossed aside like every other pop star who came before her.

  24. YAY says:

    I liked it!! PAWS UP.

  25. anti says:

    i liked the video. it’s better than the standard bubblegum pop rock ladies of the day.

    there were a lot of oscars posts, some i clicked and some i didn’t, so no problem. variety is a good thing and it is only once a year.

  26. lola lola3 says:

    Oh for GOD’S SAKE! I was trying to eat my lunch…YUK!

    P.s. Gaga, time to lighten up.

  27. Kaiser says:

    Re: Elizabeth’s comment. When I was banning her, I accidentally deleted some other comments too! I’m sorry to those commenters who accidentally got deleted!

    Re: the many fashion posts. Whatever. Ugh.

  28. anon33 says:


    WHEW, I was like, What did I do??


  29. lola lola3 says:

    Yes, I THIRD the Madonna’s teeth reference. That’s exactly what I thought too.

  30. RHONYC says:

    i can’t believe what i am about to type but, even with the ‘xanadu’ flavor in this vid, i found it…BORING.

    damn gaga. 🙁

  31. dread pirate cuervo says:

    I have zero interesting in watching this crap, but from the screen caps, I’m guessing she hit Party Box when all the Halloween prosthetics were on clearance. B/c like I said on the Charlie Sheen post, this looks like something that’s a great idea when you’re all coked up, but you usually get distracted before start gluing shit to your face.

  32. Rita says:


    Omnipotence once again trumps “constructive” criticism.

    Thank God comment #13 was not “accidently” deleted. It is the most enlightened and thought provoking comment of the day.

  33. hatsumomo says:

    Omg, its horrible, just so horrible. I cant with her. Im her biggest fan, but i just cant with this. Oh no way.

  34. DarthMommy says:

    I kinda liked it!

  35. Faye says:

    I like her a lot. I don’t necessarily “get” everything she does but meh. She’ll just continue to do her thing and I’ll continue to dance around to her music in my pj’s. And also, all her weird artsy stuff aside, she had a lovely voice.

  36. Reece says:

    Way too much weird things coming out of vaginas.

  37. Heather says:

    I liked her when she just did dance music…When she had the fringe, the sunglasses and didnt’ seem to take herself seriously. I don’t know why Zombie Boy is in her video. Always liked him. Gives good interviews and have been reading about his growing mass of tattoos for a few years now. At least he looks like he’s not enjoying himself.

  38. spinner says:

    I can’t watch. I am tired of feeling embarrassed for her.

  39. Conando says:

    It’s cracked out and terrible, what else is new? She also dances like a monkey on hot coals.

  40. merry says:

    @hatsumomo. “Horrible” is exactly the word that popped into my mind. Not edgy, not avangard, just horrible.
    Here she’s trying to create a underworld/hellish place/person, and I feel the way she did it is just disgusting.

  41. Marissa says:

    it’s like she’s doing a parody of herself. the only good parts are when it’s just gaga and her dancers. When it’s simple the video looks interesting.

  42. gabs says:

    I kind of liked it. Its different than the usual music video format. I feel like she is in on the joke. Like, she knows shes being weird and keeps doing it for attention. Shes not genuinely crazy. I do miss her her just dance days though. She can look SO pretty when she wants to. Enough with the spikes and horns. ew. I want the old gaga back

  43. heatheradair says:

    okay, IRONY, IRONY, IRONY. For as much as she’s trying to be “DIFFERENT” and “ooh, edgy” and, um, inventive – let’s not overlook the fact that she’s STILL just a blonde pop star wearing her underwear, pushing up her boobs, shaking her hips, grinding on the video boys and showing us whether she shaves or waxes.

    She’s still just an obnoxious video girl.


    PS – her ass looks incredible, however.

  44. Anna says:

    I adore the video! Hitchcock and other movie & music references in all the right places without being overwhelming, love the aesthetic and I am IN LOVE with how she slightly altered her facial bone structure. I don’t get why she keeps getting those “trying too hard” comments. This is exactly what she does people and how she does it. It’s not trying too hard when it’s your style to be so over the top. She is a beacon of positive craziness in a world mired in blah.

  45. laura says:

    So… is she gonna wear the prosthetic spikes on her face and shoulders until the next album?

