Christina Hendricks’ Vivienne Westwood ads: gorgeous or tragic?


This is a pairing that I wholeheartedly adore – Christina Hendricks and Vivienne Westwood totally belong together, in everything. Christina was named as “the face” of Westwood’s latest jewelry line, and these are the ads for the line. I love it, don’t you? Christina doesn’t look like a corpse, she looks sexy and ethereal. It’s just a great pairing (and I’m not talking about Christina’s “pair”).

She previously criticised designers for ignoring curvier women like herself in favour of super skinny celebrities. So it made sense for Christina Hendricks to team up with one of the few fashion designers who celebrate curves – Dame Vivienne Westwood.

The Mad Men actress, 35, has been chosen as the new face of Westwood’s latest venture, her ‘Get A Life’ Palladium Jewellery collection. In the stunning shoots from the new advertising campaign, Hendricks’ famous curves are all on show in Westwood creations as she models headdresses and necklaces from the limited edition collection.

While female fashion followers are likely to be gazing at the jewellery, it’s probably safe to assume the actress’s male fans won’t be looking at the necklaces.

The new jewellery is crafted from Palladium, a natural white metal from the platinum family which maintains its colour and shape over time. Westwood has been inspired by nature and symbols of paganism – hence the leaves and heart designs worn by Hendricks. In one shot, Hendricks smoulders as she wears the Palladium chain heart necklace, which represents hope.

Hendricks comments, ‘Vivienne Westwood has always been one of my favourite designers, so it was a great honour for me to be asked to represent the “Get a Life” Palladium Jewellery Collection. I admire that Vivienne uses her designs to inspire change and the pieces are just so wonderful. I love that there are dramatic pieces such as the tiara and the heart necklace as well as more simple pieces such as the acorn earrings. As Palladium is a naturally white metal, the pieces really sparkle under the lights and I cannot wait to wear them on the red carpet.’

Dame Vivienne is equally appreciative, saying: ‘Christina is the embodiment of beauty and we were delighted to have been able to involve her with this new jewellery collection. Her style is just so complimentary to my designs. She has proved to be the perfect model for the campaign.’

[From The Daily Mail]

Now we just have to get Christina to wear Vivienne Westwood clothes on the red carpet. I love the girl, I really do, but her style is busted. She needs to begin to work with one great designer (like Westwood) and have clothes made specifically for her body, instead of trying to shoe-horn her curves into whatever the skinny girls are wearing.



Ads courtesy of The Daily Mail.

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37 Responses to “Christina Hendricks’ Vivienne Westwood ads: gorgeous or tragic?”

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  1. brin says:

    She looks beautiful, especially in the first picture.

  2. Rita says:

    Damn, this bodacious babe paints-up nice!

  3. Arianna says:

    but killed it with that cummerband pic again bleck

  4. margaritachum says:

    i think she looks stunning.


  5. Cherry Rose says:

    Vivienne Westwood seems to agree with the pale beauties. Dita von Teese, Helena Bonham Carter, and now Christina Hendricks.

    Looks like the stylists are finally getting on how to dress this beautiful woman.

  6. Rosanna says:

    I think Christina’s face is the prettiest I’ve ever seen. But she would benefit from more taste and class – and some kilos off.

  7. Cherry Rose says:

    @ Rosanna – Actually, Christina was required to gain some weight for Mad Men, as women back then were more curvy than they are today.

    And I agree with you, this has to be the prettiest I’ve ever seen her.

  8. Hollowdoll says:

    She is so beautiful. Her body is bangin! So much better than the skinny lollypop heads! These new pics are amazing. I agree I hope she starts wearing Vivienne Westwood only to events.

  9. samihami says:

    I wouldn’t want to see her lose weight. She is beautiful just as she is. She looks healthy and shapely and distinctive. If she lost weight she would just get lost in the sea of underweight Hollywood starlets.