  46. HotPockets says:

    Laga Gaga or WHAT’S WRONG with the music industry. LG, Rihanna and Beyonce, I have had quite enough of their gimmicks, it’s disturbing.

  47. Mindy says:

    I think she drank her own kool-aid… and if Madonna wanted to be vindictive she has every right to sue for plagarism.

    As far as other blatant rip offs.. just how much longer do we have to wait ’till Stephnanie Germanati “kills off” Gaga like Bowie killed off Ziggy Stardust?

  48. Baby says:

    I cannot even bring myself to watch.. Someone is taking herself way to serious.. Geez it’s supposed to be entertainment.

  49. Cherry Rose says:

    Bowie never killed off Ziggy Stardust. He’s always been into change, and simply got bored with the persona and went onto the next.

    Though he did go back to Ziggy briefly with Aladdin Sane.

    I’m a big David Bowie fan. Does it show?

    Oh, perhaps Gaga should listen to David Bowie’s “Fame”. Might clear a few things up for her.

  50. ghoulish_moose says:

    @ilovemee – Agreed. I miss her “Just Dance” and “Poker Face” days as well. I love her first album. When she fist came out she had a kooky dress sense and people thought that was different and new. Going out in nothing but her underwear and wearing pvc catsuits to go shopping etc Hard to imagine but we thought that was daring and different. Celebs do that all the time now, it’s the norm.

    She’s different now. I still like her, but she seems like she’s gotten too big for her boots. She believes she’s something greater than she is and has to be this almighty role model and mother figure. Its unnerving how much she’s changed in the past couple of years :/

    Fame can mess you up something bad eh!
    That, and believeing your own hype…

  51. Ari says:

    There is just too much going on in that video for me to truly enjoy it. And when I got to the gooey puddle that they were writhing in – my eyeballs wept.

  52. Jess says:

    She’s taking herself way too seriously. Did a done-thousand-times-before pop song about being yourself, not some wacky bjork track.

  53. Maritza says:

    She has gone from ridiculous to pathetic, she is talented there is no need for these gimmicks.

  54. ordinarygirl86 says:

    I’m at a loss for words….I’ll prob have nightmares about this.

  55. Saor says:

    This “Mother Monster” thing makes me feel slightly sick, it actually does. And did she just HAVE to shove that much blatantly obvious satanic symbolism into it? At like three different times she full on poses as Baphomet. It’s turning me into a paranoid conspiracy theorist and all I want to do is live my life in peace without having to wonder if the government are controlling me with processed food like I did in 2008. Damn you, GaGa!

  56. luls says:

    Despite her bangin body & ALL of gaga’s attempts to be sexy, this woman is VOID of any sexuality. she is ASEXUAL to me. very GROTESQUE & LAME to watch. ugghh.


  57. Lrayne says:

    She looked awesome in her bikini (underwear? whatever) I have to admit…although I really don’t need to see her crotch ever again.

  58. Hein says:

    that is one cuckoo lady. she intrigues me.

  59. Quest says:


    friggin’ please – no GaGa

  60. Kaya says:

    I know shes pretty much insane but I can’t help but love her, she’s like marmite. Also I really respect her for all the meaningful awareness stuff she does like the mac/aids lipstick and don’t ask don’t tell (?) thing.

  61. Katie says:

    I have been over her for awhile. I had tickets to her concert last week and sold them. They were ridiculously priced in the first place and I managed to make a small profit selling them.

    I just feel like her justifications of her outrageousness are ridiculous and insincere. I would like her more if she just owned it and said, “I dress wacked out b/c it brings attention to me, and therefore to my music, and once you pay attention to me for my outfits you’ll probably like my music.”

  62. Elfie says:

    It is me or the “end look” was a Madonna meets Michael Jackson? Maddona’s teeth and black skin?? Maybe was the shadow??

    And for some reason.. The dancing parts remind me a bit of Xtina’s Dirrty… Maybe I’m looking too much in it tho.

  63. 6 says:

    I do like artistic and offbeat but this isn’t it. Originlaity is a good thing and a break from the cookie cutter baby food we get force fed but come on at least try to entertain, pure shock factor and that is irritating almost arrogant. My husband always says “looks like he/she didn’t get enough attention when he/she was a kid.” I kind of believe him.

  64. Gabriela says:

    Yea yeah, you have devil horns, you want people to think illuminati is real and you’re part of it. yeah, i get it, whatever. now just get away from my tv and my stereo

  65. eja102 says:

    I just do not like this song.

    I do like it better, and enjoyed the video more, than the new Britney.

  66. anyhoo says:

    Ohhhhh, loved it. It’s weird of course but it’s DIFFERENT. I’m tired of the same old vids most singers put out.

    Yes she tries too hard but that’s a good thing in my opinion, most singers don’t try hard enough.

    I’m not a gaga super fan but I also don’t think it’s a rip of express yourself either. It might sound kinda, slightly, a little tiny bit, like it but come on you can say that about A LOT of songs.

  67. Silver says:

    I think if the intro segment wasn’t involved it would be an overall better video and stand on its own, but together its just wierd and makes it ridiculous

  68. SoulLovah says:


    I like Gaga but she doesn’t seem as FUN anymore. Sure she’s still wacky and provoking and way out in left field, visually speaking…but her music seems to have these forced messages, like she’s trying to be SO deep ALL the time. Her videos are getting like that, too. I loved her first album, even The Fame Monster was OK, although she started taking herself way too seriously then.

    For some reason I see a mental breakdown in her future…and I bet there won’t be another album for a while after this one

  69. Jayna says:

    She’s had some great videos. This is not one of them. Stupid and boring.

    Very disappointing. She has hyped this album up so much as a masterpiece, brilliant. I’m sure it will be catchy pop, but brilliant, hmmmmmm

  70. TeeTee says:

    she really should do some horror movies, she wears stage make-up fiercely!

    Mama Monster–lol

  71. Motor35 says:

    UM ?! what are with her shoes in the dance sequence? are they kitten heel flip-flops?! can we take a closer look, pretty please? haha

  72. Corina says:

    She looks like Kathy Griffin!

  73. icantbelievethis says:

    She needs to put some clothes on and quit.touching.herself!

    She touches herself so much in that video I’m beginning to think she has a rash. Someone plz tell her they make meds for that.

  74. piedlourde says:

    In those pictures, Gaga is eerily reminiscent of the crawler creatures from the horror movie “The Descent”.

  75. mrsezc says:

    Okay .. hmm .. don’t have much to say that’s nice, but I think I’m starting to understand what she’s trying to say .. (LOL) .. she’s transgender??? Whatever, who cares .. and where the hell are her eyebrows? The Video SUCKED .. the song is a little catchy .. but not enough for a paid download.

  76. Solveig says:

    Is she channeling Merhige’s movie ‘Begotten’ or what?
    Boring song, boring video.
    Please tell her that the cheek implants must be placed over the cheekbone, not in the forehead, if she has to emulate Madonna on this too, she should do it properly.

  77. Gistine says:


    They’re all satanists. Sold their souls to the illuminati.

    Yep, I’m a conspiracy theorist and damn proud of it too.

    Lady Gaga has always given me the creeps and now I know why. Blatant satanism – all of whom you have mentioned. Scary stuff.

  78. Beatrix says:

    This video is a hot mess, but I LOVE THE SKELETON MAKE UP!!!! I used to paint my face like that.

  79. Adrien says:

    Remind’s me of that M.I.A. video xoxo. Kinda kitschy-ish in a fun way.

  80. Cheyenne says:

    Jesus, she looks vampiric.

  81. DetRiotgirl says:

    I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I didn’t hate all of it. The begining reminded me of a really fun campy B sci-fi movie from the 60s or the 70s. Actually, I would’ve enjoyed the video much more if I had never had to hear the crappy song start.

    The video quickly goes down hill for me after she starts singing. Once we have gaga “dancing” in her underwear, the video becomes just another pop star shaking her (admittedly nice) rear end for three and a half minutes.

    Speaking of Lady Gaga’s rear end, I continue to be impressed with how someone with such a nice body can be so completely not sexy to me. Her body is definitely on point in this video. And yet… No amount of liquor could make her the least bit doable in my mind. I have to wonder, are there men out there that find her attractive? Women? Anyone? I’m sincerely curious.

    As for the song… God, this song SUCKS. The production quality is awful. The lyrics are pandering, generic and inane. The rap uses racial references that make me cringe slightly everytime I hear it. Who still says Oriental? The whole thing sounds like it took ten minutes to put together. Oh wait- right.