  10. Luci says:

    LOVE WESTWOOD, LOVE CHRISTINA-> Love this campaign!

  11. DetRiotgirl says:

    That heart necklace and I are having a moment. At first I looked at and thought “Ooooo I love it!”. But, then it occurred to me how huge that thing is and that it might look stupid on someone as small as I am and I thought to myself “Aw, I hate it! Being 5 ft 1 sucks! That thing would look like an anchor on me. Screw you, heart necklace!”.

    But then, as I scrolled down the page, the heart necklace started calling to me and wooing me back. It was like it was gently whispering “giant jewelry makes you look skinnier… My color would compliment your skin tone… Come back to me…” and now I am just torn. This debate could go on for a least another six or seven minutes.

    Too bad I could never afford the necklace either way. *sad face*

    As for Christina, yes, she looks fabulous in the ads!

  12. Brooke says:

    the first shot is meh but the second is lovely.

  13. Hakura says:

    @Cherry Rose“Vivienne Westwood seems to agree with the pale beauties. Dita von Teese, Helena Bonham Carter, and now Christina Hendricks.”

    I really hope this becomes a trend, so we can finally get away from that ridiculous ‘tanning addiction’ our society has been obsessed with for years now… It’d be great for us naturally extremely pale girls if it became more widespread accepted as beautiful by more than *just* the goth crowds, again.


    @DetRiotGirl – As another small framed girl of 5’1, I feel your pain. If it were me, I’d probably steer clear… it’s just so huge, your comparison to an ‘anchor’ is probably pretty accurate. xD

    But since we likely can’t afford it anyway, no reason to torture ourselves over ‘what could have been’….

  14. Stephy2585 says:

    LOL @ DetRiotgirl
    hahah! that was hilarious. i hadn’t even noticed the heart necklace but then your love note had me scrolling back up to check it out! thanks for the laugh.

    Side note: Am I the only one who thinks Christina’s hair is so “meh” in real life?? (apart from Mad Men with her elaborate up-do’s)
    It just looks..busted. Dry, thin, frizzy…?

  15. Ari says:

    @Hakura I am naturally tan due to my ethnicity but I agree completely that this salon tanning until you are orange is getting quite tiresome. They look like they are from another planet because no one on THIS one has that pigmentation going on lol

  16. Racheal says:

    @DetRiotGirl : I’m in Ann Arbor. Holla! The heart necklace is most def. calling…it looks like a broken down version of the lower peninsula.

  17. original kate says:

    vivienne westwood designs for real women, with boobs, butts and hips, so i think this pairing works really well. i love her clothes.

  18. Gwen says:

    She looks fantastic! Great styling :D

  19. everlyo says:


  20. Maritza says:

    Simply beautiful!

  21. Cherry Rose says:

    @ Hakura – Unfortunately I have skin that will instantly tan the moment that the sun hits it. I’ve only finally lost the tan hue because I wear sweaters and long sleeve shirts and pants in the summer, hats, and 100 SPF sunscreen, as I actually loathe being tan. I envy all those women who have that beautiful milky white skin.

  22. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    I maintain that the clothes are out there, she just won`t wear them. If you wear clothes and undergarments that fit and support, your chest isn`t going to look as big. Granted, I live in Canada and haven`t seen my ungloved hand since October, but if yourself out of the `what am I trying to prove?’ way of thinking, you can get by, you’ll be more comfortable and you don’t even have to look terrible.

    Thus, I submit: 41-26-40. I sure as hell am not 5’8, or whatever she is. Do I have to look around a lot, get stuff altered and get frustrated? Yes, I don’t a single female who wouldn’t say the same thing, it’s just for different reasons. Do I have a bad back? Yup. When was the last time I ran for a subway? Cute. I see comments about this stuff all the time with this one and Sofia Vergara, the eye-rolling complain-a-boast about your lonely-at-the-top decolletage status. I, the oddly-proportion hobo with no real money and unreliable health can get it together without looking (much) like quilted potatoes or as if I have been pistol whipped with a triple-XXX porn gun.