    Anyway, I’m done with her. Wake me up when Lady Gaga is over.

  82. Poopsicle says:

    Whats up with all the vaginas in this video?

  83. Phoenix says:

    The only thing I have to say is that Gaga’s body looks incredible but I am not loving the rest, nor the song majorly.

  84. Cleo says:

    I heard this song before seeing the video and it really does sound like a Madonna song. When I saw the video, I noticed the Superman 2 and Aliens references but when Lady Gaga started dancing in her underwear costume feet flat on the floor in her typical style I was blown away by how beautiful she really is and very authentic. Only at the end of the video did I realize that the prosthetic tampering now with the gap teeth is with love to Madonna who is intentionally shown to be less attractive than she really is – I think that if Madonna didn’t have negatives, her success might get her too much hater attention who might feel compelled to act upon it.

  85. snoots says:

    I’m so bored with T & A. It’s about time Vaginas get the spotlight.

  86. JennyBabe says:

    ummm… I’m not to sure about this?! The skeleton part made me crack up. You could totally tell she was trying to be edgy with it and it was a major flop. Seriously, her dance moves were so weird and that side ponytail? umm what, gag-ga?

    her implants are really starting to freak me out…

    overall she is just not exciting anymore. shes so pathetic trying to keep up when she knows shes slowly losing her touch.

    but hey on the plus side her bod looks bangin!

  87. Alicia Kelly says:

    @ :32 I swear the “stars” form the shape of a uterus. lol

  88. Luci says:

    Love the Gaga!

  89. dim says:


    I’m kinda torn. As of this moment I can’t help but be incredibly sick of Gaga and her game of outdoing herself, but on the other hand I want to give her one more chance because she is a good singer and performer. But if this crap keeps coming out, I’ll be glad once its over.

    And this song in my opinion is awful. I’d rather listen to the auto-tuned zombie that is Britney.

  90. CeeCee says:

    if so many of us dislike her so much, why is she still here?? I don’t know anyone that likes her or her music.

  91. Ruby says:

    Video Reminds me of Aussie band “empire of the sun” without the grotesque

  92. gloaming says:

    The intro is Goldfrapp circa Head First (2010). (not to mention Madonna)

    The birthing scene Bjork’s Pagan Poetry circa 2001.

    The body modifications have been done by Orlan for the last 30 years.

    And yet we’re expected to accept Gaga is a true original?

    The whole lot looks like it was cobbled together from Grace Jones out takes.

    @CeeCee The only people I know of who like her, are age 12-14 and if that wasn’t reason enough to relax child labor laws I don’t know what is.

  93. Annie says:

    @Gistine – The subtext of this video is that God (capital H-I-M) created evil, evil is necessary, therefore it’s OK to be evil because we’re “born this way”. So sick of this satanic bitch.

    btw I’m not saying I think homosexuality is evil, but I do think the whole gay rights thing is being used by Gaga as a smokescreen to obscure the real message.

  94. Gistine says:

    @Annie and Saor

    Finally, someone who is AWAKE. Annie, you’re right, it’s not about homosexuality.

    I couldn’t even watch it for more than a few seconds…and I’m sorry I did. I need some Comet to clean my irises and to go do some volunteer work to purify my soul.

    The dark forces at work in Hollywood are frightening. They aren’t even trying to hide it anymore. So much imagery and symbolism all over the place. It’s disgusting.

  95. Annie says:

    It’s funny how we’re presented with this false dichotomy – we’re supposed to either love Gaga or else we don’t because we don’t “get” her. Let me tell you, anyone who truely understands Gaga will run in the opposite direction.

  96. nicole says:

    She dances like Heidi Montag.

  97. Majosha says:

    “I have zero interesting in watching this crap, but from the screen caps, I’m guessing she hit Party Box when all the Halloween prosthetics were on clearance. B/c like I said on the Charlie Sheen post, this looks like something that’s a great idea when you’re all coked up, but you usually get distracted before start gluing shit to your face.”

    This comment is perfection. *standing ovation*

  98. Raynor says:

    Hate the song, love the video.

  99. Kate says:

    What a friggin unoriginal idiot. Please go away already.