    I suppose that should I ever famous, it will be instantly difficult for me to pull that off anymore. If only money, resources, desire, avalability etc. actually existed, then I’d be fine.

  23. Gwenevere says:

    @ Original Kate – All women have boobs, butts and hips, some are just smaller than others. That does not make them anything less than REAL WOMEN. Enough already. These ‘real women’ comments are so annoying.

  24. YAY says:

    I agree – the REAL WOMEN comments are getting annoying. So is posting your size. YIKES.

  25. LittleDeadGirl says:

    She’s still one of the most beautiful women today in my opinion. Some may argue she may be too heavy, and that may be true, but the point is with the right corset she can hide the few extra pounds and still look gorgeous, while on the other hand a once great beauty like Angelina Jolie has slimmmed down to the point that no clothing or accessory can hide how sad she now looks.

    C.H just oozes sex and beauty … the first picture is especially haunting … has a sort of sadness to it I love. She’s made a fan out of me and more so because of her intereviews that are thoughtful and intelligent…

  26. Cherry Rose says:

    I do think there is becoming a backlash at thin women now, but again, the majority of Hollywood actresses and the majority of models pushed in our faces are thin.

    Also, the tabloids will run covers of female celebrities simply because of the fact that they gained 10 lbs and will call that out. Then they constantly shove into our faces the likes of Kim and her sisters always losing 10 lbs, when there was nothing wrong with them to begin with.

    On the flip side, if a celebrity suddenly loses too much weight, suddenly there’s an eating disorder and she’s suddenly starving herself!!

    Thanks to the media, our views on what is normal is severely skewered. If you gain 10 lbs suddenly, now you’re too fat and something must be wrong with you. And then they flip it on us again. If you were a certain weight but suddenly lost some weight and don’t look to their liking, suddenly you’re anorexic and something’s wrong with you again.

    It seems like no matter what women do, we can’t live up to this perfect image that has somehow gotten created.

    Every person has a different body type and a different metabolism. I don’t think a woman should be put down because she weighs more than normal, just as I don’t think a thin woman should be put down because she doesn’t have curves.

    Sorry for the long post.

  27. Mairead says:

    Hmmm. It looks like the spam filter is a fan of those tragic ruched-waistband tragedies she’s wearing in the last photos, as it nommed my last comment.

    But yeah – still lusting after that jewellery!

  28. gg says:

    Thank you, Hakura and Cherry Rose. I agree! Pale is beautiful and we need flattering clothes too.

  29. melinda says:

    LOVE the necklace, and she looks beautiful in that pic.

  30. anti says:

    she looks great but that heart necklace looks like a pair of bollocks. i love the head piece though!

  31. Liana says:

    “real” women come in all shapes, sizes, and colors.

  32. Lisa Turtle says:

    She photographs so well when someone else styles her.

  33. beth says:

    i love the first two pictures – theyre the best ive ever seen OUTSIDE of madmen

  34. ezra says:

    Gorgeous, just gorgeous!

  35. lucy2 says:

    I like the ads, she looks beautiful in them. The teal color is especially nice with her hair color.

  36. JaneShirley says:

    She looks so old-worldly feminine.

  37. Venefica Delirium says:

    @The Original Kate:

    Hmm, I didn’t know I wasn’t a REAL WOMAN. Here I was thinking it was my weight distribution patterns which made it difficult for me to gain weight in my hips and ass, but I was wrong! I’m just clearly NOT A REAL WOMAN afterall.

    Whenever people stop countering unrealistic standards for women’s body image with more unrealistic standards to the opposing extreme, it will be a liberating moment.

    All that these “real women” comments are good for is perpetuating the same guilt and shame attributed to some’s natural body types, you know, so common to the fashion industry which instills the same guilt and shame in women who do not naturally fit into a size zero.